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December 29, 2014 11:56 am

Belgian Doctor’s Refusal to Treat Elderly Jewish Patient Heads Wiesenthal Center List of Anti-Semitic Outrages in 2014

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Demonization of Israel was a central theme in 2014's anti-Semitic outrages, according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Photo: Twitter

2014 was a “year of unprecedented explosions of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hatred,” Jewish advocacy group The Simon Wiesenthal Center declared, as it announced its list of the ten worst anti-Semitic and anti-Israel incidents over the last twelve months.

In a telling sign of the degree to which anti-Semitism presents a threat in Europe, the majority of the incidents described took place in European countries ranging from Belgium to Hungary.

At the top of the list is the shocking story of a doctor in the Belgian city of Antwerp who refused to treat a 90 year-old Jewish woman who’d broken a rib. “Send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she will not feel pain anymore,” the doctor told the lady’s grandson, Hershy Taffel, who later filed a discrimination complaint with the police, when he sought assistance for his grandmother on August 1.  “It reminds me of what happened in Europe 70 years ago,” Taffel told the Joods Actueel newspaper. “I never thought those days would once again be repeated.”

The Wiesenthal Center also noted that Belgium was the site of the deadliest attack on a Jewish target this year, when a terrorist murdered four people during a gun attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May.

Next on the list is the decision of the Jordanian parliament to hold a moment of silence for the Palestinian murderers of four worshippers and a Druze policeman one day after their November 19 attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood.  “I ask God to envelop them with mercy and to grant you with patience, comfort and recovery from your grief…” wrote Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour to the families of the terrorists.

In third place was the invasion of a Jewish home in the Paris suburb of Creteil at the beginning of December. “Tell us where you hide the money, you Jews always have money,” one of the assailants demanded of the young man in the house before they tied up and raped his girlfriend. In his condemnation of the attack, French President Francois Hollande commented that the assault targeted “the greatness of France that finds itself wounded, damaged.”

Fourth place is given over to the infamous “Toiletgate” scandal in Germany, involving the popular leader of the Left Party, Gregor Gysi, the American anti-Semitic propagandist Max Blumenthal, and an obscure, Israel-based ‘filmmaker’ David Sheen. Both Blumenthal and Sheen had been scheduled to give a talk at the German parliament under the auspices of the party when Gysi, alerted to Blumenthal’s demonizing of Israel as the reincarnation of Nazi Germany, elected to cancel the event. After he was spotted in a corridor by Blumenthal and Sheen, Gysi was chased into a bathroom by the two activists, both of whom were ranting hysterically, and forced to lock the door for his own safety.

“By stoking obsessive hatred of and demonizing Israel, members of our party in positions of responsibility are promoting anti-Semitic patterns of argument and a relativization of the Holocaust and the German responsibility for the extermination of millions of European Jews,” said a group of Left Party parliamentarians in a statement explaining why the event was pulled. Blumenthal and Sheen are now banned for life from the German parliament because of their violent behavior.

Other incidents listed by the Wiesenthal Center include the demand by the leader of the extreme right-wing Sweden Democrats, Björn Söder, that Jews must give up their Jewish identity in order to be considered full Swedes, the hanging of effigies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres by the anti-Semitic mayor of Erpatek in Hungary, and the growing support for the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in U.S. academic circles.

In addition, the Center said, 2014 was “a year of unending genocidal threats against the Jewish state from a nuclearizing Mullahocracy in Iran and continuing efforts in Europe to criminalize age-old Judaic practices of Shechita (Kosher slaughter) and Brit Milah (ritual circumcision.)”

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  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    would have broken the doctor’s rib

  • Uriel

    I wonder whether the Doctor’s name is MENGELE?

  • Robert Davis

    Surely gaza or Israel have not much to do with european rabid antisemitism a small nation thousands miles away! The only “reason” one can think of is age old ie COWARDLY antisemitism + anti Israel pr from the media the old psychological SCAPEGOAT cocktail due to economic crisis,islam and chaos.Such a situation breeds wars and europe has started a war against jews and Israel. This can be stopped only by another terrorist war with larger means than europeans and arabs can bring about ie a nuclear terrorism by so called suitcase nukes and biological war.

    • daviD

      Nailed it…100% correct and that is the same sentiment felt across the Jewish community, at least this is what I have been witnessing

  • Isaac brajtman

    And Israeli doctors treated family of Hamas and wounded Syrians.
    If Belgian doctors also take the Hippocratic Oath, he should be barred from medical practice.
    If they don’t he should be blacklisted by his colleagues.

    • monnica

      You are so right!

  • ate dege

    The name of the Flemish general practitioner on call in Antwerp, Belgium, that brutally refused help to a Jewish 90-year-old lady that had broken her rib has intentionally been kept out of the media.

    He broke the law and the Hyppocratic Oath and
    normally, he should have been punished by the “Orde van Geneesheren’ (Flemish College of Physicians) but, as things usually go in Flanders, Belgium, they swept it under the carpet.

    Name them and shame them, I’d say. Why not? It is the least he deserves.

    • monnica

      Yes, well said. But this is really incredible, unbelievable.

    • Trudy Isbitz Brodsky

      I absolutely agree! Where is medical professionalism?

    • Tara K

      I too noticed the doctor’s name was omitted. I see no reason to protect the doctor. He or she has refused to honor his or her relationship to the patient. There’s no limitation upon any patient on discussing methods, adequacy or other aspects of care. The doctor should be held accountable.

  • steven L

    EU cowardly giving in to Muslim fanaticism.

  • Was that Dr sued in Court and fired from his Job ?
    Or did Jews Nothing again??????
    What is doing Wiesenthal is important more than what happens anywhere else.
    Tell us?

  • Lauren Goldman

    Jews need to be armed. Pick a weapon, learn to use it, and do not hesitate if/when it is necessary. Think of it as neutralizing a liability to your life. That being said, if there is any chance that you would hesitate, do not carry a weapon; that brief hesitation is when the attacker will take the weapon and turn it on you. Instead, learn Krav Maga. Done properly, it is lethal.

  • Bill

    Not many Europeans are anti Semitic but time will

  • Leo Toystory

    Europe is finished. It’s time for European Jews to move to Israel or the US and Canada. In the latter two countries they will not only bolster the economy and creative output they will also help offset the flood of muslims which constitute a fifth column in North America.

    • Julian Clovelley

      Sorry Leo but herein lies some of the problem

      When you come to a new country you should expect to start at the bottom – Not at the top.

      It is this mistaken desire and expectation to start it the top and to remain “separate” that has motivated the hatred of many immigrants in many countries

      When you arrive as a migrant you have to take your place behind many who have been trying to get decent jobs and decent housing for most of their lives. There is no “jumping the queue” – the host country has exhausted any reasonable demands on its generosity by allowing you to make a fresh start and to become part of it – not a separate entity.

      I came to Australia with a haversack and a suitcase about four decades ago. I have my own home, car and moderate prosperity – Truly that is enough and I am grateful that I was allowed to become an Australian – and a proud and loyal one at that, married to a fine Australian.

      No migrant is more worthy than any other – If we are sincere we leave our prejudices behind in the search for a new identity. Many of my wife’s family did that in the last two centuries. These individuals were European Jews who assimilated completely and married into the famaily as I did. The Middle Eastern disaster includes the sad reality that a new Middle Eastern identity was never created – the divisions from Europe and from the Ottomans remain.

      You have to try harder to become one – Australia has largely succeeded in terms of nationality by working towards a multicultural nationality concept. We have a long way to go but we are on track

  • While the suffering of the victims of violence and defamation is cruel and indefensible,
    the ones whose psyches as well as reputations are truly devastated are, of course, the perpetrators of these crimes. As French President Hollande rightly bemoans that the greatness of France was wounded. Glorious France! Home of the enlightenment, of grace and elegance. Yes, France would have been the last place I would have suspected of such uncouth behavior.
    The “anti-any group” is a pathology grounded in lack of self-worth and self-respect. And the roots lie in the education we give our children. Children are not born jihadists; children are not born with the urge to throw bombs. It is what we teach them, by example or our own irrationalities and pathologies, that make them so.

    • GoNavy

      I do not understand the notion that “in France of all places . . . where the Enlightenment occurred.” There may have been philosophers who while in France authored, opined on, or advocated Enlightenment principles, but the Enlightenment itself never gained traction in French governance. The French Revolution, somehow singled out as a triumph of the Enlightenment (against all evidence), didn’t take long to descend into anarchy, murder, chaos, and despotism. This mix still afflicts France. Hollande’s statement that France has been “wounded” should be heavily edited to “here we go again.”

  • Sonia Bloomfield

    You forgot to include the episode of the Brazilian president, Dilma Roussef, calling back, “in protest against Israel’s action,” the Brazilian ambassador to Israel when Hamas was shelling the country.

  • Julian Clovelley

    The further Israel sinks into being dominated by a right wing extremist version of Zionism, itself a controversial doctrine – the worse relationships with the Jewish Communities become. But it is worth noting that those assimilating to the point of full intermarriage rarely experience more than a passing reference.

    It is a matter for Jewish communities themselves to sort out, but the current relationship with Israel tends to be toxic to them. This was not the case when Israel was a more progressive nation.

    If Israel returns to the international community, discouraging attacks on International Law, the United Nations, the Geneva Conventions, and international charities – and further if it agrees to a timeline to end the Occupation and close the Israeli Jewish Settlements – and furthermore if it stops talking about a “Jewish State” – then the present anti “Jewish” sentiment in Europe may quickly disperse.

    I do not consider the present popular negative judgement of Israel to be fair, any more than it is “universal”. But it is “understandable” as is the disquiet that is felt in contemplating what many non Jews regard as an extremely artificial connection between “Jew” and “Jew”, and “Jews” and Israel

    it is worth remembering that as people of a Christian background reject Christian mythology they reject the underlying Jewish mythology too. To the non Fundamentalist the concept of a “Jewish people” is dubious in the extreme. if there was no Exodus and no Biblical Davidic Kingdom – if the story of Abraham is but a myth then what is this “multi-ethnic” group that claims to be one people with a “common” origin other than the figment of a religious imagination?

    • Howard Laibson

      In other words, if only Jews would intermarry, stop teaching their children to be Jewish, stop being Jewish in public, give up significant religious tie to the land of Israel, give up their sense of connection to Jews everywhere (peoplehood), give up the desire for a national homeland (which seems to be OK for everyone else, but for us . . . In other words, if only we would not be ourselves, then maybe people would like us more. This is nothing but classic European anti-Semitism. You, commentator, don’t even realize how bigoted your views are.

      • Mark


    • Dear Julian, are you asking Muslims and Arabs to forget their traditions religion and “myths” or just the Jews and Europeans?.
      Your gibberish is typical liberal / progressive / suicidal self hatred.
      I am not interested in you version of a kinder gentler ethnic cleansing.

    • Ivan Gur-Arie

      The problem for Israel is that there will never be recognition of its existence by the ARab community. As for the anti semitism spreading around the world, it existed way before Israel. It just needs an excuse to rear its ugly head. The only way that israel will survive is to stand strong. When we see the likes of China or Russia voting against Israel then I know Israel is in the right. Why wont the Arabs recognize Israel? It is because they dont want to waste time sa they intend to destroy her anyway. I hope land pray that the LOrd God sends down another set of plagues on this unholy world.

    • GoNavy

      I see the smug atheist has reported in – the very “philosophy” that has serially given the world the most murderous polities in the history of humankind.

      You try to detach Israel from its essential Jewishness, and Jewishness from Israel, then lament that this wouldn’t have been necessary had Israel been more “progressive.” Assimilation will work!

      In other words, wipe Jewishness away, and cast it to the scrapheap of discarded “myths,” there to die along with its sister faith, Christianity.

      How is it that your kind of megalomania is never offered as as the full reconstruction of society that it really is. You know better than all these common fools. Put you and your kind in charge! That will cleanse the world of faith and its companion lunacy.

      That’s been done. Many times. Your kind has arrived on scene in both grand and petty ways to upend the past and replace it with your brave new world. It’s “progressive”!

      We’ve tried your way. Stalin and Marxism. Hitler and National Socialism. Peron and Peronism. Man, no longer subservient to a demanding God, gets to set his own rules unbounded by the anchors of timeless faith, the glue that binds humanity through the millennia.

      Spare me your murder-prone brave new worlds. Your zeal to cleanse the world of belief systems is really just another movement to elevate despotism and totalitarianism, which is where advocacy like yours always ends up taking us.

    • Julian Clovelley
      This is a self righteous hypocrite who denigrates others views to justify his own actions. Do as you please sir but omit your criticism of others unless they hurt others.

  • Anti-Semites are like the Phoenix. Just when you think they are gone, they come back to life.

  • Jane

    and what exactly are these European governments DOING about all the bigots in their countries?

  • Eric R.

    That entire filthy Nazi sewer called Europe is an anti-Semitic outrage.

    • sandra borr

      Eric R : Concise and accurate. – Europe is no place for Jews.

    • Excellent summation in a nutshell!

    • Simone Miller

      Let them wallow in their own filth with the rest of the haters. Unfortunately the muslims are the perfect cause to justify anti-antisemitism.

    • Efram

      Here here!

    • Bill


    • Robert Davis

      The scapegoat should PROVE to be more dangerous than cowards can think of! Antisemitism is a cowards’ reaction to life’s small problems so the scapegoat should prove him the problems HE CAN CREATE are far bigger than his problems with islam for example. Israel makes miniature nukes which can devastate a town such as Paris or Antwerp and prove they can terrorize cowards even better than arabs!

    • Helena

      The vast majority of anto-semetism in Europe is by muslims. Since we are not allowed to specify where it comes from, it is not mntioned but it is a fact. The others, who are a minority, are peoples from ex-communist countries and people from the left. The left has always been anti jewish and anti American.


      Don’t blame a continent for the rants of a few terrorist , who want to hold all people as hostages. With your outburst and generalization you light more flame on a fire and this is unacceptable.