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November 19, 2014 2:02 pm

Following Jerusalem Synagogue Attack, Louisiana Governor Calls for ‘Extermination’ of Terrorists

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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The scene of the Jerusalem synagogue attack , where thousands gathered for the funeral of the victims. Photo: Reporter.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on Tuesday called for terrorists to be annihilated following the murderous Palestinian attack on a Jerusalem synagogue in which five people were killed.

“Our hearts and prayers are with the victims and their families after this evil attack on a place of worship,” Jindal wrote on Twitter. “An attack on a synagogue shows that there are no bounds for terrorists. These are people depraved of any humanity in their hearts, and they must not only be stopped, they must be exterminated.”

The victims of Tuesday morning’s attack included four Jewish worshipers, three of whom were U.S. citizens and a Druze Israeli security guard. The terrorists stormed the synagogue in the neighborhood of Har Nof with meat cleavers, axes, knives and a pistol. They injured another six people before being shot by security guards.

Jindal added, “Unfortunately, Israel is no stranger to these types of attacks. That’s why we must always stand with our close friend and ally, condemn the act of terror and defend their right to defend themselves.”

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  • L.A.READ

    But not a word from Jindal when the Israeli govt rained bombs on Gaza killing 2,000+ people, 250+ of them children. The rabble-rousing and hypocrisy of the GOP/ tea party is sickening! Might have something to do with U.S. TAXPAYERS giving Israeli $11 million A DAY in foreign aid to buy their bombs and weapons. And grease a few palms.

    • Oh my god, are you that obtuse??? Did you not know or care about the rockets being fired at Israel? Obviously not… Do you not know about the extreme measures Israel takes before bombing their targets? Do you not know how the cawordly Hammas calls upon and holds hostile children around their launching pads? Are you that stupid???? You guys make me laugh when you get upset that WE, ISRAEL protect ourselves. Go blow yourself up…

    • josef zuares

      I can’t really decide if you are truly honest in your statement or you follow a political movement calling for Jews destruction!Israel has been surviving in that ugliest neighbourhood of the world thanks to G-d’s wish to restore back Israel soveregnty on its land.You talk about the last Gaza mini war as if it was Israel that started it.Either you are blind to the truth or you are made blind by anti Israel propaganda.I would tend to prefer thinking that you are anti Zionist and that you claim openly that you hate Israel and the Jews,rather than see that you are amongst the millions that have been brain washed by the Arab false truths and their leftist Kapos.

  • Rahilla Joowalay

    What about all the Palestinians that have been brutally targeted and murdered. So few Israelis have died versus the Palestinians. The figures are grossly disproportionate. We have an all out war and call for ethnic cleansing on a people that don’t have any means of protecting themselves namely the Palestinians. The Israelis walk with rifles and are protected by the IDF who let them do whatever they want and do nothing to stop them the Israelis.

    • Silly girl, no Palestinian aka Arab who happened to find the land of Israel appealing, has been targeted unless he was a mastermind terrorist (don’t become one, young woman). Your beloved “Palestinian” children who die are dying in a direct result of a terrorist regime who does not care about collateral damage. Taking human shields, like the cowards they are, is they method, woman and children. As long as some of them die along with the terrorists, israel will be the bad guy. Your lack of knowledge and your innocent susceptibility to propaganda is a real problem. Learn your facts, learn some history. When you say Palestinian, do you actually know what you mean??? I doubt it.

    • josef zuares

      Did you ever ask yourself why the disproportion between the number of Nobel Prizes among Jews and the Muslims is in favour of the Jews?Maybe you can find solace in asserting that Jews maybe control the election process for awarding the Prize,you may if you wish,but you would at the same time give yourself the answer why fewer Israelis died compared to the Palestinians.Just not to put too much strain on your brains I shall give you a hint:because Jews LOVE to live while Palestinians and Muslims in general LOVE to die!Got it?It is BRAINS STUPID!

  • Deborah Beaudoin-Zakinthos

    Does this include extermination for the Israelus who exterminated and handicapping thousands of civilians over the Gaza and Palestine territories since last summer?

    Or are you racist and just go after people who kill Zionists and not Christian and Moslem Israelis?
    Do you expect Palestinians not to defend themselves, their families and communities against genocide?

    You sound like a politician that is for sale to the Israeli Lobbies and Israeli PACS!

  • Bonita

    He must needs some money for his campaign and up coming relection i quess he get a few million now and will probably win

  • Courage is the most important virtue since it makes all others possible as Churchill wisely said. Jindal has the courage that so many politicians only dream they could have. To have courage you must have two pieces of male anatomy…man or woman..
    So of course the present occupant of the White House is completely eliminated.

  • Irving D. Cohen

    Bobby Jindal has just become a viable presidential prospect.

  • Kathleen

    I hear a lot of criticism about Gov. Jindal but I think he’s great. This is one example.He’s not afraid to plainly state what he believes, politically correct or not.

  • Peter

    Thank you Governor, I completely agree.

    • abby

      Awesome the devil praising the monster no wonder Birds of a feather flock together…