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November 12, 2014 11:07 pm

Kissinger: Israel Should Not Seek Final Peace Deal With Palestinians Until MidEast Chaos Subsides

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Henry Kissinger.

Respected statesman and former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger told a New York audience on Tuesday that considering the widespread upheaval in the Middle East, it is a mistake for Israel to pursue a comprehensive peace deal with the Palestinians.

After describing the regional turmoil, Kissinger advised against seeking a “permanent settlement” until “the fundamental issues that I described here move to some resolution.”

The renowned diplomat said “the overall solutions will have to be discussed within the context of a solution of the various upheavals and the settling down of these upheavals.”

In the meantime, he counseled, Israel should “make contributions by the understanding it shows for the psychological and historical problems of the people with which it lives in the same territory. But things cannot be accomplished in a final manner in a single negotiation.”

Kissinger’s comments were made before a crowd of 500 at the Waldorf Astoria as he received the Theodor Herzl Award from the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Other attendees at the black-tie gala included Barbara Walters who presented the honor, WJC Chairman Ronald Lauder, Ralph Lauren and Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Kissinger also outlined his assessment of the foreign policy landscape and had words of advice for the leaders of the United States. He spoke as an American but with sympathy and reverence for the Jewish state. Speaking at a time in which U.S.-Israel ties have seen significant strain, Kissinger continuously stressed the fundamental importance of the relationship.

“In the years ahead,” he said, “there are a number of principles that the United States has to keep in mind. What it will defend or seek to achieve even if it has to do so alone. What it has to achieve only together with others, and finally, what is beyond its capacity.

“The survival of Israel and the maintenance of its capacity to build the future is one of those principles that we will pursue even if we have to do so alone.”

“It is crucial for the United States to develop a conception of the future that we can sustain over a long period of time,” he said. “And part of that consensus must be a realization that Israel is, has been, a representative of the principles in which America believes. It is the one country on whose geopolitical support America can always count.”

Describing the singular standard to which Israel is held in international diplomacy, Kissinger said, “It is in the unique position that for every other country, the recognition of its existence is taken for granted as the basis of diplomacy. Israel is asked to pay a different price before it is recognized and participates in the international system.”

Addressing the recent resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe and around the world, Kissinger said the award came “at moment of enormous upheaval in the world. A period in which many of the institutions with which we have been familiar are under attack and in which the Jewish people have again become, in some countries, the object of severe attacks.”

Referring to his journey as a refugee escaping the Holocaust in Germany as a teen, he lamented “what can happen to societies when they take a wrong turn, and the disaster that can happen to the Jewish people under those conditions.”

“In America we have come to think that peace is something that can be contracted in a single effort…” he concluded. “The fact is that we are engaged now in a process without end, but a process which needs our convictions and our commitments and in which the friendship between Israel and the United States is an essential element.”

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    Sorry, fellow readers, Henry Kissinger may be a loyal supporter of Israel, but he is not qualified enough to be a Lehi terrorist. It was Lehi who rather plotted with the Nazis in destroying Great Britain, it was Lehi who made friends with the Soviets and their nuclear development, it was Lehi who besides the wisdom of warning, planted itself within the maws of the sabres and its teachings. I am sure it is common sense that hell is a coming for those who wish to risk it all against the current/past worldly trends. Some may quote the end times of this psychotic meddling. I read that Henry Kissinger did flee from Nazi Germany. Ironic that Lehi rather support its Nazi brethern than their fellow people around the world. People were hurt by this twisted sense of irony, but that truth still stands. He knows, and people know.

    This is the time to make the right decision against the prophets of death. Yes, most people of common sense rather have the respect of freedoms to all ideals like those of America, but until that day comes, woe will come and climb on all strings connected to the turmoil. If you ask me, we are still recovering from wars that have global influence. I rather not cause global omnicide lest torment and suffering.

    • david d

      bravo kissinger

  • Anna Ruiz

    Seems to me that Kissinger, a war criminal, says nothing, though his mouth moves.

  • confused

    Religion is the principal of absolutes, politics however is the art of compromise.

    Religion cant be used to solve a political problem, look at the mess that’s caused by trying.

  • Steve Marchman

    Through reading these blogs from Jewish people I begin to grasp discernment,some frustration, and pain in them; yet I hear an unquenchable voice that cannot be put out by any force in the earth: spiritual or physical because their Father is the true God YHVW. Just as Haman’s friends told him in the book of Esther,” Est 6:13 And Haman tolde Zeresh his wife, and all his friends all that had befallen him. Then sayd his wise men, & Zeresh his wife vnto him, If Mordecai be of the seede of the Iewes, before whom thou hast begunne to fall; thou shalt not preuaile against him, but shalt surely fall before him” (Geneva bible 1687, Esther 6:18). So be it today to the enemies of my brothers and sisters the Mighty children of God, the Israelites…

  • Ray

    As long as the powers-that-be are allowed to profit from the wars they create and the people support, there will be no peace on this planet. If you desire peace, first you must change the way you think about EVERYTHING;

  • I know of somebody who has been working very hard on regaining Jewish citizenship for the last 40 years. I also know of many young Jewish people who where killed during the 70´s in Argentina just because they were leftists who did not have that chance.

  • Valery

    Kissinger is not the enemy of the Jewish people, and not an enemy of Israel. If he did something wrong in the past, as many think, we must remember that it was US Secretary of State, and not Israel. In politics there are no friends – have interests. And the interests of the US and Israel do not always coincide. So do not judge him too harshly.

  • Kindergarten

    Let Kerry negotiate Washington first back to the Indians, before he Comes to Jerusalem.
    Jerusalem is not NEGOTIABLE!!
    Let them first get Kramea back from Russia is they are serious. Obama can’t stop Russia talkless of second guesing Bibi. Israel should never treat Kerry’s to-and-fro flights with any seriousness. Always bring the Holy Bible to the table when ever Kerry come with his lies. Show him where God said that Jerusalem, Mount Zion is the eternal City of Jehovah GOD.

  • Kindergarten

    Let Kerry negotiate Washington first back to the Indians, before he Comes to Jerusalem.
    Jerusalem is not NEGOTIABLE!!
    Let them use pressure to trick you if you are foolish. Let them first get Kramea back from Russia is they are serious. Obama can’t stop Russia talkless of second guesing Bibi. Israel should never treat Kerry’s to-and-fro flights with any seriousness. Always bring the Holy Bible to the table when ever Kerry come with his lies. Show him where God said that Jerusalem, Mount Zion is the eternal City of Jehovah GOD.

  • estie ash

    It is interesting that this is the same Kissinger who told Golda Meir before his trip to meet her in Israel that he is first an American, then the Secretary of State of America and then a Jew. to which she replied that “that is fine because in Israel we read from right to left”. He is also the same Kissinger who called for a ceasefire in the 1973 war only when Israel had regained her footing and was advancing into syria. He even made Israel give up land to syria that Israel conquered in the 1967 war as part of the ceasefire agreement with syria. He was the Jewish version of John Kerry.

    • Billy Bumps

      Why are Jewish people their own worst enemies?
      WHY did you give the keys to the TM to Jordan.
      Why didyou give back land that Jewish blood bought..
      Why doyou show mercy (knock knockk a missle is on
      the waaaaaaay)….Why do you treat the same jihadist
      who kill your people?…Why do even listen to other
      Nations who condemn Israel for this or that when
      the condemner is guilty of much worse? When will
      Israel say ENOUGH..ENOUGH……Iran seeks to destroy
      you….with their nuclear weapons….hamas and their
      thug council along with the others will never stop
      their crazy assault….(a flea making war against an
      elephant)….insanity…..I keep asking the same ?’s…
      How much longer?

      • Shaya

        Why did Israel do all the things you mentioned even though they look insanely risky if not downright stupid. Because Israel desperately wants to be at peace with her neighbors. What risks have her neighbors taken for peace? Israel can no longer afford to take these risks and the world has taught Israel that the risks are no longer worth taking. Israel can only make peace on its own terms now. It may be harder to achieve but it will be based on the truth the world has taught it.

        • tomm

          A peace on Israeli terms is one her enemies will respect. Such a peace fulfills the Mandate and will improve the lives of Arab and Judean Palestinians alike.

      • anil

        Its ridiculous opinion that israel is trying to acheive peace with its neighbour. Is it by killing innocent people , taking away somebody’s land forcibly.isarel use holocaust and anti semiticism as weapon to supress its criticsm.with all the money and military aid it receives from US as well as the diplomatic cover, it uses it with full fledge on its neighbour.knocking on the roof is an good excuse to justify the killing of innocent people.

        • Howard S.

          History tells us that in 1947 the UN voted and approved a Two State Solution in the partition of Israel and Palestine. The Arab nations did not agree with that resolution, and tried in several wars to undo what the UN had promulgated. The Arab nations have not been successful in their many efforts to destroy Israel, and they even lost land in the effort. Now the Palestinians want a “do-over”; they want a Two State Solution! Funny. And yet, they still will not recognize the existence of Israel, and they still advocate for the destruction of Israel. When the Palestinians learn live in the 21st century instead of the 10th, then there will be hope for peace. But so long as it continues to advocate for Israel’s destruction, then there can be no peace

    • Peter

      This is a singularly stupid comment, estie ash.

    • People get to a point where they see the light, and now he seems very dedicated to Israel’s well being, may be he is in a posion where he can be his own agent intead of being instructed on what to say and do.

  • kathleen politzer

    where was he when he had some influence

  • emile harari

    There can never be peace between Israel and the so called palestinians, It is simple and clear because’
    1. The so called palestinians and refugees are maintained
    by all arabs around as a political tool and future
    reason for the eradication of Israel.
    2. No arab wil respect a signed agreement unless he’s AFRAID
    of the power of the other party
    3. The history of the arabs with treaties is the prove of
    the above.
    4. The arab is never ashamed but always afraid of only POWER
    Which comes to the conclusion that the arabs well Know ” You can only deal with an arab with a Stick in your hand “

    • emile your statement about Arabs seems narrow minded and racist. How can you claim that all arabs are descriptive of the 4 elements you have listed above? It woud be just like claiming all we Jews are finacialy cheap. Narrow minded people like you are not going to be able to move the peace process forward. What is needed is for more Jews and Arabs to interact and get to know eatch other and breakdown sterotypes.

  • Ira

    I cast my vote for Saba..

  • Where is our President Obama as our foreign policy has turned into a complete disaster. IRAN IS ISRAEL’S ENEMY.

    Video of Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS: President Obama, You Have Some Nerve:.

    Video is on

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Every Jew should remember when Kissinger was Nixon’s Sec. of State and the USSR was clamping down on its Jews, Henry told Nixon, “If Russia gases its Jews, its not our business.”

    This self-hating “Jew boy” Jew should not have received any award from any Jewish organization but that’s what makes Jews so pathetically weak and pathetic.

    The World Jewish Congress is a place for wealthy children of the wealthy elite to make believe that they are important. Edgar Bronfman, Sr. said “I’m the King of the Jews”, and he believed it.
    Jews have done nothing in over 100 years to protect fellow Jews, prevent the Holocaust and other massacres and defend Jews from being attacked both here and abroad.

    We truly are “The Perfect Enemy” because we are so divided and so weak.

    When you have a Jew Dorothy Zellner board a boat heading to break the Gaza blockade, descend on the Friends of the IDF in NYC with “Jews Say No”, deride Israel, was a former CORE member for 5 years and hates Jews then we have a problem because she’s not alone.

    Jews have no strong leaders just weak ones.

    Israel has not had one day of peace from before the establishment of the State of Israel and once again is in grave danger because she doesn’t want the world to be angry with her. Isn’t that sad?

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    What is the matter with people? Kissinger was no fool. Israel can never achieve peace with so called palestinians even a fool like me can see this.

    Today found an article referring to the Islamic law of occupation. You would be surprised at the content. You will find the article in ‘The Gatestone Institute, here is the link

    Gatestone Institute

  • Bernard Ross

    Kissinger was the cause of many deaths in the Yom Kipur war. Like Kurt Waldheim he is now re inventing himself.

  • DockyWocky

    Israel should not seek any kind of a peace deal with the Palestinians, ever, period.

    The only peace deal that will have any meaning is when the Palestinians seek a peace deal with the Israelis. And that may never come until they find themselves alone and desperate.

  • Estaben

    Speak Mr Kissinger! Please be in conversation with each White House to convey your thinking.

  • And how does he expect that chaos ever to be settled. Guaaranteed he has no answer except to postulate from afar.

  • Lynne T

    Common sense really, that is the 180 degree opposite of the nonsense John Kerry repeated that was told to him by most of the Arab leaders who he consulted (ie: fix Israel / Palestine and you fix the entire middle east).

    Israel was always prepared to reach a final settlement; the Palestians and its supporters were the recalcitrant parties.


    History will record Henry Kissinger as a friend to ISRAEL then and now.

    • Saul Goldman

      The old diplomat sounds friendly now. But, recall or review the difficult days in October, 1973 when Kissenger threatened Golda Meir about launching a pre-emptive strike that would have saved many IDF lives. And then he took his time about arranging the re-supply of weapons. He also protected the Egyptian army from total defeat. Perhaps now he warns Israel because at the end of his days he finally realizes that he is just an old Jew.

    • Ron Judenrate

      In his article Mr Kissinger states “Israel is, has been, a representative of the principles in which America believes”. What a lot of rubbish. Is it Israel’s unlawful annexation of Arab land? or Israel’s refusal to comply with U.N resolutions and rulings of the International Court of Justice? Could it be Israel’s claims that the Articles of the Geneva Convention and The UN International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination do not apply to them? The beatings of children, the claim that all non Jews are put on earth to serve Jews? It’s unlawful attacks on it’s neighbours, it’s recorded history of Human rights abuses and massacres, and the list goes on. History will shown the unjust creation of Israel was one of if not the biggest mistake mankind had ever made

  • The problem is Israel will find it impossible to cut a long term peace deal with Hamas and the PLO who have factored in to their long term aims the total destruction of the state of Israel. By all means quiet your enemy by talking to them but the world has to recognise that realistically Hamas and the PLO will remain the enemy of Israel for as long as they continue to represent an existential threat

  • Shalom-Hillel

    I have no way of knowing, but given what Nixon was like it might have been smart for Kissinger to create the impression he did not care about Jews or the Jewish state. I suspect in reality he cared very much.

  • Emmett

    Kissinger was always “a good German”.

    • Hedda

      What does that mean?

      • A good “ieke”. An assimilated German Jew who cares nothing for his Jewishness and thinks of himself as a German patriot. Of course, all this only had some sense before Hitler´s time.

  • Hugo Stahlie

    In certain countries Mr. Kissinger would be arrested as a war criminal. A respected statesman , my foot!

  • If you question Israel’s sovereignty, than you must question the sovereignty of Jordan and the other 21 Arabs State established after WWI by the same Allied powers that established the Jewish State of Israel which included all of Greater Jerusalem and the Ancient walled city where the Jewish people had their Temples for over a thousand years prior to Christianity and Muslim occupation.

  • Kindergarten

    This is just a tip of the iceberg when it Comes to the defence of Israel. Obama and Kerry have an Agenda, they want to live up to the Nobel Price for peace for the sake of scoring a point. You will never meet any peace loving Nation like Israel. You will never meet any friendly Nation like Israel. What is going on here is just that the dependence of Israel is being tested. Does Israel trust her God or does she run to Egypt for help? No one can help Israel but God and herself. If they fight you, defend your People and your land. Never mind what the international community say in the open. They are drunk with the wine of the Arab oil. A small deal here and there. You can buy any Country and her leaders with Oil, gas and Money today. Arabs are bribers and have their Hands in all These uprisings. These negotiations are deceptive because they undermine the main issue and Position of Israel. Give your land and I will recognize you. Be tricked if you are a fool. As saying, Play Football with me but cut of your feet first!! If Israel ever give land first for paece, it has therewith defeated herself. Will not have a platform to stand on. No foudation. The devil is a liar and a thief. He is also diabolical and is the most subtle animal the LORD GOD created. He can trick you with your eyes open. This is what should Show Israel that this is not just a natural, civil fight. Your unseen enemy is behind all These. Your leaders do not know this because they are not at peace with GOD in righteousness.
    Never look back when you war. No Body can destroy Israel. Even if Israel can’t do any Thing, God will jump in against your enemies. The peace the world enjoyed for about 2000 years was a result of the jewish Exile. God used Israel to save the peace of the world. So Long as Israel occupies Jrusalem, the accuser will cause commotion. But the plan of God is closing up and Israel has to do what it has to do, just occupy till shiloh Comes. The Price Israel has paid for the entire earth is not being appriciated. Islam is a cancer, Arab is a reject. Rejected before birth, rejected after birth, refused by both God and man, they are against every man and every man against them. They created their own god Allah and are under a curse. They are like the refuse of the world. To be taken and destroyed. Any Country that the Messaiah will fight and destroy when He come, is an Arab Nation. And it is because of their hostilities to GOD and to Israel. There is not any Group of People in this round world that perish in greater number for nothing like the Arabs. Came by mistake and will go by mistake. Want to be the first Born of Jehovah, but they are rejected because they are not from a “HOLY SEED”. They are not a legitimate seed. Instaed of humbling themselves like every other gentile Nation, they figth whom God has blessed forever more. Remember- JEHOVAH – JHWE, is the RIGHTEOUSENESS of ISRAEL. They make explosion and blackmail their weapon and strenght.

    • Kindergarten

      The Mainstream Jewish People don’t seem to know the eternal implications of The things that tranpire. Like if they are insignificant. Bibi has joined the rank of Israeli leaders like David who did valiantly through Jehovah’s strenght. If Israel refuses to be courageous, and become weak and submit to the pressuring lies of the devil told through Kerry and Obama writen on the unholy scripture of the News papers, the Price will be for now and for eternity. Did you stop and ask your self why is the whole world dieing for just an area not even up to 35 Miles wide? It is beyond every man’s comprehension. It is bacause it is the eternal tabanacle of Jehovah. Jerusalem is the garden of Eden. For the same reason did God send Adam and Eve out of the garden because they could not live in Jerusalem in sin, same is also the case with Israel. As Long as Jerusalem is in SIN the devil will lay claim to Joshua the high preist. Israel is the high priest of Johovah. The time of Adam has not yet run out. The commission to multiply, increase and fill the earth is still in the making and is at the closing stage, and that is the rest of the time that the enemy has before the God of Israel Comes. Now you know a Little about who’s seed the arabs are. You know who the enemy of God is. You know it does not matter if it is Adam and Eve or Jews living in the garden of Jehovah, the Serpent will come after him so Long as they live in sin breaking the laws of Jehovah. Islam is not of God. Read Isaiah 14 in the old Jewish Testament of the bible.
      12How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

      13For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

      14I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

      15Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

      16They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;

      17That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners?
      All are the Claims and ambitions of Islam.
      You know which side Islam is, you know who’s Instrument the Islamists are. You know how blinded and deceived they are. The Jews like Adam lost their home for peace because they were in sin and disobedience. For the same reason Jesus was crucified outside the camp to bear the reproach of those who reproach Jehovah outside the City. You now know why the Jews perished in Europe reading Psalm 22. They never said a word. You will almost never see a jew shoúting and killing, causing Trouble here and there.
      Isreal is Jerusalem and Jerusalem is Israel.
      Bibi, your resolve has an eternal bearing. Be courageous, be still but determined and victory is not far. this is the final stage of the fight that started 6000 years ago. We are almost at the Brinks of the SABATH of GOD and like every ´Sabath, you make haste at the last minuites before Sabath hours commence. Know your place in history and be valiant.

      • Peter

        Have you taken your medications today?

  • Now, when no one listens to him any more, he supports Israel. Where was he when we needed him? Better late than never? Not in this case.

  • Jonah

    He is building on a platform that does not exist. Their is no friendship between Israel and this present administration. What can happen to society’s when they take a wrong turn…we’ll keep your eyes on the society that has taken over Washington. It seems Hiltler and Pharo have reincarnated manifesting themselves as one being. I admire Kissinger for what he has attempted to do in the past but he is now an intellectual relic who is very adept at barraging you with salient points but baffling BS will not create a firewall between Israel and for instance Isis. It is time for war not pointless negotiation….engaged in a process without end….tell that to God. Kissinger…God has a message for you…read Zachariah 12 and gain some wisdom…the days of the worlds problems being cured with an intellectual assent are over.

  • rachel robinson

    “Israel is asked to pay a different price” namely commit suicide, end its existence.

  • Larry Adams

    I’m surprised Kissinger would receive the Herzl Award. During the Yom Kippur War he delayed informing Nixon about the war’s onset and was instrumental in delaying American supplies being sent to Israel: “Let the Jews bleed a little.” All for his own ego trip.

    • I was surprised as well. Maybe he is old now, and his sentiment toward Israel has another meaning.

    • Peter

      I agree, Larry. I am actually disgusted that the WJC gave him the award. A friend in need is a friend in deed. When Kissinger was in a position of power and could have helped Israel, he chose not to. I cannot forgive him for that.

    • Sholef

      You stole my thunder, Larry. I wanted to remind everybody what he said to Nixon during the Yom Kippur war, but said it before me. You can just add, that the reason he said “let the Jews bleed a bit more” is “It will be easier to negotiate with them later”

  • Joel

    Ever the diplomat but in realpolitik terms out of it. The people who should be listening aren’t reading this article

    • Vittore

      I’m sure that though Kissinger was speaking in NYC, he will be heard in DC. The only question is whether his advice will be taken to heart.

  • Dov

    When one gets older, one gets wiser.

    • rachel robinson

      yes, and we are glad he reached the age of 90+ to get wise, of course he could have died sooner, and not got wiser so I am glad he got older.

    • rachel robinson

      Yes, and I am glad Kissinger survived to this old age so that he can finally get wiser.

  • Saba

    Dr.Henry Kissinger wisdom and knowledge is clearly set forth in this article. He is correct when he said, “considering the widespread upheaval in the Middle East, it is a mistake for Israel to pursue a comprehensive peace deal with the Palestinians”.

    However,does peace with the Palestinians mean giving up Judea and Samaria for an independent state? Or does peace mean bringing prosperity to the Palestinians by introducing jobs, education and a better standard of living? If peace is connected to any of the above, first there must be a change of government and leadership.Peace with the Palestinians will not happen unless the Hamas-PLO government is dismantled. Second there must be a change in leadership. President Abbas must remove himself from “office” and a new leader must take his place.

    In terms of Statehood,the people of Israel has spoken already.No state of Palestine inside Judea and Samaria and this includes Gaza.

    • theo

      Why add another state to the 23 the Arabs/ Moslems already have? Kissinger ,to my mind ,cannot answer that question
      There will never be a Palestine next to Israel The two cannot exist together That is the nature of Islam They want it all Israel knows this and to show up the fraudulence of Abbas they hang some bait to his face
      Israel’s title to the land is unassailable !

    • Joel

      Many excellent comments from people that understand the Middle East conundrum. The one element that remains unknown and unknowable is Pres. Obama. His is the critical wild card, and his word is of no value at all.

    • In the Nevi’im Acharonim HASHEM repeatedly warns & pleads with Yisrael not to rely on Egypt or any other nation for support. America is a nation like any other nation whose boundaries & times have been established by G-D. This nation of America was & has been blessed by G-D because it was founded upon the principles of Torah & was a refuge for us as the Jewish people. But as America continues to abandon Yisrael & HASHEM it has & is seeing more & greater judgment. G-D does not change! I truly believe that Yisrael is to rely on no one but Him. Yisrael is unique among all nations because she was birthed by G-D. The land of Yisrael is HASHEM’s. G-D’s word is clear that anyone who touches Yisrael is touching the apple (pupil) of G-D’s eye & will suffer judgment. History proves this beyond any doubt. The Arab/Islamic world along with Iran (ancient Persia) & all the other Islamic nations have no desire for peace with Yisrael. We may wish for it along with the rest of those who stand with Yisrael but it is like wishing that a leaf would not blow in the wind. Y’rushalayim belongs to HASHEM & He has given it as His Eternal City. Yisrael must NEVER give up any of her land gained back since the reestablishment of the nation. Sadly the West, the E.U., U.N. etc. do not understand this as they continue to try building their modern-day Bavel.

    • citizenstat

      You’re on the money. But, given that Israel appears to support Palestinin national aspirations, if not somewhere in Judea, Samaria, or Gaza, where then?

    • Sholef

      I fully agree with you, Saba.