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December 2, 2014 1:42 pm

Paris Jewish Community in Shock Over Rape, Home Invasion ‘Because You Are Jews’

avatar by Dave Bender

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French police. Photo: David Monniaux.

Three unknown assailants invaded the home of a Jewish couple in the Paris suburb of Créteil on Monday, raped the 19-year-old woman, and robbed the home, saying it was “because you are Jewish,” local French media reported on Tuesday.

“The Jewish community is in shock over this,” a journalist who covered the story told The Algemeiner. Noting the concern about the case, he said, “When I posted the story on my social networks – they went crazy from reshares.”

The two were at her 21-year-old boyfriend’s parent’s home in the heavily-Jewish suburb, when the three masked attackers broke in, after the couple answered the door.

“They came to rob everything, especially the cash,” according to the Francophone JSS News Service. “According to the victim’s testimony to the police ‘they demanded more money and pointed out that we are Jews,'” the journalist said.

“So, since they had little cash on them or in the house, the thieves demanded a credit card and the PIN code in order to make a withdrawal at a nearby ATM. One robber went to withdraw the money, while the second robber immobilized the young man, and the third raped the woman,” the source said.

An hour after the beginning of the attack, the thieves fled with cash, jewelry and other items.

Police investigators managed to track down and arrest two of the suspected assailants, but the third member of the gang is still at large, according to French media.

Police said the attackers wielded a sawed-off rifle and pistol, and used tape to tie up the couple, and tape over their mouths.

No information was provided as to the identities of the suspects, the source told The Algemeiner.

On Saturday night, two Jewish men were also attacked in the vicinity, according to the Le Parisien newspaper.

The 19 and 21-year-old brothers were wearing skullcaps when they were attacked near the Shaare Zion synagogue, Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said in a statement on Sunday.

Cazeneuve was “severely critical” of the attack, and the Créteil prosecutor opened an investigation pointing to the apparent antisemetic nature of the attack.

Creteil Mayor, Laurent Cathala, charged that the “aggression is anti-Semitic, it is indisputable.”

In comment on the synagogue attack, President François Hollande said “France wants all the Jews of France to feel perfectly safe and quiet.”

Albert Elharrar, president of the Jewish community in Créteil, is still in shock.

“I have been in contact with the Créteil police commissioner since 11 pm Saturday night,” he said. “Unfortunately, it is always the Jewish community that is targeted.”

According to Elharrar, the two brothers, Créteil residents, were praying quietly. The little brother was able to defend himself, but the older one was taken down by brass knuckles to the eye.

“The attackers fled, one on foot, the other by bike. Police are searching for them,” he said.

One of the victims is still hospitalized at the Henri Mondor Hospital in Créteil according to Elharrar.

“I was able to speak with a specialist. The optic nerve was not affected, but the bone of his cheekbone moved. Two millimeters closer, and he could have lost his sight. He will now have to wait until the hematoma is reabsorbed, so he can be operated on during the week,” Elharrar said.

In June, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky announced that French aliyah (emigration to Israel) will surpass 5,000 individuals by the end of 2014, an all-time record and a full 1 percent of the 500,000-person French Jewish community. Never before has such a large proportion of a Western Jewish community made aliyah in a single year.

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  • peter magee

    How can the president of France be sincere when he speaks of wanting to protect the safety of Jews in France? Can he be that ignorant, that he does not know that by France recognizing a Palestinian State, that this serves as an automotic green light to Islamic anti-semitic violence? Is he that ignorant of how Islamists think? It’s not as though this is something new,seeing as such Islamic aggression has gone on for decades in France. So either the French president is ignorant or insincere and a hypocrite. Logically, he has to one or the other.

    • Bill

      If you truly believe that would make a difference then you are the ignorant one

      • Adina

        If you believe this rubbish that Muslims want to live peacefully in the west, then you’re either an apologist for Islam or you’re in denial. God help the patriots of France, and God help the people of Europe. Hollande, Merkel and Cameron are leading us down a cul de sac to disaster.

  • Dimitri

    We shall just stop this “Is this Muslim, then it’s crap.” mentality. I passed my youth in northeastern Greece in a city where a lot of muslim Turks and christian Greek lives in peace. I’ve never heard of decapitation nor rape or something else. Stop blaming their religion, don’t be silly, a religion cannot order to kill.
    If we mourn for this French couple, we should also sincerely have a look on Nazi murders in Germany. They even killed a Greek. They regularly kill Turks and government keeps silent. We all prefer to keep silent, why? Because killers are Christian and we wanna ignore it. As long as we continue being hypocrites, we’ll hear about much more murders and rapes like this one.

    • Stefan Bach

      Generally, the whole campaign against Muslims is only a distraction, because the French white trash fascists are disgusting animals themselves. In the last recent years, French fascists repeatedly attacked and raped young women which they see as their enemies. In groups they cowardly attack single young women and rape them with the aim to break these young women. But their thought is wrong, because their crimes can not break these women, but encourages them only in their way and in trying to pollute these women, the fascists have only polluted themselves.
      Personally, i feel only contempt for these raping animals in human form and one thing is certain: the Eternal One is justice and no wickedness remains unrequited.

      Here a picture of the circle of the white trash neo-Nazi rapists of Lyon, France:

      And here a message of women who are not willing to accept rape:

  • joe

    There is a saying:
    When the last Jew leaves his country, the country will go to the dogs.
    Look at Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria …… France !!!!

  • It is definitely time for all French Jews to make aliyah

  • I can’t understand why some French Jews don’t keep very Ex-large dogs such as the Black Russian Terrier which can weigh up to 65 kg and in some cases even reaching 82kg, they stand to their shoulders around 76 c/m – 82 c/m they make wonderful guards, and will protect their owners if they see that a person or persons are going to attack. Those thugs (most probably Arab-Muslims) wouldn’t have stood a chance, the dog would have pinned them to the ground, if they tried to hit the dog, he would have then gone full steam ahead, and they would have suffered severe injuries.

  • Jon R.

    The real question here is whether this alleged attack is a hoax.

    1. Was the “raped” woman administered a rape kit for DNA analysis? If not, why not?

    2. Three masked gunmen are roaming around this Jewish neighborhood on the outskirts of Paris in the middle of the day? And just happened to pick this apartment? Yeah–that sounds convincing. Were there witnesses? None are mentioned.

    3. On what basis were the two “suspects” arrested? Why have their identities not been made public? The first sentence says that the assailants are unknown, but later we find out that two have been arrested. Makes no sense.

    4. If the suspects were surveilling this family (and why this family in particular?) then how could they be unaware that the younger brother whom they were supposedly counting on to conduct them to the “family business” was not at home? Makes absolutely no sense.

    5. You have to love the comic book villainy: “We are robbing you because you are Jews!” Ludicrous.

    6. “On Saturday night, two Jewish men were also attacked in the vicinity, according to the Le Parisien newspaper. The 19 and 21-year-old brothers were wearing skullcaps when they were attacked near the Shaare Zion synagogue, Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said in a statement on Sunday.”

    If you look up this “attack,” you find it happened in May, over six months ago, not in the last few days as this article suggests. What kind of nut job put this article together?

    7. Just what exactly is the “family business” alluded to in this article? Would be interesting to know.

    8. So, what gives here? Either it’s a hoax involving the supposed victims intended to generate more “anti-semitism” hysteria, OR it’s some sort of intra-Jewish “business dispute”–the kind that go on in Israel all the time. And something else to consider: At the Shaare Zion synagogue in Brooklyn, these shenanigans have been going on in the recent past:

    “On July 23, 2009, Rabbi Kassin, 87, and Rabbi Eliahu Ben Haim, 58, brother of Rabbi Yaakov Ben Haim; along with 42 other officials and religious leaders were arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of a major corruption and international money laundering conspiracy probe called Operation Bid Rig. Acting U.S. attorney Ralph J. Marra Jr. described the arrest during a news conference saying, clergy members “cloaked their extensive criminal activity behind a facade of rectitude.”

    Something smells rotten in the faubourg of Creteil. So before all the little hand-wringers here get too apoplectic, let’s consider all the possibilities.

  • Jon Spayde

    I believe that it is every bit as wrong to give way to hatred of Islam as a whole in these situations as it is for people to succumb to the lies and hatred that breed anti-Semitism. Every party here has legitimate sources of pain, from the Holocaust to the conditions in the banlieues, from European colonial abuse of Arabs to the filth of anti-Semitism. Every party feels attacked, every party believes it is defending itself. Both attitudes are true in certain instances. I understand why Jews are fleeing France; I understand why Muslims want a better life in Europe. The one constant is how poisonous hatred is. To defend oneself against criminals, to prosecute those criminals to the full extent, is very different from saying that everyone who resembles the criminals is a criminal. The Left needs to stop apologizing for dictators and criminals; the Right needs to stop criminalizing entire groups.

    • purple canary

      However legitimate the pain, rape, robbery and inflicting injuries on innocent people is not justified,

    • Mak

      Mr. Spayde, you are displaying the typical moral vacuousness and rationalization of evil so common in Europe, which has made the Holocaust and centuries of vicious anti-Semitism possible on that blighted Continent. You note the poor conditions of the Banlieues and excesses of French Colonialism, and then use it to somehow justify the rape, murder, and hatred of Jews in France today. This is no different than those who rationalized Hitler and the Nazis based upon the supposed excesses of the Versailles Treaty, the poor treatment of Veterans. Jews expressing fear and dislike of Arab culture for murdering them and causing to fear for their lives is not remotely the same as Arabs killing and raping Jews because they feel oppressed or dishonored by French society. Such fuzzy logic might make you feel quite liberal, but simply sanctions the commission of evil, and makes you a part of it the anti-Semitic tradition.

    • SB Steeler

      Except it’s not a better life the Muslims want in Europe. It is the Muslimization of Europe they seek. Otherwise, why bother with this eternal hatred of Jews?

      Second point. France handed over scores of Jews to the Nazis for extermination during the occupation. Given that recent disgraceful history, why allow an obvious Jew-hating hate group to assimilate inside France? And then to allow this same group to perpetuate its neo-Nazi actions across France…IS PARIS BURNING?

    • joshX

      not sure a moral equivalence is going to solve the problem either.

    • Mak

      You are displaying the typical moral vacuousness and rationalization of evil so common in Europe, which has made the Holocaust and centuries of vicious anti-Semitism possible on that blighted Continent. You note the poor conditions of the Banlieues and excesses of French Colonialism, and then use it to somehow justify the rape, murder, and hatred of Jews in France today. This is no different than those who rationalized Hitler and the Nazis based upon the supposed excesses of the Versailles Treaty, the poor treatment of Veterans. Jews expressing fear and dislike of Arab culture for murdering them and causing to fear for their lives is not remotely the same as Arabs killing and raping Jews because they feel oppressed or dishonored by French society. Such fuzzy logic might make you feel quite liberal, but simply sanctions the commission of evil, and makes you a part of it the anti-Semitic tradition.

  • Some Gal

    https://www . facebook . com/pages/Israeli-Girls-United-For-African-Shalom/728205793930236

  • someone unknown

    Whoa there guys. How do you know it was Muslims? It could just have been some rascist Christians.

    • Avspatti

      True Christians are not anti-semites.

      • Lincoln Spector

        Christians invented anti-Semitism.

        I’m not saying that all Christians are anti-Semitic, but a lot are, and historically speaking, it was very common.

    • DovidM

      The three detained are named Ladji, Yacine and Omar.
      The fourth is not named, but the chances are good that he is also of North African descent.

    • Susan

      Xian bigots don’t rape/rob, they blow stuff up (clinics, government buildings). Or they shoot people (George Tiller). Look at the statistics.

    • Vicki Travis

      I can see why your name is unknown. First of all don’t use the name Christians so loosely. If a person is truly a Christian they would not do that to another human being. Christians don’t teeth on hatred and cruelty, muslims that live by the koran and shariah do. It is unfortunately natural to do something so ugly as to rape any woman or child. muslims rape babies, they have no heart, but the good news is God does love them too and they only have to ask for His forgiveness and learn how good and loving our Lord and Savior really is. He is no coward, he is strong and one day He will have had enough. Bless the Jews, I love them.

    • It certainly was Muslims!!! be assured of that fact!!!!
      Why are you so protective of them? The Muslims handed out sweets when they heard the news that two Palestinians hacked to death four Jewish Rabbis while praying in a West Jerusalem synagogue and one Druze Arab policeman.

    • kikionie

      How do you know that? Guessing!????

    • SB Steeler

      So, in your opinion, the fact that Arab Muslims call Jews descendants of pigs and apes, constantly lie about Israel, declare they won’t rest until all Israel and Jews are wiped off the map as evidenced particularly on video posted on YouTube, go on anti-Jewish race riots across Europe, and you say “it could be some racist Christian group”. LOL! Take your head out of your rear end.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Can the France society stop such criminal and racisms? I suspect that support to ideology-cult of Islam with Palestinian’s ideological hate had spread like a cancer in France. Very very sorry for the pour girl and boyfriend and to all family and Jews.

  • DockyWocky

    The two who were captured, and the third, who wasn’t, ought to be eventually identified, complete with pictures and known addresses, on the Internet.

    What happens then, is totally up to fate and the three definitely have bad karma.

  • Big Boy

    One would think that Jews all over the world would have learned from the Holocaust (and the USSR) that no one can depend on another for safety. Expecting the Shabbat Goy to protect Jews in any part of Europe is like depending on a truckload of sand to stop a flood.

    The pogrom killers always have guns (even if gun control laws have disarmed the Jews and others) because they get them from the government. New idea?

    Have the world’s Jews still not learned that #1 rule of politics. “Power comes from the barrel of a gun” (Chmn Mao) not from a $10,000 Euro check to the Liberal Party. You can’t buy safety, you have to earn it by defensive actions. Dreaming that the “others” will protect you is a form of mass insanity. Or maybe it is a Jewish cultural trait?

    • Vicki Travis

      Dumb, Dumb!

    • Michael Demi

      I couldn’t agree more, last time we waited for someone to intervene it proved to be a catastrophe. Hopefully we’ve learned our lesson. Maybe it’s time to replace some of the Torah classes with martial arts maybe sponsor krav maga? Distribute mase or tazers to the communities under attack? It’d go hell of a lot further then the $10,000 donation.

  • noellsq

    Please note the whole world is anti semetic. The Europeans have lost their identity and soon be no more. Muslims believe that secular rules are not for them,there for nations will soon be eliminated. We all soon will follow Sharia. New discoveries in science and medical will cease to exist and the world will revert back to the 1500’s. It is time that Israel does not share its discoveries with France and any other country that is anti Jew.

  • We have seen this before and it ends badly.

    Get out as soon as possible and while you still can. Get a gun to protect yourself while you make arrangements to leave.

    All totalitarians, including Progressives, eventually turn on the Jewish community.

    Without exception.

    History is NOT on your side.

  • astrodog

    How is anyone in shock over this? We have witnessed the worst anti-Semitic incitement in over 50 years and the political Left has morally collapsed on the subject. Because this is Leftist based bigotry, the mainstream media has done everything it could to downplay the issue. There are now Jewish bloggers and hack writers whose sole means of employment is to deny the anti-Semitic surge like so many useful idiots.

    It is time to come to the sober realization that the Left has designated Jews as non-persons or worse, necessary victims in its sick hierarchy of privileged hatred and violence. That violence against Jews is regrettable but understandable is now, lip service aside, the official position of government, academia and the media. Any condemnation will but little more than “yes, but” equivocations. Jews better recognize that they are on their own and that they cannot rely on anyone but themselves for their own defense.

  • Mak

    In comment on the synagogue attack, President François Hollande said “France wants all the Jews of France to feel perfectly safe and quiet.”

    Feeling safe and being objectively safe are too totally separate things. French Jews with a false sense of security, and whom remain quiet in the face of aggression, have a tendency to get exterminated. Better not to feel safe when you are in danger, and instead to prepare to defend yourselves properly, or retreat to a more civilized society.

    French society is filled with barbarians — both those who commit barbaric acts, and the pathogenic french cultural attribute of shrugging at it (when not actively encouraging it).

    • Adrien

      Hollande is saying beautiful things but facts are different

      Prisons in France are full, life conditions in many prisons in France are below international standards, everybody agrees that because of overpopulation in french prisons, the prison itself creates delinquents….

      Solution of our french government: instead of creating NEW PRISONS, RELEASE people convicted to jail less than 2 years, then there will be less people in jail….


      So how can people be afraid of jail???
      We in France have the smaller percentage of prison room compared to number of citizen….

      • sifter

        Or just apply the death penalty and empty em out that way

  • Cora Nott

    Another proof that Muslims are crap! You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. They are not human…they will never be human. They belong in zoo cages.

    • shakingmyhead

      preaching hate does not combat hate. anti-islamic derogatory comments like yours are no better than anti-Semitic ones. in fact, you use the same language nazis used to describe Jews.

      Shame on you, and shame on those who committed this crime.

  • Strelnikov

    Am Yisrael Chai.

  • Thomasson

    @Cher Adrien
    Till recently, existed a blog by the name “Islam vs. Europe”. The blog was run by an Englishman. He master the French language fluently and as such his blog was for many Europeans an excellent source on the Islamisation of France. Horror stories like the one above happen very often in area’s where the French government had lost it’s jurisdiction. See the following links: a)
    b) c)
    This one is in German, but I can translate for you the title: France: a rape of a French woman as a initiation ritual for membership in a Muslim gang d)
    This link is the most terrible of all. It had appeared in the Belgian Nieusblad and is telling about the bus in Marseille that was set in fire and a handicapped young women was burned alive.

    True. During WWII there was in France collaboration with the Germans, but there were in France also very strong resistance movements. One of them is the well known ‘Maquis’. Though there is something very strange going on in France and other European countries. During WWII were the Europeans able to resist the occupation of Nazi Germany; despite the terrible oppressive measures. Think about the atrocities in Oradour-sur-Glane, the brute executions all over Europe, the camps etc.. Europeans today and the French among them resemble flock of sheep. It should be better if the French will be French again and come back to the spirit of Charles Martel, Jean d’Arc the Maquis and people who had fought for their country.

    • Adrien

      I only can agree with you

      I m the first one shocked by what happens in my country.
      I d like people to live in peace whatever religion they have.

      I lived in Paris 2 years, so I know the situation… It s not exactly as media speak about it but the result is the same… (unfortunately)
      Many young people 2nd even third generation of immigrants.
      Bad education, no “savoir vivre” living together only in their ghettos.
      Considering as enemy everything representing French state (police, firemen, doctors etc) or not coming from their “quartier”
      Sometimes this is linked with religion but most of the time NO. (I mean happened unfortunately many many similar histories like the one we talk about and victims were not jews….)

      They only consider as enemy everybody who are not like them.
      They consider themselves as victim of society…..

      In a certain way they behave worse than animals, cause have no limit…

      Believe me or not, religion is not such important factor, it s more “you are not from my zone, you are my enemy”

      The 2nd problem is that Islamic extremists have more and more influence on these people, and so their hate is more and more turned to “enemies of islam” and so jews…

      But I can not accept most of the comments on this page, speaking about II WW etc
      Each country has its own “black pages” in his history .

      Look at UK, letting extremist muslims expressing their hates many years without any problem, THEY ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE OF SITUATION.
      WHAT ABOUT SAUDI ARABIA? How can US government make business with THE state that hates ISRAEL???
      LOOK AT USA!!! sick of guns…..

      The problem faced in France is not specific to France, people ar more and more agressive, less respect to each other and more and more hate between religions….

  • Paul

    Don’t be a defenseless sheep. A government will always do the expedient thing, not what’s right. Get a Glock, learn to use it, and protect yourself. Or cower in fear from the next attack from the anti-Semites, which is sure to come sooner or later.

    • Thomasson

      Despite the fact most people use for Jewish hatred the word anti-Semitic, I find this word very offending. It relate to the Jews the rotten, primitive and inferior genes of the Semites. European Jews have nothing to do with genetic quality that gave the world a monstrous personage as the prophet Mohammed. A paedophile that propagated sex with little girls beneath the age of 10 years old. He was a mass murderer, mass rapist, mass robber. He was a person who stands for genocide and wiping out whole tribes and folks from the earth as for they rejected his Capo dell Capi Allah. A Semite means bloodshed, ISIS, People like Saddam Hussein, Al Zarqawi, Bin Laden and El Baghdadi. Being a Semite means being a primitive, Analphabetic, a person who use to despise women and kill them even for no reason at all in the name of the family honour. You can agree with me that persons like Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Thomas Mann, the painter Jozef Israel (Dutch 19th century painter), Spinoza and a whole row of Nobel Prize winners have nothing in common – certainly not genetic – with the morbid primitive Semites who’s only representatives in cultural heritage are the murder brigades of Hamas, PLO, ISIS etc.

      • Susan

        The word “antisemite” was coined by the bigot Wilhelm Marr, in the 19th century, to try to make his pathology sound scientific. It *specially* means “Jew-hatred” and has very little to do with actually being a Semite. But antisemites are furious that there is such a succinct label for them, so they are trying ti blur it by saying “But Arabs are Semites, too!” They want to destroy the handy label that *one of their own created* – I won;t let them. But do say “Jew-hater” if you feel inclined; you will not be wrong & it will be effective as well.

  • Buck Wheaton

    Brass knuckles, sawed off shotguns and other firearms, unlawful penetration with a penis. All forbidden. France obviously needs more laws to protect citizens from criminals.

  • Maaku

    Wait a minute…I’m confused, here in the US , the media keeps telling me that Islam is a “religion of peace”
    All of you must be mistaken

    • You are correct, Islam is a religion of piece, oops I meant peace.
      If you are not one of them they want a piece of your arm, a piece of your heart, some brains and and eye ball laid out on the floor in front of them to cool there murderous blood.

  • Steven Geller

    From Yorktown to the present, somewhere and somehow France lost its way. It lost its military prowess as seen in the Franco-Prussian War, World War I and II, Indochina war, and the Algerian war. One of the few times Stalin was right in objecting to giving the french a permanent seat on the UN security council. It lost its moral compass as seen in the Dreyfus Affair, collaboration with the Nazi, and its heavy
    handedness in the Versailles Treaty.
    But for America and to lesser degree England, it would have become a reality as it is now, by defacto, a third rate country, no better than Portugal or Spain. In a few generations, France will become another Malaysia, Nigeria, or Indonesia, countries with large Muslim populations and active Islamic rebel groups, armed and spoiling for a good fight with the non-Muslim indigenous populations.
    French Jews, you are now forewarned. It is again 1932 with another anti-semitic, fascist group ready to impose its ways.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    These acts are barbaric and evil. Picking out members of the Jewish community because they are Jewish.

    I am not a religious fanatic however I am going to quote from Daniel.

    23: In the last days of those kingdoms, when their sin is at its height, a man/king of grim aspect will appear, a master of stratagem. 24: His power will be great, and he will work havoc untold; he will succeed in whatever he does. He will work havoc on the mighty nations and the Holy people.

    First men coming to mind are Obama–half brother to the Kenyan leader of Muslim Brotherhood. Second is Khameaini Iran not too mention the Shiekhs in the UAE and Saudi. Where are we in time now. The Judaic people are being threatened by virtually the whole of the west, idiot EU including France are backing Palestine. Our Rabbi’s are murdered our children and yet Israel stands firm and is strengthening her retaliation against terrorism both in Gaza and West Bank. This attack in Paris if utterly foul and disgusting and for no other reason these humans were Jews.

  • Nechama

    ONLY 1% of French Jews came to Israel? That is a shame. The remaining Jews 499.000 should up and leave before it becomes much worse. Where is there sechel (smarts)?

    • momo


  • Time to Leave- while you can! The French are who they are and will be.

    • No, sir, the French surrendered a long time ago when they allowed huge numbers of Muslims into the country then didn’t demand that the immigrants NOT assimilate into French culture. This is happening all over Europe as there are now large swathes of cities where the police are afraid to go…now, the barbarians are getting bold and moving out of their self imposed ghettos and the pogroms are beginning.

      1st it will be us Jews…then when we’re exterminated or have left, they’ll turn on the Europeans…

    • TrendHero

      Its not the French per se…..

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    In shock or resignation? Because unlike the 1930’s and 40’s, the government won’t bother with anti Jewish laws, they’ll simply let the violence and mayhem happen and shrug their shoulders.

  • Lema Charles

    The French Government should protect the Jews and all its citizens.If there has been relaxation in security issues, please, do something now to protect innocent people.

    • Thomasson

      @Lema Charles

      @Lema Charles
      The French government is not able to protect the Jews, nor giving any protection to poor indigenous French who are living in the Banlieuex (the French immigrants Gehtto’s) or any other places where the proud flag of multiculturalism is waving. By doing that, the French government will admit that there are problems with Muslim (and other) immigrants and that is bad for business. It is playing all the cards in the hands of Front National and other nationalistic parties.

  • geoff

    As you sow, so shall you reap.
    France and the rest of Europe welcomed people from foreign lands whose religion and so-called culture is incompatible with the Judeo-Christian tradition. It’s now impossible to eject them, so France and Europe will have a very large islamic minority within, say, twenty five years at which time, life there will become intolerable for Jews and Christians.
    Thanks to those clever politicians and their liberal supported who allowed this to happen and indeed, colluded in it.

    • Jan C.

      The estimated current Islamic population of France is 7% but it is growing very quickly due to a very high birthrate. The Uk has an Islamic population of approx 5%. The problem is that European countries refused to ahve a tough stance with the Mullllslim immigrants from the beginning. Priding themselves on free speech and equal rights–they ahve allowed the immigrant population to do as they wish and say what they wish. This has resulted given them a false sense of power while the governments are walking on egg shells lest they offend. Time to become tough and not allow the wound to fester anymore.

    • Fatez

      You are spot on. As a Christian, I grieve for my hurt Jewish brothers and sisters and pray for God’s healing for you; as a friend, its time to leave Europe and go to Israel. As a human, I want these bloodthirsty criminals hunted down and destroyed…

  • weill

    maybe it will difficult for a French od jewish descent even a none believer to live in this country what is the choice to move to the US , the US immigration doesnt care and restrict any visa based on this assumption that jews are in danger inFrance , so what is the choice to move to Germany or Spain, its easy to say leave the country when you are comfortably living in NYC Miami or LA …

    • John Stephens

      It’s no safer in America, our government is just as infatuated by muslims.

      • Neelie

        Not just infatuated, but infiltrated! We’re in the same position as the Europeans, just a few years behind.

    • Sure come to the U.S.

      Then register as Democrats and support the party that seeks to institute the same damn policies that cause you to flee France.

      Or maybe you should just learn to fight.

      Seriously, you are welcome in America.

      Just stop being stupid.

    • Avspatti

      I’d rather leave the country than suffer a deadly attack in France just because I was a Jew. Difficult, yes. Life triumps though.

  • Miggo Wagga

    Even if French Jews emigrate they should still participate in French elections and certainly Jews in France should and there is only one option to vote for — Front National.

    • catorenasci

      Vote for the descendents of the Action française? The very first fascist party in Europe? Founded as a reaction to Dreyfuss…. They are not the Jews’ friends.

      French Jews would do well to leave France.

    • Adrien

      Typical reaction of people having very narrow view of history…

      Front National hate jews….

  • Thomasson

    White Europeans – especially the multiculturalists of the Quislings brand among them – think it is just a “Jewish business”!!!. They can bring some understanding to the matter as for the poor Muslim chaps are “the children of the pure Third World”. They are doing it, as for they are victims of …colonialism …They do it in order to revenge the actions of the bad Israelis against the poor Palestinians etc. Well …these multicultural ‘Gutmenschen’ are misguided and totally wrong. They are doing it because THEY SEE THEMSELVES AS Å°bermenschen and their Führer, Mister Allah, is granting his gang members a free hand against every one who does not love him …They behave themselves against Jews and …indigenous Europeans exactly in the same way as black and Latino gang members are behaving against enemies. What had happened in Paris is an every day reality in Norway and Sweden. See: the following video and : In The Netherlands they are taking over whole area’s and chase indigenous who are living in the area for generations.
    France is lost …Jews who are living in environments with a high density of immigrants can better move to area’s of Free France ; where indigenous French are still the boss or leave the country.

    • Susan

      Yes, anyone who shrugs it off as “just a Jewish problem” – not saying aloud that s/he thinks Jews deserve it – it signing their own death warrant, because Jews are the canary in the mine.

  • Alex B.

    That’s it, once again the world is going crazy, this time is Islam , last time it was the Nazis , same ideology different times …

    When jews start to suffer in a country it means it is at the edge of the cliff and means bad news for the entire world cause last time when 6 million jews were exterminated there were another 60M casualties …

    Israel is safe thanks God , despite everything and while the 3 diasporas are already behind us we’re still to face the prophets predicted Islam enemy before all wars will end.

  • yosi

    you are welcome to israel !!

  • France was never safe for the Jews. Always the undercurrent of antisemitism. It takes very little to provoke it and send it roiling to the surface.

  • Judy Silver-Shapiro

    The only place SAFE FOR JEWs is ISRAEL.
    With SON-OF-ISLAM obama in control, the US is NO longer safe for JEWs.
    He is the most ANTI ISRAEL-ANTI SEMITIC US Pres in history.

    • maurice leiser

      Loshon-hora, Judy….the US is very safe for Jews…you may not care for his politics, but Obama is not an anti-semite. Nothing wrong with being criticized if the ctiticism is constructive. The Jewish people are doing very well in the United States. Not to say there are no anti-semitetic incidents, but we are strong here and are a thriving community with strong relationships with the Gentile majority. Let us be objective in our remarks.

    • Susan

      Please keep your hysterical falsehoods to yourself.

  • paddy

    well Europe without the Jews will have a serious economic crash which they deserve . I’m from Paris and my friends and family is there and i can only hope they wake up and get the hell out and take all their monies . France is FINISHED .The Arabs in France are 90% poverty cases so if all the monies go it’s the end of one of the most beautiful country’s in the world . and the government is a real whore

    • Suzanne Alexander

      What happens to the art and churches in Paris when the Muslims take over? Utter destruction!

  • Jim42

    Those who believed in France were and are NAIVE and somehow coward Jews as anyone who knows History and People in France knew EVER that except the 10% of correct honest brave and moral people: 10% of the 20% of Neurotics Responsible with moral inner structures whose a half is really courageous, all others are hypocritical bustles you can never count on….
    Now, in times of crissi and french super cowardice since Maginot Line coward idiocy and Betrayal of the Poles…in 1939,…. you have it !

  • Helena

    Unknown people? We know who they are and what their ideology is.

  • zs

    My heart bleeds for Jews everywhere, we need Moshiach NOW! Let’s up our efforts to bring him.

    • maurice leiser

      …in the meantime, a gun in the house is not a bad idea….

  • Joy D. Brower

    And since so many Frenchmen & women have abandoned their Christian/Catholic faith, that leaves a country in a very God-less state – both figuratively and literally.

  • Hitler Was Right

    Did they get the real bags of Jew gold or just the decoy bag?

    • maurice leiser

      funny guy…maybe you and I should discuss this personally….

    • Susan

      Hitler was only right about anonymous lying cowards. Prepare to be treated accordingly!

  • ErickX

    France is turning into antoher POS arab country








  • lawgirl

    I appreciate Vlad Tepes and all the other comments. And yet, to point to Islamic extremism is somehow “politically incorrect.” It is time to speak the truth to power.

  • Paul

    Half of the problem is the vicious criminal attack, against Jews. Note, they did not use the usual claim of anti-zionism used to make anti-semitism politically correct, they revealed the truth. So, these are criminals egged on by a criminal doctrine.
    The other half, and probably just as serious, is “No information was provided as to the identities of the suspects, the source told The Algemeiner”. In Rotherham, England, thousands of white european girls were gang-raped for many years by Pakistanis, and the police ignored it because it was not politically correct to identify the criminals as an ethnic group, or even to suggest they were committing crimes. So, France will spout how it will protect Jews from ANYONE, but do not dare name the ethnic group responsible.
    The bad guys win again. Because thegood guys do not have the courage and integrity, and they can hide behind convenient, noble-sounding rationales.
    Israel is simply the place where anyone who wants to bash jews must come well armed, BECAUSE HERE WE SHOOT BACK !!

  • oliver grant

    this could explain a lot of the crime in the US – could random crimes actually be motivated by desire to punish American support of Israel and war on terror? Ali Muhammad Brown killed 4 in random appearing murders but justified them as war in defense of his religion. How many other shootings, stabbings, rapes and car “accidents” are really politically or military motivated attacks?

  • éliane orleans-gerstein

    I am a French citizen living in Canada since 1967 and am also appalled by the noxious antisemitism that rears its head higher and higher every week, with daring as well as vicious violence in everyday jewish life. But I feel I must repeat to my friends who question my stolid faith in in the Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité spirit, that the French government and many groups of society from the left and the right, unfortunately not the intellectual elite, condemn and punish the perpetrators. Many laws have been passed to reinforce the fact that racism, inclusive of antisemitism, is totally illegitimate and reprehensible. And there is no need to single out France, it is a European scourge.

  • Ariana

    I just wish that all the Jewish refugees will come in Australia then bring so many big time trouble makers muslims>
    Before 9/11 there was a series fact on tv about multiple rape in group by Muslims. They were targeted Aussies girls mainly.
    Of course not all Muslims behave like beasts but somehow they are standing out in crimes and frauds and lots of nastiness. However somehow there is not allowed to be point out that they are muslims. They good in ruining western way of living 100%.
    Basically this is like starting by Muslims the second holocaust.
    Obviously many countries around the world not just in Europe are in trouble and basically don’t know how to keep the normal order and commonsense within the Laws because the advantage the Muslims are keep taking it as adopted citizens. The results are that the loved peace and integrity in all civilised countries is not any longer safe. I am not Jewish.

  • Sunny

    Please feel welcome to come to Washington State. We will welcome you here. Blessings Sunny.

  • Maelstrom

    Don’t suppose the press revealed the ethnicity of the three thugs. Naw, that would be profiling after the fact. Can’t have that.

  • Eve

    Unleashed by the MEDIA once again…these Muslims would have gotten NO WHERE without them. Same as in 1930’s,40’s hatred exploded and legitimized by the MEDIA.

  • Natalie

    I’m getting tired of the abundant hand-wringing on the part of the authorities, and the lack of effective action on their part. The Muslim communities should know that this increase in crime is unacceptable, and deportations will start unless THEY take their uncontrolled young men and terror-inciting imams in hand. The reason being is that if they do nothing, they, themselves are accomplices, so it is not communal punishment to deport them.

    For some reason, the Muslim communities everywhere do not understand that they have come to the West where they are not above the law, simply because they are Muslims. If they don’t like Jews, let them return to the countries where there ARE no Jews, not take it out on innocent people who were there first.

    • Adrien

      100% agree

  • robert neville

    France is no longer safe for Jews?

    Surely you mean EUROPE is no longer safe for Jews

    • racy

      It’s Europe, 1935; beating Jews, raping Jews, firing
      Jews from their jobs, burning Jewish businesses,
      the Nazis are reincarnated in the form of extremist
      Muslims, and the new Nazi party.. My parents lived through this
      and now my children and grandchildren will live through
      this again. The world has gone mad again. Politicians
      want to be elected and will not rectify this matter.
      Jews leave Europe. It will only get worse.

    • liora

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • elitist

      Europe will fall to the jihadis in the next 5-10 years UNLESS Europeans elect very aggressive law and order governments that begin ENFORCING LAWS – the ultimate “radical” idea in Europe today – and deporting jihadis and criminals by the planeload.

      At this point, Europe is poised to SUBMIT to Islam and throw the Jews under the bus as a peace offering – a sign of submission to Islam.

      I have yet to meet a European who graps the principle that scapegoating the Jews/Israel/Zionsist does not prepare us here in Europe to confront – and defeat – the jihad threat.

      50 years of antisemitic brainwashing have primed Europe to Islamize very rapidly while blaming the Jews – AGAIN!!!! – for every problem under the sun.

      The next 5 years will decide the fate of Europe.

    • Jean-François

      JSS News is not a “Francophone News service!” It is a blog run by would-be politician Jonathan Sellem, a French-Israeli activists who twice ran for Parliament unsuccessfully and who posts little notes on how he views the world. It is absolutely not reliable a source!

    • Thomasson

      @Robert Neville
      I mean Europe is becoming steadily no longer a safe place. Not for the Jews and not for indigenous white Christian Europeans. The dictatorship of multiculturalists and the EU occupation are lasting too long. In the meantime the policy of both is bringing the nation states, European culture and life style to extinction. They are flooding the continent by tsunami waves of trojan invaders from the Third World; especially from Muslim and African countries. This self nominated bosses are taking Third World behavior for granted. Their goal is : keeping for themselves the place at the top by the theory that unhomogenic population is easier to handle than a society that exists of homogenic folks. No folk want to loose it’s independence.

      • Shalom-Hillel

        The major problem is mainstream media in the West. They censor the real news and cover up Muslim aggression, blocking any positive news on Israel, only casting a negative light. They have conditioned people who know what’s really happening from speaking out. They become pariahs and are pilloried as “racists”. Meanwhile the actual racists are raping, beating, and murdering. But all this is coming to an end. People in Europe are reaching the breaking point. They will vote for right-wing parties as the only solution; it has happened in India and now it will happen in Europe. It is coming also to the US. Despite the leftist chokehold on information the people have had enough.

  • Leif


  • aall55

    France is no longer safe for Jews . The situation is irreversible .

  • Norm

    Disgusting and heartbreaking These anti-semitic animals seem free to behave with total impunity in France. And at the same time a major anti-Israeli vote in the French parliament. No wonder so many French Jews are eager to make aliyah, young and old alike. I have dear friends in France, young Jews, and my heart bleeds for them.

  • Frances loss, as they get to keep the Jew-Haters, but Israel’s gain.

    • PIERRE

      Shame on every Muslim, a religion of peace, what a religion of hate and destruction and occupation, they deserve to packed in containers and shipped back to the desert where they and their Mohammed the pedophile could enjoy each other very well… I have never seen such hatred, such brutality and such abuse towards our brothers the Jewish people, who had suffered enough at the hands of Muslims throughout decades of persecution as much as the Christians too… We the Judeo-Christians must stand united against Islam since it is the Devils people, there are no peaceful Muslim, for it is there in their Shitty book, that is it the duty of every Muslim to conquer every piece of Land till it submit to ALLAH, which is the devil..
      They are animals, even animals have more integrity and respect for human life than Muslims do… Everywhere they go they bring hate and destruction and Chaos with them….. There shouldn’t be any mercy for them, France is a Judeo-Christian Land like most of Europe and Islam has no place in it, they are more of a burden on Europe’s economy than anything else, what’s worse is the fact that ninety% of Muslims who goes there are on welfare and take advantage of the system, while the real French people end up paying more taxes and have lesser jobs….
      I AM SICK and TIRED of those Muslims, and this is a Warning to them, STOP Harassing my Brothers The Judeo-Christians, or the near end of Islam in Europe is coming for you Muzrats….. May god bless Israel and the Jewish people wherever they may be, and may the wrath of God, the true living God, the father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, come upon the Muslims the Satanic Cult, to some day drink up their own poison. Do not be afraid my brethren for the Lord is with thee… Amen.

  • Sean

    Just sickening….not to tout the NRA’s horn but THIS is why we own guns in the USA and have the 2nd amendment. These sickos would not have lasted a second in a home here here.

    • We hold guns holy in the USA because the gun lobby reads the Constitution incorrectly. The ‘right to a well-formed militia’ does not equate with individual rights to own a gun as a personal defense weapon.

      Nothing exonerates what happened in France. There is no excuse for such violence. But to imagine that owning a gun at home will prevent it from happening, or that it is a satisfactory way to handle violence in our communities, is morally reprehensible.

      • Shalom-Hillel

        Is self-defense morally reprehensible? If the woman who was raped had owned a gun would it have been morally reprehensible for her to have used it to rout her attackers? Do you even know the meaning of your words? There you sit, Miss Morally Superior, while the rapists and killers come, and you tsk-tsk “morally reprehensible”.

      • Pcrh

        You are wrong. The second amendment protects an individual’s right to bear arms.
        – US Supreme Court.

      • Nichevo

        Ruth, I’m afraid you are mistaken. The “well-regulated” preface is exactly that, prefatory, and does not rule out other usages.

        But I’m glad you understand the intended meaning of regulated. They meant, in effect, “to have a militia that runs like a Swiss watch.” And to do so, the best way to get it is for all citizens to have weapons and weapon familiarity. In truth every household should be issued military standard arms (as in Switzerland) and provided access to training.

        The poor French people in this case being armed may or may not have helped – I wonder how they were convinced to open their door to strangers in the first place – but I can think of no more satisfactory outcome than the three perpetrators being shot by their intended victims.

        Unless perhaps that they should be necklaced a la Mandela, each in turn so the others can watch, followed by a selection of their friends and family.

      • maurice leiser

        remember the Warsaw ghetto….every human being has the right to self defense

      • Ruth go read the second before you quote it. A militia is the necessity and because of that gun ownership is a right.
        Well not really but I am correcting yor arguement. The actual arguement is that the right to own whatever is required to defend yourself, your family your property is a God given or if you prefer a natural right.
        A gun in the home will not prevent invasions but it darned sure reduces the frequency. and used properly absolutely guarantees the perps won’t do it again.
        Go watch the movie the Egg and see what happens to people who are unwilling to do whatever is necessary to defend themselves. A nice very European movie but won’t enjoy it.

      • Jim Whitfield

        RuthClaire Weintraub it is you who is morally reprehensible. To deny individuals the means to protect themselves from either criminals or tyrants is despicable and offensive.

        Any honest review of the circumstances surrounding to the successful US revolt against England indicates that the second amendment was most certainly included in the Bill of Rights to arm individuals in the new country. The militia is formed from the population as a whole.

        One has to be particularly obtuse or dishonest about the nature of mankind to deny people the means of self defense.

      • Mac

        Weintraub, you’re a fool. That’s it. Simply a fool. Having a gun at home WILL stop it from happening if you can get to the gun in time. What is truly morally reprehensible is your gutless cowardice in the face of a real and present danger. You should read some David Horowitz and see what a difference buying a gun made in HIS life. Or, just let your family be the next to suffer an outrage like the one in this article. Your choice, because if you won’t try to protect yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to protect you.

      • Hrefn

        Sorry, but the Supreme Court disagrees with you. The militia is every able bodied man. One does not have to be a member of the organized militia like the National Guard.
        Self defense is a basic human right. Laws which deprive people of the means of self defense are violations of basic human rights. Regimes which deprive people of the means of self defense are of dubious legitimacy.
        The horrible events recounted in this post illustrate what happens when one side has guns, and the other does not.
        Guns are not “holy”. They are tools. It is Life that is sacred. The means to defend it are merely useful. Having a weapon might not have prevented this crime. But it would have provided these young Jews with a “fighting chance” to defend themselves.
        And if those hoodlums knew there was a possibility that their criminal plans would be opposed by lethal force, they might direct their evil intentions elsewhere.
        To the Jews of France: Come to Vermont! Lots of guns, no restrictive gun laws, and very few home invasions.

  • Fred

    Vive la Arab France. Shades of the 1930 when anti Semitism to a hold on some of the populace to commit crimes. The Authorities took their time to resolve these no haste involved. European Governments seem to abrogated the safety of its pitiful remaining Jewish populace in favour of the Aggressive Arab “victims “.

  • Eve

    And the whores in the French Parliament saw fit to recognize a Palestinian state.

  • Elle

    Unable to view comments.

  • Is this just another example of rogue immigrants behaving like their anti-Semitic gene pool demands. Or is this the venom spilling over from the same group and poisoning .French blood?

    It is only 73 years since France was collaborating with the Nazis shipping its Jewish citizens to their destruction in “The Camps”. What’s changed????

  • It should not surprise French Jews that violent anti-Semitism still exists in France. Latent and manifest is still a marginal subject in academic circles and popular culture alike. I wrote about my own belated education here: (There are links to all my blogs on anti-Semitism, which is often linked to misogyny, a point lost on many if not all analysts of the subject.)

  • It should not surprise Jews living in France that they are in danger. The full extent of latent and manifest anti-Semitism is still a deep dark secret. See The blog has links to all my blogs on the subject, even connecting anti-Semitism to misogyny, which is rarely done. That seems appropriate for the rape reported in this column.

  • This is nothing new in France, killing innocent people, Jews.
    The French collaborated with the nazis in World War 11 and now they condone attacks against Jews.
    Au Revoir Paris, I will NEVER visit again.

    • Adrien

      Liesbeth, Thanks to pull whole France in same bag because of this news.

      Sure what happened is horrible, but compare it with french collaboration during 2nd WW is more than stupid.

      I m french and I am also more than disappointed with what happens in my country, but do such judgement as your…, you are the stupid one.

      Please buy a better brain or stay at home front of TV, you ll feel secured and happy, but please stop to write on internet. it s an insult to intelligency.

    • Harry Houdini

      Its time for US Jewry to use their economic influence( Tourism) to send a message to the French Government. WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR TOURISM INDUSTRY WITH OUR DOLLARS if you continue to turn a blind eye to the rise of anti-semitism in your country.

      Jewish social and religious groups need to band together to HONOR THIS BAN. We have the POWER to inflict some injury to their Tourism industry. Lets use it. Also, WHY DOESN”T APAC use its considerable INFLUENCE with our Congressmen and women to exercise pressure on the French Government.

      I hate to say this BUT we cannot stand by and let this situation continue. And it will !!

      • Ifnotnow When

        The Jew haters don’t care about your money. They may tolerate you for a time, but they don’t welcome you. They won’t cry when you leave. They won’t miss you when you’re gone. Even if there were not one Jew left in Europe, there would still be Jew hatred. Ironic that it was a Frenchman who wrote, if the Jew did not exist, the antisemite would create him. I have the highest respect for those courageous European Jews who make Aliyah.

  • Milton Batalion

    Where are the comments?

  • Tony Rice

    As in so many European countries now, Muslims in, Jews out. And I hope those countries are made to pay the cost of their cowardice, which is what they are engaging in by not adequately protecting their Jewish communities. There are even no go areas in Sweden where Muslims have set up road blocks and only allow in those they approve of. Even the Swedish Police will not challenge them, spineless wonders. I am not aware the UK currently suffers from the same conditions and lets hope the UK citizens and Authorities clamp down hard on any similar Muslim behaviour.

  • The Government of France has, like most Western governments, made the truth illegal, and therefore impossible to deal with.

    If one Jewish leader could stand up and say:

    “A staggering amount of violent antisemitic acts are taking place in France and by the Islamic community, motivated by doctrinal islam. All Jewish people need to arm themselves and get training and be prepared and we can stop this through vigilance and strength” this problem could be stopped.

    But no one is allowed to speak these truths, some of which have been true since the time of Mohamed, and the fact of the efficacy of self defence is an eternal truth. Yet not only can it not be said, most Jewish community leaders are too busy peddling sanctimony and showing off their multicultural credentials to even believe it themselves despite the preponderance of evidence.

    This makes what is happening to the Jewish community in France as much suicide as it is murder.

  • Shocking and disgusting. I wrote that it looks like a “Crusade” is in the making if this continues to gain momentum againts Jews and Cvhristians alike.
    As an “ecumenical Catholic”, I am in solidarity with thejewish Coimmunity at International levels. I will not stand by in silence while part of the humanity is torn apart and battered by hooligans, either islamic jihadists or common criminals. – My upbringing, bonded friendship with my “jewish classmates” and many other friends, force me to be in solidarity with you all.
    Here in Venezuela, I was fortunate to break thenews when “The Caracas Hebrew School” (Escuela Hebraica) was raided by local police on heckling purposes to coincide with Chavez´s visit in Iran.
    I have an agricultural project here once these local hooligans in Venezuela are overthrown and erased.

  • robert sklar

    The new immigrants to Israel will need homes. Israel must prepare for the future with accelerated building in Gush Etzion and E-1!!!!!

  • Nothing has changed since Vichy

  • Billy Bumps

    Leave France……it is now under Islamic control….get
    out while u can and take all of your assets with you….if
    France will not stand up to the muslims then let the muslins have France….Germany, Spain etc. are either
    there or are close to muslim control…..

  • Sallo Cerginer

    To be in shock is not enough.
    It was already expected.

    The jewish comunity needs to take firm
    reaction against the rapers, the rapers family
    and the french society.

    This last one has always raisef the Human
    Rights Flag, Socialism but they didnt never want
    To care the Jews one.

    The French Society is coward and their History
    Proves itself.

    Jews , leave this poor country . Make Aliah !

    Sallo Cerginer

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Time for Jews to leave France. Let the French non Jews of left wing ideology chock with their Muslim countrymen,

    • Ariana

      For sure will happen. Already France lost a lot in every area.

  • judorebbe

    Coming to America, soon.

    • Absolutely on target. I was at a local supermarket to get prepared for the Sabbath and a store clerk was remarking that America should cut off all funding to Israel! I guess he didn’t know what a kippah was as I was wearing one. He commented that when he was in Iraq serving he was shot at by Israelis! My son Yossi fought 2 tours in Iraq with the U.S. Marines. To my knowledge there were no IDF in Iraq. Correct me if I’m wrong. Makes me wonder if the storeclerk even served in the military. The muslims just put up a new mosque in my little town in Florida. I fly an Israeli flag along with the American flag and check daily to see if I have any graffiti painted on my home. Antisemitism is here in the US too.

  • Lorelei

    I can´t visualize the other comments, BTW.

    • Emily Winters

      43 years ago, when I was 15, I thought it would have been very cool to visit France. I hadn’t been overseas yet but all three of my older brothers had been. When I approached my father about visiting France, he replied: “The French are Anti-Semetic. You can go to Israel.” Well, Israel was a much better idea. And my dad was right. And every year Anti-Semitism has gotten progressively worse. It scares me. I think Jews are much safer in the U.S. but we are not immune here, either. I worry about another Holocaust. The world hasn’t learned a thing and history repeats itself. I wish that every European Jew would leave and make Aliyah or come to the U.S. Let all the muslims remain in Europe and multiply. Already Mohammed is the most popular name in Europe. Sharia law, Honor Killing, rape, murder, terrorism, rioting, no more freedom, no more pate de foi gras. Pas De jambon. Pas de tout. Everything halal. Virulent Neo-Nazi Anti-Semites will either have to convert to Islam or be beheaded, and all female members of their family brutally raped then murdered. I hope every Jew leaves France, and Europe and let it become part of the Islamic caliphate. What would my father say today? Probably, “I told you so.”

    • Jews throughout the world must be vigilant, aware of their surroundings and any suspicious activity.

    • Mandrake

      I can’t either. How many years before Islam is the predominant religion in Europe?

      • Islam is not a religion…as Churchill said: “Mein Kampf was the new Koran”…Of course he also wisely said: “Islam in a man is as dangerous as rabies in a dog”.

      • kRIS kRISTIAN

        First the Jews. then the Christians.

        good luck to those French bastards who voted for a PA terrorist state next to Israel.

        It will happen to the Christians in France and other countries which voted for a terrorist state


      • kRIS kRISTIAN


      • Genesis 16:12, Ishmael descendants: “He will be a wild-ass man, his hands against his brethren & his neighbors”. A true prophesy even today.

      • Ariana

        Will never happen. If will that will be the end of this planet. Technology will rapidly decline and population increase at such terrible rate that all of us surely die.

  • `Bob J

    Time for all of us to ask our Jewish leadership to speak out to the French government, and to ask our Administration to speak out on this and on so many other issues dealing with Israel and anti-Semitism. Call the White House at 202-456-1111.

    • Michael Fox

      Call the White House??? Your kidding. It is the White House (President Obama) who opened the gates of hell upon the Jews. This past summer,he turned against Israel defending itself against Hamas terrorists intent on destroying Israel and killing Israeli Jews. He and US Secretary of State Kerry condemned Israel, consorted with Israel’s sworn enemies and refused to give Israel needed military resupplies. From there, Europe took its cue, legitimized anti-Semitism and the rest is history.

      • maurice leiser

        Take a breath, dude….Israel’s #1 supporter in the world is the USA…don’t take my word for it…get your facts straight…

    • JC

      And you’ll probably get a recording, “dial “2” for Spanish, “3” for Arabic”.

  • Lorelei

    “No information was provided as to the identities of the suspects”. And yet, anybody can guess they´re Muslim. And they´ll be right.

    Is there a description of the thugs who attacked the brothers?

  • Susan

    Absolutely disgusting and repulsive behavior. The book should be thrown at these thugs.

  • renee greenberg

    It’s 1938 in Europe. All Jews living there must leave! Until they do, they must carry a weapon & get training. In the USA we have conceal & carry permits. I never leave my house or go to synagogue without a weapon.I lived in Paris in the early 1970’s & being an American I was used to wearing my star of David . When other Jews warned me not to, I replied- For this my father fought in WW2?I won’t visit or live in a place where I can’t wear my Jewish star or my Israeli tee shirt.
    Jews must form a neighborhood defense group & patrol around.

  • The writing is on the wall. It is time for the entire Jewish community to leave Paris and France in general and head for safer climes like the USA, Canada, Australia, or Israel. Now is the time to get out of the cesspool called Europe.

  • art frank

    Savage anti-Semites whether muslims or christians poison existential threat to French Jews. The only answer is for Jews to make aliya. In the meantime they should arm themselves and when attacked or threatened by the human excrement in france, they should kill the vermin.

  • Isaac Waterman

    The Arab population of France is showing their real face and the French government does not show to be able controlling them. Only one solution I give them: Send all Arabs back to where they came from. They will ruin you country and the name of France.

    Isaac Waterman

  • Wm. J. Levy

    “Never Again!” That’s what the Jews say in reference to being victims of a Holocaust.

    I say “Why Not?!” because Jews are always so weak.

    Use your money and power if you have any and track down these Jew haters and show them what Jews can do to their haters.

    It must begin now and you just can’t run away again.


  • James Bertram

    I hope that more than just the Jewish community in France is shocked by such vicious attacks . Governments must react strongly to such savagery !

    • Adrien


      not only the jewish community is shocked in France by this attack.
      Yes in France there is historical anti semitism (lyon university)
      Yes in France antisemitism grew up last years because of some muslim communities.

      But France is (fortunately) not only made of fascists and muslim extremists.
      Most of people in France leave in peace and don t like hate.
      Government ever condemned such barbaric acts.

      People writing about french collaboration during II WW should have a look at history of their own country before criticizing, I m sure they will find some periods not famous…. (even now!)

  • and my tweet dose not need to be re written by you,or changed,or any of your moderation.

    • Steve

      There; fixed it for you:

      And my tweet does not need to be rewritten by you, or changed, nor does it require any of your moderation.

  • I hope the auothoritys have enough senece to put these putz in jail and through away the key they are a danger to society,and the media has abused its power by making accusations they can not prove until a complete investagation if it was race or ethnic motivated or religion.These people no mater who they are,are a detrament to society,they hurt,kill steal and destroy.

    • Big Boy

      You sound like the fools in 1939 who put their trust in the “authorities”. The same French Authorities who rounded up Jews for their Nazi paymasters to send to Auschwitz.

      If you can not (or, God forbid, will not) protect yourself then your lack of spine is the cause of your misfortune.

      There is an old American saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Seems to be true in France too.

  • Marc

    This is absurd. All French Jews should leave the country before it’s too late.
    Let’s see how France does with the brain drain that will be created by this exodus.

  • just proves that the world needs Zionism, being a safe place for Jews, free from persecution.

  • Arthur Toporovsky

    Is the nationality or heritage of the attackers known? Two were captured, so clearly there is some reason that their background is not mentioned at all.

  • I wish they would all come Home. We cannot pretend that somehow life is safer for them here. Har Nof speaks to that. But we can assure them that they would be surrounded by family and our own army and police force, and that their lives matter here, very, very much. Come Home, mes amis et frères!

  • Bernard Ross

    the french encourage these attacks by voting to recognize the Jews killers in YS.

  • Robin Benoff

    My favorite location, Paris, and Providence are by far off my list so sadly due to m onsterous Antisemitic Muslims prowling France to a attack, kill, and terrorize the Jewish population who has contributed so much to France, unlike their murderous
    Terrorizing demonic m onsterous ways.Why in hell would France welcome these savages is beyond belief.what reason wouldc any vCard reasonable country want robinbenoff these savages no matter how much oil money
    you bring! Wake up fellow westerners or your head will be on their chopping block (and truly needs examining)

  • Krav Maga is great. But not against 3 intruders with guns. Please. Get over this insanity. Jews, learn to defend yourselves with a firearm. Get trained and own at least one. Especially if you live in France – of all the stupid countries for Jews to live in – who just recognized a non-existent country called Palestine made up of Arab Muslims who say out loud that want to kill all the Jews.

  • Judi Pawliger

    The country of France just voted to recognize a Palestinian State..the country is Anti Semetic, and there is no way the Jewish Population can feel safe. I hope the Fashion Houses in France will feel comfortable designing Designer is their future!

  • Uncle Sam

    And under these circumstances the French Parlaiment votes to recognize a Palestinian State. Are there no lawyers or logicians left in France, for this is not only illegal but illogical.