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November 27, 2014 4:49 pm

Israeli Dismissed From U. Minn Post by BDSers Vows to Overturn Ruling (VIDEO)

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Ilan Sinelnikov. Photo: 'Camera.'

Ilan Sinelnikov. Photo: 'Camera.'

Ilan Sinelnikov, a senior at the University of Minnesota told The Algemeiner Thursday that anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hatred by a boycott advocate was behind his being barred from candidacy for an administrative position at the school.

“I got accepted to the job, I got hired, in 4th place out of 21 other candidates,” for the role of financial administrator on the student services committee, according to the business and marketing major.

The 22-year-old Rehovot native, and the others were then to then be voted on by the undergraduate Student Association, and then by the graduate body, to receive final approval.

The body oversees some $30 million for 800 different student groups. The body makes recommendations to the Board of Regents on distributing the funds, which then decides on whether to implement the recommendations.

Enter Damien Carriere, the student representative to the board, and a well-known BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) campus activist.

“As soon as he heard that an Israeli – who established the Students Supporting Israel (SSI) group – got the position, he started a poisonous campaign against me,” Sinelnikov said.

U. Minn. rejection letter to Ilan Sinelnikov. Image: Email screencapture via Campus Reform.

U. Minn. rejection letter to Ilan Sinelnikov. Image: Email screencapture via Campus Reform.

“We’re talking about hundreds of emails; we’re talking about calling SSI a ‘hate group,’ and comparing us to the Ku Klux Klan, and even saying that my English was not good enough to serve on the committee,” Sinelnikov noted.

Sinelnikov came to UM four years ago to study marketing. Eight months ago, seeing the growing wave of anti-Israel activities flourishing on his and other campuses nationally, Sinelnikov and Valeria Chazin founded SSI at UM.

The grassroots social network has grown to 24 campuses in the US and Canada, and serves as a focal point for beleaguered Israel advocates battling BDS and a bevy of aggressive,hostile, and increasingly violent anti-Israel groups.

“[Ilan Sinelnikov] is a member of a hate group (SSI) and I think he comes in with a fishy agenda,” Carriere wrote in an email quoted on Wednesday in Campus Reform.

Sinelnikov charged that Carriere’s goal was to “cut him off, no matter what it takes,” from getting the role. When it came to a discussion by student representatives in a several week-long process, “I was the only person, out of 21 people, singled out – I was the only one they tried to remove,” from the running in the undergrad level vote.

Damien Carriere. Photo U. Minn.

Damien Carriere. Photo U. Minn.

Last week, the decision came to a vote again. “I wasn’t there, I never got invited,” nor were any other SSI representatives. The body voted 14 to six (with 11 abstentions) to eject Sinelnikov from the committee slate, although the final graduate level vote remains to be held.

Convinced that he was ruled out “because of my political beliefs, my support for Israel, and that I’m an Israeli,” Sinelnikov said, “It’s good that it happened to me, because I’m sure this happens in a lot of other places,” and promised that SSI would fight to overturn the decision and regain his candidacy.

“The undergraduate students completely support me, including the president of the body and the whole leadership,” he said, adding that “the woman who hired me is a supporter and will be trying to overturn the decision,” and will support Sinelnikov before the dean.

In addition to the administrative steps, and pushing the fight for the job out on social media, he’s also planning to take the battle to his enemies’ gate: “to keep Damien from any positions within the University of Minnesota.

“There’s no way that someone who singles out Jews and Israelis and people with my political opinions can be a representative to the Board of Regents,” Sinelnikov vowed.

The open hostility and activities against Israel and Jews are “definitely getting worse and worse,” he said. “We see it every day with decisions that are being taken across the country regarding BDS.

“The journey is not easy – it’s bad – but, finally, there is a grassroots organization on college campuses called Students Supporting Israel,” he concluded.

Watch a clip of Sinelnikov speaking at a pro-Israel event:

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  • This is clearly a violation of human rights, everyone of these Jew-hating, Israel-hating people, BDS’s, groups, and Universities, must be sued…they must learn that they are going to pay dearly for their actions…we can not allow a single one of them to advance their causes at our peril… we have no other way to fight this but to hit them where it will hurt them the most…’their pockets’…this must be stopped, aren’t there any good attorneys out there who are willing to take them on?…please help, please remember…’NEVER AGAIN!’

  • Paul Cerar

    What I do not understand is why Ilan Sinelnikov has not laid hate-crime charges, civil rights abuse charges, or sue for slander the Nazis who are persecuting him.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Shalom

    Go to the SSI website to read, it’s very impressive, these kids are doing some amazing work and you can support what they do.

  • snag

    If anyone have an ounce of doubt whom he represent and what’s his agenda he or she should get his/her head examined – He should be required to register as foreign agent running foreign lobby and treated as one..

    There’re over 70 million of ethnic Germans in US, 56 million of ethnic Irish, 17 million ethnic Italians, 12 million ethnic Poles, you don’t even know that they exist except once a year during October Festivities, St. Patrick, Columbus and Pulaski days, for the rest of the year they blend in and are an Americans …

    There’re few million Jews and that’s all we hear and read it’s ‘we’, ‘we’, ‘we’, the Jews and Israel related problems accompanied by yelping and bitching at the rest of the world.

    There’re no other unregistered organizations peddling foreign interest on campuses or anywhere except yours and that’s others are getting pi$$ed off and react.

    • Scott

      The problem is that because there are 70 million Germans, 56 million Irish, 17 million Italians, 12 million Poles they have enough force to battle any persecution.
      Besides that, Germans, Irish, Italians and Poles are not being persecuted at all for being so and their countries are not at war.
      Currently only the Jews are being attacked, mostly by insane Muslims who many of them vow to hurt everywhere they go and because they are such a minority it’s extremely hard for them to defend themselves.
      The reason you hear it so much is because it happens to Jews everywhere and it’s a fact.
      40% of all Jews hide their identity in Europe still in fear of persecutions, nowdays mostly of Muslims.

      • snag

        A bucket of co-existence skills would cure your problem but knowing your attitude (Jew can do no wrong) mindset and conduct I don’t hold my breath.

        Like I have said unlike your tribe those and other euro-minorities disappear after a day of celebrating their ethnicity they blend in and are an Americans no special treatment, dual loyalty, and schnorring, just an Americans.

        • David

          A bucket of coexistence skills… My German Jewish grandfather served in the Alpenkorps (Google it) under Rommel during World War I. He was a decorated soldier who almost died from poison gas fighting for the Germany he loved. The Siddur (Jewish prayer book)I inherited from him is in Hebrew and German and opens with a prayer for the health of the Kaiser. Coexistence skills…

          Like all German Jews of the time, my grandfather wanted nothing more than to be the BEST German possible. Yet, in 1938, the Germans burned down the school his children attended. They drove him from him business, the stole his property and threatened his life…

          He escaped his once beloved Germany bringing his family to the great United States. One grandson would even go on to attend West Point. His offspring are hard-working, honest, American patriots who also happen to care deeply about the Jewish state.That’s the Jewish American story.

          And oh yeah. On the way to America, a US Navy boat stopped the ship he was on to ask the passengers if any of them could point out the location of German military centers. My grandfather, winner of the Iron Cross, once proud German Jew, pointed out every site on the map he could. I very much enjoy thinking about those bombs dropping on Germany when I think about my grandfather (z”l).

  • Natalie

    This sounds like a good candidate for a lawsuit under anti-discrimination laws — not to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, RELIGION, NATIONAL ORIGIN, etc. Places to take it would be ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center(which, despite its name, fights against all discrimination) and other organizations which deal with fighting discrimination. And ask the Jewish organizations for MONEY, because THIS is what they were formed for.

  • Jonah

    This is not by any means an isolated event. It will increase in intensity in Europe and the U.S. They will start with a vicious campaign to create unthinkable rumors about Jews and anyone who defends them. They have two years to complete the destruction of Israel or arm and train those with the proper weapons for the take down of Israel. During this time Jews will be persecuted worldwide accept in those country’s that are sheep country’s. This is a calculated and strategic move made by those forces that fully intend not only to persecute you but kill you. They hope to get this accomplished by moving in wharp speed hoping that irreversible damage can be done before Israel and the Jews wake up to the gravity of the situation. What you see occurring worldwide, pales in comparisom to what is right round the bend. Unconsciousable charges will be brought against Isreal completely unfounded and fabricated in order to turn worldwide opinion against her the mustering of those forces required to meet out justice in the eyes of the international Islamic community, is now occurring…they will then attack Israel with impunity at that same time they will initiate a hunting down of Jews for whatever reasons they can trump up.

  • Steve Loeb


  • E Pluribus Wombat

    UMinn will expel all Jewish students soon. That’s a given. It will be interesting to see if ANY of the Jewish staff have any reaction let alone Minnesota’s Jewish Senator, Al Franken. Of course he’s a little to the left of the left of the left of the left of Lenin so it’s unlikely but still….

    • Hey Wombat you are an incredible Anti-Semite!! I wish you well. May the Ebola virus make you feel even better. I suggest that you refuse any and all treatment for Ebola since it is a large number of Jewish doctors and researchers who are working very hard for a cure.

      Maybe the warmth of Hades will lessen your chill.

  • It is a Shanda, that this young mans parents wasted good hard earned money for him to receive an education.
    Hate is an incurable cancer, so without treatment perhaps it will consume itself.
    Intelligence is inherent and learned, sadly this Damien has not the capacity to in either.
    Support Israel, support the IDF, support Humanity !

  • victoria brandeis



    • Check out our website –

      That’s why we established Students Supporting Israel. 24 campuses and Strong.

      Check out our website –

      • David

        We Jews need to boycott and divest from colleges and universities that promote the hatred of the Jewish state and denial of Jewish students to show their support for Israel. I would start with Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, long a bastion of racism directed at anyone who dare defend Israel publicly.

    • The anti-Semitism described occurring on a university campus is extremely distressing. The Student Council should be involved in correcting this disgraceful state of affairs. This event is pure ignorance and dangerous hostility.

  • pxfragonard

    Students know everything. Why do they go to school? This delusion is fascinating. I had it when I was a student and now I realize I know less than I knew the year before! Maybe I should go back to university.

  • It is sad that the “times” that we now live in, that there is “Antisemitism” in a university campus. A “place of higher learning”.- I support Mr. Sinelnikov in his rightful petition to hold the post in the Studnet Association.
    I´m a descendant of jews from the medieval era when they were called “marranos” and forced to eat pork otherwise be burned at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition.
    The world needs people like Mr. Sinelnikov since “Democracy” is being infiltrated by Arabs who want to impose “Sharia Lkaw” within the aforementioned democracies of the world. More so when many refugees from countries under tyranny seek a democracy loving country to live in. That is the case of many of my Venezuelan countrymen and many others whoi flee from social injustice.
    IF in the Middle East is formed by these fanatics of “Islamic State (IS), then we must unite as Christians and form our “Hagannah” (Did I spell it right?) to defend the free world and Democracy as a whole entity.

    Many blessings to Mr. Sinelnikov.


    JJ Herrera
    “A soldier of Democracy”

  • It is sad that the “times” that we now live in, that there is “Antisemitism” in a university campus. A “place of higher learning”.- I support Mr. Sinelnikov in his rightful petition to hold the post in the Studnet Association.
    I´m a descendant of jews from the medieval era when they were called “marranos” and forced to eat pork otherwise be burned at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition.
    The world needs people like Mr. Sinelnikov since “Democracy” is being infiltrated by Arabs who want to impose “Sharia Lkaw” within the aforementioned democracies of the world. More so when many refugees from countries under tyranny seek a democracy loving country to live in. That is the case of many of my Venezuelan countrymen and many others whoi flee from social injustice.
    IF in the Middle East is formed by these fanatics of “Islamic State (IS), then we must unite as Christians and form our “Hagannah” (Did I spell it right?) to defend the free world and Democracy as a whole entity.

    Many blessings to Mr. Sinelnikov.


    JJ Herrera
    “A soldier of Democracy”

  • Lynne T


    I hope that this news catches the attention of U Minn’s most illustrious non-graduate (Bob Dylan), and prompts him to speak up directly about BDS.

  • A. Sanders

    Shades of Nazi Germany where Jews were not allowed to hold jobs at Universities, practice as doctors, teach in schools and shops were boycotted. How dare critics of Israel compare us to that evil regime.

  • Naftali

    I have written to the following about this disgusting matter, reminiscent of when the Nazis threw the Jews out of Universities

    Presidents office of University of Minnesota: No response
    Office for Conflict Resolution U of Minn: No response
    Star-Tribune: My letter to one correspondent was forwarded to the Higher Education Editor, whom I subsequently contacted today, no response.
    ADL: Automated email response
    Hillel International: No response. This is not the first time that I have contacted Hillel about a serious issue with no response. That organization needs a DRASTIC shakeup, they are worthless today in the battle for the campuses.

    • Pinchas Baram

      ADL, JCC, AJC, Hillel– forget it, they are wellpaid gutless wonders. Alas, we don’t have a JDL anymore to confront and FIGHT the haters in the language they understand– a punch in the face.

      • kathe turiel

        Eric Fingerhut, National Director of Hillel is not gutless I agree regarding the others.

  • Israel

    Everyone should support Ilan and Students Supporting Israel, as they fighting such an important cause: exposing those who call for the boycott of Israel.

  • C Mitachet


  • Yoel Nitzarim

    The Voice of Israel’ symbolised and concretised in Ilan Sinelnikov’s affirmative stance should be lauded by the Jewish community in the United States. Ilan is a source of democracy and pride for the Jewish community worldwide!

  • Nancy Kobrin

    The University of Minnesota is notoriously antiSemitic. I sued the University in the early 1990s and had a very long legal battle twice in the 8th Circuit and petitioned for cert. I had to sue under sex discrimination, the Rajender Consent decree but in fact my home department comparative literature was extremely hostile in an insidious way. They were fans of Edward Said and brought him to the university. The entire state of Minnesota has always had issues with antiSemitism. It is very much like Sweden and Norway. Another Israeli who had a long legal battle at St. Cloud University was Arie Zamora. At the time I was not yet an Olah or new immigrant. However, my experience at U of M and I was on a Bush Fellowship studying Islam Aljamiado Morisco literature – further propelled me to ultimately move to Israel in 2010. Also my professor for Aljamía Anwar Chejne did not want to train me. In his 700 page History of Muslim Spain there is not one word concerning jihad. You can read about this in my 2nd book Penetrating the Terrorist Psyche.

    • snag

      “The entire state of Minnesota has always had issues with anti-Semitism” – Obviously and that’s why they elected Rudy Boschwitz, Paul Wellstone, Norm Coleman and Al Franken to represent them on Capitol Hill 😉

  • In Yiddish we say: “ob yih not gitontzt mit dim ber”, which is ” so I didn’t dance with the bear” .
    If they do not like us, it is too bad for them. Historically, every country and place on Earth which “kicked” us out, ultimately suffered in the first place.

  • David Levy

    Carriere should be sue sued for defamation

    • Paul Cerar

      Yes, but he should also be subject to criminal charges of hate-crime and civil rights abuse. Also, the persons in the hiring committee should be charged as accomplices.

      Paul Cerar
      Toronto, Canada

  • Al Talena

    CARRIERE Damien
    2011 #1 S Pleasant Av
    MN Minneapolis 55404.

    • snag

      You’re one ugly bottom feeder resourcing to this kind of crap trying to intimidate and silence those who dare to speak out.

      I wonder where’s the moderator when there’s a reason to intervene?

      • David

        “Ugly bottom feeder.” Rich coming from a Neo-Nazi troll.

  • Minnesota (and Mayo Clinic) my old university where I received a PhD in Biochemistry in 1969. Israel was not the hot topic then (SA Apartheid and the anti-Vietnam protests were). I was extremely liberal (but hopefully sane) though with time I have become more cautious and conservative on certain issues while retaining my liberal core. I am Jewish, South African and a strong supporter of Israel. See blog.
    Good luck to Ilan Sinelnikov and his supporters!

  • steven L

    A lot of petro$ must flow into the BDS and US academia. The US congress needs to take a close look at the source of money which is very likely illegal.

  • Sara Springer

    Jewish students are marginalized and denied freedoms other students have on college campuses because they are Jews. How is this different from the beginnings of Nazi Germany?

    • Paul Cerar

      Most members of the Jew-hatred movement are “Generic Fascists”, persons who are by nature fascist and given the opportunity would engage in fascism against anyone, on behalf of any cause.

      Paul Cerar
      Toronto, Canada


    Where is Eric Holder ?

  • sasha

    Pooh on you! Spreading such hatred and lies. Pray Damien that your education isnt a waste of time by using bigotry as a sideline occupation. You do not represent America as a whole. There are alot and I mean alot out there who love our Jewish visitors and citizens. It is hatred like yours that caused the demise in NYC. Come to your senses before your heart becomes totally callesed!

  • David

    Many thousands of us across the country want to know
    How we can best assist Mr Sinelnikov and fellow students in their battle against anti Semitism and anti Zionism on college campuses

  • art

    can their be a clearer case of bigotry?? where are the “progressives” liberals to protest the blatant hate by bds where are the academicians to take a moral stand?? US Jews better wake up you are targets

  • Kenneth D Hegler

    If the administration of the U of Minnesota sees fit to reject such a qualified candidate for office, then perhaps they might change their minds to no longer defer to the BDS and Carriere, should their federal subsidies be curtailed until such time as they do, Similarly, alumnis should lobby for a fair adjudication, even to the point of withholding any/all contributions until this disgraceful action has been revoked, along with an apology from Carriere, should he wish to continue at the U of M.

  • This is just another disgusting example of the actions of the anti-Semites involved in the BDS movement. Not only should Ilan Sinelnikov push to have the decision overturned, he should now hire a lawyer and begin proceedings against the University and any other bodies involved in this heinous decision found guilty of a Hate crime and made to pay a heavy penalty to Mr. Sinelnikov and any organization he wishes to make amends for this barbaric and brazen violation of Human Rights.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The hallmark of the people unjustly fighting against Israel, people like Damien Carriere, is that they are liars. They accuse organizations they disagree with of being “hate groups”. They compare SSI with the KKK. I’m sure Mr. Carriere knows this is false. But they don’t deal in truth; they want to manipulate other people to hate Israel the way they do.They will fail because ultimately lies are a losing game. I’m glad to see how determined Ilan is.

  • Mike grossman

    Keep up the good work, we support you !

  • manley


    Good luck to you. I know it’s an uphill battle but that’s something we’ve always had to contend with.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    I would suggest that in reply to the BDS activities at Universities and colleges and the giving in to these activities by the University governing bodies, that a list of these schools be published and Jews and any sympathizers should boycott these schools, In other worlds dont send your children there and stop contributions to these schools, Two can play at this obnoxious game,

  • Zvi Gross

    I am wishing you good luck, and success. May G-D bless your activism!!

  • Bernard Ross

    write to the jew stalker here:

  • PrinceMichael_Iam

    Ezekiel 28:15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.Ezekiel 28:16 By the multitude of thy merchandise they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.Ezekiel 28:17 Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou hast corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness: I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.

  • Bernard Ross

    Damien Carriere should be hunted down like a rabid animal. He should pay for harassing and stalking jews.

  • Elise Ronan

    This actually sounds like a libel and slander case as well. I suggest he hire a lawyer and sue.

  • truth

    go back to israheil. maybe you can become an expert in torturing children.

    • You, (can’t fix STUPID)Putz…there is no Palestine, Jews have had this homeland for thousands of years !
      There is not one single leader in Hamas, that was born in Palestine !
      The muslims are ignorant,uneducated and will one day push too far and implode.
      How a child can learn from one idiotic book, whose author was a sadistic pedaphile, a murderer who would be on par with Joseph Stalin, (a Jew ) !
      Redundant myopic thought produces nothing but continued ignorance and stupidity, a genetic flaw from within muslim, marriages to first,second cousins and Goats !

    • Mendel

      “Truth” speaks lies.

    • J Brown

      truth You are a horrible person



    • Paul Cerar

      Do you speak from experience? Are you calling from a psychiatric prison?

    • kathe turiel

      It is interesting that the only person unwilling to post an actual name (truth) has posted the only libelous untruth on the site.

    • Joe

      female genital mutilation, child brides, honor killings, knifing toddler sons’ heads, child soldiers…5 creepy customs, ban all 5