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October 2, 2014 5:29 pm

Brooklyn Coffee Shop in Hot Water Over Online Anti-Semitic Screed

avatar by Dave Bender

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Michael, The Bushwick Coffee Shop. Photo: The Bushwick Daily, DaneRhys, ErinWicks

Michael, The Bushwick Coffee Shop. Photo: The Bushwick Daily, DaneRhys, ErinWicks.

A Brooklyn coffee shop proprietor is in a bitter brew over calling Jews “greedy infiltrators,” who “function via greed and dominance,” apparently over neighborhood gentrification, on his business’s Instagram and Facebook pages, a neighborhood website noted on Thursday.

The Bushwick Coffee Shop owner, Michael Avila, who, may have missed his morning double latte caffeine wake-up fix on Wednesday, posted a rant against Jews on his Instagram account:

“Ok, what I REALLY want to talk about is how to consider the Jews (oh yes, let’s talk about it) who want a piece or all of Bushwick. My stubborn Bushwick-oroginal neighbor is a hoarder and a mess- true.. and he’s refused selling his building for lots and lots of money. His building and treatment of it makes the hood look much less attractive and I would like him to either clean up or move along. BUT NOT be bought out by Jews however, who in this case (and many cases separate- SORRY!) function via greed and dominance. A laymen’s terms version of a story would simply be- buying buildings, cutting apartments in half, calling them luxurious, and ricing them at double. Bushwick IS rising and progressing, and bettering, but us contributing or just appreciating this rise and over all positive change do not want to be lumped with greedy infiltrators. Two jewish young men with generally rude behavior (one more than the other) ordered coffee, and explained how they were looking for this neighbor of mine. I knew what was up and asked where are they visiting from. When asked where I’m from I firmly and confidently said ‘HERE. This is my neighborhood, it’s where I come from.’ They began to lighten up and almost kiss as a bit. I openly said ‘looking to buy the building?’ They said yes and I explained how this man has been asked to sell for large amounts of money many times- which is true. So I said ‘Good luck with that. But if you’re going to come here ya gotta be nice’. If you know me you’ll know what my eyes looked like. You know!- when they have the look of death within them. They one guy smiled. And they both knew where I stood. The one who had a slightly more aggressive behavior let that go fast after our initial meeting n which they experienced my confidence… and then at the end gave me his card and asked if I’d contact him when I see my neighbor. He said.. and I quote ‘I’ll treat you right’ Whatever exactly that meant. But I did say if you come here you have to be good. We’ll see what happens from here.”

Mmmm, ok.

In his defense, Avila told DNAinfo.com, that he was “misunderstood.”

“I’m anti-Zionism. It’s about politics, it’s about greed,” he said. “I’m certainly not anti-Semitic. That would stand against everything I believe I stand for.”

But then he went on to say, “I think there’s a difference between progression and greed … It really isn’t a race thing or a culture thing. But it tends to be the Jews [who are buying up properties in Bushwick].”

And – even including those incendiary quotes – he called the DNA account a “fair article,” on his Facebook page.

And then, in an awesomely inept attempt to show how he really felt, he also posted a YouTube video on his Facebook page, entitled “Jews Against Zionism and Rothschilds.”

“I love LOVE these Jews These men have the right idea,” he wrote in the caption, since, when you hit the rock bottom of the coffee grounds, well, you keep digging – right?

[iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/awCOSRg-gks” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

In a word (ok, two) Oy vey.

By then local media and city news outlets sent the story into viral territory, and outlets like the Bushwick DailyGothamist and Gawker, piled on, and outraged (former) clientele started in on him:

Simon Mullin said: “You had a chance to apologize, but then you still complained about ‘The Jews’ in your defense (article cited above). You’ll never learn, homie. Your business is done, and you’re done.”

Ivor Pine said: “Nice move posting antisemitic ramblings during the holiest time on the Jewish calendar and in Brooklyn of all places, where Jews have been part of the fabric since the 1800’s. Safe to say you can kiss your business goodbye.”

Liora Yukla “social media marketing”. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

In the words of Brokelyn, “we know someone who isn’t being invited over for latkes this year.”

Or, as they say in Brooklyn, “fuggedaboudit.”

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  • Java Joe


    You should give him a call and tell him you will never go there. I did.

  • From Dallas

    If he doesn’t like to be around Jews he can move his business to a Christian cemetery.

  • Empress Trudy

    Rocks through the windows.


      and, even there, he’ll probably find a few Jews.

  • Geno

    It’s sad but common.
    Jews can have rockets launched against them, yet they are considered the villains.
    There were two Jewish boys that went to Mississippi yet they are called names by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and my favorite philanthropist, Louis Farakhan.
    Makes no matter how many accomplishments, humanitarian efforts and social contributions, the idiots and haters continue to reveal themselves.

  • pierre mamou

    I don’t understand why you published the last intervention (the man in blue) and overall some sentences from the (fake, of course) Protocole of Zion

  • Yoav Sari Levi

    He was “missunderstood”….You would think that at his age he would not find it hard to make himself understood.A Fatwa or two should help him understand us.

  • carol

    His language sounds foreign, perhaps Ireland?

  • Al Talena

    How ironic that anti-Semites deny that that is what they are even after ranting against Jews. They don’t have the balls to admit what they are.

  • norm_t

    This guy is obviously an idiot.

  • An antisemitic piece of you know what…in fact Avila gives you know what a bad name!

  • Paul Cerar

    The man seems to be a graphomaniac, and perhaps it and his Jew-hatred are symptoms of an underlying mental illness. Perhaps the real reason he is going out of business is due to insanity.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Corey New York

    Of he said the same thing about blacks Al Sharpton would march on the place and make a big scene.

    If he said the same thing about Islam, his life would be in danger.

    Why are we not protesting outside his doors like how BDS pickets Jewish businesses and shipping?

    It will be nice when Starbucks opens up across the street and puts his crappy store out of business or someone (hopefully on of us) buys his building and prices him out of the market when his lease expires.

    Where is the mayor and the other politicians? They do not care.

  • Murray zedeck

    Albert Einstein (a Jew) said that the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limitations.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Would he ever say something about Blacks? He would be terrified and that’s what should happen to this idiot.

    Put him out of business.

  • Fred

    Boy, oh boy you certainly did not mince words, saying as it is unadulterated anti Semitic rant if there ever was one. A beauty.

  • Kacey

    Of course another take is: another coffee shop going out of business. I know I’ll blame the Jews, get on Indie Tv, write a book and be famous. But first I’ll declare bankruptcy.

    OR..get a lot of publicity and stir up my failing business (what is the life expectancy of another coffee shop}, get laid by lefty Jewish chicks…

    Sounds like a market plan.

  • john r.

    I have had Jews as friends all my life, am 68 now, best friend is Jewish from Brooklyn, where I lived as child . I have never been screwed over by a Jewish man always keep their word, it is code of ethics

  • Mickey Oberman

    May his coffee beans explode and his cream turn sour and his sugar turn to salt.


  • danny kid

    When his business dies he will prove himself right by blameing the greedy conspiring Jews for his going mechulla.

  • Mel Sherwood

    Hey, let’s bring millions and millions more Hispanics into the country. The polls I’ve read on the subject indicate that only between 45-60% of them are Jew-haters. I use that term as distinguished from anti-Zionism, because close to ZERO % of Hispanics actually can define what Zionism is, most of them being barely educated historically illiterate nincompoops.

    • Pushkina

      There are certain Hispanic family names which are clues as to which families were Conversos in the 15th century, the Jews who DIDN’T leave Spain when the Inquisition and Expulsion kicked in. I seem to recall Avila (which is a place name) as one of them. As more and more Hispanics in America, both North and South have begun exploring their roots and finding Jews therein, we will also see more of them identifying as Jews.
      I don’t think anyone need hold their breath waiting for this guy to figure out that he could be discussing his great great grandparents, but wouldn’t it be a priceless moment to witness if he did discover Jewish ancestors? Not quite the same as if Heydrich or Hitler had to make such a self discovery, but pretty rich nevertheless.

    • sid

      How can you defend against anti-semitism by being anti Hispanic? Talk about a nincompoop!

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Why argue. Just boycott his shop. It is funny how a failing business will send a message that all the fuss and arguing will not do. He will just dig in. When he loses money then his greed will take over. Yes even Italians can be greedy/

  • Bernard Ross

    jews were in bushwick over 2 generations ago before the blacks or puerto ricans like avila; avila is the new comer

    • Lynne T

      Yes, but facts mean nothing to hypocritical idiots.

  • Barry G

    “I’m anti-Zionism. It’s about politics, it’s about greed,” he said. “I’m certainly not anti-Semitic. That would stand against everything I believe I stand for.”

    Too stoooopid for words.
    I doubt this moron even knows what Zionism is,considering his rant is entirely against Jews and not at all about Israel.

    Please…. let us feel sorry for the retarded,not hold them up to ridicule.