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August 20, 2014 7:09 pm

Anti-Semitic Incidents in U.K. Increase 500% During Gaza Conflict

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A pro-Israel rally in England. Photo: Screenshot.

JNS.orgThe Community Security Trust (CST), an organization providing security, training, and advice to the Jewish community in the United Kingdom, is reporting that anti-Semitic incidents in the country have risen by nearly 500 percent since the start of the current conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

CST received more than 240 calls on anti-Semitism in the month of July alone, the organization said, up from around 50 per month earlier this year.

“The actual data is bad enough but cannot convey the mood of the Jewish community, with many people telling us that they have never felt so bad, have been under such pressure, nor worried so much about what the future may hold,” said Mark Gardner, the communications director for the CST, according to The Independent.

“Some of those anti-Israel and anti-Zionist passions found their physical outlet against Jewish targets, as they always do,” he said.

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  • Ruth stern

    So all the Jewish communities leave England – that shoul be a joy to see. Many financial institutions and companies would leave the economy would collapse and how I would laugh my ass off. Your houses would be worthless as Jewish money leaves the country the stock exchange would go to rock bottom. Israel would prosper more and once we become refugees we can go anywhere not necessarily Israel. You think that we would all go there so you can kill us in one go – we were born with brains and we are survivors and survive we will. We will never be oppressed again, by you or any other group of murderers. You have your god and we have ours and watches over his chosen people. England you have allowed a monster within either deal with it now or you will suffer the consequences – yes Hitler was an Ally during WWII because of Edward that’s the real reason he abdicated read your history and get the facts right.

    • Please don’t spread this, Ruth! England fought against Hitler and the Nazi’s. 100’s of 1,000’s died doing so. I accept that the Jews were literally abandoned, but Hitler was allied to one cause only, The Final Solution. Look at my future trip to Auschwitz and know there are those who will not allow lies to permeate the ether, either!

  • Harvey

    Don’t go packing your bags just yet . The figures are depressing but the reality is the overwhelming majority of people are indifferent to Israel Palestine and couldn’t find either on the map . If anything they are realising that Hamas and IS are one and the same ideology .
    The attacks are perpetrated by mainly UK Muslims of Pakistani origin together with recent Somali immigrants as well as the White far left .

  • Peter

    Thing is, no one cares but us Jews. The regular folk could care less what happens to us Jews. And when I say “us Jews,” I mean Jews who identify as Jewish and care about Israel. I do not mean those who identify as Jewish solely so that they can say that their vicious, ugly comments about Israel does not make them anti-Semitic. Time for us Jews to leave Europe for good.

    • Lula

      Peter, I’m a regular folk, I’m not Jewish, but I do care for Israel and all Jewish people. I stand with Israel; eventhough, I have lost some “friends” by doing so. I would like you to know that there are many people around the world that feel the same way I do.
      Our prayers are constantly with you and for the peace of Jerusalem as The Lord our God asks us to do. You are not alone, Hashem is with you, as He promised, He will bless you and He will subdue your enemy. Have faith.
      Love from Canada <3

    • Yes Peter. Leave Europe go where you belong, Israel . It is not true that no one cares, I only have a Jewish heritage but I care , do all possible to counter bad press’s, forward all Mailwith Jewish content and generally make a nuisance of myself because I believe you are God’s chosen people and He will bless those who bless you.

      • The Jew who falters will not do so alone! There are Christians who will assist today, because we didn’t yesterday. But do not be fooled by any Jewish rhetoric that we do not care. We are here, Jana, Lola amongst many!

  • Fred

    The British Gov. has abrogated it obligation to protect & defend its Jewish citizen to the Islamic street mob. Correctness & multiculturalism has gone mad. Islamic racism seems to be acceptable after all the Muslims do not integrate. Long live Britanistan. It was a British Muslim who stood over & sliced Foley’s head. There are probably more who seem to think they have interminable rights to do as they please as the British law does not apply to them. Murder, rape, slavery the new ideal under Islamic sharia law.

  • judithg

    now that its “not just the Jews” there will be a sea change in the phony reporting and the hate Jews meme. usually, they wait until we’re mostly dead. so. that’s something.

  • Jenny


  • Michel Bodenheimer

    Our dear Jewish friends in the UK should know that they are always welcome in their home, in Israel.

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    We dare not allow another Holocaust, the destruction

    • Larry Barnes


      Rabbi, sorry am not able to download or find your video.

  • Eric R.

    Really, why did 350,000 Brits die fighting the Nazis, when it turns out that the UK really wanted to be a Nazi state after all?

    This irrational, psychotic Jew-hatred is not new to modern Britain, and did not start with the Islamonazis that they imported.

    Read Orwell’s essay “Antisemitism in Britain”, written in 1945.

    You will then realize that Britain really would have welcomed Hitler.

  • Sue Rees

    Frankly, what do you expect? It has been noted that young UK Jewish Men are taking part fighting as Israeli Soldiers committing atrocities to unarmed women and children. You need to stop Netanyahu on his current bullying mission, treat others as you wish to be treated, then those will treat you in the same light. There is no smoke without fire!

    • Monty Pogoda

      We do not commit atrocities. Get your facts right.

      • It is an atrocity we see that Arab Women and Children are killed. The Fact that Hamas have used them as shields is not properly published. But then! Propaganda feeds the frenzy!

    • Tzipporah

      Sue Rees view this:

      Anyone choosing to fight with the IDF is my hero. Wait Sue until ISIS is at your door to behead you. Maybe then you will wish for someone to defend your rights.

    • Baht Harim

      Balderdash. Were you one of those many people who protested against Israel in London not too long ago? Where were you when the Serbs were slaughtering the Bosnians? (For that matter, where were the Bosnians’ Muslim brother in the Middle East when this was going on?) Did you march for those slaughtered in the Rwandan Genocide? For the massacred in Darfur? The Kurds and Yazidis are being massacred right now–no crocodile tears for them from you, I’ll bet. The world only gets its knickers in a twist when Israel defends itself. Anyone else can expect no sympathy from the hypocrites of this world.

  • Lauren Goldman

    In what country is this NOT happening, to varying degrees (and don’t say America)? The increasing number and violence of attacks on Jews and our property means that America is only lagging behind.

  • If anyone needs a rebuttal to the mantra that you are not antisemitic, just because you are anti zionizt, these incidents provide one . As that great defender of human rights , Martin Luther King said ” If your are anti -Zionist, you are anti semitic, my friend. ” Finally, , anti semites have shown that under pressure , they do not distinguish between Jews and Israelis.

  • Oh people in the UK. Wake up we all have to answer to our creator now+ the moment of our leaving this life to return to dust our /all our sols+ and spirit s belong to our creator /we then /must learn /we must strive for peace
    Shalom /peace kmurph5360

  • Julian Clovelley

    Is it anti semitism or is it really anti Zionism.. And if Zionist and Jewish have become confused ,whose fault us that? – and why was such a “misperception” never ardently corrected by the Jewish community itself?

    Just asking…

    I ask it because I read that 100 years ago the Jewish community itself perceived Zionism as a threat to the community – one that could bring on persecution ,and ultimately destroy the very things it seeked to create – and threaten what it seeked to protect.

    I suggest you ask yourselves this, because I grew up in a Britain where Jews were safe, where Jewish children were our schoolfellows without any hatred, or even difference between us

    Something has changed – and it isn’t Arab or Islamic propaganda. It is something that has been perceived that has alienated those who were once friends. My suggestion is that perhaps you need more neutral commentators. After all historically many Zionists sought conflict in order to promote their ideology and their unfounded land claims.


    • Bill Channon

      Well, Julian. You perhaps have forgotten the thousands of Jews who were not allowed to enter the region that has become Israel by Britain, and British resettlement policies after the war. I know. My dad was one of the British soldiers and he told me stories of his time there. Do you remember the 4,700 Jews on the ship Exodus who were not allowed to land but were returned to Germany in three small British ships!!? This turned into a humanitarian and public relations disaster for Britain.

      Surely you haven’t forgotten that when these Jews were forcibly returned to Germany they were then ‘forced’ to return to concentration camps -albeit by British guards.

      Jews were safe? Really Jullian?

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Everybody is doing it, doing it, doing it
    From Paris to Prague, from the Dutch to Belgiques
    It’s the” hate the Jew tango’ danced with such ease
    It’s said its Israel and Zion they hate
    But it’s really the Jew they want to deflate
    From the heights of old Oxford to the slums of Paree
    They with old Adolf will surely agree
    Let’s spurt the Jew blood, to find a just peace.

  • The future for British Jews is in Israel.

    • Bill Channon

      Marc, It’s easy for me to say. I am a Christian and wish Jews nothing, but well. But you are British as well Jewish. Your home is in the UK and nothing should drive you away from your home.

    • Wrong! The Jew belongs where ever they want to be. It is for nations to ensure their safety and a welcome that is both positive and fraternal!

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    David Cameron will take NO steps.

    • Ne will be waiting until ISIS come to London. The Jews must form armed groups of resistance

    • philip heaton

      Indeed: only platitudes, tea and sympathy from this PM.

  • DocReality

    Another sign that Jews across Europe should pack up and go to Israel so that the Muslims can get to work on everyone else left. And they all deserve it: in England, France, Sweden, Spain, and the list goes on. Europe will get what it deserves.