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December 12, 2014 1:37 pm

Fury as Mention of Israel is Banned from Forthcoming Holocaust Memorial Day in Ireland

avatar by Ben Cohen

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The memorial hall at Yad Vashem: mention of Israel has been banned from a forthcoming Holocaust commemoration ceremony in Ireland. Photo: Twitter

A furore has broken out in Ireland after organizers of the forthcoming Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27 decided to ban any mention of Israel at the event.

“The trustees of Holocaust Educational Trust Ireland (HETI) have instructed the host of the country’s main Shoah memorial event in January ‘not to refer to the Jewish State or the State of Israel during any part of the ceremony,'” the London-based Jewish Chronicle newspaper reported.

The ban follows a similar bar imposed just days before this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day in Ireland, when long-standing host Yanky Fachler was told to avoid mentioning Israel, the JC said.

He reluctantly complied when his objections fell on deaf ears but, afterwards, complained in writing to the organising body, HETI – only to be told the rule will again apply at January’s event at Dublin’s Mansion House.

Six days later, Fachler received a letter from HETI chair Peter Cassells telling him he was being replaced after 12 years in the job.

“I felt like I’d been hit very hard in my stomach,” Fachler said. The HETI decision “plays directly into the hands of everyone who doesn’t like Jews or Israel and I find it very sad that apparently the two Jewish members of the board did this,” he said.

The JC noted that Alan Shatter, a Jewish politician and former Justice and Equality Minister, “emphatically denied” that he had asked for Fachler to be sacked at a meeting with HETI to review the Holocaust commemoration event.

“I’m concerned that board members of HETI have been influenced in how they’re approaching this issue by the hostility towards Israel in some sections of Irish public discourse and by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement,” Shatter told the JC, after describing Fachler as an “outstanding” Master of Ceremonies.

Indeed, in his address to the 2014 commemoration ceremony in Dublin, Shatter specifically pointed out that “Holocaust denial is the favorite sport of some, in particular in Europe, and in the Middle East. It is the first cousin of those who still see Jews, for no reason other than they are Jewish, as legitimate targets for hate speech and random violence and of extremists who would, if they could, bring about a second Holocaust by the extermination of the 6 million Jews who today are citizens of the State of Israel.”

HETI’s website currently carries no mention on the ban upon mentioning Israel at the January 2015 commemoration event. The organization continues to promote a July 2015 seminar for Holocaust educators at Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem.

Maurice Cohen, chairman of the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, said: “This decision is both reprehensible and unacceptable to the wider Irish Jewish Community and is at complete variance with the stated aims and objectives of the trust. The community is horrified.”

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  • Pablo

    Why is Ireland even commemorating this?

    The Irish Race have nothing in common with a tribe so treacherous as those Edomites calling themselves jews that are squatting on Palestinian land.

    The Irish detest these Edomites.

    Go away, we don’t want or need you here thieving from us.

  • Aaron Aarons

    How about having, in connection with the memorial, an open forum on Israel and Zionism in relation to the Holocaust? How about a discussion of how the ZIonist movement, and David Ben-Gurion in particular, prioritized getting as many able-bodied Jews into Palestine as possible over saving Jews from the Nazis? How about discussing the Kastner affair, where the chief Zionist agent in Hungary helped the Nazis peacefully send hundreds of thousands of Jews to Auschwitz in exchange for their helping a few thousand favored Jews leave for Palestine? I could go on.

  • German U boats refuelled at Irish ports during World War II, this was because Ireland was anti British. So it is logical they were anti Semitic. Anti Israel is simply another form of saying this and avoid being labelled anti Jewish.

    • American

      Your logic leaves much to be desired. Remember that there were many Jewish soldiers in Hitler’s armies.

    • Martin Gleeson

      With respect Murice,No German u-boats refuelled at Irish ports….absolutely untrue,
      If you know different,please tell,any reference whatsoever.
      There is unfortunatly little understanding of the real threats to Israel in Ireland. Sections of media have been manipulated into not seeing both sides,tend to side with “the (aparrent ) little guy”.
      With the slaughter in Syria the threat is however becoming quite brutally clear. At least in Israel a woman can watch a volleyball match without fear of getting a year in jail.

  • Ingaz

    I looked at HETI’s web site and there’s a statement: Statement from Holocaust Education Trust Ireland

    “There is no ban on mentioning Israel at the Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration in Ireland. Israel will be referred to and the Israeli ambassador has attended and participated in the ceremony since its inception in 2003 and will do so again in January 2015.” So, what is it? Did they cave in under the protests (if there were any protests, that I doubt very much) or they’re simply lying? Would love to know the truth. We have now more and more KAPOS betraying Jewish people and Jewish state. We have Holocaust survivals marching in the first raws with murderers and anti-semites demanding punishment for Israel; we have the entire continent (Europe) starting again the war on Jews – and now we have the Jewish organization forbidding the mentioning of the Israel! This is really sickening!

  • Sandy Phipps

    I am NOT Jewish and I find this appalling. How could anyone fo such an ignorant and ridiculously stupid thing considering all the Jews went through during the Holocaust. Six million of their people were exterminated like animals or worse entire families destroyed without any lineage left hone forever! Women, men and children experimented on with horrendous torture and left forever scarred. You people sicken me to death. I despise the very act of your weak and spineless actions. The world is so afraid of the Muslims today as they were in the 40 ‘ s of the Nazi’s. You are gutless morons.

  • Larry

    How the Irish forget the Jewish contribution to the fight of independence from Britain. Robert Briscoe was one of the first members of the independence movement and commandeered a ship full of weapons at the end of World War for the IRA. Briscoe was a loyal citizen of Ireland – he and his son held a seat in the Irish Parliament (Dáil) for over 70 years; both Briscoes served as Mayor of Dulbin. Robert Briscoe, at the request of the Irish Government, spent many months touring the US in the mid-1950’s as a good will ambassador. Both Briscoes were grand marshals at various St. Patrick Day Parades.
    However, the Irish Government was technically neutral during World War Two but leaned towards the Nazis. When it was learned that Hitler committed suicide before the war ended, while the Battle of Berlin was still a street to street battle, the Irish Prime Minster Éamon de Valera went to the German Embassy in Dublin and signed the condolence book.

    Am I disappointed? I experienced first hand the anti-Semitism of Irish American students when I attended public school in Brooklyn. And it was the worst on Mondays – the day after they attended Catholic church and received hatred from the mouth of their priests and nuns. It should be noted that the Pogrom of Limmerick, Ireland, of 1904 was instigated by the Catholic church; therefore one can easily understand from where Irish anti-semitism stems.
    The following steps are needed:
    Israel recalls its Ambassador from Dublin
    Stop buying products made in Ireland (the few which are exported as Ireland manufacturers very little)
    Don’t travel to Ireland.

    • Martin Gleeson

      With respect,Ireland did not “lean toward the Nazis”in WW2, thousands of Irishmen fought the Nazis (as volunteers).
      The “condolences” on the death of Hitler were more about relations between DeVelera and Sir Winston Churchill,who was for all his greatness a lifelong British Imperialist. DeVelera (irish Prime Minister) was actually appalled at Hitler and Nazism. Ireland’s neutrality was actually meaningless as it had no significant military assets. Holland,Denmark were neutral also.
      When it looked like Germany was winning the war,(when it mattered) DeVelera supported Britian’s efforts. Many of the British and Irish papers fron this time are still held secret . This leaves much fertile ground for misunderstanding.
      Of your experiences in Brooklyn I can only say the Irish don’t have the world rights on jerks.

      • Martin Gleeson

        Ps. Calling the ugly incidents in Limerick a pogrom is very questionable.
        Please look it up and make up your own mind.

  • Doug Craig

    Three Irishmen and a Rabi walk into this pub..
    The Rabi leaves in disgust.

    • What, Dougie, did he spot you?

    • “Three Irishmen and a Rabi walk into this pub..
      The Rabi leaves in disgust.”

      So when you say, Rabi, is it the village in the Czech Republic or the physics problem you’re referring to?
      Or did you perhaps mean rabbi? Wait, I think there is a crop in India, called the Rabi crop.

    • Judah Soledad

      Three HETI officers, obviously Irish men (two Gentiles and a rabbi) walk into a bar in Dublin. They’ve come to decide how to handle the ban on mentioning “ISRAEL” at this year’s commemoration.

      The senior Gentile guy says, “We’ll flip a coin to see who buys the first round.” He flips it, lands on the counter, smacks it down with his ruddy right hand. “I say heads the rabbi buys first.” He pulls his hand away, it’s tails. “OK I buy the first round,” the younger Gentile HETI guy says. They get their shots, down them, then Gentile Number 2 pulls out a coin, flips it, smacks it down as it clinks on the counter and says, “This time tails the rabbi buys.” He pulls his hand away and it’s heads. “Damn lucky, my rabbi friend” and he buys the next round. They down the shots, now it’s the rabbi’s turn to flip. He pulls out a much larger, thicker coin and flips. It lands on the counter with a thud and doesn’t move. “What the flippin muck, is that real?” both the Gentile men say. The rabbi replies, “Of course IS-REAL, which is why I divest it for you.”

      • Much better. Thank you.

  • Bill Kelly

    They embarrass me, being of Irish decent. But have no doubt, there are plenty of us who are staunch supporters of Israel. Really!!… remembering the Holocaust without making mention of the people persecuted in that, whom God has delivered to the land HE chose for THEM.

    • American

      Less and less each day. Do you have any sympathy for the Palestinians?

  • Aviva-Roth Sucher

    We are living in truly dark times, when Islamists are seen as victims, and Israel is vilified. Jews and Christians should not allow it to be forgotten that they came from the land of Israel, thousands of years ago, long before Islam came about, and have lived there continually. The Jews of Europe were told to return to their home in Palestine. Many did, and joined their relatives in their ancestral lands. No mention of Israel is absurd, PLEASE boycott if this rule is left in place. Aviva Roth- daughter of Auschwitz Survivors

    • Martin Gleeson

      May I heartily agree with you Ms.Aviva-Roth Sucher. If such a rule exists this ceremony deserves to be shunned . If ?.

    • American

      Perhaps you live in a cave but Israel is murdering babies and women. Should only Jews be allowed to steal other people’s land?

      • inge

        Well we can see you were not in line when brains were given to people..Get some education moron, then you dont talk so much crap!

        • American

          Look in the mirror, genius.

      • fanya

        Who is talking!!! Ask the Indians. And in case you do not know, The Jews had their two states in ancient Caanan two thousands years ago when Americans and Palestinians did not exist yet.

      • The JEWS Are Not the Murderers !!!

        Congratulations, You are one of the Most Uneducated.
        . If you Hate the JEWS, then through away your Cell Phone & Computers, because they created the techonogly !!!

        You have to HATE Yourself in order to HATE Others.
        Your DAY will come when You will have to answer to GOD why You HATE His People.

        You WILL NOT be able to Justify Your Answer !!!
        You WILL NOT be allowed to Enter The Gates Of Heaven !!!

        You best Learn and Practice GOD’S LAW – The Ten Commandments.

        The JEWS Are Not The ENEMY !!!

        When The Enemy comes to Cut Your Head Off, it won’t be a JEW !!!


  • There once was a Jewish world in Eastern Europe that included not only a people, a culture, a language and a faith but also a sense of belonging to a nation that had survived for thousands of years. That nation is for the most part lost but, in a tinny country of the Middle East, there is still a surviving portion of this seed which has grown strong and become the Modern State of Israel. Some people cannot cope with the concept “strong Jews”, they are only willing to give us mercy if we remain weak.

    • American

      The real Semitic people are the Palestinians. European immigrants do not count.

  • Yaakov Watkins

    The very illogic of this decree demonstrates that Antisemitism and anti-Israel is not a reasonable or logical. We cannot understand these beliefs logically. We cannot effectively oppose these beliefs with with appeals to reason.

    Just as we had to look to other causes to understand clinical depression and we now understand that it is an medical problem rather than a psychological problem, we have to look at other possible causes of antisemitism.

    • American

      The real Semites are the Palestinian people.

      • fanya

        Dear so called “American”. For your info there are no such people as Palestinians. It is Arafat’s invention. There are Arabs who live on ancient Jewish land. in 1948 the United Nations determined that everyone who lived in Palestine for two years are considered refugees who left Israel. And Arafat, the biggest terrorist and the best in the art of deception made the entire world to believe that he, who was born in Egypt is the Palestinian and represents those Arabs who came from all over the Middle East in quest for work. Please, know your history before making your statements. And as far as the Palestinians are the only Semites: The Jews and the Arabs have the same Father Abraham for the Jews and Ibrahim for the Arabs. Two brothers Isaac and Ishmael were born to Abraham or Ibrahim. Please read Torah if you want to know who is who.

        • American

          You are one of the few ignoramus who claim that. Show me the Jewish race, please?

  • David


    Time to boycott Ireland!

    • Barbara Hochberg

      I used to like the Irish People. Israel was born out of the Holocaust. How could they do this.

    • Aaron Aarons

      People like you should boycott every place, including especially Palestine.

    • Aaron Aarons

      It’s almost funny how Zionists will get outraged when people want to boycott either the state of Israel or Israeli businesses or institutions in response to the massive violence against Palestinians by the Israeli state and society, but will call for a boycott of a whole country when one institution in that country decides that it doesn’t want controversy about Israeli crimes to mar a memorial for victims of earlier state violence.

  • Leonie Lachmish
  • Leonie Lachmish

    I’d say it was unbelievable but nothing is unbelievable when it comes to hatred of Jews and Israel. Had there been an Israel in the 30s and 40s, the Holocaust would not have happened or at least not anywhere near the same dimensions.
    Jews and supporters of the Jewish People should boycott the event and arrange a highly vocal ceremony a few yards away at the same time (arrange police protection well in advance), with the Star of David flag flying high, wearing T-shirts with Hebrew on them and singing “Am Yisrael Hai!” as Jews remember OUR 6 million. They should hold posters saying something like “Had Israel existed in WW2, the Jews would have been saved” . I can guess which of the 2 ceremonies 6 million souls would hover over.
    Anyone who visits the Jewish Museum in Dublin can see that Ireland has nothing to be proud of vis a vis its policy towards Jews seeking refuge during the Holocaust. It slammed its gates shut and was complicit in the fate of the Jews, just like just about every other country in the world. Those who don’t want to mention Israel who are not simply nasty ignorant fools, are haters who are looking forward to the next 6 million but not Jews, heaven forbid, just “Israelis” (I’d say 8 million but 2 million Israelis are Muslims or Christians, on whom they wish no harm).
    Our thanks, appreciation and love as always to our many non-Jewish true friends in Ireland who are no doubt as troubled by this as we are.
    Am Yisrael Hai! The People of Israel Lives!

    • Martin Gleeson

      Ireland of the 1930’s has nothing to be proud of .. nothing !. Perhaps this is the most pressing thing we need to acknowledge in a Holocost Memorial. Thank you, for your appreciation of the friends of Israel ,of whom I am one.
      I don’t really want to say any more now. We must do better in future.

  • David Barrett

    May the ‘troubles’ be rekindled in Ireland as a punishment.
    The reason is quite clear . Certain members of Irish parliament were once terrorists [ and anti-Semitic to boot] and were given assistance and financial aid by the PLO in the past .
    They allowed PLO operatives to train in Ireland.

    This is pay back time in an outspoken anti-Semitic manner which ought to be condemned by all.
    Personally I would cancel the HETI event, tell the Irish where to get off and push any remaining Jews to pack their bags.!!

    • Martin Gleeson

      Many of the comments on here are surprisingly lurid. It may be remembered that thousands of Irishmen who were volunteers from Southern Ireland gave their lives in the defeat of Nazism. Ireland was a safe home to Irish Jewry during WW2.
      Please “less with the abuse”from this unessessary row.

      • rm

        Martin, Get real and stop living in the past. How else can you explain this appalling behaviour and how can you deny the fact that ruling elite in Ireland today are former IRA terrorists who were trained by and equipped and financed by Arab Islamic terrorists?

        • Martin Gleeson

          With respect rm, those former terrorists in our parliament are not “ruling elite”not yet at least. These are worrying times in Ireland I do admit. The government we have may be rather colourless. A coalition of decent middle-ground parties who have hauled this country back off the financial rocks,at a cost of leaving political space for the ex terrorists.
          The connection of Irish ex terrorists with Arab Islamic terrorists is I believe more of a “pose”than it might seem from Israel. There is,I promise you,no appetite for Sharia law in this country.
          I do wonder if the sincere hurt and concern aroused by what (I believe)to be overblown story might a reflection of Israeli anxiety at the meltdown across your region.
          I share the concern about creeping Islamisation in Europe. The best defence against must be secular democracy. As a friend of Israel,which I am,I simply think we should speak less aggressively.

    • Martin Gleeson

      The activities of Gerry Adams concerning the Palestinians ect. just may have more to do with distracting from certain investigations of his past than his concerns for “the oppressed”.
      Please do not assist in his smokescreen by taking any notice of him.

      • Yishai

        Not sure why Ireland, as a country, remembers the holocaust. If I remember correctly, Ireland was at least “halfway” between the allies and Nazi Europe. I know to make the distinction between governments and peoples. I’m aware of the relative good hospitality Jews got from the Irish people over the centuries, but as far as the Republic of Ireland is concerned, they chose the wrong side by deciding to be neutral (like the Swiss).
        Today, they are voting to establish a de-facto jihadist stronghold in the middle of the largest Jewish community in the world.
        Will they hold memorial ceremonies to the victims of that decision?

  • Ilbert Phillips

    My wife and I were going to visit Ireland. Ireland is off of my list of countries I wish to visit. I will spend my dollars elsewhere.

    • John Gleason

      Good riddance

  • Lev Aryeh

    Ireland is in stiff competition with Norway and Sweden to be the most anti-Israel country in Europe and the most uncomfortable place for Jews to live.. We’ve really walked through the Looking Glass when Poland is far more philo-Semitic than Western Europe.

    • American

      Stop murdering babies and stealing land and people might like you again.

      • inge

        And please stop talking all this idiot talking.. maybe you shhould get some education. Might be hard without brains but you cab give it a try

        • American

          What is “cab”. Learnt to spell genius. Ha ha ha ha

  • tom tuey

    Shame on Ireland for not raising a shout of
    “No Way” to this ban…..especially after all the
    years that the world suffered with the Catholic/
    Protestant….Protestant,/Catholic wars and death.

  • Doug Craig

    History seems to overlook the fact that Eire was a close ally of Hitler’s Germany during WWII.
    Nothing’s changed.

    • Robyn

      No, they were neutral, and no wonder they didn’t want to fight for either, Germany was cruel and England, well, England tried to kill them almost a century ago!

  • Doug Craig

    Saint Patrick’s Day should be celebrated as a Scottish Protestant day, with no mention of the Irish.
    He was born in Scotland though buried in the non-Catholic cemetery in Dublin.

    • Just to provide a little context, let me inform you that Mr. Craig has been rubbing his Orange hands together since he came across this thread, since his re-cycled anti-Papist rants are not even taken seriously by the Belfast Telegraph anymore. I note others have reverted to them as well, so perhaps he’ll receive a warm welcome. Next he’ll be going on about Boston and New York Irish-Catholics who supported the IRA, or perhaps letting you know that we’re not really Christians given that we worship the Pope and Mary and don’t read the Bible. Take a hint from the Catholics and Protestants in the North of Ireland, not all to be sure, but from those who have come to respect and learn from one another and who value peace more than sectarian loyalties.

      Here’s something that may give a feel for that. I commend it to you Mr. Craig:

  • Elliott

    Ireland – homeland of Samuel Beckett, becomes a living example of the theatre of the absurd.

  • Bruce McLaughlin

    What knuckle-headed reasoning. When one spits into the wind, it comes back on you.
    One could say, the organization made a “spit decision”.
    Sadly, spit will return to Ireland in some form or another, who knows?

    In any case, Truth stands on its own. Am Yisrael Chai.

    • Bruce McLaughlin

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      What does this statement mean?

  • Michael Mulcahy

    Yet once again my father’s country has shamed itself. He left in the 1920s during the Irish Civil War. At that time the Irish could make common cause with the Jews against the British Empire. It is a long, bad road taken since 1916. Perhaps when Scotland is finally able to leave the UK, Ireland could rejoin and take its place – plenty of room for more anti-Semites there.


    I am disgusted.
    I’m so glad I have not yet visited Ireland.
    Maybe o will boycott and invest and sanction Ireland and the Irish!


      Boycott and sanction Ireland and the Irish

  • Emanuel

    Disgusting, they should call it Ireland Remembrance day and remember when their people had brains instead of remembering something they clearly cant wrap their ale soaked brains around.

    • American

      Now who is being a racist? Suits you fine “Master Race” member.

  • zadimel

    I do not understand the reason for the failure to mention the Jewish State, the nation of Israel, at this ceremony. The tragedy of the Holocaust accelerated the creation of an independent Jewish nation in its ancient homeland. But the drive towards this accomplishment began about two thousand years ago. That they should deny this history raises the ugliness of Jew-hatred.

    • Harvey

      Its quiet easy to understand with a little background knowledge of those who instigated this grotesque action . Simply put , the PSC / BDS understand only too well the ties that bind the Global Diaspora to israel . If they can undermine this connect , they weaken Israel morally , financially and politically . The PSC have applied pressure to an already hostile left wing republican council to lean on HETI to remove reference to Israel which they in turn have agreed to do . One can easily imagine the committee meetings which took place in order to formulate a best practice strategy including watering it down so that only the MC omits Israel rather than the proceedings . They also came up with utilising the several As a Jews on the committee to fire the bullets thus providing cover against claims of antisemitism .

      So what now . In essence its incumbent on both the Jewish community and the Israel Embassy to distance itself from this sham event . It will send a clear signal to the antisemitic BDS that the Jewish community will not participate in an event which isolates and delegitimises Israel . As for HETI , the trustees should resign forthwith and HETI be disbanded . Replace it with an organisation that adheres to the principle of Commemoration and not one that has been effectively hijacked by antisemites for political purposes


    I say,
    Screw the Irish.

    Give them a whiskey instead. They are a lot of drunks.

    • You are a petty, small minded ignorant! There are many like myself who do much to keep the memory of what happened to the Jews of The Holocaust, because of the altruistic nature that is an Irish tradition!

  • Friedl

    Once again the world (Ireland in this case) plays into the hands of the antisemites. Once again the small groups of antisemites force their lies and opinions and warped perceptions of right and wrong on the world. The truth and the right to speak the truth are buried, distorted and don’t matter.
    Where is the worlds back bone. Where is the worlds voice and freedom of speech for the triuth. Why do we appease and lay down our right to freedom of speech and the truth for radicals and those who fear the radicals. Speak out and stand up, be counted and don’t be buried. If not now then when? If not now itomorroe will be too late. If not now it won’t just be ISRAEL today it will be all minority groups and non believers tomorrow. Make a difference while we still can. United we stand and have a huge voice and we can change the darkness into light.

    • Martin Gleeson

      Your comment sir,is a thoughtful one,unlike some on here. I do wonder at the response to this non-story.I believe there little basis to this story. Actually one of the best one volume histories of Isreal was written by a great Irishman.. The Siege,by Conor Cruise O Brien.

    • The message from The Holocaust is clear:

      Intolerance breeds contempt for all Human existence. 6,000,000 Jews of Europe found to their cost what we today must prove can no longer be tolerated.

      “..Willingly or not we come to terms with power ..forgetting that we are all in ..ghetto. ..that ..ghetto is walled in. ..that outside ..ghetto reign ..lords of death ..and that close by ..train is waiting.” Primo Levi.

      The terrible events in Paris have proved, alongside what ‘fundamentalists’ have set out to inflict upon communities worldwide, that the train waiting outside the wall is taking innocent lives to their death’s. We must act strongly, and with a combined effort that is inclusive of all those the fundamentalists insist they speak for, to resist the clamor for more and more Intolerance’s! Paris, where ordinary working people have since found out, and though the Train from the Jewish Ghetto has long since departed with its cargo of Jews, no other people, no one Religious grouping is safe from the intolerable accusation and resolve of Intolerance!

      The grist mill of The Death Camp has been removed from this newer arena and the experience gained by der Einsatzgruppe in the field has been utilized on the streets of Paris, Sydney and wherever innocent people strive to live peacefully with their neighbor! For me, The Holocaust Survivor holds the key, not simply in the requirement to Survive in the cauldron of competing hatred but in their ability to afford us a solution as to how to persist against such indifference to Human life! The message of the denier will not win through! Intolerance’s such as yours will be linked to what happened in Paris as a warning to those who see the difference in people as intolerable!

  • By the way St Patrick was British and cooincides with another pagan festival. I read in a local newspaper how a woman uncannily beautiful had been alive in the household fireplace because the villagers believed she was a fairy! Further more many women and children have gone missing, one man a possible suspect can refuse to have his land dug over due to some ancient Irish land law! Bodies have been in the bogs of not just IRA victims but also others. Most of Irelands midlands are endless miles of bog and perfect killing fields and burial. When a dry summer arises bodies are uncovered left in perfect condition since bogland is an excellent preservative.

  • The Irish nation is not only stupid and thick it is also arrogant. During WWII due to the fact that Germany was UK enemy many Nazi’s escaped to Ireland. The IRA purchased weapons from Libbya and other terrorist organizations. Sein Fein leader has been cited in child sex abuse scandal. Not to mention dozens of Catholic Priests. In the Irish roman catholic church calender there are celebration refs. to Paganism. For example 31st October is Samhein, Beltain in Spring, mid summer is celebrated with bonfires. People are married under celtic pagan law by a Druid. How can we expect backward Ireland to be any better than palestinians. Now property prices are falling even further due to mega mosques going up in galway and dublin. There are few well educated Irish and those that are have left backward Ireland long ago. It is difficult to be Jewish in Ireland one must celebrate in the home over festivals and as for buying Kosher it is virtually impossible. Ireland is so backward the last PM was bribed plus a number of others to sell out Irish West Coast Oil to Saudi’s who of course have funded mega mosques. No doubt the Irish will all become Muslim once ISIL steps in which is likely within the next year. I have deliberately used lower case in some instances to show my absolute disgust of this virtually pagan country.

    • Martin Gleeson

      Ms. Leijonhufvud,
      In Ireland today only hippies get married by Druids.It’s actually an increasingly secular country. It bothers me also that there is a larger Moslem tham Jewish community in Ireland.
      It’s more to do with our bust economy than anything else,also young Jews find a wider pool of marriage choise elsewhere.
      Unfortunatly there is no known oil off our west coast,only one substantial gas field owned by Shell,who are not Saudi Arabian. I believe very few Nazis escaped to Ireland ,most went to larger countries where they did not stand out. Werner von Braun( architect of America’s space programme)had a rather murky past. Ireland is not an anti-Jewish country,I wish we had a larger Jewish community.

  • Gavin

    The holocaust was committed by European Nations, and supported largely by the majority of European people, who either stood by and watched, or as in Poland, Germany, Italy and many other European nations, happilly took part. How therefore can these same perpetrators be allowed to continue the work started by the Nazis in today’s times, by assisting the Arabs to destroy the reborne Jewish State of Israel, which is the home of the largest Jewish population. Hopefully the world will see this sham for what it is.

  • Lammie

    The July 2015 seminar for Irish Holocaust educators at Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem should not take place. People who disallowed mention of Israel will not be moved by what they see at Yad Vashem – they will probably gloat.
    No Jews should attend the ceremony in Ireland. Every Jew remembers the Holocaust much more than once a year. The frail old lady who sometimes sits next to me on the bus has a number tattooed on her arm. She remembers the Holocaust more than once a day…..

  • Martin Gleeson

    Actually rereading this story it seem to me that there is”less to this than meets the eye”. It is a fact that the State of Israel did not exist at the time of the Shoah. If it is to be properly remembered it is as a mass crime of Europeans against other Europeans. The vast majority of victims being Jews but also handicapped people,Romany people,political and religious objectors to Nazism. The numbers of these others may be small but is acceptable that they be forgotten.
    Had the Third Reich been more successful in war,plans existed to ” eliminate” other ” lesser races” including the Irish (operation sea lion).
    While the early Zionists did anticipate something terrible happening for the Jewish peoples of Europe hardly anyone could have seen what happened coming,this I believe is something we must try to understand and remember.
    The people involved in the Shoah Memorial in Ireland are actually friends of Israel,please do not try to make a big story where there is none.
    Finally while not denying my country’s shortcomings a vast number of Irish volunteers fought with the British Army mainly ,(four VCs won in my county Tipperary alone)and during the murder in Continental Europe Irish Jews lived (as far as I know)unmolested under the protection of the law.

    • Harvey

      Poppycock . Stop whitewashing this disgraceful attempt to invoke a schism between the Diaspora and Israel . Had Israel existed during the Holocaust many hundreds of thousands of Jews might have been saved . Instead Europe closed its doors to the Jews and prevented entry to Palestine . Denying Israel a voice at a Holocaust Memorial Event is beyond words . An utter disgrace . It plays on the conscience of the Jewish community who are faced with a dilemma of withdrawing thus disrespecting the enormity of the Holocaust or disassociating themselves from Israel . Thus the community faces an appalling choice to make .

      However there is only one choice . The community , Israeli embassy and people of good faith must refuse to attend such a sham of a Commemoration , a grotesque parody . This will send a clear signal to the haters that the loyalties of the Diaspora cannot be tested in such fashion . Anything less is to concede our connection to Israel and a victory for the delegitimisers . Do not hand them a victory . Withdraw now !

    • Ron Temis

      Please don’t be that naive, this is not about HETI maintaining the purity of the event as relates to Holocaust survivors, this is pure politics of hate against the Jewish people.

  • Monty Lasovsky

    That’s because the Irish are doomed to eat potatoes for ever which causes Irish brains to receive to much starch causing them to become anti Semitic whilst trying to hide this trait from themselves and the world in general.

    • Robyn

      No, they are potatoes back then because the English took the rest of the crops! No, they didn’t support the axis, they were neutral!

  • david Jackson

    I was at the 2014 Memorial Day. The MC mentioned Israel on several occasions and the theme of the keynote address by the Irish Minister of Justice was that Israel today was under threat of a ‘second Holocaust’ from its enemies. The minister also mentioned that of the six million citizens of Israel today, many are descendants of Holocaust survivors. There certainly was mention of Israel in 2014 and as far as I know the issue was that the MC in his closing remarks wanted to state that the Holocaust was an attempt to take away the past and the future of ‘the State of Israel. The organisers insisted on ‘The Jewish people’ being substituted for ‘The State of Israel’ in this closing remark. Hardly a ban on mentioning Israel.

    • Harvey

      Nonsense . Don’t whitewash this blatant attempt to delegitimise Israel

  • Heather Lennox

    The Republic of Ireland appears to be unable to rise above their current political stand regarding Israel . The country should bravely acknowledge the compassion which must be in their hearts for the Jewish people with a determination to ensure the horrors of W.W.2 never occur again.

  • Robert Davis

    It is about time Israel’s most stupid politicians start to protest OFFICIALLY agains anti-Israel actions over the world. It is evident countries like ireland ARE WAITING FOR SUCH PROTESTS TO STOP THEIR ANTI ISRAEL MEASURES. As long as Israeli poloiticians will not protest in particular bu citting off diplomatic relations europeans will proceed on and on with more and more stringent anti Israel actions. Why should such countries not continue as long as Israel’s politicians do not protest strongly? should they make a more pro-Israel policy than…Israel? Every problem Israel has with the media and eu come from the fact they keep speaking of “occupation” : although it is wrong legally,politically and Historically why should they stop their LIES since Israeli politicians do not protest nor mention San Remo etc.and do not claim their sovereignty? netanyahou in particular never mentioned it and on the contrary accepted the principle of the 2 states. At the minute he accepted that stupidity PRESSURES INCREASED 100 FOLD! netanyahou should GO now!


    Holocaustul trebuie mentionat cu orice ocazie si in fiecare zi daca este posibil . Asta trebuie facut in memoria victimelor nevinovate care au murit numai pentru faptul ca erau evrei. Daca nu se aminteste de Holocaust care a fost adevarat, este pericol sa se repete. Tinerii si copiii trebuie sa stie ce s-a intamplat. Eu daca as avea putere de decizie, as introduce in cartite de istorie in toate scolile din lume sa stie toti elevii ce a insemnat Holocaustul : o mare tragedie si o mare nedreptate pentru populatia evreiasca. Pentru toate victimele nevinovate a Holocaustului, milioane de flori si un gand pios!


    What do you expect from a country whose contribution to civilization during the last decades has been only Prostitudes


    What do you expect from a country whose only contribution to civilization during the last decades has been only Prostitudes

    • Well, at least we’re not redundant.

  • judithg

    why in the world would there be a holocaust memorial in ireland. the irish are virulently anti-semitic. they are nazi lovers to this very day. they hate the few Jews who live there and insult and castigate the even fewer irish lawmakers. it is a repulsive thought.

  • Mike P.

    Ireland had many if not most of its citizens favoring Nazi Germany in their hearts during World War II.

    Meanwhile, both the Jewish State and Ireland were both occupied by a common enemy, the United Kingdom.

    Oh, the hypocrisy.

  • Prof. Gerry Leisman

    The removal of Jews and the Jewish State from a memorial to Jews murdered in World War II (not everyone – just Jews – after all it is not a WWII memorial but a Holocaust memorial) historically should come as no surprise. Ireland maintained a public stance of neutrality in that war. Ireland did not close the Nazi German and Japanese embassies in Ireland and Ireland’s “neutral” head of state, Éamon de Valera, signed the book of condolence on Adolf Hitler’s death on 2 May 1945, and personally visited the Nazi German Ambassador to Ireland – Hempel, following the usual protocol on the death of a Head of State of a state with a legation in Ireland. President of Ireland Douglas Hyde visited Hempel separately on 3 May. Nothing more to add to the atrocious double standard of Irish terrorists and their double talking double standards.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Why such hatred?

    • I agree, and ask you in good faith: Are you speaking of this thread as a whole? If you are, I was wondering the same thing. It strikes me that accusation invites accusation. For instance, when one desires change, or wishes to gain allies, or change minds, there needs to be some sense of rhetorical nuance. When you, on the one hand say- “The reason you have done this thing we find abhorrent is because you are essentially and intrinsically abhorrent; your history is abhorrent; your country is abhorrent; your leadership is abhorrent-and by the way, you are a drunk,” too, it is hard to pay attention to the arguments. Nor do I discount the defensive Irish posture displayed on this thread. These posts do not address the issue either, they simply say, “Hey we’re not so bad.

      So, here is a suggestion for an Irish-American, with strong Irish ties, who is also a loyal reader of “Commentary.” Could someone supply some web links or books and articles to me, whose tone is more analytic and less tendentious?


  • David Goshen

    It seems that Ereland which suffered for many generations under British Rule which led to is break away at the beginning of the 20th Century .During WW2 Ireland remained neutral outside the war and enabled Ereland to trade with
    Nazi Germany allow visits of German ships and citizens during the whole war which was no doubt an advantage to Nazi Germany.The subject of the Holacast of Jews ,the worst in living memory of the world is obviously rather low on the Irish Agenda.The fact that Ereland remains completely silent on numerous other tragedies taking place in recent times like the Civil War in Syria with massive human suffering ,the wholesale slaughter of Muslims by other Muslims in Iraq,and other places,makes one wonder what kind of moral agenda exists in Ereland today!

  • kern

    It is very sad that well meaning people all over the world are ignorant of the efforts that Israel continues to make to attain peace and help establish a Palestinian state by leftist anti-Semites who daily spread lies about the fact that it is intransient Islamists who would never accept the existence of Israel who are using the Palestinians as the wedge in their war to destroy Israel. It is hard to distinguish between the anti-Semites and the duped, misguided do-gooders. However, I have found many people who expressed anti-Israeli views to be honestly confounded when I inform them of the danger Israel faces in the light of the slaughter of millions of Christians, Africans and other “non-believers” by Islamists.

    I respectfully urge the members of the Ireland Board in charge of the HETI Holocaust Memorial event to not allow themselves to be duped by the anti-Semites and reverse their dangerous and, to me, unacceptable position. relating to Israel.

  • Natalie

    Well, the community needs to do more than “be horrified”. They need to get their act together and DO something. First off might be to picket the ceremony, chanting “Israel, Israel, Jew, Jew” with signs that say “Proud to stand with Israel” and “I’m a child of the Holocaust”. Because we all ARE children of the Holocaust, even if not directly — those were our relatives that were murdered, even if we don’t have the records to establish genealogy.

    Second, the rest of the Jewish world should boycott Ireland, and encourage everyone else to do it too. Tell those who are so proud of their Irish descent to what depths their country has fallen.

    You know, the people who, in the late 30s and 40s KNEW that the black curtain of the Holocaust was descending over Europe talked their little heads off, but not many actually DID anything. How come that wasn’t done? Roosevelt was too afraid of the anti-Semites here in the US, and Britain was too afraid of offending the Arabs (Arabs are easily offended). People of conscience COULD have organized an “underground railroad” (maybe they did, but too little, too late), and gotten Jews onto the beaches anywhere in the world but Europe.

    Europe has always been an evil place for Jews, and more so now that they are becoming Islamized — if we don’t stand up for ourselves, no one else will. So if you have access to anyone in Ireland, get them moving!

  • Bro. Nick

    ‘Biblical CHRISTians’ should also boycott any such pseudo-Holocaust event that bans the mention of Israel and/or the Jewish people – whose eternal homeland is Israel.

    I personally will continue to:
    “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.
    Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.”
    (Psalm 122:6-7 [KJV]

    Shalom from Bro. Nick – a long time supporter of Israel and her Jewish and other legitimate citizens.

    • Aviva-Roth Sucher

      Thank you. Everyone should boycott this event if this rule stays in place. Aviva Roth, daughter of Auschwitz survivors

  • ArthurFliegenheimer

    The people of Uk,Scotland, and Ireland seem to have forgotten that the British Empire was in existence for 500 years during which untold amount of people on several continents were killed or enslaved .Now these holier than thou spend a lot of time knocking Israel.I see sharia law comi g their way.They deserve it.

  • steven L

    These Irish people are the mirror image of the Islamists.

    • “These Irish people are the mirror image of the Islamists.”

      You could not say this, were you not peering into the same mirror.

    • You are an idiot!

  • barry panensky

    I have a feeling that Irish eyes are not
    smileing. Barry

  • Fred

    Medieval Jew hatred still prevails in Europe is supported by Arabs & their Irish foot runners . Europe is going backward .Ireland has no guts to show by example. Shame.

  • Rick

    Weak kneed dogs are why people suffer atrocities. Stand and fight! Do not deny history. Speak history loud and and clear, otherwise we must live the past again. I wish I had a podium to shout from rather than my meek computer desk…I am saddened by people with the voice to be heard and yet they choose to be humble.

  • george forrai

    Israel should withdraw it’s ambassador in protest… It should also make a fuss in other ways (boycotting the events etc) to let other EU countries know this is unacceptable.

  • Ross Yerkes


  • The same happened with the white Southafricans who ,5 million in total, were boycotted by the same type of BDS-people and all protected by European governments. When the communists (ANC) took over, it was an end of a culture of hardworking and civilized people.No European country let them come in.
    Same tactics are used now: all copied from NAZI’s and Anti-Apartheid-agitators. Brace yourself,Israel, pray…

  • charles kaplan

    the people who decided not to mention Israel were they SOBER AT THE TIME?????

  • Werner Strasser

    It is easier to ban mentioning Israel than to ban antisemitism. I have to admit, I would do the same out of fear of the retribution from Holocaust deniers. Humans are controlled by fear, not by reason. That’s what makes terrorism so successful.

    • Martin Gleeson

      Your comment sir,is a thoughtful one,unlike some on here. I do wonder at the response to this non-story. The times we live in perhaps? We must not be “controlled by fear”,terrorism will not be successful.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    What is going on in Ireland and the world.

    Jews either be strong or be gone. How much more insult do Jews have to accept without lashing out and saying ENOUGH.

    Jews were among the greatest fighters the world had ever seen from Egypt, Greece and Rome. The Greeks and Romans hated us because we didn’t accept their gods and we fought them.

    Jews today are an embarrassment to their heritage and memory.

    Jews should tell their detractors and their own haters where to go.


  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Ireland should once again belong to England.

    • Robyn

      No Ireland should not, that country suffered a lot from the British empire! No, the only thing about Israel that the Irish probably know is from the Biased Broadcasting Channel, aka the BCC, they probably think that Israel is occupying Palestine, and when they think of oppression, they think about the past and then they get mad. They probably believe that Palestine is suffering from a Holocaust because they believe the Biased Broadcasting Channel!

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The Europeans use Holocaust memorials as a cover for their anti-Jewish actions in the present.

  • Barbara Zasloff

    I pray for my brethren in visible positions within their communities. “Hazak v’ematz”
    Be strong and of good courage …be not afraid.
    To speak the truth is our history.

  • aall55

    The bigger picture is the Islamisation of Europe . Erasing Jews and Israel are just a first step.

  • Mickey Oberman

    There it is. A new Muslim sect – al-Erin.

    I wonder if it will take them 1400 years to learn how to slowly slice off a human head with a dull knife.

    There may be some broken hearts when they are forced to give up Guinness for Camel P.

    Allahu Akpattie!

  • Reuven

    This is absolutely horrible. It boggles one’s mind! Shame on these anti-Semites!

  • Arias

    Good, since when has Israel got anything to do with the holocaust.. Mention of Israel would only incite hatred on holocaust Memorial Day which is intended to commemorate the genocide of those unfortunate Jewish people. It’s not a political event !
    Many Orthodox Jews are against the illegal occupation of Palestine
    By the zionists .. Israel is not representative of all Jews ..


    This is appalling. Someone must pay for this blatant misuse of power. Disgusting and Obscene!

  • Ron

    The Irish not only had a potato famine, it’s now having a moral famine.


    I have been in contact with the the person who runs the group Irish4Israel which everyone should support. They are doing an incredible

  • The honourable and proper name for Jews in most European languages is ISRAELITE, the name Jew is degrading and offensive. At any Holooust rememberence we should insist for every one to remember the murder of six million ISRAELITES

  • Martin Gleeson

    As an Irish person I find this nonsense embarrassing .

  • I thought of a trip there,emerald isle and all that. Now,they can go you know where.

    • “I thought of a trip there, emerald isle and all that. Now, they can go you know where?”

      “They?” Everyone? You see the problem, don’t you? I hope you go to Ireland and find friends who stand with you and make you feel at home. And I hope you get a chance to speak with Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland who worked together for peace. It was transformative for me to do so.

  • CGG

    What Gene said! In my mind it was like claiming to have a nose while not having a face. It’s a pathetic attempt to separate Jews from Israel, thereby hoping they don’t appear to be anti-Semitic. What a joke…

  • Harvey

    The Irish Jewish community along with the embassy must pull out forthwith . Let them hold a sham Holocaust Memorial Day without the cover of the community to Kosher up their contemptible attack on Israel . This is all about BDS strategy to instigate a schism between the Diaspora and Israel . Israel is diaspora and diaspora is Israel and the antisemitic haters will never succeed in their objectives but it needs the community to understand the BDS strategy and to deny it a victory . Of course its a difficult decision and places the small Irish Jewish community in a dilemma but if it does not draw a line in the sand over this , the haters will have succeeded and encourage them to carry out future attacks on Israels very existence .
    Pull out and leave them a shell of a Memorial Day . It will send a clear signal and make them think twice about carrying out strategies designed to split the Jewish community

  • EthanP

    I must agree with Bernard Ross. Mr. Fachler should have showed some backbone and refused to participate in this travesty.

  • David

    What would one expect. Belfast wrote the rulebook on terrorism. This is true to form….

  • yaakov ainoris

    I am half Irish and ashamed….ban this event or have it in Belfast where they support us. Crazy since Ireland is one of the few places in evil europe that never harmed or expelled us.See youtube Jewish communities of Belfast and Dublin.I think catholic rhetoric and thinking they should always support any underdog even when they are terror based and wrong. Move event or cancel.Let them invite in nice arabs like foolish france did…Shalom

  • Wolff Bachner


  • Wolff Bachner

    The time has come for Israel”s so-called leaders to realize there is nothing they can do to stop what is coming except to make sure Israel is strong enough to survive.

    There will be boycotts, sanctions, wars, terror and everything they can throw at us to annihilate the Jewish people.

    I will repeat; there is nothing we can do to stop the coming violence against Israel. If we were to offer to leave en masse, there is not country on earth that would offer us a new home.

    The only solution is to make Israel a totally Jewish state. Seal our borders, deport Arabs who support Palestine and all the leftist Jewish traitors.

    I would rather eat sand and please Ha’Shem then live my life as a traitor to Jewish Israel.

  • citizenstat

    Are these people barking mad?!? Israel is where many if not most of the Holocaust survivors took refuge. HETI pats them on the back with one hand and slaps them in the face with the other!

  • RobiMac

    How does one ban the mention of Israel when speaking of Israelites?

    Ireland has just proven that the US is not the only stupid nation on the globe. This ought to be interesting.

  • Julian Clovelley

    I understand it is a matter of respect not to draw the Holocaust into political arguments. The action of the Irish organisers of their memorial event might be questionable, but perhaps better respectfully ignored. They too apparently still have a lot to learn.

    What is important is that the appalling story of Nazi Genocide be never forgotten, that it remain a prominent part of our teaching of modern history. If the memorial event can assist in that, then it is a worthwhile and important function

    That controversy of this kind can even exist is a sign that we have failed in our responsibility to educate, and need to do better.

    Persecution and Genocide are assaults upon all of humanity. The Holocaust for all of us was an attack on our very being, Gentile or Jew – on every civilised human value.

    Every year when the sirens sound in Israel, they sound for all of us. For such moments throughout the year our differences should be set aside.

    Australia has a rather fine tradition in a group of its most popular clubs. For a minute or two every evening the lights are lowered and the service personnel who fought for Australia’s freedom are remembered. Everyone stands for this. It is an opportunity to explain to new generations the events of the two world wars. It is why as a nation we don’t forget.

  • Fair is foul / Foul is fair. We are living in a MacBethian world. Totally, topsy-turvy. One thing for sure: This
    foul action leaves a permanent mark on Ireland that recalls its sympathy for Germany during WWII, whatever its complaints about England.

  • mark smilovitz

    I am cancelling a trip to Ireland as I do not wish to visit a country with such animosity to Jews

    Others should do the same

    We should drink American Bourbon and NOT Irish Whiskey

    The power of the purse will educate them well

  • Liz Wagner

    If I were a Jew in Ireland, I’d make sure to organize a separate event where both Israel and the Holocaust will be mentioned and where Jews and anyone else on the Emerald Isle still capable of hearing the name of the Jewish state mentioned can pay proper respect to the millions dead, and the millions more living. I would try to get every Jew I could to stay away from the “official” memorial. Let the bastards see who, and what, they really are: Europeans who, even after the Holocaust, still can’t shake their hatred of Jews.

  • Shira

    Shame on Ireland! If I were the organizers of the Shoah Memorial I’d refuse to hold it, rather than accept being spat upon like this. Or, better, I’d just ignore this horrific “ban” and speak of the State of Israel (which I believe now has 7 million Jewish citizens, and about 1.5 million Muslim, Druze, Christian, and citizens of other ethnicities). Are the Jews of Ireland so afraid of whatever this “HETI” trust is as to be humiliated and intimidated in this way? Have they learned nothing from our history? Avoid mentioning Israel and hold a Shoah observance? It’s beyond absurd and awful to even contemplate their caving to this anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Six million of our people were murdered, including 1.5 million children, while most of Europe (and the US too) did nothing or collaborated in the Nazi death machine. Those Righteous Among the Nations who helped save Jewish lives at the risk of their own lives are honored and remembered at Yad Vashem in the state of Israel–new names being added regularly–together with the victims of the Shoah. If, as Maurice Cohen is quoted as saying, “The [Jewish] community is horrified,” then let them rise up and ignore the anti-Semitism and disgusting “ban” issued by HETI!

    • We approach a New Year with new commitment, new hopes and a renewed certainty that what has gone in the past should be reflected upon. We are urged to ensure that what we have learned are delivered without equivocation, with truth and honesty and that their lesson’s are taken forward! The truth will always remain the Truth and in that certainty, the Fact of The Holocaust will not be denied! Along with that certainty, I have a question! What is a thirty year time span in History? It is barely a jot on the landscape of all periods thrown together! Whether it is enough time however, to influence the course of our future, that matters to all only in so much that we have learned the lessons to be taken from the experience of its past!

      Always to Remember, Never to Forget.

  • Baba

    Ireland should be ashamed of itself, at least the organizers of this event. I suppose it takes one terrorist country that acknowledges another terrorist entity (Hamas & the PA)to distinguish themselves as facist and diseased minded people.

    Included is the fact that they dismissed Yanky Faschler for standing up to these morons. I would propose that these so-called men go and live in Gaza under the ruling of Hamas and the PA and live among the Palestinians for 6 months. I would then question their decision to support such a people and their human rights for the Gazans.

    Forgive me, but I hope that Ireland gets what it deserves when the Country goes down the road as a Muslim Caliphate and they can once again live among terror and death.

  • Kga

    Idiot Irish. As a child of a survivor, they should be banned from using the word Holocaust. My father would have wanted the event cancelled rather than go ahead with this farce.

    • Kga, my mother who survived the Warsaw ghetto never mentioned Israel because she and I are Bundists. The Zionist movement at the time broke the boycott against the Nazis and helped them in power so if Zionism is to be mentioned it should be the truth.

    • Sonia Willats

      You are so right! It must be cancelled. Don’t go along with the farce.

    • Anthony C Abela

      Don’t blame the Irish as in this case and a lot of other cases the Jews are their own worst enemies. In a way maybe the overseas Jews especially those who are really living like infidels, will sell out their own kind. May The Lord bless Israel.

    • Then you miss the point. Holocaust Remembrance should be enshrined in Law to ensure the need:

      Always to Remember, Never to Forget.

      Ireland must play its part in securing Holocaust Memorial Day is just that, a day we Remember the 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, Destroyed by hitler and his Nazi’s with such bigotry and hatred. A World’s indifference must not be allowed to go unrecognised either.

  • SB

    Conclusion, Israel will be mentioned, if otherwise, reports of a ban is in fact, true. Waiting.

  • NYCView

    Taking the HETI position to its evidently intended end, the following terms would also be candidates for exclusion from mention: Jewish, Jew, Hebrew, and Holocaust. Perhaps simply declaring an altogether different day, “Memorial Day,” for an altogether different reason, would also better address their concerns.

  • Herb Grossman

    This is very much in step with general attitudes towards Jews by the Irish, everywhere, including Ireland’s decision to remain neutral during World War II. What actually do they commemorate during their Holocaust memorials?

    • My name is Patrick Dempsey! I am an Author on The Holocaust of The Jews of Europe. I am Irish and speak for 6,000,000 Jews of Europe Murdered from a remit of 11,000,000 Jews of Wannsee which included 4,000 Irish People, because they too were of the Jewish Faith! My work can be found at:-

      I am always interested on what can Promote Remembrance of the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews and will continually seek out those who have a similar capacity to secure their Memory. I have recently visited Auschwitz/Birkenau and have Blogged my experience:-

      I have been countering much of what the deniers seek to conceal, The Truth, and am very conscious that we will never know the full cost to Humanity, to History, to us of the Catastrophe. But what I will always suggest, that while the 6,000,000 figure might not be a Certainty, we can NEVER rule out the awful fear that far in excess of that Number might well be concealed, confined within the terms of The Holocaust Murders of The Jews of Europe.

      So it is with Belzec, where I myself have sought to revise down from the 1,250,000 I assessed toward the 600,000 that seemingly is more acceptable to those looking for the Capacity to Murder that fully existed within each and every Death Camp and Camp. To that end, we look to newer Technologies to add to what We know is the Truth, but which can all too easily conceal the eventual detail of that Truth, hidden by numbers, accounts and a statistical analysis which will never be complete! Any assistance I, or My efforts can deliver, will be in furtherance of that specific need to Remember that 6,000,000 Jews were Murdered while we stood idly by and allowed for this to happen!


  • r. eluchans

    this is a shame for \Ireland and the EU for their anti-semitic sentiments.

    • American

      The real Semites are the Palestinian people, dope.

  • Gene Schwimmer

    How about a Saint Patrick’s Day parade where it’s forbidden to mention Ireland?

    • Linda B

      Gene-I could not have said it better myself-you make a great point! The world is so twisted these days, and the freaky’s are in charge everywhere-so sad.
      I stand with Israel, and pray for their people and PM Netanyahu to be successful in the fight against ignorance and hate.

    • Michael

      Saint Patrick was an Englishman. Look it up.

      • Martin Gleeson

        He may have been Welsh (son of a Roman centurion),who actually knows?.As a supporter of the Israel I find many of the comments on here far too general about “the Irish”,not your’s though. I really wonder how this micro-row gained such currency.
        My good wishes to the only proper democracy in the Middle East,… Israel.

    • Where’s Ireland?

    • Sonia Willats

      Good idea!

    • June Grant

      I like it, especially as our election date coincides with the celebration of St. Patrick. It is a fitting choice for the religion that instigated rampant anti-Semitism.

    • Uriel

      Right on!

  • P Kipnis

    Disgusting behavior and not unexpected given the organization’s only option is that the only good Jew is a dead Jew. Screw them and boycott the event and bold a proper event that day at a different location. Jews are committed to Zionsville and Israel. The three are inexplicably the same body.

  • Larry

    Who are the trustees and how did they obtain that position?

  • Bernard Ross

    Jews should boycott these fake euro ceremonies