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September 12, 2014 2:55 pm

Jewish Groups Rush to Defend Senator Ted Cruz After Shout-Down at Dinner

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland. Photo: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

Major American Jewish groups rushed to defend Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday after he was booed off stage at a gala dinner on Wednesday night for voicing solidarity with Israel and Jews.

Leaders also criticized attendees at the event, a Washington, D.C. fundraiser for a suspected Iran aligned group called In Defense of Christians, for heckling Cruz, a darling of the evangelical Christian community.

The charity says it aims to draw attention to the plight of persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

Speaking on stage, Cruz said Israel and the Jewish people face the same threat from radical Islam as Christians in the Middle East, adding that Christians “have no greater ally than Israel.”

Audience members then booed and shouted protests, leading the senator to walk off stage and leave the event.

“Those who hate Israel hate America, and those who hate Jews hate Christians, and if this room will not recognize that, then my heart weeps that the men and women here will not stand in solidarity with Jews and Christians alike who are persecuted by radicals who seek to murder them,” he said. “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews, then I will not stand with you.”

Major Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) said it was “appalled” by the incident.

In a statement, SWC Dean and Founder Rabbi Marvin Hier, and Associate Dean Rabbi Abraham Cooper said, “While we will continue to speak out against those who suffer ethnic cleansing and violence because of their religious faiths, we will never make common cause with bigots who do not show basic respect for the Jewish people and the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, the only nation in that region where religious rights of all are guaranteed, and the only Middle East society where the population of Christians is rising.”

The SWC also praised Senator Cruz for voicing support for Israel at the event, saying it “applauds Senator Cruz for his integrity and courage in telling 17 Christian Patriarchs and their supporters the truth.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said it was disappointed that the focus of the conference shifted from the persecution of Christians to attacking Israel.

“We express deep appreciation to Senator Cruz for his brave and unflinching defense of Israel and the Jewish people,” said ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman. “At the same time, we are dismayed that an event designed to draw the world’s attention to the serious problem of the persecution of Christians in the region was turned, by a vocal portion of the audience, into yet another opportunity to bash Israel, the only country in the Middle East where the practice of Christianity is protected by law and where the Christian population is growing.”

Foxman said, “Apparently for some in the room, hatred of Israel trumps even their concern for fellow Christians.”

Morton A. Klein, who heads the Zionist Organization of America, said, “We strongly applaud Senator Cruz for showing the moral clarity and courage to call out rank anti-Semitism and uncontrolled hatred of the Jewish state of Israel and demonstrating his contempt for it by walking out on the audience that had expressed it.”

“It is shocking that a Conference designed to raise awareness of Christian minorities suffering murder and persecution from radical Muslims in the Middle East should have so many hateful anti-Semites who do not want Jews defended from the jihadist violence and terror that threatens their own Christian communities,” he said. “These anti-Semitic people want Muslims to do to the Jews what they are doing to Christians.”

“Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised when one sees that the Israel-hating Arab American Institute president James Zogby was one of the Conference organizers and sits on the In Defense of Christians advisory committee.”

Klein praised Cruz as “a sincere, knowledgeable and unabashed supporter of the Jewish state of Israel.”

Another major Jewish group, B’nai B’rith International, expressed similar sentiments, saying it was troubled that the gathering was “overshadowed by a display of animosity toward Israel.”

“Just as the entire international community must rally to protect the fundamental rights and dignity of Christians in places like Iraq and Syria, Christian leaders and faithful, along with others, are morally obliged do the same for Jews in the Middle East. There can be no condoning or belittling the Islamist extremists doctrinally committed to the violent destruction of the Middle East’s democratic Jewish state,” B’nai B’rith said. “If efforts for peace, and to protect Middle Eastern Christians, are to succeed, there must be recognition that ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ applies to the people of Israel as much as to any other human beings.”

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  • george Archers

    Christians in Israel(Palestine) are protected? News to me! I wish Jews would stop labeling themselves as Semitic. Most are Eastern Europeans.
    What’s with Israel being Democratic? I hate habitual liars

    • Sheldon buchman

      Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle East that accepts Christians and has the majority
      of all countries in the M.E.

  • Simon Néhmé

    In complementary :

    Note :

    Henry Morgenthau, Sr. : Jewish American Ambassador to the turkish empire, is the first – and the most active – who denounced high, privately and publicly the massacre of the Christians by the arabs,turkishs and Kurds, ( muslims wizirs and “christians” effendis ) and alerted his administration and the world : this empire was allied to the Arabs and Germany ( Teutons + Malteses ” Knights “) . Nowadays, it continues the same way and again the same « chiefs » ‘s hordes accuse … Israêl !

    Simon Néhmé

  • Simon Néhmé

    Congratulations Mister Ted Cruz for your courage, sincerity and honesty towards the band of antisemites and judeohaters, a horde present among people you faced. Here in France – or in what is left from this nation – and throughout Europe we can see the same cancer disseminating, hear and live worse : from the far-left to the far-right, some religious clerics and « philosophical » associations included, but with a much deeper acamedic intensity wrapped in a soft sophisticated savoir faire.

    Those little vizirs ( Oh la la how injured and wounded they felt, by the truth you told at their face ) only miss some big wizards (there were some yet ) for being all united : between Kairos, Cair, Hamas, Hizballah, Islamic brotherhood, etc… and lots of their kind , there is no difference : neither in terms of ideology nor in terms of terminology or target. You should know that those who think the contrary have been killed or kicked out by the former from the Middle East, except in Israêl.

    Miracle ? No.
    Democracy and Liberties ? Yes.

    This gang and their leaders are the objective allies of their islamist enemies. The only thing they do is banqueting here or there for accusing Israel. Isn’t it the only reason why President Obama and his staff gave them visas and welcomed them for the first time at the White House in such a hurry and with splendour ? Yes, indeed.
    So, useless to ask, for example, Mr. Feltman, or his boss Kerry- Chirac, why.

    These are feudal wheeler-dealers and potentates – cassockists they be or not – of the regimes ( here Assad’s, ex-Lebanon’s, Saddam’s, Khamenï, Erdoghan, and so on, or what is left from them) that must not be at the head of their dioceses or communities but in Clipperton – with Haneen Zoabi for belly dancing festivities ; on the beach.

    They have not come at all to your country in order to defend the Christians and Yézidis slaughtered by their yesterday Muslim « friends », and allies in love with eternity.

    They have come for attacking Israel and the Jews and make diversions – as they are perfectly capable to do all the time – crimes they are committing and are committed by their Arabic imperialistic invaders enemies against their own peoples and Native people since Islam has appeared . Can you see, Mister Senator, any circle of any diameter with any new value ?!

    Besides, this is the only thing they can do and they like to do. They are racists and antisemites, what I call « CUFAs and MUFAs » : Christians United For Antisemitism and Muslims United For Antisemitism.

    No need for anybody to be a new von Neumann, an another Morgenstern, a neo- Einstein, a Martin Luther King, or a post-Rabbi Nehemiah for being able, nowadays, to find out another value to Pi for the squaring of their bloody circle. Yet their common denominator is known : the old historic hatred of the Yehoudi transferred on their new hysterical hatred on Israel. Best way, they think, to help them to hide their own – and first only their own and nobody else’s – crimes and responsabilities.

    Apart from hatred and fanaticism, what did you expect Mister Senator, from, for example, the horde of Rai, Laham, the troops of : SSNP, Baas, Islamists, Hizballah, and else attending this meeting ? Respect, tolerance, serenity, calm , pluralism, democracy , liberties !?

    Everybody knows that those « clerics » have only come to – and disseminate into America among other countries – kill again the spirit and reputation of some like Patriachs Anton ( Anthony ) Peter Arida or bury alive Fathers like Gabriel Naddaf who sincerely, like you, love Israel for Israel. So, you, Brigitte Gabrielle, and many others belong to the same opposite school of thinking the wizirs and wizards abhore. You understand now why they attacked you so harshly .

    This is the reason why the Christian and Yézidis peoples must be liberated from these CUFAs alligators and these MUFAs crocodiles.

    In reality, they keep them as hostages in order to use them as slaves and lures – of different kinds, by the way – for the sake of their own maleficence, hatred and antisemitism which they nicely hide behind their «  antizionism ». Same old story again, n’est-ce pas .

    But, feeling this time it will not work anymore the way they think and hope, this stimulates them to act and to be more hysterical and totally irrespectful.

    You have talked civilization, they respond hate.

    You have talked truth, they respond hate.

    You have talked love , they respond hate.

    You have talked Education, they respond Hate,

    You have talked Jesus Christ, they respond hate.

    You have pronounced the words Jews, Israel, they respond … Oh la la !

    Deductivism and Conclusion ? !

    Let’s say, in fact, they copy here – and in your country – what they allowed and encouraged, for some, and obliged for others, to do there.

    This is not at all a tangible sign of their force but a clear mark of our weakness : Tolerance can’t – and should not be understood like stupidity anymore. It’s better for them to learn this first, in America and wherever they will be.

    Between the alligators and the crocodiles, democracies must not choose : both must be swatted and one should try to free the innocent prey. As Sir Churchill in his time did  i.e . fight for – and confirm – our values and civilization by military force if need be and compulsory civil and moral Education should prevail ; they like or not.

    Concerning this kind of « leaders » : let them tomise themselves, it will spare us from atomising them.

    MERCI again Mister Senator for having reminded us and them so clearly, straightforwardly and precisely – very diplomatically though, to my mind regarding the atmosphere – what they really are . At their point, diplomacy or even fairplay, are not ways or techniques this kind of guys deserve.

    Those Little vizirs and Grand wizards – another « Eminentes Personnalités » – are not at all what one of your founding Patriots used to call « indispensable men » ; they will end up consumed by their own hatred. As you rightly and bravely stated : « those who hate Israel hate America. Those who hate the Jews hate the Christians. If you hate the Jewish people you do not respect the teachings of Jesus Christ ». And who hates democracy can’t love Zionism neither true Humanism.

    Oh, some of these nice self declared « peaceful lambs » didn’t like it ! C’est normal.

    In reality : for a lot of these fellows and leaders, « coming » to Jesus is to kill the Jews.

    For them Christianity is another way to eradicate Judaism. So, where one, Academic or not, can see any single difference with Islam ?

    Here is the major reason which has enabled the quick expansion of the Islamic totalitarian ideology from its beginning till nowadays.

    No need to any psycho-anthropologist, psycho-analyst in any science or discipline, or what else to grasp ( or even to feel ) that they would follow anybody who would promise them to kill the Jews, hunt Israel and the Zionists , on one side and cry victimology with yuyu as usual on the other side. The whole sprinkled with petrodollars, petro-euros, dinars and … roubles. In the meantime Iran is working slowly on the « we know what » .

    So : what are these AlMonitors leaders waiting for to get into their « happy coranic large and sweet family » !? Why are they still in standby ? Let them jump alone to this Firdaws but let their subjugated people be free.

    This time things would – and should – be clearer once for all.

    Meanwhile, Israel is building herself and the USA will reborn, both still more firm and stronger.

    To paraphrase again the spirit of Sir Winston Churchill,  : Let us arm ourselves heavily, smartly and let us sift.

    Sword, knowledge, power , trowel and modesty , and vice versa, would enable us, I hope, to make the difference between the real friend and the true enemy and to build a better present for the future of our children in more free societies. It will be hard but it’s not too late yet to start seriously.

    Like a mountain, keep standing up the same honorable way you did.

    God bless you  and bless your country.

    Et tant pis pour les jaloux.

    20 septembre 2014
    Simon Néhmé Saint Martin Le Beau – France

  • afred dale taylor


  • LouA

    When you take money from hozbullah you are probably going to recoil at the mention of Israel

  • Daybreak

    The problem with this thing is that he is harping on about the wicked muslims while Israel still washes its bloody hands from killing muslim children, women and men…which is something it has been doing for many years during the process of stealing another nations land….that might be the reason why he was heckled off stage….those who support him are equal in this atrocity….Cruz was testing waters, or rather the IQ and degree of empathy Americans are capable of…in view of which Im surprised that idiots a senator….

  • Ilbert Phillips

    Someone is stuck in stupid. If this Defense of Christians event was designed to expose the persecution of Christians in the middle-east (Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, including Iran technically not in the middle-East) for example, why would these participants at this conference attack Senator Cruz who pointed out the obvious and who supports Israel. Christians are protected in Israel and not in the rest of the middle-eastern countries or other areas controlled by Muslims, that includes those areas controlled by the Palestinians, Gaza, Bethlehem and the West Bank. It simply means that the Conference was bogus. One cannot be in defense of Christians and attack the one country in the Middle East that does protect Christians.

  • Robert Davis

    After the way they behaved I am not sure we should continue our support for these mid east arab christians who have the same mentality as moslem arabs and deserve the way the latter are behaving with them. Let them take care of themselves if they can and get what they deserve from their fellow arabs. After all who cares?

  • Logic Man

    If I want to know how Christians are being treated in Israel, why in the heck would I listen to a pack of Jewish propagandist, and their paid for parrots like Cruz? If you want to know how somebody is being treated YOU ASK THE SOMEBODY… this is what the Christians in Palestine and Israel say… every single church is represented:

    What kind of an idiot would listen to Jews about how Christians are treated when you can just ask the Christians???

    • Stuart Kaufman

      Because, you jackass, Jews are the world experts on how it feels to be persecuted. You are an ignorant fool, and if you weren’t a coward as well, you wouldn’t choose to hide your ignorance behind the mask of anonymity.

      • Tomas de Torquemada

        Jews don’t have a monopoly on persecution. It is evident, however, that Jews have no love for Christianity and considers people like Ted Cruz useful idiots.

      • Tomas de Torquemada

        And, seriously, are you supporting people based on feelings of persecution rather than any anything with substance? Jews were murdered by the millions during World War 2, but so were many Russians, but I don’t see your heart bleeding for those poor, persecuted Russians; whereas you only need to see Schindler’s List and suddenly, you think you can justify the existence of Israel based on the feelings of those poor, persecuted Jews. What about those already living in Palestine? If, for example, the whole world looks at the United States and thinks that the land it occupies should be returned to its original inhabitants, the Native Americans? What justification do you really have for staying other than saying “I was born here, my ancestors fought for it, I’m not giving it to them.” Which is what a Palestinian would say for their own country. You would be a hypocrite of major proportions to see how your own damn country came into being and complain about persecuted peoples.

    • Bill Channon

      These anti-semitics speak with screams, thinking loud voices will shut up and drown out the sane and thoughtful, trying to to shut up the reality of the on-going persecution of not only Christians and Jews but also any of other minority religion in any and all land where muslim state in the Middle East is the majority. Look at Syria where Christian communities who have lived in Syria since before islam was even created. Look at Iraq where in cities such as Mosul where also Christian communion many of whose inhabitants, Jews and others whose presence have also predated muslims have been murdered or driven out of their homes with nothing. Last week Christians -foreign cheap labour- were arrested for worshipping and having bibles in their houses in Saudi Arabia —by Saudi ‘Spiritual Police’. All to protect their supposed religious purity!!!

  • Steve

    “The charity says it aims to draw attention to the plight of persecuted Christians in the Middle East.” The event was about persecuted Christians, not the “Jewish State” of Israel. Cruz brought the booing upon himself for bring up the “Jewish State” where they do not believe in Jesus as Christians do.

  • I just wrote a great satire on this bumkin: Ted Cruz’s Stress Over Israel Speech Rejection Renews HisBed Wetting

  • marc

    Wow! I am more and more impressed that there are actually politicians like Cruz and Stephen Harper of Canada who will actually risk losing votes and being booed but prefer to speak out. And what the heck did Cruz say to get such a hateful reception? He expressed his opinion and view. He did not side with ISIS, he did not side with terrorists who already struck the US, he merely said something nice about Jews. This organization is pathetic and Cruz, whom I had previously thought was a right-wing nut, now gets my respect. My views are changing.

    • Norton Bullinski

      Ted Cruz will never be in the same league as current Conservative Prime Minister of Canada (Stephen Harper).

  • Senator Cruz deserves our heartfelt gratitude and praise for his courageous stand.

    Dr. Norman Berdichevsky

    • Shu’aib Gamildien

      Your time is up the world is getting wise to your lies and deceit. You can run and hide, lie and cheat but you are now exposed. Soon you WILL face justice.

  • Cynthia

    I listened to the speech online after the event and someone posted it. I can only say that i have believed for many years now, that the room would be packed by Democratic supporters and those that would love to see the muslim hordes succeed at sending Israel into the sea. Many do not even understand that there is a plan in place so much larger than theirs with the hand of the Almighty God moving it.
    I stand with my brothers and sisters in all of the 12 tribes of Israel, and with Benjamin and Judah which makes up the modern day state of Israel. God be with you.

  • Ron

    I am a Brit and I lived as a non-Jew in Israel from 1973 – 1976. It was like living in any European society with the (then) exception of suffering from a full-blown war in which Israel successfully defended itself from annihilation, and from random Arab terrorist attacks. One such attack came by seaborne assault on innocent civilians exiting a cinema in Tel Aviv, near the US Embassy. Another was a grenade attack in a Tel Aviv cinema (which I used to frequent) by a terrorist who had entered the country via the airport on a very good forged British passport. The two victims of the attack were British (non-Jew) Engineers working there on contract who had only been in the country for a week.

    The unremitting hatred for the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) is there for anyone who actually takes the time to read the qur’an. Islam is a bully, and like any bully it will target it’s victims till they are faced with the choice of giving in to subjugation or defending themselves. When they do defend themselves the bully immediately claims victim-hood.

    We need more politicians like Ted Criz both in the US and the UK and Europe and Scandinavia with the moral fibre to stand up to these bullies, instead of the likes of Obama who is empowering them. Bullies hate the truth because it destroys their lies and shows them for what they are, pathetic and, in reality, weak. Islam therefore hates the truth, but Winston Churchill once said, “The truth is incontrovertible: malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”

    Obama returned the gift to the Whitehouse from the people of Britain of Winston Churchills’ bust, to the UK government. Why?

  • Senator Cruz is a mensch and will be a terrific president.

  • Ilonka Stille

    I would like to know if the boo-ers were Arab Americans?
    I would like to bet my last dollar on it.

  • Sonia Willats

    We watched a youtube video in which Senator Cruz’s growing realization and surprise at the hostility of his audience to Israel is seen, with concluding sentence that ‘if you don’t stand with Israel, I do not stand with you.’ Well said, Sen. Cruz as there was no mental preparation for the hostility he did not expect. Kol hakavod.

    The ‘liberal media’ must partially be blamed for duping the world with one-sided reporting on the Gaza operation. Certainly, what was displayed on the t.v. in South Africa was sickeningly inaccurate and one-side, for anyone who keeps abreast of news from Israel.

    Indeed, anyone watching the unfolding horrors in Israel this year, starting with the ‘chatufim’ … continuing with cabinet meetings in which it was slowly and reluctantly decided not to react with violence to the senseless kidnappings and murder of the three youths..but eventually to tackle the terror tunnels (designed for sudden death and kidnapping of many)… and by-the-by the absurd ongoing ‘raining down’ of rockets that kill and maim Israelis… Any such person would have no choice but to see how reluctantly (but professionally) Israel conducted this operation; not with hatred for Arabs and Gazans but with love for their nation and the inevitability to defend against an insufferable situation.

    There is, indeed, NO EXCUSE for any “Christian” to think in any way that Israel does not ‘love her enemy’, treat them in hospitals etc. Anyone watching Benny Gantz – a most exemplary and wonderful man in charge of the army – would know how he constantly bears civilian casualties in mind; yet leads his troops.

    It is hard to believe that any genuine “Christian” could be so ill informed as to how Israel functions and thinks. If anything, Israel errs on the side of political correctness. Having said this, if I was in Gaza I would have protected any Gazan child with my own body.

    The MONSTER in this whole situation is, without a shadow of doubt, HAMAS and allied organisations and countries. Hamas that WANTS CIVILIAN CASUALTIES. And countries like Iran and Qatar who sponsor state terrorism. A secondary MONSTER is those in America with influence who condone and encourage and endorse state-sponsored terrorism against Israel. I STAND WITH ISRAEL because I know her heart. I also read the scriptures and know which G-d I serve.

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro

    TED CRUZ is ISRAEL and the JEWISH people’s loyal trusted friend today, yesterday, and tomorrow.


    ESTABLISHMENT ‘Conference Of Presidents’
    Your silence is deafening.

    YOU are compicitous.



    • Shu’aib Gamildien

      ‘Israel’ is a myth created through lies and manipulation. The truth is out in the open. Your days are numbered.

  • He’s my Senator and us Texans, especially Jewish, Christian and moderate Moslems are so proud of him, and to have him representing us in the Senate.
    I’m a Jewish Republican and delighted he is our man in the Senate, for now, and our
    President in the future.

  • susan staehs

    Why are so many people filled
    With hatred and venom.
    The world is insane and upside down.
    Why can’t all humane beings get
    Along in peace and harmony.
    What happened to our society
    Made up United rather than
    divided. The vital poison is
    destroying this world.
    All men and women must each
    be responsible for the goodness
    of us all.


  • shloime

    israel is the only country in the middle east where christians aren’t an endangered and vanishing species. the oldest christian communities, from bethlehem, to alexandria, damascus, and iraq are all under attack by the islamo-fascists which these fools support. the faux-palestinians, for example, have decimated the christian majority in bethlehem, once they gained control under the oslo agreements. so much for religious freedom in the arab world.

  • Herb Grossman

    Arabs in the Middle East are brought up in a culture of hate, vengeance and murder, of all those who differ from them in any significant respect. They only oppose persecution if it is directed against them, not as a matter of principle. So, while these Christian Arabs oppose Muslim Arabs for persecuting them, they support and join those Muslims in persecuting Jews. After all, while they differ from Muslim Arabs in religion, they differ more from the Jews by both religion and ethnicity. As to Muslim Arabs, these Christian Arabs would do the same to them, as the Muslims do to them, if they could. My sympathy for them is somewhat limited. Israel should be doubly commended for treating them decently.

  • benlopez

    God bless mr.cruz and i stand with him im his beliefs.god stands with israel and christans. Thanks be to god!!!


    GOD bless Sen. Cruz.

    GOD will bless those who stand for Israel. We need more like him.

  • alexander

    The small group of rabble r ousers were most likely planted muslims from an islamic organization there to purposely disrupt any kind of discussion which sheds a negative light on Islam or in this case a positive light on Israel. Groups like this have done the same disruptive act in many conferences in Europe for the same reasons. Do not believe Christians were responsible for this disgraceful behavior.

  • Efram

    To me, it seems obvious that the downward spiral of virulent Jew hatred will continue unchecked. The US, which has traditionally supported Israel, and a majority of whose citizens still do, is led by a terrorist sympathizer and his administration is littered with Jew hating Neo-Nazis. With his views at the top of the US’s agenda, it is not surprising that there is an erosion of support for Israel. That has been his plan since he first ran for president, and, to an extent, he is succeeding. By lionizing terrorist organizations like CAIR, creating a climate that tolerates Jew hatred and jihadist barbarism, he has led the cancer of this savagery into the US. Other than Carter, any other US president would have condemned this incident, except for our terrorist-in-chief.

    This shows that the retrogression of Europe can happen in the US, and will, if Obama has his way.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Sorry about not putting the question marks in/

  • Wm. J. Levy

    How many Jewish organizations does such a small minority need. It sounds and I know there are thousands of Jewish organization of every stripe and color including those Jews who traveled Ramallah and acted as human shields for Arafat and those Jews who traveled on the boat to break the Gaza blockade.

    What is wrong with Jews and soon Muslims in America will be bombing synagogues and the Jews will do as they always do, NOTHING.

    You better start arming yourselves and organizing yourselves because soon you wll be the targets and your families. The police are not going to be able to defend you. I know this is 2014, not 1938 Germany but its here. Do something now!!!

  • From Dallas

    I’m reminded of a story about two groups burning in hell and separated by a low fence. One group thinks they’re in heaven because they see the objects of their bigotry across the fence suffering in the flames.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    What is left to say. The humanitarian left has done it again. Where has decorum and respect gone. One can disagree with Senator Cruz. That is their right, but to act like an infantile and barbaric horde does nothing for dialogue and peaceful resolutions. I guess that the rabble here found that Anti Semitism is a more fertile ground than civiliity.

  • steven L

    Cruz preaches in the desert of hate!

  • Eric R.

    Most American Jews have leftism as their religion and are too ideologically blinded, and have too much of an irrational hatred of Evangelical Christians to vote for a good friend of the Jews like Cruz.

    • Spoken like most anti-semites.
      I really don’t know what passes for “thinking” among most anti-semites,would never claim I do.
      However,you claim to know how most American Jews think;you must personally know a vast number of not just Jews,but American Jews!How else could you make this statement?
      Hate Christians?Nope;distrust many Christians,yes.
      History has given we Jews every right to hate Christians.
      Almost 2000 years of the worst lies and evil acts towards the Jewish People by Christians,as well as others,should justify us to feel anything but hate.
      This is not the way most of us feel.
      No group lacks extremists at both ends.
      Just don’t paint us all with the leftist(Anti-Semetic)
      brush of hate YOU clearly have displayed.

  • Zogby and Hitler: no difference.

  • EthanP

    A lot of these “help groups” are actually fronts for bad actors

  • Freemarketguru

    HE WAS NOT BOOED OFF THE STAGE. He left because of his principals and support for Jews and Christians alike. Has the journalism profession completely jumped the shark?

  • He is a Hero

  • Estaben

    In my opinion, Senator Cruz should have not been invited to the dinner. Arab Christians are not as supportive of the Jewish talking points as other Christians. So, I’m glad they booed him!

  • Kathleen

    I’m not completely in favor of every stand Sen. Cruz has taken in the past, but am glad he sticks to his convictions regarding Israel.

  • Jonah

    He was fortunate to escape this mob with his life. He should be much more careful in the future since he is a true Christian and a staunch defender of Israel they will want to crucify him. He is the epitamy of political incorrectness to the 10th power. Obama has stated that Isis is not a threat to us, but they are a threat to Cruz. Cruz is not in the category of “us”. Us being Obama, Kerry and ilk. They are citizens of the international community, Cruz is an American who will be attacked by Isis, by mobs of antisemites, the target of jihadists….while the political elite buffered from the chaos will watch and diligently arrest those defending Israel with hate crime legislation. It’s beginning now, a teenager was killed today by a jihadist for no other reason than he is American. He will be defended by federal lawyers, his prosecution will take years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Before long it will be unsafe to travel in many areas of America unless you have a bumper sticker that says “death to Israel”. That will be your passport to travel the U.S. Safely especially in cities known to have been taken over by the wrong Islamic element, such as areas of Michigan along with many more.