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December 28, 2014 2:14 pm

After Failed Attack in Jerusalem Hamas Releases ‘How to Stab Jews’ Clip (VIDEO)

avatar by Dave Bender

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Hamas stabbing instructional video. Photo: screenshot.

Hamas stabbing instructional video. Photo: screenshot.

After a failed stabbing attack against two border policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday, Palestinians have published a training video entitled “How to stab right,” Israel’s NRG News reported Sunday.

In the attack, which took place after Muslim prayers, one officer was stabbed in the neck, and the other in the hand. Both were treated for their wounds in a Jerusalem hospital and are recovering.

The attacker fled after scuffling with police after the failed attempt.

“This was a serious event in which police officers were injured. The Jerusalem police will find the assailant,” vowed District commander, Maj.-Gen. Moshe Edri.

In the video, which shows a masked instructor holding a knife and a masked “victim,” the assailant demonstrates how to stab in order to cause maximum injury to the victim.

The instructor displays several knife attack techniques, including twisting the knife to inflict maximum harm, and how an attacker can quickly stab and flee the scene.

The YouTube clip became an immediate hit among Palestinian Facebook and Twitter groups in Jerusalem, and the West Bank.

The video ends by urging viewers to carry out similar attacks: “What are you waiting for? Go out and stab.”

Hamas, in the past, has used such video clips as psychological warfare tools intended for Israeli audiences, including one exhorting, “Rise up and carry out attacks,” to martial Arab music. Unfazed Israelis, however, quickly layered on mocking soundtracks, including a capella versions and even one interspersing clips from the Lion King animated film.

Watch the graphic clip. There is no gore, but some viewers may find the intensity disturbing:

[iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

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  • aziz

    It can also done by sioniste ?? there is no indication that is from hames !!!!

  • When is the world going to wake up and learn that the Palestinian people want one thing and one thing only.
    Terrorize the Israeli people and when they finish with us they will terrorize the world. There is no desire for peace, a 2 state solution and living side by side. They want us dead or to become Muslim. No better then Isis and the rest of them. So- as the bible says- an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. You come to kill me- I am sure as heck not going to hold out my second cheek.
    Beware all you fanatics-there are two sides to this coin.

  • Chiedodzie

    Whoever has Ban Ki Moon’s personal email address should send him the weblink of this video. Silence is connivance.

    • Sandra Bo
      (But I doubt it will mean anything to him.)

  • Tony Rice

    AoL would not allow this article to be opened/read so I had to forward it to another e mail address of mine which enabled me to read it. Why would AoL prevent it being read. Not as though this article is an exception, are they pro Arab or anti Jew, or both?.

  • Yale

    This video should be “Exhibit A” in an Israeli diplomatic initiative to declare the Palestinian movements international outlaws. The video is designed to teach Arabs to murder Jews, but the same technique works for anyone seeking to kill anyone else, and that makes it a threat to international peace warranting UN action, maybe even under Article 51.

    When, note, not “if”, the UN fails to do anything, the next step should be to introduce a motion declaring that it is the sense of the UN that murder is no longer a crime.

    The purpose of this is to embarrass the non-Muslim members into recognizing where siding with the Palestinians has gotten them. In essence, taking the side of the Palestinians has resulted in people who should know better being unwilling to stand up for the continued existence of civilization.

  • Fred

    This must bring joy to Man Ki Moon. His Arab charges taught to murder as good bandits according to the good book. No outrage from Ban Ki Moo or Obama on the contrary benefits pour into Gaza second round of tunnels.
    Is there no end to perfidy ?????

  • Luigi Rosolin

    The various state, EU, UN in general should fill shameful on supporting the Hamas and the Palestinians’ in they ideology of hate and massacre against the Jews. The stabbing by Islamist Palestinians and in general as is happening around the world is a clear indication that Islam cult is now mostly in control of the one that call to war Jihad against all.

  • I well understand your concern Sofia, however there are endless amounts of videos that have shown actual beheadings, stonings, and all of the atrocities that these evil beasts commit…I’m thinking/hoping/praying that a few people might see these real time videos… and maybe, just maybe, it might open up a few of their eyes… shake them up…it’s downright pathetic to see just how many there are who haven’t a clue as to what is going on, I see this daily on Facebook… I truthfully can’t imagine any of these beasts not knowing how to kill…it’s in their blood.

  • Joel

    Why are you helping people know what these savages are planning?
    Why the free publicity ??

    • Scott Ely

      Because they are championed around the world as victims not aggressors that’s why!

  • dante

    abbas and hamas (and, it’s true that they are not the same) have raised a generation of murderers. abbas and hamas have deluded themselves into thinking that they can control the poison that they have developed and spread but they are very much mistaken…the people who will suffer most will be the very people on whose behalf they purport to act.

  • I do not entirely agree with some of the comments above.Israel is always in contact with these hammerheads but seems not to foresee their next move.Why?
    Can we not upgrade the training of the the border police to a notch higher….may be to paramilitary standards with emphasis on hand to hand combat like Mossad does?Or does that sound extreme?

  • Krumby

    I think that this should be disseminated far and wide within Jewish communities. Where i grew up the Christians had an expression ‘the sword cuts in both directions’ meaning that when a principle or a behavior is used against one, the tables can just as effectively against one’s opponent. Their brief flick has not only taught Arabs how to stab Jews, but in turn they are also teaching Jews how to stab Arabs. They should be warned that we can do this to them just as easily.

    • Yale

      Yes, we could, but we won’t. That’s what makes this a problem.

  • Alan Kennedy

    Israel would be within it’s rights to publish a video on how to shoot suspicious looking “Palestinians” who come within arm’s length

  • charlie johnson

    How to murder videos are great teaching tools and every nation should take pride in the education of their citizen to prepare them for a bright future . Any fool can pick up a hammer and nail a house together.Or bend metal into machinery. Our future lies in the blood of those who would dare to offend our intelligence and great wisdom.Besides if we are the best of killers we need not resort to building material things.We can just take anything we find useful.

  • Ellen

    Absolutely disgusting. This is the product of sick sick sick minds. But, I agree with Sofia, this is teaching far more than Hamas followers how to kill. U-tube needs to be petitioned to remove this video ASAP.

  • judithg

    this is specific incitement to murder. anyone responsible for the production and distribution of this murderous offense against civilized society and those who support it, fund it, defend it, should be liable for prosecution.
    on the day that Jews take no prisoners this will end.
    no giveback on dead bodies of arab murderers, firebombers and rockthrowers. simply throw them into a hogpen or pigsty and let the pork sort it out .

  • Those are definitely Lethal Blows delivered ambush style with intent
    To kill. I think any one involved with the
    Making of that video, especially if in fact they are inciting
    Murder, could and should be charged.

  • Rich Kirschenbaum

    Were this video issued by a Jewish group advocating the murder of Muslim civilians, the International community would be aghast. As information goes it’s nothing new and can be found in any military manual on combatives.

  • Paul Cerar

    What the terrorists are really doing is instructing and encouraging fascists in the Free World to engage in lone-wolf attacks at random.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Bill

    The Green Prince had it right. In the next confrontation with Hamas finish them. They have declared themselves as implacable enemies believe them and treat them accordingly. If you don’t it will cost Israelie live especially out sons and daughters. Third own people seem to be fodder for the aimes and hated for Jews.


    Has Ban K Moon seen this?

    • dante

      and what difference would it make if he had seen it or does see it? he does not care. he’s an accomplice, an enabler of the terrorists.

      and, the morons that condemned Israel for “Protective Edge”? they, also, do not care…for now. but, when it gets up close and personal for them, they will care, very much. that’s personal. when they find out that “hey, I hate the Jews as much as you do; I’m your friend” doesn’t work, it will be too late…too late for apologies…too late for “I didn’t know”…too late to save them.

  • RobiMac

    All I want to know is when will Bibi rid Gaza of the evil within?

    • Cymbalak

      How do you sugest he does that?

  • JewZealander

    What these Hamas morons don’t know is that the Israelis have already got instructions on how to confiscate terrorists knife and shove it where the sun don’t shine- it’s called Krav Maga.
    I think every Jew should wear a stab vest and carry a hand gun. Although a better, long term solution would be to bomb the “palestinians” into oblivion and eject the Arab fifth column from the state.

  • peter bando

    What a disgrace this Hamas are. The trouble in Israel they have to round these people up not go half way as you are dealing with noneducational people.They are building tunnels
    again with funds from all over the world and Stupid Israel is giving them building equipment to repair buildings but they are using the equipment and materials for tunnels. Israel should hold a lottery “guess when the next war”
    There is no answer except continues wars.

  • Howie Subnick

    Sofia Bain, it is time for you to wake up! More Jews will know how to protect themselves when they see this video. EVERY JEW in areas where ISIS is roaming the streets should be trained in the use of small arms. Noticed I said trained. You don’t just buy a pistol/revolver and think you have the upper hand. YOU MUST BE TRAINED IN ITS USE! Things are not getting better, they are getting worse. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! Start protecting each other. There must be a company that trains civilians to use firearms. Find them and use them. God Bless You All!

  • Jane

    why are you giving them more publicity?

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Israel better change its laws which means imposing the death penalty on those who murder innocent men, women and children.

    Kill a Jew and you get a scholarship fund or Seeds For Peace. Start giving the Arabs real grief when whole families disappear forever.

  • Dante

    Hamas=NSDAP, this is all to say about this video. And all its supporters like the BDS people are Nazis, too, even if they are Jewish themselves.

  • steven L

    Still our President and the antisemites are fervent supporter of Hamas!

  • Suzanne Blade

    Hi Sofia,

    I really would rather not see these evil acts performed either. However, I am glad we see their instruction video, so we may learn proactively how to respond. It gives us a chance to prepare. Just as in martial arts the instructor trains students to anticipate and react accordingly, this gives us a chance to prepare. Suzanne

  • nelson marans

    Incitement to terror and murder of innocent Israeli citizens is a self-defeating tactic by the Palestinian Authority. It only makes peace and any concessions on the part of an Israeli government less likely. Israel recognizes the duplicity of the Palestinian Authority, whether it be Fatah or Hamas, and will never consider this terrorist entity a partner for meaningful negotiations.

  • Sofia Bain

    Why are you showing this savages’ video on how to murder innocent people. This will expose it to all the hate mongers and now have a lesson on how to kill.

    It’s a very sad day, when all one sees is how to murder, behead, rape, and other atrocities. These monsters don’t deserve the name of being called animals. Animals are definitely better. Far better.


    • Eve

      I agree totally.

      • Alan Kennedy

        Me too

    • Rich Kirschenbaum

      This can be found in any military combative manual, so it’s hardly anything new as information goes . It should however serve as a reminder where these people are coming from. To those countries that advocate a Palestinian State regardless this should as an index as well but its significance will be ignored. Were this issued by a Jewish group advocating the murder of Muslims, the world would be aghast.

    • Bullfrog Europe

      Gruesome ..