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July 17, 2014 11:56 pm

Violent Riot Targets Israel Embassy in Turkey; IHH Head Says ‘Turkish Jews Will Pay Dearly’ (PHOTOS)

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A photo posted online allegedly showing damage at the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul. Photo: Twitter.

As IDF forces entered Gaza on Thursday night in the latest phase of Israel’s ongoing Operation Protective Edge, violent riots broke out around Turkey threatening the local Jewish community and Israeli institutions. The head of the IHH terror-tied humanitarian NGO behind the infamous Mavi Marmara Flotilla, Bulent Yildirim, told local television station Haber Turk that “Turkish Jews will pay dearly” for Israel’s actions.

“Israel is acting like a spoiled child,” Yildirim said. “Jewish tourists, don’t dare come to Turkey. Tonight and tomorrow we are going to hold a different kind of protest, we do not have patience anymore.”

“The Zionists are putting the future of the Jews in danger, we can not hold back our youngsters anymore,” he said.

At the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul and the Israeli Embassy in Ankara crowds of protesters gathered and shouted anti-Israel slogans.

“Fight! Martyrdom!” they were heard saying in Istanbul. Protesters attempted to enter the building where the Consulate is located three times and lit a fire nearby. Haber Turk described the scene as a “battlefield environment” and rioters were seen throwing stones and bottles at police.

In Ankara an Israeli flag was removed by rioters and replaced by Palestinian and Turkish flags. Police were able to push the crowd back at times. Among the rioters were some of the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) parliament members, according to local reports. After some time, police used tear gas to confront the protesters.

Tweets from Ankara Mayor Melih Gökçek. Photo: Screenshot.

Ankara’s mayor, Melih Gökçek was quick to add fuel to the flames, tweeting about the Embassy, “It will be taken… The despicable murderers’ Consulate has to be kicked out of Turkey. We do not want an Embassy in Turkey of the murderers!”

A Turkish Jewish activist who is familiar with the situation on the ground told The Algemeiner that the environment is not safe for Turkish Jews.

“The Turkish Jewish Community which has been living in Turkey peacefully for over 500 years, is in grave danger for their lives after the escalation of the events in the Middle East,” he said.

The activist, who did not wish to be named, said that anti-Semitic and anti-Israel elements in Turkey have been “given a free pass” by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government.

“The escalation has reached a peak with the comments of the head of IHH who has pointed to the Jews in Turkey as fair targets,” he said.

As tensions rose in Israel and Gaza over the past weeks, Turkey’s Jews have faced a barrage of threats and abuse.

Two days ago, local newspaper Yeni Akit, affiliated with Erdogan, called on the country’s Jewish community to apologize for the casualties of Israel’s operation in Gaza. In an open letter to Turkey’s chief rabbi, correspondent Faruk Köse wrote, “You have lived comfortably among us for 500 years and gotten rich at our expense. Is this your gratitude – killing Muslims? Erdogan, demand that the community leader apologize!”

Last week popular singer Yıldız Tilbe tweeted praise for Hitler. “May God bless Hitler” she said. “If God allows, it will again be Muslims who will bring the end of those Jews, it is near, near.”

Turkish Jews condemned Tilbe’s remarks and  requested an apology. But the apology never came.

Ankara mayor, Gökçek, who is a senior AKP member, praised the singer’s Gaza tweets. “I applaud you Yıldız Tilbe for the messages you deliver to many of your colleagues and especially to the Turkish nation,” he wrote.

See photos of the events below:

A Palestinian flag atop the Israeli Embassy in Ankara. Photo: Screenshot.

Anti-Israel protesters burn an Israeli flag.

Turkish protesters.

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  • art frank

    Pictures of the savages in turkey imitating their co-religionists throughout the world.
    In reality they could care less about the savages in gaza. They just hate Jews who they know are their moral and intellectual superiors. Mobs of savages targeting the tiny Jewish
    community in turkey typify the amorality of a majority of muslims.

    • Hope

      Well look back at history prior to 911 Israel and a Turkey got along what changed.One,Kurds
      Israel was pro Kurds and Turks hate them.Second one should ask themselves why after 911 did Turkey change there mind about Israel because this hatred started then not now.Im very curious as to certain conditions in Turkey prior to 911 many Turks seemed to know about an imminent threat to America and it happened.Im sorry but it seems Turkey hates America and Israel they have gone from being very secular to more fundamentalist over the past ten years.It is true that Jews and Turks got along just fine so this begs the question where is the involvement ?Who cares if Obama like Turkey he likes Iran.Turkey is on the outs with Egypt Jordan and Saudi Arabia but gets along with Obama.Seems to me Turkey became a radical secret pre 911 and post 911.A duck is a duck I would be weary to go to Istanbul anymore the center of the world is Israel not Istanbul.Turkey needs to be worried about earthquakes and the casualties it has from inadequate building of homes and the loss of life based on that.If your Turkish get on your government to step up on building codes hold them resposiable and stay out of other regions problems.I know for a fact the rich Turks that built these cheap buildings ran away to safety leaving the poor to die in the next major earthquke which is predicted by the entire world.

    • bill

      It was never reasonable to expect Turkey would remain a civilised nation with the growth of eastern populations and fundamentalism. Islam does not support the continuity of democracy and separation aof church and state. Erdogan has foever tipped the balance back towards darkness in Turkey.
      Picking on a fraction of one percent of the population is the epitome of paranoia, bullying and downright cowardice. Turkey is now percieved in the west as just another screwed up muslim country

  • sherwin

    Israel is a country of Christians, Muslims and Jews.

    In Iraq Muslims are killing Muslims. Why no protests?

    If Hamas did not start firing rockets it civilian population would not be in danger. If it accepted the cease fire its population would not be in danger. Israel was forced to respond to the rocket fire coming from Gaza in order to protect its population Christian, Muslim and Jew alike. They are all citizens of Israel. Blaming the Jewish population of Turkey for the invents in Gaza is like blaming the car for the actions of the driver.

    If the rioters in Turkey want to be useful they should convince Hamas to accept a ceasefire and stop putting the people of Gaza at risk. They apparently do not place a high value on the life of the citizens of Gaza. The later are just puppets in their goal to destroy Israel. The Arab population is Israel has the highest standard of living of all the Arab population and opportunity for their children to live a better life. Maybe one day Hamas will look to bettering the lives of the Palestine instead of obsessing with Israel’s destruction

    • art frank

      These are muslim savages and cowards. They target the tiny Jewish community in Turkey with their hatred. If they are so tough and want to support the hamnas savages , let them depart immediately for the gaza cesspool where they can die with their scumbag co-religionists.

  • Ronaldo Dsouza

    As An American Christaians… I Can Described This Point As Jews Are… On the Support of USA… Otherwise This Jews Are Nothing without U.S… 49% Population JEWS Are Situated in USA…. Due To Safe

    • sherwin

      Don’t you love being prejudice. The Jewish population worldwide is among the most educated of all religions. Jews having fewer people on the public dowels than any other group and pay more income taxes per capital than any other ethnic group in the US

      even you math is wrong the US population is less than 1/3 of the world Jewelry.

      You appear to be nothing without your prejudice. what ever happened to the golden rule.

      It is said that you can classify 7 million people as being nothing. what happened to your Christian belief of goodwill to all mankind……being a bigot is easy for some

    • Anubis

      Renaldo: The Sun is 93 million miles. Alexander’s horse was named Bucephales. That information is as relevant as yours to the Gaza conflict..

  • `Bob J

    Yes, Erdogan is President Obama’s best friend in the Middle East and that is why it is imperative that we call the White House 202-456-1111 M-F 9-5 or go their web site and call our Congresspeople 202-225-3121 and ask them to ask Obama to pressure Erdogan to protect his Jewish citizens.

    Israelis are battling on the front line. We need to do our share.

    BTW, the Hamas friendly media won’t tell the truth that it is the Hamas millionaires who are responsible for the deaths of the human shields that they use to protect them and their military installations, not Israel. By not reporting this truth, the media encourages Hamas to continue this practice of killing their own people, which is obviously a war crime for which the media blames Israel, ignoring Hamas’ war crime of shelling civilians populations, and Israel’s legitimate self defense. The media uses the resulting body count figures, which they helped create, to bash Israel and ghoulishly seek Israeli deaths for “balance”. The media, led by the New York Times, needs to be contacted until they get the news right – 212-556-1234, letters@nytimes.com, public@nytimes.com, foreign@nytimes.com.

  • JIm Washington

    In the allegedly secular Turkey both Jews and Christians are to be forced out of society. The thriving Jewish communities were pushed out of Thrace with the 1934 incidents being the most well known. In 1910 Christians made up 22% of the population of Anatolia and represented communities going back to the time of Paul of Tsarsus. Today the Christian community is only 2% of Anatolia. Turkish secular nationalism and the follow-on jihadist Islam have been considerably more destructive of both communities than the Ottoman Caliphate ever was. In the case of the Orthodox Christian Patriarchate the government has legislated that the Patriarch must be a native born Turk while restricting their seminaries so severely that it’s becoming almost impossible to find a Turkish born priest who will meet the requirements.

    It’s time people of the book unite or perish.

    • Ada Kritz

      This is ridiculous. Christian population percentage is lower in Anatolia today because THE MUSLIMS MULTIPLIED MORE, same with Jewish population in Palestine.

  • Yannis

    This article is a huge crap and lie.

    Please make some research before making comments about the content of the article. No one ever threatened Turkish Jews. Ask to any Turkish Jews who is currently living in Turkey.
    It was Turks who welcomed Jews more than once in the history.

    One example is when they expelled from Spain. Read it from the Jewish Community here and learn about truth.

    The latest welcome was after the World War when 2 ships full of Jews entered Agean Sea. Turkish goverment accepted the Jews and gave them Turkish Citizen Id’s to protect them.

    Do not believe everything you read in media right away. Be objective and think humanly.

    • JIm Washington

      Yes my friend what you say it true and that’s one of the amazing contradictions of Turkish history – they took more Jews escaping the NAZIs than any country in the world with the possible exception of Ireland, yet the erosion of the community has continued.

      • Joseph

        Your claim of Ireland allowing Jews to emigrate there is simply not true, I think you are confusing Jews with Nazis. The Vatican ratlines all went through Iraland, if Irelan a beautiful country “took in” so many Jews where are they? Uhhhhhhhhh, why would they have left? And Turkey didn’t take in any Jews its a lie, Turkey has a very ancianet Jewish community going back to before the Turkmenis invaded and took over the middle east, for their new religion. Their pride needs them to say Jews are foreigners so they must say Jews onlt got there 500 years ago. If that is the case, where did the largest Jewish presence ever in Byzantium go to? We know Byzantium was 10% Jewish, its even in the Jewish DNA according to British genetecist Richards, Jews have no Caucus heritage and are Middle Eastern male and Greek-Italian-Southern European-Armenian non Jewish female in other Byzantian or the people in Eastern Rome before the Arab invasions when the whole Middle East cynically got branded Arab by some racist colonizers.

        • Joseph

          To add to what I said about Ireland Jews are very very similar in mindset and thinking to Irish in my view. And this would not be a bad world if Jews and Irish ruled it 😛 in my opinion.

          • Bob Kelly

            I think that most Irish people, given our history, can feel much more empathy for the Palestinian people at this point in time. There is no support whatsoever in this country for what Israel is doing. Ireland is one of Israel’s most vocal critics in Europe. We are a peaceful and equality loving nation, despite our faults, and it is very difficult to stand by and witness what the Israeli state is doing without judgement. More than most countries we know what the roots of terrorism are, and how generations of pain and hatred are perpretrated.

          • Anubis

            Hey Kelly: Let’s recap. Ireland was being attacked by the British with all the force it had;right? The Irish just responded. Or was it that the Irish wanted independence and became terrorists to Britain in Britain’s view. Point is , Ireland, Southern, wanted out and did some TERRIBLE things to do so. Israel did stuff like that in the 40s. That’s what you have in common;1947, not now. You revolted by choice.Israel is defending itself. Another interesting comparison. Northern Island is still part of the UK. They were defeated conclusively 400 or so years ago and are still part of England. Israel has won quite a few wars. They are held to a different standard. Why is that? One loss and Israel is done. Why don’t you focus on today’s real human rights offenders. Plenty in Africa,Europe,Middle East,
            Asia etc. The Arab states have murdered more Arabs than 10 Israels. How about 1 million middle eastern Jews disenfranchised, murddered and robbed from from the 50s to 3 PM this afternoon? Want to b e different? Defend a country defending itself from armed attack.

          • Anubis

            Liquor was invented to prevent the Irish takeover of the World.

    • E benAbuya

      And the pictures are what? Get a clue.

    • Zeev

      That was a different Turkey, the Ataturk’s Turkey. It doesn’t exist anymore.

    • Anubis

      good advice;but nothing to do with the facts today. Erdogan is using endemic antisemitism to get the spotlight off of Erdogan.

  • Beatrix

    Obama made Israel apologize to Turkey under the guise that Turkey would accept the apology and engage in friendship again with Israel. Israel apologized for fighting back when she was attacked by a armed gang on a Turkish ship and paid millions of dollars in retribution to the ruffian’s families.

    Today, Erdogan and his people are treating Israel with hate and contempt not seen in nations who aren’t yet at war. They’re even attacking their own Jews, making it clear they aren’t considered Turks and after 500 years aren’t welcome in Turkey. Erdogan is turning Turkey into a Nazi like government, He isn’t sure whose side he’ll be on, but Erdogan and his people are sure it won’t be Israel’s.

    Turkey was democratic. Probably Erdogan is using Israel as a distraction as he robs his people of their freedom. And he’s deflecting anger from himself by turning it onto local Jews, an undefended target. But his people are buying into it without question.

  • FG

    Look at what Ankara’s mayor, Melih Gökçek, used to spread hate and encourage the rioting: Twitter.

    Both Facebook and Google have hate speech policies, but Twitter does not. I know this won’t solve all or even most of the problem, but please sign this petition and ask Twitter not to allow themselves to become a hate speech haven: http://chn.ge/Ubcmqj

    Hate speech isn’t harmless. It leads to and incites violence.

  • What a barbaric people. Does this mean Israelis can now attack the Arabs in Israel? Sounds appropriate and I am sure the Turks will understand…

    • Mark Zucker

      No it does not mean that. You shouldn’t even make rhetorical questions on that matter or joke about it. Israel must retain our values as a free and democratic people. Israel is not a barbaric state. Israel is doing everything it can to prevent attacks on Israeli Arabs. Israel has always had full equality and protection from attacks by terrorists to all it’s citizens.

      • Tomm

        Thank you for that reminder.
        Turks are not arab.
        The Kemalist plan for Turkey is a template, to be appreciated.

    • Are you just an ignorant moron? Or just another mindless Jew-hater? Most likely, both.

      • Yannis


        Do you always talk with filthy mouth?

        Or can it be that you might not find the necessary arguments or solid thought to bring on?

        Its very funny. You are talking about a “jew-hate” but while you are doing that you are spreading your own hate with words like “moron” or else.

        I can feel your hatred from thousands of miles away.

      • Anubis

        Ignorance is blindly attacking those you disagree with!!

  • Eve’s comment of 7.31am creates deja vu, Nazi Germany. It is exactly the argument that staunch German Jews would have used in order NOT to emigrate. As a result only about half of Nazi Germany’s Jews EMIGRATED, unfortunately not all out of Europe. The rest were RELOCATED…

    Any Palestinian Jew who after Kristall Nacht advised Jews to “come home” was not an anti-Semite as Eve suggests, but a clairvoyant. Kristall Nacht was the result of the Evian Conference attended by the major governments in the world and at which is was decided to condemn Nazi anti-Semitism BUT TO PROVIDE NO ENTRY TO JEWISH REFUGEES. Hitler realised that he could safely proceed with his Final Solution.

    Eve criticises the notion that Jews do not belong where they are born. SURELY WE BELONG WHERE WE CAN STAY ALIVE? With hindsight that is only possible where there is a Jewish state with a Jewish majority, hence a Jewish majority government and, most important of all, a very powerful Jewish army, one able to protect us.

    Anyone who has studied the Jewish achievement in human endeavour over the millenia knows what we have contributed. We originated three major religions including Jesus, and one of the finest codes of ethics in existence.

    One only has to look at the winners of Nobel prizes.
    14 million Jews constitute .02% of the world’s population, yet they have won 24% of all such Prizes as at 1990. Had the Shoah not killed six million of them that figure would have been higher. Jewish scientists eliminated the scourge of Polio. Had they lived then perhaps by now they could have found the cure to many other diseases as well.

    We are neither appreciated nor thanked for this. Nothing seems to have been learned from the Shoah, and vicious murderous anti-Semitism is still found worldwide.

    I don’t suggest dropping everything and packing up, but as a concentration camp survivor who lost almost all his family it is very reassuring to know that there is a HOME to go to. Yes, and I did live for years in Israel, only leaving for family reasons.

    Don Krausz.

    • Mark Zucker

      As an American Jew who strongly supports Israel, I can tell you that the situation in Turkey is not relevant to the situation of American Jews. I’m proud to be an American and will fight to defend all human and civil rights here for all minorities. I will not tell Turkish Jews what to do. I will say that I imagine I would try to get into the U.S. and leave Turkey behind if I were a Turkish Jew. Turkey is an Islamic State with a history of genocide against Armenians and unprovoked murder of Greeks living in what was once known as Anatolia. Turkish Jews live in a nation that will not admit it’s vast crimes against Armenians and Greeks and a country dominated by a ruling pro-Hamas Islamist party hostile to Israel and Turkish Jews and Jews everywhere.

      • anonymous

        Euhmm @markzucker , Turkey is a neutral country, not Christian not Muslim not Jewish or any other kind of religion 😉 but there are more Muslims in turkey than other religions thats correct, but still not a islamic state the church and the government is separate 😉

        • Anubis

          Surely thou jestish!!

    • I was taught that when you sleep with trash, you get trash on you….it’s time that we Jews leave countries where we don’t belong….let the muslims populate and destroy these countries…our Jewish talent and intellect will create a void and these countries will die!

    • Lucille Kaplan

      Beautifully articulated, Don Krausz. Hatred for Israelis, regardless of the dynamic in any particular conflict, has always been deeply intertwined with, and fueled by, age-old racist anti-Semitism. Turks are not alone in being unable to articulate political criticism without immediately drawing upon imagery and rhetoric readily available to them from the Nazi era.

      Among Jews worldwide, there is, alas, still no consensus on the proper conceptual basis for the Jewish state, but Don’s historical perspective goes a long way in explaining why there can be no shame in Jews deciding to give up on living in Diaspora, and finally going to the sole country on Earth in which they can stop facing threats as old as (and older than) the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

      References to the Protocols were published in the West Bank in popular news organs only a few days ago. Various versions of the Protocols have, moreover, regularly appeared, in serial form, in the official police gazettes of the Palestinian Authority, in recent years.

      I find most chilling, in the events developing in Turkey, the following, which comes straight out of the poisonous mythology, in the Protocols, that describes Jews as the bloodsuckers of their host countries’ wealth: “In an open letter to Turkey’s chief rabbi, correspondent Faruk Köse wrote, “You have lived comfortably among us for 500 years and gotten rich at our expense. Is this your gratitude – killing Muslims?”

      The brilliant Zev Jabotinsky, originator of Revisionist Zionism, struggled very hard, in his day, to identify affirmative bases for a Jewish state, eager not to argue that anti-Semitism should be reason for the in-gathering of Jews back to Zion. In the end, though, he seemed to make peace with the idea that the most immediate impetus for enduring statehood, may, in fact, be the permanent state of world anti-Semitism that has resulted from Jews’ millenia-long diaspora, which, he seemed further to believe, was incorrectly cast as an exile from a primarily spiritual, rather than political/national, homeland.

      Today’s Aliyah apparatus, it seems to me, is a bit locked into the notion of the spiritual Zion, for its requirements and orientation are overtly religious, at least for applicants based in North America and the UK. I understand how this has come about, but I also think that the time has now come to go back to the writings of Jabotinsky for greater clarity on the national aspirations that are appropriate to a people of our history.

  • Jim heft

    The odd part and we all read the same stuff is that. Russia is one of the few places in Europe where anti semitism is not an issue as contrasted to Hungary , France , Turkey , and other places .
    Will the remnant of Jews now leave ? It is odd that those. In charge don’t feel obligated to protect all their citizens as noted by the persecution in Egypt , and all over the Middle East of Christians.

    My wife is from Bahrain and her family and many others lived in Iran and had no desire to leave. That is no more.. Every time there was an Israel war my wife’s neighbors who were their family friends would call them on the phone threatening to kill them.

    It was always a charmer that when the Jews were kicked out of Spain the Turks welcomed them Will there be a community now that the Jews are losing their welcome.. It is with sadness of this loss and also remembered is the Greek Jewish community killed by the Germans in WW2. They were also refugees from Spain.

    • Anubis

      It is fitting and fair that all these anti-Semitic country’s will get payment for their bigotry. The genius of the Moslem and Arab regimes in the middle east is,one way or another, they will be Jewless soon. Anyone can see the greatness and profit of this eventuality. Look at France, Iran, Iraq etc. See how well they are doing with their new Arab and Moslem citizens. Cheers for Sweden. Malmo, the second largest city in Sweden, is now Arab. What marvelous things these new law abiding avatars of death bring to their new homes. Assimilation, loyalty, creativity, positive economic contribution. All of that will come in time. Probably when all these “progressive” countries are under Sharia law. Meanwhile they sure did a great thing by getting rid of those troublesome Jews.

    • Joseph

      Except if you watch any RT broadcast, suddenly you see Russia hasn’t changed its stripes.

  • Jim heft

    The odd part and we all read the same stuff is that. Russia is one of the few places in Europe where anti semitism is not an issue as contrasted to Hungary , France , Turkey , and other places .
    Will the remnant of Jews now leave ? It is odd that those. In charge don’t feel obligated to protect all their citizens as noted by the persecution in Egypt , and all over the Middle East of Christians.

    My wife is from Bahrain and her family and many others lived in Iran and had no desire to leave. That is no more.. Every time there was an Israel war my wife’s neighbors who were their family friends would call them on the phone threatening to kill them.

    It was always a charmer that when the Jews were kicked out of Spain the Turks welcomed them . Will there be a community now that the Jews are losing their welcome.. It is with sadness of this loss and also remembered is the Greek Jewish community killed by the Germans in WW2. They were also refugees from Spain.

    • Not only did the Turks welcome them, but it was their king (sultan) who personally ridiculed his Spanish counterparts that they were expelling the most productive people of their kingdom. I wonder if Erdogan,Kose, Tilbe and Gokcek regret their childhood polio vaccination or any of the other benefits Jewish ingenuity have provided them. Silly idiots manifest themselves by their idiotic hatred. G-d provides for His people, sometimes in hidden ways. The day of Divine retribution will come, as sure as night is night and day is day.

      • Anubis

        I spoke to the Messiah. He is coming but he’s arriving on an Italian train.

      • greg

        Im sure he is glad of all the Great Jewish achievements and realizes what an intelligentand productive bunch ye are, but some people find it difficult to sit back and watch innocent women and children be massacred in what looks like genocide rather than a nation trying to protect itself.

        So in his eyes Israel’s current behaviour has totally degraded previous accomplishments.

        What is going on in Gaza is absolutely horrific and how nobody has stepped in to stop it is obscene.

        As an Irishman I could never understand why the Jews are hated in lots of places around the world, seem a progressive, Intelligent bunch with a natural flair to achieve in all sectors.

        Such an Intelligent bunch must agree whats going on is disgusting and part of me is glad to see someone speak out about it with force.

        • Anubis

          Hey Irish: You might think differently if you lived in Tel Aviv. Don’t have to be Israeli or Jewish to resent rocket attacks.

  • Sam

    The message is clear. This was all predicted in the Torah. The last portion of the Five Books of Moses was especially directed to the Nations of the World to which G-d dispersed the Jewish people (Israel). G-d knew that the Torah would be carried by Israel with them as they were dispersed throughout the Nations, so HE issued this warning. “Be kind to MY PEOPLE and make their lot a good one”. The Torah then goes on to express that G-d alone will take vengeance on the Nations if they do not abide by HIS warning. G-d is the protector of the Jewish people, just look at History. The Jewish People and Israel will not be foresaken. G-d WILL JUDGE THE NATIONS BASED UPON THIS WARNING!

    • frank prizio

      God will protect Israel. Ezekiel 37-38 declares what happens to the enemies of Israel. Almost total destruction.

    • Anubis

      Sam: “The Jewish People and Israel will not be foresaken.” They re already forsaken.

  • Shaheen

    If you are a Jew, please read the holy Torah (in its original form, not deviated one) which was bestowed to Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) by the ONE CREATOR.

    Or, if you are a Christian, please read the holy Inzeel(Bible, in its original form, not deviated one) which was bestowed to Prophet Isa (or Jesus) (peace be upon him) by the same ONE CREATOR.

    Or, if you are a Muslim, please read the holy Quran(in its original form) which was bestowed to Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) by the same ONE CREATOR. The holy Quran authenticates other holy books and the Prophets (peace be upon them).

    So, the problem seems to be in knowledge/education or simply arrogance in accepting the words of the ONE CREATOR. Please be honest and fair to yourself.

    In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
    Say: He is Allah, the One! Allah, the eternally Besought of all! He begetteth not nor was begotten. And there is none comparable unto Him.

    • Penny

      Your religion advocates hatred, killing, rape of children an d “family honor”. What kind of animals are you?
      ALL people have a right to practice their choice of religion. You have been brainwashed to think that only your religion is the one. So you become murders and rapist in the name of Allah,
      I don’t disparage your god, don’t tell me or anyone else who to pray to!

      • Shaheen

        I am not sure you understand my message. A thief is a thief, a rapist is a rapist, a murderer is a murderer, does any religion say the other way?

        The person who is engaged in the immoral act does not corrupt the doctrine of the religion, it is the individual at fault. So, be honest what you say.

        My question to you how much do you know about my religion? I know little about my religion and need to learn it lifelong. If I become a doctor, it does not mean I know my religion, I still have make to time learn it.

        I just gave advice, if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to like it. In the same manner, I don’t accept your suggestion.

        Last thing, I did not say what my religion is, you assumed it very much.

        • Anubis

          “Religion: A daughter of hope and fear,explaining to the ignorant the nature of the unknowable”

  • judithg

    erdogan is obama’s bff. keep that in mind.

  • Israel Lover

    This is the kind of mentality we have to deal with -Muslims openly call for the murder of Jews…and the world is silent…….Again!

    • Israeli Crowd Cheers As Missile Hits Gaza Live On CNN
      “I think you can probably see there are lots of Israelis gathered around who are cheering when they see these kinds of Israeli strikes.”

      Because your people are hypocrites! Even the Germans didn’t act this way when the Nazis were killing all the non Aryan people, not just Jews.

      • Mark Zucker

        Your comments about Israelis are lies. Those who cheered were simply happy to see violent terrorist get the treatment they ask for by their own sick behavior. Palestinians elected a terrorist government in Gaza and terrorists operate freely all over Palestine and attack Israel with rockets, That sweetheart is what’s known as aggression.

      • Anubis

        Ignorance has no boundaries. Remember the Palestinians dancing in the streets on 9/11? Of course you don’t.

  • Emanuel

    Erdogan is Obamas best friend, google it, and tell me why?

    • Penny

      Both Muslims? Figure it out. Obama is destroying this country from within, and handing to the terrorists.

  • art

    ll his “close friend” Erdogan and tell him to calm things down? Where is Obama to publically condemn the blatant anti Jewish violence. His silence shows approval

  • Eve

    Here; I have a message for Turkey, (and anyone else who whines about Israel’s “guilt”) from one of their needle-in-a-haystack few educated and HONEST Moslem brothers. An unbelievably REFRESHING statement, from an Egyptian ex-terrorist – – who knows whereof he speaks!


  • Kerry Berger

    Interesting that this protest is not even being covered by mainstream news broadcasters. It leads me to suspect that perhaps the situation is not as serious as Algemeiner portrays. I’m always skeptical about any media outlet. If you cannot find 2 or more independent sources to confirm it, then it is suspect. If you seek to be objective about this matter, that is what you have to do.

  • h.s.cohen

    It’s my hope that the Mossad has time to visit Erdogan!

  • Aharon

    it turks came here from Asia’s Desert. before them Jews and other nations were live in peace and friendly .turks are intolerant,brusque …

    • Penny

      Aharon? Is that you.
      No matter what I AGREE WITH YOU.

      • Aharon

        Penny It’s Aharon

        who writes only about the Truht,despite others disagreements .it’s their trouble what they’ll feel.

        Thank You!

    • Molla

      Aharon, please do not make racist remarks towards Turks as an ethnicity. The anti-semitism issue that now haunts not only Jews, but ethnic Turks of other beliefs, or of moderate Islam is due to the rise of Islamic extremism.

      I do not favour the days of the Empire, but till our society was stained with right-wing conservative governments, (I mean before 1948), Jews were of equal or even higher social status throughout the country. Even in the revolutionary party, at least one Jew was an active member.

      I feel guilty, and ashamed of what the insensed people of Turkey now do. I hope we will enlighten once again.
      But this will not happen if everybody takes, all Turks, with no exception, for barbarians.

      Peace and friendship.

      • Anubis

        good point.

      • Aharon


        Talking about racism and racists doesn’t mean the remark is racist ,but of course I didn’t mean all the turks. there are few moderated turks different from the others but they are so less that sometimes the remark is being understood as racist.
        all should be said as there are.

        Thank You!

  • Ephraim

    Leave turkey. They don’t deserve Jews. Lets all bring Moshiach Now!

    • Aharon

      Echoes from near and far pasts hint more than leave turkey!

  • Ekrem San

    Turks and Jews lived peacefully for the past 500 years in Turkey. Governing party AKP and its idiot leader Erdogan has 40% vote of the uneducated population. There are still 60% of the country that are secular and believes in democracy and peace. People should condemn Fascist Erdogan and his corrupted government not the country as a whole. You are just jeopardizing peace between Jews and Turks by doing so.

    • John White

      Why is it that intolerance is the tool of choice of authoritarian governments? This is not a trick question. It has an answer.

      The answer is because there are more intolerant peopl who vote than tolerant people who vote. Which, sadly, is the paradox of democracy….Intolerant leaders are voted into office by intolerant people to achieve intolerant political goals…

    • Lynne T

      Erdogan isn’t an idiot. He’s a maniacal Islamist crook, who unfortunately is a lot cagier than Mohammed Morsi, using his earlier years in office to build up his wealth and control of the media. And now, he’s also created a new and more powerful political office for himself.

  • Eric R

    Israeli embassies should have armed guards and should open fire on such Islamofascist scum when they attack. IDF forces should also be quietly placed at Jewish institutions in Turkey and Europe and be ready to shoot down rioting Muslims, leftists and Nazis.

  • James David Tyler

    Sadly wherever in the world the Jewish people live there will always be those who want to destroy them. This is not because of what they do or what they do not do but because they are Jews. This is a SPIRITUAL warfare being carried out on earth in a physical way. It is now opening up a way for all the nations surrounding Israel to join in a confederacy to fight against Israel as described in Psalm 83.
    One thing is certain G-d will not allow those who oppose Israel to flourish and gain a total annihilation of Israel regardless of the numbers opposing them because of the promises made to Abram and his descendants. Israel is in the land to abide as promised by G-d. forever.

  • Turkey has become one of the most evil countries in the world under its Nazi-like dictator Erdogan. The US and Israel should break diplomatic relations with them until Erdogan is killed.

    The demonstrators are brave Muslims in Turkey, London, France, Cairo, Boston, etc. screaming to destroy Israel–but on the real battlefield against the Jewish state, they are a bunch of scared little rats, crawling into their holes and hiding. The macho Arabs fear the little Jewish yeshiva boys. Is that a riot or what?

    • Mark S. Devenow Esq.

      You are 100% correct. This from a country admitted to NATO and, nominally at least, part of the West. As far as I’m concerned, holding any government holding a sizeable local Jewish population as hostage in this manner – explicitly threatening violence to a vulnerable minority – ought to be kicked out of all memberships in western institutions. It was a huge mistake admitting these Moslem bastards into any form of western alliance to begin with!

      • Eric R.

        That is exactly the point. Erdgoan (and the Jew-haters in the EU) are basically holding their Jews hostages – threatening to kill them (or stand by as Islamofascists, Marxo-fascists, and Nazi fascists) run riot and slaughter them – unless Israel gives up and not only stops her efforts to crush the Islamonazi savages in Gaza, but also just be willing to roll over and die in a second Holocaust.

        Israel really needs to state that an attack on Jews in Turkey or Europe is considered an attack on Israel, and use military force where possible. The problem is France – which has a large nuclear arsenal, and when (not if) the pogroms start there, Israel’s hands are tied unless she simply uses her nukes to obliterate oil installations in the Middle East in order to permanently destroy the European economy. But in other countries, the IDF should be used to defend Jews, and if necessary, seize government buildings.

        • ThinkBeforeYouSpeak

          Protecting ethnic Russians was the premis for Putin’s invasion of Crimea.

          An attack on Moslems is an attack on any Moslem state.

          Preventing the two groups previously mentioned from using the tactics you’ve outlined is racist and bigoted.

          • Penny

            You have your head up your a**!

    • Reform School
  • platus pla

    Turkey committed a genocide against the Armenian people. More than 1 million Armenians, including women and children, slaughtered. Israel kills 200 Palestinians as an act of self defence, and they DARE compare it? I guess somebody is feeling a bit guilty…

    Türkiye, Ermeni halkına karşÄ± bir soykırım. Kesilen kadınlar ve çocuklar da dahil olmak üzere 1 milyondan fazla Ermeni,. İsrail kendini savunma eylemi olarak 200 Filistinlileri öldüren ve bunu karşÄ±laştırın DARE? Biri biraz suçlu hissediyor sanırım …


      this should be a warning to Israelis and Jews everywhere.


  • Mark

    Keep flaming the fire and this will go ballistic. Are you trying to incite global jihad? I’m so sick of all parties playing games with humanity. Stop, enough already.

  • Abdul Mohamed

    God bless Turkey. Palestine will soon be liberated!


      SCREW YOU.


      • SallyBelle

        Newt is so right!!! He should have been our president. He showed me how Mitt’s background is communist. I googled it and he was so right again.

    • zadimel

      G-d bless Israel. “Palestine” will soon be liberated.

      • Penny

        Hashem bless Israe! May all Islamists and Palestine be eliminate

    • Eve

      God’s blessing is the utter, shameful ignorance of people like you. Your “Palestine” is a fantasy; it does not exist. And ignorance makes Moslems even more easy to vanquish.

      Listen to your brother, imbecile; listen to an educated, wise Moslem, and feel ashamed of yourself.


      God will NOT bless Turkey. God does not bless a LIE.

      Maybe you need to read some middle-eastern history, and understand why Israel won the Six Day War, against simultaneous attack from MULTIPLE Arab nations.


    • Eric R.

      Abdul you filthy Nazi POS,

      Try to liberate “Palestine”, and 500 million Muslims will be vaporized by the IDF.

    • Swami

      How ironic.
      100% of Turkey is on occupied land- Greek, Armenmian, Kurdish.

      When will they be liberated?

    • Bernard

      The only liberation you might get is from the murderous cowards Hamas, those that use women and children to hind behind.

    • Anubis

      What you call liberty civilized people call despotism. Call me when you get to the 19th century.

    • Anubis

      Abdul: Right! Right after Turkey is liberated.

  • Mayven

    The shame of individual Turks is loud and clear. A frenzy unbridled . The very depths of misguided anger on its vulnerable citizens. The Nazis were no less.
    Envious…jealous…mobs.The government is complicit.

  • Jazz

    You call this violent riots. We call it JUSTICE!!!

    • Eve

      You call it “justice” because you are liars and imbeciles. You call it “justice” because you are primative savages; social, moral, and intellectual retardates, unevolved since the fifteenth century, who have no place in this world, with that attitude, and can only be “reasoned” with by being BEATEN back. Simply put – – you call it “justice” because you are pigs.

      • Geoffrey Rogg

        Hey Eve, why insult poor pigs? Just call them what they are – Inbred, ignorant, retards! Otherwise, agreed.

  • Bella

    Moslems have killed approx 11M Moslems since Israel was established.

    If they expect Jews to apologize for death in Gaza, first let the Moslems apologize for murdering Christians, Moslems, Jews and other minorities…Bahai, etc – and perhaps stop killing eachother and others.

  • Bryna Weiss

    These Turkish Muslims are barbarians who know only violence and hatred.
    Erdogen is losing his support in Turkey, so of course, he is hoping to use hatred for Jews and Israel to prop himself up again. Disgusting.

    • Joseph

      He is not losing support he can’t his elections are a sham. And this has nothing to do with Israel Israel is a pawn against Egypt.

    • Anubis

      Erdogan will be elected and more powerful than ever. We can not deal with a culture energized by a religion of death and a population of ignorant and brain washed people for the most part.If minorities and the progressives were to leave Turkey would become another Ottoman Empire on its way to dissolution.

  • Abu avi

    And so Turkey proves the need for Israel to exist.
    There is no better example of the need for Jews to have their own nation.

  • Bart A, Charta

    When the Jews leave Turkey the same thing will happen to Thurkey that happened to Spain following the Inquisition: the country will fail economically and militarily. It has already failed politically.

    As for threats to the Jewish community, maybe it is time for Turkish Jews to leave. They will find many of their “landsmen” already in Israel living in Bat Yam and Yehud, so the transition will not be so difficult. And the Shin Bet might also send some “tourists” to call upon the Ankara mayor, the leader of the IHH, Yildirim, and President Recep Full-of-Hot-Erdogan. Maybe it’s now time for a good-ole-fashioned Turkey shoot….won’t have had such fun since WWI.

  • Disvusted

    It is a nazi practice to hold the local Jewish community as a hostage and blame them to bear responsibility for tbe conflict. Turks have been tolerant for 500 years. The change is bringing shame to the face of Erdogan and his supporting fund

  • rashid zaidi

    Good Israel should be ostracized it has brought it upon itself. Hubris is bad medicine check history to get your bearing.

    • zadimel

      If Israel is ostracized, where will the Hamas thuggish leaders go for medical assistance? Where will the killers and thugs go for good paying jobs?

    • Eve
    • Eric R.


      Keep it up and your lovely Arab cities will be turned into radioactive hot zones by the IDF.

  • What will it take for Jews to finally wake up when the local population is stirred up deliberately to hate them even more. And worse, government protection is withdrawn and violence is encouraged?

    Do they want to stay alive and escape to Israel immediately or stay there and be slaughtered? History again repeats itself, Hashem forbid.

    http://www.israel-commentary.org Jerome S. Kaufman

    • Eve

      Excuse me, Mr. Kaufman: please tell us how safe Israel is; explain that to us. Perhaps you didn’t “get” it, when a boy from Brooklyn, New York, was recently kidnapped and murdered in Israel. Oh, no, Mr. Kaufman; now is the time for every Jew on earth to feel their personal power, and have FAITH in God, and stand firmly in place. “Never again” also means that we will never run, or be driven out of our homelands again. And to deny that the place of one’s birth is their HOMELAND – – is to share the Nazi perspective that Jews do not belong anywhere on earth.

      • Anubis

        Great theory! Too many tried that and ended up in Auschwitz.

  • DocReality

    The Muslims have really turned Turkey into a garbage pit. Perhaps if the Jews protect themselves and leave, then the whole country can go down the tubes.

  • David Polovin

    Its time for intervention by the same institutions that routinely find cause to criticise Israel, usually hypocritically. Turkey is a member of the UN, Nato and a part of Europe. Speak up and condemn Turkish anti-semitism and the hate mongering Edrogan. The US has a particularly important role here.

  • Alan Kennedy

    Of course Turkey has the moral high ground, still occupying Constantinople …

    • Anubis

      Not a good argument. We’d have to give back the S.West and West of this country. Giving back Texas is OK.

  • Yaakov Shmuel

    I find it rather disgusting that Turkey, another Arab nation with a horrific track record in human rights, is trying to hide their anti-Semitism and complete contempt and hatred of Jews behind the cloak of concern for their Arab brothers in Gaza. Why is it that regardless of what country in the world the “Palestinian refugees” end up, they act like complete animals? While many Arab nations have dumped Hamas and Gaza, Turkey uses the situation in Gaza as fuel against Jews. I, for one, am getting sick of seeing these Palestinian riots throughout the world!

    • reda

      get your fact right ! turkye is not arab country ! go learn before to teach 😉

  • Why is this country of government-supported thugs still part of NATO?

  • Lammie

    Anti-semitism has reached an all time high. In the 1930’s it was mostly the Germans. Others were “politically correct” and were anti-semites, but kept quiet. Today it is “fashionable to be an anti-semite and among billions of Muslims it is absolutely obligatory.

    If only Jews would have made Aliyah when the State of Israel was founded in 1948, Israel would be extremely strong today and in a very different position from many points of view – Demographically and financially among a lot of other things. Mass aliya would have made us invincible and Jews would not have to sit in the Diaspora and worry about their own safety less than 70 years after the Holocaust. It is very sad that only now are some Jews realizing their mistake. The French Jews ARE arriving – some arrived in Israel this week even though rockets are falling all over the country. They feel safer in a war zone than they do in France!! Turkish Jews would be well advised to read the writing on the wall and make Aliyah too. Jews anywhere else in the world who think they are safe – they should know that things change. Nowhere is safer than your own home! Instead of being afraid to wear a kippa or show in any way that you are a Jew – come home – we have a wonderful army – they will protect you. You belong here. Stop living in the equivalent of “five star hotels” where you may not be so welcome soon, come home to Israel. You will be welcomed with open arms. Together we can live and work and make Israel into an even more amazing country than it is today. HOME – does that not sound good? So, what are you waiting for? Come home already!

    • Eve

      You see – – this is the problem; you tell Jews that they should go “home”, and, like any anti-semite, you do not perceive Jews as being *home* in any place and *all* places of the world in which they have been born for generations! It’s nice that you invite us so graciously, but in doing so, you are not realizing how anti-semitic you’re being. You perpetuate the belief of anti-semites – – that we do not belong where we were born, where our parents toiled, where our grandparents and other ancestors have invested their lives. That, regardless of our contributions to the many places we call home, regardless of the deep roots we have in those places, regardless of our attachments to those places, and the blood our families have shed in defense of those places, those places are “not” our homes. You, like anti-semites, try to shove us into a dismal little corner, in a FOREIGN land. You encourage us to uproot our lives, and go off to a hot, dusty, miserable place (yes; to American Jews, Israel is a miserable place!) where we should live as immigrants for the rest of our lives. How dare you?! No; I do NOT want to have to learn a foreign language and live with foreign customs, and eat foreign food! But, more to the point – – and I return to my point – – WHY SHOULD JEWS BE *CHASED* AROUND, AGAIN?! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO “NEVER AGAIN”? WHAT IS THIS PROPAGANDA THAT CERTAIN JEWS PERPETRATE AGAINST OTHER JEWS, WHO WILL NOT “COMPLY”? STOP ENCOURAGING JEWS TO *RUN*! I ENCOURAGE JEWS, EVERYWHERE, TO CONSOLIDATE THEIR EFFORTS TO FIGHT THIS SCOURGE *WHEREVER* THEY ARE – – JUST AS THEY WOULD HAVE TO IN ISRAEL; LET’S STOP THIS LIE THAT JEWS ARE “SAFE” IN ISRAEL. STOP TRYING TO BULLY OTHER JEWS. We have enough of this shit from others. It is our political duty to remain WHERE WE ARE. And I will point out that there would be NO Israel, were it not for the political power of Jews in other nations. Were all the Jews in the world to go to Israel, then the Jewish homeland would first be in real trouble. Do you not understand that? Together, as an INTERNATIONAL community, we have made Israel what it is, and we will make it an even more amazing country than it is today. But realize, that without the Jewish WORLD community, there would be no Israel – – and Israel would be no more! So stop trying to round us all up in one little place; realize the folly of putting all one’s eggs in one basket!

  • aall55

    a Muslim cannot accept a Jew to be superior to him !

    • A Muslim cannot accept that a Jew is superior to him. He takes it out on the Jews (and Christians and other Muslims who don’t buy into that shit). It’s not just Jews who are superior to Muslims–the rest of the human race is superior to them. Their so-called religion is the most barbarous, loveless, anti-spiritual, cruel, misogynist, blood-thirsty monstrosity ever dreamed up.

      • Anubis

        “An eye for an eye.” Torquemada, The Pope in WW2, Salem witches,The Crusades and on and on. All in the name of religion. People in glass houses etc.

  • shloime

    disgusting attempt to divert attention from his corruption charges by inciting a pogrom.

    yet another islamist who enjoys america’s unconditional support.

    • Eve

      And *THAT* is the problem.

  • vivarto

    Turks are Muhammedans == Idiots

  • Inetfraud

    In all seriousness: the Jews living in turkey need to leave. Under erdogan, it’s akin to nazi germany. It is simply not worth it to stay and allow such abhorrent bigotry to go unnoticed. If turkey’s Jews leave, it would be yet another disaster for the quickly fading Turkish reputation. Turkey has become the most hated nation in the lavant. Let heir karma visit them when Hashem desires but the Jews must leave. Who could live among such savage bigots.

  • M Doffman

    …….but don’t mention Northern Cyprus! Or are the rules different for the Turks?

  • David Levy

    The Govt of Turkey are part of the Muslim Brotherhood and fully supports Hamas, so this is to be expected. It is a foul government – just look at how Erdogan suppressed the demonstrations against him. As Egypt did, so Turkey should rise up and kick out this despicable man and his corrupt followers.

    • Eve

      Let’s pray on it, brother. Let’s pray with all our passionate hearts! Strength in numbers and strength in prayer – – and I’m hoping they rip him apart!

      • Anubis

        Sums up religion Eve. Pray and rip apart. Very compassionate and merciful. Glad I’m an atheist.

  • That is because:

    We are in a World wide Islamic Cultural War or 1400-year-old Jihad.
    We each see a different parts of it in the world and if you put all the violent parts together it adds up to only one cause: an 1400 year old Islamic Cultural War. It is the same as that joke of four blind men touching the elephant.

    ҬArabs and Palestinians are controlled by it and do not know it! ҬӬ

    ҬIt is not about land, rights or settlements, water or being politically left or right. If it were it would have been solved long ago. It has not.

    It is Cultural War that means Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must destroy Islamic Culture. It is a Genocidal War.

    Muslims have been fighting each other and others for 1400 years or more. There is no reason that it will stop now. If we want peace we must change Islamic Culture.

    The book “Culture and Conflict”, explains it clearly. It shows that current cultural conditions in the Arab Middle East will not support internal development, advancement or peace until there is a major cultural change. “It is critical that we understand our enemy. That is step one in every conflict,” RR. Philip Carl Salzman, INSB # 978-1-59102-587-0.

    • Reform School

      Bulent Yildirim?
      Is that Turkish for Virulent Delirium?
      Historically, Muslim invaders built the Ottoman Empire. Hysterically, Turks still cannot communicate in Arabic. Why must Turkey punish Jews? Islam cannot accept blame. Muslims are deeper in denial than the Aswan Dam footers. https://www.facebook.com/PatCondell/posts/257587590945280

    • Shaheen

      In any nation, there is one sect called true believers and the others are NOT.

      The Jews separated into 71 sects, and the Christians into 72, and the Muslims will divide into 73 sects.

      The TRUE Jews, the TRUE Christians and the TRUE Muslims all believe in the same ONE CREATOR, ALLAH, THE LORD OF THE ALL WORLDS.

      ALLAH the ALL-MIGHTY CREATED all the Prophets, from the first Prophet Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa (or Jesus), and to the last Prophet Muhammad (PEACE BE UPON TO ALL OF THEM.

      Perhaps, we need to be honest in seeking the truth and seeking the mercy from the CREATOR.

  • Miroslav Bekker

    Stupid jews ! Go to Israel!

  • Dov

    Its time for Jews in Moslem countries to move to Israel.
    But are the Jews in Turkey at fault? Did Israel ask them permission to go to war?

    • Eve

      It’s time for Jews in Moslem countries to move to the *United States* and Canada – – and add another match to the fire we light under our oppressors. Israel needs support from powerful nations with strong Jewish political blocs.

    • Joseph

      There are no Jews in Muslim countries you are 100 years too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The founder of the Arab League admitted to exterminating the 2 million indigenous Jews of the Middle East 80 years ago,and the world did nothing.

  • Talk about asymmetric war!

  • Golum

    What a bunch of Dumbies!!!

    Next time erdogan needs help…call ham-ass!!!
    Don’t worry the Israeli (and American) Tourist business to Turkey has just dried up!!!

  • Joseph

    There is a growing body of evidence, though it will never come to the fore, because the world is insane and beyond evil in this case, that IHH trained the people who did the Beslan mass child murder. There is no doubt their website praises and holds a yearly vigil for the mass murdering other Islamic charity who carried it out. It is on their website, and pics of wreaths they laid on memorials to the murderers are on IHH websites, such as Samel Basayev.

    BTW, this threat is exact de-ja-vu to what the founder of the Arab League (besides his infoumous to no one because the world is evil, “war of extermination” threat in 1947) about the 2 million Jews who were indigenous and living in the country formerly called the Ottoman Caliphate in that case, in the mid-1930s, when the Arab League was forming, that Islamic activity the world let him organize and carry out, as their are none of the indigenopus Jews of the Middle East/North Afica former Ottoman territory, who are not dead or in Israel or France, they are getting killed in France and everywhere in Europe, daily with the help of the French and Belgian governments, (I have no doubt at some time in about 5 years, some leftist Jew, like Sands or one of the ones who invented the Qhuazar so called theory, will “admit” that zionists were behind all the antisemitism today, like they always do, and use some Arab pretending to be a Jew willing to lie to “prove” it, and every other crime in human history, and the Jews though the world taught and teaches everyone to violently hate them, were never ever persecuted, but we were always justified to kill them).

    • Joseph

      And in the case of IHH organized Beslan mass child murder, they used human shields, look it up, there is video of it, just like IHH supported Hamas.