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June 18, 2014 1:22 pm

For The New York Times, It’s the Palestinians Who Are Suffering

avatar by Simon Plosker

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The New York Times building in New York, NY. Photo: Haxorjoe.

Three Israeli boys have been kidnapped yet The New York Times is still more concerned with Palestinian “suffering.” It’s only been a few days since the IDF launched a major operation to find the three kidnapped Israeli teens Eyal Yifrach, 19, Naftali Frankel, 16, and Gil-ad Shaar, 16. Judging from Jodi Rudoren’s report for The New York Times, you’d think that Hebron had been “under siege” for months or even years.

We hear how the Jaber brothers are “worried that Monday’s wedding party for Kayed’s 17-year-old daughter would be ruined.”

We are told that the local radio station is playing “warlike anthems interspersed with bulletins about how many tanks were invading what neighborhood” and how along “the main thoroughfare, sweet shops and cellphone stands, car dealerships and clothing boutiques all sat idle behind roll-down gates or wooden shutters.”

Hebron’s mayor is quoted about the misery of the Palestinian people who are “all in a big jail.”

The only Israeli response are a soldier’s reference to a sniffer dog and another telling a reporter to “go away.” Nowhere is it suggested that the Israeli military operation could come to an end if and when the three teens are liberated. Israel’s actions are portrayed as punitive, designed solely to cause Palestinian misery.

And for the icing on the cake, a Palestinian is quoted giving his opinion that the kidnapping didn’t even happen:

But many here and elsewhere in the Palestinian territories questioned whether the abduction even happened. Leaders referred to the “alleged kidnapping” in some of their official statements, and social networks were filled with conspiracy theories of how Jewish settlers staged the event or the Israeli government was using it as a pretext to oust Hamas from the West Bank and thwart the Palestine Liberation Organization’s recent reconciliation with Hamas.

Ahmad Abu Eisheh, 27, noted that no credible claim of responsibility had yet emerged.

“Hamas announces when they kidnap,” said Mr. Abu Eisheh, who works at a cleaning company. “For sure it’s a film. They want to destroy the reconciliation.”

When The New York Times considers the inconvenience for the Palestinians of Israel’s attempts to find its boys to be the moral equivalent of the terrorist act that led to this situation, there is clearly something wrong. This article shows a serious lack of balance.

UPDATE: One reader received the following from Jodi Rudoren:

We decided to do twin articles rather than mix the two disparate things together. Seemed more respectful and a way to give each more space. A journalistic choice, aimed at balance and thoroughness.

We are aware that the twin articles both appeared on the same page in the print edition of The New York Times. However, this excuse simply does not wash for the online edition. Nowhere within Jodi Rudoren’s article is there a direct link to the other piece. Put simply, Rudoren’s article online should be taken as an individual item and not part of a package.

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  • Jonah

    It’s what we call the Obama drama. The western liberal press does the same dance Obama performs while addressing the public. Until the Iranian nuke is in the air all truth seeking individuals will be entertained by Obama doing the twist and shout, then the loco…motion, brake danceing, moving to rap, then moving on to the Harlem shuffle. When our first objective is to deceive, oh what a tangled web we weave. Until Israel is vaporized obamas jigs will become so complex, he could well have a catatonic seizure. Rap rap rap rap rap we call him the rapper. Rap rap rap we know what he’s after. The liberal press are copying his moves.

    • Julian Clovelley

      What I find difficult to believe is how hard the astroturfers seem to be working to make the situation worse ,and more dangerous for those involved. Don’t they care about them? Do we treat the suffering as political pawns or try to release them from that sad and unjustifiable role by treading carefully?

      The people that are being attacked are all too often the people that may most be needed to help negotiate peaceful resolution and rescue. They are the people who retain the necessary contact and impartiailty – an impartiality some may find annoying, but which is essential.

      Such people include the United Nations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, any number of charitable institutions, and the Obama Administration. My suggestion is calm down and let peaceful negotiators, who must tread carefully and skilfully, do their work.

      And perhaps for some people – learn to listen! The NYT is only doing its job when it reports from both sides. They are telling you much that you need to know to resolve the present impasse peacefully, and to help prevent endless recurrence

      Do you really think you are the only people who can feel pain? Sharing that pain might well help release the boys. I too have a son and can imagine the pain the relatives are experiencing, but I can also imagine the pain others feel. Do I treat one pain as real and the other as merely collateral damage?

      If there were a message I would like to give all sides it is that looking at this as a parent I can well understand what parents go through when their children’s lives are damaged by circumstances whose origin was before those children were born. But we should defend that innocence and that right to innocence. Capturing children and misusing them, brings nothing but sorrow. As a person who well understands both sides, all sides, in the Middle Eastern conflicts – I too send money to refugee organisations – I ask for their peaceful release. Salaam

  • Steve Butman

    The NYT is a joke…I don’t know why anyone reads that rag.

    Here’s a question…why haven’t we heard ANYTHING from Barack and/or Michelle Obama? Kerry? Hillary? about the kidnappings? Not a peep!

    • hammar

      You will not until it gives them something in return like free press or cash for
      the party.

  • rudy hoffmann

    they do not deserve an own state! Not on Israeli territory at least. Maybe there could be some piece of earth in Africa where they can be put all together (sic!),and the lie reporters of NY times can go with them!!!

  • Robet

    New York Times is disgusting !!!

    • Jonah

      The new buzz word for the western liberal press is “mission creep”. Are they referring to Obama. He is creepy, but that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. If any truth has come from the press lately this is as close as they get. Mission creep.

  • Sidney Sands

    The U.N. Ban Ki-moon follows the NYT and claims that the 3 boys have not been kidnapped, there is no evidence, and it took the idiot woman Ashton 5 days to even speak about it, but hey its Jewish boys we are talking about, and to the world it matters not. And in spite of Abbas condemnation, the Palestinians are elated and regard it as a victory, Partners for Peace who really believes it.


    This is why after 30 years of reading this supposedly objective newspaper I finally said enough and no longer subscribe to it. So I was not even aware of this article, which is meaningless. All the New York Times Middle East reporters are spineless and cowards as they are afraid to report the real stories for fear of retribution by the Palestinians, which unfortunately is a real fear and is clearly evident, especially in Gaza. So their articles and stories are based on appeasement!

  • I am a child -Holocaust survivor(was 6 in 1941). I was suffering for nearly 3 years in a fascist ghetto. And NY Times correspondent said that the so called “Palestinian” children are suffering? You don’t know what suffering is.
    I guess that the majority of NYT subscribers are Jews. Brothers, think about it and hit the owner at his pocket.

    • Jon Sand

      Benjamin, thank you for writing. You must be the same age as my grandfather, sole survivor of his entire family.

      By the way, your well-intentioned appeal to your “brothers” is useless. The blindness of most New York Jews (AKA “liberals”) seems so large and so foul as to be of biblical proportions.

    • I have advocated that all and any Jews who subscribe to the NYT should dump it pronto.
      The NYT has an agenda based on denigrating Israel and Jews generally.

      Any Jew who buys this despicable rag should be ashamed of himself.

    • Miles Greenberg

      Thank God U have survived an inhuman horror that we may be humbled. The Palestinian plight does not know how deep depravity can reach. May we Never again see such wretchedness and pray that the Palestinian people find righteous resolution: institute the death penalty for convicted terrorists.

      BTW the NYT’s has been publishing this kind of trash before WWII and kiss arse publishers are Yiddin!

  • NY Times should at least apologize about US AF 18000 Feet random German Cities poor civilians Bombing during THREE YEARS long…Poor Nazis who burnt in Phosphoric flames under home debris…
    That was inhuman and we should hacve made a better war letting two millions more GI’s been killed

  • Reuven

    Plain and simple, The New York Times is a vile, anti-Semitic rag! Jodi Roudoren is not, by any standards, an objective reporter. If Jews boycotted it, this hateful newspaper would cease to exist. If Israel listened to The Times’ editorials, she long ago would have ceased to exist! I admit that I read the rag each day, but I never pay for it. I read it for free in either a coffee shop I go to or the library!

  • mark smilovitz

    I can’t expect anything different from The NYT, Why should anyone think they may be objective?
    My only wish is for this reporter to be covering the Sunni/Shiite conflict in Irag. These animals will show her the respect she deserves . Remember CBS reporter Lara Logan?
    She was reporting on civilized people in Egypt and barely got away ( w/o any clothes on) Park Slope Liberal !!!

  • Uriel Priwes

    The motto of the NYT should read “ALL THE NEWS THAT FITS WE TWIST AND PRINT”

    • Kerry Berger

      Most Newpapers in this country twist and print things on a GOP slant. What are talking about. Generally, the NYT has been pro-Israel. I think it’s good that they have writers who have a slightly different angle, which is more objective than you and so many other responders here. Palestinians are ill treated by Israelis. The kidnapping of 3 Israeli youth doesn’t help their cause any. It’ll likely do just the opposite particularly if they are not released alive and well.

      • gilgulman


    • Sonia Willats


  • art

    the NYT has a long history of usually subtle attacks on Jews and Israel. Most of the The Sulzberger /ochs families though originally Jewish became Ethical Culturalists In WW11 they down played what was happening in Germany. The NYT blew the cover of Jews being flown out of Eastern Europe in the early 50’s and a plane was shot down. In the early 80’s NYT blew the cover on the rescue of Ethiopian Jews. They have continued the campaign and have NO moral compass

  • Gregg Solomon

    And we know that the NY Times thinks the Palestinian side is legitimate and the Israeli side is wrong, and really they ran “twin articles” so they can stress the Palestinian point-of-view and cover themselves by running the “twin” story.”


  • Fred

    The New York Stuermer at its best. Should be changed to the Philistine New Yorker a vicious rag there is. As for the owners donning Islamic hatred how suitable.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    What will it take for the Israeli government to send the entire Jerusalem Bureau of the New York Times, aka the Fatah-Hamas Press Office, packing?

    what it will take to send the despicable Jodi Rudoren back to Park Slope and her beloved Park Slope Jewish Center?

    Incidentally, the Park Slope Jewish Center advertises its mission “to embrace people of differing backgrounds,and welcomes interfaith families, runs a monthly group for gay, lesbian and transgender teens, and has a gay female rabbi, Carie Carter.”


    • Howard

      Look, I agree that the NY Times has a problem with supporting Israel. And I agree that Ms Rudoren’s articles are also tendentious. However, picking on the Park Slope Jewish Center for not following YOUR homophobic views is uncalled for. We now know that it is not just the NYT that has a skewed view it is many of Algemeiner’s readers who believe in hobgoblins and ghosts and are intolerant of those who do not look and act like them. Maybe we should expect facts and not superstitions from your readers as well as from the Times.

      • Beatrix

        You’re letter is uncalled for.

      • Michael Garfinkel


        More boilerplate Leftist name calling,plus you missed the great catch-all:racist!

      • Jon Sand

        Howard is right. We shouldn’t disdain the Park Slope Jewish Center because of its gay, lesbian, and transgender constituency. Just being a ghetto of left-wing Israel-bashers is reason enough.

  • David

    The Arab deniers are of the same fabric as the Arabs who claim 911 “didn’t happen”, or “it was the Jews who did it”. Reality rarely intrudes into the fantasies of such fanatics.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    NYT stinks!!!

  • Boris

    We should all send this ignorant reporter
    Messages on how much we hate NYT
    And we should stop purchasing or reading it ASAP!!

  • The NY Times isn’t saying ANYTHING that the Israeli ‘left'(which is basically the entire Knesset to varying degrees) isn’t saying. Their constant pushing for a two state ‘solution’, releasing of murderers and denial of G-d, His Torah and our G-d-given right to the land is essentially announcing to the world that we really ARE conquerors and admitting that we are thieves.

  • The Mishnah in Pe’ah lists things that have no limit.To this list must be added the unbridled wickedness and self-loathing of POTUS in-house organ, The New York Times. When I grew up, it was the newspaper of record, and confined its unbalanced opinions to its editorial ages. In recent years, it has become, sadly, one bit advertorial for losing leftist causes. It relentlessly pursues “the narrative,” and no pesky facts divert it from their self-appointed rounds,. Like people with Borderline Personality Disorder, they exercise no self-control and no boundaries.

  • Marv Hershenson

    I decided a long time ago, the NY Times is a worthless piece of s–t. I gave up my subscription some 20 years ago and have not looked back. It is not worthy to be called a newspaper. The so Jewish owners have not learned anything and the paper continues to lose money. One can wonder why…

  • Moshe Rudin

    It is a waste of time to expect anything like objectivity from the NYT- they set the pattern back when they buried the Holocaust in their back pages. plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

    • Sonia Willats

      Someone should do a doctoral thesis on how this slanted media – prevailing in the whole world on a leftist, but unrealistic and un-objective slant – affect the overall attitude of nations. It is only in a severe crisis, e.g. the last world war, that the absurdity of those e.g. who thought Hitler was okay, is revealed to the full extent of its absurdity. In the meantime this HARD-HEARTED LIBERALISM – VERY MUCH A DOCTRINE OF MIND, WITH A HEART OF STONE – holds sway. Thus charming women like Catherine Ashton kiss the carpet for Iran, whilst failing to see the kidnapping of the Israeli teenagers, and its general endorsement by ‘Palastinians’ .. and the BHO regime in America take a long time to acknowledge etc. In short, the liberals have hearts of stone, whilst embracing their secular humanism in one version or another.