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July 30, 2014 9:53 am

Italian Journalist Defies Hamas: ‘Out of Gaza Far From Hamas Retaliation: Misfired Rocket Killed Children in Shati’

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Gabriele Barbati, Jerusalem Correspondent for Radio Popolare Milano. Photo: GB.

Gabriele Barbati, Jerusalem Correspondent for Radio Popolare Milano. Photo: GB.

Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati said he was able to speak freely about witnessing a Hamas misfire that killed nine children at the Shati camp, confirming the Israel Defense Forces version of events, but only after leaving Gaza, “far from Hamas retaliation.”

On Twitter, Barbati, Jerusalem Correspondent for Radio Popolare Milano, and a former reporter for Sky Italia, in Beijing, said, “Out of #Gaza far from #Hamas retaliation: misfired rocket killed children yday [yesterday] in Shati. Witness: militants rushed and cleared debris.”

He said, “@IDFSpokesperson said truth in communique released yesterday about Shati camp massacre. It was not #Israel behind it.”

On Tuesday, the IDF released aerial photos showing how a rocket from Gaza targeting Israel hit the Shati camp, run by the UNRWA, and Al Shifa Hospital, which has become a de-facto Hamas headquarters, against international rules of war.

Barbati said he was unable to speak about the Al Shifa hit, but he was certain that it was a Hamas rocket that hit the Shati camp, and a witness saw militants rushing to clean the debris.

Blogger Elder of Ziyon, who praised Barbati for telling the truth in a war where many journalists have been intimidated by Hamas, noted that “When Hamas made the area off limits to reporters, it was cleaning the area from any debris that could show the truth.”

An IDF diagram showing how four rockets from Gaza hit the sea, Israel, Shati and Al Shifa Hospital. Photo: IDF.

An IDF diagram showing how four rockets from Gaza hit the sea, Israel, Shati and Al Shifa Hospital. Photo: IDF.

On Tuesday, CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, called out two correspondents from The Wall Street Journal for deleting photographs that would implicate Hamas in the war crime of using the Al Shifa hospital as a military headquarters. Other journalists, including a Gazan reporter for French media recounted to France’s Libération how Hamas had interrogated him in the same hospital, but later asked the newspaper to take down the story.

Elder of Ziyon said, “Every single report on TV from Gaza should have this disclaimer: ‘Our reporters have been threatened, implicitly and perhaps explicitly, by Hamas to only report one side of the story.Viewers must not trust anything they are saying.'”

“There is an assumption of fairness in journalism, a contract between the media and the viewers,” the influential blogger said. “This contract has been broken, as far as I can tell, by nearly every single reporter in Gaza in nearly every report, with a couple of rare exceptions.”

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  • Ron

    This is the very first time in a conflict betweeen Hamas or Hezbollah and Israel where there was no reports of “militant” casualties. All that the media reported was the number of “Palestinians killed,” followed by the tpyically outrageous claims that 75% of them were {innocent} civilians.

    I submit to you that, since all Hamas militants dress as civilians (in violation of international law and the Geneva convention), then all “civilian casualties” were, in reality, all Hamas militants.

    Since Israel did everything it could to avoid targeting civilian centers and sent warnings to civilians well in advance of attacks, there is zero evidence of any casualties caused directly by Israel.

    To date, nothing but untrustworthy hearsay has been reported to the media. There is a double incentive to lie to the media:

    #1 HAMAS threatened or killed anyone attemtpting to report actual hamas casualty numbers

    #2 HAMAS uses lies as a mainstay of his propaganda war. Allah said, “War is deception,” and creating deceptive attack scenee for the media is the product of an entire movie industry known as Pallywood.

    #3 UNWRA has been operated in cooperation with terrorist groups since the days of the PLO and Arafat. Those in UNWRA who are new to the organization are quickly brought in line by threats to their lives by HAMAS.

    #4 UNWRA allows its schools and hospitals to be used as storehouses for weap[ons, rickets, explosives, and other munitions. When three schools were found stockpiled with rockets, they gave them back to HAMAS when they should haave been impounded.

    #5 The war increrased support for HAMAS by Gazans, which belie the “suffering” they allegedly claim, further bolstering Israel’s claim of not targeting civilians. If Israel wanted to turn Gazans against Hamas, they would have carpet-bombed anywhere missles were found and claim that everyonre killed was a legitimate target as Haniyeh said about Israelis.

    War is not a game where one side gets to play by its own rules and rewarded for killing its own civilians.

    After finding three dead Israeli teens, they should have given Hamas 72 hours to turn over the criminals or else it would level Gaza.

    The world is silent top the real genocide of Christians at the hands of Muslims. They were silent when Assad killed 170,000 civilians who did not declare war on Assad.

    But, when Hamas decalred war on Israel, and let’s say there were 1,500 civilian casualties in Gaza: calling 1,500 out of a million a “genocide” is a cruel joke.

    Genocide is systematic extermination of a specifically-defined group of people. If Israel wan ted to exterminate Palestinians or just Gazans, it could do so in a day.

    The world is not happy because there wasn’t enough dead Jewish people to balance things out as if there was a moral equivalence.

    There has to be a declaration that the land Israel is on is their land and that there is no pccupation, there never has been an occupation, and the term, “Palestinian territories,” is a blatant lie, invented long after UN Resolution 282 called for returning some of the territories captured in 1967.

    Returned to whom?

    They were under the control of Jordan for 19 years. They were returned to Israel in a peace treaty.

    Gaza was under Egypt’s control for 19 yearsGaza was returned to Israel in a peace treaty.

    Judea and Samaria are Israeli territory that should have been in their possession since 1920 after the San Remo Conference.

    80% of Israel’s land was given to the King of Transjordan (now Jordan) and all of these so-called “Palestinians” are Transjordanians.

    They have no claim in Jerusalem or the West Bank. Jerusalem should remain undivided and Israel should reclaim its own land.

    Gaza got off too easy. Once again, Hamas got to dictate its own terms in a war it started. Hamas and the PA occupy Jewish land. There are no borders just as there are no Palestinian territories.

    • Margarita

      It is Palestinian lands. Neturei Karta opposed the establishment of and retain all opposition to the existence of the so-called “State of Israel”!

      Neturei-Karta is the Aramaic term for “Guardians of the City. The name Neturei-Karta originates from an incident in which R. Yehudah Ha-Nassi (Rabbi Judah the Prince) sent R. Hiyya and R. Ashi on a pastoral tour of inspection. In one town they asked to see the “guardians of the city” and the city guard was paraded before them. They said that these were not the guardians of the city but its destroyers, which prompted the citizens to ask who, then, could be considered the guardians. The rabbis answered, “The scribes and the scholars,” referring them to Tehillim (Psalms) Chap. 127. (Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Hagiga. 76c).
      The name was given to a group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who refused (and still refuse) to recognize the existence or authority of the so-called “State of Israel” and made (and still make) a point of publicly demonstrating their position, the position of the Torah and authentic unadulterated Judaism. Condemnation of and segregation from anything connected to or affiliated with the so-called modern day “State of Israel” is based on the Talmud, the key fundamental doctrine of the Oral Tradition handed down by G-d to Moses on Mt. Sinai. The Talmud in Tractate Kesubos (p. 111a), teaches that Jews shall not use human force to bring about the establishment of a Jewish state before the coming of the universally accepted Moshiach (Messiah from the House of David). Furthermore it states that we are forbidden to rebel against the nations and that we should remain loyal citizens and we shall not attempt to leave the exile which G-d sent us into, ahead of time.
      Jews are not allowed to dominate, kill, harm or demean another people and are not allowed to have anything to do with the Zionist enterprise, their political meddling and their wars. The Zionist state employs a set of chief rabbis and uses religious parties to ornament their state with a clerical image. They study the Torah with commentaries altered to clothe the words with nationalistic nuances. Our rabbis have countless times proclaimed that it matters little which individuals or parties govern in the Zionist state because the very establishment and existence of the state itself is to be condemned and to be deplored.
      The true Jews remain faithful to Jewish belief and are not contaminated with Zionism.
      The true Jews are against dispossessing the Arabs of their land and homes. According to the Torah, the land should be returned to them.
      The world must know that the Zionists have illegitimately seized the name Israel and have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people!

      For the rest of your dissertation, I found various inconsistencies, dare I say lies?

      • corri

        Netorei Karta is a fringe Jewish group regarding their philosophy/view of Jewish history and cosmology. They do not represent the majority view of Jews. The separation of Zionism from Jews is an invention of those who want to delegitimize the claim of Jews to return to their historical land. Zionism was a liberation movement for Jews and it was and is possible to have a Jewish State in which people who are not Jewish are not discriminated against. Unfortunately, there has been a long history of misunderstanding, disrespect and competition between Palestinians and Jews. There also has been positive interactions. But angry people acting in insular, self-serving, uncompassionate ways have fanned flames of hatred and separation. War has begotten war. Hatred and mistrust has begotten the same, spiraling to the situation we have today… when, still… I believe most people want to live in peace. I don’t live in Israel anymore so I don’t have a lot of influence, but I haven’t given up on peace– at all.

  • marc

    Good for Barbati. All you have to do is report the truth. Thank you. And thanks to the other reporters who, after they left GAza, were able to report the truth.

    • Margarita

      Meet Ayelet Shaked, a member of the Knesset — Israel’s parliament. She belongs to Israel Home, a far-right party in Netanyahu’s governing coalition. She issued on Facebook what amounts to a call to commit genocide, by deliberately killing Palestinians, including women, children, and old people.

      “The entire Palestinian people is the enemy,” Shaked posted. “In wars, the enemy is usually an entire people, including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.”

      The Knesset member went on to say that the mothers of Palestinians killed should follow their dead sons to Hell: “They should go, as should the physical homes in which they raised the snakes. Otherwise, more little snakes will be raised there.”

      Her language reminds me of a chapter in our own history — the genocidal Indian Wars. U.S. military leaders had called on their troops to wipe out all the Native American. Col. John Chivington was asked on the eve of the Sand Creek Massacre about killing Cheyenne children. “Kill and scalp all, big and little — nits make lice,” he replied.

      Shaked’s comments also echo the words of an Israeli colonel who testified under oath at the wrongful death trial of Rachel Corrie, a young U.S. peace activist killed by an Israeli soldier driving an armored bulldozer in Gaza. “In a war zone there are no civilians,” said the military officer — who was responsible for training Israeli soldiers to serve in the occupied territories.

  • Melani

    Everyone should see Pat Condel’s lastest video on the Gaza/Israel incursion. Hamas is not fighting for freedom, they are against freedom. They are Islamists who want Sharia law. There were originally 30,000 displaced Palestinians in 1949. Their leaders told them to flee and they could return ‘home’ when all the Jews were driven into the sea. Well, it didn’t work out that way and now there are 3 million ‘refugees’ b/c the UN high commision on refugees gives special status to Palestinians to include their descendants who are still living in refugee camps in Arab countries, b/c those countries are practising apartheid. Those countries do not allow these’refugees’ to assimilate and work and get health care. The Jews who were forced to flee Arab lands were assimilated into Israel, hence there are no Jewish refugees. To keep a people ‘down’ for the sake of political weaponry is a crime. Please go to youtube and watch Pat Condel. He really sums it up.

    • Margarita

      Esber uses British archives and Palestinian oral testimonies to demonstrate that there was a purposeful, systematic pattern by which Zionist forces depopulated Palestinian cities and villages before the end of the British mandate on May 15, 1948 and the subsequent intervention of Arab armies. Other recent books instead have relied on Israeli and Zionist archival sources.
      During this civil war period, Esber writes, “Zionist Jewish military organizations forced more than 400,000 Palestinian Arab inhabitants from their homes in about 225 villages, towns and cities in Palestine.” That comprises approximately half of the total number of Palestinians made refugees during the creation of the State of Israel, as well as half of the depopulated Palestinian cities and villages, the latter largely destroyed as part of the systematic campaign to erase Palestinian society.”
      Her use of British archives and other sources serves to corroborate the dispossession of Palestine and the Nakba. , “The Nakba [catastrophe] is the Palestinians’ own story of tragedy and loss, and they are the most credible source to tell it.”
      According to Esber, Morris’ over-reliance on Zionist sources and neglect of Palestinian witness accounts leads him to the skewed conclusion that “deteriorating living conditions in the villages and urban areas, and the Zionists’ capture of nearby locales, were primary reasons Arabs evacuated.” On the contrary, Esber’s interviews with survivors found that refugees “consistently cited the violence of direct military attack, the trauma of civilian deaths in their communities from attacks, a rational fear of rape and massacre, threats of those or other atrocities, and ordered expulsion.” Many of Esber’s Palestinian informants identify the massacre at Deir Yassin and the decisive loss of Haifa as “the two most critical events of the civil war,” happening within two weeks of each other in April 1948.

      Per Miko Peled, an Israeli Peace activist
      Israel has been bombing and killing people in Gaza since it created the Gaza Strip in the early 1950s. On a regular base, Israel goes in and kills civilians in Gaza. This has been going on for six decades. And the problem is that people equate the Palestinian response to Israeli violence and to Israeli aggression as terrorism, instead of realizing that this is an act of resistance. The Palestinians have been the subject of oppression and violence by Israel from the very beginning that the state of Israel was established. This is why we have a Gaza Strip. This is why we have hundreds of thousands of refugees in the Gaza Strip and other places. These people were forced out of their home as a result of an act of terrorism, which created the state of Israel in 1948. They have been part of a brutal oppression for six decades.Miko was born in Jerusalem in 1961 into a well known Zionist family. His grandfather, Dr. Avraham Katsnelson was a Zionist leader and signer on the Israeli Declaration of Independence. His father, Matti Peled was a young officer in the war of 1948 and a general in the war of 1967 when Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and the Sinai.

    • Margarita

      He is a very misguided, ignorant, apathetic, racist soul.

  • Ann Dolan

    Finally, a journalist who reports the truth. Isn’t that what we should expect from a free press? Thank you for your bravery and high standard of reporting what you witnessed.

  • Dan

    Amazing how other journalists will not tell the truth. I salute you for your honesty and salute the media that publishes what you have to say. Shame on the other journalists.

  • Gasparzinho Fantas

    Well, I can see now how you gight your wars, its the same way you manage THIS journal, i guess: my comments “waiting moderation”after 2 days???
    Enough said!

  • edna

    Il lavoro del giusto è fatto da altri, un giornalista costoso …. le parole del mondo che potrebbero essere in grado di salvare persone innocenti dalla regola della violenza. E guardiani dei diritti umani dovrebbero finalmente capire che chi puntare il dito. Cerco di non essere ingenui.

    “The labor of the righteous is done by others, a journalist expensive …. the words in the world that might be able to save innocent people from the rule of violence. And the guardians of human rights should finally understand that those who point the finger. I try not to be naive.”

    • david

      Ciao Edna,
      The issue here is not knowing on whom to put the finger. The issue is that the “human rights’ guardians” know who’s to blame but they are even too scared to do what needs to be done,for if they would even attempt to do something about it, they would find themselves beheaded like those two poor journalists by ISIS, or Daniel Pearl, all of them killed just because they were jews…

  • John

    So nice to see Italy support the truth in this mess. I was worried all of Europe had given up on the truth and fell victim to the blind hatred. And bravo to the journalist for reporting the truth because we know how Muslims will threaten your life for speaking out against them.

    • Benny Avrahamson

      Barbati is an extraordinary exception among the Italian journalists, most of them are vehemently anti-Israel.

  • Haim

    I wish there would be more brave and honest journalist like you. Europe beware, you are the next front!

  • lukx

    Shame on you lier, what about children killed by bombing everything in gaza by the zionists

    • jay

      Shame on you for strapping bombs on your kids,
      And sending them to their death’s for the name of”allah”.
      Cowerds liers.

  • Yararo
    • Margarita

      Pamela Geller is a right wing person who absolutely hates Muslims. However you have got to know that palestininas are also Christians.

  • Gasparzinho Fantas

    My neighbour, who by the way stole the greatest part of my land and property, I slapped hin in the face for not letting me live and prosper WITHOUT his permission. Do you know what he did?
    He came to the rest of MY HOUSE, burned anddestroyed most of it, hilled many of my animals, many members of my family, and told to all the judges that looked at it and said: I ´M JUST DEFENDING MYSELF…

  • Gasparzinho Fantas

    By the way, god who? Hey, people, it´s the xxI century!
    Wake up! God is dead, and religions are the smell from its body, they all stink.
    Are you still ready to kill and die for it?

    Get a life! Live!!

  • truth?

    what a load crap of propaganda! Just because he says so, just because “he was certain”, can it be regarded as fact, without a single evidence to back up his claims? where is his proof? and where is the evidence of “intimidation of journalists by hamas”?? there are hundreds of journalists, most of them foreigners, that can freely in or out Gaza, and no one mentioned this expect this Italian?

    • Margarita

      Truth? Exactly my sentiments! Molto bene!

  • miguel

    Any person with a gram of intelligence did not need to wait for a declaration from any journalist. we all know that all of them did not have the courage to say the truth,not even ask the proper question . anybody who believed what they say are either naive or anti- Semite.

    • Gasparzinho Fantas

      And you are what Miguel? A potuguese sionist? Why don´t you go to israel and put your nuts in the fire?
      No? Very courageous…

    • e

      yes that seems to be most people

  • Avid

    I think this is a Bull Story
    But , it is very well Done & very emotional
    9 Kids accidentally killed to compare with 200+ volountarily killed
    I let u draw the conclusion
    Gabriele, i think you capacity to ever come back to Palestine to Act is a Bit minimized now.
    I do not like war as it is not good for booth siede
    There is a Need to make an effort to respect Eacher Otter and make Peace
    The other Option will just weaken Israel over Time and give them a bad reputation
    It will just strengten the other Parties

    • Rachmaninov Dwek

      Yes, because you are an expert on Gaza. When was the last time you were there? And as for “200 kids,” it was Palestinians who refused all unconditional ceasefire a until yesterday and it was Palestinians using kids as Human Shields so perhaps you ought to rethink your “expert opinion.” As for “respect”? It takes mutual respect. When Palestinians even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State, get back to me.

      • bob

        youre just plain wrong. The idf have been using human shields for years.

    • sue

      Avid, For a person that does “not like war” you were fast to utter a threat against the reporter “Gabriele, i think you capacity to ever come back to Palestine to Act is a Bit minimized now.” Why would he not be welcomed in GAZA (Not Palestine) after reporting the truth? Ask yourself if this is the world you want to live in, where reporting the truth will get you possibly killed.

    • Ray Veysey
      • Palestine

        I gather that you don’t speak Arabic! this video you have posted was from Syria against Bashar Assad and has nothing to so with Hamas as you have stated !

    • Daniel Limo

      9 killed by Hamas rocket 200 because they were used as shields by Hamas = 209 killed by Hamas. Basic arithmetic even a third grade kid can figure that out. Respect is also a two way traffic and the day Muslims respect non Muslims 99% of wars in the world will end.

      • Joanne

        SO TRUE!!!!!

    • open eyes

      “Avid” your knowledge of what really goes on there is about equivalent to your knowledge of proper English spelling & grammar.

    • Easy to read through your words and see you have dogmatic mind believing in nonsense.
      As a skeptic, I’d say, that if Hamas was caught systematically lying and arranging scenes for media, which it was – then everything they publish or claim should be 1st presumed propaganda until proven otherwise.

      Israel uses also propaganda and their spokesman was caught it outright lies. But not fabrication like this.
      Today, its Hamas threatening reporters and polluting media coverage to a level that if you listen/watch media – you are not going from uninformed to informed- but to misinformed through disinformation.
      Tomorrow – When your local government official will be angry on your business success competing against his relative or just because someone bribed him, you will arrested, tortured and hanged while in your local media they will say you were a foreign spy, a rapist, pedophile and your family will be ousted. If you support Hamas on their media manipulation this is your future.

    • Daniel

      What would you do, if your life would be in permanent threat, whenm some savage people will shoot with rockets over your country? I let you draw the “honest” conclusion.

  • josef

    I thought he was a journalist. Where is the evidence?

  • Tzivya Tabak

    I wish there would be more brave and honest people like you. Telling the trueth can change history – and also the future. Attention, Europe!

    • Gasparzinho Fantas

      Attention Judeia: the Future is now. What the hell are you doing, burning it down?

  • zefi

    Why should this guy be hailed a hero?? He is a journalist, whos job is to report the TRUTH. It’s his job, his duty. Yeah, well done on doing your job, finally. Wish you had done your job also with-in Gaza. I will consider him more of a hero when he goes back and from to the place, and starts sending vidieos a reports of Hamas militans, of launch sites, of public executions of “collaborators” and dissidents. This over-joyness we have every time we see a glipse of fairness is depressing.

    • Suzy sandor

      Why don’t u do it yourself!

      • Avid

        Exactly !!

    • Light

      They can’t report the truth, lest hamas beat them and worse. He is a hero, and all need to follow this path and this reporters’ willingness to stand for the truth – a global effort, to expose this horrific thinking for what it is and for what it does. This is not civilization in the 21st Century.

    • ilana

      Gabrielle is to be commended. Has Zefi forgotten the 2 reserve soldiers massacred decades ago in Ramallah when they took a wrong turn driving to heir base. An Italian journalist managed to sneak out a video/photos he took of the incident with the Palestinian holding his bloodied hands in the window and was shown throughout the world.

      The Italia newspaper had to formally apologise to the Palestinians and the journalist had a fatwa put on him.

      If he would have reported from within Gaza, the information would never have gotten out and he would be dead. Israel would have been blamed for his death and Italians would have held Israel responsible.

    • Dan Lawton

      He shouldn’t make his reports whilst in
      Gaza. He’s a journalist not a martyr .

    • open eyes

      Zefi; if he ever goes back he should write his last will & testament 1st. Hamas et al likely have already put a price on his head.

    • DRC

      Sure thing… afterwards he can join Daniel Pearl in Heaven, because if he does that, just like Pearl, he’ll never get out alive.

  • Elias Maurice

    Thanks for bringing the truth to us. All the fanatic Muslims keep shouting that in the name of Allah they want to exterminate the Jews – But what they do not realise Allah and Hashem is the same& he promised our forefathers that he would never annihilate us Let the so called believers realise that they are barking up the wrong tree.

    • mbrjosephs

      Elias…Hashem and Allah are NOT the same. Allah is a moon god and Hashem is the Creator of everyone and everything…not at all the same!

      • Yararo

        Allah is the Arabic name for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. HaShem is a word used by Jewish people to refer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They are the same God. (Yahoo answers- Cathy G)

        In the Zohar the word “He” when referring to G-d is spelt Aleph Lamed Aleph. Sounds like Alah to me. (Yahoo answers- DEREK STEPHEN)

        • open eyes

          Yararo; Since when is “yahoo” a source for Torah scholarship, especially Zohar? I almost fell off my chair laughing at your pitiful blurb.
          Allah is the name Mohamed chose for his version of God upon manufacturing his new religion. The name was originally then name of the Pagan Arab moon-god. Their “logo” still is the crescent moon. This is 1 of the reasons some consider Islam to be pagan.
          “HaShem” is a “cover name” which literally translated means “The Name”, because we are not permitted to mention any of “HIS” names aside from prayer, holy study etc. It has no holy significance of its own.

      • Joanne

        Could not have said it better!!!! Honestly every time I read what they say Allah demands they do to others then I know their god has got to be the devil. THEY ARE SO DECIEVED!

      • MuthaF

        Stop it with those fairytales.
        How despicable humans are to search reasons to hate or not to hate in Stone Age Myths and Fairytales. GROW UP ALREADY.
        Or seek psychiatric help. There are no invisible all-knowing buddies watching over you. Its dellusion. Literally.

        • kiwit

          What do you call your own stance MuthaF? Mmmm, I’m struggling to find a word that would adequately describe it… Oh yes, I know: fairytale!

          I do bow down (as a figure of speech, don’t get excited) to the immense knowledge you must have, the unsearchable wisdom that leads you to impart to us, mere ignorant deluded humans, the profound truth you have found, “there are no invisible buddies watching over you”.
          Wow! How did you figure that one out?
          Perhaps you’ve lived 10.000 years, ridden galaxies and conquered many suns..
          Either that or it’s a case of immense and unsearchable stupidity.
          Me? I tend towards the second.
          P.S. I told you not to get excited

  • Grazie Gabriele per dire la verita sulla guerra nel Gaza. Ciao Eva

  • Shlomi Yagur

    Dear Gabriele, you are a One only voice in the wilderness of Antisemitism,Jew hating,not fair reportings and decades of one sided reports from this region,Journalism made so much damage in the Middle East trouout of last decades,that actually could be counted as yet another force against Israel, people around the World,relied on those one sided damaging reports shaping their foreign policies,conclusions,education etc….
    Winston Cherchill once quoted: The lie runs around the world,before the truth have time to put pants on…! This is so true in this case
    In one hand everyone I know in Europe saying they know the truth,but in fact my European friends governements acting time and time again,in antisemitic rethorics,policies while drawning in Islamization of their countries,dealing with unspeakable atrosoties against their own peoples inside their European countries by Muslims Immigrants even from second and third generation, so why is that? Because the problem is not the Western Imperialism,or Israeli occupation, or the weapons aimed against terrorist groups in Middle East,but the real problem is Education or lack of it in Islamic world,apathy towards their own people in Arab states and turning all hate towards Israel,West,USA etc… And everything else but the themselvs.
    Islam and its followers known for its trickery,lies,twisted facts,distorting history,destruction,mehem,terror,murder,rape,tefth,corruption etc….Thank you Gabriele to be the Lonely voice in that Damn wilderness….Truth will prevail…..Lies will not

    • RON

      I admire your courage and honesty

      • Suzy sandor

        I agree 1 million %.

    • David


      You spoke well, but I want to add a bit. Education is the answer, but it cannot come from Moslem sources. I worked as an attorney in immigration. The children educated in Moslem countries were uniformly taught to hate Jews and the West. Perhaps there are rare exceptions, but I don’t recall any. Not until the distortion and outright lies are erased from their curriculums including UN prepared material, will there be any possibility of peace. Unfortunately, the Koran, Suras and Hadiths are the primary sources of the hatred and racist information, so that eliminates any realistic possibility of change.

      The only hope is for the children to go to secular schools in the Western countries, where they are taught history that is less biased.

      • tra

        education is one facet of a very complicated issue.

        part of that education would teach that Winston Churchill never said “a lie travels …”.

        Actually attributed to Mark Twain (american, not brit), but this was likely, ironically, a lie!

        Jonathon Swift in 1710 said “falshood flies, and the truth comes limping after it” (irish – but that’s another conflict)

  • Mor

    It is commendable to hear this from an Italian reporter as we have long known, and now are seeing for ourselves, what European anti-semitism is looking like. I applaud you Gabriel. And I call on you to call out all your brothers in media who are reporting falsely.
    If European Christians and Europeans in general think this will stop at a Jew-focused Holocaust, they are, well, dead wrong.

  • Nuska

    This is just amazing you’re a true reporter and I do believe you saved lives like this if only more could be like you! Thank you👏

  • Yoav

    Gabriel thanks for your courage !

  • bernie

    this is NOT TRUE…….THE UN and it’s investigation team found shrapnel from an Israeli explosive!

  • Hugo Pinto

    This article is a lie. The Italian jornalist has in fact said: “Journalism in Gaza is 99% free albeight war… Pressure only if bad news for Hamas. In Israel instead, most medias are “fed” by IDF and government” See for your own eyes: https://twitter.com/gabrielebarbati

    Stop Killing Innocents!

  • Robyn Fasser

    In support of the apparent bias commented on above, I noted that John Vause of CNN, when describing escalating violence at the end of one unsuccessful ceasefire, punctuated a sentence with “to be fair” before he pronounced that Israel had been retaliating to a Hamas rocket attack. Should he not assume fairness with all his pronouncements and why should his paradigm include such a statement except if he needed to qualify himself! Interesting freudian slip I would think.

  • thank you brave man for your courage in giving the truth about the situation.
    Israel and all Judaism knows that each life is precious.
    We mourn all those who have perished and damn those who put peoples lives in danger.Hamas has to be eliminated, no matter the price.
    we pray for peace and wisdom and mostly the truth.
    I thank you.

    • David

      You should read what my son Benny wrote on Facebook after his removal from duty outside of Gaza. However, I believe that not until Hamas is gone will there be any peace for Israel.

      However, it should be reminded that the poor suffering Gazans elected Hamas to try to destroy Israel. They are stupid, useful idiots and culpable as is UNWRA, which reasonably had to know what was going on in their schools and other institutions.

  • Ros rubenstein

    How can a world be so ignorant and understand so little . ? We need to be alert and crticall of the media reports ? The dastardly Hamas and more are a threat not only to Israel and the middle East but also to the bigger world and that of civility and humanity

  • Gloria Behar

    Dear Gabriele,
    Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart for being a reporter of honesty & integrity. My mother always taught us not to lie, because a liar is worse than a thief & you had the decency to report the truth. May God bless you & keep you safe always.
    Gloria B.

    When I visited your country many year ago I absolutely loved it.

  • I am a holocaust survivor, my parents spent 3 years of their life in various concentration camp. That is why Israel is fighting remember those words “NEVER AGAIN”. GOOD REPORTING

    • Mairead

      And because they were Holocost survivors amongst many Jewish people, you would think Israel would show some restraint and compassion for the Palestinian people. It’s stomach turning-we are behaving not as Human beings should

    • Gasparzinho Fantas

      NEVER AGAIN, after what sionists did in Lebanon, and to the palestinians everyday. Do you really feel well with yourself mr. Spiewak, when (if) you look at the proportion of killing, destruction and torture that YOUR PEOPLE does to them?

    • Fairplay

      “That is why Isreal is fighting” says it all. Go ahead — attack a bunch of people who had nothing to do with the holocaust… kick them out of their homes, make their lives terrible until they leave the land you want. Like a child cries for candy. These people are in your way… how inconvenient… Kill them!
      As a holocaust survivor, shouldn’t you have learned something? How pathetic!

  • Selina Owen

    The murderers Islami should change their religious/cultural believes or, be totally irredicated from where they are and relocate them on to a different continent/planet

  • Ninette

    I admire your courage and honesty I wish more people around the world can be more realistic
    God bless

  • zadimel

    The denial by the Hamas thugs that the rockets which killed nine Palestinian children at the Shati camp and the Al Shifa Hospital were the result of their misfiring reminds me of a scene in the movie Casablanca in which the police Captain Renault(Claude Raines) acts surprised and dumbfounded by the following: “I’m shocked,shocked to find that gambling is going here,” as a croupier hands him a pile of money.

    • Margarita

      OMG. Hamas was not even included in the negotations. And their terms of cease fire were not addressed. July 16, 2014:”Hamas were informed about the deal, they were told about it,” said Hellyer. “But they weren’t part of the negotiations for the ceasefire, while the Israelis were, and I think it was bound to fail for that reason. Hamas had made it clear it is not in the mood for a ceasefire that doesn’t give it much – particularly after a conflict that has seen so many deaths. It was quite foreseeable what would happen.”

  • Elizabeth

    2 Italian journalists on far left government run RAI; during the lynching by the PLO police in 2000, helped the PLO police kill the Jews and switched it on them. And this honest good man.

  • Maxim Novikov

    I admire your courage and intellectual honesty.
    I know the Gazans are living an awful life and it’s very easy, being swept by the sympathy to their plight, to start distorting the truth. It’s also very hard to go against the mainstream thinking of your colleagues. You’ve managed to stay honest.
    G-d Bless you!
    With admiration,
    Maxim Novikov

    • v.ax.

      Mais quel courage! Celui d’affirmer les attitudes qui appartient a tous les Gouvernements d’Occident ! Bien sur que Hamas est terroriste, c’est une vérité a la Palisse, mais l’État d’Israël est un terroriste encore plus grand: la preuve – le nombre des civils assassinés. Il dépasse de loin, entre les pays prétendus civilisés, les US et même la Russie (au présent en tout cas).

  • NCS

    Barbati is a brave hero. FOX NEWS reports truth. CNN should be held accountable to reporting truth. Refuse to watch distortions of truth about Israel.

    • Mairead

      Are you kidding me? CNN is owned by Zionists. If anything they’re reporting all pro Israel news. It’s completely sickening. You’re all being duped. Hamas are freedom fighters fighting for their rightful land.

  • Ijonas Kisselbach
  • Jamie

    Grazie mille Gabriele Barbati per aver fatto il bravo e la cosa giusta. La verità e l’onestà sono principi fondamentali.

    “Thank you very much Gabriele Barbati for doing good and right thing. Truth and honesty are fundamental principles.”

  • Wm. J. Levy

    If the truth can’t be told because of fear and intimidation
    then there is no difference between Hamas and the Nazis or Communist Russia.

    In Israel the Arabs are tunneling under the Dome of the Rock and destroying evidence of Jewish occupation thousands of years ago to deny that Jews ever lived in the region. They literally cart away their discoveries and Israel does not stop them until its going to be too late.

    Hamas has a long reach and I respect this brave journalist. I wish they would all be so brave.

  • Nicely done sire. Now it’s time to report on other Muslim Atrocities like killing 150K of it’s own citizens in Syria and more! We’re happy the 8 million people in Israel are the center of world attention but we’re happy to share the stage with other Arab conflicts! For sure Israel defends Arab life and rights far beyond the Arab world. They do more executions of their own in a day than Israel does in a lifetime.

    • Mor


      Just a note on that – Israel hasnt executed anyone since the Nazis were tried and executed in the Nuremberg trials.

      • MuthaF

        Cause extra-judicial executions and targeted assassinations are soooo NOT STATE EXECUTIONS… oh wait, they ARE.
        LOL how naive/insidious are you…

  • Fred

    The truth is the first fatality in any war. Hamas appreciates the truth so well it hides it away so it can never be found.

  • clem alford

    Where is the proportionality in this conflict? Israel has nuclear weapons pounding the life literally out of those occupied and imprisoned and with USA backing, with settlers lining up to occupy illegally Palestinian lands as defined by the UN but nothing is done. Yet the Palestinians fire a few home made rockets to defend themselves and all the world’s media lining up against them. Is that fair and measured? This has been going on for decades since the British mandate and the betrayal of Balfour.

  • Annett

    Proud of you Gabriele. Thank you for sharing the truth!

  • Alizah Hochstead

    It is vital that the truth gets out or there will never be peace. Children in Israel have been traumatized by rockets for too long. When will the world wake up ?

  • Brave reporter. It’s dangerous to tell the truth about Hamas and safe to tell lies about Israel.

    • edgar

      the very first victim in a war is always the truth….

    • clem alford

      Where is the evidence?

  • Ariana

    Barbati – is what actually mean in a different latin language “men”. So this courage must be inherited among that sense of fairness. That what thake to be a real man. Courage and fairness in own actions.
    That’s why a man is strong – to protect the little and weak, not to kill them how these from Gaza doing it under same umbrella of lying. But what we can expect ?!Unfortunately is part of their culture to hate, lie and deceit. They kill their own and to lie to their own is not a problem as so easy can be seen.

  • Ariana

    A real man!!!

    • Suzy sandor

      A Mensh!

  • News should not be suppressed or modified, it should be reported objectively, truthfully and honestly.

    • clem alford

      Tell that to the USA and UK governments!!
      Look at the lies being thrown about by the media in Ukraine.

  • Bernard Ross

    I will wager that it was not a misfire but that hamas was intentionally targeting its own civilians. Why assume a misfire?

    • Mark Stern

      Judging by past history it could well be true.
      Those bastards are capable of that behaviour.

    • Mor

      I like your thinking

  • This comes as no surprise of us that back Israel, 100%.
    Hamas needs to be eliminated from the region, permanently.

    • Gasparzinho Fantas

      Not nazi enough, hey?!!

  • He found Courage to be honest.

  • aall55

    A rare , courageous reporter ,a true journalist with integrity . Thank you for speaking the truth . I hope the whole world is listening .

  • The casualties of the Palestinians in the Israeli
    war against Gaza are tragic. But then aren’t they
    constantly taught hate against the Jews and don’t they
    teach hate to their children? Israel must crush Hamas
    once and for all. Refreshing to see a reporter who is
    not afraid to indicate that.

  • Scott

    Gabrielle, we all applaud your honesty.

    Hopefully, the reporters when they come home, will tell the truth as Gabrielle did.
    If not, we’ll know the value of their “reporting” the news.

    CNN should first and foremost be totally ashamed of themselves for being the useful idiots of Hamas. I suppose the young reporters are trying to make a name for themselves. I suspect in the long run, it will come back to haunt them.

    To CNN, they see this entire falsification as a way to boost their ever sagging ratings. I suspect Americans with common sense will see through the tactic, but then again, we can’t be so sure.

    • Mor

      You’re right Scott. We see Hamas’s lies coming back to bite them in the ass. It’s a little too late now because the flames of hate are spreading all over the world and this is going to turn into another defining moment in Jewish history apparently, for better or worse, but yes, lies cannot remain hidden forever.

      The Hebrew word for lies ‘sheker’ are three letters that all stand on one leg – they are shaky and will not remain balanced for long. The Hebrew word for truth however, ’emet’, all its letters stand on a stable base. The truth will come to light eventually.

  • Jeff Blankfort

    One would think from reading these comments that it was not Israelis killing Palestinians but the other way around. Will Israel came that today’s shelling of a UN facility was also by Hamas? I thought Israel’s blood lust would have been satisfied at 1000 deaths but it’s people, judging from the polls, demand more and the government is obliging. That’s what I call a democracy.

  • Tim Smith

    I watched a report filed by a German reporter showing Hamas militants brutally beating Palestinians as they were trying to flee to safety, The militants then turned on the German Reporter and his camera man. there was intervention and the German reporter left the scene. Yes Hamas wants to be portrayed as the victim when in reality is not. I hope the German is safe and hope Hamas will not find the Italian. these are brave and true unbiased reporters

    • Does anyone know on what media this incident was reported and when and if possible a link to the story? Seems extremely important to me!

  • Anthony

    The UN view of the Palestinian Territories can be seen at
    the following URL:
    * The West Bank and East Jerusalem is occupied Palestine (bilaterally recognised by 133 nations in the world including India, China, Russia, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Thailand and Iceland). This number has increased since 2013.
    * Palestine is officially a non-member State and recognised by the UN. 138 nations supported Palestine in November 2012 in its successful bid for statehood. France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Greece, Cyprus and Malta were among many European nations to support Palestine. Their vote for Palestine was important as were those cast by India, China, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and New Zealand who supported Palestine too. The Secretary General of the UN and Vatican Church wel-comed the re-birth of Palestine.
    * However, Palestine (West Bank and East Jerusalem) is still illegally held and sadly Israel’s Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu has ignored the ruling of the International Court of Justice (subsequently supported by the UN and EU) with respect to the “separation barrier”. This “wall” is 3 times the length of the Berlin Wall.
    * UNESCO’s recognition of Palestine in 2011 was supported by France, Spain, Ire-land, Belgium, Norway, Greece and other European nations.
    * Please also see UNSC Resolution 478 concerning Jerusalem. The 4th Geneva Convention is applicable to all the Palestinian Territories.
    * International law and UN Resolutions (over which there are over 150) are ignored by Israel’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.
    * UN Resolutions specify Israel’s illegal hold of the Palestinian Territories to be a vio-lation of the 4th Geneva Convention and as such is a War Crime under international law. More so now, that settlements are being placed in another nation.
    *** UN Security Council Resolution 478 (1980) of 20 August
    1980 – BINDING
    The Security Council, recalling its resolution 476 (1980);
    reaffirming again that the acquisition of territory by force is inadmissible;
    deeply concerned over the enactment of a “basic law” in the Israeli
    Knesset proclaiming a change in the character and status of the Holy City of
    Jerusalem, with its implications for peace and security; noting that Israel has
    not complied with resolution 476 (1980); reaffirming its determination to
    examine practical ways and means, in accordance with the relevant provisions of
    the Charter of the United Nations, to secure the full implementation of its
    resolution 476 (1980), in the event of non-compliance by Israel ; Censures in
    the strongest terms the enactment by Israel of the “basic law” on
    Jerusalem and the refusal to comply with relevant Security Council resolutions;

    *** Resolution 694 (1991) – BINDING
    Adopted by the Security Council at its 2989th meeting on 24
    May 1991
    The Security Council,
    Reaffirming its resolution 681 (1990),
    Having learned with deep concern and consternation that Israel has, in violation of its obliga-tions under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, and acting in opposition to relevant Security Council resolutions, and to the detriment of efforts to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East, deported four Palestinian civilians on 18 May 1991,
    1. Declares that the action of the Israeli authorities of deporting four Palestinians on 18 May is in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which is applicable to all the Palestinian territories
    occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem;
    2. Deplores this action and reiterates that Israel, the occupying Power, refrain from deporting any Palestinian civilian from the occupied territories and ensure the save and immediate re-turn of all those
    3. Decides to keep the situation under review.

    *** Resolution 672 (1990) – BINDING
    Adopted by the Security Council at its 2948th meeting on 12 October 1990
    The Security Council,
    Recalling its resolutions 476 (1980) and 478 (1980),
    Reaffirming that a just and lasting solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict must be based on its resolutions 242 (1967) and 338 (1973) through an active negotiating process which takes into account the right
    to security for all States in the region, including Israel, as well as the legitimate political rights of the Palestinian people,
    Taking into consideration the statement of the Secretary-General relative to the purpose of the mission he is sending to the region and conveyed to the Council by the President on 12 October 1990,
    1. Expresses alarm at the violence which took place on 8 October at the Al Haram al Shareef and other Holy Places of Jerusalem resulting in over twenty Palestinian deaths and to the in-jury of more than one hundred and fifty people, including Palestinian civilians and innocent worshippers;
    2. Condemns especially the acts of violence committed by the Israeli security forces resulting in injuries and loss of human life;
    3. Calls upon Israel, the occupying Power, to abide scrupulously by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention, which is applicable to all the territories occupied by
    Israel since 1967;
    4. Requests, in connection with the decision of the Secretary-General to send a mission to the region, which the Council welcomes, that he submit a report to it before the end of October 1990 containing his
    findings and conclusions and that he use as appropriate all the resources of the United Na-tions in the region in carrying out the mission.
    24th April 2012 – UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said:
    “I strongly condemn the Israeli government’s decision yesterday to turn three illegal outposts in the West Bank into settlements. I urged the Israeli government in my statement on 5 April to remove – not
    legalise – outposts across the West Bank”.
    Furthermore, I would like to refer you to specific serious concerns raised by the International Court of Justice (2004) – with relevance to the ‘security barrier’ – which was viewed with alarm by the international community. Incidentally the reference to the illegality of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem was also reinforced when the International Court of Justice also found the following (indeed the EU supported the UN vote pertaining to the ‘security barrier’):
    * That the separation barrier is intended to assist the settlements, the establishment of which violates Article 49 of the Convention. Also, the court pointed out that the restrictions placed on the local population located between the barrier and the Green Line are liable to lead to abandonment of the land, which also constitutes a violation of Article 49. In addition, the opinion stated that taking control of private land to build the barrier injured private property owners, and thus violated Articles 46 and 52 of the Hague Regulations of 1907 and of Article 53 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    Some other key UN Security Council Resolutions on Palestine – BINDING AND INTERNATIONAL LAW (there are over 150 UN Resolutions)
    252 (21 May 1968)

    Urgently calls upon Government of Israel to rescind measures that change the legal status of Jerusalem, including the expropriation of land and properties thereon.

    262 (31 December 1968)

    Calls upon Government of Israel to pay compensation to Lebanon for the destruction of airliners at Beirut International Airport.

    267 (3 July 1969)

    Expects Israel rescind measures seeking to change the legal status of occupied East Jerusalem.

    271 (15 September 1969)

    Expects the demand that Government of Israel rescind measures seeking to change the legal status of occupied East Jerusalem.

    298 (25 September 1971)

    Expects the demand that Government of Israel rescind measures seeking to change the legal status of occupied East Jerusalem.

    446 (22 March 1979)

    Calls on Israel to cease, on an urgent basis, the establishment, construction, and planning of settlements in the Palestinian Territories, occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.

    452 (20 July 1979)

    Expects Israel cease, on an urgent basis, the establishment, construction, and planning of settlements in the Palestinian Territories, occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.

    465 (1 March 1980)

    Expects Israel cease, the establishment, construction, and planning of illegal settlements in the Palestinian Territories, occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.

    471 (5 June 1980)

    Demands prosecution of those involved in the assassination attempt of West Bank leaders and compensation for damages; Expects demands to comply by Fourth Geneva Convention.

    484 (19 December 1980)

    Expects Israeli compliance with the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    573 (4 October 1985)

    Condemns the Government of Israeli with respect to the attack in Tunisia. Call on Israel to pay compensation for human and material losses from its attack and to refrain from all such attacks or threats of attacks against other nations.

    592 (8 December 1986)

    Demands Israel comply with the Fourth Geneva Conventions in all Occupied Palestinian Territories including East Jerusalem.

    605 (22 December 1987)

    Calls upon the Government of Israel, the Occupying Power, to comply by the Fourth Geneva Convention.

    607 (5 January 1988)

    Expects Israel to comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention as well as cease its practice of deportations from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    608 (14 January 1988), 636 (6 July 1989), 641 (30 August 1989)

    Expects that Israel cease the deportations of Palestinian people from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    672 (12 October 1990)

    Expects Israel to comply by the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    673 (24 October 1990)

    Demands that the Israel come into compliance with UN Resolution 672.

    681 (20 December 1990)

    Expects Israel to comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention with respect to the Occupied Palestinian Territories including East Jerusalem.

    694 (24 May 1991)

    Expects that Israel stop Palestinian civilian deportation from the Occupied Palestinian Territories and ensure the safe and immediate return of deportees.

    726 (6 January 1992)

    Expects Israel to comply with the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention and to cease its deportation practice from Occupied Palestinian Territories.

    799 (18 December 1992)

    Reaffirms Fourth Geneva Convention to all Palestinian Territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem. Also affirms that deportation of civilians constitutes a contravention of its obligations under the Convention.

    904 (18 March 1994)

    Israel is called upon, as the occupying power, to take and implement measures, inter alia, confiscation of arms, with the aim of preventing illegal acts of violence by settlers.

    1073 (28 September 1996)

    Calls on the safety and security of Palestinian civilians to be ensured.

    1322 (7 October 2000)

    Calls upon Israel to comply with the Fourth Geneva Convention regarding the responsibilities of the occupying power in the Palestinian Territories.

    1402 (30 March 2002)

    Calls for Israel to withdraw from Palestinian cities.

    1403 (4 April 2002)

    Demands that the Government of Israel go through with the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1402.

    1405 (19 April 2002)

    UN inspector call to investigate civilian deaths during Israel’s assault on the Palestinian Jenin refugee camp.

    1435 (24 September 2002)

    Calls on Israel to withdraw to positions of September 2000 and end its military activities in and around Ramallah, including the destruction of security and civilian infrastructure.

  • Andrea SL

    Good for him! Why would a journalist want to report only lies? If they are in Hamas or Hezbollah land…..only. It is a matter of life or death. Anyone opposed to these radical terrorists face death. Proud of you Gabriele. Now if only the world would see what he saw and knows………..

    • Eco

      What BIG B.S.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      It has been quite obvious since the first rocket was fired from Gaza that “the world” sees only what it wants to see.

      • N. Torney

        I wonder how many non Israeli non Jewish people just plain tourists have witnessed Hamas rockets flying into Israel proper and hitting a children’s playground “AS I HAVE”.

    • Mike Altman

      I send you a virtual hug and I would appreciate it if you could tell your story to the Lord John Presott that smashed an egg thrower in the face – yet believes we should not retaliate in order to stop Hamas rockets.

  • If he is defying Hamas, then he is brave and courageous….

    • Anthony

      gabrielebarbati @gabrielebarbati:
      Given new attack on @Unrwa school in #Gaza, lets make clear who hit the 1st last week in Beit Hannoun killing civilians: it was #IDF #Israel

      • judorebbe

        And let’s be clear about who uses their own children as human shields.

        Go slither back under your rock.

      • Tim Smith

        You do not know what you have not seen happen with your own eyes. the Italian reporter tells the truth.

      • Avrumeleh

        So what!! So freakin’ what!! Hamas wants to be able to make normal life for Israeli civilians impossible and Israel put up with it for so very long. Now…now that Israel is doing something about it, and it’s messy, Hamas and its supporters are crying like babies. They aren’t babies, they’re monsters..animals…and don’t be so quick to support them. Examine yourself to speak up as if Israel invited the deaths.

      • ted

        oh poor pipples ……. blame it on the terrorists who don’t care …. hamas

        FROM the river to the sea will will be free ….of HAMAS .


  • cufites 4ever

    The greatest culprit in thjis incorrect reporting has been the CNN hair skin-cut reporter. He has lied, overtalked and claim sometimes to even witness the events. One is really ashamed of these corrupt journalists. They are absolutely bias and lack conscience. This is war crime in itself. They are inciting people against Israel.

    • Sarah Graf

      Thanks for saying this. I just decided a few minutes ago that I can no longer watch can for the same reasons. I cannot believe that watching fox is now my first choice.

    • CNN is just as antisemitic as Der Sturmer…CNN stands for crescent news network.

    • MuthaF

      Funny enough,
      last time i watched CNN, they censored the palestinian representative in live discussion: had to even suddenly cut to adds so as to not have him say what he wanted.
      After the break he just sat there, ‘pouting’, almost killing with his looks..
      What a seizmic change must they have gone through since then (early 2000s)..

      CNN was good outlet in 90s maybe… not being worth damn for decades now. Just like most news outlets.