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June 17, 2014 10:21 am

Israel’s Phinergy Tests 1,100-Mile Range Electric Car; Aluminum-Air Battery System (VIDEO)

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Phinergy's 1,100-mile range electric car using hybrid lithium-ion and aluminum-air batteries. Photo: Phinergy.

Phinergy's 1,100-mile range electric car using hybrid lithium-ion and aluminum-air batteries. Photo: Phinergy.

Israeli start-up Phinergy Ltd. is road testing a 1,100-mile range electric car based on a hybrid lithium-ion and aluminum-air battery system based on technology originating at Bar Ilan University and produced in Canada in collaboration with Alcoa Canada, Israel’s Globes business daily reported on Tuesday.

Founded by CEO Aviv Tzidon, Phinergy‘s battery solution offers greater capacity than Tesla Motors Inc.’s Model S electric car, which can go for 300 miles between charges, and less expensive alternatives, with ranges of about 160 miles.

Phinergy’s prototype uses the lithium-ion battery for short trips and the aluminium-air battery for longer hauls.

Globes said: “The aluminum-air technology uses oxygen naturally occurring in the air to fill its cathode. Aluminum-air batteries discharge turns the metal into aluminum hydroxide, which can then be recycled to make new batteries. This makes it far lighter than liquid filled lithium-ion batteries to give the car a far greater range.”

The aluminum battery has to be replaced every few months, but its components are recyclable. Alcoa Canada partnered with Phinergy to produce the batteries, which were manufactured in Canada.

Globes said the company successfully road tested the prototype in Canada last week.

Watch the Phinergy prototype in action:

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  • Sir John Maga

    Scam. Where are the test results? Why does it require lithium battery?

  • so cool technology!


    is it possible to buy shares of PHINERGY?

    If so, which Stock Exchange and how do I purchase stock

  • charlie johnson

    Isreal would be the place to have a large experimental lab.Not attached to a university for professors to scam the funds but engineers and ordinary people who spend their lives in study of technology. It was Albert Einstein who was among the smartest citizen of the USA.Some clerk ask him if he was smart.He said,I am not very smart,I just stick to one problem a longer time. He was unlike the golfing parrot. That is how advances are made.People sticking with a problem until they find a solution.One guy ask him about failures.He said.Yes we have failures,That is why we call it research. So,Israel could do well if they invested in a place to experiment and create.Not just a small building but a one hundred acre area.Design and develop devices and machinery for peaceful purposes.Not an exclusive kingdom for academics but all kinds of people. You have one thing going for you. There are plenty of things that need improvement.The first step is easy.Just turn off the TV.

  • charlie johnson

    a lot of politicians are funded by fuel taxes,about half the price of a tank of gasoline goes to the politicians to distribute it to the people who can deliver votes. What will be the taxes on battery charging?

  • charlie johnson

    They need to first make a golf cart version to get sales in the USA .On our next bail out they would sell like hotcakes at any price.Then it would be nice to invest the profits into perfecting the automobile for the taxpayers to economically drive to work to pay for the bailout.

  • B. Tronberry

    Put it on NY stock exchange. That is the way to go.
    So far ALL Israeli’s start-up on NY exhange made money.


    How fast can the car go?
    Does it need distilled water?
    Can water be used from any clean water source?

  • Could you possibly provide more information like estimated energy density, production schedule, and cost? These factors would really back up the claims made in the video.

    • Simon Cheung

      very interest your new battery technology.

      • charlie johnson

        A big factor in getting the electric cars to become popular is the cost of the batteries and combined weight of the number required per vehicle. I hope these men continue to research and find new processes to better power units.I think the inclusion aluminum was a real advance The golfing parrot is the smartest man on the planet ,I bet he may have a few ideas to contribute .