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Swedish Woman Viciously Beaten for Wearing Jewish Star Necklace

August 18, 2014 2:03 pm 137 comments
Anna Sjögren after her attack

Anna Sjögren after her attack. Photo: NRG.

A Muslim mob in Uppsala, Sweden last week set upon and severely beat a Jewish mother of four, for wearing a Jewish Star of David necklace, Israel’s NRG News reported Sunday.

“One of the attackers signaled me to ‘Shut up or we’ll kill you,'” Anna Sjögren, in her 40s, said of the ordeal, which transpired on Thursday. So far, she said she’s too traumatized by the assault to file a police complaint.

While walking in one of the city’s largely Muslim populated neighborhoods, “A Muslim girl saw that I was wearing the Star of David on my neck and she started swearing at me and spat in my face. I got very upset and pushed her off” Sjögren said.

Sjögren said that someone standing next to the girl then threw a sharp object at her face. “I’m not sure who it was. Everything happened so fast,” she said.

“There were at least ten witnesses to the attack. All ten of them were wearing hijabs or scarfs in the colors of the PLO. Some surrounding witnesses claim that I ‘tripped’ and fell and that no one hurt me. It’s just unbelievable.”

Sjögren’s jaw was severely damaged, her eyes swollen, and she sustained injuries all over her body, according to the report.

Anna Sjögren before her attack

Anna Sjögren before her attack. Photo: NRG.

“I cannot go to the police. The worst thing is that [the assailants] will get my name and address. They’ll know where to find me and know I am the Jew who reported it,” she said. However, on Monday, Sjögren was to address a local Jewish security organization.

Sjögren is involved in organizing a pro-Israel demonstration scheduled for September 7th, an event the World Zionist Organization said she has been planning for months.

“The Star of David is extremely meaningful and significant. I will never take it off no matter what happens,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

“I will stand up proudly for Israel, I will never let any one silence me. Am Yisrael Chai (The people of Israel live!). We will never forget and never forgive.”


  • Again, this story was a hoax. The pretended victim has now retracted the whole story. She is extreme right wing and very anti muslim.

  • On my way to visit Auschwitz, I will bear the name of Anna Sjögren with Me and place a stone before an already over burdened Jewish grave. I will plant a stone on her behalf so the World will know, we were there and we are here, Always to Remember, Never to Forget. You can follow that journey at:-


    • NO VICTIM BLAME, PLEASE! This argument sounds like the widespread argument on rape victims, ande I have utterly NO tolerance for it. Just like rapists, sich attackers either ARE responsable for what they have done and belong to jail OR they are not because they just acted instinctively, then they belong to a zoo.

      Perhaps because she’s a citizen of Sweden and that neighborhood is part of her country. What kind of person asks such a ridiculous question?

  • Glen Litsinger

    Looks like Sweden needs a must issue concealed carry law, and/or a 2nd Amendment.

  • As many others have pointed out, this is a hoax and a lie, and if you have any decency you should retract the story and publish an apology.

  • lawrence farber

    this was a hoax and the journalist who spread it should be ashamed of himself for spreading such hateful lies. alot of innocent people could suffer. this was bad journalism at its very worst

  • Henric (Swede)

    This is a hoax. The picture comes from her facebook page and was showing her after a surgury. The assult never happened.

    Swedish page about it:

    • You are an idiot, and in denial.your people are violent with no sense of humanity. At the end of the day, you too will feel the wrath of these animals. May g-d have mercy on your soul. Even though I don’t thinl you deserve it.

    • Muslim pig

    • Of course it didn’t happen, Muslims would never attack
      Jews, they are too civilized, it’s only Jews that
      attack Muslims in Sweden and the redt of Scandinavia
      that’s the reason why the Jewish population is reducing
      so rapidly every year by around five percent throgh
      Jew-hate mainly perprtrated by your so civilized and
      so cultivated Islamic community who are redpnsible
      for countless attacks against the Swedish Jews.
      That’s the reason why so many Swedish Jewish fsmilies
      have left for Israel. The Swedish government are just
      in denial of Jew-hate,

  • It´s a hoax, spread by Swedish anti-muslims.
    You ought to check your stories before publishing them. The woman is pictured after an operation, says to Swedish media that she hasn´t been abused.
    Try this link and hit Google translate:

  • Swedish Metro newspaper has checked into this and apparently the woman has FAKED the story, the images are not even of the same person. The “injured” image is of a woman who has undergone jaw surgery.!6isL2nhi0LLUQ/

  • This is Islam and this is Erope today.
    I’m curious as how long will western liberals keep buying into the propoganda of this demonic coture.

  • Without questioning the issue with anti-semitism in Europe: this particular story is not correct. Local media checked the story and met with the lady – she did not know about her being exploited for the story:

    • There is no source material for either claim. If there is a police report then let’s see it. If the police investigated show the crux of their paperwork into this. Supposition on the part of all authors involved it seems. No?

  • What do you expect of primitive savages, who prefer living in the Dark Ages, when women were slaves.And they have the gall to complain that Israel is being too harsh with them. Oh, poor Nazi-Moslems…Come visit us in Israel, where we treat you as you deserve, not like our poor brothers in anti-Smitic Europe.
    As for Sweden: you were kind to Jews in WWII, and you thought you would do the same for Moslem immigrants. Check their Nazi-Moslem religion! They want to destroy you and take over Europe. They explicitly say that, and we in Israel have learnt to believe our enemies’ threats. Remember: evil always starts with the Jews, and then – if unopposed – moves to the rest of the world.

  • FYI, this article is a lie. Attack never happened, the post-“beating” picture is of another woman and it’s become national news here how she faked an attack to incite against muslims.

  • And in today’s Swedish newspapers this is considered to be a false story as the result of a mix-up of events…

  • Hey Sweden WTF? What has happened to you? Muslim thugs have taken over Malmo and are beating the hell out of Jews. You make me sad to have Swedish blood about now. Grow dome Balls and stop these b@stards.

  • I can not understand how come in a place like yours, things like this happen. It sounds son unnfair that somebody being hit by a group on the street and no one can help her?

  • Josie Aaisha Murphy

    I just would like to clarify to all Muslims they should not attack anyone unless on a battle field as any of the children of Adam can come to deén at anytime while alive now you brothers who done this to a woman should be ashamed of yourselves

  • Are the Swedish authorities doing anything to protect it’s jewish population from the muslims? If the European countries don’t do sometime about the muslim hordes soon, Europe will be lost.
    I’ve heard that the few jewish communities left in Europe are considering leaving because the authorities don’t do anything to protect them from the muslims. It appears the European Governments are afraid of making the muslims mad.
    The jewish people of Europe should immigrate to the United States. It will be Europe’s loss and our gain.

  • Never again? These atrocities are reappearing all over Europe. Many of us hoped that the persecution of Jews would cease as the end of WWII signaled a transition into a brave new world in which Jews could find their own place. This is disturbingly similar to the harassment and violence my forefathers had to endure back in the days of the pogroms. The only little wicked satisfaction I derive from this situation is of watching the great European countries crumble at the feet of their muslim conquerors. I anticipate the day when those hypocrites of the north get to understand they are subjugated, but cannot, and will not use ‘disproportionate force’ in order to mitigate that evil.

  • This story is fake. The woman on the picture has done surgery, and was not beaten. The whole story is totally bullcrap.

    You should check your sources better.!6isL2nhi0LLUQ/

  • Sorry history seems to be repeating itself…re holocaust. One thing i noted in your message at the very end you stated,… we will never forget and never forgive…You must forgive, Vegeance is mine says the Lord and He can do a better job at repaying our enemies! It is a commandment to us from the Lord that we are to forgive. Our Messiah is coming back soon these are the days of Elijah signs for us to lift our head up and Praise The Lord even in the most extreme difficulties…I pray for you and for me too… I want to think your courage to go on is a start to your forgiving…Love always Love…

  • Interesting, there is a wart on the jaw in the first image, she doesn’t have a wart. Who is the female in bandage?

  • This woman is not trustworthy. Now, if she is so afraid to report to the police. Why does she show her face and name.

    I live in Sweden and have never seen any palestinian or other groups walking around in PLO scarfes.

    And look at the pictures. I do not think it is the same person. Why is the nose thinner after she was beaten?

  • Jo-Ann Silverstein

    Dear Anna,

    I admire your bravery in the face of such unreasonable danger. We, who love Israel and love our Faith will never give into such barbaric people. I, like you will never take off my Star of David.
    We must fight back in any way we can. NEVER AGAIN !
    BIBI AND THE IDF ARE MY HEROES ! Thanks Anna for bringing your horrific ordeal to Jews everywhere so they are truly aware of what’s happening world wide.

  • Richard Snell

    What happened to Ms Sjogren was wrong, and cannot be justified. It is, however, significant of the great anger that Israel has prompted round the world as a result of its genocidal policies. Israel is itself directly responsible for the growth in anti-Semitism in some pats of the world. This is because many people believe Israel’s statements that it represents and speaks for all Jews. Sadly, though I do not say this to justify the attack on her, Ms Sjogren seems to have accepted that – she is a Jew, she should therefore support Israel. This is wrong. I am a Jew, and I despise Israel, because what it is doing essentially is committing a massive crime against the Palestinian people very similar to the crime committed by Hitler’s Germany against the Jews. While I wish Ms Sjogren well, I also hope that one day she will have the insight to see that for herself, and stand with all those Jews who want nothing to do with Israel as Israel is now.

    • [Israel] is doing esse committing a massive crime against the Palestinian people v to the crime committed by Hitler’s Germany against the Jews

      This is utterly ridiculous. You should not believe in what Antisemites propagandize.

      1. The “action” side: Nazi Germany deliberatedly killed Jews in an industrial manner just because they were Jews, actually in order to exterminate them, and they managed to decimate them severely. In contrast, the Israelis don’t kill Palestinians just for being Arabs, except of a few extremists who are sentenced by Israeli courts, and, of course, the Israelis don’t want to exterminate or heavily decimate the Palestinians – whereas otherwise they could, due to their military strength. Of course, this would make Palestinian population heavily shrink than gradually grow which is indeed the case.

      2. The “situation” side: Unlike the Israelis, many Palestinians, however, and especially Hamas, do kill enemy citizens just for being so. They want to exterminate Israel and genocide the Jews (see Hamas Chart) and they just don’t because they cannot.
      Israel is under permanent attack by Palestinians, including kidnapping and murder of individual Israeli citizens, permanent rocket attacks and the preparation of a major attack on Israeli civilian institutions like kibbutzim via tunnels. Unlike Israel, Nazi Germany never faced Jewish terrorism. Nazi violence against Jews was utterly unilateral, and even Jewish defence against it like the Warshaw ghetto insurrection does not change that fact.

  • Why this is not on swedish media? Why the swedish media don’t show such things?
    It’s time to wake up and please make the swedish media view this in the news, it’s not fair.

  • Good she deserves it… showing off the sign of a murderous religion that calls christians and muslims “goyim” haha. long live Hamas.

    • Goyim simply means ‘peoples’ which means people who are not Jewish. It is sometimes used in a pejorative manner (for non-Jewish peoplesAlleg are often anti-Jewish) but not always. Jewish supremacism may exist. abut if so, it an is much less widespread and less harmful than anti-Semitism including yours, dog of war.. Hamas is like NSDAP, and so its supporters are Nazis.

    • Keep it up baby. Your kind are in for a very big and unpleasant surprise.

  • Muslims are cowards!

  • The bitter irony of all this is that exactly these death threats and attacks are the very best argument for Zionism.

  • Stop Violence, stop abuse, stop ignorance!!!

  • Harmesh Dhiman

    Most dissatisfied , discontented , unfaithful race i.e. Muslim…Every country of the world including islamic countries facing threat to communal harmony, population resulting weak economy and lot of disturbances. In the whole they are trouble creators.

  • Miranda Vuolasranta

    Courage and strength to you Ms Sjögren!
    I am also wearing King David Star necklace and proud of it, because of my Jewish grand-grand mother roots. Don’t be afraid to file a complaint towards the assailants, you can ask from police anonymity protection, because of religious persecution and also because of terrorist threat.

    Standing for Israel !

  • Haggit Inbar-Littas

    very proud of you Anna Sjogren. That’s the spirit. Don’t let those low life, anti semitic vicious people harm your pride in being Jewish. I find the authorities and police in Sweden coward and frightened to defend democracy and stand up to those thugs who use the generosity of the Swedes to stamp on all that is good and lawful. haggit Inbar-Littas London

  • Madelyn Hoffman

    Hoe frightening and tragic.
    I never thought I would live to see a day like this again. It feels like a time warp.
    When will the world wake up?

    I respect your pride and bravery for continuing to wear you Star of David.

    Shalom v b’ ahava.

    Madelyn Hoffman
    NYC NY

  • This is just crazy but its common in Sweden that muslims dont accepts other religions then their own.

    And it will not get better, just a few days ago the politicans agreed that no more investments will be made in healthcare, school or infrastructure since all money will go to the immigrants.

    Keep on fighting Anna, SD will bring order in the up-side down Sweden in Sep 2014.

  • Inyangette Odudu

    Isreal lives n will keep dominating it’s haters till d end of time. Isreal is everywhere n in every kingdom worldwide forever.

  • You will never find a single word about this in any major swedish newspaper or TV-channel. They would all blame the victime and tell stories about how poor life is for the muslims.

    Sweden todays is nothing short of DDR 2.0

  • Sadly it is time to consider if we as a family should stay in Sweden or not. The Swedish Police is refered to as a joke among the swedish people and they cant solve any crime and cant protect anybody. So it is no use to report any crime of any sort to them, sadly.

  • Good for you! Be strong for God. You are with God and who can be beat God? Have faith in the Lord and God will give you rest! God will fight for you! Amen!

  • steven wildstein

    i admire her bravery

  • Im absolutly sick and tired of all these attacks by Muslims everywhere. As ive stated before they can never be lawfull American citizens as they belong to a nation of Islam which is worldwide plan to overthrow all others, exactly as Hitler thought to do.

  • Shirley Haig Patterson

    I’m so sorry those horrible Muslims did that to her. God Bless her. God Bless Israel!

  • Dutch Griffin

    Thank God you are safe, want some slogans for your demonstration signs?

    Israel is Magic, Islam is Tragic!
    God is good, Allah is not!
    Israelis stole Nothing, Israelis owe Nothing!
    Jews treat Arabs better than Arabs treat Arabs!
    Israel ISreal, Islam ISlame!

    Blessings and good luck,

    • Increased blessings 4 U Dutch(and ALL supporters for what is righteous!), so honored by ur heartfelt support and great slogans! Am Yisrael Chai!

  • It’s a shame and disgrace for me as a swede, and even more so for swedish media, for which this seems to be of no importance. I have to read about this in foereign newspaper. What is becoming of Sweden?

  • In honor of what you and the millions of fellows Jews before you had endured, I will proudly wear my Star of David regularly. Never forget. Never allow a Jewish hollocaust to ever happen again. Stand up. Fight back with intelligence, strategy and when necessary with physical strength.

  • God bless you for standing up against these animals. When is the world going to wake up?
    Or, do they want to? Akin to your story was a hate crime in Florida, when an Orthodox Rabbi, visiting from New York, on his way to Schul, was killed by two black men. Never made the news. Apparently the press and the Lefties don’t want to offend these terrorists.

  • I have visited Sweden many times and have friends there whom I met while I lived in Israel. I a sad to see this rise in anti semitism in Europe as a whole but it’s to be expected when they let in all these Muslims. They are not capable of coexistence and I believe that soon there will be fighting between Christians and Muslims in the streets of Paris, London, etc…
    Thank God there is Israel, maybe it’s time for us all to go home
    Why fight to stay where we are not wanted.
    As you said Am Yisrael Chai

  • Henry Greenspan

    Proud of her stance with Israel. I wish a Refuah Shlaima (a complete recovery)

  • Rabbi Jon Haddon

    This is a woman of enormous courage, and my heart breaks for her and her family. How I hope and pray that one day the Muslims will turn on their Swedish Hosts, as they have on innocent Jews, and maybe then, just then, they will “get it.” This kind of harrassment could stop in a heartbeat, but it would take the same kind of courage from this woman to enter the Swedish Police. Thugs understand and RESPECT force.

  • I wear my Star of David proudly too. I love Israel.💖 💕

  • Ronnie Zuckerman

    Where is Meyer Lansky when we need him. Dave, I wish Algemeiner would do an article on this American icon (and a personal hero of mine.) Meyer knew how to stem anti-Semitic violence like this and other European incidents today. He knew bullies were cowards.

    Wait! I’m not a right wing nut job. On the contrary, I believe in J Street, a two state peaceful solution in Israel, and abhor violence. But bullies are cowards.

    In the 1930’s Lansky thwarted Hilter sympathizers and sabotage on the East and West coast docks. Rabbi Stephen Wise gained his support in smuggling arms and cash for Israel’s freedom in 1947-1948. Lansky paid for arms to defend isolated Jerusalem in 1948, and enabled US Colonel David Marcus to assist the fledgling IDF. He laundered money for Israel through Swiss banks throughout its first decade. (Later, Israel repaid him by denying his request to invoke The Law of Return.) Lansky’s son became a West Point graduate and a prominent US military leader.

    But we do need a Meyer Lansky response to anti-Semitism today. Sweden. Holland. France. Belgium. Why? Because Lansky knew how to deal with bullies. Yes, Meyer was considered a “gangster” for engaging in gambling (when it wasn’t legal), a vice today that celebrates personalities like Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn. Lansky’s operations were scrupulously honest – even so acknowledged by his distractors. Lansky knew how bullies react to people who stand up to them. Bullies are cowards.

    Examples: Lansky and his “associates” would attend pro-Nazi German American Bund meetings in New York that sparked anti Jewish incidents and actions in the community. At one Yorkville, New York rally, Meyer and 14 “associates” went into action. When the speaker (Fritz Kuhn) started railing against Jews, the Jewish team went into action. They punched, chased, and threw some of the attendees through windows. The large crowd panicked, Kuhn hid under the podium; most ran out. While the Bund continued to flourish until the war, it’s power, tone and membership diminished. Bullies are cowards. Had France stood up to Hitler in 1936 (Rhineland occupation), or Chamberlin stood up to Hitler in 1938 (Sudetenland), world catastrophe might have been averted.

    Here is a Meyer Lansky solution to the current problems. He would not suggest lethal violence. “Thou shalt not kill” always applies. Instead, (just as Chabad has teams of people that get people to lay tafillin or perform impromptu bar mitzvahs at any venue), there should be Jewish street teams performing mitzvahs. These strong Jewish men should demonstrate their love by performing street circumcisions. Each team should include an honorary “moyel” and a “Bris Milah” kit. A quick “Baruch Habah” prayer could be said, and a rag of wine (Kosher, of course), would be gently placed into the initiate’s mouth. Each thug cornered should be made to watch the procedure in great detail.

    Ah, you may ask, “What about ‘repeat offenders'”? In their cases, there could be a full schumkendectomy. The thug should immediately be packed into a burka so as not to be abused by his compatriots.

    If this loving, compassionate response would gain momentum in Europe or any other areas where anti-Semitic street violence begins to appear, I believe the actions would subside. Look at Israel’s response to the 1973 Munich massacure. There has not been a repeat.

    As Meyer Lansky was cautioned in the late 1930’s by his old bootlegging friend, Joseph Kennedy, that actions against the Bund members wouldn’t change minds, he apochyphally replied, “We won’t change minds, but we will change faces.”

    Meyer! Where are you when we need you!

    Sources: Wikipedia – Meyer Lansky. “Daughter of the King” by Sandra Lansky.

  • I am sorry for the vicious attack on Ms Sjogren, but think it was unwise of her to be in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood wearing a The Jewish Star of David. We need to pick our battles wisely.

  • I’ve got to wonder what Swedish police if a Muslim mob was confronted by a Jewish Defense League-like group willing and able to fight them.

  • Anna Bergstein

    Provocative behaviour is stupid. Wearing a Mogen David in a Muslim suburb is blatant provocation. We cannot expect Muslims to love us.

  • I am horrified at the violence of the Muslims. They will stop at nothing! She was so badly beaten and must be very traumatized and nobody does a thing about it! All this war has done is bring ani semitism to a level not seen since the 2 nd world war!

  • as this time,if some one do not know what is islam, or islam is,the poorest mind he has in this planet….u should have understand,all muslim country are in war to each other ,let alone to respect other religions,even they do not respect to each other.there fore the question is,let they destroy us,or shall we destroy them…i need ur answer..but to that victim jew,bestow her strength and vigility…..

  • i am not jew,however i support israel since i was small child,as this time,if some one do not know what is islam, or islam is,the poorest mind he has in this planet….u should have understand,all muslim country are in war to each other ,let alone to respect other religions,even they do not respect to each other.there fore the question is,let they destroy us,or shall we destroy them…i need ur answer..but to that victim jew,bestow her strength and vigility…..

  • I don’t understand why she’s afraid to go to the police. She talked about the attack in the article and it lists her name so I don’t understand the aversion with speaking with the police. If you do nothing about it then they will do it to someone else. Is there any Muslims out there that would denounce such an act? Anyone?

  • Christy Shaffer

    Be brave, you precious woman.

  • jewish orgs and israel must stand up against the european crimes, send their envoys home to clean up their own house.

  • Who’s thinking of forgiving or forgetting at all? We MUST PUNISH, so that it never takes place again

  • Nathan Rapoport

    This is so sad. It reminds me of the stories my parents would tell of Poland as the Holocaust was beginning. Just as then, we hear stories such as this and the fear those attacked have in speaking out, or maybe its just, such as in this case the reality that authorities just won’t care.

  • the Muslim populations in all these countries are spurring these attacks. these are hate crimes and should be punished as such! they are passing on a hate filled ideology to their children, which I fear will spread across oceans.

  • Bernard Cohen

    Without knowing Swedish law – such as it apparently is – she should give her address to the police in care of known Jewish organizations or in care of her lawyer. But bottom line is she should make the police report. Despite the reportage of the “witnesses”, if no report is made then it is if though the attack did not happen and the police or local government cannot act at all. I hope Ms. Sjogren makes a full and speedy recovery. May she know no such pain again.

  • Unbelievable for me as a Swede although I see these things happen in my country now.
    We have imported the Mideast-conflict and the Israel-/Jew-hating “messangers” feel free to do whatever they like here. Supported by people and politicians that call themselves Israel-sceptics and worse.

    In fact the hate is escalating so fast right now that you do´nt manage to protest against one incident before the next one occurs …….

    Our prime minister pleeded to the Swedes the other day to open their hearts and be tolerant towards all the refugees that must be let in here.
    But when the antisemitism raised to new heights here a couple of weeks ago – he was not to be found for a comment.

    We are worried – also in Sweden.

  • Victor Gordon

    Goodbye Sweden, you are a lost cause.

  • the Moslems owe their religion to the Jews, without the teaching which Jewish Rabbis gave him in Medina he wouldn’t have known about God. He should have been grateful to the Jews and all Moslems should love the Jews if they believe in God.

  • Issac ben David

    We are g_d’s chosen, factually there is and never has been a Palestine Territory or State, let alone a country. This is a concrete fact established many times.
    We as a people must become Globaly “One” all Jews must no matter where be Isearli, in our hearts in our minds in our souls.
    Only by being ” One” can we truly say never again, if a Jew is assaulted in England,France,Sweeden, it is an assault upon each of us.
    Governments that tacitly turn a blind eye towards us, and allow Islam to become part and parcel of their, Legal System,Goverment and do nothing to protect all citizens, these country’s are as Guilty as those who perpetrated a crime. The vast amount of Muslims stationioned already as a Jihadist Army”in Europe,France,England,Germany will overrun these Country’s in the next 2 decades. Do not listen when France screams, The Eiffal Tower is now Mineret !

  • Cannot be true Muslims are peaceful and law abiding people. The religion is very tolerant of others. Europe please encourage them to come to your country to set up Sharia,burn your churches and temples. Teach you their language and customs. Let them use your medical system but remember no male doctors for females. They will enjoy public aid and new course will be set up like bomb making.

  • Sad, sad , Swedistan has abdicated its responsibility to protect its Jewish citizen The poor Islamic asylum seeker who now having got their asylum & welfare for doing nothing, throw their weight about as if they were in government not Sweden.

  • Stay strong x

  • Europe is doomed. They bleeding hearts have let so many Muslims into their countries they are now going to face their wrath. Goodbye Europe!

  • Johan Bergqvist

    I am not a Jew and I am not a Muslim either but cannot help wondering about the differences between the two groups.

    In Denmark we have a century-old contingent of Jews even if we don’t see them as such: They are just neighbours, friends, spouses, lovers, collegues and – first and foremost – integrated in and valuable contributors to our society. OK, in our illiterate past we had our purges too but that was hundreds of years ago. We wised up since then.

    Being a dedicated agnostic I have objectively read the Bible, the Koran, the Tora rolls, the learnings of Buddha, hinduism and others, even Scientology until my stomach turned, and nowhere was hate and intolerance preached other than by the muslim community.

    They love our welfare system and we even support their mosques well aware, that local Imams preach Jihad and death to the infidels (me – absolutely an infidel) because we believe in democracy and total freedom of speech and freedom to pursue whatever your religious beliefs are and in my own case the freedom not to.

    What on earth would compel me to assault a woman for wearing a Nihab, veils or whatever her fancy is, even if I don’t see eye to eye with her or sympathize with her beliefs.

    I feel pity because I think she is oppressed by a hateful and unforgiving culture (a contradiction in terms?) but that is her business, not mine.

    I do not resent muslim immigrants. Some of my close friends belong to this cathegory and they tell me, that it is only a rabiate minority screwing things up for the more mundane ones – but they dare not speak up in fear of retaliation from their ‘brethren.’

    With brothers like that who needs enemies?

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Muslim world and persuasion:

    You are welcome to settle in my country as long as you abide by the laws of the land – not Sharia.

    I did not ask you to come here but extend hospitality to the best of my ability. Don’t abuse it, don’t preach hate and don’t try to overthrow the 1,000+ year old kingdom I cherish and hold dear. It is against the law and worse: It is not being a good neighbour and for starters it is MY country.

    – and I reserve the right to wear the Star of David, a Kippah, a turban or being a skinhead as I bloody well please. None of your business.

    If you want to make an issue of it: Attack *me* if you dare and not a defenseless woman.

  • Same old Europe, same old hatred, but different perpetrators. Who are the idiots who thought that allowing unlimited islamic immigration was a good thing. Soon, I’m afraid, those people will have blood on their hands, as much as the perpetrators of this act will have.

  • Good luck, Europe :(

  • The attackers and all their supporters morally are the scum of any society, regardless of their social state.
    They might claim just to be against Zionism but people like them are actually the reason for any Jew to be a Zionist.
    They are soo angry about Muhammad cartoons but indeed they are themselves an especially ugly 3D Muhammad cartoon.


  • So many stories like this coming out of Sweden. Are there no men in that country?

  • Are there no men in Sweden?

  • James David Tyler

    A tuly shocking attack and one that needs to be exposed for all the community to see. If this can happen to someone in a ‘civilized’ community then we all need to be aware of the dangers that it can happen to anyone anywhere. At the start of World War II we were warned that if we neglactedto hel[ those who were being oppressed and put into prison or killed for who or what they were then it was, like a creeping paralysis and no-one would be safe fro the evil being perpetrated. Many ignored what had happened to the gypsy community until they came for the Jews and the Christians. The same is repeating itself today. If Christians fail to respond to what is happening to the Jewish community world wide then it will be are turn next. Islamic Jihad has no respect for anyone other than those who support it. death to them is nothing more than doing what is right if someone does not fall into line. We all need to stand against this evil that is now sweeping the world and to ensure that it is squashed before it gets out of hand.


    Typical of the evil of Islam.

    The world would be better if they all disappeared.
    Wherever there is trouble, hatred etc, it is the Muslims.

  • Dear Anna,
    I am proud of your bravery and perseverance! Shame on the government of your country that
    allows Muslim mob and radical Islamists establish roots and dictate their rules to society they are living in. These bandits and Jew -haters, like a cancer spread all over Europe, openly and without any fear for punishment will bring disaster to the world, if the people of these countries won’t stop them now. Hopefully, Europe will soon understand what they created on their own soil and will clean up the mess.
    Our Israel will live forever. No hatred or openly supported anti-Semitic policies of European countries will shake our stand for democracy, peace and better and secure future of the citizens of Israel.

  • Gerbrig Arends-Alkema

    Dear mrs. Sjogren, what a terrible thing happened to you. YOu are so courageous to carry on. But you’re right, am Yisrael chai! I pray that the pro Israel demonstration sept. 7 will be blessed and a blessing for you and for your people!
    Sincerely, Gerbrig Arends

  • Cecilia Purits

    Is really a true story? It has not been broadcasted at all in Swedish media. It is the kind of incident that rightly attracts our media. Im surprised I have not heard about this.

  • I am afraid this story never existed. Have you at list 1 link in Sweden language?

  • Nomalas Sivad

    If the population surrenders to Muslims, the next victims will be those who turn away and ignore the violence. Muslims hate the west and everything about it. It’s easy to begin with the Jews and witness the lack of resolve and decency exhibited by the general population. As the violence against the Jews increases and destroys the rights of the Jews, consider it just practice. As they become more emboldened the Muslims will begin coming after you. Think WW II.
    Beware non Jews it’s coming to a neighborhood near you. You cannot negotiate with evil, it can only be destroyed.

  • Isaac Brajtman

    The “good ” Swedes will be next Just a matter of time.

  • Disgusting how atrociously Muslims behave, even in other countries.

  • Mossad needs to send a few agents in there and stir things up a bit 😉

  • Fredric M London

    This is the face of what is to come.

    Police brutality is on the rise. Why? Because it is acceptable to those in charge. When police administrators tolerate it, it becomes widespread.

    The same is true for what this poor lady experienced. Muslim minority populations are on the rise. They hate all Jews. When the majority in society show support, and proudly align themselves with terrorists against Israel, it sends the Muslims a message. They can do as they please and get away with it, because, on the whole, society agrees with them. While the majority probably are not trying, at least overtly, to be Antisemitic, they send a message that dealing with Antisemitism is a low priority, and supporting terrorism is much more important. So, it is happening more and more. France seems ready to conduct pogroms, and Jew hatred (under cover of Israel hatred) is not considered a problem.

    Under those circumstances, such atrocities will continue to grow. I do not understand why the JDL is no longer active. The authorities will do nothing to protect Jews, police will do nothing to stop such behavior, and the Muslims, of course, have barbarism as the core of their existence. They are creating stealth jihad everywhere they go, and with the support of politically-coerced censorship, they are succeeding. I do not think the time is so far away that some European countries become Islamist states, with shari’a the law of the land.

    Although Scandinavia scores low on traditional Antisemitic subjects, their virulent support of all terrorist entities and sympathy for the monsters, leave Jews out in the cold. They may not be advocating crimes against Jews, but they are permitting it. G-d help Anna, and all those who dare to show up in support of Israel at the rally which is being planned.

  • Every Jew, every Israeli and every person of decency and justice is with you Anna.

    These Muslims are ignorant, miserable and jealous people with nothing in life to celebrate but anger and hate.

    My heart breaks to see the pain you’ve had to endure and I am humbled by your bravery and strength of will.


  • Julian Clovelley

    This is a dreadful incident for which there is no excuse.

    However accuracy in reporting at all times, and I am unconvinced of the accuracy here. The article begins: “A Muslim mob in Uppsala, Sweden last week set upon and severely beat a Jewish mother of four, for wearing a Jewish Star of David necklace”

    However later in the article we read that the victim had an identified role with the World Zionist Organisation. In their own mission statement the WZO states “Zionism aims at establishing for the Jewish people a legally assured home in Eretz Yisrael. To achieve this purpose, the following means shall be employed: Promoting the settlement of Jewish farmers, artisans, and tradesmen in Palestine.”

    On this basis the true motivation of the cowardly attack surely requires deeper investigation and understanding. To state blandly that is was only for wearing a necklace in a shape often used for jewellery by Jews and Gentiles alike seems questionable. Was the victim in fact targeted rather for the Zionist connection and the attack pre-meditated? If so this echoes a number of such incidents around the world and raises again the question of whether the identification of Jews en mass with Zionism is either sensible or fair. Premeditation is in the eyes of the law a far more serious event

    I have seen the identification with Herzl’s Zionism pushed very hard by contributors and in comment columns in Algemener – associated also with a propagandists’ pust toward Right Wing Conservatism within Europe and more particularly America

    Non-judgementally on this I feel there is an urgent need to examine this incident closer.

  • I have been slandered in facebook by pro-Palestinian groups in Ireland for taking a stand for Israel. I live in Germany, there are lots of Muslims here too, 5 million alone are from Turkey. I am not saying they are all of the Hamas-Islamic Jihad types… but where can we find “moderate” ones these days??? Is Hamas propaganda and incitement of hatred for the Jews really that effective? More should come out to show how very similar Hamas-Islamists are to ISIL brutality and barbarism.

  • There is no proper comment for behavior like that.
    People who engage in behavior like that are beneath

  • Sjogren is a heroine of the Jewish people. The Swedish Embassy in Washington and Consulate in New York should be contacted and complaints made about the lax government stance against Muslin violence and harassment of Jews.
    American Jews can also confront the anti-Israel pro-Palestinian hate marches that are taking place more and more frequently and tell our government to prevent anti-Semitic demonstrations, just as they would homophobic or sexist or racist demonstrations.

  • Well here we go .. punching up women because they’re Jewish. How long before the cattle cars are booked? Mind you, even non-Jews aren’t safe walking in Muslim areas, what did she think she was doing??

  • Sonia Willats

    Incredible! Sweden! Rome has indeed burned whilst the West sleeps. They will wake up from their ‘liberalism’ far too late, and see that the radical Islamic minority are now their masters.

    עם ישראל חי

  • Sweden today has a lot to be ashamed of. It is falling into a pit of racist hate and it needs to act soon to stop this slide towards chaos, brought to it’s cities by people who are acting with impunity.

  • Islam is the most dangerous force on the earth and must be destroyed!!!

  • Thank you, Anna Sjogren, for standing up for yourself and Israel. My heartbreaks for your pain. When the police will not protect you, please consider moving your family to Israel. Wherever you are I, a member of the tribe, salute and pray for you.

  • This vicious, barbaric, cowardly assault on a lone woman is utterly appalling! At the same time, except for physical brutality, it is typical of the world’s reaction to Israel as it defends itself against Hamas, and of the widespread hatred of we Jews.

    I’ve finally come to the conclusion that there will be no Mideast peace until Israel hammers its enemies flat, and becomes so formidable militarily, economically, scientifically, and technically, that the rest of the world will acquiesce and view her accomplishments as something they’d like to get in on. Some might say we’ll forfeit our souls with such behavior, but, for my part, I’m more concerned about preserving our people in this world and deal with the “world to come” if/when it comes.

  • Muslims immigrants are alien outsiders in Sweden and know tolerance for their presence depends on their obeying the laws, following the rules, and trying to fit in. Jews have been outsiders and know what this is like. Obviously, Muslims had no fear or guilt in beating up a pale blond Swedish woman who was Jewish. They must know that in Sweden, this behavior is acceptable.

  • Anna,
    du är en modig kvinna och jag önskar att mitt gamla hemland där jag inte längre bor vore fullt av kvinnor och män med ditt mod att inte ge in och ge upp när de onda människorna försöker att ta över. Du kommer att vara i mina böner om Guds beskydd för dig och din familj och för all judar hela världen över.
    Gud välsigne dig Anna!

    • English translation of the above message.

      You are a brave woman and I wish that my old country where I no longer live would be full of women and men with your courage to not give in and give up when evil people try to take over. You will remain in my prayers for God’s protection for you and your family and all Jews the world over.
      God bless you Anna!


    bravo mam kol hakavod do not keep quiet the days of fear are over we re with you ,this from an auschwitz survivor 38526 WE WILL OUTLIVE THEM TOO

  • A brave woman. The sish gov. will wake up too late to the cancer are allowing to rot their country. Saturday people first then the Sunday people

  • sweden is so complacent, so sanctimonious, so arrogant, in its condemnation of Israel. (BTW: one should check the way in which sweden fought when it last did some fighting.) arrogant, hateful sweden has allowed its muslims to go hog-wild. they have been given a license and, more than that, encouragement, by the hateful government. it has provided a comfortable home for barbarism and hate.

  • rachel robinson

    first they come for the Sabbath people and then they come for the Sunday people. Sweden will probably learn this the hard way. Why would such a homogeneous country let in Moslems?

  • This is unbelievable! The anti-Semitism in Europe is as bad as it was during Hitler’s 30’s and 40’s. Where the hell are the Swedish police, the French police, the UK police? Standing by the side of the road ignoring just like they did in the 30’s?

    Shameful and disgusting. It’s time we start boycotting all countries that cannot control their Islamists.

  • If Sweden had the right to bear arms as the U.S. has, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • Leave and return to Israel or suffer the consequences. Or flight back and send all the Muslims back home to their empty deserts.


  • The Muslim scum that did this should be stoned, and those who is lying that woman fell should be sent back where they came from. Scum like that doesn’t deserve to live in Sweden

  • You say that you can’t go to the police, are you going to let them get away with it? It needs to be reported and prosecuted.

  • Am Yisrael Chai, I agree-with.

    What I don’t agree-with is your walking thru’ a MUSLIM neighbourhood with an obvious sign of your Jewishness and expecting nothing to happen. These things have happened in Sweden before; so, Y take chances and ‘invite’ them by being provocative ? Trouble finds us Jews without our provoking them ! So, in future, please b less provocative so U can avoid an even-worse situation…R.T.

  • You are a brave lady I salute you,you should report this incident to the police,we need paper trail,to fight those courts all over the word.wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • I can’t believe this . It’s shocking that someone did this to her because she wore the Star Of David around her neck.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Has the Swedish government condemned all the Jews for angering Muslims yet? They will.

  • So much for Sweden the liberal progressve Paradise.

  • The “people” who did this are vermin. But because it’s Swedenistan we’re talking about – a country that will be under the boot of Sharia law in another generation – the victim will be blamed and probably charged with a crime by the cowardly lions of the Swedish police, and the assailants will be immortalized with bronze statues and have streets named after them. What can you expect when your biggest source countries for immigration are violent Muslim Arab countries.

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