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November 18, 2014 3:40 pm

As Abbas Uses Synagogue Atrocity to Condemn ‘Israeli Incitement,’ Fatah Officials Celebrate

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Ax-wielding Palestinians in Gaza celebrate the attack on the Jerusalem synagogue. Photo: Twitter

Read the bulk of the media coverage of today’s Palestinian atrocity at a synagogue in Jerusalem and you can be forgiven for thinking that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas issued an unambiguous condemnation of the murder of four Jewish worshipers.

Closer reading of Abbas’s remarks, however, opens up a different interpretation. While not in any way endorsing the actual attack, it is clear that Abbas seeks to push attention onto alleged Israeli misdemeanors.

The full statement reads as follows:

The president always condemns killings of civilians from any party whatsoever, and condemns the killing of worshipers today in one of the houses of worship in West Jerusalem, and also denounces all violent acts no matter what their source is, and demands an end to the ongoing incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the provocative acts by Israeli settlers as well as incitement by some Israeli ministers.

The presidency also confirms that it is time to end the occupation and end the causes of tension and violence, affirming our commitment to a just-based solution on the basis of a two-state solution, in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy, and maintain an atmosphere of calm and understandings that have been made with King Abdullah II and American Secretary of State  John Kerry in Amman.

The bulk of the statement is concerned with Israeli actions at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and goes so far as to accuse “Israeli ministers” – who are not named – of “incitement.” Neither does the reference to “provocative acts by Israeli settlers” explain why today’s attack took place in an area of western Jerusalem that was part of the State of Israel from 1948 onwards. Most significantly, Abbas made no pledge to take measures that would prevent the Palestinian copycat attacks that Israelis now fear will strike Jerusalem and other towns.

Officials of Abbas’s Fatah movement openly praised the attack. Leading Jewish blogger Elder of Ziyon offered the following round-up of Fatah celebrations:

Central Committee of Fatah member Tawfiq Tirawi said “I consider the Jerusalem operation to be a natural response to the occupation and the crimes of the settlers.

Another Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki said that Yasser Arafat was right when he said that the biggest leaders belong to the people, meaning that terrorists are more leaders than anyone.

Official spokesman for Fatah Ahmed Assaf said that “the Jerusalem operation was a natural response to the Israeli violations.”

Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades called all of the victims “soldiers” and issued a statement in support of the attack calling for more “revenge” attacks.

Large numbers of Palestinians in eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza were pictured celebrating the attack, handing out candy to children. Many of the celebrants carried axes to mark the fact that an axe was among the weapons utilized by Ghassan and Odai Abu Jamal, the terrorists behind today’s attack.

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  • Jonah

    I don’t want to appear to be repetitive, but God also wants me to tell you that he sends the two witnesses not only to defend Israel but to desecularize it and gather his flock. As they see Elijah and the defensive stances the two witnesses take in order two defend Israel…if their are atheists amoungst you who refuse to believe they are not of you. As the two witnesses give their life’s for you and as their task has been accomplished God will take it from their by unleashing the bowel judgements on the incorrigible and recalcitrant unbelieving world…those who are incapable of accepting his rule who prefer darkness over his light. No one not even the Angels in heaven are allowed in Gods holy temple in heaven as he unleashes the bowel judgements. Army’s from hell will be released from the abyss to gather all those who have taken the mark of the beast. It’s my understanding the Koran instructs its believers to get in line for the mark. At this time the 144000 Jewish witnesses will be working feverously world wide warning the sheep nations and attempting to salvage those individuals trapped inside goat nations of the impending judgement for those that take the mark.

  • Jonah

    Newsflash. The persecutors of Israel will be kicking into wharp speed. They will attempt to Finnish the job as hastily as possible. why? Because they read revelation, they know the two witnesses will soon be appearing…Elijah being one of them…and that those two witnesses will defend Israel…they will not at whim be able to attack you as they are doing now. So arm your Jewish citizens in order that they can survive until the two witnesses appear. Signs, precursors to their appearing are occurring all over the world. God is attempting to give Israel a heads up and is also shooting a warning sign over the bow of those who are participating with the little horn and his pack of wovlves hell bent on the destruction of Israel. Lines are being drawn as the goat nations begin to manifest themselves. And God has them in his bullseye. Prepare for the soon arrival of the two witnesses. Blow your shofars, praise God. The defender of your civilization.

  • Bernhard Rosenberg The world does not care about Jews or Israel.The third intifada has begun. All Jews should speak up. Never again. Why are they ultra orthodox? JEWISH HEARTS SHOULD BLEED. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • Bernhard Rosenberg The world does not care about Jews or Israel.The third intifada has begun. All Jews should speak up. Never again. JEWISH HEARTS SHOULD BLEED. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • Julian Clovelley

    The condemnation of a particular atrocity should end with the simple recognition that it was an outrage that offends any right thinking person with normal emotions

    My very deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the victims. At a very long distance I share your pain

    Rationalising such violence is rather like trying to excuse Kristallnacht. There is ultimately no explanation but the human capacity, uncontrolled in some people, for cruelty and evil. Such actions are wrong – just wrong. Nothing excuses them. Never.

    They are not “misguided” or explicable as motivated by “provocation”. Wrong is wrong, cruelty is cruelty. Grant us peace.