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July 3, 2014 5:45 pm

Hamas Threatens as Rockets Wound Israelis, Slam Into Summer Camp Nursery (VIDEO)

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A Gaza rocket strikes Sderot. Photo: Shirit Milikovski, Sderot Media Center.

In under 24 hours, Palestinian terrorist rocket crews in the Gaza Strip pummeled scores of Israeli communities near the coastal enclave, wounding several civilians, a soldier, and damaging homes and businesses.

In Sderot, one rocket scored a direct hit on a day care center located in an apartment building, but luckily, hitting the outside wall of the heavily reinforced safety room.

Children were to have entered the building for a summer camp session a short time after the rocket slammed into the building.

Close to 50 Kassam rockets and mortars, rained down since before dawn, and the Israeli army said in an update that, “since 8:20 pm alone, at least 13 rockets hit the region that extends around the Gaza Strip. Since midnight, more than 40 rockets were launched from Gaza at Israel.”

A home video caught on camera what it’s like to be under such incessant fire (strong language alert):

Thirty four of the projectiles hit southern Israel, with two intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system, and the remainder falling short within Palestinian controlled territories, according to the army.

“Four of the rockets landed in urban areas, causing damage to civilian infrastructure and houses,” the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman said, “and an IDF soldier was lightly injured by shrapnel after a projectile landed in the Eshkol Regional Council.”

Two of the rockets sparked off brush fires, that were later brought under control by fire crews.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was preparing for two alternate scenarios in the south, in remarks at the U.S. Embassy’s Fourth of July celebration in Herzliya on Thursday night.

“The first is that the firing at our communities will stop and then our operations will stop as well and the quiet that prevailed in the south after Operation Pillar of Defense will continue,” he said.

“The second possibility is that the firing at our communities in the south will continue and then the reinforcement forces that are located in the field will act forcefully. The security of our citizens comes first,” Netanyahu cautioned.

The prime minister lauded the fortitude of the population undergoing the rocket salvos.

“On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I would like to praise the residents of the south. The strength you are demonstrating allows us to act determinedly and responsibly towards one goal – your security, all our security,” he said, according to a statement released by his office.

Hamas’ military wing, Izzadin al-Qassam Brigades spokesmen on Thursday night threatened to up the ante, if Israel opted to increase its air and possibly ground responses to the steel rain.

“Any foolish move the Israeli leadership makes will put Israeli towns in the range of our rockets. We will strike new targets,” a Brigades spokesman said.

“We have a bank of targets that Israel expects we’ll hit, and other targets Israel doesn’t expect us to hit,” he added.

Unconfirmed reports from Palestinian media said that Netanyahu gave Hamas a 48-hour ultimatum to end the rocket barrages, via Egyptian interlocutors.

Veteran American immigrant and Kibbutz Nirim resident, Adele Raemer, described on her Facebook feed what it was like trying to prepare for her daughter’s wedding on Friday, while sirens, explosions and Israeli responses continued overhead:

“Want to go shower – I have a long day tomorrow (wedding, excitement, concern of driving for an hour along the border, and back… in times like these we breath a sigh of relief only after passing Ashdod) but am in lock down in safe room.

“Son was here having dinner when we were sent to saferooms. So he is stuck here, also. Well… won’t be the first time we’ve slept together in the safe room. Unfortunately, probably not the last. At least my bride-to-be daughter is out of harm’s way. She went up north today – pre-wedding jitters are more than enough for anybody – she didn’t need the additional rocket-threatened jitters, as well.”

Watch a video roundup of the hits here:

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  • things to remember twenty three inches is the word

  • if you think you know ben your mistaken he does nt wear a disqiese he is the man of the oure right now

  • Sofia B

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is holding back for good reasons, if there is one person in Israel that cares for his people, it’s him. The enemies are all around waiting for Israel to strike back, if anyone has been to Israel, you know how tiny the country is. It is sad that Pres Obama and the world is not taking a stronger stand on these barbaric attacks and giving more money to terrorists.
    Israel will defend itself, on this you can bet your life. Don’t let your enemies know what you are going to do.


    I love and support Israel fully against these savage barbarians.
    When Israel retaliates against these vermin, the whole world condemns Israel.
    Of course, they do not have to live near these savages
    What would Obama do if the White House was under attack, and his 2 girls hurt?
    Would he call for restraint?

    Why has Israel not bombed Gaza out of the world?
    Israel must give them a final warning.
    One more rocket fired at Israel, will result in Gaza being destroyed.
    The late Rabbi Kahane was right.
    Kick out every Arab from Israel. They are a fifth column

  • cynic Jew

    Israel has tried twice to take out the launchers … and nearly landed up in the World Court for crimes against humanity.



    Why not … for every rocket, A one mile strip is bulldozed down. Launch another one and there goes another mile. Eventually, the entire place will be leveled. Where the Palestinians can go … I don’t care. Maybe they would learn to play nice if this happened.

    • fatima

      You don’t care where the Palestinian’s will go. Tell me.. Im sure you live in America. So the fact that America has caused civilian deaths by drones on countries like Pakistan.. does that justify Pakistan to start bombing America ? Does that justify some Pakistani women who may say as you just said ” Where the Americans will go.. I dont care..” People like you have brittle and tiny hearts is what is wrong with the world. Blood shed is blood shed. WHEN DOES IT EVER JUSTIFY TO KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN? Muslim or Jew?

      • you need a vacation



  • NuritGn

    My question is why does the government of Israel allows this to continue instead of pulverizing Gaza as the allies pulverize Germany. The IDF has the power to do it, so why is Israel keeps on taking it? Makes no sense.

    • BMS

      I’m sure our Muslim American President is holding Israel back but how much more can they take? The rockets aren’t flying into Malia and Natasha’s room. If they were things would be different. The end of his term can’t come soon enough. He is an enemy of the State of Israel and America too.

      • alan

        I have been saying the same thing since 2007 when he started running.

      • Yale

        End of an Error

  • and female genital mutilation!

    • and this is a realigion7&

  • Fleur

    When will the army be allowed to take out all the rocket launchers not just a few at a time ?



  • Luigi Rosolin

    Palestinian’s Hamas after killing the two boys and the young man had probably take advantage of the killing of one of them: That had a very dubious paternity like sexual orientation, to portrait himself against as victim. The killing of the young Jews is a human atrocity and that Palestinians Hamas is instigating such atrocity should open the eyes of the western supporter for them as they policy is not only territorial conquest but alienation of Jews and western culture, Christian’s are hate like all USA citizen. That after killing in cold blow three young Jews they are now with an excuse rockets indiscriminately civil population and treat Israel with more is the worse hypocrisy ever see. Israel should be uphold by western country and EU,USA and other should had not condemn and boycott Israel because of they presence in the land. The Jews territory had been capture after the Arab had attack them to genocide them all, on the 1967 Six days war God give great victory. Why western country are supporting that Israel should give back: why France give back Corsica and other part to Italy? Or England the Falkland or Gibraltar. Or Australia, USA and Canada Alaska give the territory back to the first people there

  • zadimel

    The Jewish State must clean out this thuggish,brutal Hamas government to prevent it from continuing the blanket of fear by the periodic rocketing,and the actual bloodletting.The Hamas government must be removed from office,preferably in boxes.

  • No country should ever tolerate rocket attacks on its citizens. It’s time for Israel to liberate Hamas-occupied Gaza, and PLO-occupied areas in Judea and Samaria. No negotiations with those terrorist entities, only their unconditional surrender. After the hatemongers quit, then Gaza would thrive because of Israeli governance.

    • see any rockets filled with pamplets coming from hamas

  • I would like to praise HASHEM for the brilliance of RAFAEL INDUSTRIES and their SPICE 250 missile platform for this reason: in the next 7 days, we shall see many, many of these missiles taking out Hamas terrorist rocket launcher locations with almost 100% accuracy.
    On the other hand we have our Islamic brethren who have given us the following: honor killings of their wives and daughters, throwing acid in the faces of their wives, underwear bombs, shoe bombs, suicide vest bombs, roadside bombs, etc. Get the picture?

  • Arthur Horowitz

    Nuke the suckers. A small nuclear device could knock out the entire Gaza Strip. Egypt could be warned in advance and get out of the area. They would no doubt tacitly approve as they have their own problems with Hamas. Radioactivity would be irrelevant as the government could move adjacent Israelis to the West Bank before the strike. As for Iran, nuke them as well. I’m certain Israel must have nuclear warheads on ICBMs that can easily do the job. This is the same rationale Hamas uses, so why not do the same before they get nuks. It would work for another 30 years, though who knows what reprisals the muslim scum would do in France.

  • Connie Wolfinger

    Please stay safe.we are praying for all of you every minute,every hour,of every day.


  • Andrew

    And meanwhile Netanyahu sits on his butt letting Israelis be pummeled by rockets and mortars add he does nothing but talk.

    • Sunshine

      Netanyahu must walk a tightrope. Most world media do not cover these atrocities. Very sad situation. The U.N. is corrupt. Students and young adults in the West are being brainwashed by the muslim student associations. Lefties and liberals have no interest in checking out the other side of the story.

      So, you’re left with a minority of the world population that knows the truth.

      This is why I say Netanyahu must tread very carefully. I am certain this is very frustrating for him.

      On a side note, ISIS has a foothold in Gaza. This is a great thing. If ISIS takes over the entire area then Netanyahu will have increased support to wipe out the undesirables. Be patient.


  • Alison Isadora Frutkin

    It’s not politically correct to get mad. Am Yisrael, it’s TIME to get VERY mad. We’ve taken everything with our holy salt and turned the other cheek. We’ve felt guilty for standing up and felt remorse for our enemy, trying to live in peace. But our enemy does not return the civility because they are raised in summer camps to kill, destroy, maim and torture. Our survival depends upon fighting these radical Jew hating animals – any that would pick up a rock or hurt a Jewish life in any way. Their koran calls for decimation of every Jew.
    Every Jew in the US, every Jew throughout the world needs to stand behind Israel, our military arm. It’s the first time in modern history, B”H, hat we have this G-d given right and gift of having an army, a country, a de jure connection with our land. We must unite (as in the death of the virtuous boys) and we must stand behind our country, right or wrong. This is not a battle of intellectual ideals (whether fighting is morally right or wrong), this is survival of our home and the people on it. It’s time to stop being politically correct and pick up arms (IDF) and fight. Torah says we do all our mitzvot and bring all this light into the world so we can continue to have a Jewish People. And we are ordered by Torah to kill if the enemy is coming to kill us. So in Hashem’s world, he loves us and wants our survival to endure. The cost is unimaginable. But necessary.