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March 25, 2014 5:39 pm

Jewish Students Report Intimidation as BDS Battle Ignites at University of Michigan

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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A rally at Michigan Union in Ann Arbor after the student government voted to

Jewish students reported being intimidated and threatened at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, ahead of a student senate meeting on Tuesday evening, where it will be decided if a vote, which had been indefinitely tabled, will be re-taken after a campus group promoting divestment in Israel staged a sit-in at the weekend to pressure student leaders.

At 7:30 PM on Tuesday, the school’s Central Student Government will reconsider the motion which would call for a vote to ask the school to divest assets from certain companies that do business in Israel or whose products impact areas that the Palestinian Authority claims for a state.

Last week, the CSG voted to table that discussion “indefinitely,” but the meeting turned riotous, as members of SAFE, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality, which published an Op-Ed in the Michigan Daily student paper to make their case, harassed Jewish students who opposed the vote.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on Monday that at least one pro-Israel student “received death threats and that others have allegedly been called ‘kikes’ and ‘dirty Jews’ by backers of the virulently anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, which aims to delegitimize the Jewish state through economic means.”

Campus police were notified of the threats, but no action was known to have been taken, nor have school administrators done anything more than encourage the student groups to engage in civil debate over the issue.

Molly Rosen, a University of Michigan senior who was at the meeting, told The Algemeiner on Tuesday that while the student speaker “did a great job” of keeping order at the meeting, many students “definitely were feeling intimidated because of how they voted on the issue.”

“I, personally, was not scared, but I know many students who are now not willing to express opinions in class for fear of retribution on campus or on social media,” Rosen said.

She pointed to Twitter hashtag #UMDivest to get an idea of the tenor on campus:

On Tuesday afternoon, Amneh Sheikh-Khalil, from “Michigan/Palestine” wrote, “I wish I was @ UM-Ann Arbor participating in #UMDivest. Fighting for Palestine & the rights of my people is what I’d love to do for a career.”

Amanda, another self-proclaimed “Michigan-Palestinian” resident wrote, “We need this resolution. Our uni shouldn’t be investing in immoral corporations. The time to act is now. #umdivest.”

The loudest voice pushing the divestment campaign on behalf of #UMDivest on Tuesday was actually from outside the campus, from Electronic Intifada, who quoted Suha Najjar of SAFE on Twitter as saying, “Our student government silenced the voices of Palestinians.”

Electronic Intifada founder Ali Abunimah traveled to the University of Michigan campus last week to help organize the student demonstrations that snowballed into death threats.

In his article about last week’s vote, Abunimah described the campaign against Israel as similar referendums at Loyola University, in Chicago, and at the University of the West of England, in the UK, went in their favor. But as the campus becomes a violent front in the battle to delegitimize Israel, campus rights specialists are making their objections to those heavy handed tactics that seem out of place in an environment where all students are meant to feel safe.

Rosen, the University of Michigan senior, an Emerson Fellow participated on a trip in June with CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. Rosen wrote an Op-Ed, published in The Algemeiner in December, about a “mock eviction” campaign by SAFE, which placed 1,500 notices on the doors of pro-Israel students and Jews on campus, breaking school rules for intimidation and for harassing students at their dorms.

“The Mock Eviction campaign broke the peace of mind of thousands of students on campus and was only constructive in tearing communities and individuals at the University apart,” Rosen wrote.

A similar campaign at Northeastern University earned a one-year suspension for campus group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), while the group’s executive board was barred from ever serving on any future board in the organization, school administrators ruled this month.

Rosen noted that Northeastern’s Hillel and dean of students stood up for Jewish students on campus, but that it remains to be seen what will happen at Michigan.

Aviva Slomich, CAMERA Campus Director, told The Algemeiner on Tuesday, “Northeastern has very strict policies, a very strong Hillel, and pro-Israel organizations on campus, and in Boston, in general, that we’ve worked with closely. We’ve also had a CAMERA fellow there to help organize awareness events. It makes sense the SJP would be suspended by the school because what they did broke school guidelines, and Northeastern takes that very seriously.”

“At Northeastern, it’s a priority for each group to follow the guidelines, which really are aimed at preventing any student from feeling intimidated on campus, so we’re hoping to see a similar stance at the University of Michigan,” she said. “All universities are handling it differently, but I know the ‘eviction notices’ campaign also got the SJP group suspended at Florida Atlantic University, where they pushed the boundaries even further by using a university stamp on the notice.”

“There was a question of, was this just an informational campaign, but we know that the notices were targeted at vocal pro-Israel students and Jews, the example being that, in one case, just one student, a Jew, received the notice on an entire dorm floor, so, no, it is not a coincidence,” Slomich said. “These are planned to make students uncomfortable in their ‘homes’ and that is against every school’s policy.”

“At Northeastern, there was also an SJP walkout of an event featuring Israel Defense Forces on Yom Hashoa (Holocaust Memorial Day), which was another case of the group not following the school’s protocol. All of this adds up to students feeling intimidated and targeted, and crossing the line from freedom of speech to incitement and intimidation against Jews,” she said. “The school administration has an obligation to protect all students, to keep them in a safe environment, and, in the case of Jews, there is no reason why a Jewish student should be forced to endure calls for Intifida, which, if you don’t know, means the murder of innocent Israelis. That is unacceptable.”

Slomich said CAMERA is active on 50 campuses in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa and in Jerusalem, a new office which she is now heading to reach Jews studying in Israel. Students come to Boston for an annual training session in August, when they learn how to be “strong confident activists and Zionists on campus, armed with factual information, ready to present the truth about Israel and counter any misinformation they experience in terms of the BDS movement.”

CAMERA maintains an archive of 30 years of research about anti-Israel initiatives, where “some of the names have changed, but the points they try to present against Israel are the same, and students can learn how to respond with strength,” Slomich said.

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  • If any Jewish students are attacked by these BDS Jew-hating anti-Israel supporters, It’s very important that the leaders must be photographed by specially trained Jewish observers who are able to conceal themselves in the BDS group. The leaders of that group should be shadowed, followed to where they live, watch all their movements and who they report to.
    Some time later the leaders and the perpetrators who were responsible for attacking any Jewish student, will then be dealt with in such a manner, that not only he or she will refrain from their activities, it will also deter others from doing likewise. Unfortunately this is the only language these types understand.

  • Ben

    I would remind these Anti-Israel students they should really be sure to put away their cell phones — which were originally developed in Israel. Also, Intel Israel developed the key product (the Intel Processor) which powered the first computers. Not to mention, if you are driving a car that has any sort of driving sensor (such as lane change sensors, or back up alarms) to no longer drive that car. Be sure to put down any type of disk on key or external hard drive because they were originally developed in Israel as well. Also, if you ever check live traffic on your iPhone, be sure to never use it again, because that traffic tracking was developed in Israel — although your cell phone should already be gone at this point. Not to mention this great country that we live in takes countless pointers from the Israeli Army — which has helped to develop our tanks and anti-air defense system.

    Be careful what you wish for — because your life will change if you get it.

    • Isa

      Israel didn’t invent any of that. Nice try buddy! BDS is gaining strength!

      • Bathsheva Gladstone

        It’s actually provable, just like you and your beloved bds’ers are nothing more than retro-fascist nazi propagandists. Only this time the world is a little smarter than your brand of seepage.

      • Ben

        Isa, be sure to do your research, as someone who once lived in Israel — yes they did. I would be happy to provide proof as well.

  • M&M

    The Muslims/Somalians in the United States, are trying to take over our Police Departments to implement Shari Law. They just published a booklet “their guide to Policing” in the United States.
    “law_enforcement_guide” CAIR
    to view it.

  • M&M

    one big problem that you have is members of Islam are taking jobs within the Police Department and turning their backs on stuff like this.

  • Bernard Cohen

    I gree with the writers who advocate a Northeastern University approach to these clearly anti-semitic groups. I must ask, thereofre, where ared the Jewish Board of /Regents in this matter. We see Mark Bernstein all the time on TV for his lawfirm. Why hasn’t he spoken out against this hate crime against the Jewish student population? Is he afraid of a backlash? And where are Al Taubman and Stephen Ross? these 2 men have dponated tnes of millions of dollars to U of M inclduing recently announced funds to the Business school and the School of Architecture. Why don’t they say those funds will not be coming until this anti-semitic campus scourge is dealt with so that the Jewish students are not intimidated or attacked? And do not think for one minute that this BDS garbage is anything other than Jewish hatred. I use that term because the Arab world says they are a semitic people so what they are doing is not anti-semitism. OK. So what they do and espouse is nothing nore than hatred of Jews. That they have supporters who are not of Arab decent only gives greater support for the term Jew Hater. It is descriptive of what they try to shove down the throats of their supporters and the other ignorant people who listen to their tripe. They and the UN seem to have forgotten that when Israel was formed that Jerusalem and much of the areas beyond the green line (the now called disputed territories)were part of the State of Israel. That the war of 1948 took away part of Jerusalem and other land seems to have been forgotten. That the war of 1967 re-instated those lands to Israel has disappeared in the hate rhetoric if the BDS crowd. These hate mongers also conveniently ignore the fact that Israel provides most of the utilities for the Palestinians – despite the fact that millions are owed for those utilities; that Israel collects the taxes for the Palestinians or that medical care is provided to them at Israeli hospitals – even for terrorists. By trying to disable the Israeli economy in its small way, how does BDS propose that these and other acts continues? Are these people going to fill the economic gap they will have created or do they expect Israel to continue to provide these services forever at its own expense? And, ask the large number of Palestinians and Israeli Arabs who work for the companies that BDS wants to affect if they support the BDS goals. I view the BDS supporters as modern day Brown Shirts who act against Jews because they can not because they know why or that there is alegitimate reason for their hatred. Maybe they should be going to college to be educated and not how to be Jew haters.

  • Yale

    Students in Michigan (and elsewhere) need to do three things:

    1) Connect with other Jewish student groups at nearby campuses and arrange for contingents from those other campuses to come and bolster Jews on a targeted campus. The BDS people are not exclusively from whatever campus they are targeting, they get outside help. Jews should do likewise.

    2. Go to court and get an injunction against BDS, its local affiliate, and the university barring them from engaging in and/or permitting threatening and violent behavior. Any infraction should lead to court-ordered sanctions. This takes the decision out of the hands of the namby-pamby types who head most universities.

    3. Start telling the truth. “BDS” actually stands for “Bullies against Democratic Societies” and is just the latest manifestation of the anti-democratic mindset that arises from time to time seeking to undermine freedom, the purpose for which America was founded.

    The anti-BDS side should also start telling the truth about what Arab and Muslim society is like, everything from what goes on in Muslim areas of Michigan to the fate of groups not approved my self-proclaimed Muslims in Muslim countries. The endpoint for what Muslim society is really about is what is now going on in Syria: a war of all against all. The punchline should be: Do we want this in Michigan? in America? in wherever? If not, then people of good will, including Muslims who may be appalled by what they see in their homelands, need to stand together to ensure that “it doesn’t happen here.”

    • Very good ideas….:Our students need direction on this subject;and people like you are giving it…..Thank You

  • Esther Sarah Evans

    These emotional cripples are promoting an arm-chair form of genocide which is apparently very appealing to many equally emotionally crippled pseudo-intellectuals. This isn’t the first time in history that they have been around. They’ve always been there in some shape or form, e.g. Goebbels in Nazi Germany. Now it’s easy. Nobody has to even get off his backside to participate in a full-scale attempt at genocide.
    However, there is HASHEM.” Rabbot Machshevot beLev Ish, veAtzat HASHEM hi takum” (man has all kinds of thoughts in his heart, but G-d’s advice will prevail.)The Germans say it thus:”Der Mensch denkt, und G-tt lenkt.” (the human thinks, but G-d steers). Worry about these emotional cripples just lames us; real faith in HASHEM makes us invincible, as they will discover to their chagrin. We don’t have to look far; if we follow HASHEM’S advice given in HIS Torah, nothing can touch us. Plug into the Shema with all your concentration, heart and soul, and you’re home free.

  • These students have to learn to fight to intimidate their adversaries.I was brought up in rural N.Dakota actually there really wasn’t much Antisemitism there.But being the only openly Jewish family we later learned that 2 other Jewish families one about 6 or 7 miles from my house the other about 15 miles away were Jewish but didn’t let anyone know.When we moved from the rural area to Bismarck i found some antisemitism the only way to put an end to it was fighting.Luckily i won most of [if not all] of the fights Antisemitism stopped.Sometimes you need to stoop to level of your enemies.Now since i left the military i live in N.Y. for over 4 yrs.It’s funny i think there’s more under the surface anti semitism in N.Y. then in N.Dakota.I don’t look very Jewish so occasionally i’ll hear things from people that they wouldn’t say to me if they knew i was Jewish.I just tell them I’m Jewish and they apologize.
    So like i said sometimes you have to stand up to these clowns

  • Mike

    Anywhere there are Arabs you get this. It says more about Arab culture and denial than about anything else. The Arab world is disintegrating, but the reality is too painful for this feeble-minded culture.

  • Beatrix

    Vassar voted for BDS, This is a quote that was posted on SJP Vassar tumblr page from Arab professor Joseph Massad who teaches at Columbia:

    American efforts to memorialize the Holocaust are a reflection of an artificial and hypocritical empathy created by “Hollywood films about the holocaust … depict[ing] Jewish victims of Nazism as white Christian-looking, middle class, educated and talented people not unlike contemporary European and American Christians.”

  • Efram

    Too few Jews to too many barbarians. Many schools, including, apparently, Michigan, could care less what happens to Jews on their campuses.

    It is time for the JDL to reform, and protect fellow Jews from the Nazi vermin who disingenuously claim to care about the Palestinians, but, in reality, just hate Jews.

    • Bathsheva Gladstone

      Yes! Efram, I do agree. Some new form of the JDL is definitely needed. It’s time to stop coddling and making excuses. It’s time to see things for what they are, not how we’d like them to be and act accordingly.

  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    First off ‘making one ‘uncomfortable’ in their own home’ is tantamount to terrorism. We don’t need bottle rockets to drive home the escalating severity of what we’re up against.

    Second, we do need to know the relationship between bds, hezzbollah and hamas (how is bds being funded and by how much?) Or do we know already and I’m just uninformed?

    Third, with ugly Jew hating miscreants such as emma thompson, and roger waters blindly or not so blindly and very loudly devoted to bds and their killing initiative, isn’t it about time we take hollywood to task for employing in the case of thompson, such a vile reprobate? Where are the voices speaking out against this and her ilk? Which brings me to my…

    Fourth, and hoo boy! I shared an article posted by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach(love him, hate him (I love him)–he’d made an extremely valid point) questioning thompson’s integrity regarding her call to boycott Habima, when she had no problem whatsoever attending a function where the chinese theater was involved, given all their transgressions. I quoted Boteach, added my two cents and posted the article. No sooner said then done an online friend (I thought) proceeded to attack and denigrate my position and via pm attack and denigrate me as a person, as a woman etc…very crazy. He also went to Boteach’s page to attack him, all the while never addressing (absolutely refusing to) the issue with thompson herself. The heated argument ended with him telling me in pm to shut up but not so politely and then unfriending and blocking me. If I didn’t like it shut up and don’t attend anything with thompson. This is a man, I only knew online, but I admired, liked and respected him. He is smart, funny, knowledgable, and Jewish!–a very good prospect for someone who doesn’t mind shutting up, while the sky is falling. Color me naive, but I was floored. But, when I think about it, he is far from the only Jew who will steadfastly refuse to step outside of their comfort zone and risk alienating long standing relationships they place more validation in than the truth staring them in the face. And that is, to my mind, the biggest obstacle to overcome.

  • Beatrix

    Adolph Hitler effectively used propaganda against the Jews and that is exactly what Arafat did, followed by the current propagandist Abbas. Because Arafat gained notoriety in the 1960s, he used the rhetoric of the time: Apartheid, racism, and ethnic cleansing.

    None of this had anything to do with the battle between the Arabs and the Israelis, but the liberal rhetoric has caught on with young people who are America’s future. They use this rousing though inappropriate rhetoric to fight the Arab’s battles for them, hoping to destroy Israel, but in their ignorance are actually destroying America’s future

  • H.S.Cohen

    Colleges here have been taken over by the radical left.Time to spend your tuition money in Israel.

  • judorebbe

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that we are in the early stages of an increasingly widespread, and increasingly ferocious war on Jews in America. – And the situation will worsen quickly when (not if, but when) the economy (which is now barely being held together by Scotch tape) turns down. Who do you think those evil, greedy, wealthy 1% are? … Just ask Joe Sixpack.

  • Mort Moooze

    So here we go again:
    Michigan U is now Meshuganah U!

    In order to combat Arab and Muslim death threats and terror tactics,
    Jews must prepare psychologically and physically for these attacks.
    The klinea Yiddle on his own is not going to make it. Strength in numbers. Gather your forces. Show might. Strength and might and force is what Arabs and Muslims respect. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and your noses bloodied! By making a united stand you will show the goyim of the arab and moslem world that Jews are not going to be pushed around!
    Jews who support BDS are the ones who would very readily push you into the cattle car bound for Aushwitz to save their own ass!

    Remember the Maccabees!
    Am Yisroel Chai!!!


      What Jews must do worldwide is to bury as deep as possible the damned GHETTO JEW MENTALITY, still alive,
      kicking and what’s worst :

      How about asking any of these morons how in the hell van they call Israel an “Apartheid” state…????
      How many of them know actually the meaning of the word ?
      Answer : NONE…!!!!
      They just repeat as parrots…!!!!

      What I can’t understand is why do the university authorities allow this kind of behavior but then again
      Saudi donations must have a lot to do with it and after all, isn’t Michigan already a Sharia ruled state ???? state…??????

  • Jeffrey Cheah

    I really feel sorry for the US TODAY! The majority of the “white” Americans who migrated from the old continent of Europe few hundred years ago, they came to America, the new home which they thought is their ‘promised’ land. Most of them wanted to avoid poverty, starvation, oppression and injustices then that were prevailing. Their background was, I would say “religious”, they believe in God whether they were Catholics or Protestants. At least with such religious background, they have some moral and ethical standards of what is righteousness and justice! With the opening up of the land from the East to the West was completed or when the “Wild West” has been conquered, America saw its fast development and prosperity! Wealth and prosperity always brought its blessings and evils! Many Empires from the dawn of recorded history to the 20th century have come and gone, they have experienced prosperity, power and at the same time corruption! US now is the most powerful country in the world whether the world officially or unofficially acknowledged it or not, if Russian and China would openly dispute the claim which the US itself would openly make it or invoke by other nations, that would be settled among them. Just like in “Boxing” at one time Muhammed Ali was the “undisputed ” World Boxing Heavy Weigh Champion of the World!
    Would we say that the US is the undisputed No 1 World Leader of the 21st century?
    Whatever it is, US is now experiencing what great empires of the world had faced – moral decadence and the people love pleasures more than justice and righteousness and majority just do not know what is the purpose of “life”. The people are atheists, agnostics, humanists, monotheists, polytheists, etc. and this result in people are all confused.
    But worst, these people who are in the above categories which were listed above are being “blinded” by the propaganda that Islam is a religion of peace. Majority of the people who describe themselves as “free thinkers” are actually “non-thinkers” and people who have no “knowledge” – these are ignorant people, they do not know REAL HISTORY OF MANKIND!
    If they know History of the World then the will “shiver” and know what Islam can do to their lives and their country.
    This story which many of us who went to school in the 1950s and the 1960s would have heard of -the story of the Arab and his camel.
    The Arab was traveling on his camel in the desert and when it came to evening the Arab has to stop his journey and pitch a tent to rest for the day. The Arab was sleeping comfortably in his tent, then at around 9.00pm, the camel, cried out to its master, “Master, master, it is very cold outside, can I put my two legs into your tent, the master while still lying in his tent, replied, “You can”. Then an hour later, the camel cried out “master, it is very cold , can I put my head in?”, the master again replied, “You can”. Then another hour later, the camel asked, “Master, can, I put my body inside and the master still sleeping, answered “You can” and another hour, the camel asked again “Can I put my other two legs inside?”. The master replied “You can”. As he gave his last consent the tent fell on him and the camel!
    What is the moral of this story?
    You give a Muslim an inch, he wants a foot and you give him a foot and he wants a yard!
    Half a century ago, in the 20th century, the world has know the Muslim mentality!
    Now, the Americans and the Europeans still have not learnt this lesson. Europe will before the next 50 years in this 21st century will be dominated by the Muslims and they will be populated with the Muslims and will be Muslim Europe. If the European are still sleeping, let them sleep!
    What about America, US would you people still want to slumber?
    If the people in US enjoy sleeping and do not keep watch “Beware, a certain calamity will come upon you!”.
    If US turn Muslims, the people in the Far East, like China, Japan, Korea and even Russia will not turn Muslims they will take over the leadership and US will be weakened.
    How can US be strong when the majority of the leaders then are Muslims, they do not have the types of brains which the Russians, the Far East -yellow skin people possess. The yellow skin people culture was influence thousands of years by Lao Tze, Confucius and many of the sages and their brain would not be inferior to the brain which has been fed with the teaching of the Koran!
    I suggest the Jews who are still living and working in US should remain in US and these Jews should act as a moderating factor to counter the spread and influence of the Muslim in the US. Remember many of the great Americans have Jewish blood and they have contributed to the progress not only of the US but of the world. They were so many Nobel Prize Winners who were Jewish and which I do not need to name!
    Yes, the Jewish students studying in the Universities in the US should not remain docile, they must stand for their right as provided by the US Constitution.

    • zeynep

      Well the ‘melting pot’ turns out to be the ‘boiling pot’ it seems. The ingredients not only had not been melted to a harmonius diversity at all, but were only lingering in deceptive superficial inactivity (tragically mistaken for and propagated as peaceful and free co-existence) until the boiling temperature has been reached. And now when it becomes obvious that the critical temperature range have indeed been entered, with the ingredients going berserk in the entropic cacophony, the following very real question arises: will the pot be able to contain its contents???

    • Stephen Green

      It has just been published in the U.K that 50% of babies born in 2013 were Muslim. This does not bode well for all none Muslims. It is only a matter of time before they are running this country then where will all those non Muslim P.A supporters be when they will either have to chose to be Muslim, death or live as third class citizens paying huge taxes and under Sharia law. If the west keeps burying its head in the sand and saying that Islam is a peaceful religion for much longer it will be to late. There mantra is death to the Jew and infidel which is any other religion. Its ideology is still way back in the 6th century and its Sharia laws are nothing but barbaric in nature, exactly like their religion. You cannot reason with these Islamic believers as any compromise is seen as a victory for Islam. The people who believe the lies spouted by BDS are themselves ignorant of any morals or Wisdom. If they did a little research then they would find out that they are ignorant pawns being used to implement Islamic principles on themselves based on nothing but deceitful lies and half truths. The BDS real campaign is to destroy Israel and wipe her off the world map it has nothing to do with divestment and sanctions. If these students had any common sense then they would distance themselves from those who are no better than the butchers who murdered 6 million Jewish people during the last world war.
      I and my family love the Jewish people, we love Israel and will continue to support her in anyway we can. Any Israeli is welcome in our home. Shalom Israel we love you.

  • carol

    The demographics in Michigan are very Arab. Besides intimidation of Jewish students — which is already bad enough, Arabs have been harassing Christians (a well-behaved pro-Christian advocacy group) who would go to the Dearborn Arab Festival and quietly get into conversations with Arab Muslims. Well the guards, police and even Chief of Police in Dearborn are all Arabs, and they illegally, on trumped up charges, repeatedly arrested the guys of Acts 17 on false charges.

    Acts 17 finally got the Dearborn, Michigan police department sued, and brought a lot of attention to the fact that Dearborn is essentially a Sharia No Go Zone, right here in the United States. There’s a lot of information on this. The parents/lawyers, etc. of these Jewish students should get a hold of David Wood at that website and ask about their experience and get some legal guidance.

    We have to stop creeping sharia/intellectual and otherwise jihadi tactics.

    Here are a couple of sites from Google on this:

    City of Dearborn Apologizes for Arresting Christians at 2010 Arab…/”Ž
    May 6, 2013 – Through this apology and its acceptance by David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi, and … As the City itself noted in its apology, Arab Festival volunteers and …. As we would say here in my community, Acts 17 Apologetics “Run Tings”!

    DEARBORN: City releases amount it paid to evangelists in lawsuit ……/doc519fdd3193acd911877128.txt“Ž
    May 24, 2013 – The city and David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi, Paul Rezkalla and Joshua … The Acts 17 Apologetics sued because Qureshi, Wood and … Arab Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the festival; and two chamber officials.

  • Sonia

    “Students Allied for Freedom and Equality….harassed Jewish students who opposed the vote.”

    Evidently U Mich has banned Orwell. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

  • Jennifer

    Has America gone Insane? I can’t believe the pure insanity that has taken over in this country!
    And G-d is not asleep! Retribution from Him is damnable!

  • If American-Jewish college students want to be safe, there are two options left for them. Legal actions against the colleges (who refuse to protect them) and the BDS. Or go to Universities in Israel. Like I said: sooner or later America will no longer be safe for us Jews, unless we proactively fight against antisemitism in America. Even if we have to arm ourselves in case these hate groups harm us. We should not have to allow another Holocaust wherever it will happen. AM YISRAEL CHAI!

    • Yaffa


      The only place for Jews to live and go to school in peace is Israel. The mother land is calling all Jews again to return, Pesach is a reminder of what Hashem wants for his people.

      • zeynep

        I am so lost at this.. Mr.Strauss can go as far as suggesting that “we have to arm ourselves” but it doesn’t seem to cross his mind to even entertain the idea you have expressed in your comment.

        Why? Why is this so?

    • Emanuel

      Yitzchak, something people forget about America is the Union would never have won the Civil War without the supply of arms which came from Dutch Jews in the Caribbean when nobody else would supply the States. American Jews have contributed more to American society than any other group by a large margin and even in terms of tax dollars paid. We will be militant, we will respect the values THIS country was founded on and fight to keep OUR country safe. We need to trust our country NOT our government.

      • Cody Redbear

        You are mistaken. The Dutch Jews in the Caribbean helped their Southern Brothers and Sisters fight the Northern Army of Aggression. These Dutch Jews supplied money, food stuffs, and ammunition to the Confederacy. The fact of the matter is that more Jews fought for the South then for the North.

        • zadimel

          More Jews fought for the Union (7000) than for the treasonous Confederacy (3000). The Union Army was amply supplied by armament factories located in New England and New York State.

      • zeynep

        You sound very bizarre to me…especially your last two sentences. The psyche of the American-Jewry is very puzzling to me.

      • Stan Nadel

        Emanuel, don’t you mean the Revolutionary War, not the Civil War?

    • Steve Butman

      Unfortunately, I think you’re right.

  • Sherry Segerman

    Why doesn’t UMichigan give this evil chapter a kick off campus like Northeastern did? There is no place in ANY university setting for this kind of dangerous anti-semitism!

  • rulierose

    “Rosen noted that Northeastern’s Hillel and dean of students stood up for Jewish students on campus, but that it remains to be seen what will happen at Michigan.”

    oh, I can tell you what will happen at Michigan: nothing. the response of a “university spokesman” (these BDS kids just feel real strongly about the issue) was shameful, as was the utter disinterest by the university about those fake eviction notices a few weeks ago.

    as far as Michigan Hillel goes: the best I can say for it is that the new director isn’t QUITE as pro-Palestinian as the last one. we Jews are collaborating in our own suicide. why do we DO that?

    • larry smith

      Why do Jews participate in their own demise?

      It’s insanity, the same reason they support the anti-Israel Obama and all other liberal causes that hurt Jews and Israel.

  • noel eliscu

    BDS is a very anti-Semitic organization. the arabs leaving in Israel and women are so much freer and better off

    • Steve Butman

      Very true!

  • Emanuel

    There you have it, it’s all fun until someone gets hurt. Sooner or later someone will. If I were paying tuition and being intimidated I wouldn’t hesitate to use force to defend my classmates, this is disgusting. It makes the degree worthless when they allow this so the incentive to do nothing should be small and people should not be afraid to make a scene just be sure to have someone there recording it all.

  • M.A. Kinamohn

    Do not let these Bastards intimidate you, learn Krav Maga and use it!