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November 7, 2014 11:17 am

Top U.S. General: Israel ‘Went to Extraordinary Lengths’ to Limit Gaza Casualties (VIDEO)

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U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. Photo: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. – Gen. Martin Dempsey, America’s highest-ranking military officer as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Thursday that Israel “went to extraordinary lengths to limit collateral damage and civilian casualties” during its summer war with the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza.

Dempsey’s assessment presents a stark contrast to that of Amnesty International, whose newly released report on the Gaza war accuses Israel of displaying “callous indifference” to civilian deaths.

“In this kind of conflict, where you are held to a standard that your enemy is not held to, you’re going to be criticized for civilian casualties,” Dempsey said during an appearance in New York at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, Reuters reported.

Dempsey said Hamas’s network of terror tunnels running under the Gaza border into Israel was “very nearly a subterranean society.” Israel said it destroyed more than 30 such tunnels during its operation.

“[The tunnels] caused the IDF some significant challenges. But they did some extraordinary things to try and limit civilian casualties… making it known that they were going to destroy a particular structure,” Dempsey said, referring to the Israeli army’s practice of dropping leaflets that warned Gaza residents of impending strikes.

Watch a video of Dempsey’s comments below:

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  • Helmut

    and i will be really surprised if this gets posted

  • Miggy

    Outrageous comments in my view. I don’t think Israel went to extraordinary lengths to limit civilian casualties at all except to cynically make sure they didn’t hit international journalist hotels. What about the attacks on the UN schools when they have that level of pinpoint accuracy? What about the ongoing siege of Gaza which is destroying and taking innocent lives, including many children?

    • David Cameron

      Quit drinking the Kool-Aid Miggy

      • richard makar

        was it really necessary to kill the soccer kids on the beach?

    • Silence from you about Palestine’s admission to the UN 3 weeks ago that they DID use women and children as human shields? In spite of Israeli warnings where they would attack, those savages of Palestinians still left those innocents in harm’s way then turned on their crocodile tears after they died. They’re despicable people.
      The Press – like you are anti-Semitic – so they whitewashed THAT bit of news! You, my friend, seriously need to look up some background!

    • Debra McDaniel

      you’re totally correct. They did nothing to limit casualties. If anything they went out of their way to inflict damage to as many homes, schools and infrastructure targets as possible. Dropping leaflets and making phone calls minutes before sending in the missles does not constitute taking all precautions. And just to prove it, how many Israelis died from Hamas rockets and how many civilians died due to the “limited” strikes from Israel? Considering that more than 200 were children, I’d say they did very little to mitigate the attacks and everything to ensure collateral damage all the while saying they were doing everything in their power to keep civilians safe. Even the Israeli soldiers told reporters that they were told to kill anyone who was in the area and that the Palestinians were supposed to have evacuated so anyone left was fair game. Anyone. How’s that for limiting damage?

      • Ronald Sevenster

        So you essentially say that not enough Jews died, because Israel protects its civilians while Hamas only protects its rockets? Your position is completely foolish. Nobody can reasonably expect that Israel has to protect the inhabitants of Gaza from their own government. You demand standards from Israel which are not demanded from anyone else in international conflict. The US and the EU don’t apply to themselves the standards they apply to Israel.

    • God Miggy, stop smoking dope or sniffing glue. You are the most uninformed “twat” on the commentary list. I would suggest reading, but quite obviously imbeciles like you are just plain antisemitic!

    • fairstart

      I intensely dislike and mistrust people making stupid comments when they know nothing about it. It feels it is a waste of time to publish such news as this speech because they will always be thick headed individuals commenting nonsense. I saw the warnings made by the prime minister asking civilians to evacuate and also knew that the hamas evil men ordered their women to stay put and as you know, no woman or elder would dare to disobey their men. Who do you think is more at fault here? Are you being paid to pour dirt on Israel?

  • Yan vanDooren

    I visited Israël a few years ago: it is the most religiously tolerant and best organised country not only of the Middle East but also compared to Europe and a large part of the world. The Palestinian and other Arab hatred against Israël is just jealousy. The Arabs should rather co-operate with Israël and build a new Middle East civilisation instead of indulging in chaos and bloodshed. I can also testify that Israël has the prettiest (female) soldiers of the world !

    • Alfred Biegel

      Totally agree with this insightful assessment, particularly about the female members of the IDF-sign me up!!!

    • Mo Hajjar

      Lebanon is actually known to be the most religiously tolerant country in the Middle East… Even to Jewish people. And the Lebanese ha been one of the few countries to not have a problem with Israel before the PLO came into Lebanon and Israel started breaching Lebanese land, air, and waters, as well as openly carrying out operations that killed Lebanese within our land, and still until now they violate international law by breaching the Blue Line border through jets and spying technology.

      • Chani

        To be fair, until Hezbollah decided to use Lebanon as a convenient base to attack Israel from, there was no problem. I’d respectfully suggest that the problem lies with them, and perhaps the Lebanese government’s inability to deal with them. It is true that Lebanon was know as a jewel in the crown of the middle east. I’m sorry that so much has been taken from you by different people over the years.

  • Father Mathew

    I’m Irish,
    Today I walked freely down the road, put 5 euro on a horse at 11/1 won 55 euro, drank it. Came home and listened to infected mushroom an IsraelI band. Love will win in the end. T.V. is not helping or is the Internet. We need strong people. Unfortunately there are very few anymore.

  • Ciaran Kelly

    Just wish all sides would get together and stop this on-going conflict and give their people
    the chance they deserve in life to live in peace.

    • Yak

      Screwy, hypocrit rethoric on both sides, with “religion” and half-baked legends as main arguments. Both sides should start realizing that the rest of the world is growing tired of your little economical conflict (because that’s what this is).

      Make peace or disappear from the face of this earth, like others cultures/people have before you… But please stop trying to drag the rest of the world into your miserable vaudeville. I don’t think your god, in all his wisdom, would want total, global conflict… just for you.

      • Ken Waters

        “Make peace or disappear from the face of the earth”?? Dude, you’re messed up, and you don’t even know it.

  • Marcelo Pacheco

    At least Israel is an actual democracy, with members elected by its muslim community in its parlament, while Gaza strip is ruled by government that puts its citizens at risk cause they know Hamas doesn’t stand a chance without using their citizens as human shields.
    BTW, I don’t put Israel in a pedestal, much like I don’t put any NATO countries. Democracy is messy, a fucked up government system, but its alternatives are much, much, much, much worse.
    Its much like trying to analyze the India Pakistan conflict. While India has a much more educated population, and Pakistan clearly funds terrorism, I can’t just say India is perfect and Pakistan is the devil. The truth is full of shades of gray.

    • You are not aware of the Twelve Visions Party alternative?

      The basic idea of their platform is that flawed, subjective, impressionable & manipulable man needs to be ruled by law, not the other way around ~ which is all we’ve ever had, no matter the form of ‘acy’,’ism’ or ‘archy’ we’ve permitted.

      The Prime Law of Protection-Only is just such a Universal & self-evident law…by which we can stop supporting flawed personalities who can only end up disappointing, disillusioning & dispossessing us of moral human governance.

      • Alfred Biegel

        Murphy: Seems like Hitler is your role model. You are just the type to star in the SS. You must be so proud to wear your swastika tattoos on your chest. I am sure that dream about goose stepping through the Gaza tunnels at the invitation of your heroes in Hamas. Perhaps you miss your calling as a concentration camp guard where you can get your jollies marching “JEW ZIONISTS to the gas chambers. Please send us your picture holding the “PROTOCOLS OF ZION” close to your heart. The” NEVER AGAIN” would just love to have the opportunity to meet with you. Indeed, Murphy you are one cool demented bigot.

    • murphy

      Those people that defend Israel’s use of force are very ignorant to the real facts that are going on. Palestine is under wrongful siege. It is been bombed nightly. Israel is run by JEW ZIONISTS as is a majority of other countries and especially America. You will never see their faces on TV. They are like snakes in the back ground. So called advisers to the governments. And if you don’t believe this look up Michael Tsarion (30 years off research) on youtube and also look up THE PROTOCLS OF ZION. Do your own research folks. Everybody has a library at their finger tips.

      • Ken Waters

        Amazing how the Jews are purported to have so much power and influence over everything and everybody. If that’s true, they either have divine powers or they are way smarter than the rest of mankind. Either way, the logical choice would be to follow their lead – or at least get out of their way. Trying to destroy them like Stalin, Hitler, and many others over the last 3000 or so years certainly hasn’t succeeded!

        Bottom line, follow your logic to its final conclusion before making silly diatribes. It will save you a lot of confusion and wasted energy.

  • Bernard

    Fed up of hearing about the entire conflict. Both Israeli and Palestinian are as bad as each other and both should be forgotten by the rest of the world and left to kill each other.

    • Joel Steinberger

      Well, Bernard, your comment is just the kind of thing Jews are so wary of, because if General Dempsey was condemning Israel, admit that you would join the chorus of Lefties and liberals to heap blame on Israel every chance they can get.
      But no, General Dempsey was pointing out that the Israel Defense Force went to great lengths to limit collateral damage to the Palestinians, despite being provoked beyond the endurance that any other nation would tolerate. Tell me what army in history cared that much about civilian populations of their enemies. So, the best you can do is to say they should just kill each other and be done with it. That’s your sense of justice. Don’t you smell something unbalanced with that?

    • Rodimus Prime

      So….since you know nothing of the conflict (I can tell by you saying one is as bad as the other) you figure it’s best to just bury your head in the sand and hope the world forgets about it all. Well, the world doesn’t work that way I’m afraid. There’s things in this world that will, if ignored, end up on your doorstep.

  • Infidel

    Let’s talk about merciless. Jordanian pilot burned alive, innocent victims beheaded, countless bombings in Israel for decades, countless bombings in Iraq against fellow Muslims, 9/11, WTC 93 bombing, Bali bombings, London subway bombings, Madrid bombings, uss cole bombing, US embassy bombings Africa, beslan school attack, Moscow theatre attack, Sydney hostage murders, Charlie hedbo, France deli murders, Mumbai terror attack, Lockerbie bombing, fort hood massacre, Boston marathon attack, Saudi terror attacks, Canadian parliament attacks, British soldier Ax attack, Munich massacre! Etc, etc. the list goes on and on and on. Before you start judging Israelis , I think you need to take a look at your own people. I’d say the Israelis were very humane. They could wipe the palestians off the face of the earth if they so choose. Imagine if the tables were turned and the palestians had that capability, it’s a fact they would murder every Jew and wipe Israel off the face of the earth. So before you speak your biased opinion , I suggest you think twice , instead of making stupid comments!!!

    • Joel Steinberger

      You are so right, Infidel. And if the Palestinians destroyed Israel, I truly believe the world would largely be silent. Isn’t this comparison enough to open the eyes of so many who are ready to jump aboard any lie or innuendo the so called free press slants against Israel at every turn? You would think so if they were objective, but Jew hatred is so prevalent in this world, you can’t expect an even handed opinion from them

      • Jack

        Persecution of Jews has been going on for several centuries. I cannot say if it went on before the time of Christ but the fact that it was pressure and incitement from the Jewish Rabbis which brought about the savage death that was inflicted on Jesus Christ has caused history to view them in a very bad light. Today’s followers of Muhammad are a different issue and are closely linked to the manner in which the state of Israel came into being.

    • John

      Israelis very humane?? are you joking. Last summer you guys bombed the Palestians to living daylights (including children). Do you really think that wasnt planned?

      And then we in the West are pushed with the holocaust happenings right down our throats! every year we have to feel guilty for something many of our elders were not involved in – not everyone was involved in WW2 you know. So what are we supposed to believe then???

  • sal

    There are always many perspectives, but first look at facts the European Jews are from Georgia not from the holy land. So in summary its much like history of the USA take over and steal the wealth of the natural inhabitants then enslave them.

    • Lance

      There are no natural inhabitants. What a stupid statement. The Indians in the Americas were slaughtering one another long before any European set foot on the shores of America. And they came from somewhere else. Europe is the result of continuous battles going back millennia with constant migrations and changes of indigenous populations. People need to quit sanctifying some particular pre population of any area of the world. The wars and slaughters and movements of peoples is part and parcel of human history. Going into a long history lesson should not be necessary for the truth to be understood that there are constant struggles and movements of people. Before the nation of Israel was formed in the land of their predecessors there were various populations that conquered and were conquered. Please stop the nonsense. Islamic armies conquered lands that were not theres and wiped out many other peoples. The history of North Africa and Africa in general is one of Muslim armies conquering, slaughtering and enslaving millions of Africans. The famous trek of slave ships to the Americas does not even come close to the trail of blood in North Africa of Africans dragged across the deserts and middle eastern countries and sold everywhere. The Muslims ran the slave trade for centuries and to this day still believe and practice slavery. It is time to put an end to the savagery and brutality of the “True Islamist” who threaten everyone. This is not a regional threat, it is a global threat. If you read and understood their Eschatology you would know that for these Islamist the end justifies the means and that means is to wipe the earth clean of every non-muslim. They are intent on bringing about the holocaust and subduing everyone to Islam.

      • RC

        No they were not slaughtering one and other. Certainly they had their wars but nothing like the dementia of the invading assholes now called Americans!

        Andrew Jackson was one of the worst who promoted the killing of women and children because children grew up to be warriors and women produced children. He very nearly wiped out the natives of Florida by chasing them into the swamps to starve and by wiping them out militarily as the USA stole the land.

        This is genocide promoted and carried out by the “now heroic” Andrew Jackson. Another merciless ass of a president!

    • Joel Steinberger

      Natural inhabitants, you ignoramus? Jews have lived there continuously for thousands of years. There never was a Palestinian State, nor even the inclination to establish one until well after modern Israel began to develop. Read Mark Twain who visited the Holy Land in the 1880’a or 90’a. He reported vast wastelands and swamps empty of population. When they Jews began to build their state,they drained the swamps and cultivated arid land and planted trees and began the Miracle of Modern Israel which already has given so much to the rest of the world. The Jews provided much improved health facilities and higher wages to namadic Arabs which drew them there, and now you say they were there first in the land flowing with milk and honey and the Jews stole it from them. This distortion is the result of decades of leftist media slanating that now infests so much of western thinking. What a disgrace.

    • EvenSo

      Why would the Jews travel from Georgia to steal the only wealth that existed in what is now called Israel – sand?

  • j

    How dare you. Israel will always exist, always be in Israel. Always..14million Jews against 1.4 billion Muslims and you still can’t get it done. You’d rather kill each other and blame Israel for are a stubborn, hateful bunch..

    • andy

      Your sick. Thsts a disgraceful comment. Hitler didnt just exterminate jews, he was killing anyone thst didnt come up to his sick standard. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • RC

        “Your sick”!? Dear laddy that ought to be “You’re sick.” and directed at Israelis.

    • You see you just have to mention 1.4 billions of muslims and compare to Israel not jews.For example Zanzibar is little islands in indian ocean where muslims live there why would you hate them they have no issues with Israel so please stop bringing everyone else to Israel conflit. We are all humans we just need to sort out our differences and coexist let’s not allow extremists from both sides to dictate the political issues.

    • Erika

      Seriously ? Are aware of what you are talking about ? 14 million Israelis can do whatever they want to Palestinians cause the population is relavitely smaller ? What’s the population of whole Jews in the world ? 35-40 million ? I guess not even that much. Do you know the population of the Muslims of the world ?? 850-900 million or even more. So, if it’s a matter of numbers, u have no chance so that u know ! Instead of turning it into a jewish-muslim fight, keep your mouth shut and try to come up with a positive perception which will help people to make peace. Palestinia has right to exist as well ! No need make the fire bigger than its now. We r very tired of hearing terrible stories already

  • Deanna

    Hamas was killing his own people by making them stay and not leave for safety idiot! Let’s not forget the kidnapping that took place and murdering! Let’s not forget the terror tunnels you idiot. Now what was Hamas intentions for that! Killing and kidnapping you idiot! Who was the one who kept breaking pease agreements you idiot! Hamas! Israel is not going anywhere or Gods people.

    • Arachne646

      Hamas was not the one keeping Palestinians from leaving the open-air prison that is Gaza. That is Israel’s doing, my friend. They control all the exits, both the ones into Israel, completely closed through the entire conflict, and those into the Sinai, controlled by the Israeli puppet, Egyptian General Sisi. I think that they may have been open for refugees once or twice during “protective edge”.

  • Greencoat

    ‘Hitler was a very wise person.’

    So you’re into satire? I like that in a man.

    • Gerrie

      He’s in hell today eternally regretting his past actions and for the life of me I don’t understand why you don’t learn from his mistakes but instead your in sync with a barbarian like hitler and if you continue you’ll join him as another face in hell eternally yet it’s your choice not Gods

  • John

    You said, “The general is not right.”

    Would you care to explain to us readers what your source of information is? Do you have an inside source? Or, as is usual in these comment boxes, you, and most other people just spout out something they FEEL, something they feel strongly about but otherwise know nothing?

    When one hates Israel, or Jews, it is very easy to just give in to the hate and make yourself look silly and petty.

    • RC

      The General is not right as he’s just babbling more American propaganda as usual.

  • Dirk

    If 2000+ dead and 10000+ wounded are “limiting causalities”, I guess you could say the same thing about Al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks.

    • Dieter

      2000 dead or 3000 with 9/11 are indeed limited when compared to the American response to aggression – Hiroshima or Dresden.

      • andy

        Hiroshima…..interesting. How many times were yhe japanese warned of the consequences of not surrendering? It wasnt the US that started WW2..!

        • Leon Stephens

          In fact, Andy, the Japanese attempted to surrender several times before Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with the condition that the Emperor remain on the throne. The US refused the condition each time, dropped the bombs, and then left the Emperor on the throne after the unconditional surrender. What do you make of that? And how do you justify the mass murder of 200,000 civilians simply because their government was “warned”? Those civilians didn’t start the war either. As for the subject at hand, the American political-military establishment will always justify anything that Israel does in the way of murdering Arabs, stealing their lands and destroying their schools, hospitals and factories. They’ll even call it “humanitarian”.

          • John H

            Forgive me for ‘correcting’ you, Leon Stephens, but the Japanese refused to give up their Emperor and their colonies (in other words, their empire). Given the US position on empires and how they warped markets, the US was deeply reluctant to do it. Also, in considering your analysis that Japan was actually eager to surrender, and had tried repeatedly, I’m afraid nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, they did reach out to the US through the Swiss Embassy in Moscow several times in late 44 and early 45, but the attempts were rather weak and unsupported domestically within the Cabinet. There was much ambiguity and in-fighting within the Cabinet, between the Navy and Army about surrender and even an attempted coup to prevent the Emperor from doing so *the Kyujo incident. Regrettable as the incident was, I believe a true account of history will show that only the bomb could’ve given the Emperor the domestic capital to force the cabinet. His position was absolute, but I believe he feared being turned into a ‘rubber stamp’ by the war-party, headed by Hideki and others.

          • Jack Robinson

            Hamas propaganda financed by Iran is working. Israel is not the aggressor. Hezbolla, Hamas and their financiers and weapon supplier Iran are the problem. Talk to Fatah and PLO. You might sing a different tune. A westerner sipping coffee at Starbucks may need to live in the middle east to understand deception and double tongue and deceit rooted in the culture.

        • Davidi

          The Japanese offered to surrender twice before Hiroshima. ..the US refused, for reasons that are today obvious.

        • Davidi

          The US imposed sanctions (sounds familiar no ?)on Japan that left the country little choice but to extend the war…

        • Mark Dalgety

          From The Journal of Historical Review, May-June 1997 (Vol. 16, No. 3), pages 4-11.

          1. General Dwight Eisenhower disclosed his strong reservations in his 1963 memoir, The White House Years: Mandate for Change, 1953-1956 (pp. 312-313):
          “The Japanese were ready to surrender and it wasn’t necessary to hit them with that awful thing … I hated to see our country be the first to use such a weapon,”

          2.Brig. General Bonnie Fellers summed up in a memo for General MacArthur: “Neither the atomic bombing nor the entry of the Soviet Union into the war forced Japan’s unconditional surrender. She was defeated before either these events took place.”

          3. Admiral Leahy, Chief of Staff to presidents Roosevelt and Truman, later commented:
          It is my opinion that the use of the barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan … The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons … My own feeling was that in being the first to use it, we had adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages. I was not taught to make war in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children.

        • Don Colibri

          How many times did Hitler warn the Jews about the consequences of hanging around? And if you are so sure that the US had nothing to do with starting the Pacific War against Japan, then you obviously don’t bother to read history. You must be American, you simply rely on nothing but your own knee-jerk reactions to superficial and slanted propaganda….

        • RC

          Yes the USA did start WWII in the South Pacific arena through the act of war blockading Japan from freely trading. This act led to the false flag attack at Pearl Harbour and the attack upon the British at Malaya and Singapore.

          Also, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were attacks upon civilian populations and not primarily military targets. The bombing of Nagasaki was doubly cruel and murderous in any retrospective of these events.

          Also, every Japanese guilty of using water boarding were hung as war criminals. So when is this precedent setting action going to be taken against the US politicians that are pushing for the use of water boarding as well as the practitioners of this demented torture at Guantanamo Bay Detention and Torture facility including past president GHW Bush?

          And no I do not back Japanese cruelty of WWII!

      • Dresden was a British raid.

        • Don Colibri

          “The inner city of Dresden was largely destroyed by 722 RAF and 527 USAAF bombers that dropped 2431 tons of high explosive bombs, and 1475.9 tons of incendiaries.”

          I am going to start sending a bill to any and all idiot Americans who just vomit nonsense without even bothering to check your historical facts. Do you stupid Gringos have a fatal allergy to History? Is there some weird superstition in your culture which leads you idiots to think that actually READING History will turn you into a pumpkin, or what?

          I found the above, historical data, in 16.2 seconds of hard work on the Net! Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ!

        • RC

          Dresden was a joint allied attack with the major players being the British and the Americans.

    • Peggy Guthrie

      Why are you comparing two such different events Dirk? If you wish to sound as if you are serious you might check your bias.

    • Well if you fire rockets from civilian buildings, what do you expect. If you use kids as human shields what do you expect. But instead of blaming Hamas for these atrocities, you are so rabidly anti-Semitic that you blame Israel for retaliating against over 4000 rockets fired at its civilians.

      • Joe

        Correction: Anti-Israeli does not in anyway automatically equate to being anti-semitic. The two beliefs can in fact be mutually exclusive and in most cases are independent. So don’t parade your bias here and display your ignorance.

        People are waking up, slowly but surely are waking up.

        • jb

          The entire Arab gripe against Israel is antisemitism. If you support it, you’re one too.

          • Feilim

            Jb – That sounds a bit like George Bush jnr, i.e., you’re either with us or you’re against us. So basically any criticism of Israel is considered anti-Semitism?
            That cheap card keeps being played by the pro-Israel lobby – A lobby group who’s power in the US I find truly frightening.

          • Richard Berna

            100% agree.Islam is the main threat to our western societies.Muslims never integrate in our countries.Quran forbids it and incites muslims to fight us, disbelievers.”So, obey not the disbelievers, but strive against them with the utmost endeavor”, Quran 25-52, Shoora al-Furkan.

        • Ric

          It’s more about ant-Americanism than anti-semeticism. The left is still wedded to it’s soviet roots.

          The US is the real target. You can easily see that in this thread. It has quickly diverted to an attack on US conduct in WW II.

          It was not unreasonable that the US elected to hit Japan ‘with this dreadful thing’ to avoid the casualties it would have taken in an invasion.

  • klyne mc namara

    There shouldn’t be a war. Israel is at fault , they kill more civilians everyday and are continuously removing Palestinians from their homes. Israel need to cut the shut and develop abit of humanity. I don’t care what colour you are , where you live or your religion. The only thing I care about is a future whereby all men No matter their creed can co-exist peacefully . America is the greatest evil btw.

    • Peter O South African

      The teuth you seem really doff and you prove that with your rudeness. Try using facts maybe quote a source or two and string together a proper counter arguement

    • terryl

      your ignorance and profanity cant hide the truth about Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people

      • j

        If Israel puts down it’s weapons there will soon be no Israel. Palestinians and others put down their weapons and there would be peace. Through their stubborn hate, they are creating a situation that is terrible for everyone. And Muslims kill more of their own than Israel or anyone else ever did. Look at the week of the Charlie Hebdo attack which got so much press…Muslims killed by muslims in Yemen (30 police college recruits in bomb blast), Nigeria (explosives around waist of 10 year old girl 19 killed), Pakistan (7 dead while giving alms to celebrate the prophet) Iraq ( 3 and 5 killed in separate attacks), Lebanon (3 killed). But no press coverage…Isis has killed more fellow Muslims than any other…bottom line -Israel isn’t the problem in the Middle East or beyond

    • andy

      So Israel isnt illegally building in Gaza? Gee, we all got it wrong!

      • Steve

        You’re kidding……. That shows how little you know. Israel gave up Gaza (for peace) and moved all Israeli Jews out to new settlements. A visit to Israel will show you the truth. Israel exports building materials to Gaza. These are stolen by the Hamas terrorists to build tunnels into Israel. I was in one and the exit was into a kibbutz where they intended to take hostages.

    • JohnWayne

      Who do you think you are? What country do you live in? Read a history book. War sucks. The U.S. has only ever entered a war in order to defend itself or other wronged nations. The country is a melting pot of every other nation. Why folks insist on hating something created of every lineage, I cannot understand. What do you hate about capitalism and freedom so much? What about brutal decapitations and burning people alive do you see as so peaceful? Wouldn’t you be a little more open minded if someone had stepped in and beat that asshole who bullied you in elementary school? Kindness and goodness is not always about temporary peace. Sometimes motherfuckers have to be removed in order to establish a place where “no matter their creed [they] can co-exist peacefully.”

      • Brad

        Well said sir.. Well said

      • hans kloss

        Indeed it would do you good if you read some history books. Youbwould then understan why when one hears ‘I am from US gov and I came to help’ one should run away.

        • Nobody ran away when the U.S. rebuilt
          Europe after WWII or stopped mass starvation after WWI.

      • Leon Stephens

        I’ll tell you who I am, Mr Wayne: I’m an old draft-dodger, and I lived in your country until I was 22 years old, when the criminals in Washington wanted to turn me into a mass murderer. The US got involved in Vietnam because its leaders presumed, as they still do today, to have the right to determine who is to make up every other country’s government: the US was certainly not attacked by North Vietnam, nor was South Vietnam, with its fascist government and 50,000 political prisoners, a “wronged nation”. The conflict was between the Vietnamese, and the US had no business there. It certainly had no right to murder 3 million people, and another million in Cambodia. The US was not attacked by Afghanistan – or do you really believe the story that one of the poorest, weakest nations on earth was complicit in an act that constituted a declaration of war against the most powerful nation on earth? If so, you are either very naive or very thickheaded. Iraq never attacked the US, and in fact Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad, whatever defects they had or may have as political leaders, were – and are in al-Assad’s case – all staunchly opposed to al-Qaida. Now Iraq, Libya and Syria are crawling with terrorists, funded and armed by the US! Do you not see the contradiction? Are you totally blinded by the pseudopatriotic brainwashing you’ve been subjected to? And brainwashing is exactly the right word – I experienced it, I got a bellyful of it, and one day I woke up to the reality of the lies, distortions and half-truths that were fed to me. Anybody can. Just take off the blinkers and look at the militarized police forces, the perpetual war, the rampant corruption, the greedy criminal bankers, the spreading poverty. Freedom? You mean the freedom to commit mass murder?

        • Leon

          Absolutely true, every single word. People are waking up slowly but surely …Leon

        • Martin L. King

          Hey good old citizens, why do you keep chewing this same crap and not thinking about a real dynamic change in these sick politics.
          Thare is only one main reason why these people are killing each other; there is a lack of education among the young people, boys and girls,
          that they would learn to avoid the crusial mistakes their parents have committed during the centuries.
          With the education they would invent something much more interesting things to do than learn killing from their elder brothers and sisters – not meaning anybody particurarly – but for some people in the Middle East this would be the best solution.
          Just PAX everybody!

        • Thank you for the sanity, Leon!
          In a time when all around us, reason is dead ~ killed at the hands of blood-thirsty deviants & their dishonest usuries & medias, drunkenly fueled on their bogus paranoia & childish ego ~ your wise, logical & correct input is honestly most refreshing!

          Genius solutions to politic[k]s are coming at us now; Wealth, Health & Peace for every man, woman & child is what we are all born to love life enjoying.

          Tkx again Leon…here’s one for you Mssr:

      • richard harris

        Who were the USA defending in Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan.

        What you should have said was ‘defending perceived USA interests’ – in which case you may have a point … but then so does everyone else.

        The most expansionist force in recent times has been NATO with the USA at it’s head and now you are learning again (because you forgot the lesson from Vietnam) that overwhelming military force only works against conventional armies, otherwise you get drawn into endless guerilla campaigns that you CANNOT WIN.

        One day the governments of the so called ‘free world’ are going to have to learn to compromise.

      • James Hamilton

        and the American involvement in the other throw of the DEMOCRATICALLY elected Allende government of Chile and putting the military in charge was defending who exactly ?

      • JA

        The Iraq wars was the US defending itself?? I think you should read up on that!!

    • Donna

      then leave

    • Ronaldo

      I thought that the Jews were kicked out of Israel by the Romans a couple of thousand years ago.

      Now the Jews want their land back but the Palestinians have taken it.

      And the Muslims have taken the Jewish temple for their own purposes.

      But the Jews want it back and will not rest until they get it.

      My advice is don’t get involved, it’s all the Romans fault anyway.

      Politics has not changed much.

    • Rick

      So, I guess you are an ISIS a** kisser?

    • Lloyd

      Your so full of crap

    • Peggy Guthrie

      Israel has given up territory in the past only to have attacks against them intensify. The areas given to Palestine in past which Israel had developed with rich greenhouses went to ruin under Palestinian care. These were lands “originally” inhabited by Hebrew/Jews.

    • Davidi

      Actually it’s more than 6000…How many missile hits would any Western country accept before retaliating?

    • Davidi

      How many Jews live in Gaza ? Millions of Christians and Muslims live happily in Israel with equal rights. The charts of the PLO and HAMAS still call for the destruction of the Hebrew State

  • L.Kunin

    The Muslim religion is not a progressive religion. The Muslim extremists are like a cancer. When you treat cancer you have to eradicate it completely, and to do that, you have to cut away some of the good tissue. You cannot treat them with kid gloves, and the only good terrorist is a dead one.

    • hawk

      Once an a-hole always an a-hole,u should be eradicated for being totally ignorant and of course stupid

    • Peter O South African

      You do know that Mandela was considered to be a terrorist. Other notable terrorists include most of Israels founding fathers. Heck even the Jews fighting in the Warsaw uprising from the unoccupied Ghettos were considered by the Nazis to be terrorists.

      One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter

  • Jeff

    @ charlie johnson Better idea – why don’t we dispose of you!

  • Rugs, Violence among themselves and primitive mindset.

  • erock udontstop

    The Palestinians should just quit while they still have a spot to squat left. The point is going to come when Israel has had enough of being attacked and moves to put a real end to it. And any dreams that the Palestinians could do anything to prevent Israel from crushing them if they chose to do so should be put aside. @#@# the UN and @#@# the ICC

    • hawk

      icc,dumbo,Israel should not be there according to the Torah,u should join the Dumb and dumber

    • Dirk

      You mean the final solution to the Palestinian problem? Seems like the Jews are on the wrong side of history this time.

      • kriskristian

        Dirk, you are a fool and an idiot.
        You have no idea of the truth.
        There should have been and could have been PEACE, if the Arabs (read, Muslims) accepted the 1947 partition of the land called Palestine.
        It was not a country. It was inhabited by Jews, Christians and Muslims. It was under British mandate.
        After 1967, arch terrorist coined the word PALESTINIAN An Invented people.
        The Jews accepted the partition, the Arabs warned that there will be blood shed. this was the one time they did not lie.
        From the day that the reborn Jewish state was created, 5 well trained, well armed, with ground troops, aircraft, etc Arab armies attacked Israel
        . The Arabs told the Muslims and other Arabs to get out as they will be attacking Israel to wipe it off the map and destroy all it’s people. Those who left, were promised that they can “walk in” and take over everything the Jews owned.
        Well, with no air force, no really trained army, but volunteers from WW2 but with will and the protection of GOD, these Jews, with a huge loss of life, drove those Arabs out. Those who left on the instruction of the Arab armies, became “refugees”
        NOTHING IS EVER SAID bout the 850 000 Jews who were expelled from their homes in Arab/Muslim states, with nothing except the shirt of their backs, were immediately taken into the new Israel. Not ONE was ever left as a ‘refugee”.
        Then, Israel was again attacked 1956, 1967, 1973 and more wars.
        There should never have been refugees, had the Arab states taken them in. They are used as political pawns
        1973 Yom Kippur war was something that GOD did to protect the Jews. The Jews were all at prayer in the Synagogues.
        Had the Arabs attacked on any other day, the streets would have been crowded with cars, and no military vehicles could have gone thru.
        The Arabs have tried time and again to destroy the Jewish state, because every time, they had bloody noses, and their pride was hurt.
        They will never defeat GOD’s promise to the Jews. The only way they can “defeat” Israel, is politically and lie to the world. And their lies are outstanding.
        Please listen to Gen. Dempsey. He is one of the greats international military leaders of our time..
        He is not Jewish, but he knows the truth.

        Take a lesson from the General. Listen to what he had to say.

        Remember what the British Colonel, Kemp said. “Israel Defence Force, is the most humane army in the world.
        The reported 2000 Gaza casualties, at least 700 were terrorist fighters. That was never reported.

        I hope that you have learned something now.

        The Arabs want all the land as it is a sore thumb in the way of Islamic expanstion

        • the truth

          stopped Reading when you mentiond the Word god … ffs its 2015..wake up.. Another thing your NOT choosen people no more choosen than any other race.. Why did they kick you out of Palastine in the first Place?? what was the reason..

          When the arabs have a stick as big as yours i wonder if you will be so brutal to women and kids?

          If Israel is so democratic… how come they dont take the borders away let in the refuges and put it to a vote?

          • silly atheists

            Laughable that you’d stop reading when you saw the word God. God is timeless and forever whether it be 2015 or any age if you believe. Your childish opinions of that are as irrelevant as your spelling of ‘chosen’.

      • kriskristian

        I want to ask you a question. Let us say that you have been called as a witness to a murder case.
        But you have never been near that place.
        As a matter of fact, you have never been to the place of the murder. It is in another country. BUT you were told about this murder, and of course, you believe everything you are told.
        what would your attitude be. Would you say that you have never been there, so you cannot comment and be a witness.
        Or would you rely on hear say? and condemn the person accused of murder?
        I don’t think you would
        So, you have so much to say in your anti Semitism, that you would support those who accuse the person of murder.
        That is what you and others, who have never been to Israel, to experience the truth, believe all the lies.
        Visit Israel and I guarantee, you would return as an ambassador for Israel.
        I have seen this happen.
        If you are an honest person, you would realise that you cannot be a witness without ever being there at the scene.
        And that goes for all those who condemn Israel as an apartheid state.
        It is the ONLY country in the entire Middle East, which has no form of apartheid.
        Visit a hospital, you will likely be attended to, by an Arab doctor or nurse.
        Visit a university. You will meet Arab and Jewish students. You would meet Arab professors and students
        Travel in a bus or eat at a restaurant. You will sit next to Arabs.
        There are Arab judges, Arab Druze diplomats for the Israeli missions in some countries.
        There are Arabs in parliament. There is total freedom of religion, and free speech.
        This never happened in South Africa.
        If you were black in South Africa, you had to carry a pass. Caught without a pass, the police would beat you up and you would be in prison.
        Have sex across the colour bar. Minimum of 6 months in prison.
        Try to say something that “upsets Muslims” in an Arab state, the Muslims do not like. You will be lucky if you come out alive.
        Visit Saudi Arabia. Take a bible with you. Good luck!.
        If you are honest, you will see how stupid your hatred is

        In Durban, the convicted terrorists hijacker, Leila Khaled is visiting. She spoke at the University of technology. Two days later, the black students demanded that all Jewish students be barred, unless they supported Palestine. What does that tell you?
        I hope you wake up to reality.
        I wish you well

        • Decent

          @kriskristian,stop speaking a lot of crap.If i as a muslim, had to be waliking with a quraan in Europe, i am damn sure i will be attacked as well. Dont jump on this mighty high horse…Israel is not apartheid state,are you serious? Arabs must use different roads while jews use another,arabs are stopped at road blocks and even if the arab woman is having baby,the jews will not let her pass.For thousands of years,christians have been bombing arab countries and countries around the world.The world has had enough now. You go on about the japanese and who wanted to surrender,the fact remains you nuked innocent people but yet you guys want to play police to the world,does that make sense?I dare you to go to Israel,with a bible and scream in the middle of Israel that Jesus is god front of a orthodox Jew,he will slap you side ways.Christians think that jews look up to them,my dear stop living in a bubble. I have seen christian being confronted by orthodox jews due to christians speaking about christianity,not a pretty sight.It will make you think who are the real terrorist.

          • Steve

            You my friend have not been to Israel. The post you replied to is the absolute truth. I have been there six times in the last 5 years for work and have hosted many Israelis here in America. It comes as a surprise to everyone that we dine with when an Israeli Arab and a Israeli Jew are at the same table breaking bread, laughing, joking etc. The media has tainted you and your perception. Go see it live or keep silent.

          • Ed

            LOL you’re the one talking crap my little friend if you believe you’ll be attacked for carrying a Quran in Europe.

            Europe has bent over backwards to appease it’s imported Muslims so as not to offend them. Which in a lot of cases has resulted in Muslim immigrants spitting on that blind hospitality.

        • Jebuz

          Hurray for god and all the acts in his / her / its name. May he / she / it bless you all, talk to you in an obscure obfuscated manner, give you imaginary strength and resolve, put voices in your head, rationalise and legitimize misery, maintain bias and inherent racism, keep the status quo and stymie all existential understanding and progress.

    • Tom Barry

      The Palestinians were already ethnically cleansed many times, most notably in 1948, which is why they only have a very small amount of land left to ‘squat’ on. Are you advocating a war crime ‘erock udontstop’?

  • Philip Smeeton

    It is so easy to criticise Israel for defending itself, but few dare to criticise aggressive terrorist Muslims. Boils down to that you can’t trust a Muslim, and how important it is to understand that the one and only goal of Islam is that everything should be Muslim. We must realize that every Muslim is bound to support the achievement of this final goal and that his life is basically devoted to it. It is Jihad at every level and no Muslim is exempt. Every means is allowed, no method is forbidden, in the achievement of this end. It is pure fanaticism and the direct opposite of everything that the free secular democracy stands for, freedom.

    • Atiq gulzar

      What an ignorant person!

      • The Right Wisdom

        AtiqGulzar – You need to understand the relationship that God had with Abraham and the Arab people.

        First of all God (Jesus) told Abraham he was going to have a child. When Abraham became impatient and had not conceived in their timing, he and Sarah decided to take it into their own hands by conceiving a child through Sarah’s maid called Hagar. Thus the beginning of the Arab people.

        God had a remedy for this situation. He sends Hagar off into the desert with Ishmael. Because of the mocking Ishmael was doing. He doesn’t abandon them there in the desert. He sends an Angel to look after both of them and reminds Hagar that he was going to bless them.

        God keeps his promise to Abraham and Sarah. He keeps Abraham, Sarah and Isaac in their land. This is why a few of the Arabs today are rebelling against God’s authority.

        You can see this part also in the new testament when Jesus confronts some of the children who claimed to be the children of Abraham. Jesus reminded them if they were truly the children of Abraham they would be obedient to him. Because Abraham was called a good friend of him and listened to him in obedience.

        • zamclachia

          You still believe this childish drivel? You left out the part about Pinocio been blessed and ordained.

        • all this god worship is a load of rubbish be it Muslim or Christian or jew its no better than witch craft in a different form please ask your gods to end all the blood shed in the world but don’t hold your breath the superior beings are the scientist’s who tell how it all came about and can send people around the universe wake up there is no after life for any of us may your god be with you you’ll never know. (seen the light)

          • I agree. The heights of human achievement would know no bounds if man left behind these archaic systems of belief. The only thing that has given us more life is science by way of modern medicine.

          • billy buttball

            You all need a bum spanking from a IDF missile!!

        • Manasseh

          This is the kind of HASBARA script you expect comming out of the rear end of a bull. Please educate yourself before tempting to fool others.

        • Peter O South African

          How about this quote from the Bible: “And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write: The first and the last, who was dead, and has come to life, says this: (9)I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. Rev 2:8-9

        • andy

          So Jesus spoke to Abraham did he? Not bad for a guy yet to be born. Jesus is the son of god. If your going to dribble, at least get it right!

        • Brian

          Sadly you discredit yourself in the first sentence. God is Jesus the son, GOD is the father. Who resurrected Jesus dummy? GOD did, he couldn’t resurrect himself. Otherwise he didn’t actually die and therefore the sacrifice to redeem mankind would be null and void.
          The rest of the comment is correct.

        • the truth

          Hans Kristian Anderssons decendents wrote that story about Abraham etc.. now top Killing people about A STORY wrote 6000 years ago

      • Peter M

        You are the ignorant one. Perhaps visit Israel…

    • john

      Do you have friends?

    • Derek Beaven

      well put. Don’t want to make Israel out to be perfect, because they are not – they have made bad errors, mistakes and themselves done monstrosities, but the fact is they are rarely the attackers and generally the defenders. They in there defense are specific in their targets and war always has collateral damage. What gets me most is how islam gets away with so much positive press – the press sympathises with it. I don’t get it how much of the world promotes islam as a religion of peace when its a religion of control, suppression and violence. Look at its model leader mohammad. mohammad is the absolute opposite of Christ in every way. It amazes me that so many get blinded by the truth. Even now the history and the facts support the fact its an ideology. The western world hasn’t woken up yet – but they wont till its too late. The quran is so contradictory, violent in parts and more like poor poetry and alot of unconnected sayings. Its hard to comprehend and thats why its so divisive even amongst its believers. Christianity is the opposite. Its fluent, the stories and books are complete, you can’t misrepresent Christ for being gentle and loving and caring and with an absolute purpose and mission. What stands it out to be the greatest book ever written is its pend by over 40 authors over 1500 years and very unified and most important prophetic with over 8000 predictions about Israel, middle east, Christ and world events of which most have come true and if you want to research; readers will see. As the New Testiment says All Scripture is God-breathed and 2 Peter 1:20-21 says Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. And that my friends is the reason why the bible is so perfect. Whether you agree or not, Now that Israel is back to the land GOD has destined for them all along, they will never leave, nor will there ever be peace in the middle east till JESUS returns. The middle east conflict will only escalate his return and those that believe in JESUS need to pray for the peace of Israel and pray for the non believers that their eyes and minds are deceived from seeing and knowing the truth and the love of Christ who died for you and I. They know not what they are doing. The middle east will continue to escalate and monstrosities only get worse. What worries me is all those that are flocking to the quran as a peaceful religion and then they realise their part in its ultimate goal!

      • Derek Beaven

        oops ment to read The middle east conflict will only escalate his return and those that believe in JESUS need to pray for the peace of Israel and pray for the non believers that their eyes and minds maybe opened that they come to know the truth and the love of Christ who died for you and I. They know not what they are doing. The middle east will continue to escalate and monstrosities only get worse. What worries me is all those that are flocking to the quran as a peaceful religion and then they realise their part in its ultimate goal!

      • Hi Derek, yew they are the defenders but only because when the british got tired fighting with them and pulled out in 1967 leaving the Palestinians to be killed by the jews intent on taking over the whole territory which they are still doing thanks to the inept usa for why I dont know and as for the un nato they are useless even when Israel blew an American spy ship to bits killing at least 45 sailors us still done nothing its time the uk broke its so called special relations with usa all it does is cost us money and soldiers their wont be peace in that area until Palestine and Israel have their own identity and countrys

        • AverageJoe

          Actually the British pulled out in 1948, Israel declared statehood, most of the Palestinians left Israel because they thought the arab nations surrounding them were going to wipe them out immediately, and they could then return to a Jew-free Palestine. It didn’t work out that way, obviously. Now the descendants of those who left are living in exile in refugee camps, or are being treated like second class citizens by their Arab “brothers” in other countries such as Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan or Syria. It is true that the Palestinian people need a homeland, but they get treated worse by other Arabs than the Jews. You won’t read about that in the papers, though, it goes against the popular narrative.

        • kriskristian

          A JOHNSON.


          BRITISH LEFT IN 1947, NOT 1967.




      • GAIL

        Well said Fellow Child of our Living God. JESUS is our hope…..we trust HIM with our lives. All we need do is believe in HIM.

        • andy

          I don’t.

      • Well Said Derek!! I Was Reading These Comments In Complete disgust! I Know Our CountRead America Is Not Perfect.. ESP For Past Several Years.. BuT I Don’t Care.. I’m A CHRISTIAN AMERICAN… AND PROUD OF IT!! Those Who Aren’t Need To Get Out!. Thinking Like That Is The Reason Our Country Has Been Going To Hell In A Handbasket!!!!Israel Has Been Fighting Palestine SincE BC.. ISRAEL Is Surrounded On All Sides By Ppl That Hate Them.. The Mothers Raise Their Children That The More Jews They Kill The Better! Gee..Wth R The Jews To Do? Let Genocide Take Place..Wipe Out Whole Race?? NO! These R God’s Ppl!!
        His Chosen Ppl!! And God Says “Those Who Curse Israel… He Will Curse Them!!!! ” Tread Lightly Ppl.. We Have Been Warned!!!

        • I Meant CountrY America.. And I Meant ThosE Who Aren’t Proud Americans NeeD To Get Out.. Lol.. Phone Going Nuts

        • andy

          And they jews hate the Palestinians, so are they any better?

      • G.B.

        Derek Beaven I refuse every word your regarding the holly profits and especially the profit of Islam. This kind comments can arose etiher from ignorance or hatred. I do not think so that you have enough knowledge to understand Hooly Quran and related litarature and history. The socio-cultural status of average muslim people living in middle east and how they belive is some story where as the original religion qeniune message other. I can write thousands of acts whcih are against social consicience. done in name of god by chrsitian society. The prophets, thgeniune messages they brought how they practised is one issue and todays understanding of religions is some other issue. I condemn your comment about the holly prophets. I am not much familiar with judaisim and christianity as much as I know the jewish people should wait The Messiah before they go to Isreal to the Chrisitian and Muslim Belief Jessus is the expected Messiah and he came 2000 years ago.Last word God has sent the prophets to Humanbeing the basic is to be Human before understanding the religon and the Prophets.

      • andy

        Thats if you believe in god. I dont think you need to be religious to be a good person. Just read all the comments from those supporting their religion…disgraceful bigotry and racism everywhere!

  • John Calvin

    Why is Christianity so dominant? and is it really so Christian? The Nicean Creed (overseen by a Roman general) changed things a lot by adding “for thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever” to a prayer that originally ended with a plea to “forgive us our trespasses …) and “lead us not into temptation.

    Egyptians had problems with Jews, so did Romans, so did did Russians, so do Palestinians, and so do Jews themselves. Is that why Constantine had those word added added to the Lord’s prayer?

    Jesus was a Jew, but he was changed when he returned from a ten year exile (he’d had trouble with Jewish authorities). Where did he go? Was it to review his roots?
    Many in India are certain he came to Kashmir. Hinduism is older than Judaism and Christianity. There are significant similarities between Hindu and Jewish wedding ceremonies (seven circles), and strong similarities to Christian non-violence. A person might argue that Christianity today is a fusion of Roman Imperialism resting on top of Hindu spiritualism.

    There are other ways of thinking. The ancient Egyptians established a stable civilization based on a principle of “Hotep” that emphasized the priorities of Food and Peace.

    Hinduism has no single leader or holy book as we know them. No central religious authority. But rather, it learns by observing the behavior of others for the purpose of pursuing food and peace. When ancient Hindu realized they had to coexist with cobras or perish (cobras killed rats who ate rice), they learned to do it. If people can live peacefully with deadly cobras, what keeps us from learning to live with our fellow human being?
    Hindus went on to observe the attribute of many creatures and focused on their best qualities. They don’t pretend to become animals, just to emulate their admirable qualities – as MIT grads do with the “rat” on their class ring — the beaver (creative construction).
    Nations try to emulate the qualities of animals: the eagle (for vision), the bear (for strength), the bulldog (for tenacity). Native American religions observe the better qualities of animals and learn from them. The turtle teaches patience.
    Symbols remind successive generation of what we value.

    The US has had a fairly short history, relatively. Much of it has been dark. Genocide against native Americans for land (Trail of tears and broken treaties); invasion of Mexico for gold and more land; invasion of Columbia/Panama for a Canal route after we’d decided on Nicaragua; invasion of Russia (after WW1) for the resources of the immense Asian continent; the Philippine conflict a hundred years ago for gold and East Asian presence.
    Yes, we pray to God and ask him to forgive us our trespasses. But are we capable of contrition?
    In this season of Christmas gift giving, can we reflect on the words of both the New and Old Testaments that the only acceptable gift in the eyes of God is a contrite heart?
    Contrition is the precondition to forgiveness.
    Can we be good Christians and learn to love one another. Gandhi did, and so did Nelson Mandela, and look what they brought. Prosperity and Peace. May we find it for ourselves, and for others, especially in the Middle East from where we seek salvation.

    • peter london

      Think you need to learn some history. “for thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever [and ever]” was added on by henry VIII. Also, Never heard about a 10 year exile in Jesus’ life, it’s unspecified. Reference the Nicaragua canal, it is going to be built as of this month, the reason the Americans built the Panama Canal was that they had bought the land that the French had owned due to a previous attempt to build a canal. ‘What keeps us from learning to live with our fellow human being?’, you say, pride, greed and mistrust, other reasons too. The latest reason for intolerance is an ideology of equality that puts certain rights (e.g. gay) above other rights (e.g. religious conscience)particularly in respect of the adoption of children to a mother and a father, which is clearly an issue of the rights of the child. We always find reasons to hate and exclude in every age, Britain is particularly guilty of this!

    • So did gerry Adams

    • Fernando Arellano

      You’re pretty ignorant yourself. Do you not have problems even with yourself or neighbors?

    • You are NOT a Christian! You are a secular humanist and a racist! You need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and if you let Him; He would unscramble your thinking!

      • andy

        What rubbish. I don’t need a personal relationship with Jesus to be a good person. I know right from wrong. Those who need to spout their beliefs usually do so because they have doubts.i can unscramble my own thinking because i do think and am not a sheep following others.

        • john

          Always neat to observe people to see if they deem themselves sinless. So by your own strength youll enter heaven and the price paid by jesus was nothing? Maybe you know right from wrong, a lot of people dont know sin. Jesus name is the first Ill proclaim for salvation before and after i die. My king lives.

    • Pierre Gagnon

      Very well said John, after all we are all brothers.

    • Daniel Rodriguez

      If you have problems with America. Why do not go to other paradise? This is one of the few countries that let you say whatever you want and do not finish in jail as a traitor or something worse.I notice that you have a lot of problems with the interpretation of History, and the History itself. Show Me a “negotiator” of any country that do not negotiate on his favor. You have become a member of the “Blame America First” group, which at the end is nothing more than a justification of ideological, social or personal failures

    • Plum

      John Calvin: terrific comments…. Great sweep and understanding of ancient civilizations in such a short piece. Ultimately almost all religions stress decency and good behaviour towards fellow human beings. We are forgetting our own finer selves in this orgy of universal violence that is engulfing our planet. Perhaps only South America and Australia-New Zealand have escaped to some extent so far.

  • TigerSF

    Colonel Sanders declared that KFC went to extraordinary lengths to limit chicken casualties.


    • Sinan Kudretsoy

      Great remark. That is exactly the point. Israel wants all of Palestine and expects Palestinians to evaporate. Otherwise the world’s smartest and capable nation would have settled the issue 10 times already.

      • billy buttball

        Stop the rockets from the Gaza Strip and Israel won’t have to worry about public opinion of reducing casualties!!
        Wake up people!!

  • Martin Hvam

    You all seem to have the answers.
    Why don´t you volunteer to bring about a peace process in the Middle East?
    Who knows, maybe a Nobel Peace Prize could be awaiting one of you?
    LOL! :-D!!

    • Fernando Arellano

      Hey Martin, well you don’t have any answers but you sure do have negativity or you love to criticize.

    • Mr Gee

      It´s so easy to bring peace in the Midle East: When the US make Israel to get the hell out of the Palestian lands peace will be achieved.

  • Ash

    What a joke the jewish/Zionist propaganda is. Every intelligent human being on the planet knows that Hamas rockets have no effect on Israel as 99% are shot down by Israels Iron Dome anti-missile system hence the lack of jewish casualties from hamas rocket attacks. The Israelis are not saved by hiding in bomb shelters (another piece of Zionist propaganda)as hamas rockets at best can only blow up 1 car maximum if they land directly on them. Israel just wants to keep the Palestinians weak by continually forcing them to re-build their small piece of land, the blockade of Gaza prevents the people of Gaza from re-building. What the Israelis are doing by blockading Gaza is worse than what the White Afrikaners did to the black people of South Africa and all intelligent humans know this. The other Gulf Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar are controlled by the CIA and the clandestine services of the west, the leaders of these arab countries have also seen what has happened to Iraq, Iran and Libya when their leaders take an anti-American view so live in fear of going against the USA. The USA loves to preach human rights to the Chinese and Russians but will not say anything to Saudi Arabia where almost every Saudi woman is a slave to the men in her family, not having basic human rights such as travelling on their own or driving, but the USA is happy with this as long as they get cheap oil right? It is the behaviour of Israel and the USA’s foreign policy that shows injustice being done that causes Islamic Extremism and misguided recruitment into organisations such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. President Reagan created Al-Qaeda to fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s and if President Reagan had 2 brain cells he would have asked the Mujahadeen we know you hate the communists but do you hate the capitalists as well. The mujahedeen would have told Reagan that they hated Capitalists more than the communists! You reap what you sow! The biggest lie told to the human race was that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban was a new group of terrorists, they were just the mujahedeen RENAMED BY THE ZIONIST MEDIA and the CIA. If the Jews loved Israel so much then they should never have left 2000 years ago. Britain as a colonial power had NO RIGHT to give the Zionist Jews land to create Israel and only considered giving Israel a very small part of Palestine at 1st despite being bribed by the Jews. It was ZIONIST TERRORIST ATTACKS AGAINST BRITISH SOLDIERS WHICH ULTIMATELY FORCED BRITAIN TO GET OUT OF PALESTINE AND GIVE THE ZIONIST JEWS THE COUNTRY OF ISRAEL THEY WANTED! Netanayahu also just wanted to ensure his re-election by having this small war. This war was like sending a group of USA Navy Seals to take out a local street corner petty drug leader it was so 1 sided in terms of the force used. Even after destroying Iraq and Libya, the USA and its allies are laughing as they are getting re-building contracts and supplying expertise & materials to re-build these countries, this extra trade is worth billions of dollars each year to the economies of the west, no doubt they will do the same with Syria in time. I say take away all the aid, especially military aid that the USA gives to Israel and lets see how tough the Israelis really are!! Yes there is no doubt that Israel would still put up a decent fight over the arabs due to their superior education and advances in science & technology over the arabs but ultimately the law of attrition means that they can never win, the best they can hope for is a fair and just 2 state solution, but the 2 state solution will never happen whilst the Israelis get American military aid and are intoxicated by their strength of military power over their arab neighbours in the region.

    • sal

      80-90% of these jews(Ashkenazi) originate from Georgia who converted to judaism which become zionism they are not be from Israel and have no relation to Abraham, they need to go back to there roots in the caucuses

  • Hugh Hill

    Q) Why does America support Israel?

    A)Because it is illegally occupying two thirds of the world while pursuing more of it through war and illegal interventionism.
    They also treat the Blacks (minorities) as third rate citizens similar to how the Israeli’s treat the Palestinians.
    So how could they do anything else but support Israel.

    Both are criminal regimes living on squatted lands paid for by the lives & misery of others..

    That is why the US supports Israel, that and that alone.

    • Hugh G. Rection

      Hey Hugh, sorry that sociology course at the local community college didn’t work out for you, but if you up the meds, I’m sure you’ll be ok. In the meantime, the US will continue to support and defend losers, morons and deadbeats like yourself because defending the rights of the oppressed, even mentally infirm ones like yourself, is what great countries do– and what the US has done since day one. Don’t worry though– you can always apply again next year for a visa to live in the US, the greatest country on Earth. In the meantime, let your sister and mom have a day off from their “work”, pimp daddy ;-)!

    • John Calvin

      Islam differ from other religions by having been established by someone already in authority. Not an outsider seeking redress. Not a voice crying in the wilderness. Separation of church and state as we think of it is a foreign idea. Sort of like the way Puritanism was in New England. Church and State were one until money corrupted the arrangement and cooperative efforts faded away, like barn-raising, and corn husking, church building, etc..
      Islam did that. It was a learned society that preserved for us much of the Greek wisdom and brought us Algebra and much more.
      England was a small country, and like the rudder of a ship, sought to control much larger forces by balancing one against the other. To do that,it arranged the breakup of the Ottoman Empire into separate nations so that one could be played off against the other. sought to set out to do that to do that
      The idea of separate Islamic countries was something imposed upon Islam after WWI. Dividing up the Ottoman Empire weakened it. One part could be pitted against another — to create a balance of forces. The presence of Israel in the midst of Islam created a focus for raising contention and diverting attention.

      • John Calvin

        Islam differs from other religions by having been established by someone already in authority. Not an outsider seeking redress. Not a voice crying in the wilderness.
        Separation of church and state as we think of it is a foreign idea. Sort of like the way Puritanism was in New England. Church and State were one until money corrupted the arrangement and cooperative efforts like barn-raising, and corn husking, church building, etc. faded away.
        Islam was united, and it was a scholarly society that preserved Greek wisdom that had been destroyed. It also brought us Algebra and medicine, and more.
        England was a small country at the far end of a continent. Like the rudder on a ship, it sought to control much larger forces by balancing them against each other. It did so by arranging the breakup of the Ottoman Empire (after WWI) into many separate nations so one could be played off against the other. England’s main concern was crude oil which was far superior to coal as a fuel for its Naval ships. How would it control the oil producing areas? Play them off, one against the other by choosing and changing favorites.

        Islam recognizes and is reacting to the artificially imposed divisions that created their weakness. The key component in the Western strategy was to introduce an irritant, which was Israel whose presence inflamed Islam and kept it divided. ISIS is challenging that effort. Islam is trying to restore its former unity. England did the same with its North American colonies, some of which united and to form the United States, and as the European Union has done with separate countries. The important thing that makes unity possible is recognizing that the whole will work for the betterment of all, rather than for the privilege of the few. Generosity is the key. People want food and peace in what ever form.
        Division doesn’t work, unity does. That is why religion exists — to remind us of that and to seek, with open mind, common ground.

        • nabok

          Really John? Really? Islam certainly was not established by authority or prophecy. Quite the opposite. The Catholic church gave the world the bible. It cautions against making a fetish of the bible: to treat the bible as a sort of Koran. It is to assume that god has no longer any agency in the world, has nothing more to say to us about who we are now.
          Greek and roman civilisation was largely preserved by christian monks and the development of christian (then Catholic) education which gave the world universities and the concept of universities. Some of Aristotles works were made available to the world through such Muslim scholarship as existed in the middle ages. A lot more would have been available had not a Muslim general burnt the contents of the Library of Alexandra: a crime against human knowledge. The Ottoman empire imploded because of its own corruption and arrogance (in which the islamic delusion of primacy in the world played no small part). Blaming Jews or christians or America distorts preceptions but not the facts.
          I agree that we need to come together as followers of different faiths/denominations. Islam in particular has a great deal of soul searching to do about its past and present sins, its weakness and delusions, its presumptions, and its future (if any) in the modern word.

      • Koos

        Islam differs from other religions by… errr, sorry, you lose. Islam has the same mentality as the Roman Catholic Church (not a “christian” denomination at all, otherwise they would put Scripture above the pope’s words, not the other way round) in that all who refuse to obey the teachings of Muhammad must be killed, the same way all who refused to obey the pope were killed.

        As for your idol John Calvin, he surely was a non-example of the “love of Christ” when he ordered and witnessed the burning of Michael Servetus for having a different doctrine.

        Islam differs from true Christianity (a very rare breed) by:
        -commanding muslims to lie to the infidels in order to betray them and further the cause of allah (guess what? This Jesus-guy you diss so lovely, said that satan is the father of the Lie);
        – commanding muslims to steal from the infidels in order to further the cause of allah (guess what? This Jesus-guy you diss so lovely said that those who steal and rob are not of His flock that YHWH the Father gave Him);
        – commanding muslims to murder all non-muslims for some blasphemy against their devil allah (guess what? This Jesus-guy you diss so lovely actually scolded His own disciples when they wanted to kill those who refused Him – quite the opposite of Muhammad who demands the death of all who refuse to accept him)
        – commanding muslims to commit adultery by merely saying that their devil allah does not recognise the marriage of other religions (guess what? This Jesus-guy you diss so conveniently said straight forward that divorce is adultery in God’s eyes)

        I’ll let it up with these, but allah and muhammad commanded between them the opposite of every one of the Ten Commandments. So the next time a muslim tries to convince you that allah and YHWH are two names for the same god and that Chritians and muslims worship the same god, you have four examples here to show that he lies.

        Of course, the first lie in islam is that the Arabians are the descendants of Abraham. They want to quote the bible, let them quote the whole tome: Abraham is the descendant of Noah’s blessed son Shem. Arabia came from the lineage of Noah’s cursed son Ham. Never the two shall be the same bloodline.

        • tone

          Obviously you didn’t read Quran..
          Muslim can lie about his religion only when fear for his life..

          You don’t get killed for refusing any teachings of Muhammed

          Steal from non – Muslims to advance the cause of Allah? No mentioning of this anywhere

          Muslims are commanded to kill those who fight them,kill them, and get them out of their land.

          Arabs are semite

          Commanding Muslims to committ adultry and blame it on the devil.. No where in Islam is this.

        • Religion is nothing more than a mental virus, and just as a cancer of the flesh it is near impossible to get rid of it once it gets a hold.

          • crowsdross

            It is possible there is medical evidence for this.
            See mind altering parasites

    • Samphe Lhalungpa

      Just the facts:

      1. Gulf States treat guest workers from Asia like cattle, in fact they treat the cattle better – Lebanon is no better..The innate racism of the Arabs vis a vis specially those from Afro-Asia is well known..but they are the first to scream against perceived slights from the west and Israel

      2. Arab regimes of all stripes torture, murder and are guilty of myriad human rights abuses

      3. How may jews live safely in Arab countries? actually how many in largely muslim societies?.

      4. Knee jerk anti-americanism does not preclude either migrating or studying ( many on scholarships) in the hated West or the U.S…

      The biggest danger is closed minds on all sides of the conflict when so many are invested in keeping the pot bubbling..Great synergies to be had in the M.E but the discourse of hate, rage and intolerance certainly wont bring any sustainable peace.

      It takes two hands to clap…

    • andy

      Hilarious….You should be a comedian!

  • I read through these comments with an increasing sense of despair. At the end of WWII in Scotland we were relieved to have survived the bombing. Half my high school class in Scotland was made up of refugees from Eastern Europe (mostly Jewish). We got along very well, and there was optimism about the future – I was an idealistic Scottish Nationalist (I wrote the memoir RETIRED TERRORIST about these days). I’ve lived in Germany, the US and NZ since then. I used to think cultural differences were all that kept many of us apart, but now I realize religion trumps nationality, community and family – and so we can never expect peace as long as so many diverse gods rally the troops. You’d think that we could see that the existence of so many conflicting spirits demonstrates to humanity there is no “supreme” being – and we should all use reason to halt the competition for territory and the killing. I wonder if any of my high school companions have reached a similar conclusion?

  • Moleman

    All this hatred towards other people just started with a crazy old man, living in a desert, who saw some kind of dried bush going up in flames (not surprisingly in a desert…) Then claiming he heard a voice ordering him he should kill his son, which he was up to, before he came to reason. In any civilized society, this man would be put in straight-jacked right away and transproted to a nearby asylum. But due to a somehow alien mindset (which speaks for itself) there now are millions people who worship him. Therefore I am wandering if it isn’t time for the followers of this clearly demented shepherd to have a reality check…

    • william southward

      You do not have a clue. Please don’t make such silly comments, you clearly don;t know anything about the Bible or Christianity, History of middle east,.

      • Máirtín ó Conceanainn

        So, lets get this straight,this man called Moses heard a voice coming from a burning bush! No need to elaborate further except to say he must have been as high as a kite on whatever weed they found in the desert.By the way that goes for all the rest of the fantasy stuff found in the old testament.

        • Jim

          Maith an fear!

        • nabok

          Yeah the history of the Jewish people recounted in the bible is fables.
          Funny you scoff at the burning bush experience of Moses. Fast forward three thousand years from now, (lets say the virtual and real world are nuked with a few survivors): you find an old manuscript claiming that the ancient Germans herded God’s people into camps, gassed most, made the rest wear striped clothes to work, starve and die some months later. More fables?

          • wanglese

            Sorry to bust your reality bubble, but there is a HUGE amount of actual documentary evidence showing the Nazis were exterminating Jews, Gypsies, gays, retarded people, and anyone they didn’t get along with on an industrial scale. Something Muslims would like to complete if only they could get organised. Lucky for the world, more Muslim,s die at the hands of other Muslims than anyone they otherwise hate.

    • rajas

      The person who saw the burning bush was Moses and the person who was asked to offer up his son was Abraham. So obviously you don’t know much of the Bible, except to spew hateful rhetoric.

  • JohanM

    Israel shall prevail, Islam will perish before the wrath of God. That’s a fact, you better believe it. If you choose not to, its at your own peril.

    • Johan Israel -Palestine conflict has nothing to
      Do with religion it’s all to do with what the hell
      Are you doing in my country uninvited. Half
      Of you are Russian or God forbid American

  • Confused and Mark S: you are both so uninformed
    or misinformed. Shame, I feel sorry for you. It’s
    so obvious that Israel has stretched out and tried in the mosself sacrificing ways
    to have peace with the Palestinian people even giving up
    Gaza (named Aza in the Torah and given to the Jewish people
    by G-d, showing the natural right if Jews to that
    part of the land too). And Gaza has not been built up and cultivated
    by the Palestinians for the good of their people, only used as
    a launching pad for violence and terror against Israel. This
    is proof enough of their evil intentions. And the Arabs have
    21 other Arab states, couldn’t they absorb their brothers into their land
    they way Jews absorbed their Ethiopian brothers into tiny little Israel?
    Have you ever heard of the ancient Palestinians? That’s cos there never
    were any, Palestinians are Egyptian and Jordanian refugees and should be absorbed
    Back into these lands. Shame for you as there are really none so blind as those who
    will not see!

    • confused

      Brigitte. Oh dear…. I really don’t know what too say.

      I’m smart enough to know that Abass’s alternate history and narrow minded comments that the Israel PM spoke about are a what the Palestinian authority what people to believe and are a mixture of truth, twisted truth and plain lies.

      I’m also smart enough to know that the party line that right wing Jews sell is also a mixture of the same ingredients.

      Just because I have not been brainwashed like yourself does not mean that I am uninformed. A little tip for you enlightened people gather information from a variety of sources and form their own opinions based of what they see, this being an alternative to only being interested in information that supported your pre existing views.

      So I rejected your comment! Apologies if you don’t fell I’ve suitable dissected your comments but I’m not sure you would accept my corrections anyway.. I did find it entertaining tho feel free to send another.

      and just a quick question. If I was a Palestinian living in Gaza at the moment, where would I obtain the necessary items to create a farm? I’m assuming that I can jut go on and order what I need and I will have no problem waiting and collecting the items from the docks? – before you go off on a rant about the lack of Palestinian will to build up Gaza’s agriculture and other industries.(some of which I might agree with you on) – I thought I would just point out that is not that simple and black/white so don’t be a fool and pretend it is!

    • mike disney

      The torah is nothing more than a book filled with untruths and written by primitive men with no understanding of present day society.

      If I were to write such a book and it claim that all the lands of Europe and the Americas belonged to the English, and some two thousand years later some nutcase presents it as evidence to underwrite the claim it would be laughable.

      That is exactly the same as the myths spewed out by secular Jews today – the Palestinians are equally stupid – those that propagate the myth of Abraham on a white horse.

      Come on get real, consign religion to the trashcan.

    • Bridget are you really saying if I was born and raised in the attic
      with a polar bear as my farther but happen to be Jewish I have
      the right to Israel and own all I see including those natives

    • fkn idiot may you never poision my country land thieves and child killers

    • Shiltrum’s Riposte

      Oh dear, what complete drivel, and that from a supporter of the nation who, more than almost any other on earth, should understand the inherent EVIL in subjugating palestinians.
      If you truly belive this dross, you really DO need to change your dealer….thatstuff he’s selling you has rotted your brain
      Don’t hesitate, do it today !!

    • simao

      Pal you got it all wrong. Israel is purely an artificial state created ona non-logical assumption that Jews had a right to Palestinian land because it said so in a Holy Bible. You stole this land and expelled millions of Palestinians from their homes and bulldozed them. Out of greed and with US and British political and military support you with time you grabbed even more of a land using terrorist tacticts and calling those who opposed you terrorist themselves. Still playing Holocaust card and using your well oiled and overtly hipocritical propaganda machine you are playing a victim state in Middle East region. You then call everybody who dares to criticize your warmongering you name antisemitic.

    • andy

      Theres no proof the Jews came from Israel. More likley from eygpt. Funny that, its enough to make you lose faith!

  • michael

    What a twat

  • tommy

    you sound like the type of people who as long as they are not being put in danger you can judge others I feel sad for the people but maybe they will join the fight to abolish terror

  • tommy

    if someone was outside of your property shooting your family would you shoot back at them or listen to your neighbors telling you not to take action.

    • simao

      The problem is, it is not your property in the first place and you are living there illegally. The ones shooting are the rightous owners trying to take back what’s theirs… busted.

  • confused

    Having read some of the comments I’m shocked at the pure ignorance..

    Its Hamas fault that the Israel killed so many cos they didn’t protect their people? Are you for real? – idf chose to fire their weapons, yes war is terrible but part of what is terrible is the idf are responsible for the death of all those civilians. That being said Hamas are as well.

    Yes there were some Jewish people in Palestine before 1947, but lots moved there afterwards hence the term settlers.

    Jewish people have been persecuted in the past,… I was bullied at school so i take it that makes it ok for me to beat up the chap that lives next door. Or better still shall I kill his whole family because he threw a rock into my pond which flattened a frog! Also for the last
    Few years the Palestinians have also been persecuted… But if there is going to be peace kinda got to look forward not backwards.

    USA will always back the Jews, cos if they didn’t they would be voted out as the Jewish lobby is so strong. Other countries like uk lean more to Palestinian side as Athens Muslim vote is a big issue.

    It quite simple Israel want all the land other are free to die or leave and Palestinians will never give up fighting and will probably become more desperate . So get to the negating table or we have got another 60 years of this!

    In short Israel have all the power (by design), so with it they have the responsibility too. If a peaceful solution is not reached they only have themselves to blame.

    • Simon

      nice one…could comment on tough question

  • Ben

    The question should be has Israel gotten any plan for peace?

    • John

      For peace to be a possibility, Hamas must be willing to stop fighting as well. Hamas has very clearly stated their terms. Their only terms and those terms have remained essentially the same since 1948 (when the PLO set the same terms). Death to Israel and death to all Jews.
      What would you have Israel do or do you consider those terms fair and Israel should march their people into the sea.

      • Phil B

        Jews and Palestinians/Arabs lived in peace within communities at the start of the 20th Century. You say the PLO state ‘death to Israel and all Jews’ since 1948, The P.L.O. was founded in 1964 so that slander is untrue. Israel broke the agreement/plan set out to ‘Share’ half of Israel/Palestine between the Jews and Palestinians.

        What did happen in 1948 was that Zionists bombed British forces out of Palestine, and the Zionists forcibly took ‘Israel’.

        As the 1st Prime Minister of Israel wrote in his War Diaries in February 1948, Ben-Gurion wrote: “The war shall give us the land. The concepts of ‘ours’ and ‘not ours’ are peace concepts only, and they lose their meaning during war.”

        BTW Albert Einstein refused the offer of being the 1st Prime Minister of Israel because he didn’t agree with its refounding.

        • Mark W

          You should learn something about history. I don’t support either side,but it’s not how it happened. On New Years Day 1948 when Israel formally declared it’s independence for the parts of the land given by UN mandate, it was immediately attacked by Jordan, Egypt, The Palestinians and other Arab and Middle Eastern states. Any enlargement of Israel should be blamed on the other states decisions, not Israel.
          If you want to complain about slander, look closer to home.

          • Chris M

            Good, accurate reply, Mark. Israel is not perfect, but it has done all it can over the years to be fair to all its citizens. It is the only true democracy in the Middle East, treats its non-Jewish citizens as equal Israeli citizens, has only “taken land” after being attacked and counter-attacking. The so-called “occupied lands” would not be called occupied in any other country or situation. Israel was attacked, defended itself and drove the invaders out. In the process they came to control more of the lands that constituted ancient Israel. They are entitled to the lands they took from those who attacked them. Yet, they have continued to give up this precious land in hopes for peace, only to be attacked again and again by those who refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

      • Shane

        The Jews are only there because their religious belief is that that is their God-given home. This has been the case for over 2000 years. Unfortunatley for them, other people have lived there for just as long, and don’t believe in the Jews God-given “rights”. The world should not be standing by while the Jews continue to force people off land that they have lived on and farmed for millenia. In the mid 1800’s, the Jews declared their intention to sweep everyone off that land, and that is what they have done. The Jews have helt the intent to annihilate the indigenous population for 160 years, yet people still blame the PLO, then Hamas for reciprocating.

    • RM McKonlay

      Tell me if you want to be asked about a plan for peace while defending less than 10% of your own property taken by hostile s while you were away.

      Or your peace plan on the middle of a home invasion that is killing your men/women and children. See a doctor,get lithium,zoloft,ritalin orsomething.

    • Elsabe

      As Netanyahu said: “if Hamas stops fighting there will be peace, if Israel stops fighting there will be no Israel”. The problem is that Hamas does not want peace BUT wants no Israel.

      • Shane

        Israel has never stopped fighting. Even when the Palestinians have been quiet, Israel continued the forced, often violent, removal of non-Jews from the occupied territories, and continued expansion of settlements. They continue to bribe people to come and live in an already overcrowded land.

  • kev

    goog book to read. Maj. Gen. Smedly Dalington Burler “War is a racket”answer all ur questions.

  • john de lacey

    He’s a liar and the world knows it. The USA military holds no respect anywhere anymore.

  • Ed robinson

    Don’t forget how careful America was in Vietnam to avoid civilian casualties. The Israeli’s did really well in comparison. X

    • Dave

      1200 dead children sounds like israel made a huge effort

      • adrian

        I always find it odd that the civilian casualties that occurred due to US intervention in Iraq never really bothered anyone , check it out there were plenty of innocent civilians that lost their lives. Have a look at Afghanistan as well ….. where was the outcry to that ?

        • Shane

          In the case of Iraq and Afganistan, the natived have killed far more civilians than the “Allies”

      • Ben Kleintjens

        Muslim children you mean; future terrorists

  • R. Higgins

    What a lame defense of Israel and the IDF!so what if Israel is held to a different standard than hamas,thats the unfortunate price Israel has to pay for being a democracy or so Israel claims. And the IDF dropping leaflets and roller sticks or whatever is he serious? Gaza is densely populated with what 2 million people or more and so with a mere leaflet warning where were these people, especially children to run? they couldn’t run to Egypt who closed its crossings and most definitely not democratic Israel. General Dempsey should have kept his mouth shut and keep helping to figure out the American nightmare in Iraq.

    • Ryan

      I think it is not really necessary to run as far as Egypt in order to avoid an impending strike on a particular structure. Perhaps they simply needed to run away from where it was designated to hit. Leaflets are sufficient for this purpose.

      When last have you heard of a military going to such lengths as to give away the time and location of their future strikes in order to save the civilians of their own sworn enemies?

      While Hamas’ stated goal is the killing of all Jews, they do not target the Israeli military, they target civilians.

      If Israel take their foot off the pedal, and allow these guys to gather any strength then what would happen?

      We have already seen what would happen, in the Six Day War the Arab world led by Egypt thought that they had mustered up enough Soviet arms to destroy Israel if they attacked as a united force. They promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

      They failed, but Israel are not about to give them another chance. “Amnesty International” can say whatever they like.

      • confused

        Did they tell the people inside the UN school that was a designated safe haven that they were about to target it??? Er no..

    • John Lewis

      The first principle is “live and let live” This does not seem to ring any bell with the first in US military command after the US president. I have seen narrow mindedness in my life but Mr. Dempsey’s is the top. Need I say more?

  • Ollie

    Please explain the Jews Race use the Old Testament as there bible not the New Testamentor do they gave another bible? The Old Testament has the 10 commandments which they suppose to obey.
    It said a thy shall not kill,also love thy neighbor.
    They should also read palms 119 commandments.
    How can they live with themselves killing children woman etc.
    If they are the chosen race , they should set the standards ,and have the intelligentsi to stop the war an find a solution but not find excuses as they have in the last ten years ,I agree it takes two to tango, but Sit and find a solution around a table even it takes months the same applies to the Arabs they should also re read the Koran.

    • Jackson

      This is the most ignorant statements one could write about the Jewish race and I am not Jewish. History illustrates why Jews in Israel (and everywhere) must resort to dramatic action to protect a country they recently took control of and their race in general. Think if you were Jewish ( the most persecuted race through out history Egyptians, Romans, Persians, Germans, Russians, the English etc.) your first reaction towards a religious war wouldn’t be and all out attack regardless of collateral damage. War is hell, but more deaths are caused by radicals in control of a country committing genocide, persecution, racial bigotry, etc. Please don’t be retarded and use the bible as a catalyst for your misunderstood comprehension/argument. How many wars have been started for religious beliefs be realistic. I am a christian by the way, but also not an idiot

    • RM McKonlay

      Gee seems like you enjoy free speech….protected from nazi Germany ww2. Or what about 1776 George Washington. …

      Oh yeah the bible says God had a need for war and bloodshed. Read all of the bible in context. And get a good translation/transliteration. You dont enough bible or koran or talmud. You sjould teach english based on 5 letters of the alphabet.

      • Simon

        Any religion, based on the book or not, is a sham. These were the means through which intelligent and manipulative people obtained and maintained for their followers a tremendous political and economic power.Muhammed understoodd what the christian had achieved, and imitated them. The rbbis study the thorah and are paid for that, with no obligation to ârticiâte in any military duty, Strange, no? During the Gaza fighting, Hamas chiefs were enjoying the luxury of famous hôtels in Arabia, not near the conflict so they would not even hear their children being killed or maimed. Whatever devious the Israely government is, I have never seen any jew exploding himself among fellow jews, just because they had some religious difference with him, as we saw many muslims (or supposedly so) perform all around the world. When BOKO HARAM attacks schoolchildren, we do not hear many protest from moderate muslims, if that exists, (or maybe they are too much afraid of their own extremists to dare a protest). At least, in Israel there are people who protested against military action in Gaza. In Gaza, meanwhile, nobody ever dared to protest against firing rockets in Israel, any time. I hate the jewish extremists as much as the muslims ones, I was a christian once, but learning history has opened my eyes. Science and archeology demonstrate that the ancient and the new book are both “inaccurate” that is the least that you could say about it. Be human, democrat if you can, but abhor all extremisms. New Zealand is the best example in the world for all.

    • Koos

      You just sit down and have a coffee while your family gets shot before you. That is what you expect of others, that is what shall be expected of you.

  • Mark S

    Whilst one is sure that the soldiers fighting for Israel would not be pleased about civilian casualties in any action they take, the history of Israel and Zionism is not one of concern for others in any real sense.
    The initial 1947 agreements which led to the creation of a Zionist (NOT JEWISH) state allowed a rather small tract of land which upon reflection 60 years on should have been larger but it was what was on offer at the time and the founders of the new Israel took it.
    Since that time the leaders of Israel have waged a constantly revolving campaign against their Arab neighbours – wages war, kill everybody, take the land, give a little bit back, start again.
    Over 60 years this little tract of land has taken over 90% of Palestine, to the extent that Google Maps does not list Palestine as a country, only Israel in that region.
    JEWS are amazing people, responsible for some of the most wonderful advances in arts, science and technology the world has seen, yet as a creed they have been used for thousands of years by evil men as a shield behind which to hide after they have been caught stealing everything from the lands they have infested.
    These evil men are not Jewish as by the word of the Jewish faith Zionism and the State of Israel should not exist and it is only the natural tendency towards greed that pushes them to place Zionism before the Jewish Faith since the Zionists have all the money.
    There is nothing wrong in fact with the existence of a Jewish state but in truth it cannot continue to expand its borders and population at the cost of the indigenous populous by meant of war and be looked upon as Nice chaps.
    Even the age old trick of owning all the news media will not prevent a knick back against the Jewish people for the actions of the Zionist war mongers, and yet millions of Jews are supportive of the very people who’s actions must eventually cause them (Jews) to suffer.
    Zionists bought up most of South America to initiate the Jewish state before managing to get England to give it Palestine so do not be conned that this is a Holy Ground where the Jew should reside in preference to all others, it is simply an owned territory from which the Zionist cannot be removed every time they get caught stealing.
    I beg the Jewish people to wake up and smell the coffee before the Zionists get you all killed – again!

    • Lisa

      The “indigenous” people included the Jews. But I bet it felt good to get your ignorant antisemitic diatribe out in the guise of an advice-to-Jews post. Read a history book.

      • Marcus

        I hate when someone says read a history book, when what they mean is read a book that backs up my biased opinion. Most genetic studies show that modern Ashkenazi Jews emanate from Europe not the middle east and as such are a non-Semetic people. But I guess you won’t read that book. Easier to just stamp your foot and call anyone who disagrees an anti-Semite

      • Shane

        Yes, and they lived fairly harmoniously together in a nameless land. It wasn’t untill the formation of a Jewish homeand in 1948 that the trouble really started. Since then, Israel has expanded almost continuously, sweeping asside anyone they encountered.
        The Jews have had some wonderful opportunities to co-exist with others over the centuries, but they have managed to alienate just about everyone who initially, welcomed them.

    • Vincent

      You should be tought some history mate: A lot of the land is bought or left unoccupied, the wars are started by Israëls neighbors, and Palestine never existed as a country in the first place.

      • Greg

        So any land that is currently occupied is available if you have the force to take it?

      • Jim

        Alaska was never a country. So it’s ok for the Russians or Canadians to occupy it? Yes?
        Oh land was bought. So if I buy a chunk of Alabama i can declare a separate state?
        By the way, how much land was bought? Because no partition of Palestine ever reflected land bought and unbought.

    • Bob

      What a ridiculous rant. You do know that there has never been a country called “Palestine” right? And that the people calling themselves palestinians are really of Egyptian and Jordanian descent?

      • confused

        So what you saying is nobody has indeginous roots in this area…right ok!

        Has it not occurred to you that tribes lived in this area before national borders were drawn around them?

  • John Scully

    It is sad to see the US so out of touch with World opinion and humanity in general. The comments of some soldier are irrelevent, he should use his limited intellect to perform his day to day duties and not voice political opinions.

    • Kindergarten

      Political Opinion??
      This is a General of the highest order. You think he is political in such serious matter?
      He is not, Israel did what no Country in the world has done. Look at Russia in Geogia and Ukraine. Look at Hamas, Boko Haram, Syria, Iran, Egypt, etc, they are all indiscriminate in their fighting.
      God is with Israel.

      • confused

        God is with Israel? And there we have the root of the problem. Both sides are racist hypocrites, who feel the death of a person not of their religion is ok and who think they can do what they want just cos they believe god is on their side.

        What kind of god would want continuos bloodshed!

        Yes the Jews are being attacked but they would get more international support if their retaliations went so disproportionate and dropped their self proclaimed victims status.

  • Mossie Heaphy

    What a Notorious LIAR, what planet is that Idiot on?

  • Too bad he didn’t tell his boss, Obama, about that or maybe he did but his boss is so viciusly anti-Israel that Obama made up his mind that everything Israel does is evil, no matter what experts say, like usual.

    • clive buirski

      Thank you for your comment on this too often distortion of the facts. People usually do not speak up for Israel in a positive light. You hardly ever hear of “roof knocking” – a small bomblet that makes more noise than an explosion to give the people several minutes to evacuate before the real bomb arrives. Only Israel does this. Maybe Hamas should notify the Israelis that they are about to fire a rocket into a populated area.

      • Western Approaches

        Firing a small bomb at a family’s house a few minutes before firing a bigger bomb is not civilised.

        “Roof knocking” is a poor euphemism.

    • john de lacey

      Israel is evil, the world knows this, the jew doesn’t and will pay for it. Again.

    • Shane

      If Obama was anti-Israel, why would America continus to support Israel ? Israel may as well be America’s 51st state !

  • steven L

    A slap in the face of the leftist mass media from Martin Dempsey. This was just pro-Islamic propaganda.

  • Lucille Kaplan

    Coupled with Chairman Dempsey’s firm skepticism (albeit tactfully expressed) over his Commander in Chief’s lukewarm anti-ISIS strategy, his vindication of the IDF response to the explosion of aggression from Gaza paints a picture of a military leader driven by honesty and consistency. In the wake of Obama’s cloying and feckless overture to Iran of this week, we can surely use the breath of fresh air that Chairman Dempsey provides. . .

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    I guess General Dempsey will have to resign. He speaks the truth to a muddleheaded President. Obama cant stand the truth.

    • I agree with you Lucille Kaplan. I believe that Dempsey has heart and is honest and open.

  • rachel robinson

    Amnesty International accused Israel of illegal acts in their defending their civilian population against thousands of rockets fired from Gaza. This was a war, a real war between a bunch of terrorists and a State. Those terrorists were firing those rockets from private homes, from apartment buildings, from schools, from Mosques and from a UN school. Israel had the obligation to protects it civilian population from those rockets, which the people firing them aimed only at civilians anywhere they could find them, they were primitive rockets and those were aimed in a general direction but they were aimed at centers of cities directly at civilian populations.
    Had Israel suffered the same number of casualties as the Gaza citizens then Amnesty International would not have made a claim that it was lopsided, but Israel did a better job of protecting its people from those thousands of rockets. Israel did not fire thousands of rockets into Gaza, it aimed only to silence them, and because of where they were the innocents got hit. Why don’t those good souls at A I go to Hamas and tell them that they did not do a good job of protecting their civilian population.

    • andy

      Yeah, wouldnt be such a problem if Israel stopped ‘acquiring land’ the way it does.

  • Lynn K. Circle

    He’s right, absolutely right. Only the most biased, brain-dead, non-thinking people have any other idea.