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July 21, 2014 5:51 pm

IRGC-Affiliated Newspaper Javan Says Iran Armed Hamas With Fajr 5 Missiles, Ababil Drones

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A political cartoon published by semi-official state news agency Fars to show how Arab leaders are being silenced and complicit in Israel's retaliation against Hamas. Photo: Fars / MEMRI.

A political cartoon published by semi-official state news agency Fars to show how Arab leaders are being silenced and complicit in Israel's retaliation against Hamas. Photo: Fars / MEMRI.

Iran has armed militants in Gaza with Fajr 5 missiles and Ababil drones to help fight Israel, according to Iran’s Javan daily, affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, according to a translation by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, published on Monday.

MEMRI said that article was published in Farsi last Wednesday, and was one of several in the Iranian press that spoke to “Iran’s aspirations to regional hegemony” and written in protest “in the face of the passivity of the Arab rulers.”

Javan said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in which a consensus on the Palestinian issue exists between the regime and its people. Together with popular support for the Palestinian fighters, the [Iranian] regime also provides important aid to the Palestinian fighters, including military weaponry… This measure by the Islamic Republic – arming the Palestinian groups – is carried out publicly, and not in secret, and has even been publicly emphasized by the leader [Khamenei].”

“Honestly, what reason does Iran have to conceal its comprehensive support for the defenseless Palestinian people? Undoubtedly, it [is a source of] great pride for Iran that the simplest Ababil drones, produced by the Islamic Republic [of Iran] and operated by the Hamas fighters, managed to turn the skies of the occupied territories [i.e., Israel] into the skies of [Hamas] and [even] hide from the [Israeli] regime’s expensive radars and air defense systems. [It is a source of great pride for Iran] that Fajr 5 missiles, which are planned and manufactured by the military industries of the Islamic Republic, are in the hands of the Hamas fighters, [to be used] as tools of defense.”

Javan noted that “18 months ago, during the previous war between Hamas and Israel, IRGC Commander Jafari announced proudly and clearly that the Islamic Republic had provided the oppressed people of Gaza with the technology to manufacture Fajr 5 missiles.”

“The joke of the day is that the missiles of the Zionist regime’s Iron Dome system, which cost $25,000 [apiece], are unsuccessful in shooting down the Fajr 5 missiles, which cost [only] a few hundred dollars, and that [consequently] fear and dread prevail in the occupied territories [Israel] more than at any other time.”

“Finally, it should be stated loud and clear that for the Islamic Republic of Iran, the defense of the ideal of Palestine will never be sullied by political games. As Khamenei said, Iran will not hesitate to express support for the oppressed Palestinian people.”

MEMRI also translated a similar screed published at on Sunday:

“It is, therefore, necessary to continue the policy of struggle until Israel is eradicated from the region,” it said. “When Imam Khomeini firmly declared that Israel must be wiped off the world’s map, some may have had difficulty accepting this policy. Today, however, everyone understands that there is no alternative for this occupying regime other than this fate… Unfortunately, the Muslim and Arab governments… do nothing for the people of Gaza.”

MEMRI quoted Fars, the semi-official state news agency, as writing last week: “The people in Gaza should know… that we will not forget them, that we will always support them, that we view resistance and unity as the only way to confront the criminal Israel, and that we believe in God’s promise that truth will vanquish falsehood. With the grace of God, the annihilation of this malignant growth is imminent.”

MEMRI also published a series of political cartoons from the Iranian press that portrayed the alleged silence of Arab leaders implying that they were complicit in Israel’s retaliation against Hamas.

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