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November 5, 2014 6:28 pm

Another Misleading Headline on a Palestinian Terror Story, From the BBC

avatar by Ben Cohen

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How the BBC initially reported the November 5 terror attack in Jerusalem. Photo: Screenshot

The uninitiated reader spying the BBC’s initial headline about this morning’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem – “Driver hits pedestrians in Jerusalem” – could have been forgiving for thinking that this was a report of a traffic accident in Israel’s capital.

The accompanying tease – “A driver rams a car into several pedestrians in East Jerusalem” – communicated the sense that most of the victims were Palestinians, since this part of the city is predominantly Arab.

Then, the headline was changed to the more accurate “Jerusalem attack: New Palestinian car attack kills one,” prompting media watchdog Honest Reporting to ask, “Is the BBC asking to be ridiculed? Draw your own conclusions.”

The latest headline on the story reads “Jerusalem attack: Netanyahu blames incitement.” No explicit mention is made of the death in the attack of a police officer, Capt. Jidan Assad, 38,  from the Druze village of Beit Jaan.

Media analysts have consistently pointed to a trend of inaccurate and misleading headlines concerning Palestinian terrorist attacks upon Israelis from a range of media outlets. On October 23, for example, the Associated Press reported the murder of of a three month-old baby, U.S. citizen Chaya Zissel Braun, in another Jerusalem attack with the headline, “Israeli police shoot man in east Jerusalem.”

“The BBC and several other news organizations appear to be going out of their way to avoid a headline that clearly names the perpetrator and victims of today’s terror attack,” Gilead Ini, a senior research analyst with media monitor CAMERA, told The Algemeiner in an email. “The current BBC headline, ‘Jerusalem attack: Netanyahu blames incitement,’ is perhaps better than the one used by Voice of America, ‘Car Hits Crowd of Pedestrians in Jerusalem,’ which seems to describe a routine traffic accident. But neither is particularly clear about what happened.”
Ini praised the Associated Press for getting it right this time. “The Associated Press, which failed so terribly with its headline two weeks ago, this time shows how to pithily convey the key details of the story: ‘Palestinian kills Israeli in Jerusalem car attack,'” he said.

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  • Bullfrog Europe

    As a British taxpayer and resident, I am appalled at the BBC (British Broadcasting Crap).

    Thank goodness we have the likes of ex Colonel Richard Kemp. Supporter and supporter of the IDF.

  • G Feldman

    Truth being many American newspapers thrive on articles re-published from Reuters, BBC, and almost all wire services, that are loaded (on purpose) portraying anything but a truthful description of Terrorist actions against Jews, or Israel.. And many times even the Jews themselves use the same “lexicon” to describe the locations, or Terroristic events.
    Here’s just a few examples: “east-Jerusalem” dividing the City of David into two. Without never mentioning that Jews were in fact the majority of the population of Jerusalem since the 1800’s.. That they were in fact expelled only for 19 short years in 1948-67 after the Jordanian’s attacked the city. Never to mention the fact that the “Palestinian-Arabs” never ruled Jerusalem even for one day in all of history!!
    And how about that word “Palestinians”.. Why doesn’t any newspaper describe the origin of that name? Or which peoples should be associated with it? In reality, there are Palestinian Jews, Christians, as well as Arabs.. Why do these papers always imply Palestinians to be Arab?
    Then there’s “west-Bank”.. For many millennia it was Judea-Samaria. Even the UN (as well as the rest of the world) referred to it by that name as late as the 1940’s.. Now it’s “west-Bank”? Another newly minted name..
    Arabs imply that there’s such a thing as “pre-1967 borders”.. In truth they are not! They are 1947 “cease-fire” lines.. And since the Arabs insisted on never agreeing to an armistice with the Jewish State. They should always be referred to as “1947 cease fire lines”..
    Look closely at these articles describing the Israelis when they defend themselves against TERROR.. They describe the others as: insurgents, man, driver, kidnapper, anything but the word “Terrorist”.. But yet when it comes to the IDF who defend their country, they call them “Killers”.
    So when your read these articles in your local paper, or hear them on TV.. Remember that (and there are many other examples),. As well as many people who write and edit them.. Be their intentions to portray Israel in a way to add to the confusion, be the cause of the problem or just to sell more papers?
    One thing we know for sure. There are still people who portray us incorrectly in this world. And they should be made more responsible in the way they portray us!

  • Fred

    Why the surprise after all the BBC is the Arab mouthpiece.

  • Ron

    The MSM and the BBC in particular have lost all credibility for accurate, fair and balanced reporting with regard to Islam and Islamic terrorism as far as I am concerned. The bias in their reporting is blatant, and certainly a demonstration of Stockholm Syndrome at best, and left wing partisanship at worst.

  • Yale

    Certainly listeners around the world are smart enough to realize that the BBC isn’t going to put an ordinary traffic accident into its broadcast. If the BBC doesn’t realize this, then someone should send a journalist to find out why not.

  • I complain to the BBC on a regular basis. They deny bias on a regular basis. Is there something we can do about it?

  • Joel

    BBC-Bloody Bastard Conspiracy

  • steven L

    This is deep and angry antisemitism. Plenty of degenerated Brits (Nazi, orientalists, liberals etc…) at the BBC who do not forget that her Majesty was kicked out of the Jewish land by Jews.
    Instead of focusing on a 15 years major rape problem in their country that they have helped to hide from the public.
    The same of course applies to the Guardian.

  • Efram

    The BBC (British Bigoted Corporation) has long ceased to be anything approximating a journalistic entity, but has become, exclusively the voice of terrorism and Jew hatred.

  • It’s no surprise that the media twist or reports half truths, after all satan is known as prince of the air, and so controls it,but no matter what.. Israel isn’t alone, God watches over his people.. It may be hard to believe, but Israel has many people all over the world that support and stand with her..Be strong and courageous..

  • it seems like it is in vogue to be anti-semetic-deja vu, all over again

  • Abbushuki


  • Noel Hershfield

    Should have said MEDIA JIHAD!!

  • Noel Hershfield

    Face it we have lost the Edie jihad.

  • There is no difference between the BBC and DER STURMER…If he were alive, Josepf Goebels would be running the BBC.