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June 23, 2014 2:42 pm

Former KKK Grand Wizard Congratulates Presbytarian Church USA on Israel Divestment Vote

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At a Holocaust Denial Conference, in 2006, David Duke shakes hands with former Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

At a Holocaust Denial Conference, in 2006, David Duke shakes hands with former Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and frequently unsuccessful U.S. political candidate, at the weekend congratulated Presbyterian Church USA on its vote to divest from companies that do business with Israel.

On his website, Duke said: “Bravo to the Presbyterian Church for standing up to Jewish racism and supremacism!”

“Through ethnic racism and tribalism they discriminate against Gentiles and take over media and other institutions,” he said. “Their racist power over the media and government is why Israel can get away with it all.”

“But people can stand up,” Duke said.

The post was flagged on Monday by Blogger Elder of Ziyon, who wrote of the endorsement, “PCUSA must be so proud!”

One commenter wrote on the Elder of Ziyon site: “This endorsement by Jew-hating David Duke is PRICELESS!”

PC (USA) leaders on Friday voted 310-303 to approve a motion at the church’s biennial general assembly in Detroit to divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola because the companies do business with Israel.

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  • Stefan Bach

    Israel is a democracy and a government of laws, where human rights are respected. The racists are clearly the anti-Semites who don’t want to see a flourishing Israel.
    This hate-filled people use the Israel-Palestine conflict only to justify their anti-Semitism towards Jews. Sorry for those who fall for their clumsy polemic. Too bad that also so-called Christians fall for it. As if they had learned nothing from history. A disgrace to every sincere Christian.

  • I am an IndonesiAn christian.
    It’s not was easy to build a church herew
    Because of satanic muslim.
    But in USA prebysterian church like muslim world.
    They hate Jews. Because Jesus is a Jews too.
    They don’t worship Jesus as God but satan.

  • Why are we even debating a man who denies The Holocaust. He has no credibility! He is a liar and a fraud and no one can have any doubt he will say anything that will further his political ambition! Would duke now endorse the adoption of Afro/American members of KKK? No! Would he expect Israel to survive? No! Do any of you care what he thinks? No!!!!

  • Dr.M.Otero

    The founder of theKKK’s descendant (also named Nathan Bedford Forrest)is a

    The current Nathan Bedford Forrest is a direct descendant of the KKK founder, is a passionate student of Hebrew and the Bible and is a Mennonite pacifist who believes that history has severely disparaged the family name and original purposes of the KKK. I’ve counted him a friend of Israel in the more than 20 years of our acquaintance.

  • Rami

    For all the people who are vilifying the church and supporting an unjust Israel what do you say about these: (two 11 year old boys arrested for nothing on their way home from school) ( Just watch it) (just for waving a flag!)

    Are these humane actions by an none racist and morally sound government and country? If you say yes then God help you!
    If you try to say these are lies then you have no idea what truth really is.

  • Don Izzy

    NOW maybe they know how WRONG they are?

  • Rocky Lore

    Ironically, the Presbyterians voiced their support for gay marriage a few days before. So the same liberals who claim to be champions of gays defend the Muslims who advocate killing gays.

  • I wonder if he also congratulated the Presbyterian communion for their new stance gay “marriages?” Seeing as now they view same-sex “weddings” as a Christian.

  • Jonah

    He is just a flake looking for an antisemitic wave to ride. He must be getting desperate for friends. Who knows he may be attempting to elicit some Saudi money. One things for sure after his clear position on Israel he will not have to fear the Obama administration and his henchmen.



    • Neil Klein

      Well you used a lot of words but I can’t tell if you thought it was a good story or if you agreed with or was condemning it

    • Are you a Carpetbagging Yankee or a Native Alabamian?
      It sounds like the former. Either way, you have probably been brainwashed by the secular humanist liberals as to the exact nature of the Invisible Empire. You do not know why it was formed in the first place and what purpose it served before it was hijacked by, I might add, a bunch of Yankees. I probably could not educate you as to what really went on as you are most probably bent on regurgitating the lies and half truths you have been told. I come from Scotland way back. My Grandfather x 9 came over here in 1648. He was evicted from the vicinity of Aberdeen and sold to a puritan in Isle of Wight,Virginia as an indentured servant. His land was stolen and several other family members were sold as well. My Great Grandmother X 2 was a Cherokee. My other Great Grandmother, Tabetha Jackson, was Andrew Jackson’s Aunt. My Great Grandfather x 4 or 5 was Lt. Colonel James Steen, Killed after the Battle of Kings Mountain by a Tory. So what does that make me other than a True American. However I am still a little peed off about the fact that my other Great Great Grandfather was killed trying to stop Sherman as he and his band of savages, murderers, rapists, thieves, hooigans,scum,they were not soldiers, and should have been tried for War Crimes, turned north from Savannah after burning and pillaging Georgia. And if you still believe that all those potato eating Irishmen, just off the boat, joined the Union Army solely to risk their lives freeing slaves I have a bridge located in Manhattan that I will sell you.
      That is all for now. Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!!!

  • harri

    let them all enjoy the “mercy” of their new jihad “friends”

  • This says a lot a bout the Presbyterian Church. It is no more than a Satanic cult. Shame on its members and anyone who supports it.

    • Irwin, just because the Presbyterian church says it is going to “divest” itself from companies that do business with Israel, you are declaring every member of a denomination, a Satan worshiper? Abaddon is the Hebrew word I believe and he is not exactly the Christian Satan.
      I think that the Jews look at Satan as not a sentient being but a metaphor for the evil inclination – the yetzer hara – that exists in every person and tempts us to do wrong.
      So, since we are talking about Presbyterians, “divesting”,which by the way implies the selling of stock, why would you condemn them all? They did not condemn Israel, they just sold their stock. And who or what are you condemning them to? The Christian Satan who tempted Jesus, or the yetzer hara – that exists in every person and tempts us to do wrong?
      Either way, I think that your thinking is just like a liberal person. Every one who disagrees with you is a bad person and should be thoroughly trounced and kicked into the deep black pit!!!! I think that you have a bad attitude and should visit your local Rabbi or priest depending on your predisposition and ask him what he thinks about your blanket condemnation of 3,500,000 Presbyterians in The United States Of America and We still believe in God no matter what the HNIC says, talk about Satan.
      Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Where Ever You Are!!

  • Reuven

    No surprises here!

    • When churches turn more political than faith based, it is of little surprise that their stance in the world becomes more political than biblical. Several of what are referred to as ‘high churches’ have become decidedly pro-Palestinian: the church should stand always on Israel’s right to its homeland, and should side secondly on being pro-people instead of choosing sides in national conflict. Both ‘palestinians’ (not a perfect term) and Israelis suffer greatly from conflict, and both tend the dead and wounded: boycotts are not the answer in the mid-east: the Western community usually understands far too little of the conflict.

  • Minniehaha

    Just posted this on the PC USA website. I hope they’re really proud of themselves.

    • judorebbe

      I have absolutely no doubt, they are quite proud of themselves.

      For good to be vilified, and evil to be glorified, those useful idiots who blindly follow the “acceptable” lies have to be able to justify their actions.

  • Sammy Eppel

    The PCUSA is deeply divided over their political advocacy. which is not the purpose of the church. This time the BDS movement got to them big way. Just follow the money, the BDS is probably the best finance organization ever.If you want to be rich, just join BDS!!

    Still the PCUSA will one day recuperate their senses, remember that half of its members disagree with the resolution.

    • Lynne T

      The vote was by a narrow margin — 7 votes, of fewer than 700 votes cast in total.

      I expect that a campaign will be mounted to reverse it, just as the BDS fanatics have made it a yearly event to pass their reprehensible decision. The PCUSA is absolutely hemhorhaging members, and this is no doubt a major reason why: the overwhelming sentiments in the US are pro-Israel, and the silent majority are fully aware of the problems in the entire region that have served to keep this conflict going far beyond a natural span of time in which to resolve it.

  • Bro. Nick

    To add even more leaven to an already blasphemous ‘brew’ – there are strong indications that Mr. Duke has ties with the ‘Christian Identity’ movement – which is also strongly anti-Semitic and very racist in their perverted distortion of true Christianity.

    My prayer is that “the LORD JEHOVAH” will have mercy in the coming judgment of ‘Amerika’.

    May CHRISTians remember and sincerely, fervently and often:

    “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.”
    Ps 122:6

  • Rebecca Hirsh

    Reverend Victoria, That’s what you call yourself. Wow! What a smart Lady you are. Not! SCUM, and SPEWING your HATRED.

    • judorebbe

      Hey, Rebecca, give the Reverend the credit she deserves.

      In 1970 (when I was in college) I was elevated to the office of Cardinal in the Universal Life Church, for a donation of $5, after first becoming a Minister in the Universal Life Church, for a previous donation of $5.

  • Bart A, Charta

    PCUSA has just voted to make itself a group of economic Presbyterrorists.

  • BH in Iowa

    *Presbyterian Mosque USA

  • Who cares what David Duke says or cares about. He is a first class scumbag and diserves to be placed in a cesspool.

  • Mel Sherwood

    Sorry, but unless this article is made available to the members of the Presbyterian church, I see no point in giving that jackass Duke any more publicity than he gets from his stupid website. On the other hand, be sure and mention Duke’s support if you run into any members of that so-called church.
    When is someone going to publish a list of Presbyterian-owned businesses to boycott?

    • My Planet Israel

      The bafoon doesn’t get any attention. His YouTube videos barely get views since even the nut jobs out there know what a doofus the sub-human is. I wouldn’t worry about his press coverage- it just cements people’s negative view of him

  • Ricardo

    “you shall be known by the company you keep”

  • Victoria D Matlock

    Wow Humm Jews well there Trying to Rule the world But an EX KKK Lying In bed with Presbyterians wow I don’t know if I like this but I do like that there there For The LGBT Community tho Humm well Lets see if something feather comes from this

    Rev Victoria Matlock

    • Janice Kenner

      Wow Hummm there there there. Here comes a feather. What language are we speaking,Victoria?

    • Otto Schiff

      incoherent garbage

    • Kerry Berger

      Geez, you need to re-take some classes in Freshmen level English language. And you call yourself a Reverend?

    • Ron

      Victoria, were you intoxicated when you wrote this?

    • Moshe

      Victoria, you seem to be speaking, but all I hear is “blah blah blah”. Remember this. Next time you come for us, we’ll be ready for you. And now we have guns.

    • Paul Cerar

      Hell calls to Hell.

      Paul Cerar
      Toronto, Canada

  • James David Tyler

    This man is a bigot who hates for the sake of hating. This applies to anyone with a different coloured skin or faith. This applies especially to Jews because they work hard and are a success in all that they do. As a gentile I fully support Israel who despite all the hatred that Hitler and his cohorts did they could not stop what G_d has promised that Israel will possess the territory from the Med. to the Euphrates and from the borders of Egypt to Southern Turkey Duke needs to look at what who he hates before having any kind of hatred within his life because with Israel it is not man he is fighting but G_d.

  • David

    Wonderful to sense the absolute embarrassment the Presbyterian church has to be feeling as the likes of David Duke congratulates them on their idiotic, blatant anti-Semitic vote on divestment.

    The PC doesn’t care a fig about how many Arabs could become unemployed by their vote. Nor does it care about the negative impact on its own image. Sad to see a “liberal” church turn into an anti-US, anti-Israel denier of common sense.

  • jb willikers

    Antisemitism is one of the hang-outs for evil.

    • My Planet Israel

      Who gives a damn about presbos? They’re a joke of an organization that is about as sophisticated as a baboon in a tutu. The karma bus will be coming to visit shortly.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Well, well, well! KKK and Presbytarian Church!

  • Birds of a feather…

  • Anthony dayton

    Let’s make sure we have this right: the leader of a Christian church is congratulated by David Duke, former leader of the KKK, about as far removed from the message of Christ to love thy fellow man, as is possible. The leader of a group that killed both Jews and blacks in America and preached hatred and racism is now on side with the Presbyterian Church? Maybe they’ll make Mr. Duke an honorary member. But as a legitimate organization with a legitimate message, this particular church has lost all credibility.

    Clearly anyone who now aligns himself with this Presbyterian church and it’s BDS movement is aligning himself with the KKK. There,s no squirming out of it. If this shoe fits, then you’re wearing it.

    • Scott

      Succinct and right on point. Your post says it all.
      Thank You

  • rulierose

    congratulations Presbyterians! way to go. I expect you’ll be getting kudos from the Iranian mullahs and Mad Dog Erdogan soon as well.

    David Duke doesn’t mess around with weasel words like “occupation.” no, he gets right to the heart of the matter: “Jewish racism.”

    you should only be so open about your Jew-hate, Presbyterians.

    even the PA is against the divestment movement. the Pals understand–as the Presbyterians do not–that trying to harm Israeli factories in the West Bank really only ends up harming the Palestinians who work there. (I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that Motorola’s going to be ok without PCUSA’s investing in them.)

    but when has Jew-hatred ever been about reason and logic?