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August 1, 2014 10:56 am

Elie Wiesel Condemns Hamas for Using Children as Human Shields, Calls on Gazans to Reject Hamas’s Child Sacrifice

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A full-page ad from Elie Wiesel, condemning Hamas for using children as human shields. Photo: Screenshot

A full-page ad from Elie Wiesel, condemning Hamas for using children as human shields. Photo: Screenshot

Nobel Peace Laureate Elie Wiesel on Friday published a full-page ad in U.S. newspapers condemning Hamas for using children as human shields. Provocatively, Wiesel’s paid Op-Ed was headlined, “Jews rejected child sacrifice 3,500 years ago. Now it’s Hamas’s turn.”

The body of the letter “invokes the story of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac to frame the modern conflict between Israel and Hamas,” said Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, whose organization, This World: The Values Network, created the ad campaign.

“Wiesel states that though Abraham lifts his knife to sacrifice his own son Isaac, his hand is stayed by God’s own command, thereby rejecting child sacrifice forever,” Boteach said. “Wiesel argues that while the suffering of those in Gaza is immense and a true tragedy, the blame lies solely with Hamas who use children as human shields and stores rockets and ammunition in nurseries, schools, hospitals, and family homes.”

Boteach said the rationale of the campaign was “to bring one of the greatest moral voices or our time and one of the most respected human beings alive, who bore witness to the atrocities of genocide and the Holocaust, to respond to the ugly and fraudulent criticisms of Israel and call for an end to the genocidal aspirations of Hamas.”

Boteach said, “Hamas’s charter is clear — they seek the annihilation of the State of Israel and the murder of Jews wherever they may be found.”

“Not only is it unreasonable to ask Israel not to defend itself against rockets launched and tunnels dug by Hamas with the intent to destroy, it is also deeply immoral,” he said. “If Israel did not resist the terrorists of Hamas, it would be guilty of contempt for the lives of its own citizens.”

“We all lament the loss of Palestinian life brought about by the murderous Hamas regime,” Boteach said. “This is especially true of the children. That is why we have produced this advertising campaign with Elie Wiesel, to stop the terrorist cowards of Hamas from hiding behind innocent children and pregnant women.”

Boteach said his mission is “to promote universal Jewish values and the light of the Jewish people.”

“Israel is the supreme embodiment of these Jewish values, in which we all take such immense pride. Israel is a culture of life which promotes the infinite value of life while Hamas is a gay-murdering, women-honor-killing, deeply-misogynistic, stone-age, barbaric-terrorist death cult dedicated to genocide.”

“Hamas is an affront to peace-loving Muslims everywhere who should join us in its condemnation,” he said. “And we Jews will join the fight with our brothers in Israel against Hamas until peace prevails.”

The full page Op-Ed ad will appear in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The Miami Herald, as well as in ads on social media, while a television campaign is also planned.

As well as a long career as an author, professor at Boston University, and humanitarian, Wiesel, 85, is also Chairman of The Algemeiner’s Advisory Board, and was even approached earlier this year by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to succeed Shimon Peres as President of the State of Israel. Wiesel said he was flattered, but turned down the job: “Why should I be president? Leave me alone. I write books,” he said. In the end, Reuven “Ruby” Rivlin, 74, former Israeli Minister of Communications and the speaker of Israel’s Knesset, and whose family has lived in Jerusalem since 1809, was sworn in as Israel’s 10th president, on July 24th, in the midst of Operation Protective Edge against Hamas.

The full text of Elie Wiesel’s paid Op-Ed is below:

‘Jews rejected child sacrifice 3,500 years ago’

More than three thousand years ago, Abraham had two children. One son had been sent into the wilderness and was in danger of dying. God saved him with water from a spring.

The other son was bound, his throat about to be cut by his own father. But God stayed the knife. Both sons – Ishmael and Isaac – received promises that they would father great nations.

With these narratives, monotheism and western civilization begin. And the Canaanite practices of child sacrifice to Moloch are forever left behind by the descendants of Abraham.

Except they are not.

In my own lifetime, I have seen Jewish children thrown into the fire. And now I have seen Muslim children used as human shields, in both cases, by worshippers of death cults indistinguishable from that of the Molochites.

What we are suffering through today is not a battle of Jew versus Arab or Israeli versus Palestinian. Rather, it is a battle between those who celebrate life and those who champion death. It is a battle of civilization versus barbarism.

Do the two cultures that brought us the Psalms of David and the rich libraries of the Ottoman Empire not share a love of life, of transmitting wisdom and opportunity to their children? And is any of this discernible in the dark future offered by Hamas to Arab children, to be suicide bombers or human shields for rockets?

Palestinian parents want a hopeful future for their children, just like Israeli parents do. And both should be joining together in peace.

But before sleepless mothers in both Gaza City and Tel Aviv can rest, before diplomats can begin in earnest the crucial business of rebuilding dialogue… the Hamas death cult must be confronted for what it is.

Moderate men and women of faith, whether that faith is in God or man, must shift their criticism from the Israeli soldiers – whose terrible choice is to fire and risk harming human shields, or hold their fire and risk the death of their loved ones – to the terrorists who have taken away all choice from the Palestinian children of Gaza.

I call upon the Palestinian people to find true Muslims to represent them, Muslims who would never voluntarily place a child in danger.

I call upon President Obama and the leaders of the world to condemn Hamas’ use of children as human shields.

And I enjoin the American public to stand firmly with the people of Israel who are in yet another struggle for survival, and with the suffering people of Gaza who reject terror and embrace peace.

Let us return child sacrifice to the darkest corner of history, and work towards a brighter future with those who choose life, Arabs and Jews alike, all of us Abraham’s children.

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  • sherlizz

    Justice is Justice. Not only for jews but also for Palestinians.

    I especially applaud the courage of jews who now speak up and demand to end the massacre and ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

    We can’t turn a blind eye to the situation.
    The Nazi’s were wrong in their politics to annihilate jews and others they didn’t consider human.

    Justice demands that we can’t tolerate the same happening to Palestinians.

    The jews almost wiped from the face of the earth by NAZIs in WW-II have now become the NEW NAZIs.
    That’s of course quite understandable. The abused most often than not become abusers themselves.

    Israel should stop being an oppressor,
    stop occupying Gaza and other parts of land that is not theirs.

    Ethnic Cleansing is a crime, period.

    Watch the AUSTRALIAN DOCUMENTARY: COLD STONE JUSTICE and find out about the practices of Israel.
    Not shown on mainstream media of course.
    It’s a travesty that killing by “God’s Chosen People” is accepted and allowed.

    Never again means NEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONE!

  • Dina Martin

    Moishe, you would be firing more than rockets if you were, abused, occupied, humiliated, kicked out of your home, were left to live worse than an animal, so please stop with the nonsense..As long as the Palestinian people are occupied, Israel will never have peace and it won’t be long before Israel ceases to exist, because Israel is the only terrorist here. It’s only a matter of time.

  • Martin Federman

    Prof. Wiesel: reading the text of your advertisement and then these comments I find the whole thing incredibly depressing on numerous levels, only two of which I choose to comment on here:

    First, there is no doubt that you are a brilliant scholar, story-teller and, in many ways a modern prophet. When you challenged the President of the United States at the opening of the Holocaust Museum in Washington you put yourself in the tradition of the ancient prophets who were courageous enough to stand up to kings. That is why your virtual silence regarding Israel’s policy regarding the Palestinian people is so incomprehensible. Of course we Jews – and certainly you personally – have suffered over the centuries, most horribly during the Holocaust. And of course groups like Hamas have done some horrible things [although despite their responsibility in the continuing conflict, it is not yet clear to what extent they have put innocent people/children at risk] that should be fought against. And of course Israel has the right/responsibility to defend and protect its people. None of this, however, speaks to the responsibility of Israel’s leaders in fomenting the conflict itself. Your arguments, Prof. Wiesel, would be far more compelling if, over the last few decades, you had spoken up against Israel’s illegal, immoral and, especially, un-Jewish policy of occupation and dispossession of Palestinians in the way you have spoken so eloquently and courageously about other injustices in the world. Instead you have justified those policies on the basis of the easy platitudes of “security” and “we suffered in the Holocauast”. Since first meeting you in Philadelphia decades ago, and corresponding periodically with you since then, I have admired your courage, your defense of the persecuted wherever you saw it and, most definitely, your never-faltering advocacy for the Jewish people and the state of Israel [which are intimately connected but not the same thing]. That’s why I am less angry than terribly disappointed that, beyond some cursory expressions of compassion for the plight of Palestinians, you have abandoned them and blindly supported, justified and rationalized Israeli behavior that you would never have countenanced anywhere else.

    The only other thing I will comment on here is my total revulsion at the level of disgusting vitriol of so many of the people who have commented here. The language of some of the writers, the selective [and sometimes simply incorrect] use of Torah and rabbinic citations and the childishly personal attacks make me wonder about what makes some of these people believe that this kind of “discourse” somehow furthers their arguments.

    • Shuli H

      I really appreciated this comment, Martin. I too find it very hard (impossible even) to defend the encroachment on Palestinian land. It is one thing to support Israel & its existence (wholeheartedly), another to foment the behaviour of ‘settlers’ who as you say ‘occupy & dispossess)Palestinians from their homes. This I cannot support.

  • james kelly

    Wiesel spewing vile Zionist propaganda – there is no evidence that children in Gaza were used as human shields – another Israeli lie to justify its barbaric slaughter of innocent Palestinians and its disgusting war crimes. Israel doesn’t sacrifice its own children any more, just other peoples.

  • Francis

    Although I am a staunch supporter and lover of Israel, I visit at least 2-3 times a year, I spend all my savings there, I learn Hebrew, etc., I am disturbed by the arguments put forward by Elie Wiesel (with all due respect for the man and his history, I read several of his books) and by rabbi Boteach. The Jews (by extension) renounced child sacrifices in Abraham’s history, that’s correct, but the history of Israel later on shows that some of the biggest crimes committed by the ancient people of Israel were to sacrifice children to Moloch, as related in the prophets of Israel (Ezechiel, I think), this defiling the land, as the prophet said. Israel at that time was doing the exact same thing as the deprived nations that God chased away from that part of the earth. It is the reason why God gave this land to Israel in the first place, and it is also the reason (with other crimes like worshiping false gods) why the tribes of Israel were scattered and chased away among the nations. So, if one argue that Hamas uses children as human shields, I would agree that they are criminals, but I would be a bit more humble and cautious when arguing that Israel chose to renounce child sacrifices, especially when stating that this goes back to the history of Abraham.

    • Shoshannah

      Francis – you are only partially correct.

      It was during the reign of King Menashe that child sacrifice began again, though certainly not by everyone. BUT remember that the First Temple was destroyed by God (with the help of the Babylonians, of course) BECAUSE of idolotry, sexual immorality and CHILD SACRIFICE!

      It was NEVER done again in Eretz Yisrael!

      • Francis

        Thanks Shoshannah, appreciate the comment. Shalom!

  • vivarto

    Elie said:
    “I call upon the Palestinian people to find true Muslims to represent them, Muslims who would never voluntarily place a child in danger.”

    So is he really that ignorant about the nature of Muhammedanism, or is he just being a cunning politician pretending that “true Muslims” somehow are humane.

    Let’s stop this charade and let’s admit the truth.
    Muhammedanism == Nazism.

  • Marc Herman

    Dear Wiesel, war is over. Stop dividing people.

  • Ira Cord

    God Bless you, Elie!!!!!!!
    You are a Light chosen to show the Way in a broken world!
    Thank You…

    • True Spence

      The parallels are not exact, but then they never are. The reality is, however, that Islamism is a cancer that the civilized world can no longer afford or ignore.

  • A. Sanders

    Hillel said “To save one life is to save the World” by threatening Israel with rockets and the slaughter of 3 innocent young men, Hamas has made the Jewish State do something very much against its teachings. I have cancelled my subscription of the Times as there is no basis for rejecting this advertisement other than circulation chasing by profiteering on showing pictures of the dire circumstances and the death of Palestinians and tragic during this conflict without reporting the story from the other side.

  • Moshe Dickman

    As a proud citizen of both Israel and USA, and father of IDF soldiers, I have witnessed rockets aimed at our peaceloving country being intercepted by the miraculous Iron Dome…there is no cause more just and righteous than ours. Let enlightened people everywhere stand up for Israel…a true beacon of light in these most difficult times.

  • Julian Clovelley

    I feel one should also point out from the point of view of fact that Psalm 137 – dated as it is to between the sixth and fifth centuries BCE – contains the words “Praiseworthy is he who will take and dash your infants against the rock..”

    This Psalm is used, to the present day, in the same form, and in various translations. Neither in the Judea before the War against Rome, nor in later Judaism, were the offending verses removed. Maybe it would have been better for such an editing to have happened

    One internet comment I came across – and I think it is as far as one can go to excuse the passage, says “No one, I think, would argue that slaughtering babies is an appropriate answer to injustice. But many people know the bitterness that could lead to such sentiments.”


    Psalm 137 is one of the Biblical passages that gave the nineteenth century invention of “Zionism” its name. The Bible is replete with very disturbing passages, such as in Numbers where it says “But if ye will not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you; then it shall come to pass, that those which ye let remain of them shall be pricks in your eyes, and thorns in your sides, and shall vex you in the land wherein ye dwell”

    No religion seems possessed of a truly “innocent scripture” or of a genuinely peaceful culture. peace is not I fear to be found therein

    • Gwendoline Kery

      Algemeiner is replete with singling out the Jews and your antisemitic silly nonsense. Israel and the movement to create it coincided with the creation of hundreds of States the evil moron forgets to mention, Zionism was due to the fact that Jew had at that point been persecuted more than all other people’s on earth combined by ignorant arrogant fools like you.

      Your interpretation of Psalms Satanist rabbi has nothing to do with the verse from the very well known Hebrew song we had been singing for thousands of years. It is not litteral and clearly is a prophecy about the escoteric concept of the daughter of Babylon (Islam) and Edom (Catholocism) and their colonialist rule of the world and your tricks to change who has power and who doesn’t through lies and evil, will come to an end. That daughter is the infant or your new fake leftism, is the infant from Catholic and Islamic colonialism which we will all destroy.

      Either way arrogant fool, There are 150 other countries on the planet which have no seperation of Church and State and believe in those same verses to which the evil antiseite has no criticism, because you are both dumb and evil. Many of those countries were created at the same time as Israel. None of those countries include refugees from over 100 countries who faced liars like you killing and stealing from them and always winning because you are evil, and have power for now, and know how to use your power to play the victim and accuse of what you do, except Israel.

      You will lie and obsess on Israel and believe you are deep you are not. Nothing you say is anything other than a bigoted small man obsessing on a tiny country persocuted by Islam and Catholocism for thousand and more years, and otherwise just like any other country in its “brutality” and any other big word you will point at it.

      • Mahmud Nashashibi

        To Gwendo-idiot- Kery
        We are deeply sorry for your severe illness, and typical behavior of useless aggressive parasite, who do not contribute any positive single thing to mankind.
        However We respect your right to breathe, and share with other human beings this planet, but we reject your high level of pollution of the global environment with your obsolete ideas, behavior and deep hatred. You and your alike other flawed creatures, will one day become ash, and we wish that will be soon. share with you the feelings of misery you feel for being so great stupid.

      • Julian Clovelley

        Sorry Gwendoline.

        If I want to resort to Genealogy my family here in Australia is descended from:-

        Catholic Irish displaced by the English and Scottish Protestants,

        Scottish people displaced by the Clearances,

        Huguenots displaced by the Catholics in Northern Europe,

        People of Jewish descent (nineteenth century) incuding descendants of a famous rabbi

        I understand some of my sister in law’s family left Italy when Mussolini came to power. She lives in America

        Here in Australia I live on land from which indigenous people, who had been here for over 40 thousand years, were dispaced by invasion and settlement. In this century many of their children were stolen from them and the last recorded massacres ended less than ninety years ago. Near where I live are Aboriginal rock carvings and shell middens and sacred places where their babies were born. I visit those places and remind myself that for almost all of the world there is no such thing as “Terra Nullius”.

        I actually did not interpret the two passages mentioned. But I guess with my “Genealogy” I probably could have done.

        Your point?

        • Jasper

          The north eastern Med is not and let me repeat is not Australia. The North Eastern Med a tiny portion of the Ottoman Syria district for 500 years was known to Mohamed as a place Jews lived and he said so. The only reason the name Philistine even persisted beyond their absorbtion into the Jewish People or Lebanese People who were later killed by Muuslim ethnic cleansings of all people who associated with Rome, is because they were a Greek people, hence the Greek censors added the name Palestine to a map credited to Herodotus, there is no Greek heritage culture or identity to the Arabs from the Eastern part of Arabia who call them selves Palestinians for colonialist reasons. Over 75% of Jewish books were written in the Middle East, Aramaic prior to reform and Conservative was a language taught to all Jews from about the age of 3, Aramaic is the precurser to Arabic, that is indisputable. The 30 or so times a Jew has to say prayers a day (before and after eating snacking going to the bathroom etc. prior to Reform and Conservative) are all written in a pre-Arabic language of the western Middle East, the Talmud was entirely every syllable written in the Middle East in Middle Eastern languages which predate Islam, most Jews memorized at least some small section oif the Talmud in Judeo-Aramaic prior to their 7ty birthday for over a thousand years, the Jewish prayer book was written in Syria and I am referring to the Ashkenazi Jewish prayer book, The founder of the Arab League admitted that 2 million Jews were in trouble in the Middle East if Israel was formed, today there are no Jews outside of Israel (I mean less than 1000 including Iran). Again the eastern Med is not the same as the New World or Australia get over yourself.

  • Julian Clovelley

    There are two questions here. The first is the practice of using human shields to protect military action or to prevent and inhibit it. Unquestionably this practice is illegal under international law and should result in prosecution before the International Criminal Court and long sentences. It is barbaric even when civilians are persauded of incited to being used as shields

    The second, which I do not see addressed here, is the morality of firing on an installation where there are known to be innocent civilians – whatever the reason is that they are there. This is especially relevant to firing on hospitals and schools, where civilians are sheltering or being treated. This is a question being posed by those trying to operate within UN safe havens, many of whom have notified the existence of civilians multiple times before being fired on. The claim that such military actions are accidental is wearing very thin.

    I do not see that question being treated here, and I do not think one question has great reality unless the other is concurrently tackled.

    On the principle of reductio ad absurdum, what is the situation when those being used as shields are your own people – those you are supposedly defending? Do you open fire? – And then take the question one stage further – there is no more such thing as “peoples” than there are “races” – All divisions in humanity are false constructions. Ultimately on both sides we are really killing not just “others”, but ourselves

    Mr Wiesel writes “Moderate men and women of faith, whether that faith is in God or man, must shift their criticism from the Israeli soldiers – whose terrible choice is to fire and risk harming human shields, or hold their fire and risk the death of their loved ones – to the terrorists who have taken away all choice from the Palestinian children of Gaza.”

    I worked in West Berlin with an ex Wehrmacht soldier from the Eastern Front, who saw the operations of the Einsatzgruppen. He was my colleague and friend for a year in West Berlin. Just occasionally he would speak of those times, sometimes in tears as he remembered seeing the behaviour of the SS. He was my friend, but when he asked me I said that I could not absolve him in my mind from blame – but that did not make him any less my friend a quarter century after the end of the War

    Was I wrong, Sir?

    • zadimel

      Absolutely,you were wrong! When I began my career in government after college and active military service, I worked with German rocket propellant researchers who were old enough to have done this kind of work during WW2 for Hitler’s regime. I worked diligently, but without much enthusiasm for a year before I transferred to another agency. I wanted nothing to do with those types.While they certainly made contributions towards America’s defense during the Cold War, I did not have to associate myself with those who participated in the Holocaust.

      • Julian Clovelley

        On a point of clarification, Zadifiel, my friend was not a “participant” in the Holocaust in that he was a Panzer driver. He explained to me that whilst they were in action moving forward he would experience the black uniformed (presumably SS groups) arriving at the base of operations. He told me they were all terrified of them. If an error was made – such as leaving off a petrol cap – the driver concerned would be ordered by the SS to be sent to the front line. My German friend lost his best friend to such an action.

        His first experience that there was something radically wrong with this war was when an innocent Polish woman was summarily shot in front of him. That for him was when the whole campaign turned into nightmare.

        He explained to me how the idea of”Untermensch” was drummed into him, as a boy sent to Hitler Youth camps, and in his school. I asked him what he had thought it had all been about at the outset of war – He told me that he had believed his teachers and army officers who had told him these were inferior beings – with no real tie to the land – They farmed it badly and even damaged the soil with their lack of genuine agricultural understanding. Had they been allowed to remain the land would have become desert

        They told him that, as the army advanced, the people would be moved on so the land could be properly nurtured by people who truly understood it. As the line moved forward settlements would be established ,and farms allocated to the serving officers and soldiers as they retired from the short period of active campaign. Then there own wives and families, and civilians and families would follow – with experts – to reclaim the neglected and mistreated soil. The government would asist with finance and technological help lending them the tractors etc they needed and building new healthy homes. Occupying the conquered land would be but the first step – the next would be to end that period by moving on those who were useless for essential menial work

        I asked who he thought had owned the land before – He told me he was taught it did not matter because these were inferior people who should not really have been there anyway. They did not even properly govern themselves, and could never be trusted. Under the Tsars there had been no real states or boundaries, just a state of disordered environment in which the inferiors were only fit to be subjects – and then the Bolsheviks had destroyed it all even further. No one really had any rights there

        I asked him what happened if the people resisted – he told me they would be ordered to carry out major actions that might include burning houses and destroying villages – They were told it did not matter, for they were inferior villages and the Germans would replace them with properly constructed better ones. The occupants were leaving anyway. That was not his concern

        I remember pressing him on the question of land ownership – he said they told him it didn’t matter because the aim was to sweep away the decay and replace it with the new – an act of cleansing, rather than war, carried out by people with a far more relevant claim to the land, that of gealogical and racial superiority – people whose past was that of heroes echoed in the heroic sagas (Heldensage) such as the Niebelungenlied. – And on another day he told me the story of Siegfried and the dragon.

        Hans’ family had in fact migrated to America, but his father insisted they return when Hitler came to power. His father remarried, and his second wife was a gold sash wearing Nazi, and an heiress to a major industrial concern – After the war she remained in the firm, and denied her five times wounded stepson the simplest of jobs

        But as I said in my post – I still could not absolve him in my mind of blame. That his motivation was to settle, farm and raise a beautiful family could not excuse for me how that would have come to pass. Nor could I accept his absolute innocence in not comprehending what was happening around him

        Read into that what you will – That is what I learnt over the year I spent in West Berlin.. That and more. I chose to remain and to learn – to be even in the company of those who had been on the Chancellery Guard, and daily been subjected to the Hitler stare. Not everyone should do this, or have done this, but for a new reconciled generation to rise from the ashes some had to, to learn the warning signs, and understand that the true horror lay in the fact that it was mostly almost mundane That chills me to this day, forty years on. For it leaves me understanding how it was mass could have been celebrated in the soldiers barracks at Auschwitz. How ideology can transform man into monster, how to believe that you are different is the first step towards a new horror for someone, perhaps yourself…

        • I’m not sure I’d say you were wrong to associate with this man, but you were certainly RIGHT in NOT absolving him of responsibility. If he was in Hitler’s forces, he was responsible either directly or indirectly for what happened during the Holocaust. I had a similar experience in college with a man who had been in the Hitler Youth Corp I got to know. He could not figure out why the German teacher I was taking a class from at the time would not even speak to him. The teacher was a Jew who had been in the Holocaust. Not sure on the details but having been there I am certain that he would have seen his family being killed, deported or both at the very least. Eventually, I had to tell the former Nazi why .. and when I did he completely blew it off as being so far in the past not to be worth worrying about. Meanwhile my Jewish instructor and friend still had nightmares about the holocaust. I could not even get the former Nazi to take responsibility for his part in what happened. Ever.

    • gil paul

      Re: the morality of returning fire on targets that are known to be hiding behind human shields.

      The fact that collateral damage has always been a reality of war does not justify intentionally targeting civilians. That said, no fair minded observers have suggested that Israel has purposefully targeted civilians. We are witnessing a terrorist organization employ a tactic – intentionally putting their own population at risk to garner international support while isolating the country trying to justly defend itself. If we conclude that terrorists can not be attacked when civilians are put at risk, then we should all surrender to Hamas, Boko Haram and the Islamic State now rather than become the human shields of tomorrow’s conflict.

      We cannot continue to encourage the terrorists despicable strategy by validating its effectiveness.

    • Daniel

      Allow me to point you to an article on proportionality that addresses the very question you raised.
      Among those quoted is Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, who said “Under international humanitarian law and the Rome Statute, the death of civilians during an
      armed conflict, no matter how grave and regrettable, does not in itself constitute a war crime.
      International humanitarian law and the Rome Statute permit belligerents to carry out
      proportionate attacks against military objectives, even when it is known that some civilian deaths
      or injuries will occur.
      A crime occurs if there is an intentional attack directed against civilians (principle of distinction)
      or an attack is launched on a military objective in the knowledge that the incidental civilian
      injuries would be clearly excessive in relation to the anticipated military advantage (principle
      of proportionality).”

      There are other contributions by experts who are quoted on the subject. I urge you to read it and by all means comment after you read it.

  • Suri Weinberg-Linsky

    Mr. Wiesel,

    You have wondered why you were spared. Because we, as a world filled with hate, need beautiful voices like yours who speak the truth and shine a light where only darkness resides. You are a righteous man and a blessing to all.

  • Marc

    Hi I sincerely hope you are not suppressing free speech – you appear to be loading the comment section with pro-Israel support and have not published my response. I understood you to be Americans and honorouble democratic people?

  • Jillian R

    What a poisonous pack of hypocritical nonsense from a congenital wicked lying sob.

  • Marilyn Rest

    Eloquent, Mr. Wiesel. You could not have expressed it better.

  • Marilyn Rest

    Eloquent, Mr. Wiesel, you could not have expressed it better.

  • Abelievingjew

    I just vomited on my computer.
    Wiesel is shaming himself and all Jews.
    May God forgive him.

  • Marc

    Jews may have “officially” given up child sacrifice but they have now murdered nearly 400 innocent babies and children in the last 20 days. Just to make sure of the job they targeted UN Schools where they knew children would be
    sleeping. Actions speak louder than words!

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Reb Eliezer and Rabbi Boteach, may a blessing be upon your heads! This article places light on a very dark chapter in human history! This time, unlike what happened in those very opaque days in the Shoah, there is a spokesperson. This time his words ring true to life experience and release memory from the captive constraints of time. This time, words may yet conquer silence!

  • This is extraordinary and exactly right, and sad that it has to be written.
    The world of the herd mentality out there, loves to blame the victims and make it seem as though the Jews are to blame..for everything. Actions like Eli Wiesel’s bring forth the light
    I think of the words by Leonard Cohen
    “So ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in”
    Thank you for keeping the truth alive.

    • Bernice Missulawin


  • Ghostin Themachine

    Eli Wiesel makes some very good points but unfortunately the entire piece becomes talking points based on selective facts.
    What is it about the Jewish people that is very selective on what information they use and hide behind intellectual dishonesty? The inconvenient truth of The IDF using Palestinians as human shields is conveniently swept aside so Israel can claim the moral high ground.Video does not lie, neither does the international reports condemning Israel for the same actions they accuse others.
    A good starting point to make progress in this ongoing conflict is for both sides to examine themselves and walk back the hate and collective pain

  • Anita Bensabat

    Bless you and your brave, kind soul Mr. Wiesel. I stand proud as a Jewess, with family in Israel, and all the Light Workers who battle this growing horror and menace, in the guise of the Muslim faith. Thank you for your life’s work and contribution to our humanity.
    With great respect and love,
    Anita Bensabat

  • dorothy tatelman

    Eli Wiesel, the most brilliant, articulate, compassionite, and wise man of our times–says it all. The world should listen!!!!May we celebrate peace and life!

  • Andrea Lacey

    Thank you for this publication.