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July 7, 2014 11:58 am

Israel’s Supporters Must Stop Using These 13 Phrases

avatar by Lee S. Bender and Jerome R. Verlin

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View of the Har Homa in Jerusalem. Photo: James Emery.

Mainstream Western media coverage of Israel is laced with expressions intentionally crafted to delegitimize the Jewish State. The good news is that these terms weren’t written in stone 3,300 years ago, but are post-Israel independence creations. By forfeiting this language, we forfeit our history. Here are 13 phrases we must stop repeating.

#1 – “West Bank:” Claims that “Judea and Samaria” is simply the “biblical name for the West Bank” stands history on its head. The Hebrew-origin terms “Judea” and “Samaria” were used through 1950, when invading [Trans]Jordan renamed them the “West Bank” in order to disassociate these areas of the Jewish homeland from Jews. The UN’s own 1947 partition resolution referred not to “West Bank,” but to “the hill country of Samaria and Judea.” This term is not shorthand for “Judea and Samaria.” Under this formulation, Jordan is the “East Bank” of the original Palestine Mandate, which was designated as the homeland for the Jewish People.

#2 – “East” Jerusalem or “traditionally Arab East” Jerusalem: From the city’s second millennium BCE origins until 1947 CE, there was no such place as “East” Jerusalem. The 19 years between when invading Jordan captured part of the city in 1948 and was ousted by Israel in 1967 was the only time in history, except between 638 and 1099, when Arabs ruled any part of Jerusalem. Palestinian Arabs have not ruled an inch of it for one day in history.  In the past three millennia, Jerusalem has been the capital of three native states – Judah, Judaea, and modern Israel – and has had a renewed Jewish majority since 19th century Turkish rule. Eastern Jerusalem is a neighborhood of the city that Israel reunified in 1967.

#3 – “The UN sought to create Jewish and Palestinian States:” It did not. Partitioning Palestine between “Palestinians” and Jews is like partitioning Pennsylvania between Pennsylvanians and Jews. Over and over in its 1947 partition resolution, the UN referenced “the Jewish State” and “the Arab” [not “Palestinian”] State.

#4 – 1948 was the “Creation” and “Founding” of  Israel: Israel wasn’t “created” and “founded” in 1948 artificially and out-of-the-blue. Israel attained independence that year as the natural fruition into renewed statehood of a people that had twice before been independent in that land, and after centuries of hard work to re-establish a Jewish State in this historic homeland.

#5 – “The War that Followed Israel’s Creation:” Israeli did not choose this war; it was hoisted on Israel by almost every Arab state, which rejected the UN partition and tried to push the Jews of Israel into the sea. And it was a homeland Jewish army, Haganah, which became the IDF, that threw back that multi-nation foreign invasion.

#6- “Palestinian Refugees of the War that Followed Israel’s Creation,” or the “Palestinian Refugee Issue:” It was the invading Arab nations bent on Israel’s destruction that both encouraged and caused the bulk of the Arabs to flee Israel. And a greater number of media constantly ignore the indigenous Middle Eastern Jews who were expelled from vast Arab and other Muslim lands in the wake of the Arab-Israeli War. Their number is greater than the amount of Arabs that fled tiny Israel. That Israel absorbed the bulk of these Jews, while Arab “hosts,”including in Palestine itself, isolate the Arab refugees’ descendants in Western-supported “refugee camps” does not convert the Arab-Israeli conflict’s two-sided refugee issue into a “Palestinian” refugee issue. Had the Palestinian Arabs accepted the UN partition plan, they would also have been celebrating their 66th anniversary.

#7 – Israel “Seized”Arab Lands in 1967: It did not. The 1967 war, like its predecessors, was a defensive war forced upon Israel. Israel’s neighbors did not want to compromise; they simply wanted to destroy the Jewish State. The new Israeli territory was meant to provide a security barrier and ensure this could never happen. Moreover, these were not “Arab Lands.”

#8 – Israel’s “1967 Borders:” The 1949 Israel-Jordan Armistice Agreement expressly declared the “green line” it drew between the two sides’ ceasefire positions as a military ceasefire line only, without prejudice to either side’s political border claims.The post-’67 war UN resolution 242 pointedly did not demand Israel retreat from these lines.

#9 – “Israeli-Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem:” That the media insistently calls Israeli presence in the heart of Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria “Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories” does not make it so.  “Occupation” is an international law term referencing foreign presence in the sovereign territory of another state.  The land of Israel’s last sovereign native state before modern Israel was Jewish Judaea. The land ratio of Arab lands to Israel is 625-1, 23 states to one.

#10 – “Jewish Settlers and Settlements” vs. “Palestinian Residents of Neighborhoods and Villages:” A favorite media news article contrast is referencing in the same sentence “Jewish settlers” in “settlements” and “Palestinian residents” of nearby “neighborhoods” and “villages.” Jews are not alien” settlers” in a Jerusalem that’s had a Jewish majority since 19th century times or in the Judea-Samaria Jewish historical heartland.

#11 – Israel’s  “Jewish State” recognition is “a new stumbling block”: New since Moses’ time. The Jewish homeland of Israel, including continuous homeland-claiming Jewish presence, has always been central to Jewish peoplehood. In 1947, British Foreign Secretary Bevin told Parliament that the Jews’ “essential point of principle” was Jewish Palestine sovereignty.

#12 – “Palestinians accept and Israel rejects a Two-State Solution:” Wrong on both counts. Both the U.S. and Israel define ‘Two States’ as two states for two peoples – Jews and Arabs. Many on the Arab side insistently rejects two states for two peoples. Many Israelis, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, support that plan – conditioned on an end to Palestinian terror. The Arabs continuously and consistently deny Israel’s right to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish People, no matter where its borders are drawn.

#13 – “The Palestinians:” The United Nations’ 1947 partition resolution called Palestine’s Arabs and Jews “the two Palestinian peoples.” Nothing is more self-delegitimizing and counter-productive to achieving peace based on Arab recognition of Jews’ right to be there, than that Jews should go around calling Palestinian Arabs “The Palestinians.” They have no distinguishing language, religion, or culture from neighboring Arabs, and have never been sovereign in Palestine, whereas the Jews, with a presence stretching back three millennia, have had three states there, all Jerusalem-based. Most Palestinian Arabs cannot trace their own lineage to the land back more than 4 generations.

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  • Nuritg

    Words can kill, words can change point of view, and words
    are extremely effective. The role of LANGUAGE is paramount especially in
    conflict situation. He who controls the language controls the thinking of those
    involved. The Arabs who were supported by the Communists who have built their
    propaganda scheme around linguistic manipulation, understood this implicitly
    and have used and linguistic manipulation to delegitimize the State of Israel. However,
    they could not have done this without the connivance of the global media. These
    13 examples of linguistic manipulation are used daily in the Main Stream Media
    (MSM) that serves Arab interest and are detrimental to Israel.

  • Jack

    Another word to stop using is anti-Semitism. It is a single word, antisemitism, as there is really no such thing as Semitism and it allows antisemites like Tutu to claim it means it is hated of all people who speak a Semitic language. And as he does not hate Arabs, how could he be accused of being an anti-Semite.

  • thank you to recall west bank should start at the Euphrates river east of Baghdad

  • Jay Rosen

    Jews were 3.7% of the Ottoman Empire. What percent of the Empire do the deserve?

    When the Ottoman Empire fell, the Western powers attempted to create sovereign home lands for all its peoples, eg Egyptians, Arabians, Turks and many more. The Jews were one of those peoples. All the other nations have been accepted except for the Jewish one. 126 nations have been created after Israel, 39 are a little older and only 28 much older. 50 Muslim countries are younger than Israel. Only Israel is not accepted.

    Jews were 3.7% of the Ottoman Empire. What percent of the Empire do the deserve? Israel is 0.3% of the Empire and the Jews are happy with that. All they want is to be left alone and to live in peace. It is not about land, it is about living or dying.

  • As a Jew living in central PA (the non-Jewish portion), I couldn’t help chuckle over your #3.

  • Robby

    We need to stop using the words “militants” to describe TERRORISTS.

  • jerome henen

    Re, point 5 , Its ‘foisted’ not hoisted.
    Good ammo to remember when countering the MSM. But the propaganda is so well entrenched that facts are neither sought or required. The hype sells news , and no good news about Israel sells because there are a vast minority of jew/Israel supporters. And big money from Saudi Arabia and Iran keeps the propaganda well fed. The leaders of the ‘palestinians’ literally bank on constant unrest to bolster their fortunes. We all know , ie the minority, that the leaders care not a jot about the ‘palestinians’ other than in a way to use them in their propaganda.

  • Berel Dov Lerner

    Not “refugees” but rather “grandchildren of refugees”.

    • Michael Jacobs

      Not refugees, but Arab migrants or remigrants. A refugee is defined as a person who leaves his homeland for fear of being persecuted because of his race, religion, nationality, political preference, or sexual orientation. None of these apply. On the contrary. To talk about ‘Palestinian refugees’ is a double deception – first, because it misleadingly suggests the existence of a Palestinian Arab nation and identity in 1948, and secondly, because, except for very few (military) instances, the Arabs migrated voluntarily and against the express wishes of their Jewish neighbors. The expression ‘Palestinian refugees’ wrongly portrays the Jews as thieves of Muslim lands, in a similar way as they were long thought of as the murderers of the Christian messiah.

  • Kalev

    “Settlers should be replaced by “citizens,” and “settlements” should be replaced with “community.”



    • Yehoshua Friedman

      I see it on Facebook. So I guess you are wrong.

  • Ray

    God bless the Israelis and may they live in peace and security in Israel forever, or until global warming takes us all. My American parents taught me that it was our duty to protect the Jews, given our dishonorable history of sending the Jews back to the gas chambers after they came to our shores seeking safety. I took both my two sons to look at and remember our Hasidic Jews in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, and I told them, “If ever they are attacked, our family is on their side.”

    If Israel loses the support of ordinary Americans like me, you will lose the best partner you have ever had. All of Europe has turned against Israel, Sweden recognizing Palestine today, as well as England.

    While we care about Israel, we do not see the Palestinians as enemies. We just see them as people, a people who have been occupied and degraded for too long.

    You can try to use propaganda words like Judea and Samara but it doesn’t alter that the United States, the United Nations, Europe and just about all the rest of the world considers that your borders are limited by the 67 green line, UN 242 et seq.

    Just be satisfied with what you’ve got. Leave the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. If you do that the entire world will be on your side. Continue on as you are and you will become completely isolated.

    For your information, Americans really do not like Netanyahu. We see him as a little Hitler, or George Bush, a warmonger. Your President Perez was much more the statesman.

    Your choice. But you are heading off a cliff.

    God bless Israel. May it see clearly and choose carefully.

    Israel will never know peace through war. You need to make friends with your neighbors. Making up a list of words you want to manipulate to superficially change the discussion is stupid. No one will know what you are talking about and you will only identify yourself as a Zionist zealot. Explain, if you can why it is that you must take over the Palestinians land, and degrade the Palestinian people. That’s what you need to explain, and you are utterly failing at it.

    My good wishes are with Israel. But I fear that you are alienating all Americans, even many Jewish Americans.

    I wish you would change, for your own good, but if you won’t change, at least you will be forewarned.

    I will give you some advice on words. Don’t call me anti-Semitic. I am the furthest thing from anti-Semitic. Your words won’t change my loyalty to Israel, but the word should be limited in its use for people who actually hate Jews. When you apply it to people like me, you may well alienate some who merely hate Netanyahu, like many in Israel hate President Obama. That doesn’t make them anti-Semitic or anti-Israel. Most of us here didn’t like Bush either. Netanyahu is your worst enemy (and he is a coward).


    • Ray

      Correction. With regard to the parenthesized portion of the last sentence. I did not mean “coward” in the context of the State Department gaffe. I mean his cowardice in failing to take the opportunity to avail the peace negotiations that Kerry attempted.

      I just saw that as the best way for Israel to solve this problem once and for all. And now I just don’t see any way out.

    • Saul

      This is nonsense. When one claims to be a friend one just at least be objective. Just because America and Europe take the position that we occupy the “West Bank” does not make it true. Facts are verified by their context (history). This kind of rhetoric is hostile. YOu want to put Israel in a tactically catastrophic position based upon your logica that we can make friends with the Palestinians by appeasing them. But, truth matters. Peace without justice is merely a prelude to the next war. I’m sorry about the Palestinians but they chose to create a delusional nationalism rather than live in peace with their Jewish Palestinian neighbors.

    • Ruvy

      Ray, I live in Samaria. My friend, Irwin, who lives in Ma’ale Adumim, lives in Judea. It is that simple. I don’t give a damn what you think, or what anyone else thinks. MY GUN DEFENDS MY RIGHT TO LIVE IN MY ANCESTRAL HOMELAND, AND WE MAKE OUR OWN BULLETS. If Americans like you can’t handle that, that is just too damned bad. YOU AMERICANS PUT GARBAGE LIKE CLINTON, BUSH AND OBAMA IN OFFICE. So YOU AMERICANS created the situation where Americans will slowly be weaned away from supporting Israel.


      • I’m an American, and I assure you Ray and his kind do not speak for me. Our Republican congress is staunchly pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian terror, anti-Hamas, anti-Hezbollah, anti-Islamist Iran. I consider my tax contribution to the protection of our natural ally in the Middle East money well spent. The Palestinians have a lot of growing up to do and are nowhere near a point where they are ready to be a good, responsible neighbor to Israel. I hope that day comes, but considering Abbas’s recent incendiary blood libel to the EU, and Hamas’s perennial war against Israel on the basis of ancient tribal hatred alone, I am sure they are not even mature enough to sustain themselves.

    • Tom Wood

      England has not recognised Palestine, well not in recent years away, its not had it own parlement since 1707.
      The UK parlement has had a free vote that supported the recognition of Palestine but that carries no official status other than its a majority of the mp’s who decided to vote. Government and opposition cabinet traditionally abstain on free / private members bills.

      UK governments main wish is for all people to feel safe, secure and have. State solution that protects them.

    • Mara Cohen

      No, not all Americans. Nobody with common sense and knowledge. Further Ray, perhaps the US should be a bit more focused upon taking care of their own Citizens…at least as well as Israel tries to take care of theirs. Maybe the US wouldn’t have so many poverty stricken Reservations, and Military Veterans on the streets…Obama and Kerry did something entirely stupid…they thought they would build a middle east legacy with their ignorance, bad advisement, and Leftist prejudices as their first step into the situation. Just stupid and embarrassing. Further, they have more than demonstrated they don’t give a crap about US Citizens who are butchered by Arab Palestinian Terrorists….and forking over money to the same Terrorists while your own Folks go without? Yes, just stupid.

    • Adrienne A.

      Do I care that you don’t like our Prime Minister, do you care that I and many Israelis don’t like or trust Obama? I would think no to both questions. But you should not drivel on about things you don’t understand, you don’t know our Prime Minister obvious by calling him a coward you have no idea who you are talking about, I am not even going to try and convince you otherwise because I can’t be bothered to someone who is opinionated.

    • Isahiah62

      speak for yourself, this American does not agree with any of your either very naive, or purposely inflammatory hostile political post

    • @Ray: “While we care about Israel, we do not see the Palestinians as enemies. We just see them as people, a people who have been occupied and degraded for too long.”

      Clearly, you have not read – or not understood – the article. There is no such thing as “The Palestinians” – at least, not insofar as the term is used to mean Arabs only.
      Nor have you understood the explanation of the word “Occupation”.

      “Just be satisfied with what you’ve got. Leave the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.”
      First of all, Ray, have you been asleep for the past decade? Israel left Gaza 11 years ago. Secondly – we WERE satisfied with what we had, from 1948 till 1967. Unfortunately, the Arab countries surrounding us were not. Were you sleeping through those 19 years also?

      “If you do that the entire world will be on your side.” Indeed? I seem to remember that “the entire world” did nothing when Egypt kicked out the UN Peacekeeping Force and closed the Straits of Tiran in 1967. I expect you were sleeping through that too.

      “Americans really do not like Netanyahu. We see him as a little Hitler…”
      Indeed? And, of course, you have evidence to prove that he wishes to exterminate an entire people, not merely in his own backyard, but the world over?

      “You need to make friends with your neighbors.”
      You don’t say! Perhaps you can pursuade Abu Mazen of this!

      “Explain, if you can why it is that you must take over the Palestinians land, and degrade the Palestinian people”.
      The article explains why the Arabs living in Judaea and Samaria are not “THE Palestinians” and why this is not their land. Clearly, you are incapable of engaging with the explanation and therefore prefer to repeat the mantra “Palestinian People, Palestinian land, Occupation”. Why don’t YOU explain – if you can, but evidently, you can’t – why they are “the Palestinian People”, why Judaea and Samaria are “the Palestinians’ land” and why you consider Israel’s presence there to be “occupation” as defined by international law. And please don’t tell me “United States, the United Nations, Europe and just about all the rest of the world considers that your borders are limited by the 67 green line, UN 242 et seq.” Give us a proper legal argument. The opinion of nations, which is almost invariably the result of political expedience, does not make international law. There is no competent international court which has ruled that Israel’s presence in Judaea and Samaria is “illegal occupation”.

    • squeakywheel3

      “While we care about Israel, we do not see the Palestinians as enemies.”

      Well, it’s clear that THEY do.

      “We just see them as people, a people who have been occupied and degraded for too long.”

      Only STATES may be occupied. You cannot ‘occupy’ a ‘people’ (even if they WERE a people, a matter far from settled).

      “You can try to use propaganda words like Judea and Samara”

      I’m afraid you have it bass-ackwards. Judea & Samaria have always been the actual names of those provinces — from ancient times right up until the modern era.

      It was only when Abdullah (great-grandfather to the present Jordanian monarch) unlawfully seized those lands during the 1947-49 war that he changed their names to the ‘West Bank’ — because he couldn’t deal w/the embarrassment of making “Judea” off-limits to Jews!

      ” but it doesn’t alter that the United States, the United Nations, Europe and just about all the rest of the world considers that your borders are limited by the 67 green line, UN 242 et seq.”

      What seems to escape you is that it was precisely those indefensible 1967 borders which had TEMPTED the Arabs to attack that spring.

      “For your information, Americans really do not like Netanyahu. We see him as a little Hitler, or George Bush, a warmonger.”

      For YOUR information, you do not speak for Americans. A growing number of Americans like Mr Netanyahu a whole lot better than we do Mr Obama (and despite what George Bush allowed the media to do to him without fighting back, we have a solid appreciation for GWB as well).

      “You need to make friends with your neighbors.”

      YOU should be telling that to the NEIGHBORS. It isn’t the Israelis who have to be sold on the value of making peace.

      “Explain, if you can why it is that you must take over the Palestinians land”

      Suppose YOU explain what it is that makes you think it’s THEIRS. Israeli courts have always honored legitimate property deeds presented by individual landowners. But there is not now, nor has there ever been, any such thing as a ‘collective’ Palestinian Arab right to the Land.

      ” and degrade the Palestinian people.”

      There is absolutely NOTHING in this world that degrades the soi-disant ‘Palestinian people’ anywhere NEAR as much as their easy inclination toward violence. Until that changes definitively, “all the voyage of their life [will remain] bound in shallows and in miseries.”

      “Most of us here didn’t like Bush either.”

      You speak only for yourself and your circle. The only thing WE dislike about GWB is that he refused to fight the media when they smeared him. It was a mistake; he should have wrung their neck. His predecessor Mr Clinton had had a ‘war room’ to fight every single media attack and Bush ought to have done the same.

      “Netanyahu is your worst enemy (and he is a coward).”

      with all due respect, Sir, that’s a crock.

  • Just one nuance:

    Writing or saying “Judea and Samaria” instead of “West Bank (Judea & Samaria)” is a sure ticket to getting blank stares or aggressive dismissal. If we want to communicate, what we say has to be hearable.

    • Jerome Verlin

      Will people who greet our use of “Judea-Samaria” with “aggressive dismissal” be more receptive to our position that this is disputed, not occupied, territory if we ourselves use the Jewish equity-denigrating “West Bank”?

      The historical Jewish-origin names “Samaria and Judea” remained in use through the mid 20th century – including by the U.N. itself in 1947. Israel is the land’s next native state after ancient Jewish Judaea, and our historical connection was recognized by the San Remo Treaty and Palestine Mandate. Palestinian Arabs have not ruled Judea-Samaria for one day in history.

      Our Jewish homeland case made in self-respecting terms will be heard by people willing to hear.

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  • SRK

    Typo in #5: “foisted” not “hoisted”

    • jerome

      i was going to say that.
      12_ and insistently reject , not rejects …

  • DianeK

    #13 – “The Palestinians” — If you read Golde Meir’s speeches and essays from before 1948, you’ll discover that she routinely refers to herself and the Jewish Zionists around her as “Palestinians.” This threw me for a loop at first, until I realized that it was merely a geographic designation. Had the new-born state not changed its name to Israel, Jews would still be calling themselves Palestinians and Arabs would not!

    • Jerome Verlin

      Thanks, Diane. There’s more. Even the AP has acknowledged that during the Mandate, Jews as well as Arabs living there were referred to as “Palestinian.” David Bar-Illan, late editor of the Jerusalem Post, used to write in his ground-breaking “Eye On The Media” column that the Palestine Electric Company, Symphony and many other institutions with “Palestine” in their name were Jewish. The Jerusalem Post’s corporate name is still “The Palestine Post.”

      An important independence era Zionist organization was the “American League For a Free Palestine.”

      Pro-Israel authors James Parkes (Whose Land?), Joan Peters (From Time Immemorial) and Samuel Katz (Battleground) used “Palestine” in their sub-titles.

      The most foolish mistake we’ve made is ourselves gratuitously bestowing the mantle “THE Palestinians” on Palestinian Arabs. “Palestine,” the Romans’ 135 CE new name for Judaea, to disassociate it from Jews, referencing the long-gone Philistines, was historically not a dirty-word. We should resume using it in reference to Palestine’s Jews. (And stop foolishly calling Judea-Samaria “the West Bank.”)

    • carrie Mataraza

      Excellent point.

  • Roni

    In response to #1 I recently published a chrome extension which replaces the term ‘Judea and Samaria’ with Judea and Samaria. So we can check that one off the list. Available at the Chrome store:

  • Roni

    In response to #1 I recently published a chrome extension which replaces the term ‘West Bank’ with Judea and Samaria. So we can check that one off the list 🙂

    • Lynne Marton

      Thank you Roni!! I just saw it and installed it!! Beautiful!!!

  • Don’t use any of them-It has always been Israel and Jerusalem!

  • Lucus

    We have a major uphill battle. I would add about ten, but you’re the Musa. Here are some I would add.

    “Palestine was at peace” every antisemite on earth repeats the lie that “palestine” was at peace before the Jews came. The only issue with that and it’s a slight one. I have 2 books in my closet speaking about the Muslim – Christian wars of 1840 to 1860 on the self same Ottoman Syria. Since Arabs and Turks and the world the commit genocide and brainwash can’t do any wrong and never had, these wars got named after 2 minorities (surprise surprise, Turks and Arabs blaming all their problems on minorities. They today are called the “Druze – Maronite” wars. The books I have both written in the 1800s both say over 100,000 dead, or twice the entire Arab Israeli conflict, in 20 years.

    Then on Southern Ottoman Syria you have the 2 wars of Ali Pasha with his former Caliphate the Ottoman Sultan named the Egypt – Ottoman wars of the 1830s.

    And most egregious of all, is yes Djemal Pasha did rule so called Palestine and the main bulk of the Armenian Genocide did take place in Ottoman Syria, and the Armenian Genocide like the Holocaust did not only have one victim, the Greeks were also tergetted as were the Jews. And almost all of it happened on Ottoman Syria.

    Weinstock in his book about Arab Jews shows sources of anti-Jewish blood libels in Jerusalem carried out by Ottoman authorities allowed by Constantinople. Weinstock also mentions a Blood Libel against the Jews of Beirut in the late 1860s the tertiary capital of Ottoman Syria called Mount Lebanon. It’s good to come from a country that the world is willing to lie about its past, which never existed, you can pretend it was always peaceful.

    Note everything that I had mentioned above had been ethnic racist and bigoted in nature, and all predating Israel. There are of course nearly endless other examples the most genocidal group in human history, Islam has not succeeded in censoring.

    And now I have become thouroughly convinced, that Islam was worse to Jews than Christians, hence millions more Jews in Europe than in their natural home. no one has been as genicidal as Islam in human history. Look at the numbers, there are 6 known Jews in Iraq, from 200,000 100 years ago. Not even the Conquistidors or the Austrian German world wars can compete with that extinction. And they were not poor people the Jews in Iraq were a cultural mainstay.

  • M. Marcus

    Thank you so much for writing this list! It needs to be repeated all over the world, all the time, to Jewish and non-Jewish media. I’d like to forward it by e-mail. Could you add e-mail to the list of Forward choices?

  • Jerome Verlin

    Mr. Jader,

    Our article is not about “Arabs denying Israel’s right to exist,” but about we Jews ourselves unthinkingly using expressions designed by others to delegitimize the Jewish homeland of Israel.

    Our points are not “lies.” Judea and Samaria were in fact called “Judea and Samaria” throughout history, including by the UN in 1947, until after Jordan invaded in 1948. And “East” Jerusalem never existed until after Jordan invaded and seized it, and has not existed since Israel ousted Jordan and reunified the city in 1967. The UN resolution did in fact seek to partition Palestine into “Arab” and “Jewish” states, not into “Palestinian” and “Jewish” states, and it did call Palestine’s Jews and Arabs “the two Palestinian peoples.” Etc.

    The 2002 Arab Peace Initiative which you cite was a step forward from the Arabs’ “Three No’s” following the 1967 war, but it was not a serious proposal for peace. It was presented take-it-or-leave-it to Israel, not as an opening negotiations position. It demanded “full” Israeli withdrawal back to the 1949 ceasefire lines (no holier than the successor post-1967 war ceasefire lines), and mischaracterized UN resolution 242 as calling for such full withdrawal. It demanded a west-of-the-Jordan Palestinian Arab state on the 1949 lines with “east” Jerusalem as its capital. And it demanded “a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem.”

    The 1948 war and its wake caused more Jewish refugees from vast Arab lands, most of whom went to Israel where they were absorbed, than Arabs left tiny Israel, so there’s a two-sided, not “Palestinian,” refugee issue. Historic Jerusalem has had a renewed Jewish majority since 19th century Turkish rule, and in the past three millennia has been the capital of three native states, all of them Jewish. Foreign Arabs ruled Jerusalem only part of the time between 638 and 1099, and Palestinian Arabs never. The heart of Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria are disputed between Jews and Arabs, not “Arab territories occupied by [by Israel] since June 1967,” which the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative called them.

    Peace will come when the Arab side recognizes that the Jewish people has always been an indigenous people of the Mideast and that the land of Israel, tiny compared to the vast Arab lands, is and has been the indigenous Jewish people’s nation-state.

  • zhanna kutman

    Great list and great explanation! I would add ‘Palestine’ to the list. Not as a geographical location but as in ‘Israel vs Palestine’. Because ‘Palestine’ is what hamas wants – all of Palestine.

    • Peter Shalen

      Yes, that’s a very important point. It drives me nuts when people use the term “Palestine” in that way.

  • debby fayga

    i agree language is important. I would refer to PA as enemy combatants. I would discuss the option of liquidation. I also like the term terraform, meaning to change the landscape of Gaza. And I would call it war, not intifada

  • lennart Jäder

    Lies. Thre arabs doesn’t deny Israels right to exist. Some years ago the arab league offered Israel a peace deal for ending the conflict. Israel dod not answer.

    • Yaniv Green

      Lies. What the Arab league offered was practically a suicide arrangement for the state of Israel.
      It is a well known fact (and let’s see you deny it) that Arab countries consistently refuse not only to allow entry of Jews (let alone Israelis), refuse not only to talk, not only to have relations of any kind (cultural, commercial, scientific or diplomatic) but refuse even to participate in sport events with Israel.

    • Tomas Kubin

      Lennart Jader, night is white and sun is black … that is exactly how you turned facts upside down. If you believe this propaganda you must be insane.

    • Rita Kardon

      Wrong! State your official source specifically.

  • danny kid

    And start using “Muslim occupied Jewish land” when refering to Yehuda and Shomron.

  • shari sachar

    Thank you this needs to be read by the entire human race.

  • matthew sparks

    it is called israel, the homeland of the israelite people, so named by god. the land of the jews should be in uganda or Madagascar. israel is not called jewland because ‘jew’ is not a torah term; judaism is a man made religion.torah is god’s word and torah followers are the only ones allowed to occupy the land of israel. jews and judaism belong in jewland; formerly uganda.

    • Yaniv Green

      Incredible, so much ignorance and prejudice in so many words!

    • We were already at UGANDA…that was mission enteebe…which plane was hickjaked…Jonny the brother of our primer minister died there being the chief commandant…That is whats macke a brave army diference of hamas terrorist covards…by the way….proud of IDF

    • Matthew Sparks – PAY ATTENTION NOW:

      The word “Jew” is the Anglicized version of the Hebrew word “yehudi”(יהודי), which means “from the Israelite Tribe of Yehuda” (or in Greek Judaea or in English Judah).

      See Genesis 29:31-35, which describes the four sons born to Jacob’s wife Leah – Reuven, Shimon, Levi and last, but certainly not least, YEHUDA: “She conceived again, and when she gave birth to a son she said, “This time I will praise the Lord.” So she named him Judah.”

      By the way, should you be Christian, you “might” find of interest the fact that Judas Iscariot’s actual name was יהודה איש קריות – translated from Hebrew – a man named Yehuda who is “one that bites the pillow” (“a homosexual”).

      Thus, the Jews are also Israelite and belong not in Uganda as you suggest but in Israel along with the other Tribes.

      Some of those other tribes (10 of which were exiled in about 700BCE by the Assyrians) are returning to Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) now, such as Bnei Menashe (the sons of the Tribe of Menashe).

      So, before you start making up nonsensical ideas, check your BIBLE and facts!

    • Peter Shalen

      What is the point of moderating comments if screwy comments like Matthew Sparks’s are accepted?

  • Sam TheMan

    Palestine has never been a country, the people that the liberal press call Palestinian are actually just Arabs that have moved there over the past 100 years or so! Israel has been a country for several thousand years historically and Biblically! The arabs need to go back to whatever country they came from!

    • Tom Wood

      Nt sure about this…. For the last 70 odd years they have not been moving anywhere….does anybody know what percentage of the Jews who live in Israel where actually born there and how many have moved from other countries?

  • B.Abrahams

    My grandfather, born in Jerushalaim in 1870 CE, already had to cope with Arabic – Muslim or Christian – hooligans who were out to pester the yarmulkes wearing youngsters as they were going to their kheder. The Arabs didn’t bother much with schooling, only with instructing their children in their religious fantasies, which also embodied their way on how to treat people who were different, or to enslave their women. No wonder that their offspring still has the primitive ideas which the rest of the world so easily adopts because, as Western so called freedom has come to mean that no discipline should be forced upon the young if they don’t want to expand their knowledge, it is a lot easier to live as animals than as civilised, cultured humans. We Jews should try to help the world to realise that verifiable truth from the pages of a book or a tablet can enhance our satisfaction and our achievements in life. My wife and I have been trying that for ages all over the world, and I swear, it’s a tough and frustrating task, but we still haven’t given up; but please join us cause it’s a lonely job.

  • Jeffrey Justin

    Yale, you might need to go to Harvard . your P in Palestinian argument is so foolish. Dont try to impose English spelling on a word you dont know how to pronounce in Arabic

    • Linda Olmert

      Actually Yale is absolutely correct. Any native Arab speaking person will say “Balestinian”. Since the etiology of the term “Palestine” is well documented and well known, the argument is not at all foolish.

    • Jeffrey Justin:

      The word “Palestine” was given to the area (not a people) by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in about the year 135CE. The area, previously called Judaea (remember that the Roman King, Herod the Great, was King of Judaea from 37BCE until about 4BCE when he died), was renamed “Provinka Palestina” by Hadrian as he wanted to blot out any connection the Tribe of Judah (the Jews) had with the land. The word has no connection to the Arabic language at all.

      The people who most energetically used the name “Palestine” to refer to this area were Christian mapmakers. It seems that, especially in the Byzantine and Crusader periods as well as during the Inquisition and later…, many (most?) Christians also did not want the Jews to remember any connection to Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel.

      The British then used it to identify their portion of the “spoils” after World War II and referred to both Arabs & Jews there as “palestinians” but only in the geographic sense, not as a nationality. In fact, the Jews born and living in the area during the British Mandate used the term in the same way one would say “American Jew” or “French Jew”, etc. – as a geographic designation. The Arabs, on the other hand, in the 1920s, called it a “nakba” (a catastrophe) that anyone should refer to them as “palestinians” since the Jews were also called that!

      Gamal Abdel Nasser along with his best student of terrorism, Yasser Arafat, used the word in order to grab public opinion and support in their plan to not just distance the Jews from the land, but destroy as many as possible in the process. Why else would they pick the Intercontinental Hotel on top of the Mt. of Olives (built on the desecrated and destroyed graves of Jews) in 1964 to formally charter the “Palestine Liberation Organization”. After all, at that time, the British-created country of Jordan already controlled Judaea & Samaria and the area of Jerusalem that included that hotel! Their charter (never changed) includes the motto “From the river to the sea!”

      By the way, Emperor Hadrian also tried to change the name of Jerusalem – but that didn’t stick. Can anyone out there (other than Israeli tour guides, archaeologists, historians, etc.) tell me the name Hadrian gave to the city of Jerusalem?

    • Peter Shalen

      It’s not an Arabic word, Jeffrey Justin. It was introduced by the Romans. It’s derived from the name of an ancient people, the Philistines, who were not Arabs and no longer exist as a people. That’s all actually explained in the article.

  • Also, the conflict should be reframed as Arab resistance to modernity and its democratic features. I reported my research in the Ralph Bunche UN papers here: Bunche got it wrong, as an insoluble problem between two victimized peoples fighting over a small piece of land. His framing endured, but entirely missed the point.

  • Phyllis

    So true! It’s about time someone sat down and made a list of these misleading terms and published it. Yasher Koach!

  • Yale

    Several possibly minor but important points:

    1. Arabic has no “P”, so there can be no Arab people calling itself “P”alestinian.

    2. The “suffering” of the “P”alestinians is entirely self-inflicted. It would not have happened had the Arab leadership in 1947 accepted the Partition Resolution, or later accepted the 1949 Green Line.

    3. The PA is currently constructing a new city called Rawabi near Ramallah. This city should always be called a “settlement”.

    4. It would be really helpful if Israel’s Mizrachi population started demanding compensation for what they lost when expelled from their homes in the Muslim world. Their silence has enabled the Arabs to get away with making claims against Israel that could not be taken seriously if the Mizrachim were more vocal.

    • Jerome Verlin

      Beyond claims for compensation, the core significance of Israeli Jews and their descendants from Mideast lands, with their millennia-deep Mideast roots, is that, together with the ever-present Yishuv, they show the Jewish people as always indigenous to the region, disproving the canard that Israel was “created” in 1948 as a European colonial implant.

  • Jan Mishkin

    FANTASTIC! I am going to reread this until I get the “correct” references to memorized. I wish this could be published on the front page of every newspaper!

  • jose mendes

    Perfect. You should send to Israeli media. as for example to the Journalusts if I24 news a copy of this article. Sometimes listening their news and TV i almost became sick because they play the game if the enimy. We all know that most muslims are destructing people if i can call them people once is enough to see how pigs they are among them and if they are pigs among them we can imagine how it would be if they could one day act against us or christians iy buddists or hindus…. Western politicians are hidding their cowardness begind the political correct aptitude.

  • barry goodlife

    #5 “hoisted” should be Foisted

  • ramon

    Golda Meir repeatedly emphasized the importance of Hebrew the culture and ties to the homeland. Refer to Yerushalayim, Har haBayit, haKotel haMa’aravi, S’dom, Tzfat, Tverya, Keysarya, Eretz Yisrael, Eretz Mekudeshet, haAretz, Yehudah, Shomron, the way the Spanish refer to MahDREED not MuhDRID, the French PahREE not PAriss, the Mexicans to SiyuDAHD de MEHeekoh not Mexico City, and America refers to Washington DC rather than disfunction gridlocked swampborne boondoggle.

  • colin southern

    while we know the truth we still battle the wrong reporting of the BBC and the idiots who think that the ones who hate us GIve a dam about them when it comes to attacking western targets.

  • Uzi Silber

    Well done; shkoykh! you covered just about all the bases and we could probably come up with a couple more of these.

    • Lee Bender

      We actually do have a more complete list of toxic terms and explanations. Check out our book, Pressing Israel,Media Bias Exposed From A=Z, on Amazon. Thanks.

  • Necessary but not sufficient. We have to understand how the other side thinks

    A mini 5 + 1 question quiz for Secretary Kerry

    Imagine that Brighton were Gaza

  • Sonny

    I believe that it should not be changed…I am not a Jew but I symphatize with them..Israel belongs to the Jewish people,the rightful owner,the proof? it in Genesis…

  • DovidM

    In Number #5, it should be foisted, and not hoisted.

  • Rabelad

    I get particularly irked when Israel-sympathetic Jews use the term “East Jerusalem”, when that term means it’s a separate country, divorced from Israel. Note that the East Berlin was a separate country from West Berlin and when it was united everyone dropped the term East Berlin and thereafter called it eastern Berlin, if at all. Oh, and would we call the states of Nevada, California and Wyoming “West United States”? Never. It would be absurd, but everyone agrees they are part of he western United States. Ever since J’lem was reunited supporters of the Arab narrative continue to use this to push the erroneous idea that if it isn’t a separate entity then it SHOULD BE one. It’s a simple fact that language defines reality in our minds. The more we use the semantics of the Arab Big Lie the more people regard it as natural that is rightfully Arab land. That’s why the media use this and the other terms in their reports, they want us all to assume Arab ownership as a fiat acompli.

  • Fred

    This is the truth that is to be heard an spoken. Israel should not acquiesce to the vagaries of anti Israel parties by reference to the these anti Israel terms. There is to much giving in to the enemies who do not miss opportunities. I like this article.

  • instead of using the name ISRAEL. say Land of Israel or Eretz Yisroel or HaAretz or the Holy Land.
    Israel is sixty some years old. Eretz Yisroel is thousands of years old.

    • Steve

      I call it the “Country” of Israel. I’ve always detested the term the “State” of Israel.


  • Efram Paul

    Now, if only people outside of Algemeiner’s circulation could read this.

  • Thank you for the Truth

  • Gregg Solomon


  • John Glueck

    the best way to combat error is to continually reiterate the truth… thank you!

  • Jim Briggs

    The history of the Middle East both pre WW1 and post WW2 is never properly told in Western schools. I doubt American and European children are taught of the struggles the Jewish people had to form Israel. Whether it be the incarceration of Jews on Cyprus, or the battles Jewish settlers had with the British Army, prior to 11948. This lack of knowledge is shown on a regular basis. It is as if they think God said “Let there be a State of Israel” and it happened, without a struggle.

  • Alana

    Right on. Pamela Geller is one voice consistently saying, “THERE IS NO OCCUPATION!”

  • TG

    You speak the truth.

  • No facts will change the attitude of the media or the muslims or this administration (sic). the islamists and their “useful idiots” are committed to the disappearance (destruction) of Israel.

  • joseph gluck

    we do not need to get bogged down in syntax.
    we are the kings of the hill who cares what the goy think.
    we should cut out the self hate and crush everyone that resists.

    it is written that we are the chosen ones do you worry about the dirt insects and bugs you crush when you walk around no.
    so should it be with the squeeks from little people.

    • Reb Quixote

      I’m pretty sure Hitler said something like that, too.

      I appreciate Israel is in an incredibly difficult position, but dehumanizing others and acting out of hate and aggression will only make things worse. Whatever happened to tikkun olam?

      My understanding of the “chosen ones” idea is that the Jews were chosen to SERVE G!d. Considering we’re all G!d’s children, I’m pretty sure the Divine one wants us to figure out how to get along.

      Oh – and more pragmatically speaking, good luck crushing “everyone that resists” if the money from America were ever to dry up.

      • pinchas baram

        a cheap shot. Hitler wanted to kill Jews and dominate the world. The Jew you just criticized is simply saying, world, leave me alone, I’m sick of your bashing, I”m a proud Jew and I insist on defending myself. As for Tikkun olam, nice in theory, idiotic in practice. Go try it and you’ll end up like James Foley.

  • yechiel aaron

    #13 on your list is really #1. Forget 4 generations. The people today that calling themselves ‘palestinian’ began doing so with the formation of the plo in 1964.

    • Itai Izhaki

      Err, no! You should do some research instead of blatantly repeating what you hear.

    • B Dobriansky

      Well, no. Arafat devised the term “Palestinian” when he crafted the PLO, but the term “Palestinian” did not come into real use until the Oslo Accords in the 1990s. It is only the young angry people who have been born since who use it. Most older “Palestinians” call themselves Arabs. The people in Gaza are actually Egyptian. Those in Judea and Samaria are Jordanian.

      BTW, the Jordanian Constitution names all those who call themselves “Palestinian” to be citizens of Jordan. I’m thinking they don’t mean the Egyptians though.

  • Israel Lover

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!A little historical truth should go a long way!