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May 29, 2014 2:29 pm

Never-Before Seen Color U.S. Army Footage Shows Horrors of Dachau (VIDEO)

avatar by Dave Bender

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A screenshot from the rare video.

Never-before seen color footage shot by a Hollywood filmmaker during World War II has revealed the U.S. Army’s discovery of the Dachau concentration camp.

In several graphic clips, the film documents troops as they came upon piles of emaciated bodies of Jews laying in and alongside boxcars in the notorious death camp.

Some were lying frozen in the snow. Others were strewn on the ground near still-burning fires in structures, possibly those of ovens where they were to be later burned.

One of the film crew narrated the scene in a halting, distraught voice.

“As a 20-year-old man… with a sheltered life behind him… it was a terrible shock. How can one human being do this to another human being,” he asked.

“Impossible to think of; how does one justify the smallest murder… you just wanna’ hate the Germans. You just want to hate all Germans at this time,” he said.

George Stevens, who was known for 30-era classics like Gunga Din and films of dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, had joined the war effort and headed up a unit tasked with filming the troops on 35mm black and white film, according to the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

Stevens and his crew, nicknamed the “Steven’s Irregulars,” were aboard the HMS Belfast on “D-Day” during “Operation Overlord,” the allied invasion of Normandy.

His son, George Stevens Jr., who is also a filmmaker, discovered the personal visual journal of the war, in cans that were later developed in the States but then languished in his father’s attic for the next 70 years.

When he watched the first images unfold, he realized that his father shot them on “the morning of the 6th of June, the beginning of the greatest seaborne invasion in history.”

His father filmed the color footage with his own 16mm camera and rolls of color film. The unit followed Army units through the hail of German bullets onto the beaches, and throughout the fierce fighting across Europe.

“We thought at the time that this was the only color film of the war in Europe. As it turned out, there was some German film that had not yet been discovered,” Stevens said.

“But it is the greatest body of color film, and World War II was a black-and-white war. That’s how we see it. That’s how we saw it. And suddenly to see it in color, it just took on a whole other dimension.”

Watch part of the footage below:

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  • Hans

    For those who claimed not to have seen as much as a single frame of Dachau: there’s a second video on that page (look below the main video)…

    Here’s a direct link to the video:

    Having said that, I doubt that they’ll actually want to view it because it’s my impression that they disbelieve the Holocaust as whole…

  • Jeffrey Justin

    where is the footage of Dachau? My Father was there and I am interrested in seeing that

  • I didn’t see one flicker of a concentration camp either.
    mickey, the version I saw WAS in English.

  • Circus Circus

    What I get from this clip demonstrate US troops drank-up and played with the local women.
    There were high incidences of rape/abuse by American soldiers. Not much to be proud of.

    • Hans

      There were far more incidences where local women traded “favors” for chocolate, stockings, cigarettes and what have you not…

  • Charles

    There was nothing about the death camps in the video

  • C.Kirk

    We’ll see many more of these films, shot in the future. Cause people refuse to think and prefer other people having to think for them . . .

  • Cheryl Semrau

    I could not watch the video too much hesitation.

  • schmoe

    The Greatest Generation was AMERICAN.

    Dig the video, because you’ll never see greatness again.

    • Alex

      This guy(?) is a product of the Branch Davidians

    • Geoff

      AZ Cowboy is an ignorant anti-semite. Nothing more.

    • Steve M

      You always sing the same song, don’t you? We’re getting to know you. Your god is a killer, your holy book is a load of mindless witterings about exterminating people you don’t like. You are in a bad state, mate. I hope the eyes of your spirit will be opened before you finally come face to face with the One who made you and who alone can make something worthwhile of you.

      • Hans

        Worthwhile?!… Funny that, coming from an antisemitic POS…

    • Circus Circus

      As we are beginning to understand through document release, research, etc. Hardly anything to boast about…in fact, quite shameful. US military and geopolitical “history” during 20thC was smoke and mirror propaganda. Thankfully, with time, truth eventually surfaces.

      • Hans

        And what “truth” would that be?!… The fact that American GI’s are regular human beings?!…

    • steve

      Pray to the Jew on a stick you POS. Get cancer and die a slow death you schmuck.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Could you please show an English version.