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July 2, 2014 12:14 pm

Analysis: Arab Sex and Arab Terror

avatar by Michael Widlanski

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16-year-old murder victim Muhammad Abu Khudair. Photo: Twitter.

When an Arab bomber attacks Jews, there is often a SEXUAL motive.

Wafa Idris, the first Palestinian Arab woman suicide bomber, had been shamed and shunned by her husband and her own family after a miscarriage in pregnancy, and she was told she could regain “honor” for her family by carrying a bomb into a Jerusalem store on January 27, 2002. There are many such stories among Arab women bombers.

And when  Arabs accuse Israel of committing terror against Arabs—such as this week’s “settlers killed a 16-year-old boy for revenge”—there is often  a SEXUAL BACK-STORY which only emerges much later.

Indeed, several times in the past when Arabs have accused Israel or “settlers” of killing Arabs, it has turned out that Arabs themselves committed the deed, either for “family reasons” or “criminal reasons” such as a turf war between rival businesses or drug dealers.

During the 1987-89 “Intifada” (the first Palestinian war of attrition against Israel), hundreds of Palestinians were killed by other Palestinians under the cover of charges that they were collaborators with Israel, when actually, they were killed for personal or business reasons.

It would not be a surprise to discover that Muhammad Abu Khudair,  the 16-year-old Arab found dead near Jerusalem was murdered by Arabs, perhaps because his own family was ashamed by his sexual proclivities (such as homosexuality) or that a rival family was taking revenge against Muhammad’s family for other reasons.

Arabs have been rioting around Jerusalem since  PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Israeli Arab adviser Ahmed Tibi accused Israel of murdering the Arab boy or covering up for “Jewish settlers” who allegedly did so to avenge the murder of three Jewish teenagers kidnapped three weeks ago. The bodies of the three Jewish teenagers were only found two days ago.

Charges of terror and atrocities by Israel and “settlers” are a propaganda mainstay of  PLO chief  Abbas, and  they were also used by his late predecessor Yasser Arafat. They accused Israel of killing thousands of innocent Arabs in Jenin in 2000, when Israel went after the headquarters of Fatah suicide bombers in Jenin.

Abbas and Arafat also accused Israel of murdering Arab children, of using special laser weapons at passenger terminals to hurt Arab tourists, and even of sending the AIDS virus into Gaza in chewing gum sticks.

But the sexual motif was also used by PLO authorities who produced  scores of propaganda films encouraging young boys to become suicide bombers so they could get to Paradise where 72 beautiful virgins would greet them with sexual delights.

The Israelis discovered just how demented this could be when a slightly mentally retarded Arab teenager tried to blow himself up at an Israeli checkpoint, but the bomb failed to go off.

When they searched the boy, the Israelis found that he had swathed his genitals in gauze. Asked why, the failed bomber said that he wanted to get to paradise with his sexual organs in good working order.

This is not a joke. This actually happened.

So don’t be surprised if Arabs murdered the Arab boy in Jerusalem—perhaps for sexual reasons—and tried to pin the crime on Israel as a win-win situation.

The only surprise will be if PLO chief Abbas or Ahmad Tibi apologize for lying.


Dr. Michael Widlanski is the author of Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat, published by Threshold/ Simon and Schuster. He teaches at Bar-Ilan University, was strategic affairs advisor in Israel’s Ministry of Public Security, and was the Schusterman visiting professor atUniversity of California, Irvine for 2013-14.

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  • The homosexual issue is a valid one. But I believe more likely is this:

    The Khadir family are all linked to Fatah and the PFLP. They control the neighborhood where this occurred. I believe it more likely the boy was informing the Shin Bet for money or sexual favors. Burning to death is something Arabs do to “collaborators.” Religious Jewish settlers have no history of burning anyone to death. The PFLP and Fatah do.

  • Robert S. Kissel

    Michael, you took the thoughts right out of my head. As soon as I saw one of the only two photographs that are circulating, of that poor little frail teenager, Mohammed Abu Khedair, I could see what REALLY motivated his dastardly and cruel murder just as clearly as you could.

    Indeed, I think, were there a more flattering portrait of the boy, we’d have seen it by now: I daresay that there are far less flattering portraits which will emerge, at some point.

    I thank you for providing the supporting background I needed to back up my hypothesis!

    –your former schoolmate,

    • Robert S. Kissel

      P.S. The one other matter I’d add is that I don’t see the word “pyromania” anywhere in your remarks, and I think it belongs there. For a long time, I’ve been convinced that a sexual response to fires and explosions seems to run rampant through the culture of many middle-eastern cultures of Arabian descent, and I often wonder if there isn’t a fair amount of confusion, among many so-called terrorists, who may mistake a state of sexual arousal from setting fires and causing explosions with a state of religious ecstasy.

      Especially here in the U.S., around the 4th of July, I see many males, young and old, who aren’t setting off explosives because they’re pleased about the signing of the Declaration of Independence–it’s for a PHYSICAL thrill that they experience from the noise and the sudden flash and the danger.

      I know that their society generally keeps young males separated from young females much of the time, and I suppose that this deliberate frustration of urges, while not uncommon in other religions, causes a fair amount of tension, internally, that leads to the cultivation of other outlets for the energy.

      I think some of the ferocious anger over that notorious Danish cartoon of the bomb-turban atop The Prophet’s head has a great deal to do with intense shame felt about this secret, sexual delight in fires and explosions that is so common among their males, and which they’d like to deny, even to themselves.

      • I have to agree with this repressed sexuality issue in Muslim culture. There is something bizarre about suppressing it and therefore such a maniacal focus on sexual issues and women. They’re completely obsessed with it and completely obsessed with denying it as well. Creates lots of problems, oodles of it.

      • Sherlock Holmes

        The Brits have fireworks and bonfires on the 5th of November [Guy Fawkes Day] and Jews have bonfires for Lag B’Omer. Americans have fireworks and bbq fires for the 4th of July, the French have fireworks for 14th July . . . . Arabs aren’t alone in this fascination and arousal. When the winning team shake a bottle of champagne and then release it all over this may also have a sexual arousal.

  • AB

    wow this piece of garbage and the person who wrote it are absolutely vile. There’s really nothing more to say about how disgusting of a human being you are. Deranged. It seems to me you’re projecting. wow. Truly hateful, ugly people, you sociopaths are.

    • Susan

      IOW, you have no refutation, just a lot of foam-flecked hate.

  • Someone

    I don’t know how the writer made the assumption that the boy was burned alive by his own people without supporting this by any evidence. What I do know is that the writer describes Arabs as committing brutality as part of their culture. This makes me believe that he is biased from the very start.

  • Betul K.

    This article and the mind behind is purely sick. If you have read about the autopsy report,
    the poor guy’s body was 90% burned and he was burned alive. If he had been killed because of his gay identity, his family would simply kill him and would not burn him to death.
    You dont even let people grieve for the killed 3 jewish teens when you happen to hide such cruelty with your lies. I can not also stop asking to myself, why this killing happened right after the
    jewish teens were found, why did his family waited our Ramadan to start to kill their son,
    Ramadan to us is like Yom Kippur to jews. Have you seen couple of pics of his devastated family whilst you were googling his pictures? Like it or not, he was killed by jews,
    burned to death. And your typing above article is not different than throwing a match on him and burning him. The word ‘loss’ has the same meaning for everyone, even if you dont/cant feel sorry, at least respect it.
    PS! Some comments about 72 virgins has nothing to do with Islam,
    stop making yourself a fool and read Quran before you lecture about Islam to Muslims.
    What you are doing refferring the same thing is actually lying, so sad!

  • Soruche

    No sources, no evidence, simply speculation of the worst sort. I’m not sure what is more heartbreaking, the fact that this supposed ‘journalist’ has such a wicked heart that before finding any evidence to back up his claim, he has rushed to the conclusion that Arabs are sex-crazed, barbaric, sub-human individuals, or the fact that so many of the readers here seem to agree with your racist and dangerously inflammatory sentiments. Jewish blood if worth more than Arab blood to you people, and as a result you are willing to ignore the most horrific of crimes committed by your people. You should be trying to calm tensions and highlighting the barbarism of the criminals who killed the 4 teenagers, instead you try and stoke more hatred. You are a very tragic figure, shame on you.

  • Dr. Michael Widlanski

    Dear Readers,

    Some have made unfair and baseless charges about “Arab Sex and Arab Terror.” When someone reports or records an ugly fact, he or she is not ugly or vulgar. As a political scientist and orientalist with a historical bent, I like to start with facts, even in a commentary article, and some of these facts are uncomfortable for some people.

    The article is meant to show that many Arab “atrocity stories” are often actually “atrocity myths” or complete fabrications. I encountered this phenomenon many times when I was a student or traveler within several Arab countries, and also as a full-time reporter covering Israel for The New York Times and later the Cox Newspapers. When I wrote “Arab Sex and Arab Terror,” I also wanted readers to know just how big a part sexual motivation and repression play in Arab society, including terror.

    Some readers cry “shame on you” without having a clue, certainly without making a serious case, as if shouting “shame” or insulting someone can replace proof.

    Shame—sexual shame—is critically important in Arab society. A major part of Arab tribal society—and also modern Arab society—is showing mastery over one’s women. When a father or brother is shamed by a daughter or sister who wears pants or goes out with the wrong boy, it is the kind of infraction that can bring down on her the dreaded “honor killing.” Even though we speak of the “Arab world” or the “Islamic world,” it might be better for us to refer to a tribal community where honor killing, revenge and other elements of tribal codes are far more important than Geneva Conferences or Arab League declarations. In such a society, one does everything to protect one’s tribe or clan—even killing and lying.

    In the traditional Arab community, to demonstrate conquest, it was enough to go over to a man’s tent and pull back the flap as if to say: “I could have reached or exposed your women.” Is it just coincidence that the term in Arabic fath (root F-T-H, similar to Hebrew word petah ) also means conquest? Is it just coincidence that the PLO’s main organization is called Fatah, a reverse acrostic for Harakat al Tahrir al-Felastiniyya (HTF) (Palestinian Liberation Movement)?

    The art of masking and lying is also important.

    The three Jewish boys kidnapped and murdered three weeks ago—whose bodies were found this week—were murdered by Arabs masquerading as Jews. The murderers spoke Hebrew, ran a Hebrew radio show in the background on their car radio, and they probably wore kipot and maybe tzitzit. This is a familiar tactic by both Hamas and PLO terrorists.

    In other words, terror was facilitated by deception. The Arabs have a word for this: taqiyya. It is a doctrine in Islam that allows for lying to one’s enemies for defensive purposes but also for attacking. Yasser Arafat’s chosen name (his real name was Muhammad Raouf al-Qudwa) and his very nickname in Arabic—Abu ‘Amaar—refer to the first Muslim who employed the doctrine (‘Amaar the son of Yasser). Arafat also frequently cited the way Muhammad, Islam’s messenger, outsmarted Jews by making an agreement with them and then killing and banishing them (Hudaibiyya and Khaibar, for example).

    Arafat’s successor, Mahmoud Abbas has many achievements in this field as well, having completed a doctorate in disinformation at the KGB’s Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. Arafat, Abbas, PLO negotiator Saeb Erikat and others such as Bassam Abu-Sharif and Feisal Husseini excelled in this field.

    – The PLO and Hamas as well as Islamic Jihad have a long track record of manipulating “atrocity stories” that turn out to be untrue or exaggerated, including murders of Arabs by Arabs, which are then blamed on Jews;
    – The PLO, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad have used sexual motifs and motivations in their terror operations, such as the use of suggestive films promising sexual delights in Paradise for killing Jews;
    – The PLO in particular has used the background of honor killing and the degradation of women to draft women suicide bombers as well as mental defectives for use as suicide bombers.

    I did not supply or suggest the pictures for this article, but I can assure readers that there is very strong gossip in the Arab community about possible Arab involvement in the murder of the 16-year-old Arab boy, Muhammad Abu-Khdeir, and there are strong rumors of homosexuality as being a factor in the murder of Abu-Khdeir.

    In the article, I provided many examples of what I called a “sexual backstory” to various cases, and Yisrael Meidad has provided some more detail, correctly citing the work of our colleague Dr. Anat Berko, whose research is outstanding. There is usually no room for footnotes and long citations in a short 600-word or 800-word article, but I would encourage readers to do some reading, viewing and studying on their own.
    – Barbara Victor, Army of Roses: Inside the World of Palestinian Suicide Bombers, Rodale, 2003
    – Mia Bloom, Dying to Kill, Columbia U Press, 2007
    Raymond Ibrahim, “War and Peace – and Deceit – in Islam”, available at or and
    – P.M. Holt, Ann K.M. Lambton, and Bernard Lewis (eds.) The Cambridge History of Islam, Volume I: The Central Lands, London, Cambridge University Press, 1970 , p. 152.
    – Taqiyyah in Encyclopedia Britannica at
    – Hila Medalia, director, film, “To Die in Jerusalem,” HBO 2007. The film focuses on Ayat al-Akhras, a young Palestinian Arab honor student who blew herself up, also killing Rachel Levy, an Israeli teenager who looked amazingly like Al-Akhras herself. The film does not really answer why Al-Akhras, who engaged to be married at the time of the terror attack, would suddenly become a bomber. (My own research suggests that something tragic occurred in her family, probably the sudden canceling of the engagement, that set her off on the path to terror. One friend said the cause was her getting pregnant.—MW)

    It important to put some of these items on the table, not because I am titillated by sexual innuendo or am trying to “out” anyone’s sexual tendencies or scandals. It is because what I call the “sexual back-story” is the motive force for the event.

    It is important to show there is a strong tradition of Arab states and groups fighting Israel who employ atrocity stories—charges that Israel commits atrocities—to weaken Israel, to draft adherents and supporters, and also to cover up for failures.

    Most of these stories, historically, are lies or at least exaggerations:
    – Haj Amin al-Husseini’s charge that the Jews were invading the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the 1920’s. The charge led to Arab riots and slaughter of scores of Jews.
    – Yasser Arafat repeated the exact same tactic in 1996 and in 2000, when he started the “tunnel war” of 1996 and the so-called Al-Aqsa Intifada of 2000.
    – Arafat used another atrocity motif in 2000, employing the phony story of the killing of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura as a cause celebre to fan the flames of war. Subsequent forensic evidence showed the entire event was staged. Professor Richard Landes of Boston University has coined the term “Pallywood” for the way the Palestinians manipulate the media—particularly film images—to produce phony atrocity stories. See

    – Islamic Jihad basically started the 1987 “intifada” with charges that an Israeli truck driver deliberately ran over four Palestinian Arabs at a road block on December 8, 1987 in order to “exact revenge” for his “brother” killed by a Palestinian terrorist on a hang glider who flew into an Israeli army camp and murdered several sleeping soldiers.

    – In the 1982 Lebanon War, the PLO said Israel carried out a slaughter of Palestinians at Sabra and Shatilla, a refugee neighborhood in Beirut. Western media such as Robert Fisk of The London Times, Time Magazine, and Tom Friedman of The New York Times (who was not even in Lebanon at the time of the event), suggested strongly that Israelis were actively involved in the massacre. For coverage of this event, see my book Michael Widlanski, Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat. For additional coverage of Arab media manipulation see, Zeev Chafets, Double Vision
    – Even the story of Dir Yasin in April 1948—where the Etzel organization of Menachem Begin was accused of slaughtering unarmed villagers. This is an atrocity story which the Arabs used as the justification for the subsequent attack on the Hadassah Hospital convoy. The anti-Begin leadership of the Haganah and the Zionist Executive used Dir Yassin to discredit Etzel, but there is evidence that Etzel coordinated with Haganah. Further, the claim of indiscriminate slaughter of unarmed civilians has been disproven by Israeli historian Uri Milshtain, who showed that Dir Yasin was an armed redoubt and that Etzel (IRGUN) did not carry out slaughter, but did carry out looting
    – Hizballah has used the atrocity motif twice at least to stop Israeli military operations in Lebanon in 1995 and 2006 (Peres, Olmert) claiming Israeli destruction of town of Qana. Later it was shown that the Qana “atrocities” were forged by Hizballah, which even brought cadavers from morgues and placed them in Qana. Unfortunately for Israel, there is a tendency by many of its leaders to apologize first and investigate later.

    It is wise, when hearing Arab charges of Israeli atrocities or Jewish terror, to check before condemning or apologizing. Yes, there has been Jewish terror. I myself have a book-length manuscript on the subject, discussing groups like “The Jewish Underground” of the 1980’s, the so-called “Lifta Gang” and many lone operators.

    There have also been fabricated cases of Jewish terror such as “EYAL”—a group fabricated by Shin Bet informer-agent Avishai Raviv which once took credit for the killing of an Arab in Halhoul (near Hebron and near where the three Jewish boys were found this week) that was actually committed by an Arab.

    All terror needs to be fought aggressively—and not by the Marquise of Queensbury rulebook. Jewish terror should be condemned and stamped out, but claims of real Jewish terror are usually exaggerated, as when Israel’s Police Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitz recently called young vandals “terrorists.” Real Jewish terror, thank God, generally, is fairly rare. There is also Jewish political extremism—such as vandalizing Arab homes and vehicles—and this too needs to stamped out—not only because it is a crime but because it can become an excuse for Arab violence which can escalate into full-fledged war.

    Israel’s leadership on the Left and Right has a good record of investigating and prosecuting Jewish terror and extremism. It is unfortunate that many Jews quickly and reflexively condemn “Jewish settlers” or “Jewish extremists” for events that may not have been committed by Jews. It is also sad that some of the same people and the US Department of State and President Obama himself are generally slow to condemn attacks on Jews and unwilling to condemn by name those who commit them (Hamas, Fatah etc).

    In general, when considering Arab atrocity claims, it is good to remember the saying in Palestinian Arabic:
    Darabni wa-baka, sabaqni wa-ishtaka: He hit me and cried: “He attacked me,” he lied.
    [Note: I am working on a book on Arab folk wisdom and humor—MW]

    • Michael
      And what do you say, to-day?
      I am shocked, too.

  • Dan S.

    This young Palestinian was likely sacrificed by his own people in order to justify further attacks against Israel and to counter the anger that their kidnap and murder of the students from Israel generated.

    • And I thought that it was some extremist Arab hating Israelis who enjoyed torturing an Arab boy to death.
      Why is it hard for people to see that Israeli extremist fundamentalists do exist and are the ugly face of reality in a war zone with practices of settlement expansion?

  • Françoise

    It is so refreshing and encouraging to read something that reflects reality in Israel. Something that doesn’t blindly slander the Jewish state. We are so appalled to see so much dishonesty on the part of journalists and politicians. bashing us won’t make the world clean of its crimes during the holocaust. Screaming against an imaginary Israeli apartheid won’t make up for 2000 years of racism of Europe against the Jews. We are facing an enemy who lies as part of its culture. An enemy who has no respect for human life and who sacralizes death. By condemning Israel and letting the evil this enemy is spreading, the earth being round, Europe will soon have to face this evil itself. Think and be more aware!

  • In Palestine Homosexuals get killed and in Israel they make parades. In any case the message is anti-life.

  • mah

    as a Palestinian innocent person i would like to tell you that we used to hear Israel fake stories and lies about kill of our children.
    the whole time your target is to terminate the people of my home land,the boy you have killed was going to pray alfajer but you kidnapped him and tortured him then kill him and finally you burned him , why?????????????

    • alexa


      • Susan

        If that has ever been the aim, it has obviously failed magnificently,as the so-called “Palestinian” population has INCREASED GEOMETRICALLY, at least SIX TIMES in as many decades! I guess all the food, medical & building supplies Israel ships in by the TRUCKLOAD just aren’t killing enough of you, right?

    • Susan

      July 6, 2014
      11:18 am

      If that has ever been the aim, it has obviously failed magnificently,as the so-called “Palestinian” population has INCREASED GEOMETRICALLY, at least SIX TIMES in as many decades! I guess all the food, medical & building supplies Israel ships in by the TRUCKLOAD just aren’t killing enough of you, right?

  • marekdiabo

    Shame on you and shame on this Algemeiner publishing this.

    • Nabuquduriuzhur


      They are being factual.

      Sex is one of the main motives for the 9,000 to 14,000 suicide bombers.

      Islam is very hard on it’s members. Brutality is commanded by the Q’uran. It’s very much the opposite of the Bible in that everything forbidden to men by the Bible is endorsed by the Q’uran or is even commanded. If I had room here, I would quote several passages.

      Because of multiple marriages by rich men in islamic nations, it’s not uncommon for young men to not marry nor have any chance to. Unlike American GenX males, most of whom didn’t marry because of the rebellion against God by most of GenX women, Islamic men are not used to self-control. So, when their imam/mullah tells them that they can have 72 virgins for eternity, it appeals to them.

      Islam is very much a religion based on the flesh. Murder, violence, mayhem, cruelty, maiming, stealing, lying, and other sins are commandments, not things forbidden.

      Take “blasphemy” in Islamic countries. Most of the time the false accusation is raised by neighbors wanting to steal what the Christian has, or to recreationally kill them.

      There are few words harsh enough to describe a person who would do that to others for mere gain or out of boredom.

  • H.Givon

    There is ample proof of Dr. Widlanski’s contention in the sexual mutilation of the bodies of victims of terrorist attacks. This is often unpublished.

  • AlanB

    Shame on you, Dr. Michael Widlanski and shame on Algemeiner for publishing this.

    The truth is, we simply do not know who committed this murder and why.

    In the meantime, it is maliciously wrong and inflammatory to suggest he was murdered as an honour killing.

    • Sandy


    • Yehuda

      Why is it any less maliciously wrong and inflammatory to suggest he was murdered as a revenge killing? Do you have any evidence that it was a revenge killing?

      Just say you hate Israel and you hate Jews. Get over with it. Don’t try preaching moral superiority. You’re just a little insignificant insect.

    BUT they raised the entry price again.
    Now we have to bring our mortgage banker with us.

    The thrill of Disney rides is less then the comments I find…but disney now serves kosher that true ya think?

    also what ever you think of my comments…please give me the benefit of the doubt like you give the other comments as well…my ex wife never ever did….


  • Tony Trenton

    What we are reading. Is about the Muslim atrocities.

    What we are not reading about. Is what we must do to stop this madness impacting us.

    Being afraid of the Arab violence is only assisting them in their terror campaign.

    Any show of weakness on our behalf encourages them to continue.

    Announce to the world that we will initiate the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple on Temple Mount.

    Invite Jewish architects from around the world, for assistance in the design and Jews from the diaspora to assist in the construction.

    This project will substantiate and consolidate the permanence of the Jewish state like nothing else.

    This will challenge the Arabs like nothing else.

    We must take the fight to them instead of being on the defensive all the time.

    Being always on the defensive, allows the Arab Muslims to constantly re-arm and maintain the initiative.

    We must break that cycle in a way that the rest f the world cannot argue.

  • Rachel Steiner

    Dr Widlanski,

    I am not denying the possibility that this was an internal killing and judging by the picture which is I grant you a poor guide, I believe it is possible that this boy was killed by other Arabs. I also believe it is possible he was killed by Jews.

    I am more disturbed by your response to commentators. Is no-one allowed to question you or have any comment on your article that you disagree with?

    I thought you were an academic and therefore open to freedom of expression.


  • Meira

    It is possible that a sexual predator raped and killed him, and burned his body to hide the evidence. I hope that they are looking into this third possible reason for his abduction and murder.

  • Golum

    If this turns into FACT…the story is even sadder than if it was revenge!

    And how stupid are the araabs that provided this kind of “telling” photo of the poor victim? I guess when dealing with them there’s no end to their “DUMB”!

  • jack

    Dr. Michael Widlanski your comment is full of lies againg …you know the truth .shame on you…i cant believe this…dont forfet god see you

  • Bernard Ross

    the boy looks like a homosexual for a 16 year old. Even if he was not one the arabs would have hounded and accused him of being one. Perhaps they were approached and given a choice that he die a martyr and the parents blame it on the Jews(taquiya). The parents would gladly take that choice.
    Furthermore, he was picked up in fromt of a mosque and I dont bleive Jews would have chosen that location. He was also left outside by 2 friends who went inside the mosque.
    Perhaps the quasmeh clan was in on it as they were under pressure for the kidnappings. It can be a false PA flag where they try to counter the flow of sympathy to the Israeli teens and seek to get it back to the pals. the timing, the riots even the Kerry obama quick jumping on board for a routine murder is very fishy. I would not trust kerry obam further than I could throw them: they are both immersed in lies and scandals and are capable of anything. Calling Israel to be assured of Justice is an insult, as if Israel has tried thousands of arabs and given justice alread. I blame BB for allowing the americans to affect the governance of Israel and arrogantly behave as if they own BB and Israel. they have spit in the face of all Jews.

  • Joseph

    I agree with Ruchama and Gabriel. This is a poorly written article with a sensation headline which appears to be an attempt to attract attention. Hopefully, Algemeiner will maintain a higher journalistic standard going forward.

  • Reform School

    Does anyone believe evidence showing Mahmoud Abbas turned Muhammad Abu Khudair into shwarma would not be suppressed?

  • Samuel

    This article is truly sick. The author purposely finds a slightly “gay” picture of the boy on twitter and builds a homophobic theory about “sexual proclivities”. It may very well turn out that this boy was killed by Arabs, but there is no reason to subject readers of this website to the author’s nauseating fantasies.

    • Arthur

      Are you kidding!!???!!? Only slightly gay looking? I’m pretty sure we now know the real deal about the nature of this killing, carried out by A-rabs against their own who happens to be a homosexual. But of course we must cover it up, because the intolerance that Moslems have for homosexuality and perversion wouldn’t sit well with the sympathetic left.

    • AlanB

      well said

  • BH in Iowa

    If there is any justice, the “72 virgins” will be rather large “Kuffir” men – long, strong, and ready for payback!!

  • judorebbe

    Makes sense – Arab sex and Arab terror.

    War, jihad, conquest, forcing the targeted “other” (the infidel) to submit, dhimmitude – all have sexual undertones.

    Besides (I couldn’t resist), they have been screwing the rest of the world for the past fourteen centuries.

  • Rick K

    Dr. Widlanski;

    I also hardly ever respond to articles especially to other readers, but your response was more than appropriate. To have a reader challenge you because of his perception that no examples were provided and claim that is the reason for a vulgar article shows the lack of understanding of what you wrote.

    It is true that we are all speculating on who or why this poor Arab teen was murdered and there is no possible excuse for that. But the background of many stories you indicated should make us all realize that accusing Israeli citizens without any proof is also just as vulgar.

    There are no stories that Israeli citizens were sent to blow themselves up because of the examples you indicated. However the killing of the three young teenagers was purely a hate crime. Yet when you point out the many stories of the Palestinians killing homosexuals and women that cannot bear children that becomes vulgar.

    Thank you for writing about this.

  • Noellsq

    It is a shame that a young Arab was killed. Could a Jew have done it probably not. But that is not the problem the Arabs will try any thing to riot against Israel. It is time for Israel to round up all trouble makers and send them some place like Norway. I guess that is easy for me to say as i do not live there.

  • Stuart

    Ruchana & Gabriel, there is plenty of substance behind these accusations. Suicide bombing is viewed as a means to redress perceived slights to the family ‘honour’ which might have occurred by one member of family having premarital sex, being homosexual, marrying the wrong person etc. instead of this situation resulting in an ‘honour killing’ to restore the family’s lost honour, the ‘offender’ becomes a suicide/homicide bomber and actually gains honour for the family. Plenty of examples..just google

  • It was the late George Mikes who, ironically, was writing about the situation in Cyprus which is a country also fraught with sexual frustration, when he pointed out that a gun is an excellent substitute for sex. No wonder the Arabs are all at each others’ throats. Make love not war! Since they have no respect for women, whom they treat like chattels, worse than their camels and donkeys, they have no respect for each other.

  • Frank

    I agree with Ruchama and Gabriel.

    • Scott

      On what basis?

  • shloime

    when we hear the full story of this sad murder, we will all be in a position to judge how badly (or well) this piece is written.

  • gabriel

    I completely agree with Ruchama.

    • Scott


  • Battle for Our Minds it is. Who started this conflict first?
    I know the facts. To my absolute horror the three innocent Israeli boys were killed, and I have been grieving over them… but the speculations as to who killed the 16-year-old Palestinian boy is very hard to deal with. I wish I could know the truth the way God knows it…

    • Yosef

      The murder of 1 Arab Sunni Muslim youth by another Arab, with willingness by Progressive Establishment media and the Islamic world to blame it on Jews BEFORE the facts are in is a bad sign for truth cravers.

      If this murder was done for the evil intra Arab cultural reasons speculated upon and blamed on Jews then the Arab families and clans reconcile, the murdered source of shame is declared a martyr, and Allah is glorified.

      We are in an epic spiritual and otherwise battle of good vs evil, and Godly vs its opposite. Let us give charity to help goodness prevail.

  • Ruchama


    Please tell me what is sexual about a woman having a miscarriage? You state, “And when Arabs accuse Israel of committing terror against Arabs—such as this week’s “settlers killed a 16-year-old boy for revenge”—there is often a SEXUAL BACK-STORY which only emerges much later.” Yet you fail to provide even ONE example of such an accusation which had a “sexual back-story.” This is nothing but vulgar speculation on your part with no substance whatsoever. This is a terribly written piece.

    • Alison Isadora Frutkin

      I want to point this out as kindly as possible. I don’t think Ruchama understands the psychological sexual and death instincts infused with primitive animal radical Arab (terrorist) culture — which, as a whole subculture of Islam and the very nature of their religion, is permeated with it. I think Dr. Widlanski can recommend some reading to Ruchama, starting with his own, “Battle for Our Minds – Western Elites and the Terror Threat.” Much like the Nazis sterilized/killed “gays” for being a lesser human, a subhumank, if you will, Dr. Widlanski brilliantly points out that radical islam (or more accurately these days — garden variety “ahmed-on-the-street” islam) and jihad, honor killings, and martyrdom is infused with sexual rewards or punishments.

      Maybe some articles on the Algeminer should be rated for *beginner, *intermediate or *advanced. Alas, Dr. Widlanski’s articles are clearer and thankfully, *advanced and not the run-of-the-mill oatmeal fodder of our present day culture.

      • Ruchama


        See my reply to Dr. Widlanski’s comment below.

      • alison, your last paragraph was hilarious.
        but i said that long ago…lolol just joking.


        And Michael Wid. I like red ties, not many wear ties anymore. I have many shades of red, also try shades of greys, I have a gray with thin white diagonal stripes, classy.but with my kipa some thought I am a rabbi.Stay thin and they will not confuse you with a rabbi….generally speaking


      ruchamamama I am surprised you havent read the many reports of female mutilation and male castration which I just read 2 days ago.

      I read your reply a few times saying to myself that if I have to prove the accusations then you would never accept it anyway.


      WELL ruhamamama…whats for dinner..kindly go back and make dinner..NOW!…do what you do best…please no bombs in the soup

      • Ruchama


        Read my reply to Dr. Widlanski’s comment below and then you tell ME what’s for dinner, ok?

      • Liz

        It is possible to disagree with someone without being derogatory and derisive. Name-calling, “ruchamamama”,is not a sign of maturity. If you ordered this proud, wonderful Jewish woman to take her place in the kitchen, NOW, to her face, I would love to be there to witness how fast you could run.

    • Dr. Michael Widlanski

      Dear Gabriel and Ruchama,
      Normally, I do not respond to readers, especially when they show poor reading comprehension or insufficient knowledge. But you made some serious charges, and I would like to answer.
      When Wafa Idris suffered a miscarriage, it was not “sexual,” but when her husband and her own family felt that she was a degraded human being because she could no longer produce children, THAT was an example of sexual repression. When those families basically told Idris, a nurse, that she could win back her family “honor” by becoming a human bomber, that was sexual repression. When the Fatah movement used her depression and lower status to make her a bomber, that is also sexual exploitation.
      When a mentally retarded boy is conned into becoming a human bomber by being told he will go to Paradise and have sex with 72 virgins, I think that is sexual.
      When a family kills a son who is homosexual, that is sexual.
      When the PLO uses scores of sexual videos to entice young men to become bombers, that is sexual.
      Those are four examples.
      I can give you more examples, and I can also suggest several books and a few films on the subject, , but let one more example suffice. When a woman from Gaza gets burned and is banished by her husband and her own family, and when she tries to regain her “honor” by smuggling a bomb into the same Beersheva hospital where her burns were treated, then I would say that her actions have something to do with sexual repression and the warped “honor code” applied to Muslim women.
      The only thing that is vulgar about my article was your comment on it.

      • Efram

        Well said. Both times.

      • Just in case someone doubts that last case:

        “Wafa Samir Ibrahim al-Biss is a 21 year old Palestinian woman, who lives in the Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza strip.

        In January 2005 she suffered burns in a cooking accident in her home. She was admitted for treatment to the Soroka hospital in the Israeli town of Beer Sheva.

        She became an outpatient and was issued by the Israeli authorities with a special pass entitling her to cross into Israel to receive medical treatment.

        On 21 June 2005 she was arrested at the Erez crossing point, on her way out of Gaza and to Soroka, wearing 10 kgs of explosives in her underwear. On Israeli TV she admitted that she had planned to explode the bomb in the hospital where she was being treated. She stated that she had been recruited by the Fatah Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, and added that she had wanted to target as many children as possible (BBC worldwide website, 21 June 2005; Jerusalem Post 22 June; Israeli press statements, various)”

        • One more:

          “Anat Berko has spent the past fifteen years in jails interviewing terrorists, giving her peerless authority on this subject among academic researchers;…Dr. Berko in [her] book turns her attention to women and children. The differences are profound, as one might expect, especially in Muslim society, where women are particularly disadvantaged. The strictures on sex that dominate a woman’s life have deep implications for women’s engagement in terrorism: Ch. 7 shows that women dream of “that thing” (i.e., sex) ceaselessly in paradise. Chs. 8 and 15 establish the pattern of women going on terrorist missions after having had sexual relations with their dispatchers. Ch. 11 demonstrates the remarkable fact that “a significant number [of Palestinian women] preferred an Israeli jail to their own homes” because of maltreatment by relatives; indeed, some of them pretend to attack Israelis so as to go to jail and leave their miserable home lives. Ch. 14 points to the recurring opportunity for women to escape sexual dishonor through violence.

          Some of the major themes that emerge from the pages ahead include…
          – The tension between admiration for a woman who foregoes her life and the suspicion that her self-sacrifice involved some form of sexual guilt. As a Palestinian journalist put it, when a woman carries out a terrorist attack, others joke that “She blew up masturbating. … She didn’t get enough sex. … She wasn’t satisfied.”

          • A last comment:

            “Within the context of keeping the Syrian jihad alive, it seems there is no end to the attempts of some Islamic clerics to legitimize otherwise forbidden behavior in order to gratify the sexual urges of the jihadis and keep them fighting Syrian president Bashar Assad.

            First, there was the now infamous “sex-jihad” fatwa, which holds that any Muslim woman who willingly allows her body to be used by the sexually-deprived jihadis becomes herself a jihadi, if not a “martyr,” deserving of all the honor and rewards associated with those titles. (Much has been written about the sex jihad, including videotaped testimonials—and how one teenage girl, after copulating with countless jihadis, got pregnant and contracted AIDS—even as pro-Syrian war Western entities like Foreign Policy try to deny it.)

            Another fatwa permitted the jihadis in Syria to enslave and rape any non-Sunni women—including Alawites (Assad’s sect), Christians, Druze, and all Shia—in the context of their status as melk al-yamin or “right hand possessions,” per Koran 4:3 (a verse that permits the enslavement and sexual use of conquered “infidel” women).”

      • Dani Rakoff

        well said sir

      • Ruchama


        You guys are all missing my point. So for those of you who have poor reading comprehension let me elaborate. Dr. Widlanski, you stated (now read this carefully) “And when Arabs accuse Israel of committing terror against Arabs—such as this week’s “settlers killed a 16-year-old boy for revenge”—there is often a SEXUAL BACK-STORY which only emerges much later.”
        I do not disagree that there is often a sexual motivation/incentive to committing terror acts. I do not disagree with what you say about sexual repression in the culture. My issue is with your statement, “And when Arabs accuse Israel of committing terror against Arabs—” The only such example of THAT situation – in which Arabs accuse Israel of terror acts where “there is often a SEXUAL BACK-STORY which only emerges much later” is the story at present. Your four examples don’t qualify as situation where Israel was accused of terror acts. That’s my point. Based on your examples you haven’t proven there is often a sexual back story when Arabs accuse Israel of terror acts. My reading comprehension is fine. It’s my mind-reading comprehension that stinks. Either get better examples or rewrite your article to “When Arabs commit terror acts there is often a sexual back-story.” (Personally I think that wording is awkward. Try, “The sexuality of Arab Terror,” or something like that.)

        • Ruchama


          It’s badly written with a seamy undercurrent.

      • Solomon

        What I can see from this very bad writing is all what you think about is sex and sexual behaviors and then you take it on Palestinians who are defending their simple rights of living decent life on their land occupied by the Zionist gangsters and settlers. when 3 soldiers of Zionist disappear and no single Palestinian movement declares its responsibility about it, it is Palestinians to blame, but when an innocent Palestinian boy kidnapped,tortured and killed you go and invent a lousy sexual story!
        Israeli propaganda and silly allegations don’t work any more! Shame on you

      • Rami

        Michael I by no mean am defending terror, but it is also impossible to ignore the similarities in sexual undertones during the case of Herschel Grynszpan in 1938. They even look alike! if you want deep understanding, then go all the way! you theorize a weaker sex to justify the aggression. How do you know the gay sex wasn’t being had with those settlers? Notice your own slip “have sex with 72 versions”…
        Treason and distorted conspiracy are indeed the work of the insane mind, and I am filled with horror and wonder reading the stories about Palestinian bombers abusing the trust of Israelis (the hospital story). The same level of contorted ill will was practised between concentration camps inmates as you well know, in the name of survival. No one is asking you to lay your defenses down, but allow a place for another version of events. Jews will never return to Europe, and no one wants them back there. Some extremists are even proud of the purge. The only place for all of us is here. We look, smell and sound the same. The ongoing slaughter only mirrors the self hatred and perceived mutilation. Just like the mutilated sex of bombers, is our mutilated enlightenment, the mutilated phallus to use a “serious term”. This civil war is only a gloating point, much like the way we feel about the Eritreans fighting the Somalis, and thinking we are better off because we have better tanks. Just like the hate Muftis, the wrathful Rabbis lead their flock astray, towards lucrative defense contracts, and segregated communities. Qoran and Miqra are the same linguistic term, they both contain Qira’a or reading! Tanakh is the root of Tanukhi, one of the oldest Arab tribes. And do you know how I came to this? by reading about the cherem against Baruch Spinoza. Our enlightenment will be bitter, but the European Grace and Minerva’s bosom, alas, aren’t warm for us. Just ask Marine Le Pen. If a DNA based census was to be commissioned, do you honestly think Israelis and Palestinians could be told apart? I hope this makes you search your heart anew and reconsider your approach.

      • Leah R

        Thank you for your reply. Sadly, too many have
        the need to support the enemy and not the victim. Poor us…

      • carol

        Please, please give us concrete examples of this, because these articles need to be cited accurately, as this adds to their credibility.

        Lists of incidents and in what papers/dates/places, etc., would be very helpful.

        Thank you. We have to get the word out.

    • Scott

      Did you read the article? If you did ( and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt), I ask you re-read it and the re-read your own post……..

      • Scott

        Above comment was to Gabrielle and Roushana

    • Beatrix

      One of the first stories in the paper about a female suicide bomber stated that the family had no understanding of her actions. Only later was it revealed that she had been unfaithful and this was her husband’s punishment for her.

      Being pregnant is very sexual. The ultimate. Losing the baby could be seen as punishment for some kind of sin, justifying the husband’s further punishment.

    • Yonatan

      You must not read English fluently, because his article started off with a famous example of a woman who had a miscarriage, and who was coerced into redeeming her honor for the family by strapping on a suicide belt. We hear of stories like this all the time in Israel, so you need to blame your own media for lying and suppressing information because it does not represent the Arab side of this conflict favorably. Your mental compartmentalization here is also absurd, because it shows you are in denial of the reality about Arab culture. It is savage in its brutality against its own members, and that is the truth you cannot face. Arab boys who are attractive are subject to being raped by other Arabs if they are incarcerated together, so the youths must be jailed separately for their own protection from older male Arab prisoners. We know about these ugly details here in Israel, so we do not need this explanation from the writer, but obviously you prefer to remain in denial. Honor killings happen all over the Muslim world, and in many western nations as well as Asian and African nations. Women are the usual victims, but children are also victimized. That is most likely the back story here, since the youth was last seen standing outside his local mosque for evening prayers. This month is Ramadan.

      • Curtis Layton

        Thank you for writing the truth. I believe that the truth in America is quickly leaving those here that deny God and can only be recognized by those of us that know and trust God.

      • Rami

        Yonatan, the Arab dark age is also your own. The reason you are located in this area is the similarity of culture and genes. I know it sounds a bit extreme, to say it’s partly on you to help lift the ignorance. It’s a scary endeavor, and the toll on the mind is a lot harder than on the body. You are filled with envy and jealousy (as I am) when you see the rich Arabs and their skyscrapers, built like the pyramids, using the Palestinians as overseers, because they will never sympathize with the laborers who worship false gods and deal with Israel (in UAE there are close to 2.2 million indians almost twice the number of natives.) They own the soccer teams you love, enjoy polygamy like King David, and walk around in sandals, freeballing. You take it out on the Arabs you dominate, while the Arabs you fear, you dare not. With all your civility, your GDP is an insult compared to theirs. Yet, if you let the pangs of injured pride settle down, and practice what you preach about reasonable thinking, you could realize the help you can offer the stronger Arab. Arab oil is stronger than Israel just like it is stronger than Gazans. If you think it’s false power, then you are absolutely right, but so is yours. Helping Arabs out of fanaticism, and into human-rights based modernism, should be the priority instead of the delusional sadistic retribution against your Palestinian population. That only gets more overseers building more pyramids. (Most UAE police cadre come from Palestinian refugee camps.) Mahamad as a term was first used in the Mishna, in Taanit (Ta’anit 4.2)the book which regulates fasting. The month of Ramadan, is the center of Islamic tradition. So around the fasting tradition is the core of the similarity. It is complicated I know, but you are the one priding yourself in enlightenment, and noting the Arabs’ lack thereof. If denial is not a commodity you praise, start debunking your prejudice. If you care about your jewishness, then get to know it better, instead of learning about it from a Lebanese dietitian. The metal machine pogroms will not make Palestinians civilized,but integrated schooling will. The Nobel prize awarded to Israelis every other year is the proof that passing the science is your responsibility. You bring up Arab sexuality, and gay dynamics in prisons, but if you only take a look at the fanciest gay discos in Tel Aviv you will also notice that young and old are separated… it’s just a gay thing! It seems to be blinding you like the vestal virgins of Muslim paradise. Wake up and smell the falafel Yonatan. Our culture is our responsibility, not Europe’s. The ultra-nationalists have made it clear that they still want no semites in there, unless they can make a good kebob. Europa left Tyr long ago, it’s up to us to come up with a suitable replacement, so let’s stop the bull!

        • Betul K.

          If I were to decide whats to be published in Algemeiner, I would deffo print your epic reply and not the so-called nonsense article above!!! Thank you for having a perfect point which makes sense from head to toe!