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December 28, 2014 4:25 pm

Israeli Journalist ‘Horrified’ After Interviewing ISIS Fighters About Bloodthirsty Terror Tactics

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Foreign jihadis fighting with the Islamic State terror organization. Photo: Twitter.

Israeli journalist Itai Anghel said in a radio interview last week that it was “horrifying” to hear about terrorist tactics and their graphic details described to him by captured ISIS fighters he spoke with while in Iraq and Syria.

Anghel spent a week in each country, staying in the Kurdish-held territories to report on ISIS for the Israeli television show Uvdah. He interviewed ISIS fighters captured by Kurdish forces about acts they committed as members of the terrorist group, including beheadings, as well as their stance on Jews and Israel. Some of the captives were blindfolded during their interviews with Anghel and none of them knew that the reporter was Israeli.

“One of them said that he deliberately uses a knife which is not the sharpest knife because he wants the beheading process to take longer and to inflict more pain and more suffering on his victim,” Anghel told Israel’s TLV1 Radio this week about his conversations with ISIS militants. “And you hear it and you see his face and he’s absolutely cold and technical in the way he’s telling it. It was something beyond any logic… Even with all my experience.”

Anghel, who was once an editor for Israeli Army Radio, previously reported from Croatia, Bosnia, Pakistan, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Egypt and Tunisia, among other places. He has visited Iraq four times and Syria twice. He told TLV1 Radio that during his trips he met James Foley, the American journalist who was captured and then decapitated by ISIS fighters in August.

When Anghel asked the ISIS militants how they felt about killing people, one said he was apathetic while another replied that he felt joyous because “I was killing infidels.” Anghel said the militants go through a very intensive brainwashing process of Shariah, the Islamic law, and they come out on the other side truly believing that God wants them to kill infidels. He told TLV1 Radio “they feel very complete with themselves.”

Contrary to what many Israelis believe, ISIS was not created specifically with the intent of destroying the Jewish state, Anghel told the radio station.

“Israel is one of their targets but it’s not their main target,” he said. He explained that an ISIS militant told him “we have to kill anyone who captures our lands. You did it, so you deserve to die.”

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  • In the first paragraph we read:
    “Some of the captives were blindfolded during their interviews with Anghel and none of them knew that the reporter was Israeli.

    At the end of the article we read:
    “Israel is one of their targets but it’s not their main target,” he said. He explained that an ISIS militant told him “we have to kill anyone who captures our lands. You did it, so you deserve to die.”

    If none of the interviewees were aware that the journalist was an Israeli, how could they have said “You did it, so you deserve to dies”???

    • K

      It’s not mentioned in this article but the journalist eventually revealed that he is Israeli.

  • This is a fake report no such inte-View was taken this is scripted. As media is the most powerful weapon on this planet because it controls mind of masses, they are using media to manipulate our path our religion

  • R

    They shouldn’t be so confident. Israel will not hesitate to wipe them from the face of earth the moment they attack.

    • nadeem

      You are a fool, you think Israel can wipe them its impossible. Yes Jewish are inhumans and they don’t hesitate to kill, but now it will be over if the actual Islamist will step forward. Israel will simply die In this twenties as it was born in 1941 after ww2. Can’t win on us

  • Islam is a religion with political component

    • “Islam is a religion with political component”.

      NO, Islam is political with a religious component.

    • fwoody

      Islam does not have a “political component” it IS a political system that stands to support Shariah Law. It is a political belief system that rules every aspect of life, not a religion.

  • Ragai Mitry

    They are simply copying what Muhamad, founder of Islam, did.
    He murdered many, simply for writing poetry against him. Om Kerfa was in her 90’s. He had her split in 2 by 2 camels pulling apart, then beheaded the corpse and had it paraded in Medina for people to see. He ordered the killing of many others who simply wrote poetry against him. Example: Asmaa Bent Marawan, who who breast feeding her infant daughter, Kaab IbN Al Ashraf.

    The evil is the core life of Muhamad, the butcher of Arabia.

  • SanMan

    One person like me in a high position of power is all it would take.

  • SanMan

    Ill never understand it myself they have the tools in there toolbox but are unwilling to use them. Just bomb the population centres until they unconditionally surrender — it worked in ww2 and could work today.

  • arjun

    I support Jews and Israel. Chase them from Jerusalem. Don’t be spineless

  • Einheit kurdischen Volk Israel im Nahen Osten aus dem Herzen..Should the Kurds and Kurdistan Jews form an alliance Israel on Israel to help the Kurdish people we need Massad and the future and after Israel needs a friend there on a border on Israel Arab, Turkish and Persian wants to erase Israel, we the Kurdish people with you forever with Asraal friend

  • Maurice

    We must believe this – before it is too late to do anything about it.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Sadly so many especially young one had been brain wash and still happened even in the western world under our stupidity that ignore the danger of such cult that is Islam. The cult should be banned as contain clearly guidance that are against western human right.

  • Paddy Erasmus

    Isis the God of Israel neither slumbers or sleeps

  • I do not doubt a single word of what the Anghel says.We are facing a people imbued in islam and imbibing a lot of hashish,opium and quat.These are not people but crazy mental deranged islamist.If you doubt it have a closer look at any next to you…soulless after all genetic make up is incestuous from their marital codes.Do you expect anything human from all these factors combined.The solution is not subdue but destroy this menace.

  • Helena

    I never thought they want to kill Israeli’s because they are Israeli’s, even though Jews are the worst of all people according to their Qoran. It is stated in their sharia that any centimeter of “their” land cannot be taken by anyone. If it is, then they will fight it and there will not be peace until they get it back.Their land also means land which they took to start with . This is why Andalusia is on their list of territories to be conquered back.
    Brace yourself for the unending war!

  • I don’t get it: The article says “none of [the ISIS captives interviewed] knew that the reporter was Israeli,” but then the final sentence reads “an ISIS militant told him ‘we have to kill anyone who captures our lands. You did it, so you deserve to die.'”

    • elleci

      He asked a general opinion about Israel, as anyone is entitled to

  • Leo Toystory

    You gotta love a religion that gives psychopaths an excuse for their vile mischief.

  • The Islamic State is arguably the most virulent form Islam since the 7th Century. Only a credible use of force can stop it. And we sorely need statesmen with uncommon courage to defeat the Islamic State.

    • arjun

      They follow Muhammed example

  • shloime

    why are the americans “going slow” on fighting isis?! why has the white house announced a policy of “no boots on the ground”, instead of a policy of “victory”? and why have american trained and equipped groups, like the yarmouk brigades defected to isis, taking their american weapons with them?

    and why hasn’t america thrown its support behind an independent kurdistan, when the kurds are the only non-jihadist, pro-western normal bunch in the region?!

    • Bettyann

      Unfortunately, our president and his administration are pro-islamist. Many people believe that Obama is a muslim, he is certainly a muslim sympathizer; his cabinet crawls with mulsim brotherhood. But more, he is a pacifist, a very weak man who thinks only of his legacy. Very many Americans are fully frustrated by him and his cowardly policies both here and abroad, as he aides the enemies of free peoples and tries to subjugate our allies. It makes me weep to see the Kurds fighting alone, and little Israel regularly demoralized by this president. Presently we are in a fight for our country internally, as this president dismantles our military, stokes racial strife, and has broken our own law hundreds of times, the last being to legitimize the invaders who have swamped our liberal system with the diseased, the illiterate, the illegal. Evil has awakened under this man, just as it did under Chamberlain. We need bold leadership here and everywhere, to stamp out ISIS. Regular Americans are with you. Our prayers are with you, even in our betrayal by this president and his staff. May the good Lord be with us all.

  • ISIS is a virus that must be destroyed! Killing COPS must be stopped here also as we would fight Ebola!

    • fwoody

      Stop killing COPS and start killing ISIS

  • art

    where is the outcry?? Where are the “humanitarians? HRW? etc

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Stop loving our enemies and destroy them as they would you and your families.

    They have to start disappearing like Unit 101.

    They can make bombs and use computers but they are still primitive and it shows in their eyes/

    They might be our cousins but we have nothing in common with them and their religion is a sham. Mohammed was a rug salesman and he sold over a billion of them and they pray 5 times a day until they have to buy a new one.

    Time to destroy our enemies before they destroy us.

  • charlie johnson

    They are strange beast.They can not create new things.They come to destroy and murder.They will come upon a city that people built with their hands and knowledge of their minds.Even though these fools have not laid one hand in the building they want to rule the city.Not because they have a desire to make better things for people but because they are committed to replace creation with fear of death and injury . These kind of minds we are told are placed among us to inform us of the desires of the great creator of all things.If a moron can be nothing else ,He can be dangerous.

  • steven L

    Beyond madness because it is induced by people who believe that they have one sane brain cell left. This is iatrogenic insanity.

  • Bernard Ross

    the last sentence contradicts an earlier one.
    Perhaps Jews will wake up as to what they are dealing with as thereis little difference between IS, hamas and PA

  • Michael Perloff

    I doubt that southern Europeans even realize that this means they’re targeted just like Israel and for the same reason.