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June 6, 2014 10:48 am

Israeli Official: Netanyahu Seeking Unilateral Move to Separate From Palestinians

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: WikiCommons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: WikiCommons.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Israel “must separate from the Palestinians,” Bloomberg News reported on Friday, citing an unnamed official source.

No further details were provided by the source, but the news agency noted that the language “was reminiscent of the term ‘disengagement’ that Israel used to refer to its 2005 withdrawal of settlers and soldiers from the Gaza Strip, carried out unilaterally under then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the absence of peacemaking.”

In the face of a unity pact reached between the Palestinian Authority’s Fatah party and Gaza’s rival Hamas party, which has refused to renounce violence or amend its statutes that call for the destruction of Israel, Netanyahu has said his government will consider unilateral action in response.

Netanyahu told Bloomberg View columnist Jeffrey Goldberg last month that “he noted that some Israelis favor disengaging from sections of the West Bank with large Palestinian populations, even if this would mean dismantling Jewish settlements.”

In the interview, Netanyahu said, “It’s true that the idea of taking unilateral steps is gaining ground, from the center-left to the center-right… Many Israelis are asking themselves if there are certain unilateral steps that could theoretically make sense.”

The next day, the U.S. State Department spokeswoman declared opposition to Netanyahu’s plan, saying “no one should take any steps that undermine trust, including unilateral.”

On Friday, Bloomberg cited a poll by the Israel Democracy Institute-Tel Aviv University Peace Index, a monthly poll conducted by the Midgam Research Institute, that found that 60 percent of the country’s Jews surveyed in late May oppose unilateral withdrawal. More than two-thirds of the country’s 20-percent Arab minority support it.

The New York Times on Friday also quoted an unnamed Israeli official who pointed a finger at the U.S. for allowing the unity pact to move forward through its declaration of support for the inclusion of Hamas, which is classified by the U.S. State Department as an international terror organization.

The Times said Israeli officials were assured by the Americans “that the U.S. would take a wait-and-see attitude with the new Palestinian government.” But the newspaper cited one Israeli official, who said, “Instead of taking a standoff approach, they, in effect, became the first government in the world to recognize the Palestinian government… They essentially became the first domino.”

The newspaper also cited an unnamed U.S. official, who insisted that “We’re not naive.”

“We understand that this could be Hamas’ nose under the tent, that it could lead Hamas to get a foothold in the West Bank, that terrorist cells could spring up in the West Bank again under a looser regime. So we’re watching all of that very carefully to ensure that that doesn’t happen,” the U.S. official told The Times.

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  • martin

    the best way to ‘separate’ would be to throw ‘them’out as Rabbi Kahane once suggested…To separate like Sharon did would be to invite more terrorism and rockets..

    • Diana

      I don’t know why Israel has put up with this for this long. With the IDF, one well place nuke could rid the world of plenty of terrorists.
      Gaza, the West Bank; as far as I’m concerned the terrorists have never honored their agreement; NOT ONCE since as far back as when in ’77, Carter coerced the Israeli PM to give back Mt. Sinai back to the Egyptians after they won it squarely in the 6-day war.
      It showed a new weakness to the Arabs like a drop of blood in a water full of sharks.
      The Israeli’s need to get all their land back, including Bethlehem, other West Bank areas and Jericho.
      Father God, we pray that the three spiritual forces of humanism, Marxist socialist philosophy, and the spiritual inheritance of the Ottoman Empire will be broken and rendered powerless.

  • Give nothing to the new Palestinians, another lie! Jews were Palatines also as some Jews were living in Palestine before Israel existed! No land for them! They were given Gaza and see what need and is happening. And when they call Jews subhuman, they must be looking in the mirror! As far as PM Netanyahu, how can he give in to the pressure put on him after what his Older Brother Yoni did and what happened to him! I am sure Yoni is turning over in his grave telling his brother PM Netanyahu to stand tall and not to give in to the pressure. There r a lot of Americans and people all over the world that will stand with him! And that is a fact!

  • defiantjewess

    DefiantJewess – 17 minutes ago

    The biggest error Bibi and the left have made is an assumption that Israel has only one ally in the world, the US, and must cowtow matter who or what the POTUS says, no matter how wrong or weak he is.

    In the end the Israeli leadership believe they are grasshoppers.

    The Israeli left and Bibi need to be convinced of their power- that they have more than they believe they do.

    The power of that relationship is based on something that the POTUS cannot manipulate easily.: the e American People are not that easily manipulated because the values of Israel are the same as those of America.

    By contrast the Arab society represents EVERYTIHING America despises: intolerance, cruelty, hatred of America, political violence, civil right abuses, hatred of women, gays etc.

    These are things that the POTUS cannot easily change. Also our domestic constituency. The Jews, rights wing Christians.

    US supports Israel because of a valuable domestic program (military) that protects American workers with good jobs. This support comes from Congress, hence the relationship is economic, not in the political ability of the POTUS to turn on and off to punish Israel.

    As for BDS, it’s a bluff, the American trade laws cannot be abrogated with the stroke of a pen.

    One of Bibi’s biggest failures above all has been to not properly using the American Jewish community and Israeli supporters to defang Obama and reign him in. He has allowed Obama’s policy of distancing itself and damaging Israel to go unchallenged in the US viahBibi’s own submissiveness. In other words if he says the two state solution is in the interests of Israel, there iso nothing the US can do.

    Thus, Obama has been empowered by Bibi’s actions. Bibi has done more than just go along. He has told the US that everything that is going on is in Israel’s interest- a domestic and political imperative. He has defanged us here in the US from brining Obama down. I So if Bibi says publicly that he goes along with Obama, how can we oppose him here in the US.—we ecannot be more Catholic than the Pope

    I believe that ISRAEL has way more power than she exercises contrary to what Bibi and the left believes.
    in Israel

    If she wants to surrender the country and capitulate, she have all the time in the world to do that- we can FIGHT FIRST. Tell the left that.
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  • Howard Hoffer

    Right on Bibi. STOP TALKING WITH THE PLO! Its a waste of time as all it does is to give them legitimacy , which is an oxymoron. THEY ARE ILLIGITIMATE, BRAIN DEAD, WORTHLESS degenerates who will never amount to anything other than what they are, NOTHING.

  • IF Bibi dares to pull “a Sharon” and destroys Jewish communities, well, the center of the country should be turned upside down in response.
    In other words, if Jews living in the heartland are treated like subhumans, then there is NO reason that Bibi and Co should live in “peace”.
    Simple as that.

    • defiantjewess

      and who will lead the revolt?

  • Duinsnip

    The complete ignorance of the existance of God and of What He wrote in the Bible, as was also seen at the memorial of D- Day, is challenge Him to act soon. He can not be forced out of control and we will notice soon.

  • Efram

    I like the state department’s statement. Isn’t it precious? No one should act unilaterally. They couldn’t possibly be referring to the ostensibly moderate PA making common cause with the terrorist organization Hamas? Somehow, the Obama state department, defense department, labor department, attorney general, and every other department would never be in favor of unilateral actions. Except, of course, their illegal renunciation of Congress which officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. What Obama’s code is is crystal clear:


    • Penny

      Do you mean Barak Houssain Obama ? Need I say more?

  • Peter T.

    As God gathers His people back to their land as he said He would, Israel will need more land not less.
    Maybe Israel needs to swap Gazians & WestBankers for Jews being forced out of the country they now live in and wanting to return their land of Israel.

  • Gabriel Salinas

    Barak Obama has validated a terrorist organization in front of the whole world … what else would you expect from a Muslim president?…. and that same world will follow in his footsteps, that’s for sure.
    Stay strong Israel, you’re not alone, that’s why the world not only hates you …. it also fears you.

  • If indeed Netanyahu does take unilateral action and get rid of his “palestinian” arab population, bolster jewish presence in Judea and Samaria and keep all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it will not be before time.
    There is no longer any future or percentage in dealing with any aspect of “palestinian” “identity”. Jews and Arabs can never live together as equals, because Islam, as a religion of entitlement, has, as its core, subjugation of the muslim self to allah and subjugation of all non-muslims to islam.

  • Pity the people in the West Bank and Gaza for their choice of leaders. As the late great Abba Eban long ago said, “The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss and opportunity.”

    • Michael Garfinkel

      The Palestinians continue on a self-destructive path, and all the subsidies and negotiations arranged by the U.S. and the E.U. can delay, but cannot alter the real “Nakba” that awaits the Palestinians.

      Netanyahu is right to pursue a unilateral “separation;” after the recent releases of terrorists to appease the Americans, perhaps he can now proceed along lines that are actually beneficial.

      Naturally, arrangements have to be concluded that maximise the long-term prospects for Israel, as further concessions, like the Gaza withdrawal, will only come back to haunt them.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The approach to the new Hamas government is the same as the US administration’s approach to Iran. Ignore the threats; ignore the terrorism; go on as though nothing is wrong and somehow it’s supposed to lead to peace. If this is not naiveté what is it? Insanity? Duplicity? Some new type of statecraft that no one can understand?

    • Efram

      No. It is NOT naivete. It is Obama getting more and more bold in his intention to support anything which favors jihadist, extremist, Islamist terrorism. He is not turning a blind eye, he is applauding with all of his might.

    • Penny

      No, it’ closing your eyes, burying your head in the sand and pretending all is Ok!

  • Linda Rivera

    Does this mean that Netanyahu seeks to give to the PLO/PA/Hamas Muslim TERRORIST Occupation Forces the gift of G-d-given Jewish land just as was wickedly done in Gaza?

    Whatever area or country muslims migrate to, once muslims have significant numbers they then declare the land is Islamic and belongs to muslims. Across Europe and Britain muslims are making this claim.

    In Britain, a muslim woman provoked a violent physical attack by muslims against British infidels. The triumphant cry of muslim victory over hated infidel Britain:

    “Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!” Violent jihad commenced against white British infidels. Terrorist supporter, Yaqoob, instigator of the violence and friend of Chief Constable Chris Sims, was not prosecuted. Yaqoob is the darling of UK ruling elites.

    Salma Yaqoob Kicks Off the 2009 Muslim Riot in Birmingham

    Birmingham Riots 8th August 2009 – “Unite Against Fascism” (UAF) and Muslim extremists

  • If Putin can annex the Crimea, and Obama allows him to do this, limited verbal attacks and ridiculous sanctions, why Netanyahu can not retain Judea and Samaria, and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? – Who can hinder him? Obama? The weakest U.S. president in the last few decades?
    Secede from Palestine is long overdue, and set its border

    • Steve Klein

      What do you mean secede from Palestine?

    • Efram

      No, the weakest US president since Buchanan.

  • artcohn

    “We are not naive” Kerry has had to state that a number of times, as his actions and statements are perceived as being those of a naif. If he is not naive and foolish, then he must be evilly inclined towards Israel, as he lets the Hamas terrorists into Samaria and Judah, and approves Iran’s N-bomb developments programs

    • BarakIII

      No they are not naive, and yes they are evil. I don’t believe they are naive and believe they know full well what they are doing, that only leaves option two. They are indeed evil and have chosen to side with evil. But this isn’t really anything knew, it only confirms what we know.

      I wish my fellow Americans had understood and seen this prior to the last presidential election. Even now a majority of people don’t see it, or simply being aggressively apathetic, which makes them just as evil. Evil isn’t just acting evil, it’s allowing evil to exist in your midst without any effort to stop it.

  • zadimel

    Does PM Netanyahu’s “disengagement” mean the removal of Israeli presence in the disputed territories? This would suggest to the Fatah-Hamas dregs that crowding the challenged land adjacent to Israeli communities with Palestinians would force the former to relocate beyond the Jewish state’s borders, leaving them – the Palestinians – free to “push” the Israeli residents out of disputed areas well into the land of Israel.

    • Steve Klein

      If Israel retreats from any land in the “West Bank” (Judea and Samaria) it will become a well-fortified Hamas stronghold. In the event of a future regional war, Israel could suffer a mass-slaughter of Jews as the jihadists will be right at Israel’s throat. Didn’t we learn anything from the misguided retreat from Gaza, August 2005?

      • Leaving Gaza was good. Israel has no need to rule over a wholly muslim rabble there.
        With regards to israel’s arabs, transfer and adjust borders, declare sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, and react with force to aggression from any neighbouring “country” (“palestine”).
        But let’s get shot of the arab muslim population in israel proper. When each knows his space, a tentative peace will follow.

        • Steve Klein

          Why not offer Palestinians generous benefits to transfer from Judea and Samaria to surrounding Arab countries as Dr. Martin Sherman proposes. Why should Israel surrender even more Jewish land?



  • Elisheva14

    Israel needs to do whatever is necessary to stay strong and as a homeland for Jews. All Jews need to stand together in support of Israel. Israel cannot depend on any other government, or the UN, to support it. The Jews and Israel’s survival is a miracle.

  • albert rosenblatt

    i think it is natural that both branches of Palestine are coming together– do we in the West and in Israel expect that there be two Palestinian states? so we should encourage unity.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Right on Albert Rosenblatt!

      By all means, the genocidal enemies of the Jewish State should achieve unity.

      After all, in unity there is strength, right Albert?

  • nelson marans

    Any withdrawal will be a repeat of two disasters, namely the departure of Israeli troops from Lebanon and then from Gaza. Both retreats led only to more n bloodshed as Hezbollah and Hamas gained control respectively. With Hamas militarily superior to Fatah, Judea and Samaria will become terrorist enclaves used against the citizens of Israel.



  • Ezra Levant with Caroline Glick – The Israeli Solution

  • Shalom Chavarim,

    The One-State Solution is only peace solution that is based on reality. It takes the solution out of the hands of America and Obama and puts it back into our hands, where is belongs and it returns our political power. This is extremely important due to our immediate discussions and decisions we need to make.

    The Israeli Solution; A One-State Plan For Peace in the Middle East; eBook ISBN 978-0-385-345804-2
    ISBN 978-0-385-34806-5

  • we were never engaged




  • Bernard Macy

    Is it possible that the unilateral move to which Bibi was referring is Israel’s ANNEXATION OF ALL OF JUDEA & SAMARIA? One can only hope that that is what the Prime Minister will be announcing this coming week!

    Israeli sovereignty over all of Judea & Samaria is the answer!!!

    • Bernard Ross

      BB will ONLY annex at most the major settlement blocks.

  • mike

    My solution.
    Evacuate the West Bank with the following adjustments:
    1. Swap minor territories/lands for defense purposes
    2. The Jewish Quarter, the Wall, the road leading from Israel to the Jewish Quarter become part of Israel.
    3. Give financial incentives to Israeli Arabs to settle in the West Bank or emigrate.
    4. No Palestinian army.
    If the situation continues as is there will be more Arabs than Jews in Israel/West Bank.

    • Bill Cone

      My opinion the left is the greatest danger to Zionism.
      .. The Israeli people will never accept wholesale surrender of Israeli Legal Security and religious rights. Israelis will never allow Israel to go
      back to the 67 borders with millions of Palestinians within walking distance of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea destroying the demographic makeup of Israel as a Jewish Country. No more compromise. Annex Area C and low populated areas of Area B to streignten border have the Arab residents remain as permanent residents but PA or Jordanian citizens.

    • Bernard Ross

      why should all the vacant land in area C go to the arabs when it was legally committed to be settled by Jews?

  • naomi

    Disengage or Annex? Which has lesser consequences for Israel’s security?

    • Bill Cone

      Anything less than annexing area C and unpopulated areas of B is madness

  • Laura

    ” the U.S. State Department spokeswoman declared opposition to Netanyahu’s plan, saying “no one should take any steps that undermine trust, including unilateral.””

    That must be why the Obama administration has been so openly critical of Abbas’ unilateral moves…. Not.

    Someone should tell Obama and Kerry that you have to have trust to undermine it, and that they have already done plenty to erode the Israel-America relationship.

    • Julian Clovelley

      There can be no genuine trust unless there is a central authority whose judgements and decisions all sides are prepared to abide by. This centre exists in the United Nations, International Law, and in the Geneva Conventions.

      Charitable organisations can assist in impartially adminstering distribution of humanitarian aid. There are international standards for broadcasting that can be accepted and abided by. The material bodies and the theoretical requirements and precedents are all there. The problem lies in the fact that those most dependent on them for peace, progress, happiness and even the preservation of life, have walked away from them because these bodies are not seen as representing the selfishness and arrogant pride of the individual parties

      If there is “unilateral action” then I suggest it has to be to a return to the international fold, a swallowing of pride and an acceptance that one’s own advantageous cultural fantasy is for that culture alone and not for the world in general. Cultures can never be successfully imposed by force, most especially religious cultures. We have to extract from those beliefs the ideals that support coexistence and tolerance, and abandon dreams of religious and territorial imperialism. Those days are over

      What we are really facing, I would suggest, is the truth that our ancient traditions are holding us back, forcing us into unnecessary conflict. These cultural traditions include theology, nationalist history, and imagined inheritance, and scriptures. We have difficulty in sorting out our present dilemmas, and walking away from our human hatreds, because these hatreds have come to being through mythology and are carried by that same mythology being used to interpret expierience. Like it or not we are in a period of a theological and cultural Reformation essential to our survival. That too we need to embrace. Fundamentalisms are killing us worldwide, they have to be renounced.

      No person like myself, writing from thousands of kilometers away can fully understand the situation on the ground. Our only power is to communicate how we feel and to suggest ways that internationally we can all assist in finding a solution for the children of the world – for that is what really matters.

      I believe that it is necessary to revisit the decisions made by the League of Nations and the United Nations in the aftermath of two world wars, which being in the end a development of the original notion of two Authorities, Arab/Palestinian and Jewish -a development which resulted in Partition. Europe too experienced Partition after the Second War – it lasted forty five years, until the people of the continent were ready to come together again and all outside forces withdrew. It ended with a whimper. So it should. Compulsory Partition – the Iron Curtain – eventually became a desire for unity, and the barriers came down

      When we talk of closing settlements and ending Occupation we are merely saying let’s return to the original decisions, but this time do it properly, making minor agreed corrections to the borders to make them safer, through trade offs

      In the original international decisions, Jerusalem was always treated as a separate issue. It is a problem that should not impede solution of the main problem. Jerusalem is perhaps a symbol that one day, as the various opposing forces learn to live together in peace with a reformed theology, then Partition may end – with a whimper. But that is long hence and only the young may ever see it.

      Patience it what is most needed, Coexistence will breed familiarity and familiarity friendship. It will then be but a small step to reconciliation. The first step to ending hate is to lose the love of it and perhaps replacing anger with sorrow and a determination that none of us – no side in this mess will allow itself to be ruled by selfishness, evil and mythology. I wish the people of the Middle East the courage to embrace the cultural changes they need

      • Barry

        Sorry but your long response doesn’t address the heart of the matter. Arabs have wanted Jews out of the Mideast for nearly 100 years. Under International Law the land is ours (San Remo). We gave up more than 70% of what was promised us in 1920 and there is no reason to give up more.

        Jerusalem is critical and central to the Jewish people, not for Muslims as they have Mecca.

        Trusting any central body today is out of the question…there is not a single entity today that is truly neutral and honest, ok, maybe Canada’s government but that’s about it.

        • Julian Clovelley

          Look closely at the map, Barry – at how tiny and vulnerable Israel is. It cannot safely remain in a state of conflict. No-one in the region can.

          We faced the same problem in Britain during the Cold War, and Britain is much larger than Israel. A line of bombs dropped down the centre of Britain, and fired from submarines ninety seconds away could have wiped us out. So much for deterrence strategy. I remember sitting in class during the Cuba crisis as Soviet ships approached the American blockade. It was the Maths lesson – We wondered if we would actually live until the next lesson – which was English. Shakespeare never looked so enticing. My school was in the middle of London – not far from the Parliament and the Palace – and all the Ministries in Whitehall. Prime target. And then another master came into the room – interrupted the class, and said “I am glad to inform you that the ships have turned away”, and we went back to the world of Pythagoras and Euclid.

          Brinkmanship is a dangerous and ghastly stupid game. In the skies of Europe and over the Oceans were several hundred nuclear armed planes, and ICBMs were at the ready. No politician, not even a Kennedy, has the right to play such brinkmanship games with the lives of others, and of the planet itself. No one has the right to threaten me, or even my enemies, with incineration in my name.

          The demography of the one time Levantine territories has been in dispute not for 100 years but for more like Five Thousand. There is no “Right of Possession” we can draw from history, and only pompous and meaningless claims that we can draw from mythology. The suggestion that Jerusalem is not emotionally central to Muslims too, and indeed to Christians is arrogant and hurtful. To a secular person such as myself the suggestion has at its core what to me is the nonsense of superstition but those superstitions exist and cannot be discounted. Jerusalem to me is a city – nothing more and nothing less. It is a city that has experienced numerous cultures, civilisations and rulers. It is a place of beauty and of history. But what matters most is that it is a city of living people and of children who deserve a peaceful secure and prosperous future – whatever superstition or secular belief system their parents have brought them up in, or they have chosen for themselves.

          The League of Nations and the UN saw Jerusalem as a separate problem to that of the rest of the territory of the mandates. So it must remain if we are ever to find solutions. Your claim that the “we” gave up territory promised to “you” in 1920 would make you now around 110 years old. Start with the existential present, the period that is reachable by living memory, and build towards the future.

          With Respect

          • Shalom-Hillel

            “The suggestion that Jerusalem is not emotionally central to Muslims too, and indeed to Christians is arrogant and hurtful.”
            — Julian Clovelly

            If you can say this then you understand very little indeed about Israel. Jews are being “arrogant and hurtful”, are we?

            You cannot repay the debt you owe to the Jews, both by horrendous acts of commission, chief being genocide and complicity in genocide and the fact that Christianity and Islam have their foundations in Judaism, in the people of Israel. Christians should be wholeheartedly supporting Israel. Simple decency would demand it.Don’t preach to US how important Jerusalem is to YOU. Jerusalem is so important to you BECAUSE of us. It’s Israel’s eternal capital. Between Christians and Muslims you have nearly all the rest of the world. Keep your mitts off Jerusalem. Israel will always give everyone respect and access, but it does not BELONG to you.

      • June Grant

        Well said, Julian.

      • Efram

        I do have to ask. What have you been smoking Julian? Return to the international fold? The international fold HATES JEWS AND HATES ISRAEL. There is nothing remotely even handed in the UN, the EU, Oxfam, Amnesty International, or any of the other allegedly impartial organizations. You cannot get them to stop hating Jews and hating Israel. It cannot be done. Haven’t the last 40 years proven this? In the 1972 Olympics, Israeli athletes were murdered. The Olympics is supposed to be about nations coming together. But, in 2012, the ‘international’ fold insisted that no moment of silence, no acknowledgement whatsoever, of the murderous acts against innocent athletes be acknowledged. If the victims were not Israeli, would there even be a question as to acknowledging such barbarism? Of course not.

        Europe has had no use for Jews for 2000 years. The UN has had no use for Jews in half a century. The only thing which will appease the ‘international’ fold will be the end of Israel, the murder of as many Jews as possible, and the triumph of Iran and its Islamist ‘brothers.’

        Whatever else Israel does or does not do, attempting to join the ‘international’ fold cannot be positive in any way, shape, or form.

        • Julian Clovelley

          I can only say again to you Efram – look at the map. But in the case of someone who thinks they can go it alone, do it from the military perspective

  • Bob Rabinoff

    “So we’re watching all of that very carefully to ensure that that doesn’t happen”
    Just like they’ve been watching Iran very closely, and Russia in Ukraine, and Syria. The US doesn’t care a bit if Hamas gains a foothold in Judea and Samaria — all the better to destroy Israel. “Those that curse you I will curse.” Obama will wind up destroying America before he destroys Israel.

    • Efram

      Actually, probably not until he is out of office, Obama’s actions may well signal the destruction of both.

  • Another holocaust is possible. If it happened once it can happen again. Thank G-d we have Israel. We need to do everything possible to keep Israel militarily strong. Jews get out of Europe. There can be no compromise regarding Israel nor can we depend on the good will of others. This unfortunately is a lesson that many Jews have never learned. Never forget, never forgive never again. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
    Subject: Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama You Have

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama You Have …

    2 min – Dec 2, 2013 – Uploaded by Bernhard Rosenberg

    Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS President Obama You Have Some … John Hagee for …

    • Mutt

      The next holocaust is most likely to happen in Israel, DUMMY!

    These are just steps.
    next the west esauv/edom/xtians will war agains the arabs.

    Then they will join forces against Israel/Jews….

    While peres kisses the killer,the vatican poop who wears a kipa/yamulka and peres doesnt.

    the poopsie and imams and obamas and john kerries and clintons, supported by FOOLISH STUPID JEWS…

    Jews are worried about world opinion

    unilateral? …disengage?
    a fancy word for giving away more of G-DS LAND
    Israeli polls show they are in favor?
    they never asked me or you?

    the british have more rights then the arabs
    the roman conquerers have more rights then the british and the arabs and ottomans….


    and you xtians still do this through your modern death…
    …the silent death..DECEIVING AND tricking JEWS
    TO ACCEPT YOUR DEAD mandgod….


  • Dean

    “…an unnamed U.S. official, who insisted that “We’re not naive.”” No they are not naive – it is all a premeditated plan by the Obama regime to make sure that terrorists everywhere have US support and “inclusion.”

    Obama and Putin agree on one thing – the USA is no longer exceptional and Obama will work hard to make sure that the US and its allies submit to the will of Islamists and the will of Putin.

    • Ben Gruder

      I see conspiratorial thinking is not just the province of Arab countries.