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September 12, 2014 5:05 pm

Columnist at Erdoğan Aligned Newspaper Calls for Taxing Jews to Pay for Rebuilding Gaza

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Turkish columnist Faruk Köse. Photo: Haber Vaktim.

A Turkish pundit writing for Yeni Akit, a major publication aligned with President Erdoğan, called for the country’s Jews to be taxed to pay for reconstructing buildings damaged in Gaza during Israel’s recent Operation Protective Edge.

Faruk Köse said that the “Gaza Fund Contribution Tax” should apply to Turkish Jews as well as foreign Jews doing business in Turkey and any Turkish nationals with commercial ties to the Jewish state.

The columnist even said the tax should apply to any company or business that maintains a partnership with a Turkish Jew.

“The reconstruction of Gaza will be paid for by Jewish businessmen,” he said.

The penalty for failing to pay the tax should be the revocation of the Jew’s business licence and the seizure of his property, Köse said.

Köse also sparked controversy in July when he penned an open letter to Turkey’s chief rabbi, calling on Erdoğan to demand that the Jewish community apologize for Israel’s actions in Gaza.

“You came here after being banished from Spain. You have lived comfortably among us for 500 years and gotten rich at our expense. Is this your gratitude – killing Muslims? Erdoğan, demand that the community leader apologize!” he wrote at the time.

The article was mentioned in a subsequent open letter to Erdoğan from Jewish human rights group, the Anti-Defamation League, calling on the leader to “publicly reject all expressions of anti-Semitism including the scapegoating of Turkish Jews for the actions of Israel, and assure the Turkish Jewish community that they continue to have the full support and protection of the state and people of Turkey.”

In recent years the climate in Turkey has become increasingly threatening for the country’s Jewish population. Various violent attacks on individuals have been reported and vicious anti-Israel rhetoric is widespread.

During Protective Edge, Erdoğan compared Israeli actions to Hitler, and violent protests threatened the Israeli embassy and consulate. Last month a Jewish couple was found stabbed to death in their apartment in Istanbul.

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  • CarlBernd

    Those Jews living in Turkey are Turkish.

    Israel it’s a Country.

    What those people thing we should do to muslins around the world concerning the behaviour of those of the new Califado.

    Come on, group up , study , learn to reflect and think by your selves . Some time you act like children with bear.

  • Reilly

    It is time for all products developed by Jews to be removed from the shelves of Turkey’s stores, including all medicines and pharmaceuticals.

  • Marvin Feil

    Ataturk would be horrified by this hatred of other Turks. The current government is a disgrace to his memory.

  • shosh

    Its time for the Jews in Turkey to leave that country
    and move to Israel, before their situation becomes intolerable.

  • E benAbuya

    “You came here after being banished from Spain. You have lived comfortably among us for 500 years. . .”
    And we brought with us our industry, inventiveness, business acumen and our ability to connect to markets worldwide. Spain went from being a world power to a 2nd rate backwater. We didn’t “do” anything to Spain. In rejecting us; the “other”, they collapsed in on themselves; and you will too.

  • The Turkish government says it will raise $100M to create a settlement in the US, so the money has to come from somewhere.
    May 17, 2013 … … a ceremonial stone on a 15-acre construction site in Lanham, Maryland that will likely become ….. Great job Turkish government and the brothers that are working hard on the Musjid.

  • Stuart Young

    Nazi tactics by Islamo-Nazi Erdoğan

  • Ali Karp

    You characterize yeni akit as a major publication. I checked the daily circulations of Turkish papers and found out that it is in 19th spot. The top selling paper sold nearly 1 million copies for the one-week period, whereas yeni akit had only around 60 thousand sales. Hardly a major publication.

    • Jack SOTSKY



    Excellent idea….Likewise, Israel is thinking of taxing all those who supported the Hamas gangs, financially and politically, including Turkey & Quatar for the damages caused by 14,000 rockets which arabs from Gaza lobbed onto Israel…Approx. 8 billion $….Erdogan, prepare your fat check-book.

  • orion judge

    Erdogan compared Israeli actions to Hitler! Rich coming from the country that kick started Genocides (The Turkish Armenian/Georgian genocide at the start of the 20th century); Hitler actually referenced the Turkey’s genocide to show that committing such an atrocity was possible to get away with!

  • El Chongo de tu hermana

    We are next in line …after Erdogan.
    You pay for the two million Armenians you massacred .. and we’ll leave an open check for Hamas.

  • Marika Biber

    What an interesting proposal: tax Turkish Jews and all Jews actually, to finance more tunnel building by Hamas, buy more rockets to be stored, more civilians to be indoctrinated and brain washed. Yes, bring on the money, Jewish money and lets get equipped for the next onslaught. Great thinking Mr. Kose.

  • Where is Ataturk when we need him?

  • Peter Hudson

    Mr. Erdogan will not take this man’s proposal because his son is doing business with Israel. His son’s cargo ships sail between Turkey and Israel. Under normal conditions this is perfectly fine. However, Mr. Erdogan’s attacks to Israel before public and his actions behind the scene proves his double standard.

  • Sofia B

    Turkish Columnist Faruk wrote that Jews should pay for reconstruction of Gaza – a Gaza Fund Contribution Tax –
    Faruk, is faruk.

    Turkey and especially Istanbul, was once a vibrant and friendly tourist destination – since Erdogan took power – it is not the same and will not be the same again. Also were would Turkey be without Jewish businesses? It works both ways.
    Will never visit Turkey again!

  • Elizabeth

    Great idea – just as soon as Turkey pays for the rebuilding of Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. And while they’re at it, how about a claims conference for Armenia?

  • Jonathan Kay

    So, the world is on a self destruct course it seems.

    No more holidays ever in Turkey for me, that’s for sure

  • arsailman

    Time for Turkey’s Jews to leave Turkey. Also time to kick Turkey out of NATO for nonsense such as this…..

  • Nina Friedman

    WOW, did they forget all the Israelis who came over as tourists and spent their shekels in Turkey? How about all the builders from Israel who came over to Turkey and helped build modern Turkey?
    God, antisemitism has no boundaries.. amazing.
    Meanwhile, as the days go on, Hamas takes all the money given to them to rebuild Gaza and begins to rebuild tunnels..
    Meanwhile, as more names of the dead in Gaza come out… we find that more and more of the “civilians” who were killed were terrorists and members of Hamas.. Who would have thunk that??? DUH!!
    But lets take the Jews who just want as much peace and quiet in their lives as the Turks say they do… and tax them, take away their businesses and how about just murder them in their sleep???? That’s an idea.. Oh wait.. we have had that for centuries.. So what else is new????

  • Sarah Williams

    You know those thousands of French and Ukrainian Jews moving to Israel? Move over,the Turks are next…

  • Peter Diffenbacher

    I am just starting to figure it out: Democracy was a noble experiment, but The Return Of The Kings is Inevitable. > Gaza, just annex it and get it over with, as well as Sinai. >
    Let Netanayahu serve for life, than his son or daughter. Voila, you win.

  • David Goshen

    Interesting that President Erodogan is completely unaware that Hamas ,as it has done for years started the war and has to be responsible for the damage!
    Erodogan is also unaware that the citizens of Gaza are being deprived of their humn rights being unable to question any actions of their government for fear of death and injury.
    Erogan is simarly unaware of the treatment of Fatah supporters left stuck in Gaza since the bloody coup of 2007
    who during the recent war were shot up by theMalitias subject to house arres and if non complined were killed!
    Erogan is unaware that Hamas does not admit a single lost
    soldier in the recent war and that all were civilians.
    Erogan has not realised that many of the citizen killed could have been saved if the Militias had allowed them to take refuge in the tunnels and underground military areas.
    Now he wants the Jews to Pay!
    Sounds like the same justice metered out to the Armenians in WW1!
    Erogan just has no clue of what happened in the recent war.
    Erogan should first restore Human Rights tothe citizens of Gaza
    Then Turkey & Katar who constantly encourage Hamas to go to war with Israel should pay Israels costs of the war!
    David Goshen

  • A. Sanders

    Best people to tax is the people who caused the damage in the first place. Hamas and those countries who support this terrorist group. The real Hitlerian actions are conducted by those who preach anti-Semitism and violence against Jews. Why cant the world just leave as alone?

  • anon

    Why do Jews live in hellholes like Turkey?

  • sidney sands

    Turkish Jews should wake up to the situation and leave Turkey while they can, the Anti-semite Erdogan who wants to be another Caliph, is violently anti Israel and a baker of hamas he has taken Turkey back to pre Attaturk days, and wants Sharia Law, and to rule under him.

  • Elie Berkman

    One who does not RESPECTS others,
    Respect NOT him/her self.

    Turkey should Protect and Respect the
    Jewish community.
    And all communities living under the rules of
    Laws that govern respectfully Turkish Government
    and Sociaty.

  • Simone Miller

    How about we pay for one way tickets to remove all of the arabs/muslims out of Israel once and for all. Let them resettle in jordan where they belong.

  • zadimel

    Well, I wonder how much the Jewish community of Turkey would have to pay for the 2000 or so Arabs killed in Gaza as a result of Hamas’ attempt to ultimately destroy Israel and murder all Jews and their supporters, beginning with the daily rocket attacks? The Jewish State has exercised incredible restraint by delaying responses or even not responding to these attacks. Israel has responded by by warning civilians living in the areas of rocket launches to exit prior to retaliation. If the Jews of Turkey are asked to pay for Israel’s self-defensive actions,how much should Turkey pay for their deliberate and systematic murder of 1.5 million Armenians during and after WW 1?

  • Enezio E. de Almeida Filho

    Using this line of thought, let’s not forget the Armenian Holocaust: Turkey should pay compensation to the survivors of the Armenian Holocaust.

  • Stuart Hersh

    Deja-vu! This is similar to Herman Goering’s post-Kristalnacht order that Jews were to pay for the damage caused in thr riots, and the rejection of claims, by Polish Jews, for damage caused by Germany’s aggression beginning on September 1, 1939.

  • Eliot Schickler

    To tax Jews who don’t live in Israel smacks on Antisemitism! The guy is warped and needs to be declared an automatic homosexual! He also needs to be punished for his war crimes!

    • Automatic Homosexual

      “Automatic homosexual”? WTH does that mean and WTH does it have to do with this tax?


    I keep asking and you never answer:

    How Do I Get To Read The Comments. For Example This Article Says “26 Comments”.


    Where is Obama on this problem. He was a friend of Turkey and arm- twisted Prime Minister Netanyahu to apologize.

  • Baba

    When people consistently blame the Jews for everything, and will not find fault with the real aggressor and human rights offenders, than it safe to call them hypocrites. Would you have made Hamas pay for the damages it inflicted on Israel. How about the terror tunnels? They are OK since they were to kill the Jews?

    You are sincerely a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  • Jonah

    It states in revelation that the beast powers at be will make an all out effort, a concerted push to destroy Israel, their plans are foiled…they become enraged and turn their focus on Christianity and start a worldwide killing campaign. I believe it enrages the beast when Christians are a continual burr in his behind…obstacles in the way of his finishing the job with Israel. Christians are armed in America and he will have to go house to house to roust them out or start a plague of some kind. But taking them down will not be an easy task, I wish I knew what his next plan of attack is.

  • Mickey Oberman

    These anti Semites are a world wide plague.

    This one, Köse, is particularly vile and disgusting.

    But this is the current trend in Erdogan’s Turkey which is well on its way back from a modern society to tribal savagery.

  • Paul Cerar

    The Turks have murdered millions of their Christian countrymen. Not only Armenians, but also Syrian and Greek, and other minority Christian groups.

    Mr. Kose says the Jews of Turkey must pay for actions committed by other Jews. In that case Mr. Kose deserves the death penalty for the murders committed his forefathers.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • shloime

    sure, but only after the turks pay for rebuilding the damage that they and their islamo-fascist protégés caused in syria and iraq. then we can talk about gaza, as well as independence for kurdistan.

  • Uriel Priwes

    Faruk Kose=Hermann Goering

  • art

    how ugly How blatantly Anti Semitic. where are the “humanitarians” the “forward thinking” people to denounce this? Where is HRW the so called legal beagles? Can you imagine if Israel did something like this? Good thing erdogan is Obamas bud

  • Bernard Ross

    an illiterate with a pen

  • Fred

    Well, Erdogan opened the gates.

  • Ira

    I don’t think you should be publishing this kind of trash even if it was reported so. We know who our friends are and are not!

  • yussi

    Oh sure!! The savages shoot thousands of rockets into Israel and then and ONLY THEN did Israel retaliate and this ahole writer wants jews to pay to rebuild gaza!!!! I have just 2 words for you and they ain t happy ramadan…Go F yourself…

  • Another instance, Stupidity has no cure, no vaccine and left to its own it will like a cancer consume it’s host.
    We as Jews though,have the option of who we choose to do business with and which products we purchase.
    I and my wife ceased buying anything French, English and now Turkish, please my friends read the labels well, the fine print,know where the product is made. Through economic individual sanctions,we are but a drop in a river,but a million or more drops becomes an economic flood !
    Any country which tacitly allows anti-Semitic behavior then,If these country’s can live without Jews than as Jews we can live without them !

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    To hell with Turkey

  • It’s time for jews to leave Turkey at least until Erdogan’s party looses elections. Aliah is a good option, the United States, Canada or Argentina are good too. We have meny Sepharadic Jews living in Buenos Aires and Ladino is very similar to the Spanish we speak here.

  • barbarafromnyc

    We are living in very dangerous times. As far as I’m concerned, no one has to pay to rebuild Gaza – except Hamas.

  • Robby

    Jews need to leave Turkey quickly. The handwriting is on the wall. Come home to Israel.

  • mah

    If demanding compensation from coreligionists is a good idea, I submit the Turkish Muslim populations be required to pay for the carnage brought about by the Boku Haram, Assad in Syria, Bashir in Sudan, modern day slave traders in Sudan and Mauritania, etc

  • steven L

    Yeni Akit is full of morons. With the same reasoning the Turks should pay billions to the Kurd.

  • Levi Yitzhaq Garbose

    To hell with Erdoğan and his demand that the Jewish community apologize for Israel’s actions in Gaza.
    Rather HaShem Yisborach and His demand (and compensation) that the Turkish community apologize For Turkeys’s actions in Armenia….

  • Ben Gruder

    “You have lived comfortably among us for 500 years and gotten rich at our expense.”

    Classic antisemitism. Turkey is in danger of reverting to a hate-driven country with its favorite targets: Armenians, Kurds, and Jews. Headed for the trash heap.

  • Gregg Solomon

    It’s not “diplomatic,” publicly unknown, and Turkey leverages its UN vote and international sway to prevent its discussion, but enough already of the two-faced duplicitous Erdogan; let’s broadcast loud and clear what Erdogan and the Turks don’t want discussed — their slaughter of over 1.5 Million Armenians, the Armenian Genocide, for the purpose of the Armenians elimination, extermination, from within Turkey. Point blank slaughter, no shades of grey, black and white extermination. And there is no discussion of the exchange of populations between Turkey and Greece as the solution to the messy issues of racism and intolerance. Enough of Erdogan’s Turkey grandstanding,
    Algenheimer, Dovid, call a spade a spade already and make the press deal with this.

  • Kerry Berger

    Yeni Akit, a major publication aligned with President Erdoğan, is a disgusting antisemite. Creating a tax on Turkish or foreign Jews for the policy of the State of Israel is discrimination and a form of denigration to Jews who are born and live in Turkey, almost as if they are not full Turkish citizens and bear the responsibility of Israel’s behavior. This is most disgraceful and unacceptable a suggestion for a modern nation state to be making. Talk about fascist policies. The Turks need to look in the mirror.

  • HaroldT

    Why have the Jews in Turkey not got the message that they must get out. Have they not learnt a thing from the German Jews of the 1930’s ?