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November 18, 2014 11:54 am

Media Gaffes Mark Coverage of Palestinian Atrocity at Jerusalem Synagogue; CNN Says Attack Took Place in Mosque (VIDEO)

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Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat interviewed on CNN over a graphic claiming the attack was against a mosque. Image: Screenshot

CNN’s coverage of this morning’s terrorist atrocity at a Jerusalem synagogue included a live interview with Jerusalem’s agonized mayor, Nir Barkat, who forthrightly told the broadcaster: “Animals don’t behave like this. To get into a synagogue with a butcher’s knife and to slaughter innocent people while they pray?”

As Barkat was speaking, CNN ran a banner headline declaring, “Deadly Attack on Jerusalem Mosque” – whether a producer confused a Jewish house of worship with a Muslim one, or whether this howler went unnoticed for a different reason, remains unclear. As media watchdog Honest Reporting pointed out, CNN’s initial headline – “4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians killed in synagogue attack” – “also failed, leaving readers to wonder whether 2 Palestinians were also victims of the attack, giving moral equivalence to terrorists and their victims.”

Honest Reporting also published a screenshot of a CNN interview with PLO official Hanan Ashrawi which continued the same moral equivalence theme, carrying a on-screen banner that read “4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians Dead in Jerusalem.”

Other media outlets made similar, if slightly less egregious, errors. Canadian broadcaster CBC tweeted that Jerusalem police had “fatally shot 2” after what was described as an “apparent” synagogue attack. BBC coverage also carried the qualifier, “in what police say was a ‘terrorist attack.'” News agency Reuters also reported a “suspected Palestinian attack.”

Watch CNN’s claim of an attack on a “Jerusalem mosque” as Mayor Nir Barkat condemns the synagogue assault:

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  • Billy Bumps

    Liars lie..truth tellers tell the truth…liars are corrupt
    …truth tellers remain constant….a lie begets distrust.
    ….the truth remains steadfast…a liar is weak and
    self serving…..a truth teller remains strong and
    magninamous….a collection of liars brings down
    wrath on them all…a collection of truth tellers
    strengthens the resolve of the people….liars are bound
    in the chains of their lies..truth tellers are set free
    from all bondage…….oh what webs we weave when
    first we practice to receive (old saying)……

  • Carol Halberstadt

    CNN is not only morally bankrupt it is participating in evil by promulgating and broadcasting lies. It is guilty of violating the most basic principle of journalism–to report the facts and the truth. This is beyond egregious–it can’t be explained away as an “error.” CNN should have its broadcast license suspended by the FCC!

  • Emanuel

    CNN is a lap dog for the WH, it’s not journalism it’s constant disinformation and psyops 24/7 to your home. I’m furious they forget completely the Israeli Druze Police officer who died to protect the people in the Synagogue and who successfully shot and killed these attackers; he is a HERO, where is his story?

  • This shows the ignorance of the media, who are putting our story out there. And the Israel Broadcasting Authority continues to cut our English news coverage to the outside world, instead of increasing it to 24 hours a day.

  • I want to see CNN out of the air. We already have too many moslem-sponsored media companies to have to accept this as well.

  • art

    this is part of the pa/plo/hamas policy todiscourage tourists and hurt Israel. One must marvel at the wonderful job the pa did to prepare for peace and normalize relations with Jews and Israelas required by oslo wye etc. Only a moron can think that the pa/plo/hamas are peace partners and that they want peace

  • Fred

    CNN , BBC ,Al Jezeera are Arab sponsored broadcasting stations not even pretending that they are biased & one-sided. Integrity, truth , transparency are illusionary, whilst lies & incitement are the basis of the broadcasts.

  • M. Ross

    CNN is morally and editorially bankrupt. The complete absence of editorial integrity should flow to everyone who participates in CNN’s intentionally distorted presentation of facts and information.

    • Valentina Perakh

      Why a Synagog called a Mosque!
      Lets start calling all the churches as Mosque also!

    • Florence

      No one — not even CNN can be so stupid. CNN does its dirty work on purpose. They suck in plain words. They have always been anti-semites.