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March 28, 2014 2:15 pm

U.N. Human Rights Council Blasted for Singling Out Israel

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UN Human Rights Council. Photo: wiki commons.

JNS.orgThe United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) was blasted for its consistent singling out of Israel for criticism.

On Friday, the U.S. was the only country to vote against five anti-Israel U.N. resolutions. Four of the resolutions were directed against Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, with one calling on the companies to boycott Israel. The fifth was directed at Israel’s control of the Golan Heights and its treatment of residents there.

Paula Schriefer, head of the U.S. delegation to the UNHRC, criticized UNHRC Agenda Item 7, which mandates that Israel must be discussed at every UNHRC meeting, a distinction no other country shares. She said the U.S. is “deeply troubled by the council’s standalone agenda item directed against Israel and by the many repetitive and one-sided resolutions under this agenda item.”

She added, “Only Israel, a vibrant and open democracy, received such treatment.”

World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer said it is “shameful that an important U.N. body should join the hypocritical international campaign against Israel, and it is even more lamentable that so many countries did not have the courage to vote against this one-sided resolution proposed by some of the worst offenders with respect to human rights.”

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  • Sidney Sands

    The farcical U.N. which time and again subjects Israel to these lies and biased opinions in its Council, and on a ratio of 5 to 1, can this small country warrant such attention, The so called Palestinian,s are not a nation, they are made up of people from many Arab countries , who began to come to Palestine, which the Jewish pioneers were making the swamps and dessert into fertile lands they came for work, there are no Palestinian stamps or money or courts, and they perpetuate their lot for the massive hand outs given to them, which they use to forment terrorist action, and the U.N helps their cause,and gives them credibility.

    • tuv

      The U S should start withholding funds for the United Nations As its prime financial supporter the threat of such action may bring some sanity to this lynch mob

  • Gerald Cohen

    disgraceful display of anti Israel propaganda. It seems that when all else fails, blame the Jews.
    Is anti Israel the beginning of a new wave of prejudice being spread and fed by Islamic Palestinian’s and other advocates .. of antisemitism It is time for the Arab world to recognize Israel as a state and live together to help rebuild the region.

  • Fred

    After all the UN as a whole has become a vile Arab mouthpiece. The UN ( Tower of Babel ) has lost its purpose long ago. It has become another mistake like the defunct League of Nations.

  • EG

    If there’s another terrorist attack, they should at least be productive and fly the plane into the U.N. building.

  • David Abraham

    This last fact just show how much is this useless and worthless dinosaurus of the past under the control of evil islamists. The UN should not be called anymore UN but “Islam for All” and let the Islamists pay for it if they like it because this organization does not represent anyone else anymore.

  • BuckDePublick

    The UN is so far beneath contempt, a million years of excavation couldn’t uncover a shred of decency!

  • Marc du’Conde

    follow the money….in this case the international petrodollars..One need not be a genius to understand yet another UN Committee siding routinely against the assorted Arab political parties. (PLO, Hamas etc)

  • Jeffrey Cheah

    The United Nations was created after the post war by the Allies for the purpose of protecting the weaker countries from the oppression and hegemony from then then rising power and spread of Communism, so these countries who come under the umbrella or the body initiated by the US, supported by Britain, France, etc. these European countries who were nearly gone into the hands of the Nazis German. France was already under the control of the Nazis German and the last bastion of the free world, then was Britain which was already under the attack by the Germans. Thanks to the United States, Britain was rescued by the US when the latter came in to intervene in the 2nd World War.
    Britain should be indebted to the United States! France still talks a lot now, if not for the US and with the assistance of Britain when they landed at the beach of Normandy and the battle which reversed the “fate” of Hitler’s army, France was liberated and then the rest of Europe!
    Stalin was a strategist, though his political ideology (communism and Marxism) was diametrically opposed to democracy (capitalism and laissez faire), he chose to team up with US and Britain to fight the common enemy then, Hitler Germany. He was far-sighted and visionary as he stuck to this adage “Live another day to fight your enemy!” Sure enough, his strategy got him his victory and success! The combined forces of the US, British and the Russians eventually broke the Germans and Germany was defeated and Russia has the largest lion share of the “spoils”- a big chunk of Germany went over to Russia to be what was called East Germany.
    Immediately after the 2nd World War, the rise of Communism was astronomical and Russia was a force which was foreboding to the US for many, many years until the time of Gorbachev and then the breaking up of Soviet Union!
    But in the subsequent years post the 2nd World War, the world saw the rise of the communist countries like China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, etc. Russia was the No 1 Communist country posing the greatest threat to the United States for at least 5 decades from the mid-50s to the end of the 20th century.
    Let’s not forget France, the so-called Western Democratic country in Europe, she has never been on “friendly” terms with Britain! They have been having this simmering enmity/rivalry since the founding of North America, their enmity went back to Canada, their rivalry.
    During the time of Charles De Gaulle he was bitterly against the British of entering the European market!
    This bitter rivalry can never be removed from the DNAs of the French and the British. It is in their respective blood stream!
    Britain and citizen of Britain, please do not still live in a dream world that Britain is still the “Great Britain” of the past. Britain should not be drawn so near/close to Europe and if Britain wants to survive and stay strong and not diminish its influence, it should work close with the United States!
    The whole of Western Europe is now being assimilated and influenced by the Muslim and if Britain wants to be like them follow them!
    It has been quoted by some historians in the past with this statement “The conquerors were being conquered!” A good example in world history is Jenghis Khan, the great Mongol conqueror and Alexander the great!
    The Muslim world is following this military strategy of world history! They do not have to follow their famous King Sallehuddin the great, the Turkish conqueror with the sword to conquer the world, they are using both – assimilation, passive weapon and the “sword” active weapon if they have an opportunity!

  • Want to see the future of the mideast if the Islamo-moronic-fascists become the controling influence? Just look at Syria with 150,000 dead (add another 10 to 20 thousand dead under Bashars daddy Haffiz ), for an aprroximate grand total of 170,000 dead and what, another 5 to 7 million refugees in Syria alone? And this is just the Islamic-moronic-fascists fighting each other!
    I hope it is true that Israel has perfected a superclean neutron bomb that can be used to excise the cancer of Islamo-moronic-fascism!!!!!! Imagine a super clean neutron bomb that has very little radionuclides to fall back on Eretz Yisroel but can extract the tumor of Islamo-moronic-fascism of the Shitite variety , especially , that infects Iran and Syria and perhaps Iraq.

  • Marcia

    BDS movement = Back Door Sanctions.
    I think it is a covert attempt by our government the NGO’s and other groups to apply pressure on Israel during the “peace process” to give in to the state deptartment’s true wishes.

  • m_

    Yes they’re such hypocrites. Arab hypocrites and their allies have no shame. Sudan is never criticized for its murderous and genocidal actions against Black Africans in the South and in Darfur. The U.N. took no action to stop the genocide in Rwanda! Palestinian lives and white Muslim lives are worth a thousand times the lives of Black Africans be they Christian, Animist, or Muslim if you judge by the actions of the U.N. in Bosnia and compare it with total lack of action in Rwanda and in Darfur, where the U.N. did and does next to nothing. I think the U.N. was a sham since it was set up by Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill. Now it’s a sick joke. The U.N.H.R.C. is a total waste of money and is nothing but a cynical group controlled by Arab and Muslim states and their allies. I say the U.S. should withhold all money to the U.N. until such time that it becomes a force for peace and justice. By the way, yes, Dorothy, there are MUSLIM states. Just thought I’d throw that tidbit in for all those who say Israel shouldn’t be allowed to continue as Jewish state.

  • The United Nations is a joke. They are not representative of the world. They represent the Muslim countries, and I am sure paid for by Muslim countries who want to see Israel and all Jews of the world annihilated.

    Israel in the only democracy in the Middle East. This is a threat to the 22 Muslim countries surrounding it. Muslim leaders fear that their people will rise up against them and fight for the same democracy their neighbor, Israel, has. The U.N. perpetuates the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic attacks and propaganda. No other country in the world is treated with such hostility by the U.N.

    There is real savagery inflicted by Muslim tyrannical governments upon their citizens. There are oppressive, iron-fisted Muslim leaders who brutally murder any daring to go against them. How many killed in Syria? How many in killed Mali? How many killed in Rwanda? How many killed in the Congo? How many killed in Darfur? Need I go on? Where is the United Nations? Israel does not kill their own. Israelis do not kill others, except in self defense, except to protect their survival.

    The United Nations needs to be abolished. It is a worthless organization that stupid people are paying tax dollars to keep alive.

  • gonjtonic

    Send all the UN to open shop in one of the Arab countries. They can choose which one, and they should go with their wives and children and relatives to live and study and work there….good riddance. Ignorant people should live in ignorant places with other ignorant people

  • Wallace Edward Brand, JD Harvard, 1957

    In fact the UN publishes clever lies and spin, such as claiming Jewish Settlement is unlawful under International Law, but basing its opinion on UN General Assembly Resolutions that are not law, only recommendations. And its spin that under International Law every “people” has the right of self-determination, but ignores that every sovereign state has the right of territorial integrity, and that if there is a tension between the right of a “people” to self-determination and the right of a state to territorial integrity, the state’s right of territorial integrity is paramount. Under this UN lies and spin, international law would favor a unilateral secession of a “Palestinian” state redrawing Israel’s boundaries to separate East Jerusalem from the sovereign state of Israel. But the UN General Assembly just damned part of the Ukraine for seceding and joining Russia. See SSRN.com/abstract=2404738

  • A L Rice

    I have advocated for a long time now, the ” English Speaking Peoples ” ( UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand ) should leave the UN,no longer fund it and let it stew in it’s own juice. It panders to and answers to the Islamic countries. Apart from being anti Israel, what does it do re the rampant persecution, and worse, to Christians in Muslim countries.

    • Lone Star

      Kick them out of New York and turn the buildings over to the City University. Let the U.N. meet in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan or some island in the Indian Ocean being swamped by tides from the melting Antarctic ice cap. Don’t waste time or effort with that thieves’ kitchen.

    • Beatrix

      Why leave? Why not teach our allies to show some backbone?

    • Herman

      The Christians don’t care what is happening to their fellow believers.
      They only worry how the Israelis treat the Palestinians.

    • Luigi Rosolin (@LuigiBelmont)

      A L Rice: right UN is not a democratic entity. Had for a long time allowed wrong and partial standing. Corruption and wrong doing by people serving there including some army that had serve as UN peace force had or participate in many crime against humanity, including sex trade e sexual abuse of children’s lately. As you said: Islamic had been allowed to have a special exemption: the final human right base on the Muslim cult Islam. That is contradicting the human right chart sign by all nations. That allowed persecution against women’s, Jews, Christians and other religions. Israel democracy instead is always under attack ignoring that Palestinian’s are serving Islamic intention to destroy Israel. They atrocity are mostly ignored. As you said the western world should change the imbalance or move out. Also country like China that are abusing they voter veto to keep occupation of other country and supporting the North Korea regime who is committing genocide against they own people is a sign that UN is incapable to protect the interest of minority from oppression. That US had stood for Israel alone is clearly indicating: that lies, black mail and the media propaganda, against Jews by Islamic world is working for them. I hope that thing will change.

    • maria

      Agree. UN should be closed for ever. And as you say all the English speaking countries and European countries should UN.
      This organisation is in the hands of neonazis that is Muslim countries,Russia, China and North Korea

    • James Crozier

      This is the result of Britian’s division of Arab lands into so many territories instead of one big nation. So many votes at the U.N. they are over represented.

  • Golum

    It’s far beyond the useful time for The United Nations….Why are we, The United States, paying for this farce???

    • Pearl

      Because we’re stupid!?

    • Cynthia

      I Agree! It’s now considered the United ‘Nothing’

  • Joe

    “Only Israel, the only open and democratic……”. If it wasn’t for those pesky Palestinians whose country and civilization have been destroyed by Zionism, the statement might make sense.

    • Barry

      Those poor Palis…course they had nothing to do with their current condition!! It’s the JOOOOS.

    • Eve

      If it wasn’t for these pesky ignoramuses such as Joe maybe others would get it right. Palestinians do not have a country nor a civilization. Never did. Mandatory Palestine was divided but those pesky Arabs decided that Jews were not entitled to live there, and decided that getting rid of them by any means was acceptable. Israeli Arabs vote, serve in the courts and government, go to school and (surprise!!) serve in the IDF. Joe should read more.

    • Hershel Barg

      Lies and more lies. The Palestinians enjoy full equality, and freedom to practice their “civilization” in the country governed by the Zionists.
      Please explain what you mean by saying the Palestinian’s country and civilization has been destroyed. Are you sure you aren’t thinking about the country next door to Isreal, Syria. If you don’t have an answer may I suggest you visit Israel yourself and talk to the Palestinians living there. Ask them where they would rather be. Then for contrast, take a visit into Syria. Lot’s of luck.

    • citizenstat


      The “Palestinians” don’t have and never had a country or civilization. The term “Palestine” was coined by the Romans and applied to the Jewish homeland in their efforts to eradicate the rebellious Jews. Until the 1960’s, Palestinians referred to the Jews of the area, e.g, the Pale

    • Beatrix

      Palestine was the name the Romans gave to Israel. Jews have kept Israel for thousands of years no matter what name they were forced to use. They even welcomed Arab neighbors to their land. In 1948 the UN created two nations for the Palestinians. The Palestinian Jews called their share Israel; the Palestinian Arabs went to war and lost their half to Jews, Jordan and Egypt. Today the Jews are trying to give land to the Arabs for a second chance at a nation. The Arabs have refused all offers.

    • What’s the difference between a Palestinian Arab, a Jordanian Arab, a Syrian Arab, a Tunisian Arab…..?
      What’s the difference between Palestinian civilization, Jordanian civilization, Syrian civilization, Tunisian civilization…..? What’s the difference between a Palestinian Muslim, a Jordanian Muslim, a Syrian Muslim, a Tunisian Muslim…..? What happened to the million- plus Jews who lived in Arab countries that they were forced to leave? Where are their refugee camps? Why don’t they have their own UN organization that supports them and keeps them permanently in refugee “camps”? The Jewish communities of Cairo and Baghdad were just just as important as the Arab communities of Jaffa and Haifa; why don’t you care about what happened to them?

    • citizenstat

      Sorry. I fat-fingered my comment. To continue :

      … stine Brigade, a British Army unit comprised of Jews; the “Palestine Post,” a Jewish newspaper (now the “Jerusalem Post”). The surrounding Arab countries knew nothing of a Palestine “civilization:” the Syrians considered the area a province; the Jordanians annexed the “West Bank;” the Egyptians grabbed the Gaza strip. The vast majority of who we call Palestinians are descendants of Muslim immigrants who flowed into the area in the 1920s when early Zionists began to create towns and infrastructure.

      The great irony and tragedy is that there have been multiple opportunities to create a Palestinian state, starting in 1948. Each opportunity has been squandered by the Palestinian and Arab country leadership in their blind hatred of and desire to destroy Israel.

    • Russell Grayson

      You’re SO self-deluded. There was NEVER a country called Palestine, nor a people called Palestinians in history. As of June 4, 1967 every person living in the so-called West Bank was a Jordanian, with a Jordanian passport–after Jordan attacked Israel and lost the territory in a war on June 7, 1967 they re-invented their identity as Palestinians to make political use of gullible jackasses. Their Jordanian identity? That was actually valid until King Hussein revoked their citizenship and passports in August 1988, after an Egyptian leader, known as Yasser Arafat (born in Cairo in 1929) led a PLO attack on the Jordanian government and the King. The only Arabs with any historical connection to the land are the Bedoin, and THEY were stateless nomadic people. Palestinians? They only exist to allow Jew-haters like you to masquerade behind a pseudo-political, delusional fairy tale, and pretend that you’re not really an anti-semite. You don’t know two facts to rub together when you speak of Zionism. You’re just plain EVIL.

    • zadimel

      To what “country and civilization” are you referring? Until the independence of the Jewish State,the only Palestinians characterized as such were the JEWS! The Arab Palestinians were called ARABS! There was no “country and civilization” in the British Mandate populated by Arabs. You must have learned your history from a comic book.

    • Yona kidikoff

      Stupid Joe, the palestinians you refer to have never had a country or had anything that remotely resembled civilization.

    • Serge

      There was never a country named Palestine! There was a British mandate in the geographical area called Palestine. But not a country! And at that time were the Jews who were named “Palestinian”…
      Before the creation of Israel, it was actually the Jews who were referred to as Palestinians, not the Arabs. As a matter of fact, Arabs did not accept being called “Palestinians” because they did not want to be associated with Jews or with the British Mandate for Palestine
      “The Arabs who lived in the region became “Palestinians” only after the war of 1967. Before that, Judea and Samaria, together with Jerusalem, were occupied by Jordan, and Gaza was occupied by Egypt — but not a single arab thought of himself as a “Palestinian”. Moreover, to call an Arab a “Palestinian” would mean to insult him. “We are not Jews, we are Arabs”, they used to say in answer.”
      “Until the late 60s the word “Palestinian” was commonly, unanimously and globally associated with Jews. The world knew: Palestine is just another name for Israel (or Judaea), like Kemet was just another name for Egypt. And they had very good reasons to say it.

      Until 1950, the name of the Jerusalem Post was THE PALESTINE POST

      The journal of the Zionist Organisation of America was NEW PALESTINE
      The Bank Leumi was the ANGLO-PALESTINE BANK

      The Israel Electric Company´s original name was the PALESTINE ELECTRIC COMPANY

      There was the PALESTINE FOUNDATION FUND and

      All these were JEWISH ORGANISATIONS, organised and run by JEWS.
      In America, the Anthem of the Zionist youngsters sang, “PALESTINE, MY PALESTINE”, “PALESTINE SCOUT SONG” and “PALESTINE SPRING SONG”.
      Arabs knew that the term “Palestinian” is the synonym of a “Jew”, that is why they felt offended.
      So…nop…no destruction of no “palestinian” civilization EVER took place…

    • Sensei2004

      Oh really? When was the last time these Palestinians agreed to have a country? In 1937 the Jews agreed to a tiny country between Haifa and Tel Aviv and they said No, in 1947 they said No, and in 2000 Arafat said No to a proposal by Clinton..but who bothers to learn some history if you can bash Israel on websites and it gives you satisfaction?

    • Horatio

      Whoa there, Joe. These arabs you reference as “palestinians” never were and are not “palestinians”. That’s a handle they hung on themselves as part of their scheme to steal the rest of the Jewish Homeland that wasn’t stolen from the Jews by the transient British. The region then known as Palestine was recognized under international law as the Jewish Homeland last century, per the San Remo Resolution. The land was never “owned” or “settled” by these self-re-named arabs. They said so themselves. The British violated international law when they parceled off most of the theretofore recognized Jewish Homeland and gave it to the Hashemites for to create the new state of Jordan and the British have been hiding behind the Israelis ever since in order to conceal their guilt. Moreover, you fail to understand that one need not be a Jew to be a Zionist. Zionism is a good thing. So is being a good American and dumping the UN.

    • So you ignore the abuse and slaughter that Arabs perpetrate against each other, against women and Christians in their own countries? Not to mention the fact that over 400,000 Jews were driven from the Arab countries? Let’s face it – you have tunnel vision.

    • Kumoi

      Perhaps you would be better advised to be better historically informed before offering such factually incorrect opinions.

    • stan

      Yours is a complete lie, following appropriately the “Big Lie” techniques utilized by the Nazis.

    • matt solomon

      You are joking of course. The Palestinians have it better under Israel than they would in an oppressive, repressive government of their own.

    • Sydell Gross

      The Palestinians had the same right as the Israelis to build a nation. In 1948 the United Nations partition gave them all of the land they lost in subsequent wars they waged against Israel.
      President Clinton and the Israeli president offered them more land than is in question now AND Arafat THE Palestinian LEADER REFUSED IT. wHY?
      By the way the Jews lived in the Middle East hundreds of years before the Arabs and in a census taken before the first World War there were 600,000 thousand Jews living in the area

    • Poor Joe. You are fooled by the Islamic propaganda. You don’t want to see the truth ?

    • Ariella

      Perhaps Joe, could define the borders of the “destroyed country of Palestine” and describe its “destroyed civilization”. With verifiable details. For example, what was the capital city of the “destroyed country of Palestine” , what was its’ language, where did its’ “destroyed civilization” originate.

    • Carl

      Joe, the “Palestinians” were never a people and are far removed from being a civilization. They are indistinguishable from Jordanian, Syrian or Egyptian Arabs and have always been an integral part of those populations. Their modus operandi is war and terrorism to exterminate the Jewish people from their ancestral homeland – they rejected the norms of world diplomacy when Israel was founded in 1948 and after each peace offer since, choosing a path of violence and rejectionism instead. Your language against Zionism, Joe, denies the basic right of the Jewish people to a homeland. There is room for Jews and Arabs in the Mideast.

    • iche

      there is no such thing such as PALESTINE
      this is a pure invention

  • Minniehaha


  • GZLives

    Someone …. ANYONE …. begin the campaign to organize those who believe this farce of an organization has outlived its usefulness.

    The UN needs to be defunded and closed and a new organization of democratic nations be created

  • Steven

    Hallelujah……some one is finally speaking for Israel!

  • Robert Feldman

    When an Organization becomes a LIE to its very Charter, then it MUST be DEFUNDED, and left to wither and die. This has been true for all states and groups that have turned against Man and G-D and the HolyLand in the past.

    • Stephen Green

      Amen , Shalom Israel we love you

    • stan

      You can thank Pres. Obama for bringing the US back into this farce. It was Pres. George Bush who pulled the US out of the so-called “Human Rights” organization of the UN.