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December 15, 2014 6:17 pm

Want to Know Who Funded the Artist That Defecated on the Israeli Flag? Ask European Governments, Says Israeli Watchdog

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Natalie Cohen-Waxberg with the American anti-Semitic propagandist Max Blumenthal: her "performance art" is backed by Zochrot, an anti-Zionist group funded by European governments. Photo: Twitter

Back in April, Israelis were horrified by the sight of a young performance artist named Natalie Cohen-Waxberg who turned up at Yad Vashem, the national Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, wearing a fake crown and intensely-applied red lipstick, and claiming to personify the “Holocaust.” For several minutes, Cohen-Waxberg screeched insults such as “Who provided the IDF its human resources straight from the oven?” and “I am the best thing that ever happened to the Jews!” at visitors to the memorial.

By November, that horror had turned to sheer nausea, when Cohen-Waxberg released a video of herself defecating on the Israeli flag – an artistic effort that this time landed her in court on charges of “desecrating a national symbol.”

But most shocking of all is the revelation that Cohen-Waxberg’s activities have been funded, in part, by foreign governments and agencies.

In her Holocaust video, Cohen-Waxberg is flanked by an actor playing the part of her bodyguard. In real life, the “actor” is Eitan Bronstein, the founder of Zochrot, a radical Israeli NGO which unconditionally promotes the notion that the creation of Israel was, for the Palestinians, a “Naqba” – Arabic for “catastrophe.”

As Israeli watchdog NGO Monitor has noted, in 2013, Zochrot, which vocally supports the BDS campaign against Israel, received a staggering $500,000 in grants from foreign donors, many of them church organizations who receive taxpayer funds from their national governments. Among the groups’ financiers are Oxfam in the UK, Trocaire in Ireland, the church-based ICCO from The Netherlands and Germany’s Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

In an article for the latest edition of The Middle East Quarterly, NGO Monitor president Professor Gerald Steinberg warned that the infusion of funds is enabling Zochrot to expand its activities, which include iNakba – described as “a new mobile app to help locate Palestinian villages destroyed since 1948” that was warmly praised by New York Times Israel correspondent Jodi Rudoren and other journalists – and such initiatives as its September 2013 conference in the heart of Tel Aviv promoting the Palestinian “right of return.”

“Most of this European public (taxpayer-based) funding is channeled through humanitarian aid agencies, which in turn redistribute the money to individual NGOs, including Zochrot,” Steinberg wrote. “This pattern of funding also reflects the central role of both Catholic and Protestant aid frameworks in promoting radical political agendas, in many cases mixed with classic anti-Semitic themes.”

“There is a direct and causal connection between increased funding for political advocacy NGOs, mainstream media visibility, and support for the distorted Palestinian narrative,” Steinberg concluded. “As a result of an increase in funds, Zochrot was able to go from a fringe group with virtually no impact to a major player, influencing others with its ideological and political perspective.”

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  • “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” – Thomas Jefferson

    I am praying that Israel (and America) begin inculcating this universal principle in their young people. Because if present trends continue – if “artists” and (insert profession here) continue to believe they are entitled to receive state support to propagate certain ideas – it will lead only to destruction.

  • charlie johnson

    This is the gift of civilization.These people know that the law allows protection for insults to the people of a land ruled by civil laws.They go to far extremes to insult the peoples who are so fair minded to their enemies.But time after time we see the kinds who inflict insults get into power.Often it is communist and we have nations who are totally respectful of leaders like those of North Korea or Cuba.It is amazing that a small bullet serves the requirements of civility in the lands of the happy campers.

  • Julian Clovelley

    Like the Occupation and Settlement’s and the promotion of a mythology to justify political and territorial actions aren’t “promoting radical political agendas”?

    Zionism is in no position to criticise anyone, one-sidedly, in such terms.

    As for the eccentric silliness described here – who cares? There is a dirth of quality art in all fields from painting and sculpture to cinema, architecture, music and literature. The performance arts are particularly awful

    I sometimes go to art openings, but mostly only to meet friends, drink champagne and nosh on the caviar and smoked salmon

    “Art”? – I don’t think so

    • charlie johnson

      “I sometimes go to art openings, but mostly only to meet friends, drink champagne and nosh on the caviar and smoked salmon” I used to operate a jackhammer busting concrete and stop to open a can of sardines to eat with crackers.One day.I thought that there are some folks living high on the hog and never laid a hand to a shovel nor an axe to get blisters ,Nor sunburned in the hot Texas Sun working for minimal wages.I look around and see black fellow citizen working right beside me and later in Vietnam I look at another nearby with a heavy pack and a rifle strung over his shoulder hacking away at clumps of large vines hanging on big trees .He shares his canteen of water with me and i give him a puff of my cigarette . I never got a chance to ask him who told him I hate him. I only know that someone did and they did it for a reason,,,,,,

    • American Artist

      I think I speak for most of the readers when I say “who cares which art openings you go to?”

  • charlie johnson

    Some people stand for a cause,Some people stoop for a cause.The leftist have a long tradition of degradation of any party that they represent.Being obnoxious is their idea of bringing justice to their cause.But it has an effect of making more enemies for people that they claim to represent.Most of these fools are highly educated by a process that vacuums any small bit of common sense they had at the beginning. Many consider their perversion a high form of art.

  • She should thank her lucky stars that she’s female. A dude doing that would be beaten to an inch of his life.

    • Josh

      Am not convinced gender should even come into play here.

    • Emma

      She is mentally ill

  • Asad Jamil

    “radical political agendas” “classic anti-Semitic themes”

    Whats wrong with calling it what it is? “Fighting for human rights”

    • ken brownsher

      Sure just like Muslim countries have Human Rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fool look at your own kind that hate everyone that is different. Hell you Muslims kill each other
      without care.Take care of the crap in your own backyard.

      PS Islam needs to be taken apart. NOW.

      • Crabs

        We don’t hate everyone, just cretins like you.

    • H. Zemel

      Okay. So next week I’ll be coming to Gaza to defecate on your flag! It goes both ways, idiot.

  • Enezio E. de Almeida Filho

    What a shameful desecretation!

  • Cheryl Mavrikos

    The REAL Nakba, or catastrophe, is that such a self-loathing, vile and disgusting creature was ever born. A pity she isn’t taught a lasting lesson by “those” who share her hatred for Jews and Israel. She may yet have that opportunity.

  • Yael

    wow! Another proud moment for her mother.
    Probably have been a lot of those don’t you think!

    • ken brownsher

      In a Muslim country this Troll would have been diced and sliced.

      • Crabs

        Ken, you still here you cretin ?

  • Debra Malinsky

    I’m certain this is a starving artist. Doesn’t take a lot of talent to deficate. She has no class, fewer brains and makes up for it with a mean nasty looking face. Her parents must be so proud.

  • Jack Johns

    Send her and her boyfriend to fight with Isis….and I hope that she will learn from them how a woman should be treated….

  • Sylvia

    Hitler would have put them both in the ovens
    What is their point? Another pair of self hating
    twisted minds with funding and encouragement

  • Leta

    They will feel like this until they are attacked by Muslims in Europe.

  • cityca

    Ugly is, as ugly does.

  • It’s in their eyes.

  • Blanche

    That is disgusting. Glad I never give to Oxfam etc.

  • Jeff levy

    Fame and outrage go together.

  • Naomi

    Israel needs to blame ck the funding

  • I have no words. These people are reprehensible beyond any words I can use. No insults are strong enough for them. They are just too despicable.


    Have any of these people had a psychiatric evaluation lately? They sound as though they might benefit from lithium.

  • Trish

    and Sicko Natalie is much beloved in the Aryan press: — so the Eurotrash are thrilling their Right wing while paying our Left wing to destroy Israel.

  • Robert Davis

    These european foundations are financing terrorist propaganda against Israel and I cannot understand why the Israeli govt.of netanyahou keeps refusing to ban them or at least give them huge fines so as to take away rtheir funds! Why should european governments ban these antisemite foundations if the Israeli govt. does not threaten to break relations if they do not stop these terrorists’ actionbs? netanyahou is SIMPLY DOING NOTHING AGAINST THEM WHICH IS DOWNRIGHT COMPLICITY. If Israel’s PM does not defend Israel’s interests why should OTHERS DO IT FOR ISRAEL? this is all netanyahou’s fault.Or maybe Likud should not be considered a right wing party!

  • this story defies belief. And is very frighteningly in its implications for the enforcement of rabid hatred onto Israeli life and sensibilities by the laundering agencies involved. Can ISRAEL lay criminal charges upon Cohen-Waxberg?

  • Jody omogy

    True art would have been if she was made to eat her own fertiliser. These self hating Jews play into the hands of anti Semites all over.
    My Father, ZL, was right, if a Jew is a nar, an idiot, there is no bigger.

  • Mike P.

    Israel should criminalize Israeli NGOs that accept foreign government money.

  • jo

    A “church” that comes into the arena against Israel needs to review the Bible and understand how God loves Israel, His chosen people. Shame on them and the governments for continuing their funding as a church. They are fronts for governments seeking to defame and destroy Israel, not true churches.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Ms Cohen-Waxberg, that raised finger could be very useful to you.

    Sit on it and rotate.

    • Crabs

      Maybe you could sit on it and rotate too ?

  • Mickey Oberman

    The Jewish people throughout their history have provided far more than their share of brightly shining stars to enhance humanity.

    I guess it is inevitable that an occasional bad seed would crop up.
    Fortunately bad seeds rarely propagate and almost always rot and decay in short order.

  • Justina

    This loser, and her demented boyfriend should be sent straight to jail, and on top of that, put them in the jail section with the Arab male prisoners. That would be their just punishment.

  • Natalie and Max are classic “Useful Idiots” No matter how much they “suck up” they cannot buy love from the Jew-haters they now represent. At some point they won’t be safe.

    The Europeans funding them will soon be in the cross-hairs of Muslim anti-West hatred. Islam is the dangerous iceberg Europe ignores.

    Meanwhile, it is the Jewish nation that protects Christians – but “Useful Idiots” are blind, deaf, and dumb to actual facts.

    • Martin Gleeson

      I am glad that you quote V.I.Lenin’s words so aptly,useful idiots indeed.I do hope the donors get a copy of this video.
      What,I wonder,would happen to these “artists”in any other part of the Middle East?,(no prizes for the answer).
      That they were dealt with properly under the law shows the importance of Israel to the region and world.

  • mika

    The churches involved and their affiliates in Israel should lose their tax exempt status. Not only that, the Israeli gov should heavily fine these churches for fraud and breach of trust. Of-course, none of that will happen because the “Israeli gov” is not the Israelis’ government and everything will continue as is.

  • Kerry Berger

    Sheer disgust and what an ugly mouth full of teeth this individual has. She need braces and her mouth washed out with soap and water.

  • Leo Toystory

    Just to note that nobody should confuse the ugly, deranged and untalented pos Natali Cohen-Vaxberg with the beautiful and talented actress Natalie Cohen who has appeared in a great number of films and TV programs.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    I’m a huge fan of chainsawing here in half on YouTube.

  • Claudette

    She’s a nutjob. Presumably demon possessed. 🙂

  • Rabbi Yakov Lazaros

    Nebech an ugly mixed up girl.