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June 30, 2014 3:23 pm

Report: Arabs Attacked IDF Ambulance Transporting Bodies of Murdered Israeli Teens (PHOTO)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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An IDF ambulance was reportedly attacked as it transported the bodies of the three Israeli teens who were abducted and killed. Photo: Tazpit News Agency.

Palestinian Arabs attacked an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) ambulance humvee on Monday that was transporting the recently discovered bodies of three murdered Israeli boys who were kidnapped on June 12, an Israeli source told The Algemeiner.

The Muqata blog posted an image on Facebook of what it claimed to be the damaged vehicle writing, “8:44pm IDF Ambulance humvee transporting the bodies of the boys attacked by arabs….windows smashed.”

In the picture, the ambulance’s windshield is shattered and splattered with paint.

Additionally, the Tazpit News Agency reported that “the teams working to recover the bodies were attacked by Arab rioters.”

An IDF spokesperson declined to confirm the report.

The IDF on Monday discovered the bodies of the three abducted teens — Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Frankel — following extensive searches.

The bodies were found near Hebron in an area north of the community of Telem. The families of the abducted teens have been notified.

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  • Lucus

    Is “meoldi” insane? We are the one who are gullible? They have a whole industry to lie about Jews, their hospitals don’t give treatment until pictures are taken of anyone hurt for any reason to blame the Jews. Every day on almost every hour there is a libel of the Jews on every Arab language news. They attack Jews worldwide. You are the one who is a mixture of evil gullible. There are no Jews in the Middle East do you have any critical thinking? How did that happen from millions a hundred years ago to zero now? There are millions of Jews who look like Arabs, and whose grandparrent’s first language was Arabic in Israel, but none in the Arab countries. There was a recorded during 2 interviews threat by the founder of the Arab League to start a “war of extermination” against the Jews, which he did in the mid-1940’s after his hero the Mufti of Jerusalem sided with the Third Reich.

  • Melodi

    I usually don’t bother because people who hate have no interest in the truth. One last try before I give up in total disgust. It is in the news. It is even in this discussion. The dead teens were brought back by helicopter. This picture is another effort to make people hate Palestinians. Most of the stuff you see is not credible. Ask yourself why they have to make so much stuff up. Stop allowing people to use you. Do your own research from other news sources outside the U.S. Even the citizens in Israel are amazed at how gullible we are. Many Israelis are against the occupation. There are protests there about the settlements. We never hear that in the news. Don’t rant and hate. Learn.

    • Ron

      FROM THE AP:

      Palestinians clash with Israeli soldiers looking for missing teens in West Bank

      Palestinian moms, dads, grandparents, college students and children headed out over the weekend with sweets in hand to celebrate the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers.

      Palestinian Fatah movement previously celebrated the kidnapping of the three teens on its official Facebook page. When the boys were found dead, the Fatah facebook mocked the mourning Israelis and calls the boys “Soldiers.”

      Massive Blaze as Gaza Rocket Strikes Sderot Factory While Teens Were Abducted

      ISREAL: Death Penalty for Killers of Arab Boy

      HAMAS: Kidnapping Israeli Teenagers A Heroic Act

      • Lucus

        Do you realize how brainwashed this man/women is? She is basically saying that RT run by Putin, who she does not call an occupier that title only goes for the most persecuted people in human historie’s conflict with colonialist Arabs, and Iran which stones hundreds a year and killed all the Jews who are real Jews that were in Iran, and kills for blasphemy.. And Press TV EVER tell the truth to her/him they are the only ones telling the truth. This person’s thinking is so scary. Because the media is lying all the time against Israel, you are the one who gullible. Let me ask you a question how many countries have walls in and around them just like Israel?
        Think about that… not Haiti and the DR nooooo … not China, nooo……. not Saudi Arabia and every other country in the Middle East noooo… Not Korea noo… Now how many got abused for it, only one. Evil child do you get it or are you evil and stubborn?

  • charles thompson

    Annihilate them all and let the devil sort them out. Oh….need to be PC….for those who I may have offended………..join them there!

  • shosh

    Victor Nikaj is an idiot! Israel always has belonged to the Israeli Jews NOT to the Arabs. The Arabs should go back to oblivion-they only contribute murder and
    caos to the world = MONSTERS – IMACH SHEMAM VE ZICHRAM.
    Israeli doctors should refuse to take care of them and their children because they will only grow up and slain
    OUR children.

  • Yehuda Harmor

    All this talk of getting tough with the Palestinians and of retribution, is nonsense. Our enemies are a hardened people who are willing to turn their own children into weapons, and who by their own admission, love death. Do we really think that taking a hard line with them, will make a difference? What we need is to create more separation between ourselves and the people who would harm us. We should hurry the negotiation for a Palestinian state and close the border. All those carefully crafted human weapons would then have a choice of fighting each other or building a country. The odds would be too close to call.

    • Frederick Smog

      Do you really think giving in to the Palestinians will solve the problem I doubt it. They wish nothing more than to harm and destroy Israel and the Jewish people and all Christians. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

      • Chat

        True. They don’t like peace at all

    • RAMUNCHO1i

      Vous décevez beaucoup car si vous pensez qu’il est possible de négocier avec des gens qui veulent vous couper la tête, vous ne faites preuve de ni de réalisme, ni de de bonne visibilité.

    • jay freeman

      Makes sense.

    • jay

      Already did that when Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and look what happened. They used billions of dollars in foreign aid (including aid from Israel) to built up a terrorist fortress while their civilians saw none of that money and none of Gaza has been developed. AND, something most people ignore, the rockets into Israel didn’t start now… they never stopped even stopped. (But the media doesn’t report that.) So giving them a state and sealing the borders will just invite more rockets and then Israel will have to go in again and “occupy”.

  • Sarah Kriegel

    This DID NOT take place!
    The bodies of the 3 Israeli teens were transported by air via an Helicopter.
    Is it enough that 3 young Israeli teens were killed,we DO NOT need people to twist the truth,and tell lies of how the bodies were taken back to Israel?!

    • Frederick Smog

      Pictures are worth 1000 words take a look at it and believe it.

  • The Joe

    This is not animal behaviour – it is demonic behaviour.

  • Alexandr Roshal

    If America only had balls…. and a few good men…
    Very sad and very frustrating!!

    • Jtigger

      What does this comment even mean?! Are you saying the men and women (and their families) who sacrifice everything for these unappreciative countries aren’t good, brave men and women? It’s high time the United States keeps out of the Middle East and all other countries for that matter. We have enough to take care of on our own soil. None of these countries are grateful for our help anyway. You are way off base here.

      • jay freeman

        I agree Jtigger. 100%

      • steve

        you sir are an idiot…the US should step in already.

    • Yaffa Angel

      We have the good men and women. The problem is the Muslim in theWhite House!

      • Linda Gail

        No, Yaffa, YOU are the problem, by perpetuating hatred. There’s no Muslim in the White House. Your bigotry just needs an outlet and the President is your chosen target. YOU are the problem.


      • Adam Kaplan

        While I personally disagree with the vast majority of the policies of the US President and find him to be a very weak leader, I do not appreciate insults or derogatory remarks about him. He is our President for two more years and we need to respect him and his office.

      • amzgrace

        The man in the white house is a Christian, not a Muslim!

        • steve

          OBAMA is the worst president america has ever had all he does is talk and doesn’t do anything. and those of you that are fooled thinking he is a christian wake up a little. he’s an arab all he does is the wrong things

  • Lady D.

    Israel must respond to the same operations as those enjoyed by these inhuman monsters. Israel should not be afraid of anybody and did not go on about Europe and America. Tit for tat. Tooth for a tooth.

  • Yale

    The reason we’ve gotten here is that when Palestinians first started attacking Israelis/Jews, the world’s response was, “well, they’re only attacking Jews.” Then they started attacking others.

    It will stop only when the world is prepared to stand behind those who will work to stop it. That means taking “disproportionate” actions that will send the message to these monsters that the cost they will pay for these attacks is far in excess of anything they will gain from them. This is what used to be known as deterrence when we had leaders who had a clue.

    • M.Goodman

      My prayers for the families that have suffered this horrible tragedy.

    • Ray Packham

      Read Kevin Charles Herbert’s post of 9.05 June 30th and ask yourself calmly why this hideous act has taken place.

      • steve

        Here is the difference, casualties of retaliatory attacks are awful, but they are not murder. Taking teens who had nothing to do with anything and shooting them in cold blood is murder. Please show me one time that Israel attacked without it being in retaliation of being attacked first. Also please explain to me why people that use their own children as shields should get my sympathy? I here all the time about how Israel bombed a school. Of course no one says that the school was a known headquarters of HAMAS and that they were shooing at Israeli soldiers from that school. When the Palestinians stop supporting HAMAS and stop using their child like firewood to light the way of their cause, then i will listen to them.

    • Kevin Mulligan

      I totally agree with you. The only thing these people seem to understand is violence. As sane people we don’t like it and abhor it, but logic dictates it.

      Leaders of the world are continually making the mistake with the terrorist of this world thinking civil dialogue works with these folks, sadly it doesn’t. There religion teaches them to “lie to the enemy”. How can you even begin to reason with that?

      As for my family, our prayers are with you Israel. God Bless you.

      • Frederick Smog

        I am with you on this one keep Israel in your prayers and may God bless them and he will they are his chosen people.

    • Harley Dsvidson

      Deepest and saddest condolences go to the families of these innocent teens who must’ve been terrorized by these animals before being murdered. It’s nice to have a leader who will not stop till the group is caught or killed.

  • Connie Wolfinger

    My prayers go out to the families of these young boys.

  • montlasky

    Why are we suprised or shocked at any acts these vermin commit?
    They are sworn to destroy Israel and the Jews which is their only reason for being!
    Vermin they are and vermin they will remain. Everyone knows how to treat vermin?
    Use your imaginiation.

  • Patrick Lucatorto

    Time for Isreal to tell Obama to go to hell and do what they do best…Kick some ass! Prayers for the families of the teens murdered by these animals!

  • My sincere condolences to the bereaved families for the loss of your precious loved ones. Israel, unfortunately, is dealing with rabid savages, not animals, nor human beings.
    They should be made to pay so dearly, that they will NEVER EVER, resort to such tactics again.
    For the release of GILAD SHALIT, Israel had to release over 1000 Palestinian savages from jail, so, 3000 or more Palestinian savages should be rounded up and jailed. If one soldier is kidnapped, then the death of 3 BOCHRIM deserve severe punishment.
    ACT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paty

    Thats is unhuman i can not imagine how many badness can be inside this horrible people.

  • Michael Simmons

    It is inconceivable what these murderers hope to achieve from this horrific act against these 3 innocent young boys.The world cannot sit back and accept this barbarism.If Israel takes punitive action,so be it.

  • Stop finally sending money from Europe to those ‘people’……..

  • The tragic exchange of 1027 for Gilad Shalit, silence of this administration at the news of the kidnapping, the denial of it being a kidnapping by the head
    of the UN, the continued funding of the PA even though
    united with the terrorist Hamas–all these made the kidnapping and the murder of these three boys predictable.
    Justice we must pursue! The guilty must pay the penalty.
    Take no more prisoners. Bring the guilty to the bar of
    eternal justice.

  • Lammie

    Thank you – very much – Jackie Stringham. It is really heartwarming to know that there are good people like you who understand our situation in Israel. So very many people and countries are against us. When someone like you supports us it gives us hope. G-d bless.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Shabak needs to ‘process’ all of the terror-promoting moslem clerics and then triage down from there. We also need to arrest the clerics of the same ilk, here in America. The global jihad is already in progress and all of the pro-‘palestinian’ hand-wringers need to realize that they are the infidels that the islamists have sworn to do away with, in the war to put the world under islamic rule. There should be no surprise when the sleeper cells in the major cities of the world are activated.
    May the IDF be the last thing the kidnapping untermensch ever see. No prisoners!

  • Robert Barrett

    I’m shocked by how Bibi allowed them to get away with this. This was one of those times where deadly force was justified.

  • Pinuccia Castelnuovo

    Not even animals act this way.. it really shocks me how braindead some of the world is to not realize who the bad guy here is. Are you kidding me? it cannot be more obvious than this. If the Idf abducted an arab kid the palestinians would not give a damn about him, but for israel each child, each person is important like family. And to kill 3 innocent young men and then smash things at the ambulance that is carrying their dead bodies? i have no words. Absolutely no words. I just hope the world wakes up in time to realize Palestine is the devil.

  • Chad Golani

    חתיכת החרא, לרצוח, ממזרים חזיר מלוכלכים!

  • Not Likely

    Arabs? How would you like it if the next headline you read about Israel conducting military operations was “Jews shoot Palestinians?” Hypocrites.

    • Miami boy

      If it said “Muslims shoot Israeli” then your analogy would hold up, you moron.

      • Not Likely

        Well “semites” would be a little confusing, wouldn’t you say?


    THE ONLY GOOD ARAB/MUSLIM IS A DEAD ARAB/MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary Frances

      Saying things like this makes you like them.

  • These are barbarians of the 21st Century.
    Israel exchanged Gilad Shalit for 1000 bandits – that should be the price for every murdered Israeli child.
    And Israel must ignore the politically correct comment asking Israel for restraint.
    One more thing – for every rocket from Hamas there should be an immediate retaliation towards the same spot where the rocker was launched.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    I’ve been waiting to read about them dancing in the streets and handing out candy like they did on 9/11 and when they heard about the Fogel family being butchered. This doesn’t surprise me in the least. When is Israel going to wake up?!?!

    • The Government of Israel needs real leadership and until then they will continue to talk and talk, usually with one another.

    • B.Abrahams

      During Israel’s war of independence – 1947 – the Jews fought for life,liberty and a chance for happiness and prosperity. Nowadays most Israeli’s do not only have that to a agreeable degree, bust most of them take it for granted that prosperity and not the biblical struggle that advocates it, are the main purpose in life, leading to a unsustainable type of existence in view of the aim of the initial heroes, to which I’m proud to feel that I belong. And we didn’t have a holiday caravan with colour TV and fridge, or several bank-accounts abroad etc; we drank cool water (thank God for finding drinkable water)from earthen barrels – which keeps them cool-, and the British officer Wingate showed that only by eliminating the enemy and his supporters and not by sweet talking them, we could create a modicum of safety, which facts should be known to the present- often plagued by corruption scandals- Israeli authorities. So I wonder in whose interests these authorities are working, and don’t come up with stories that the world would frown at us if we’re not playing “goody goody’s”, because Germany, still being saddled up with atrocities in which many European nations were too glad to help them with, is one of the strongest economical powers in the world, with Japan not far behind, which last country still denies that they did anything horrific with having their slave/ death camps and which didn’t sign the International Convention on Human Rights, which neither was done by Saudi Arabia, which last country still condones slavery and discrimination against woman and other faiths from which any sign is prohibited in their country, but which doesn’t impact the foreign policy of any oil-hungry country in the world. So, like one of the commenter’s remarked, :”Israel (meaning all Israelites )when will you wake up to your calling and the future of our children.

  • Navi


    • zwolinski

      animals do not kill for pleasure. Humans do.

    • Markus E Brajtman


      Please do not refer these savage bastards as animals

      Animals are G-D;s beautiful creatures who only kill for food.

      Please refer to them as savage bastards. Never insult animals.

  • Bill Narvey

    The GOI has no problem accusing Hamas for the kidnapping and death of these 3 teens.

    Why does the IDF refrain from confirming or denying the truth of the allegation that Palestinians attacked the Humvee that the IDF used to transport the 3 teens’ bodies and that the photo of the Humvee posted is the actual Humvee that was damaged?

    Puzzling, n’est pas?

    • Mayven

      You are as naive as they come…and foolishly quick to nit-pick.
      Please do not give up your day-job!

    • murry

      The IDF is concerned that the will be reprisal attacks to the villagers in the immediate area .
      Therefore they do not want to inflame the sad situation.
      Driving through these villages children and women have been holding up three fingers to remind passerby’s of the effectiveness of kidnapping and then killing three kids on their way home. This is an effort to gain a violent response that will be filmed and posted immediately .

    • Markus E Brajtman


    • Well Bill, you have a point there. Who can believe anything posted here on FB?? Looks good etc, but I’m thinking the folks from Israel will get their pound of flesh back. I honestly think Israel is the only country left with the guts to face the Islam countries that want to destroy them. I’ll go with Israel on this one because I don’t like muslims or their sharis law BS! Sorry, I’m not into that kind of rule and it won’t fly in the end! You know that and I know that!!

      • Michael Weinstein

        We do not want “Our pound of flesh”, we want to live in peace…the Palestinians (With Western support) refuse to accept this. They want us dead, not “gone”, not “living together in peace and harmony”…dead.

  • Michael Freedman

    No words can explain the sorrow I feel for all the Families and indeed all the Israelis mourning the loss of three innocent citizens of the cruel world of 2014.
    Please convey our sympathy to all concerned from here in Australia

  • obama is a wolf in sheep clothing just look around the world what is the US really doing anything about isis.

  • jake

    people that do this are animals first they torched them and they throw rocks at ambulance carrying dead boddy s they sick animals they have no respect for anyone these people are not human if we see one of these people we should look at them like animals

  • Hirsh

    To reason with fanatics is suicide. Hamas must be put out of business and anyone connected with it must be unconnected. Frankly, that is ALL they will understand.

  • Kevin Lane

    What a horrible day…. it’s time for all decent Americans to affirm their stance for Israel and against such atrocities!

    • Victor Nikaj

      Are you implying that if we don’t affirm a stance for Israel that we are not decent?

      • aall55

        I am truly hoping that you will align yourself and be decent this time . Affirm yourself as a supporter of Israel against terrorism , it is never too late to find peace within yourself.

  • Rosewood11

    I cannot put into words how heartsick I am for all the families and friends of these three boys. Seeing such brutality directed even toward those who would bring their bodies home just shows the depth of depravity present in the muslim mindset. May the boys rest in peace, and may those responsible be brought to swift justice.

  • Kevin Charles Herbert

    With more than 1500 Palestinian children murdered by the IDF since 2000, the confected mob outrage expressed on this page, is hard to comprehend.

    A total of 318 children under 10 years old, were murdered by the IDF in Gaza in 2009.

    Get real folks…the Palestinians want their lands back…and they will eventually get them, particularly as US support for Israel ebbs.

    • esther

      you are stupid and ignorant. Israelis dont kill for the fun of it like Muslims. Israelis kill only when they are provoked and self defense. If innocent people get killed in the process whose fault is it?
      At the end of the day if the Muslims would stop hurting Israel and their innocent people then and only then would Israel stop attacking them.
      If some one bullied one of your children in scholl would you tell him to take the abuse or fight back?

  • sal

    Thank you Obama for uniting us all and making the world a safer place…NOT!!!

    • Ian

      This is a horrible atrocity. Wrong to blame Obama for failing to fix what nobody else has been able to fix for too many generations.

  • Linda Rivera


  • patricia carroll

    My heart goes out to the families of the slain boys. And I pray that the Isreali people are safe.

  • rachel robinson

    i have no words to describe the pain and anguish I feel for the three young boys and their families. They have done nothing wrong to anyone and yet they were treated like this.
    the only thing that will relieve some of the pain is to see that the perpetrators will pay the full measure of their crime. I would like to see every house in the city where they boys were taken and killed destroyed, I do not wish to see anyone die, I just want all the buildings of those people destroyed so that they will become street people, they, their wives and their children. I know the killers expect bombs falling on them, I would not give them what they expect, and I would not give a hoot about what Obama has to say. Just destroy their homes. do not leave one stone on another.

  • Lord in Heaven and on earth have mercy on the souls of
    so young and beautiful young men gibe comfor to thier mom
    &dads sisters and brothers and all family + friends I will promise my humble prayers & sprittual goods works for all may the Lord be thier comfort & strength now and
    FOREVER amen peace be on all the HOLY LANDand all the middle EAST give them hope Oh LORD give them comfort

  • just as pharoah’s army was plundered when the LORD divided
    the red sea so shall he again divide and plunder pharoah’s army again. We may not understand what this is all about but we are still living back in the time that Moses walked the land only 2000 years later. When GOD sent his only son YESHUA to the children of Israel they would not listen, but now there are many jewish children who do believe in the LORD. The time has come for the sword to be drawn in the sand and we need to understand that this is not Nazi Germany but worse, this is the LORD calling to all his children either stan with me or fall to the other side. All you naysayers take heed, the LORD is one GOD in three if you cannot understand the simplicity of it then i feel very sorry for where you will end up in the after life. GOD BLESS each and everyone of us.

  • Parakeeta Byrd

    This is what happens when you occupy a people’s land. What else did you expect?

    • Chaim

      Instead of you posting, you should be learning some history. But then, with a name like that, what else did I expect.

    • Norman

      You are correct. These Arabs are occupying part of Israel and if they continue their barbaric behaviour they should be removed for trespassing. Israel was there for 4,000 years.

      • pascual

        perfect answer, Norman, thanks.

      • Melodi

        The Palestinians and the Jews both came from Israel. Both were descendants of Abraham, one side through Issac and the other through Ismael. They should be sharing the area, if history counts. The Palestinians should have it, if possession was what mattered. Giving away someone else’s property is ‘kosher’. Look at the facts though. If the Palestinians are so barbaric, how come it’s mostly Palestinians who are dead. Look up how many Israeli children are dead versus how many Palestinian children. I believe it’s 1,500 Palestinian children versus 123 Israeli kids. A little over a thousand Israeli’s have been killed and almost seven thousand Palestinians. Some of the Israeli’s have been killed by their own government because they live in Gaza in mixed marriages. Over nine thousand Israelis have been injured and over fifty thousand Palestinians. It’s easy to tell who is the aggressor. No one even stops here to wonder why or care that the article and picture are a hoax. They have to make things up so they have excuses to keep killing the Palestinians. Look it up. “The bodies were flown from where they were found, in a helicopter!” Stop letting yourselves be fooled and used. One more thing, it is Israel who was using the Palestinian children as shields. There is proof and the UN became involved in it. Look it up. Stop being a tool.

  • Daniel

    Does this really surprise or shock anyone? And yet this country continues to turn it’s back on the one country over there we should support. Folks, I have some bad news for you. As long as this country is run by a communist, things are going to get worse.

  • TuTu

    I am so damn disgusted! Those radical Muslims r the lowest of scum. I mean there are just no words bad enough to describe them. This is horrific & we have a SO CALLED President who is sending our tax dollars to the very people who do these barbaric things. DISGUSTING

  • art

    Israeli soldiers should be allowed to fire in self defense in cases like this. US police are generally allowed live fire when attacked with rocks and firebombs. No one should be allowed to attack an ambulance no more free passes

  • susan staehs

    This is simple insanity!
    Can someone kindly tell me what is
    Being done?
    When is our President take stronger
    Actions. His response to the deaths
    Of these innocent children is so disingenuous
    What would he do if his children or any
    Beautiful children would have experienced
    This tragedy.
    HELP. No one seems to care! What is going on?
    With such a lack of ineffective resolutions

  • Dallas

    Class act, that Arab culture.

    Decades of fostering victimhood and hatred causes the loss of humanity. And the West is partly to blame for patronizing and funding those who encourage such attitudes.

  • elias

    show me one country who will allow what happened to these three boys is it the us russia or uk or any other country , so now the world have to shut thier mouth and leave israel act to the worst incident posssible , and to the attack of the ambulance that is another thing they should shoot who ever throw stones on the spot,isreal you have the approval of defending youself may god be with you and may you destroy all your enemies .




  • Finally, I have learned the difference between radical and moderate Muslims. The radical ones murder three innocent teenagers. The moderates only throw rocks at their bodies.

  • Jackie Stringham

    I take positive action. when I have a little extra money, I go to and send IDF Jeep patrols a little treat with a message of thanks and to be strong.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    If Israel was to be re-established today instead of in 1948 there would be no Israel because the Arabs would have missiles and rockets and all the armaments of the 21st century and Israel would have nothing.

    The situation is spiraling out of control and 20% of Israel being Muslim is a dagger in the heart of the Jewish State.
    Given that 60,000 illegal Africans have not yet been thrown out also lends danger to Israel.

    It’s time to bring back Sharon’s Unit 101. Israel must be prepared to use nuclear weapons against this growing danger coming from all sides. If Israel acts weak in face of the murder of our children then we don’t deserve to have a Jewish state and our haters have won.

    Bibi, don’t let this happen!!

  • barbarafromnyc

    I think Hamas is trying to goad Israel into striking back so they can justify striking Israel. ISIS forces are near or at Gaza per reports I received.

    Please don’t describe these subhumans as animals – animals don’t do things like this. They are truly subhumans and should be described as such.

    Pray for the families of these slain boys – ask God to give the families the strength to endure this and Israel the wisdom to handle retaliation correctly.

  • Tim LaPlante

    Idiots …… Keep poking the hornets nest.

    • Markus E Brajtman



  • My sympathy with the families. This is a tragic incident. It is time for the IDF to start vacating Arabs from cities with violence like this. Any violence will be punished by death. The limited response is the cause of the escalating violence. Stop the violence, stop the missiles at any cost now.

  • David

    World Wake Up to the danger of Islam, the Koran and the Hadiths. Islam is no longer a ticking time bomb.

  • cindy green

    Can’t believe this

    • Mother Mary

      sadly, can. Remember the PPM song, “when will they ever learn…that too many people have died” for what?????

    • Pam

      And just why can’t you believe it? they are animals!!!!

      • zwolinski

        they are not animals, they are worst , they are human.

        • Mike

          Perfect Jon Voight quote! Thank you!

      • Mayven

        ANIMALS have value. Those who indiscriminately slaughtered these innocent precious human beings can only be the worse examples of filth-dirt on this planet.
        Hopefully they and others of this ilk will get a rude awakening…sooner than later.

        Surprised the vehicle transporting the remains of these boys was so vulnerable. Where was the Calvary?

  • Barbara Dagen

    The Arabs are barbarians. Perhaps if the world were less concerned about criticizing Israel every time she breathes and more concerned with these terrorist, horrors like this would not happen. Not just in Israel but world wide.

    • aall55

      the whole world does not understand that these people will come to them next .

    • Edna Turner

      The rest of the world needs Arab oil. This is why they treat Arabs with kid gloves.

      The West is also constantly reminded that Arabs are very SENSITIVE, and cannot BEAR to be criticized.

      They must be shown GREAT RESPECT whatever human rights issues they disobey.

    • Amen, Barbara.

      From your mouth, to G-d’s ears! And worse critic is the UN. Maybe all those Arab countries in the Humanity committees should be booted out… actually, booted out of the UN.

    • Victor Nikaj

      It is because of Israel that worldwide radical Muslim terrorists exist

      • aall55

        why Muslims kill each other ? Why Muslim countries are “on fire” within their own borders ?

        It is time to face the reality .

      • Ll

        Yes, because before the creation of Israel there were no radical Muslim terrorists. Pick up a book sometime kid.

        It’s not a matter of them just wanting land and then agreeing to live peacefully. They want Jews gone – by their own admission – and have had this goal for centuries.

  • Victoria J. Johnson

    What really gets me steamed is that the U.S. sends financial aid to the Palestine government that includes the terrorist group HAMAS. Am I the only one that finds this completely unacceptable?

    • Gabe Freiman

      Does it not bother you that the US sends aid to Israel every year, upwards of 200 billion dollars since 1960? Especially considering the horrible atrocities that Israelis have perpetrated against inhabitants of the country.

      Also, the aid sent to Palestinians is used specifically for education, food, and shelter for innocent civilians. Its not ash that’s being sent.

      Honestly, its because of ridiculous attitudes like yours that innocents can be kidnapped, killed, and mistreated on all sides. Recognize that there are good and bad people in every group.

      Baruch Dayan HaEmes, and may these children find solace in HaOlam Haba.

    • susan staehs

      I agree. This is so sad. Let’s not just
      Say things, but let us take appropriate

    • Joel

      Why is everyone surprised? Hamas considers itself at war with Israel and wants nothing less than total victory. Sadly, the USA is naive and has a blabber mouth of a President who will exert no influence in the Middle East. As such, Israel has no other choice right now but to go on the offensive and gain a decisive victory to clear the air.
      Wher is our new Moshe Dayan and Yitzchak Rabin!!!

    • Mother Mary

      No. But not enough Americans across part lines do!

    • Our Washington people all have their heads someplace else.

      None of them can stay with the worlds problems, so we find ourselves being steared by staff people in every congressional and Senatorial office in America.

      Why don’t we just vote for the staffers instead of the incumbent Congressmen or Senators.

    • Victor Nikaj

      How much aid does Israel get annually? 20billion US dollars.

    • Victor Nikaj

      We give Israel 20 billion US dollars annually !!!

    • Markus E Brajtman

      ask Obama why he still sends money to savage killers?

    • Well, also Sweden is in the same boat. Since many years the Swedish government gives considerable amounts of tax-money to the Palestinian arabs in the West Bank and Gaza, i.e. Fatah and Hamas – thereby supporting Islam, the religion that aims at destroying the Jewry and Christians.

  • Marguerite Cechvala

    My Prayers are with you, this is just terrible.

    • The word reprehensible works for me.

  • JF

    The IDF needs a shoot to kill policy for all rock throwers, as well as moving the concrete security barriers further into jihadistine every time a Jew is attacked.

    • Mother Mary

      Works for me, but I don’t think our superior grand leader would approve. Poor Palestinians and all…

  • David

    Send the Arabs back to the sands of Arabia!!!

    • Mark Stern

      It looks like the only sensible thing to do after this murder

    • Victor Nikaj

      I don’t understand, why don’t the Israelis just go back to Russia, Europe or the United States. You cannot occupy a land forever and not pay a steep price. One nuke snuck in by an extremist will wipe out Israel.

      • aall55

        You speak like a sub human .Please refrain from commenting if only hate is what you know, and have a little respect for people in pain.

        Muslims kill each other , within their own countries borders all the time.

        Stop looking for blame outside .

      • steve

        that was the stupidest comment out of all the land of israel is the land of the JEWS it is the land that GOD gave us and the land of milk and honey…

  • Vittore

    Because they hate even dead Jews.

    • Mother Mary

      Yoy! Dishonoring the bodies of the dead is beyond the pale in most societies, except in the case of some Somalians in Black Hawk Down, now this. I’m sure not all Palestinians are responsible, just as all American soldiers are not responsible for the few murderers among them. There are terrorists among all ethnic groups now as in history, but not on the scale of the current world stage.

  • Hilly

    What kind of people attack an ambulance carrying the bodies of the three precious teens who were found murdered, back home. There are no excuses for their hateful, wicked behaviour. They’ve already done their worst.

    • Ana

      They are not people, they are despicable beasts….

    • Venicementor

      This is the same type of slime who would most likely attack a red cross vehicle or someone with a white flag. These individuals are murderous pieces of garbage that deserve to be wiped of the face of the planet! The POX on them may they die soon!! Worse than animals!

    • Carole Wyland

      Savages. They are simply savages.

  • leo napoli


  • Liliane Abergel

    I doubt it very much. The rats are probably hiding in their holes not throwing paint and rocks at an IDF ambulance with so many Israeli soldiers around. It would be suicide with feelings running so high, after the discovery of the murdered young men.

  • Anne Barrett

    Absolute animals. After finding the bodies smashing the ambulance windshield. World wake up to what some of the Muslims really are like. It makes me sick!!

    • Edna Turner

      Please DO NOT INSULT ANIMALS! Animals do not kill out of brainwashed hatred. They kill in self defence, or to eat because they are hungry.

      These humanoid muderers are monsters!!

    • yussie