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Anti-Semites Hold Hateful Demonstration in Seattle; Pro-Israel Rallies Disrupted in Los Angeles, Boston

July 14, 2014 1:42 pm 36 comments
Protesters in Seattle waved signs equating Zionism with Nazism. Photo: The Mike Report.

Protesters in Seattle waved signs equating Zionism with Nazism. Photo: The Mike Report.

An anti-Israel demonstration in Seattle to oppose Israel’s week-long response to Hamas’s rocket fire called for the destruction of the Jewish state, with protesters waving signs equating Zionism with Nazism, shocking Jews who came upon the rally at Seattle’s Westlake Center on Saturday. The Seattle protest came as pro-Israel rallies were interrupted in Los Angeles and Boston by violence at the weekend.

Seattle-based blogger Michael Behar, author of The Mike Report, on Sunday wrote: “Protesters screamed anti-Israel slogans calling for the destruction of the Jewish state while waving signs and marching through the downtown sidewalks.”

“But this was more than a rally in opposition to Israel or her defensive operations,” Behar wrote. “The signs being waved and the chants hollered  constituted a shocking public display of shameless Jew hatred right  in the heart of Seattle. Signs comparing Jews to Nazis were commonplace.”

A protester in Seattle equating the Nazi genocide of 6 million European Jews with Israel's military response to Hamas rocket fire. Photo: The Mike Report.

A protester in Seattle equating the Nazi genocide of 6 million European Jews with Israel's military response to Hamas rocket fire. Photo: The Mike Report.

The rally, organized by Voices for Palestine, pushed their twisted narrative of Israel trying to revisit the Holocaust on Palestinians, with signs reading, “Zionist Israel = Nazi Germany” and “Stop the Holocaust in Gaza.”

Behar wrote that protesters also revisited other anti-Semitic themes, including the blood libel, that Jews kill Christians to drink their blood, even more ironic because of Kashrut laws that forbid Jews to eat any animal blood.

“While you may have thought that  blood libel accusations are a relic of the past, in fact the slander was alive and well in downtown Seattle this past Saturday,” he wrote, noting that one poster depicted “a Jew eating a gentile child along with a cup of blood to wash it all down.”

The angry protest in Seattle was matched by more hate in Los Angeles, where a peaceful pro-Israel rally in front of the Federal Building, in Westwood, was interrupted on Sunday by at least three men wielding Palestinian flags on long wooden sticks that witnesses said they used to attack Jews, the Los Angeles Jewish Journal reported.

The violent men sped away in a truck after police attempted to intervene, but the Jewish Journal reported police were able to catch them after they were pulled over for a “felony traffic stop.”

The Los Angeles rally attracted 1,200 Israel supporters who were met by an opposing group of 200 protesters across the street.

In Boston, a protest outside Israel’s consulate became violent on Friday when 100 anti-Israel demonstrators “swarmed” some dozen Israel supporters, The Times of Israel reported.

“There were eleven of us here, and that was not enough,” Aviva Malveira, a recent Boston University graduate told TOI.

Malveira said she was wrapped with an Israeli flag, in what she called a “tiny pro-Israel island,” surrounded by protesters, as the Jewish students sang the Israeli national anthem “HaTikvah” and Hebrew song “Oseh Shalom” (“Make Peace”), further inflaming their opposition, a group of mostly women and children carrying signs about “Israeli apartheid” and “war crimes.”

Malveira, who works for Israel advocacy group StandWithUs, said, “Some phones were knocked out of our hands, Israeli flags were yanked, and a whole lot of disgusting things were shouted at us.”

Chloe Valdary, a non-Jewish African-American and vocal pro-Israel supporter from the University of New Orleans was also at the rally and pressed charges against an assailant with the Boston Police Department.

“They surrounded us, they swarmed us,” Valdary wrote on Facebook.


  • Israel is not Jewish, but is a terrorist and Zionist entity. Many Jews are ashamed of Israel and do not want to be part of it for Israels daily war crimes committed against the Palestinians. Please distinguish between Jewish and Zionist.

    • Israel describes itself as Jewish. Fear that Palestinians would overwhelm the now-dominant population and thus destroy the “Jewish character” of the Israeli state is reported as constant in Israel’s political and intellectual life. Israelis appeal to a Jewish past in support of their claim to the land. Jews can gain citizenship almost automatically where as non-Jews are excluded from that questionable benefit. I think that Israel IS Jewish, and that its supporters everywhere need to think about the consequences of worshiping a state as if it were a god.

    • Who are these people and where are they from (the neo-nazis)? Seattle, similar to Berkeley and Oakland, has been rabidly ant-Semitic since the 70s. The problem of haves and have nots its looming larger and amplified by globalized competition. Rather than blame any one ethnic group-we need to address socio political realities. Rather than becoming anarchic sectors predicated on factionalized and uncommitted membership, Americans can and should strive to realize the ideals of our national vision.

  • Anti-Semite? these people are semites and not Israel. You should have your facts straight. The true semites are the Palestinian people. Your Propaganda is very obvious and will not work.

    • Gabriel, the Archangel

      You must be completely idiotic or still in the kindergarten. There are no Palestinians, repeat after me: there are no…
      Read good history books (if you can read and write)…
      The Archangel Messenger

  • Richard Wood

    I am a sociologist and have lived in the West Bank and Gaza for many months on several ocassions from 1988 until 2002. I have seen with my own eyes the destructive policies Israelis inflict upon Palestinians and themselves there and the blind support so many American Jews give to this regime. It is frighteningly myopic and very similar to how Americans support it’s endless and destructive wars from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Central America to southeast Asia. Israel is becoming more and more isolated politically around the world and anti Semitism is being fueled by this repugnance for Israeli violence. The photos from the destruction of the Shaja’ia neighborhood of Gaza City Sunday morning, July 20 will intensify these emotions. Rallies in Seattle, Denver, L.A. , Paris, have little influence compared to what Israeli forces do to living human beings in these vast prisons Israel is maintaining. Wake up people, take off your blinders and see what is happening to you.

  • Israel needs to be decertified as a nation, its government dissolved, and its constitution eliminated.

    A consortium of Arab progressive states and organizations, including, yes, Hamas, must convene and establish a new progressive direction for the region. The first item is to immediately change the name from Israel to one that the consensus would agree with, most probably Palestine.

    Next, the government must be dissolved, particularly of the Tea-Party like Knesset, that would allow the existence of religious autonomy consistent with the Arab region.

    Next, the military must be completely disbanded and/or absorbed by the local Arab region, coordinated by the United Nations. Without a doubt, Israeli military action has committed more terrorist acts than any other entity, other than the United States, in history, and its officers must be brought forth for war tribunals at a world court.

    Repararations, including property and individual wealth taxes, must be placed on individuals, particularly of those that supported the Knesset and other conservative, criminal elements.

    Finally, deference must be given to formerly repressed religioius organizations, particularly Muslim and Shiite, coupled with a de-emphasis on Christian and Jewish influences which inflame the community. This is paramount, and individuals whom wish to support such religions must understand that they need to go to more conducive areas of the planet.

    Until all of this comes to pass, there will always be constraint in the middle east. Unfortunately, before ANY of this can happen, the United States Republican Party must be banned. This is key.

    • I am speechless. I usually don’t bother with political rhetoric stemming from comment sections of articles, but your diatribe is absolutely frightening in its unabashed hatred of a sovereign nation that has been under constant attack for over 60 years. You are the only one, though who has actually proposed a “solution.” What is even more scary is that there are probably millions of people in the U.S., and most probably several billion people in the world who agrees with your assessment.

      People, batten down the hatches. This is going to be a whirwind decade coming up.

    • Yes Mo great idea! We dissolve any form of government we don’t agree with and give Hamas the power and pay all the Jews money to the Arab nations, who are so good to the Jews and are so open to their religion present in their nations. The Arab model is clearly more effective – just look to Syria and Egypt. We can form a justice system modeled after Iran which is fair and effective – but we will need more cranes to hang the criminals. I love your idea keep them coming – genius! You must be a Seattle Leftist Liberal open minded progressive peace loving anti-Israel Jew like me!

  • I’m from Seattle and it has become a city chocked full of lefty poseurs, limosine liberals, trustafarians, and other narcissists with a Jesus Christ martyr complex.

    Seattle is a petri dish of psychopathology. You could not make up in your wildest experiment a more bizarre, dysfunctional place in the world.

    • FedupEastsider

      Anditwasso you could not be more correct. As a classical liberal myself I am more afraid of the idiocy of Seattle leftists with every passing year.



  • Bradley, you hit the nail on the head. Criticism of Israel does NOT by any stretch of the imagination equal anti-antisemitism. I wish the world was that simple. According to this article then, holocaust survivors like Hajo Mayer, and Suzanne Weis, who are critical and vocal of Israels treatment of Palestine, are also anti-semites in this simple world view. Think about how ridiculous that is. If anyone has the right to use that term it’s them and they are against Israel’s murdering of innocent civilians at times of war. The hiding behind this “anti-semtism” rhetoric to justify any and all of Israel’s actions is no longer being blindly swallowed by the masses. People apparently now have a brain. There are holocaust survivors who are pro Palestine and anti Israel for God’s sake.

    Hajo Mayer SUZANNE WEIS

    • Thank you. I hate being called an anti-semite because I am critical of Israel’s actions and politics.

  • There is no doubt Seattle is lefty and this demonstration and its posters are despicable. But it should be noted that The Mike Report is a blog with a very strong agenda, and it should not necessarily be taken for news. Anti-Israel protests take place every Saturday (and have for years) at Westlake. The owner of TMR is shomer Shabbat, and was almost definitely not present at this rally, either. We should of course be concerned about this activity, but we should also try to keep some perspective.

    • You want “perspective”, Bradley? Keep in mind that this pro-Hamas rally was just one of many that took place yesterday. One of them in Paris where pro-Islamist thugs rounded up Jews and trapped them in a synagogue. Then threw bricks and stones at the building all while shouting ‘death to the Jews’. Same thing in Germany. The Lefties in Seattle, as per usual, share common cause w/Fascists. There’s your perspective.

  • I am from Seattle & I was also Pro-The Underdog for many years while living there…Now I live in Israel & have drastically changed my views of the situation here after living here & living in Peace with both Arabs & Jews – Israel has given the Arabs living here Electricity, Water, Jobs (Income), Health Insurance & many other benefits which they enjoy & many Arabs & Jews live here together in Peace as friends, doing business together, etc. There are just unfortunately those few EXTREMISTS that want to bomb one another that are hurting innocent people & children, who just want to live their lives like the rest of the world. I teach my children not to hit or kick, but to talk nicely. Grow up already extremists adults that can’t talk but can only bomb & hurt innocent people. And for all you peeps holding signs comparing Gaza to Nazi Germany – you just have no clue – you are blind and want to believe something that doesn’t even exist.


      HAMAS are terrorists who hide behind their people. Anyone in America who supports HAMAS vs. ISRAEL is just plain stupid or is truly evil themselves!

  • Israel Lover

    It’s a shame, Seattle is a beautiful city. Even in the most beautiful cities, anti-Semitism rears it’s ugly head

  • Seattle–to be expected from the bastion of paganism, low information voters who tell themselves that they are smarter and so, so very above most others in the world, much more tolerant of all, as they get high, ride bikes naked in Fremont, dripping with pride at the pride parade where simulating sex acts abound with children watching on the sidelines, where socialism marches on as the bright ones cheer on the city council as they vote for one collective directive after another. Of course the brainless ones will willingly go along with the in vogue Jew hating. When it all collapses, perhaps they will board a cruise ship for Venezuela where they can get a feel of what totalitarianism is really like. I hope they remember their water.

  • Jean Walles

    I lived in the Seattle area for many years. It was becoming more and more anti-Semitic and pro terrorist. This was one of the final deciding reasons for leaving the state. Remember Rachel Corrie was from Washington.

    • you know that rachel corrie was murdered by the IDF, don’t you?

      • howard brown

        Rachel Corrie stepped in front of an operating bulldozer while demonstrating against the security fence. She placed herself in danger, a human shield.


          This woman who was killed was an idiot. If I ran out into traffic on I-5, you morons who blame Israel would then blame Seattle – when I was killed due to my own intentions or stupidity.

      • So very sad for Rachel and her family, may she rest in peace and know truth in the next life. She was a total idiot in this one.

  • Here comes another Holocaust for us Jews. Please people, don’t turn a blind eye to this escalating anti-Semitism again. I am now afraid to wear my Magen David around my neck or identify myself publicly as Jewish.

    • Hey: don’t ditch your Jewish pride because you might get punched in the face. Time to study Jew-do.

    • NEVER EVER forget who you are. Be proud. We Jews will NOT hide, and we will stand strong. We will not be intimidated, and we have the power to withstand all oppressors.

  • Linda Elyad

    This article is VERY MISLEADING about the LOS ANGELES Pro-Israel Rally. Please do not think LA’s large pro-Israel rally was marred by anti-semitism.

    For what it was – a hastily organized show of public support for Israel’s Operation Protective Edge – it was amazing!! People were so well-behaved, polite and happy!

    The email notification told us not to engage the counter-demonstrators, and about 2,000 people cooperated. Pro-Israeli people greatly outnumbered the pro-Hamas people.

    I saw only silence and respect between us and the pro-Hamas people, who had to walk through our demonstration to arrive at their small group, which gathered on one of the intersection corners.

    As I was leaving the demonstration, we were on a side street at a 4-way stop. Both directions of the road were occupied by pro-Hamas demonstrators in convoys of several cars and a big truck. There were moments of confusion. We all stopped. I felt some fear. Then the driver of the truck, in a gracious hand gesture, waved to us pro-Israelis that we should cross the road, while they politely waited.

    Please see our Los Angeles pro-Israel’s Operation Protective Edge supporters as we were for hours. We were standing together in solidarity with Israel, smiling, and making loud, happy sounds. “Am Yisrael Chai! (The People Israel Lives!).” Singing Hatikvah. Listening to speeches at the rally.

    Meanwhile people stood 5 deep on the sidewalk of three sides of an intersection near the Federal Building with flags and signs, waving to traffic. When the traffic light changed, hundreds of us would cross together in the crosswalk of Wilshire or Veteran Boulevards, which are 8 or 10 lane streets. We waved flags, shouting joyfully. Drivers happily honked their horns in support of us. Pro-Israel people skipped and danced.

    The small counter-demonstration stood still, and looked boxed-in on their one corner. Law enforcement did a terrific job! They kept people orderly; the groups separated, and respectful of people, property and traffic. There was no riot, and hardly any strong expression of enmity.

    Don’t let a thing of minor importance mar your image of Los Angeles’ rally in support of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge.

    • Anna Livits

      I agree.. it was very good organized and happy event.
      I had a great experience there!

    • Thank you for your comment! I know peace can happen it is a shame though that it is American values which will bring this peace while the US administration treats both Jews and Muslims like dirt. I was in tears when I saw the video of Chloe and the terrible woman it was horrific.


      Linda, I was also at the L.A. rally on Sunday and for the most part it was wonderful and uplifting, but I beg to differ regarding the arabs who were standing across the street. First of all, they did not have a permit to gather. The initial small group grew as the rally progressed but remained relatively small. Other arabs purposely walked through our rally and next to us to incite, and incite they did. They purposely drove up and down the streets where we rallied, doing their best to incite with rude and mocking gestures. Yet the police focused on us, the Jewish rallyers for peace, not on the arab scum who brought their hate. And at the end, their WAS some “excitement”. Please don’t downplay what really went on in L.A. The arabs were horrible and the police did not do their job fully.

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