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November 19, 2014 5:57 pm

Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett Explains Why BBC Doesn’t Want to Show Pictures of Murdered Jews

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Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett attempts to show BBC viewers an image from the synagogue atrocity in Jerusalem. Photo: Screenshot.

“Yesterday they told me on the BBC they do not want to see pictures of murdered Jews. Now I know why,” wrote Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett on his Facebook page earlier today.

As The Algemeiner reported yesterday, Bennett was interviewed on the BBC just hours after yesterday’s terrorist atrocity at a synagogue in Jerusalem in which five people were killed.

Bennett charged that PA President Mahmoud Abbas, “…himself, incites, tells the Arabs, ‘take arms, fight the Jews…'” and then held up a photo of a victim, laying dead on the floor of the synagogue, still wrapped in his prayer shawl and leather straps of his phylacteries (see photo).

The presenter immediately broke in, saying, “…sorry, we don’t want to actually see that picture… please take that down.”

On his Facebook page today, Bennett posted a video which, he said, explained the BBC’s objection to the display of images of the atrocity. The video featured Tom Gross, a pro-Israel media analyst, pointing out on Israeli television that during the war in Gaza over the summer, the BBC “showed pictures of dead Palestinians day after day, hour after hour.”

Gross continued: “There is a kind of unspoken policy at the BBC that when Palestinians are the victims, they show the pictures in their bloodiest form, but when Jews or Israelis are the victims, they don’t want to see any pictures.”

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  • Reuven

    Typical BBC… cover up saville… now cover up palestinian crimes…BBC are anti Israel anti Jew and responsible for increasing anti Semitism in the UK…But what can you expect from people who have no morals…

  • mark goldstein

    We have the same issues with our media in the US and it isn’t anti-Semitism or so I have been told. Unfortunately this seems to be a problem across many nations “it is always the fault of the Zionists” regardless of what happened. Many of the injuries and deaths during the Gaza war were caused by their own rockets going off course and landing in Arab areas in Gaza. It wasn’t the Israelis who caused that to happen just bad luck. And world wide media said that it was the Israelis bombing them but their own rockets.

  • Emmett

    Just like his master, BB. Trying to shift the blame to others for his own doing. But that’s what’s expected of a money worshipping politician who has less morals than a prostitute.

    • Conrad Nadell

      What are you talking about? Bennett is just showing the BBC’s biased policy showing only Palestinian casualties.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    Let’s hope Bullfrog Europe this kind of atrocity starts taking off in style soon. Then the BBC will have to announce the facts, though unlikely.

  • Simone Miller

    Let no one forget that it was the british mishandling of the mandate that caused the problems in Israel in the first place.

    • SittingOnTheFence

      I though it was Israel breaking the agreement in 1948 and doing what it wanted that was one of the events that started the spiral that caused this mess…. But correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Arnold Flick

        The UN had a partition plan for the Mandate (roughly 50/50)in 1947, accepted by the Jewish community but rejected by the Arabs. Hostilities erupted. In May, 1948, the UN voted to initiate the plan. Israel accepted and declared independence. the Mandate Arabs rejected it, and with the assistance of Egypt, Syria, still British ruled Jordan, Lebanon, etc, attacked the Jewish Community to deny them of the UN plan (and to annihilate the community). The Jews won that fight, and in the process, acquired more land than the UN plan. The rest is history, but the war started as per above.

  • Jonah

    It seems it’s a deliberate choice for liberals to accept hell over heaven. Since they obviously have become God haters because God does not mix with their lifestyle their only option is to escalate the killing of Gods people…the Jews. They have created a worldwide tsunami of Jewish persecution and they will have hell to pay.

  • z

    Gross continued: “There is a kind of unspoken policy at the BBC that when Palestinians are the victims, they show the pictures in their bloodiest form, but when Jews or Israelis are the victims, they don’t want to see any pictures.”

    It’s called Jihadi incitement. These people are blood vultures. They feed the conflict and they feed on the conflict. It’s really time that people learn to turn the table on these British scumbags.

    • It is clear that it is the policy. But Mr. Bennett didn’t explain why. They (Britain) always speak about should-be equality and even two states between Arab (Palestinians) and Israelis. So, they must cover all events equally: good and bad. Otherwise what equality they speak about?

  • Lauren Goldman

    Well, it is the BBC after all. The UK is going the way of Europistan, and the BBC in particular has never had warm, fuzzy feelings for Jews. Kind of like the New York Times.

  • zadimel

    Why show pictures of Palestinian barbarism? It would insult their Palestinian audience, and demonstrate how disgusting are these killers.

  • Liz Biggin

    This is not surprising Naftali. The BBC and Sky News (both British) are two of the most anti-semitic organizations in the West. And they don’t want their viewers to see pictures of murdered Jews, because it might make their Arab friends look bad in the media.

    They both should be shut down and replaced with fair, neutral broadcasters of the news. Which I believe is what the media started off as. How things can change for the worst when you have Jew-haters running things.

    The BBC and Sky News must be funded by the Gulf states.

    • yehoshua

      You forgot yahoo news, cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, and nbc. All are anti-Semitic news outlets.

  • Donald Krausz

    It is not only the BBC. When the New Age Newspaper first appeared in South Africa they asked me to submit an article on Israel. In that article I pointed out that thousands of missiles had been launched from Gaza at residential areas in Israel proper. They printed it alongside a critique by a prominent Jewish professor who stated that I should not have written about the Gaza missiles as it made “the Palestinians look bad instead of the Israelis.”

  • confused

    I can’t comment on bbc world or bbc American but on bbc news 24 & bbc 1 in UK, they very rairly if ever show dead bodies. Even for the ebola out break they would only film the bodies once they were in body bags.

    As for this unspoken policy? I disagree bbc news is balanced report of both sides actions.

  • Lammie

    Why does anyone expect anything else from the British antisemites?

    For a few years after the Holocaust is was “not quite nice” to speak openly about Jews. Now it is just fine and dandy to condemn Israel and individual Jews. I feel sorry for the world’s ant-semites, because they have no idea whatsoever about what is going to happen in all their countries – quite soon I may add. The Muslims “Trojan Horse Plan” is working just fine. Radicals are insidiously infiltrating all over Europe and all over the globe and when these countries finally wake up to the danger facing them, it may be too late.
    Europe got rid of its Jews and replaced them with hordes of radical Muslims and we will see how that works out. It is not going to be pretty.

  • clive watson-harrison

    we in the uk who love the Lord and Israel have always recognized that the bbc supports the status quo and bows to political-spiritual pressure, and sides with the arabs, but the Lord is just and righteous and victorious.

  • David Goshen

    The BBC is certainly not the BBC which we drew such steangth from during WW2 ,hearing Prime Minister Winston Churchill speeches and relying on its objective newscasts.The BBC was the beacon for the whole world but those were the days of the great British Empire fighting the Nazis .Today the BBC
    has forgotten its history of bringing the facts and has gone over to giving its personal opinions.The facts are no longer important.I see that the BBC no longer considers the need for religious tolerence as it did in the yeats long before the present newsmen were born!The BBC would do well to help Isalam to free itself of its extreme intolerance to start setting setting the mood for a more peaceful Middle East instead of stirring up more violence.

  • Howie Subnick

    You have to remember all those at BBC are WHORES! They know how to “hit & run” because they are cowards. They are tucked away so no one can bring the rath of God down on them. Maybe if they were attacked things would be different, but I doubt it. God Bless Israel!

  • Jay

    It’s too bad that Naftali Bennett removed the picture when instructed to do so. He should have continued to display the picture for all to see what terrorism is all about.

  • There is no difference between the BBC and Der Sturmer. Only virulent antisemites are permitted to work for the BBC.

  • Despite our haranguing of the BBC bureau chief in Jerusalem, the BBC goes its own way. That is because so many of the bosses, such as Alan Duncan for instance, are deeply anti-Israel. One wonders whose side they would have been on in WWII.

  • David klein

    The destruction of homes we know originated with the British. Not a good idea in that it tears down instead of building up the land of Israel. Why not just give the homes to the victims? It would be a more Jewish way as taught in the Bible. Thoughit can never repay a lost life, it would become a memorial to the victims for future generations to witness.

  • art

    The BBC CNN etc dehumanize Jews living and dead. No pictures of dead Jews no emotion not real. Bloody dead pa,s gripping good propaganda


  • Natan

    I think it would show a strong gesture that the BBC should
    “investigate” the reporters motives, which is obviously
    pro Palestinian, and “perhaps” post an apology for their
    one sided reportering.

    However, in in previous occasions, dont hold your breath
    waiting for a comment !!

  • sonya

    same during WWII – there were pictures of killing Jews, burning the gettos, deportations and gaz chambers but nobody wanted to show.

    • SittingOnTheFence

      Sonya, ofcourse BBC didn’t broadcast pictures of those things in ww2, it was off the air!

  • robert sklar

    Let me say that I will not allow myself to be outraged by BBC reporting because it takes my focus away from the need to unify Jerusalem by building homes in the area between Maale Adumim and the Western Wall, the need to build more homes in Gush Etzion, and the need to build a corridor between Hebron and Jerusalem. I am through with finding fault with Palestinians, the media, etc. We need to support Jewish families, that is our strength and our future.

  • Eric R.

    Israel should either throw the BBC Nazi propagandists out of the country, or try them for inciting hatred and terrorism and jail them.

  • Herbert Eisner

    when are we going to realize that we are “a nation that dwells alone”

  • Leo Toystory

    Sure, but the reason is because the BBC is anti-Semitic and anti-Israel. Showing Jews as victims takes away from their leftist, typically British pro-Arab narrative. The BBC has been the enemy of all Jews everywhere for three full decades now, and they’ll continue to be. They will be paid back in spades, though, once their muslim overlords are up to 20-30% of the population.

  • Bernard Ross

    why do we Jews whine, whinge, moan, complain , cajole and beg for sympathy empathy, whatever…..all of this is rubbish. The jews need a leader who leads his people to kill his enemies….too much talk, too much whining….the solution is simple…kill the enemy.

  • Fred

    The BBC is Hamas & other Arab terrorists mouthpiece, given time it will speak for & on behalf of ISIL.
    International Medial has no integrity ,they are now Arab oil money stooges. Integrity, honesty & fair reporting are not necessary. Fabrication & lies are a must.

  • Cal Kris

    The title says Bennett “explains why”. The first paragraph says “Now I know why”. So, nu, tell us readers. . . .WHY?