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May 9, 2014 12:46 pm

Source for Newsweek’s ‘Dreyfus Affair’ Article Accusing Israel of Spying on U.S. Also Supported Anti-Israel ASA Boycott

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Retired CIA officer Paul Pillar. Photo: WikiCommons.

Retired CIA officer Paul Pillar. Photo: WikiCommons.

Paul Pillar, a retired CIA intelligence officer and the main named source in this week’s Newsweek article, ‘Israel Won’t Stop Spying on the U.S.,’ which was rejected by Israeli officials, is also an outspoken supporter of the American Studies Association boycott of Israeli universities, according to an article he wrote for The National Interest.

“As a matter of intent, justice, legality, and morality, the recent decision by the American Studies Association to boycott Israeli academic institutions is a righteous action,” Pillar wrote in December.

The ASA boycott was condemned by over two hundred university presidents and many human rights organizations around the world.

In his article supporting the ASA boycott, Pillar said, “The government of Israel, while paying lip service to the idea of a Palestinian state, occupies indefinitely, and continues to colonize, land that Israel conquered in a war it initiated 46 years ago and is home to Palestinian Arabs, and in so doing is depriving Palestinians not only of self-determination but of most of their political and civil rights as well as keeping them in economic subjugation.”

“Israel is the occupier. It is easily the most powerful state in the region. It is in control. The Israeli government could make such a settlement a reality within weeks if it decided to. It instead prefers to cling to conquered land rather than to make peace, and to continue the colonization that threatens to put a peace out of reach.”

The Jewish Independent, which flagged Pillar’s column in the wake of the controversy over his comments in Newsweek, said, “This, folks, is Newsweek‘s source on how the Zionist spies are undermining America.”

The publication said the Newsweek article, written by Jeff Stein for his ‘SpyTalk’ column, was reminiscent of the anti-Semitic accusations of the hundred-year old French ‘Dreyfus Affair,’ when a Jew was accused of spying to throw attention away from internal corruption.

“There are many species of antisemitism, and as history progresses, they are becoming numerous, but this one has been around for several centuries,” The Jewish Independent wrote. “It has the aroma of a campaign generated by a politico-military establishment against the foreigner Jew, the swarthy Johnny-come-lately meddling in our affairs. There are no specific charges, but there are heaping insinuations about how those Israelis are taking advantage of our generosity, biting the very hands that feed them.”

Stein’s article was built mostly around unnamed sources, with the exception of Pillar and a named FBI source.

Stein wrote in Newsweek:

“Israel’s espionage activities in America are unrivaled and unseemly, counterspies have told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees, going far beyond activities by other close allies, such as Germany, France, the U.K. and Japan. A congressional staffer familiar with a briefing last January called the testimony ‘very sobering… alarming… even terrifying.’ Another staffer called it ‘damaging.'”

“The intelligence agencies didn’t go into specifics, the former aide said, but cited ‘industrial espionage—folks coming over here on trade missions or with Israeli companies working in collaboration with American companies, [or] intelligence operatives being run directly by the government,’ which I assume meant out of the [Israeli] Embassy.”

“As Paul Pillar, the CIA’s former national intelligence officer for the Near East and South Asia, told Newsweek, old habits are hard to break: Zionists were dispatching spies to America before there even was an Israel, to gather money and materials for the cause and later the fledgling state. Key components for Israel’s nuclear bombs were clandestinely obtained here. ‘They’ve found creative and inventive ways,’ Pillar said, to get what they want.”

“Now U.S. intelligence officials are saying—albeit very quietly, behind closed doors on Capitol Hill—that our Israeli ‘friends’ have gone too far with their spying operations here.”

While the Newsweek article focuses on Israeli spying, the core of the issue was actually about harmonizing visa processes to allow Israelis quicker access into the United States.

Last month, New York Congresswoman Grace Meng and others pressed the U.S. State Department to report data that showed that 32 percent of Israelis aged 21 to 27 were refused B-2 tourist visas in 2013, double the 16 per cent refused in 2009.

Rather than a question of spying, Meng, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said, “The Department conceded that efforts to spot and prevent visa abuse is what led to the increase.”

When she formally requested the visa denial data from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in March, Meng said she sought to confirm what she and other political leaders had learned – that Israelis who had served in the Israel Defense Forces were being refused travel visas to prevent them from working as undocumented salespeople for ‘Dead Sea’ products in U.S. shopping malls.

Among a list of steps that the State Department offered to take to improve the situation, the capstone was that it would create, with the Department of Homeland Security, a joint U.S.-Israeli working group to help make Israel eligible for the Visa Waiver Program.

The Visa Waiver Program, which applies to 28 countries, has a series of technical and protocol requirements, with the biggest hurdle being to have issued new electronic passports.

Buried after Newsweek‘s accusations of Israel spying, Stein cites an unnamed congressional aide as saying, “You’ve got to have machine-readable passports in place—the e-passports with a data chip in them. The Israelis have only just started to issue them to diplomats and senior officials and so forth, and that probably won’t be rolled out to the rest of their population for another 10 years.”

Then Stein wrote, “But U.S. counterspies will get the final word. And since Israel is as likely to stop spying here as it is to give up matzo for Passover, the visa barriers are likely to stay up.”

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  • HH

    Hilarious — King David says supposed air conditioning ducts “too small for event a cat”

  • Corey ny

    Stein, Pillar… Everyone who comes to destroy us gets destroyed. #karmawillbiteyouintheass

  • Emanuel,

    Your mistake is that you bought into the Vatican propaganda hoax that these people were/are “Jews”. They are not Jews, and never were.

    • Emanuel

      no i don’t count them as Jews but don’t really consider them human either. I feel as a community we should be responsible for not raising our kids to turn out like Faulk, or Blumenthal or Indyk.

  • Bart A. Charta

    I wonder if Paul Pillar shops at Target. I wonder if the Mossad is shopping for Paul Pillar. I wonder about a lot of things.

  • shosh

    Now Al Gore also claims that Israel planted spies in his
    private bathroom. Of course Israel denies it vehemently.
    We must remember that Al Gore sold his broadcasting co.
    a short time ago, to Al Jazera – an Arab co. Is it
    possible that there is a conspiracy amongst them to dis
    credit Israel and cause problems for her? I am just thinking out loud.

  • manicdrummer

    Has anyone even noticed that Newsweek is the only mews source that is publishing this story? Why isn’t Time or US News & World Report carrying it? I’ve searched online news sources all around the world and no one else is publishing any stories about Israel spying on the US. Newsweek sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • Janet Williams

      The notion that the Mossad would put a man in an air-conditioning duct to spy on Al Gore in Jerusalem seems like something looted from the Onion or from an Egyptian Conspiracy theorist. Why take risks, when a chip in a flower pot would return better results?

      A fundraiser in synagogues is a spy, an Israeli selling Dead Sea products in a mall to make a few bucks for a ticket to return home is a spy. Maybe it’ll be easier to tell us which Israeli is NOT a spy.

      The author has definitely discredited himself. he lost all credibility if he ever had any.

      The goal of this pack of drivel which has surfaced before and will surface in the future is clearly intended to divert the attention from the new new Benghazi investigation.

      The best response will be to focus on US news and stop reading Newsweek.

      • Barbara

        Well said! Hope I find you and can friend you on FaceBook.

      • Jerusalem

        The King David hotel has no centralized air conditioning system or air vents with room for spies.

  • rudy hoffmann


  • Sydell Gross

    Here is a quote from Thomas Jopcelyne of the weekly Standard about Pillar.I found it on the website of Wikipedia

  • Dahn Tzucker

    Israel did not start the 1967 “war”. The closure of the straights of Tiran and the removal of UN forces from
    Sinai were the cause. If the bad guy slaps Matt Dillon, don’t blame the marshall for being faster on the draw.

    • Beatrix

      Right. Israel had 4 Arab nations on her border ready to attack and she engaged in a preemptive strike and won. It’s surprising how many people who pretend sophistication don’t know that preemptive strikes are legitimate and are not the same as aggression.

  • Beatrix

    Europe before WW1 seemed to have peace, prosperity and harmony, yet her people engaged in one of the most vicious wars the world has seen. WW2 was a power grab to assuage the ego of the losers. Since Germany was fighting Europeans, people with more in common than with differences, the Jews, the other, were introduced to give people a shared enemy. It was the death throes of Europe.

    The left is going through its own death throes, and as usual with dying causes, they have focused on the Jews as the enemy. Jews are holding on to the left too long, just as they stayed in Europe too long.

    • judorebbe

      Very astute observation. Well put.

  • M.Rosenblatt

    Paul Pillar demonstrate his own ignorance concerning “occupation” of Judea and Samaria by Israel.
    As I wrote in an old article:
    Judea, Samaria and Gaza are territories that were given to the Jewish people at the self-same conference that awarded our neighbors sovereignty over the lands currently under their control – the 1920 San Remo Conference of the League of Nations. Due to the fact that the jewish people was then unable to take control of a state at that time, the territory set aside for the jewish state was handed over temporarily to the British (the British Mandate). Article 6 of that decision (The San Remo Conference from April 24, 1920) obligated the English to encourage and implement Jewish settlement in all the territory of the Mandate. It need not be pointed out that the Mandate included the territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The Jews were also allowed to settle on the other side of the Jordan River; however, according to article 25 of the decision, England was allowed to put off Jewish settlement there until a later time. The state of Jordan was created by a simple small-talk conversation between Churchill and Emir Abdallah, in which Churchill gave him the land where today is Jordan, east of the Jordan river. Churchill simply “forgot” the decision of the San Remo Conference.
    In 1945, when the United Nations was founded (to replace the League of Nations), it was decided that all previous decisions regarding national mandates would remain in force (see article 80, Section 12 of the UN Charter, which is easily available through any internet search engine). Therefore, the League of Nations decision “encouraging the close settlement by Jews on the land” throughout the Mandate was still in force under the UN mandate, according to UN resolution.
    It should be known that UN resolutions, including those of the Security Council, are based either on Chapter Six (which addresses peaceful conflict resolution between states) or Chapter Seven (which addresses the use of force in conflict resolution) of the UN Charter. All resolutions based on Chapter Six are strictly and only considered recommendations. In contrast, the resolutions based on Chapter Seven (such as the resolution calling on Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait) authorize the UN Security Council to use force to implement UN decisions. Since the foundation of the United Nations in 1945, all of the resolutions on the Arab-Israeli conflict (including the partition decision, as well as 242 and 338) fall under the sixth chapter. Therefore, all of the resolutions related to the Arab-Israeli conflict are merely recommendations and do not obligate either side.
    David Ben-Gurion, as is known, agreed to the partition. Had the Arabs similarly agreed, then it would have been possible to suggest that the San Remo resolutions were automatically voided. However, not only did the Arabs not agree to the partition, they even attacked us; five Arab states attacked us, grossly violating UN resolutions. At the end of that war (the 1948 war of independence), the Arabs conquered the territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, which were originally set aside for the Jewish people according to international decision. Thus, if it is possible to refer to anyone as an “occupier,” it is actually the Arabs and not us. The Jordanians occupied Samaria and Judea, and the Egyptians occupied Gaza.
    In the Six-Day War of 1967, then, we did not occupy lands of the Arabs, we returned to ourselves the lands that were a priori ours under law and according to international resolution.
    The resolutions of the 1920 Sen Remo Conference, which were reinforced by the UN Charter in 1945, are the only enforceable decisions on the matter at hand. And, as the San Remo Conference also decided on awarding sovereignty to other nations – such as Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq – and on their borders, should anyone claim that the San Remo decision regarding Israel’s borders be amended, then we have the right to demand renewed discussion of the borders of all the nations around us, based on the principle that all of the borders were fixed at the same conference. Reciprocity is the least we can demand.
    In addition, it is important to remember that there are no wars throughout the world that were caused by any underlying conflicts, but by the very existence of totalitarian regimes. Democratic leaders must make peace and bring economic prosperity, or else they will be kicked out of office in the next election. In contrast, dictators must make war, in order to justify their actions at home (which is a topic for a separate commentary). Thus, all of the world’s wars, to the last of them, have been between two dictatorships or between a dictatorship and a democracy. Democracies do not go to war with one another, no matter how serious the conflicts between them; it never happened in the past, and will never happen in the future.
    Furthermore, even if the Palestinians would be willing and able to become democrats, without the conversion of the rest of the Arab states to democracies, it will be impossible to make peace with them. When all of the region’s states become democracies, peace with them will be automatic, natural and come about of its own accord. The chance that such an event will take place, however, approaches zero. Also because there is not a single possibility to make peace with Islam. According to Islam, there are only 2 places in the world: Dar el Islam (House of Islam) and Dar el Harb (House of War). Wherever the Islam is not ruling, this is a place for war to impose Islam on everyone.
    Therefore, there will be no peace with them, even if we give them our lands, the lands of Judea, Samaria and Gaza (the last one we already gave them and the Hamastan was built), or anything else they demand.
    In light of this, we will have to battle the Arabs, including the Palestinian “people” (a “people” that never existed in history) forever – because of them and not because of us.

    • Simone Miller

      That was very well said; but the opposition(arabs) say” Do not try to confuse the issue with facts.

    • Sydell Gross

      As we say at Passover the facts in your comments should be told and repeated over and over and over again .
      I do not know why or who has distorted the truth of Samaria and Judea and why it is being used as a false talking point in the so called peace negotiations. However I believe we must continue to have voices such as yours to stop the revisionists misrepresenting Israels’ true history.
      Kudos to you and to the Algemeiner for telling it as it is.

    • Charles Oren

      If Israel had failed to defend itself against Syrian aggression, then Judea and Samaria would now be occupied by Syria and be a part of the Syrian hell. In short, the Palestinians should be thankful to Israel for this and so many other things that are never reported. For example, medical care during the 19 years of Jordanian occupation was very poor, there was not a single university, water and electric supply was insufficient, wages were about $10 a month. Arabs found work in Israel after ’67 and earned in a few days what they normally earned in several months. Arabs were able to move freely until their leaders incited them to start the Intifada.

  • Mike

    Hey Pillar! You’re the kind of guy that would poison his own dog just to watch how he dies. It also appears as if you have no idea of what one needs in order to survive. Was it not you who said ‘let them eat cake’?

  • People need to understand that nothing is by accident, that nothing is coincidence, and that everything is planned. It’s been my longstanding contention that ALL the anti-Israel propaganda we see promulgated by the propaganda outlets and by the CIA “NGOs”, ALL of it originates with, and is sponsored by the fascist/nazi Vatican/CIA mafia. It’s not by accident that we see the same propaganda narrative and the same propaganda lexicon previously used by their sponsored Jihadistanis, now openly adopted by the fascist “NWO” gov mafia.

    The propaganda is designed to incite violence and war and to distract from the mass economic thieving and mass economic failure caused by this mafia. These people need to be understood and exposed for what and who they are.

  • pinchas baram

    can you imagine what this skinny CIA dreck thinks about the idea of freeing Jonathan Pollard? there’s no doubt, this man is not just an anti-Zionist, he is an Enemy of Israel. as is, more or less, the rest of the CIA.

  • BuckDePublick

    Hey, PENCIL-NECK PILLAR OF DRECK–let me wipe the floor with you, punk!

  • Mickey Oberman

    Without their lies these cretins would be speechless.

  • Fred

    US Obama & Kerry & Co show much weakness in foreign policy & abysmal incompetence. They can’t blame themselves but have a ready scapegoat ISRAEL. US has become a laughing stock of the world, supported by Arabised EU.
    Benghazi showed abysmal failure. There is censorship about words like Jihad or Islamic terrorism which must not be used as Obama explained its worst crime in the US, are but a prank even though it cost American lives.Go and figure. After all he is surrounded b like minded supporters.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    It will not be the Paul Pillars of the world who will bury the Jews, It will be the Quisling Jeff Steins.

  • As a rule I do not comment on my sources, but to imply that Paul Pillar was a major source for my information about Israeli spying in the United States, or that my sources were motivated by anti-Semitism, is simply wrong and malicious.

    • Shame on you, you act like an admirer of Arafat.

    • Beatrix

      They certainly weren’t motivated by facts.

    • Emanuel

      So what motivated you Jeff, a threatening phone call from the State Department? A cash payment from a man in a trench-coat? How did you come to give a forum and ammunition to bigots on such a total joke of a source. Understandably you are embarrassed and you should be, shame on you.

    • E benAbuya

      Uh, Jeff. Even a self-believed false statement is still false.
      Is any other named source in your article cited more frequently? More extensively? If not then he is the “main source”
      Pillar’s opinions are a matter of record. They are unremarkable. They are the characteristic utterances of those addicted to “The Jews ate my/their Homework” and their co-dependents. They all return to the same theme. The imaginary, malevolent, manipulative, pluripotent “Jew” is the source of all our problems. If it weren’t for them spying on us everything would be just peachy. American foreign policy would be a rousing success, the dog would come home, your old pick-up will start right up; and that girl who dumped a plate of hot gefilte fish in your lap when she broke up with you will call and say: “I’m sorry, Honey, it was all my fault.”
      BTW – how does this compare with the US bugging our allies embassies and the cell phones of their heads of state?

    • Sydell Gross


    • Bill P

      @Jeff Stein – That is a poor attempt at turning this controversy you’ve generated around. The fact is that it is your article which is “wrong and malicious”. Contrary to your protestations, the individual whom you do cite Paul Pillar, happens to be a key source in your poorly written diatribe against Israel. As has been noted here, he is a supporter of the ASA boycott and his quote that “Zionists dispatching spies even before the state of Israel was formed” is an overt display of his anti Semitic bias. If that was not enough, you demonstrated your own anti semitism with your closing statement about matzoh and Passover. Even if we look past these biased and hateful statements, the argument that Israel is somehow worse than the 38 nations that are already on the US Visa Waiver list is simply not believable. I find it difficult to believe that Israel is somehow worse than Taiwan or any of the other 38 countries on that list.

    • Joe Cooper

      Mr. Stein, perhaps in the interest of full disclosure you might have mentioned that Paul Pillar is an ardent supporter of the ASA boycott of Israel, and even penned a passionate op-ed piece indicating said support in the National Interest. Such a stance is not ancillary to the issue at-hand; it gives the impression (rightly or wrongly) that Mr. Pillar has an axe to grind.

      Whether or not he harbors ill feeling towards Israel or not, when Mr. Pillar supports such a boycott perceived by a large number of Jews as being – to put it mildly – overly broad and unfocused, the perception among some folks might be that Mr. Pillar harbors anti-Israel sentiments. So, when he is the only named source mentioned in your article, I think it’s a little unrealistic not to expect skepticism and backlash.

    • Fakkintyred

      Jeff, …nah…. Can’t find the words. You have opened the Pandora box. Nobody can close it, not even find the lid. Now you will have this Stein on you for the rest of your life. Maybe, just maybe you will find solace in Dubai. Consider it the only option.

      Israel is a true friend of the United States. The admiration Israelis have (had) for this country may suffer the same consequences as you find your wife in bed with several of your sheikh friends.

      The outrageous piece you wrote represents one of the biggest and most sorry affairs I became aware in my 68 years of life. Or….was planned to be as such?

      For a thermometer of these consequences, just peruse among the almost 5000 comments among the 2 PissWeek articles, where half of them are the product of the most sick, bigoted, degenerate, anvious and frustrated neo-nazi beasts of the new left on the loose.

      Thanks, those 2 pieces of unsubstantiated (the King David Hotel has no HVAC ducts!) garbage should be material for future generations so they can study the next 4th Reich deeds.

  • Bernard Ross

    Pillar, Stein and the bankrupt whore for anyone’s disinformation(Newsweek)are merely stooges of Obamas white House disinformation campaign against Israel for not towing the line over Iran,pal talks concessions and the Visa punishment. Obama is employing the traditional historical and typical medieval blood libel which is geared to incite anti semitism against the local Jewish population. The only possible goal is incitement and the only possible target are Jewish americans. Why Jewish Americans? to get them in line behind the Soros faux Jew Obama support Front in support of his policies and against Israel. Obama is demonstrating that he is not above sinking to the lowest levels of historic antisemitism. Libel, which this is, always preceded Pogroms, and he well knows this fact. He may seek to deny a connection but the timing and sources speak the obvious.

    • Kris Kristian

      And we only have US Jews to blame for voting this piece of shit in to the Wh.
      Did they not realize who Obama is?
      Obama is a dangerous liar and Jew hater.
      He and his idit Kerry, have been trying extremely hard to destroy the Jewish state, in order to satisfy the Palestinian murderer terrosits.
      May Obama dn Kerry go to hell. The sooner the better.
      Dont forget that they sent US General and his team to train and arm the PA army to fight against Israel
      They will go down in history as the Americans who caused the most trouble for the friend of USA, Israel.
      Obama is even worse than the peanut farmer presodent

      • Bart A. Charta

        As a Jew who did not vote for HObama either time, I nonetheless feel a responsibility to apologize to the citizens of this great Republic for the actions of my co-religionists who voted the first time, and then doubled down on dumb by voting a second time, for the Kenyan spear-chucker.

        Unfortunately, the wrong Schwartz is in the White House. Maybe next time we’ll get it right and elect someone of the stature and common sense of Ben Carson, someone who has actually done something to benefit mankind.

      • Emanuel

        Really? US Jews are 2% of the vote scumbag? You must have failed grade-school 🙂

    • Emanuel

      Yes sir, but what they don’t realize is our level of commitment is much much higher than their can ever be because we aren’t doing it out of hate or for money, this is love right here and no amount of money will ever make not fighting this fight worthwhile. IF THOSE IDIOTS cross any red lines we will follow suit and the mess will be their problem not ours.

  • dante

    pillar is an hysteric or a hater. no individual of at least average intelligence and at least a passing knowledge of the facts could claim that Israel started the 6-Day War, not with egypt, not with syria, and, NOT with Jordan. that’s just basic history. perhaps, more outrageous, though, is pillar’s claim that Israel could unilaterally arrange a settlement, kind of like the US could have declared peace with Japan in 1943. it is disconcerting to consider that pillar held a responsible position at the CIA. (one wonders how much damage the clown did.)
    one could say that he has demonstrated that he has neither the intelligence nor the expertise to be a grade school substitute teacher’s aide. that’s certainly what it looks like but that might be wrong: maybe, he is not an ignorant imbecile. maybe, he is just a sick-in-the-soul hater. either way, he’s casts a staggeringly poor reflection on the CIA. and, stein is a clown for relying on pillar.

  • Carol

    Cling to conquered land rather than make peace? What is Pillar kidding? Does he really think that peace will be so easy to achieve? And Stein, I can’t believe he is one of us. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Elliot Altman

    It is no wonder that the reputation of the CIA around the world is so dismal, with people like Paul Pillar in it. Who knows what other damage to the US he has done in the past.


    Paul PIllar Is an anti-Israel zelot crusader. Unfortunately, the PBS news hour, Charlie Rose, and other left of center media provide him with the imprint of an “expert” and with the platform from which he spews his false, malicious, and damaging accusations.

    Where is the outrage from the liberal portion of the American Jewish community? Ask your J Street rabbi: Why do you support Pillar and his accomplices?

    • Bernard Ross

      this blood libel disinformation campaign emanates from the WH and is meant to cow Jews into support of Jstreet and the WH policies agianst Israel. Jstreet was created to support Obbama and his anti semitic policies.

    • Mordecai Ben Natan

      John Train.

      You ask “where is the US Jewish community?”

      unfortunately, they are Democtrat first, and support the evils like Paul Pillar, Obama and Kerry.

      I would love to see Israel tell Obama & CO that they are now turning to China as their suuport. The US has lost it’s gound to the likes of Pillar, Obama and Kerry.
      People like Pillar who is a “pillar” of Jew/Israel hatred liar,has caused more damage to the Jewish state that any Arab country could cause
      They support the terrorists and lie to the world about Israel.
      That Israel was responsible for the breakdown of peace talks with Abbas.
      Of course Israel are the baddies. They refused to give into the demands of the PA terrorists.
      Israel should tell Abbas. “You can have all of Jerusalem, and we will move all the Jews out of Jerusalem, and hand the Holiest site in Judaism to the Muslims, THE TEMPLE MOUNT.
      And Abbas need not refer to Israel as the JEWISH STATE.
      And Kerry still had the nerve to say that Netanyahu never gave one inch.

      Maybe if Kerry removed his wig, he may see some light in the truth, not his lies.

      I love Israel. I support Israel,
      I cannot accept the lies from their “best”friends” the US.

      China is investing billions into Israel. Refer to the railway that China is building in Israel. And other support.

      Israel should tell Omama “Israel has now tied up with China, and that Israel does not need the United States of Islam.

      Why did the US Jews vote Obama beck into the White House, knowing who this liar is?
      Had they voted for Mitt Romney, the whole story would have been different.

      Romney is an honest man. He would have been the “angel” that Israel has been waiting for

      Because of the likes of Pillar, his lies to the world about Pollard, that Pollard rots in jail.

      Pillar seems like another accuser of Dryfus

  • Andrew

    “Pro-Palestinian” and an advocate for “containing” Iran coming from a retired CIA officer, ha he sounds more like a former KGB or GRU mole who isn’t trying to hard to hide it anymore

  • Leslie Satenstein

    This article reminds me of “spy vs spy” of Mad magazine days. Both sides are doing the spying, so to make life easy, why not let the spying spies meet and exchange information.
    I bet that for every 10 USA spies in Israel, there is one Israeli spy.

    Every country has spies spying on its neighbours. No country’s hands are clean.

  • Golum

    Did You Say Jeff Stein picked up this drivel without checking???? ……when you can’t trust your own…then where do you turn?

    The U.S. Spies on Everyone including Israel… (EVEN if Israel did) when did “Quid Pro Quo” go out of style? The German’s and French were pissed at us a few months ago when they found out we were listening to their conversations…right??? Worry about your enemies spying on you NOT your friends!

    This “TURD” Pillar rant’s and raves about Israel constantly….shouldn’t that raise a red flag when he becomes your so-called “Deep Throat”???

  • thom

    Pillar is a longtime critic of Israel. See: Intro to the piece states:
    “Israel and its apologists react in fury when anyone likens the oppression of Palestinians to South Africa’s white supremacist system of apartheid toward blacks, but the comparison is growing harder and harder to dispute, a disturbing reality.” The article also states, “To the extent that international opposition to Israel’s conduct toward the Palestinians may indeed be growing, there are good reasons. One is a realization that the Israeli version of apartheid is very similar in important respects to the South African version, and that moral equivalence ought to follow from empirical equivalence. Pillar also has written that “We Can Live With A Nuclear Iran,” which appeared in Washington Monthly in April 2012. In opposing new sanctions legislation in early 2014, Sen. Feinstein relied on Pillar’s praise of the interim deal.

    • Mordecai Ben Natan


      This is the lie from the likes of Kerry, Obama, Pillar and the Arab/Muslims.

      I live in South Africa.
      I am in 70’s So I know what apartheid is.
      Can any honest person,(if there is such an animal) compare Israel with South Africa?

      Lets look at SA in the old apartheid day, and if anyone can still tell me that Israel is an apartheid state, then they must go to their churches and ask G-D to forgive you, repent, and ask Israel and the Jews for forgiveness.

      The high security wall is NOT an apartheid wall. It is a scurity wall, which has preventd plus minus 98% of prospective suicide killers from entering Israel.
      What about the Walls in USA and other countries?
      usa OCCUPIES parts of what really belong to Mexico.

      The wall stretches over about 5% of the country. The rest is a security fence.
      Israel is not occupying any Palestinian territory.
      Israel was attacked more times than any other country in history. What territory IsraEl is in, is Bblical G-D given land of the Jews.
      It was also given to the Jews by League of Nations and has never been abrogated.
      The Temple Mount was desecrated when the Muslims entered Jewish land, and built their mosques on the holiest of holy sites. THE TEMPLE MOUNT

      The PA have said that if they ever get a Palestinian state, NO JEW WILL BE ALLOWED TO LIVE THERE.
      Lets look at SA.
      WHITES ONY signs on park benches, Restaurants, cinemnas, buses, trains,beaches,supermarkets.
      Police had few blacks in their organisation, Then the blck police had to wear different uniforms. They were not allowed to interview whits.
      Many judges were called “hanging judges”. Many blacks were hanged. Very few whites.
      Universities were for whites only as were hospitals.
      No black or coloured doctor or nurse (there were a hand full) was allowed o attend to whites.

      The blacks never had a vote.

      But there was a black army base. These soldiers were used for “dirty” work. But they were good soldiers.
      Sex across the colour line, if caught, meant at least 6 months in prison.
      At least, they never executed gays or women who were raped, as is done according to sharia law.
      Visit Israe;l. Visit a hospital or university. You will bne attended to by Muslim/Arab doctors and nurses working side by side with Jewish doctors and nurses.
      Visit universities. You will find many Arab students and professores. Some heads of deprtments are ASrab/Muslim.

      Sit in a bus, restaurant, cinema, train, you will be sitting next to Arab/Muslims/

      Unlike Islamic countries where Christians are being massacred, churches destroyed, the Christian community in Israel is growing.
      There are Muslim members in Parliament
      Christians and Druze volunteer to serve in the militay, although they are not conscripted like the Jewish youth are.
      There is full freedom of religion. Christian churches, Mosques, Synagoagues are all protected y law.
      Bahai have a shrine in Haifa. They are protected by law.
      Visit a University in Israel. You will see many Arab/Muslim students.
      The BDS lie was strted by Barghuti, who obtained his university degree at the University of Jerusalem.
      His father is sitting in prison with 5 life sentences for multi murder of Jews. So, he spread the lie that Israel is an aprtheid state.

      Visit a hospital, you will be treated by a Muslim doctor or nurse, working side by side with Jewish doctors and nurses.
      And the list goes on and on.


      The world has called Gaza “concentration camp”
      Every week, Israel offloads many tons of food and other supplies.
      Gaza gets water, electricity, gas from Israel, all free of charge.

      How many children and others travel to Israeli hospitals for free treatment?
      How many Syrian refugees are treated in Israeli hospitals for free?
      Gaza snds their sick to Israel for treatment.

      Is that apartheid?

      • Bart A. Charta

        The true apartheid practitioners are the Arab people and countries themselves. Is Christianity an “equal” religion in ANY Arabs country? (Forget about Judaism.) The Arab countries themselves, either because of law or expulsion or both, are for the most part “Jew-free” zones. This is why you don’t find signs that say “No Jews or Dogs Allowed” in Arab countries. The Jews either got out or were thrown out; the dogs weren’t so lucky.

  • Stuart Katz

    Once an anti-Semite always an anti-Semite. Should Jews boycott American Universities? Certainly, there goes entire departments, devoid of Professors and students.

    Get over it, America spies on Israel, who cares if Israel spies on the U.S? Tell me again, the NSA only intercepts messages from non-friendly countries and would never spy on a democracy?


    It is good to force this skunk into the limelight.

  • Paul Pillar you’re a lying no good SOB, the Palestinians are committed to the total destruction of Isreal and you know this you lying sack of shit- go crawl under the rock from where crawled out of- I can’t believe you have the nerve to write such a bunch of nonsense.

  • Paul Pillar when in the CIA gave a speech supporting Kerry .Look it up in wiki

    • Kerry once was Cohen now, he ‘crosses’ himself, he’s a Catholic and obama, well, let’s just say he’s an anti semitic POS.
      A Jew without his G-d is an unrighteous gentile.

  • So what do we have here? The usual Vatican/CIA mafia propaganda outlet (Newsweek) uncritically mouthing the usual Vatican/CIA mafia propaganda lies that’s fed to it.

    Kudos to Joshua Levitt for showing his readers what and who these people are. This mafia needs to be exposed and their vile operations need to be known as common knowledge to all.

    • Emanuel

      The Italians trade with Hamas and the MB and despise American Jews because the CIA and the Italian American mafia depends on Jews for everything so they hate us. The rogue members of the State department are 100 times worse than any Italian gangster because they are American and self-loathing Jews like max Blumenthal, Richard Falk, Martin Indyk are even worse. Brave Jewish American heroes like Jonathan Pollard and Bob Levinson and Alan Gross are left out to dry by these antisemites within the highest ranks of our government. I would rather make peace with Hamas or German Nazis than them.