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November 18, 2014 1:39 am

Four Dead in Jerusalem Synagogue Terror Attack, Victims Named (VIDEO)

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A victim of the Jerusalem synagogue terror attack lies wrapped in a prayer shawl and tefillin. Photo: Twitter.

A victim of the Jerusalem synagogue terror attack lies wrapped in a prayer shawl and tefillin. Photo: Twitter.

At least four Jewish worshipers are dead, with at least four in critical or serious condition, in the wake of a terror attack at a crowded Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning, according to Israeli media reports.

Rabbi Moshe Twersky, 60, dean of the local Torat Moshe Yeshiva was the first victim named by Israel Radio. Twersky was the son of Rabbi Isadore Twersky, the founder of the New Harvard Center for Jewish Studies, and a scion of a noted rabbinic family.

The three other victims were named as Rabbi Avraham Goldberg, 68, Rabbi Arye Kupinsky, 43, and Rabbi Kalmen Levin, 55. One policeman is in critical condition, and is fighting for his life, according to medical officials.

Three of the victims, including Twersky, hold American citizenship, and the FBI has reportedly entered the investigation. Goldberg was British, and emigrated to Israel in 1991, according to friends.

All four lived on the same street, and left behind wives and 26 children, according to a government spokesman.

Israeli Police said two Palestinian terrorists entered the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue on Shimon Agassi St. in the city’s religious Har Nof neighborhood at about 07:00 a.m., opened fire with weapons and struck worshipers with a meat cleaver and knives.

Two police officers in the vicinity were able to shoot and kill the assailants shortly after the attack on the religious complex, located at the western edge of the capital.

Police immediately locked down the area, as ground units and helicopters sought a third accomplice, who drove the vehicle that ferried the two, Israel Radio said.

“This is the direct result of the incitement being led by Hamas and Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority – PA President Mahmoud Abbas], incitement which the international community is irresponsibly ignoring,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in comment, and will soon convene security officials to weigh responses.

“We will respond with a heavy hand to the brutal murder of Jews who came to pray and were met by reprehensible murderers. We will respond harshly,” Netanyahu said.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said, “Israel will strike terror decisively,and not allow anyone to disrupt our lives. We’ll follow the perpetrators and those who sent them.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry called Netanyahu to offer his condolences, and condemned the attack.

“This morning in Jerusalem Palestinians attacked Jews who were praying in a synagogue,” Kerry told reporters.

“People who have come to worship god in a sanctuary of a synagogue were … murdered in a holy place in an act of pure terror and senseless brutality and murder.

“I call on the Palestinian leadership at every single level to condemn this in the most powerful terms,” he added. “This violence has no place anywhere particularly after the discussion that we had just the other day in Amman.”

Gazans hand out candy after Jerusalem synagogue attack. Photo: IDF spokesman.

Gazans hand out candy after Jerusalem synagogue attack. Photo: IDF spokesman.

While an official statement from Abbas’ office said “The presidency condemns the attack on Jewish worshippers in their place of prayer and condemns the killing of civilians,” at the same time, official PA television showed images of Bethlehem residents handing out candy in the streets, in support of the attack.

Jerusalem synagogue attackers: Uday & Ghassan Abu Jamal. Photo: Hatzolah EMS.

Jerusalem synagogue attackers: Uday & Ghassan Abu Jamal. Photo: Hatzolah EMS.

The two assailants, Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal, in their 20s, were members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The two are reportedly relatives of terrorists released in the prisoner swap with Hamas to gain the release of former IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011.

A police spokesman told Army radio that the two terrorists, cousins, were residents of the capital’s Jabal Mukaber neighborhood. One of the terrorists apparently worked at a minimarket near the synagogue.

Arabs in the neighborhood where the two lived, and other areas of Jerusalem, clashed and hurled stones at security forces sent to the area. 

Jerusalem synagogue attack scene. Photo: 0404 News.

Jerusalem synagogue attack scene. Photo: 0404 News.

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said Abbas, “who is among the greatest terrorists to incite the Palestinian people, is directly responsible for the Jewish blood spilled on prayer shawls and tefillin.

“While we dealt with fantasies about the political process, the Palestinians have prepared an interlocking infrastructure of terrorism and incitement. Even the concept of concrete blocks do not stop terrorism, but rather encourage it,” he said.

“Abbas declared war on Israel, and we must respond accordingly,” Bennett declared.

“Jerusalem is in pain and and bows her head in grief,” Mayor Nir Barkat said in initial comment on the attack.

“Worshipers were slaughtered in the midst of prayer in the center of Jerusalem, in a terribly cruel murder. We will not allow this to go unchallenged,” Barkat said.

“I call on the Israeli government and security forces to allocate all the forces and resources required and the Jerusalem municipality to help them as much as possible.

“Terrorism cannot win, and – with all the difficulty – I urge everyone to go on with their daily routine and to be alert anywhere in the city.

“I promise Jerusalem’s residents that we will continue to fight with all our abilities, and will do everything to restore calm to the city,” Barkat said.

Palestinian poster glorifying Jerusalem synagogue attack. Image: Twitter.

Palestinian poster glorifying Jerusalem synagogue attack. Caption: "Where are they?" Image: Twitter.

Palestinian social media wasted no time in glorifying the attack, with one Facebook poster uploading a grotesque cartoon poster showing the attack, including the terrorists shooting and stabbing worshipers, and piles of bodies. The word balloon shows an attacker brandishing a bloody knife asking, “Where are they,” referring to the Jewish worshipers.

A Hamas official posted the photo on his Facebook page.

Hamas in Gaza lauded the attack,  calling it “heroic.”

“There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time,” a spokesman for the terrorist group said.

Islamic Jihad and Fatah also praised the attack, with a spokesman for the latter blaming the Israeli government for the killings.

Shas Party member Aryeh Deri, who was in the synagogue during the attack, told Army radio that the scene of carnage included blood on the pews and floor, with wounded and dead worshipers still wrapped in talit and tefillin religious garments.

“They were shouting ‘Allah Akbar,’ as they carried out the attack,” he said, and tried to call police as the murder spree unfolded.

Israel Police nab suspect Bnei Brak. Photo: Twitter.

Israel Police nab suspect Bnei Brak. Photo: Twitter.

An EMS service rescuer said they were providing initial resuscitation to the first wounded person they came across, when they came under fire from the terrorists and sought cover.

“This is the first time I’ve seen rescuers come under fire from the terrorists as they were providing aid,” said medic Ya’akov Wertheimer, who lives nearby.

In parallel, police in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, caught an unidentified Arab trying to perpetrate a copycat attack a short time after the first, according to initial reports.

The attack comes two days after severe incitement in the Palestinian media after a city bus driver was found hanged in his vehicle at a bus depot. An Israeli police autopsy said he committed suicide, but Palestinian media said he was “lynched by settlers,” a report hotly denied by Israeli officials.

Watch a video of the initial moments of the attack:

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/s_TYad_VGqU” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

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  • American

    People are pushed to do horrible tings. Killing is never the right way to handle any problem. But we do have to look at what is pushing this people commit such harrible crimes against humanity. Is it response to what they themselves have experiansed or is it simply krime for joy wich I highly dought. I think to stop a pice of stone sinking to the bottom of a lake you must NOT trow it in the lake in the first place. Every action has a reaction.

  • student

    please do replace the picture of the ceased man, it is disrespectful and sad. thanks.

    • student


  • American

    Israel will not have peace until it returns all the Palestinian land it has stolen.

    • Janice Kenner

      Isreal has stolen nothing. Please crawl back under your rock. We don’t need your comments. I’m ashamed that you call yourself American.

      • American

        Israel will have to return all the land it has stolen.

    • aall

      your brain needs to be rewired : that ‘s the tragedy .

      • American

        Go back to Moldavia land thief.

  • Shadia Alzoubi

    Israelis are pioneers in killing praying innocent unarmed civilians see this..http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cave_of_the_Patriarchs_massacre

    • Janice Kenner

      That was one mentally ill individual. No Israeli was cheering or giving out candy as a response. He was not made a hero as you and your ilk do to murderers of Jews.

  • Sharona

    so horrible, something needs to be done about these Arabs.

    My prayers are with Israel:

    What helps our prayers is shemiras haloshon

    May redemption come soon, bezras Hashem

    • Eco


      • aall

        you are uninformed . you need to educate yourself instead of screaming nonsense .calm down .

  • Billy Bumps

    Let’s say that your home is infested with roaches..
    you call an exterminator to eradicate them….let’s
    say that your vehicle isn’t working correctly…you
    take it or tow it to a mechanic who gets it fixed…
    Let’s say your business isn’t doing so good..you get
    the advice of a specialist to get it back on track…
    The point is this….when your country is sick you
    do what is necessary to make it whole again…when
    your nation is broken you do what is necessary to
    correct it….when your life and economy are in
    a down spin consult those who can help you get
    things going again …..LISTEN….start taking the
    initiative….stop just responding/reacting..develop
    a plan…and implement it…..the world whoes patience
    never was much to begin with…is growing tired
    of the same menu every day…TAKE CHARGE..
    and kick ass!

    • Eco


    • Eco


    • Bubba

      The apostle Paul points out the fountain that disgorged all the fickle-minded disloyalties of the people of Israel: an evil heart of unbelief. Like an inexperienced and immature teenager, Israel usually believed she knew better than the Creator.

      Her sinful, unbelieving heart stands in marked contrast to the faithfulness of Jesus and Moses as noted in verse 2, “. . . who was faithful to Him who appointed Him, as Moses also was faithful in all His house.” Additionally, “departing from” in verse 12 is a rather weak translation; “rebelling against” is more appropriate. Israel did not merely depart from an obscure set of doctrines, but she rebelled against a living, dynamic Being whom she in her blindness did not really “see” as part of the Exodus and pilgrimage.

      And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered. “Such is the way of an adulterous woman; she eats, and wipes her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness. “ Proverbs 30:20.

  • martin

    TODAY..prayer and reflection;TOMORROW..revenge

    • Gee, that’s real Christian of you! NOT.

  • I do condemn such attacks as this will invite greater killing response from Israel. I favor both sides should come to an honorable settlement through UN and recognizing each other’s right to exist. The Hammas treat Israelis as foreign occupants of their land belonging to Arabs. But the PLO is a moderate party and Israel should take the initiative to open dialogue with it through UN or USA as mediator. Thanks.

  • RobiMac

    Well, at least Netanyahu intends to do something about this tragedy which is much more than I can say for Obama. He cares about no one getting killed by terrorists least of all, in the US. That’s ‘workplace violence.

    I hope Netanyahu pays no attention to Kerry. He’s just as big a joke as Obama.

  • Demolish their mosques,drive them out of Israel and Gaza!Don’t pay attention to criticism from do-gooders of bad causes!Recover the land your leaders foolishly gave away contrary to God’s instruction not to cede a millimetre!You are fighting satanic enemies but if you put your complete trust in God,the Messiah-Jesus,you will be blessed and protected up to the Battle of Armageddon when your enemies and mine(I am a 26years,74y.o Born Again Christian) are totally destroyed by Jesus!A Christian hug,kiss and blessing to Israel and the Jewish,chosen people of God!Shalom,shalom,shalom!

    • Bubba

      And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

      17:2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. [“Fornication” is interpreted/translated as “idolatry” in the Amplified Bible (AMP), the New American Bible mentions “harlotry”]

      17:3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

      17:4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

      17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. [King James Version; the New International Version uses “prostitutes” instead of “harlots”].

    • Hypocrite, Deceiver, or Fool? Please check one.

  • Lucille Kaplan, Esq.

    I just watched/heard PM Netanyahu’s public statement on the atrocity. As much as he is sharply focused on the direct incitement by the Palestinian Authority for such murders, and now consistently refers to it indirectly, I implore anyone who has influence over the PM to convince him to start quoting DIRECTLY from the statements that ‘Abbas and his associates daily publish, in Arabic, EXPLICITLY sanctioning and encouraging violence, murder, anti-Semitic demonization, etc. . .Americans and Europeans, most of whom are antagonistic to Israel today, largely do not take PM Netanyahu’s word for anything. It is therefore NOT enough for Israel merely to assert that ‘Abbas is explicitly provoking violence; Israel must quote chapter and verse (in translation) from ‘Abbas and his minions. Palestinian Media Watch supplies a ready source for the verbatim texts of what the Palestinian Authority tells its constituents to do. Short of quoting from the conspirators to murder, we cannot hope to get most of the world to deal with the reality of what is happening. . .Indirect references have already proven useless; It is time to force Palestinian leaders to acknowledge their murderous words.



  • now the whole world can see the inhuman behaviour of some shocking people …in gaza they rejoice and hand out sweets in celebrating the killing in jerusalem..how cruel and vicious can you get ..

  • Menachem

    Please take down the photo of the murdered man, its disrespectful to his family.

  • Lou VanDelman

    Rabbi Kahane had it right years ago. He said to transfer all Arabs out of Israel. The time is now to declare what our borders are. The sea to the west, the Jordan river to the east, the Lebanese border to the north and Elat to the south. All arabs living in the State of Israel are to classed as dhimmis as Jews are in arab lands. Dhimmis are 2nd class citizens without a vote and they pay a special tax for the honour of living in the Jewish State. If it is good enough for the Jews in arab lands, it should be good enough for the arabs living in the Jewish land.

    • aall

      i totally agree with you .

  • Warren Donin

    Expulsion. Make all of Israel, Jewish

    • American

      Why don’t you go back to Europe, your native countries?

  • I have resigned from the interfaith association and will not again participate in their interfaith holocaust SERVICE WHICH I ORIGINATED. I AM A PAST PRESIDENT.

    HATIKVAH has been included in every service since I created interfaith holocaust services in 1974 with no objection. N0 ONE HAS EVER WALKED out, sat down OR OBJECTED until recently. IMAMS have sat down or left before Hatikvah.

    – In 1944, Czech Jews spontaneously sang it at the entry to the Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chamber and, as reported by a member of the Sonderkommando, were beaten by SS guards.

    The link is clear, the Arabs were against Hatikvah before there was Israel or even before the myth of Palestinian people. Furthermore, Jews sang it while being led to their death. How dare anyone allow individuals to leave in protest during Hatikvah with the canard they are commemorating the Holocaust but against the State of Israel. Just keep quoting Dr Martin Luther King, Jr “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism.”

    HILLARY = OBAM 3, and 4

    . Where is our President Obama as our foreign policy has turned into a complete disaster.

    Video of Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg SAYS: President Obama, You Have Some Nerve:.

    Video is on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ig8c795KymA

    Another holocaust is possible.

    • American

      Iran is not the enemy, the enemy is Apartheid Israel.

  • pierre mamou

    like in the 1930 Europe, the worst is going to come with the applause of the world.

  • NCS

    Enough already. Israel must defend her people. This must be stopped. World opinion, peace and compromise, two state solution…forget about it. A hard liner like Bennett
    would have the resolve to protect the People of The Book. Israel, unite around the fact that there will never be peace with those who hate you.

  • JIB

    There are no Palestinian innocents they are schooled in hate from day one by there parents clergy and the state educational system. They are taught that killing Jews is the only way of obtaining glory. They were offered 98% of the west bank and all of Gaza by Olmert but Arafat declined they do not want negotiation they want abdication and elimination of the Jewish nation from Israel and worldwide read their newspapers and listen to the broadcasts. WAKE UP THE WORLD DOES NOT CARE

  • Hank Rosenblum

    Its far time all Arabs and Muslims are trown out of Israel.

  • Yale

    Israel should announce a new construction project for wherever the perpetrators lived, as a metter of policy.

  • Caryl BERNER

    Heroic? Firing on people in prayer is cowardly. These people are so disturbed they don’t comprehend that to die while killing innocent unarmed people is one of the lowest forms of a depraved mentality.

  • Paul Berman

    How can Israel ever trust the PA to be able to contol theses bloodthirsty savages. No matter what concessions Israel makes these animals will continue killing. They don’t want peaceful coexistence. They just want all the Jews dead. We will not go without a fight.

  • Expulsion

  • Vivarto

    Hamas is right.
    “Initiatives proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time”

    All Muhammadan Arabs must go.
    They must be sent to Jordan or Sweden.

    • Shadia Alzoubi

      what about sending jews back to their countries in Europe?

    • Bubba

      My, aren’t we racist? Dump on Sweden? Typical for you, isn’t it? You’d love to see Christians take your medicine for you, wouldn’t you? NOT gonna happen!

  • David Goshen

    There must be an armed man in every synagogue from now on.
    Any public place needs at least one armed man who can protect.

  • yacov


  • yacov

    stop the peace talk, to have more jewish in the east Yerushalaym and Yehuda Veshomron, and ignore the pressure from usa and europa and un

    • yacov


  • Charlene

    No respect for other religions, they just hate and want to kill, no respect for life. Unfortunately too many in the West fail to tell the truth. They feed the voracious beast of the Islamist narrative by the dishonest myths about Palestinian victimhood and dispossesion being touted and sprouted. The reality is these people are driven by a political/religous supremacist, fascist ideology which informs their values and actions. Because they hate and want to take over. My heart goes out to the innocent victims and their families. Shalom Israel, be strong and do not give way to those who want to take your promised land in their quest to establish a global caliphate.

    • Bubba

      Charlene, You are speaking of Israel, right?

  • It’s time for deportation. As for Abbas, he must be arrested for incitement, tried, and convicted, and put where he can no longer call for Arabs to murder Jews.

  • H.Givon

    It is time to dispense with all illusion that there can be peace between the PA and Israel. Abbas, whose government includes Hamas, is himself a terrorist who funded the slaughter of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Incitement at Fri. prayers and the continuous anti-Israel education of the young insure the perpetuation of the murderous intent of the enemy that lives in Israel. They are part of the international radical Islamist drive to destroy Western civilization and create a caliphate and sharia. Those who murder Israelis are the same inhumans who celebrated the 9/11 tragedy. It is clear that there is no ‘peace process’ and that there can be no terrorist apartheid state of ‘Palestine’. It is clear that the death penalty must be instituted for murderers- no chance for release. It should be clear to the free world that it is time for them to stand with Israel whose fight is theirs as well.
    Appeasement and permissive agreements with countries like Iran must be immediately abandoned. The brutality of the attack in Israel today will be repeated worldwide if it is not condemned and stopped immediately.

    • Matthew Allen

      Brian Trappler, Sonia Willats, BMS, H. Givon, Larry A. Singleton, and Pastor Fred Zariczny all have valid and cogent arguments that the Western powers (Primarily the USA, Great Britain, France, and Germany ) need to pay attention to !
      This FICTION that the Palestinian terror groups (and others funded by Syria and Iran ) can EVER be appeased by giving them more land, more economic help, and other concessions, is farcical at best !
      Many leaders of these groups have spoken publicly, and clearly written about, their views of Israel’s right to exist. These same leaders have spelled out their plans to totally destroy Israel, Jews of other nationalities, and those they perceive as supporters of Israel (primarily the USA, Britain, and Canada) .

      President Obama is living in the same fantasy world as Neville Chamberlain, and FDR, when facing the growing threat of Nazism, prior to World War 2 .

      Winston Churchill, in 1935, stated the futility of responding to those without a conscience, in the pursuit of their goals, far better than I ever could,
      “When the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which then might have effected a cure. There is nothing new in the story. It is as old as the sibylline books. It falls into that long, dismal catalogue of the fruitlessness of experience and the confirmed unteachability of mankind. Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong-these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.”

    • Bubba

      No one else’s fight is mine. I am sure there are those who would like it to be, though. No more Americans and Canadians in body bags for the benefit of you!

  • Nelson Ulloa Whitte

    Nuestra Iglesia de Dios del Nuevo Pacto se adhiere al dolor por esta infame accion de gente impia en contra del Pueblo de Dios.Oraremos por nuestros amados hermanos enla FE.

  • Our leaders are being forced to go back to the drawing-board. As long as we remained committed to the moral paradigm imposed on us by others, we were doomed. When we agreed to subscribe to a set of ideological principles that defied reality at any price, we were doomed. The core mythology of the “peace-process” required this unlimited commitment to collective self-deception. Once we demonstrated to friends and enemies alike that we would stop at nothing to to adopt their “solution” to our problem we were doomed. We set up a process of incremental “auto-amputation” so that we would only discover the malignant illness after it became untreatable. The graphic imagery now unfolding is the beginning of the end-stage of the those goodwill gestures that began when we handed back the keys to the old temple,the tomb of the patriarchs and all like-minded concessions whereby we surrendered our fate, security and right to exist, to the goodwill of our unrepentant adversaries.

  • Linda Geller

    The best way to stop these attacks is to punish the entire village of the terrorists by locking it down for a month & advertising that it’s the penalty for terror.

    • American

      That is illegal. Are Jews above the law?


    THE ONLY GOOD ARAB IS A DEAD ARAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • American

      Nice, nice. Your mom must be proud.

    • Bubba

      What a racist Scumbag. Now, go die, please.

  • Sonia Willats

    This just cannot continue. Israel has to declare a state of emergency. Nevertheless, will this help?

    The threat is everywhere, because the hatred is everywhere – incited, glorified. It is an ideology. As “love your enemies” is an ideology, so is jihad – the glorification of death and hatred for the imaginary enemies of a deamon g-d that revels in bloodshed.

    How can Israel purge this from her midst when Abbas incites these attacks when speaking Arabic, and the PA broadcast celebrations of the handing out of candy for the shedding of innocent blood? AND WHEN THE WESTERN WORLD CULPABLY EGGS THESE PEOPLE ON, AS IF THEY ARE HEROES!S They are murderers and terrorists, plain and simple, with no compassion; devoid of natural humanity.

  • Robert Davis

    It is a feature of an Israeli govt.who does NOT want to govern the State to always find someone to blame for terror actions : abbas who of course is directly implicated, the international community who supports terror in Palestine with utmost hypocrisy whereas it fights against it everywhere else but still these parties are only ENEMIES from outside and they could do nothing if Israel’s govt. DID GOVERN. Netanyahou is always blaming others but NEVER attacks france its FIRST enemy for INTERFERING IN ISRAEL S POLITICS. He NEVER CLAIMS SOVEREIGHNTY OVER WESTERN PALESTINE AND THESE ARE THE MAIN REASONS FOR TERROR AND SUPPORTING TERROR. He is responsible 90% for those attacks. If he made life a HELL for arabs and france and eu BASHING, those enemies would stop their own Israel bashing and understand they have no chance to win! Israel is NOT governed and the pm does NOT defend Israel’s interests.

  • Robert Davis

    This is the consequence of LACK OF GOVERNMENT and account for 90% of results and abbas incitements to terror only 10%. If Israel’s govt. was governing this kind of action could NOT take place because arabs would be too busy with their eviction and if they could in spite of this come up with 1 or 2 more terror actions THEY WOULD BE THE LAST TO OCCUR SINCE THERE WOULD BE NO MORE ARAB TERRORIST POPULATION IN ISRAEL ie Western Palestine whereas with the present political chaos this kind of terror actions could repeat another 100 times! Israel has no REAL government!

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    And so goes on.
    If anyone still believes that the israeli so called leadership will actually do a thing, well… nothing more to add.
    The israeli governments over the years DISARMED Jews and allowed Muslims to arm and train at will.
    It is virtually impossible for a citizen to arm himself for self defense and the garbage police and others always a dollar short and 15 minutes late.

  • BMS

    …and the world remains silent as Jewish blood is spilled again and again. Every penny of US tax payers money sent to the Palestinians should be halted immediately. What kind of society celebrates the death of innocent worshippers and treats murderers as martyrs?

  • American

    Condolences to all the innocents. Do you have any sympathy for the Palestinian innocents?

    • Truth

      What Palestinian innocents? There are none. While their brothers and sisters go out to slaughter innocent people, they sit quietly or celebrate in the street. If you felt that Germany was guilty for the terrible atrocities they afflicted in WWII, then you should open your eyes to the awful truth that faces the middle east. Israel is under attack not by a terrorist organization, but by a terrorist nation.

      Think for 10 seconds for once in your life about what is going on. There is no country of Palestine. There are no innocents among the Muslim population surrounding Israel. Only murderers and accomplices.

      • American

        Thank you for your answer. You can retrieve your white cloak for your klan meeting.

      • Bubba

        Since Zionists have lied so much about the ‘alleged” holoco$t, how do we know they aren’t lying about the Arabs?

    • susan staehs

      Absolutely NOT !!

  • Bro. Nick

    May all CHRISTians most sincerely pray for our JEWISH brothers and sisters in their time of increasing need:
    (6) Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.
    (7) Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.
    (8) For my brethren and companions’ sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee.
    (Ps 122:6-8 [KJV])

    Starting in late June or early July 2014, there has been an exponential increase in the absolute barbarism, viscousness and sheer malevolency of evil that is being performed by the leaders and many fundamental Mohammadens {aka Moslems} – not only in the Mid-East, which includes North Africa – but in Europe and North America as well.

    My personal understanding is that what is happening is that Satanic Ritual Blood Sacrifices are knowingly being made by the ‘fundamental followers’ of the false Satanic ‘moon-god Allah’ and his lying prophet Mohammed
    – specifically the ‘terrorist groups’ IS {aka ISIS-ISIL} / the Muslim Brotherhood / Hamas / Boko Haram / Al-Qaeda / Taliban / Al-Nusra / Al- Shabob / & others
    – and many demonically possessed individuals!

    The end times Prophecies written in “the word of the LORD” by “the Lord the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob” are indeed getting ready to be fulfilled:
    “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”
    (Gen 6:5 [KJV])

    “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.”
    (Ps 12:8 [KJV])

    “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”
    (Prov 29:2 [KJV])

    Me thinks that the whole world is becoming exponentially more rapidly ‘as it was in the days of Noah (Noe) and of Lot’ – righteous Judgment by “the LORD JEHOVAH” will come:
    “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
    Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all.”
    (Luke 17:26-29 [KJV])

    • Mrs. B.


    • Bubba

      OH MY! You are delusional. Forgot your meds?

  • Larry A. Singleton

    Notice how these degenerates put a “machine guns” into the hands of the victims. Trying to make like they were armed to the teeth instead of the reality of unarmed church-goers? Sick.

    Again: Clear the Temple Mount. Purge the West Bank and ERASE Gaza.

    And READ!

    The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East by Caroline B. Glick. READ THIS BOOK!!!

    The Haj by Leon Uris (A Primer on the “right to return” scam)
    Lessons from ‘The Haj’ A book review by Joseph Puder


    Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America by Brigitte Gabriel (These three books should be sold as a gift set.)

  • Larry A. Singleton

    “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time,”

    Exactly what it says in the Hamas Charter. Again; read Glick’s The Israeli Solution and remember that the president of the United States is a traitor who is suppressing the truth. And that truth is Muslims don’t want peace. They have NEVER wanted peace.

    Muslim Jew-Hatred has been consistent. They never have NOT hated the Jews. They have never NOT wanted to subjugate and exterminate them. The following is what Muslims say amongst themselves. See the Declaration of War titled “Resolutions and Recommendations” on page 73.

    The 4th Conference of the Academy of Islamic Research: Arab Theologians on Jews and Israel. Sept. 1968 Translated by D.F. Green/David G. Littman (Support Secure Freedom)Front to back; 95 pages of outrageous lies, inversion and vile Jew-Hatred.
    Read Andrew Bostom’s The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism and read from page 51 on the above topic to page 53 the 2003 Putrajaya Islamic Summit and a little beyond to a speech by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi on the same page. The whole chapter is one horrific example after another of Islamic mass murder and pogroms but go ahead and start with this.

    And this:

    Dr. Wafa Sultan exposes Islamic values with Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad
    This less than 8-minute video segment, if viewed objectively and dispassionately, could do more to educate the American public on the theory animating the practice of “Islamic international relations,” without any further explanation required. Andrew G. Bostom-The Legacy of Jihad and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism.

    I thought I’d go ahead and include these as well:

    Islamists Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Christians by Raymond Ibrahim

    Muslims Project Islam’s Worst Traits onto Israel and the Jews by Raymond Ibrahim

  • Larry A. Singleton

    When is Israel going to take its head out of its ass? Clear the Temple Mount. Purge the West Bank and ERASE Gaza.

    The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East by Caroline B. Glick. READ THIS BOOK!!!

    The Haj by Leon Uris (A Primer on the “right to return” scam)
    Lessons from ‘The Haj’ A book review by Joseph Puder


    Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America by Brigitte Gabriel (These three books should be sold as a gift set.)

    • Bubba

      Eh..Hmm… WHO hates?

  • bob

    An eye for an does no seem harsh enough.

  • How the British Fought Arab Terror in Jenin and elsewhere in Palestine
    “Demolishing the homes of Arab civilians…” “Shooting handcuffed prisoners…” “Forcing local Arabs to test areas where mines may have been planted…” These sound like the sort of accusations made by British and other European officials concerning Israel’s recent actions in. In fact, they are descriptions from official British documents concerning the methods used by the British authorities to combat Palestinian Arab terrorism in Palestine and elsewhere in 1938.

    The documents were declassified by London in 1989. They provide details of the British Mandatory government’s response to the assassination of a British district commissioner by a Palestinian Arab terrorist in Jenin in the summer of 1938. Even after the suspected assassin was captured (and then shot dead while allegedly trying to escape), the British authorities decided that “a large portion of the town should be blown up” as punishment. On August 25 of that year, a British convoy brought 4,200 kilos of explosives to Jenin for that purpose. In the Jenin operation and on other occasions, local Arabs were forced to drive “mine-sweeping taxis” ahead of British vehicles in areas where Palestinian Arab terrorists were believed to have planted mines, in order “to reduce [British] land mine casualties.” The British authorities frequently used these and similar methods to combat Palestinian Arab terrorism in the late 1930s. British forces responded to the presence of terrorists in the Arab village of Miar, north of Haifa, by blowing up house after house in October 1938. “When the troops left, there was little else remaining of the once busy village except a pile of mangled masonry,” the New York Times reported.

    The declassified documents refer to an incident in Jaffa in which a handcuffed prisoner was shot by the British police. Under Emergency Regulation 19b, the British Mandate government could demolish any house located in a village where terrorists resided, even if that particular house had no direct connection to terrorist activity. Mandate official Hugh Foot later recalled “When we thought that a village was harboring rebels, we would go there and mark one of the large houses. Then, if an incident was traced to that village, we would blow up the house we had marked.” The High Commissioner for Palestine, Harold MacMichael, defended the practice “The provision is drastic, but the situation has demanded drastic powers.”

    MacMichael was furious over what he called the “grossly exaggerated accusations” that England’s critics were circulating concerning British anti-terror tactics in Palestine. Arab allegations that British soldiers gouged out the eyes of Arab prisoners were quoted prominently in the Nazi German press and elsewhere.

    The declassified documents also record discussions among officials of the Colonial Office concerning the anti-terror methods used in Palestine. Lord Dufferin remarked “British lives are being lost and I do not think that we, from the security of Whitehall, can protest squeamishly about measures taken by the men in the frontline.” Sir John Shuckburgh defended the tactics on the grounds that the British were confronted “not with a chivalrous opponent playing the game according to the rules, but with gangsters and murderers.”

    There were many differences between British policy in the 1930’s and Israeli policy today, but two stand out. The first is that the British, faced with a level of Palestinian Arab terrorism considerably less lethal than that which Israel faces today, nevertheless utilized anti-terror methods considerably harsher than those used by Israeli forces. The second is that when the situation became unbearable, the British could go home; the Israelis, by contrast, have no other place to go

    • Shadia Alzoubi

      this is stupid…since when resistance against occupation is called terrorism?

  • Typical Muslims emulating the sociopath Muhammad who personally decapitated 600 – 900 unarmed Jews. Obama reveres the sociopath Muhammad so he reveres these sociopaths who murdered unarmed Jews in this synagogue.

    • susan staehs

      AGREE !

  • Stuart Hersh

    There must be a strong military response against The PA/Hamas/Nazi leadership for their war crimes and crimes against humanity. This genocidal act has no relationship to any political conflict. This act is purely a Palestinian “Einsatzgruppen SS – style mass murder, and should be dealt with as such.

  • The following is the only way to slow down terrorists. Every time someone commits a terrorist act, arrest everyone in the family including mother, father and even cousins and put in prison for 20 years for they knew, or should have known, the terrorist’s behavior and done whatever needed to stop said terrorist from hurting anyone. Not doing so constitute aiding and abating a person who committed crimes against humanity. Many would be terrorist may stop short of committing a crime if family members were to pay for their insane behavior.

    • Bubba

      Yeah, let’s start with the gangs in America. once we’ve cleaned up our own country, then perhaps we will see, or is that not “politically correct” for anyone BUT Israel?

  • Alan Kennedy

    an arab travels to Jerusalem, comes across a peaceful and civilised people … climbs back on his camel, returns to his homeland where [maybe with the best intentions] he regurgitates the Books in a heavily edited version, and his teachings are taken up by the bloodthirsty spawn of the true infidels

  • danny kid

    Deport the family, tribe, clan and village the terrorists come from. To Gaza. Collective puniishment? No! Self preservation!

  • judithg

    it is wrong to call these murderers savage beasts. that is an insult to G-d’s creatures. rather, they are merely pieces of filth and deterious and slime. they are meaningless and worthless bringing only sadness and misery upon themselves and horror to everyone else. may G-d help us all to rid the earth of this pestilence.

  • Israel…you cannot live like this . You must , as you are being forced to do , take responsibility and remove from Israel , those who wish you to die at their hands . It will not be pretty . But you will not have any room to chose anything else . Those Arabs and Druze and Christians who love Israel and serve their country with honor must be protected , while those who are willing to die to kill YOU , must be removed . Out of love for their lives and your own . You must do a hard thing.

  • Pastor Fred Zariczny

    This is unbelievable tragic. The saddest part of this story, is that as long as Islamic terrorists are allowed to travel freely – and as long as citizens are not armed this will continue.

    In the New Testament – in Matthew chapter 24 it talks about the fact that in the last days – there will be perilous times… and because lawlessness will abound – the love of many will grow cold. It also speaks about the fact that some people will hate you because of your faith… and that people will even kill you because of your faith. I personally believe that we are in the last days.

    As Christians – we are told by God to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, so my heart does break for the city and people of Jerusalem, and Israel. Love & Respect, Pastor Fred Zariczny

  • June Grant

    It’s the deepest level of debasement exhibited by the terrorists as they entered the Beit Knesset wielding weapons and intent on murdering unarmed worshipers. If this act, as some presume, was precipitated by the driver who was found hanged,postmortem reports indicated no signs of violence on the body, as there would be if he was lynched. But since when did the terrorist entities require established facts before going on the rampage?
    How long before Abbas praises the killers as ‘holy martyrs’ and names schools after them?

  • Nancy Cummings

    it’s terrible the attacks. All the enemies of Israel should be expelled from Israel and never to be allowed in. I love Israel and the Jewish people. G-d bless and keep you. Love Nancy

  • Helen Phung

    Israel needs to kick all those bastard Arabs out of your country.

  • Hi there,

    I have a few friends and family who are visiting Jerusalem now.
    I was wondering if you may provide me with the names who were killed?
    If that isn’t allowed, then maybe you may call me at my cell
    phone – 310-256-1015?
    I need to know that my family and friends are okay.
    Thank you so much and may Hashem bless you for getting this information across to Klal Yisroel.


    Sammy Eliyahu Azarian

  • John Kabanya

    I know the time is coming when we shall have peace in Yerushalahim and in all the world when the messiah comes.

  • Saba

    Now is the time to continue building more homes in Jerusalem and secure our undivided city.All homes of the terrorist families should be completely demolished.

  • Alizah Hochstead

    Right now Arabs are working on construction in the apartment next to mine. This has to stop. One goes into Rami Levi…Arab workers..one goes to the mall..Arab workers and shoppers We could not enter an Arab neighborhood for fear of being lynched …now we can’t even daven for fear of being murdered. Time to answer with strength.

  • Google would support that as there are anti Semite and support Islamic slavery of 9 year old girls.

  • Sarah Cohen

    I’m so sickened by this news. We returned from Israel a month ago and are returning to Israel in May. Friends and family do not want us to go because of the violence. I say that this is when Israel and the people need us the most. I stand tall and strong with Israel and her people ! All my prayers to the people of Israel. I stand with you!

  • carol

    And yet the Israeli government will not let Jewish Israeli citizens carry guns. What kind of government helps Muslim terrorists by preventing Jewish citizens from protecting themselves?

    • RobiMac

      You mean like Obama is doing to America?

      He made America drop it’s nukes. He insists that all Americans drop their guns.

      So, in answer to your question……An Obama kind of government.

  • steven L

    BB plays with fire and Jews get killed. How many more?