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January 11, 2015 5:25 pm

Netanyahu Delivers Emotional Speech at Paris Synagogue Memorial Service, Highlights Threats Posed by ‘Radical Islam’ and Iranian Regime

avatar by Anica Pommeray

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Protesters at the rally against terrorism on Sunday. Photo: Anica Pommeray.

Paris, January 11 -Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a passionate and emotional speech at the Grand Synagogue in Paris tonight, where both he and French President Francois Hollande attended a special memorial service.

Netanyahu said that “radical Islam,” and not “ordinary Islam,” was the enemy, along with the Iranian regime.

“The radical Islamists do not hate the West because of Israel; they hate Israel because it is an integral part of the modern world,” he declared to loud applause. “We cannot let Iran achieve nuclear capabilities. Israel stands with Europe, and Europe must stand with Israel.”

Netanyahu told the service, “Those who murdered Jews at a synagogue in Jerusalem and those who murdered Jews and journalists in Paris are part of the same problem. We must condemn them and fight them!”

Netanyahu also reassured Jews wishing to immigrate to Israel of a warm welcome. “Any Jew who chooses to come to Israel will be greeted with open arms and an open heart, it is not a foreign nation, and hopefully they and you will one day come to Israel,” Netanyahu announced, ending his speech with the rousing words “Am Yisrael Chai! Am Yisrael Chai!” (“the people of Israel lives!”)

The crowd at the synagogue enthusiastically joined in with Netanyahu. The service ended with the singing of both the French National anthem, “La Marseillaise,” and the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikvah.”

In opening remarks at the gathering, Joël Mergui, head of the Consistoire Israélite Central de France, said “Today France was in the streets, all of France… and the Jews of France were also in the streets to defend freedom of expression, to defend Charlie [Hebdo], to defend our democracy… because the Jewish people are democracy.”

“Through our History, the Jewish people, who have always been confronted with hatred, have never hated others…” he added. “The synagogue may be the only place of worship where no one has ever supported the hatred for others”.

“The hatred of Jews and the hatred of democracy are the same thing and must be fought in the same way… I no longer want to hear that Jews are afraid. We are not afraid.”

After reading the names of the 17 victims of last week’s terrorist attacks, France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia asked the crowd “what would France be without fraternity?”

“The French people has done its duty. Until now, we always felt isolated. But that is not the case anymore… Now everyone must assume his or her personal duty”.

“It is in times like these that we must not live in sadness and mourning but in joy. That is what our faith teaches us. To change sadness into joy, that is what I wish for all of you”.

Earlier on in the day, nearly two million people gathered in Paris and hundreds of thousands reportedly marched throughout the country, in a wave of “national unity marches” sparked by the deadly terrorist attacks. People were heard singing the national anthem La Marseillaise and chanting “Charlie” and “terroristes, assassines” (terrorists, murderers) throughout the streets of the French capital. Along with the now famous “Je Suis Charlie” slogan, people could be seen holding signs saying “Je suis Charlie, je suis policier, je suis juif” (I am Charlie, I am a police officer, I am Jewish) and “Le rire est plus fort que la terreur” (Laughter is stronger than terror).

World leaders, including Netanyahu, British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas joined the beginning of the march.

They observed a minute’s silence before the march began.

Dan and Yoni were among the demonstrators posted at Place de la République, at the heart of the Paris rally. Dan, 19 who lives just outside the city, expressed how the recent events filled him with emotion. “Our thoughts are with the victims’ families today,” he told The Algemeiner. “We were at the HyperCacher ceremony yesterday evening and we’ve been following the news non-stop for the past days.” Regarding the consequences recent events may have on the country’s Jewish community, Yoni, also 19, believes it is important to for French Jews to stay in France. “If we all leave, then they win!”

Yvelise and Isaac, who have both lived in Paris for most of their lives, also joined the march on Sunday, holding a French flag in their hands. Though they wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to participate in such an historic event, the couple expressed their disappointment in the rally’s message. “We are not ‘only Charlie’,” Isaac told The Algemeiner. He “believes that “French media does not talk enough about the antisemitic acts that occur in the country.” “Politicians are doing their job… [Prime Minister Manuel] Valls made a beautiful speech yesterday,” Isaac continued, “but the media has to talk more about what is happening to Jews.”

Manuel Valls spoke to journalists shortly after leaving the rally to participe in a highly-anticipated ceremony at the Grande Synagogue of Paris. “The antisemitic dimension of [this attack] must be constantly recalled,” Valls said. “What a beautiful day this was. Paris is the capital of the world today,” he added, reiterating a declaration by President François Hollande made earlier in the day.

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  • Per a prophets conference in the late 90s don’t worry about Islam and Communism as God said He will destroy them through Israel (in coming wars; i.e., the coming Gog/Magog war; Armageddon).

    • American

      It is more likely that Israel will be destroyed, yet again. 🙂

      • len

        dont hold your breath mr america,its more likely the jets will win the superbowl and the cubs will win the world series,when those cataclysmic events occur we can discuss it.

        • American

          time will tell…

  • bissel essen

    Maybe the Muslim extremists should reconsider that their extremist terror will not scare off cartoonists, writers who criticize their lust for murder,Sharia Laws, and one group of Muslims murdering other groups of Muslims because they don’t follow the Muslim Faith the way the extremists think is proper. And so now the Muslim extremists advocate the killing of cartoonists are right. Why??? Because they showed all of the world they have a lust for blood and desire to salve for their insulted persona.
    And to kill for the pleasure of killing. Why else would a gunman standing over a wounded policeman shoot him as he is begging for mercy,who no longer posed a threat.(I have read the cop was Muslim.)
    By the killing of the good people of Charlie Hedbow and the Jews, the murderers have, of course, achieved the reverse of what they had intended. The Western world have locked arms against them, and Charlie and others will continue publishing and insulting that which you deem as holy and unapproachable both in thought, actions, and in religion. Their satire is be food for thought, to not only the Muslims, but also the world at large. Too bad terrorists, you lose no matter how much bloody havoc you wreak.It will always be thus, and so the West wins and you extremists who murder to make your point, LOOSE.

  • ate dege

    There are a few things we should all remember from this January 11.
    During his carefully staged “marche républicaine” in Paris monsieur le Président de la République dutifully and unashamedly kissed the cheeks and shaked the blood-stained hands of certain creatures that have long, long ago fully used up their right to be counted among the living of this earth.
    Had they murdered “only” a few Jews in a kosher supermarket there would have been no “marche républicane” at all, and no Frenchman would have sung the Marseillese in protest at the Place de la République, because no-one would have felt that the murder of a few Jews signified spitting upon the sacred principles of the French Republic.

  • Bernhard Rosenberg We have been gutless. Since Korea our military has not been allowed to use their full force. We have a brave military whose hands have been tied. Isis is not afraid to use all weapons at their disposal. This is World War 111. Like the Nazis these villains care little for human life. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard ROSENBERG

  • Mike

    Where was Obama?

  • American

    Where is Netanyahoooo’s outrage at Israeli terrorism on the Palestinian people? Are Jews or Israelis above the law?

    • Canadian

      Israel is the ONE and ONLY democracy.

      • American

        Ha ha ha, this so called democracy sterilizes the black, Ethiopian Jews without asking them. This so called democracy also conducts medical experiments on its own soldiers.

  • Lauren Goldman

    Yes, it could be said that if you all leave, the terrorists win. However, given the timidity of the French government regarding the islamic-perpetrated violence to date, staying will simply result in more and more dead Jews. Consider the cursory coverage of attacks on Jews in the French media and the low level of outrage in the nation at large. The current outrage is not so much about the Jews killed as much as that this attack on the magazine was an attack on the freedom of speech. ‘Charlie’ will stay in the news; the murders in the kosher store will quietly slip away. Unless there is an immediate, radical change to France’s response to the terrorism, it may well be too late to save itself.

  • dark

    The real target of the kosher attack was a nearby Jewish day school. Either the French have learned NOTHING from Toulouse, OR their Qatari paymasters are calling the shots. The million plus march is France’s death rattle. The Muslims have won. Welcome the Age of Hate.

  • RIC


  • susan staehs

    P.M. Netanyahu Stands For Truth And The Democratic Way…

    I Hope Through His Actions And Words He Will

  • Through the years, Israel and the Jewish people have been blessed with eloquent leaders. Below are seven of what we think are the best and most memorable quotes we’ve heard. Read them and be inspired — then share your favorite quotes about Israel in comments below!

    “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”
    — Golda Meir, Israel’s first female prime minister, during a 1957 speech
    “I think that this is the first war in history that on the morrow the victors sued for peace and the vanquished called for unconditional surrender.”
    — Abba Eban, then Israel’s Foreign Minister, after Israel’s decisive victory over Arab armies in the 1967 Six Day War
    “The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war.”
    — Benjamin Netanyahu, 2006
    “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.”
    — Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, 1956
    “The Jews who will it shall achieve their State. We shall live at last as free men on our own soil, and in our own homes peacefully die. The world will be liberated by our freedom, enriched by our wealth, magnified by our greatness. And whatever we attempt there for our own benefit will redound mightily and beneficially to the good of all mankind.”
    — Theodor Herzl, father of modern Zionism, from his book Der Judenstaat, (The Jewish State), published in 1896
    “We, the soldiers who have returned from battle stained with blood, we who have seen our relatives and friends killed before our eyes, we who have attended their funerals and cannot look into the eyes of their parents, we who have come from a land where parents bury their children, we who have fought against you, the Palestinians We say to you today in a loud and clear voice: Enough of blood and tears. Enough.”
    — Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin, 1993
    “If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.”
    — Moshe Dayan, Israeli military leader and politician, 1973

    Read more:
    Follow us: @StandForIsrael on Twitter | StandforIsrael on Facebook

    • We keep our friends close but we keep our enemies closer. That is as true as what Dayan contended. You cannot broker peace Jew to Jew! You must engage the Arab! The Fundamentalist. The hater and the antisemite! Jews who learned to deal with Eichmann saved Jews! Those who engage the Devil will secure a resolve that God will condone!

      • len

        mr dempsy doesnt understand or seem to have learnt the lessons of the holocaust.firstly eichmann was willing to do deals with jews to save jews only in the last chapters of the second world war when it was quite obvious that he and his ilk werent going to be able to create a jew free world and selling any number of the surviving jews of europe was a strategy to help the “rats’abandon their rotten ship with the necessary funds to evade those who would certainly be looking for them in the near future.the only way to engage the hater and the anti-semite is to deal with them the way they want to deal with you.just read what they have planned for you and kindly can only broker a peace with people who sincerely want to broker a wont find a fundamentalist,a hater,an anti-semite or an eichmann in that camp under any circumstances.your words are quite poetic but please stop the nonsense!!!!!!

  • steven L

    Same liberty at stake in the EU and in Israel but the EU remains schizophrenic when it comes to supporting IL. That is antisemitism.

  • hillel

    Don’t hold your breath for any different.

  • Steven Geller

    This rousing moment amply reported does not change the long term scenario for European Jews. Of course, Netanyahu had to play nice in Paris stating its not ‘ordinary Islam’ that is the enemy, but radical Islam.’ Corner him back in Jerusalem and ask him if he meant the above, and he would crack a wry smile, and practically spit out the words, ‘no, all of Islam is the enemy, and will be for perpetuity.’ He was bold enough to encourage all French Jews to immigrate to Israel, and the French prime minister had to grin and bear it. As far as hoping France will curb its ingrained anti-semitism, if six million corpses did not change the French, how can one expect the death of 17 have any affect.

    • The Holocaust has not changed the World but the Jew can alter how best to respond to the Catastrophe.

  • Laura Burkhart

    We are heart broken for the eleven killed at Charlie Hebdo, for the police officers, and for the four Jew’s slaughtered. More, we must mourn the deep and utter hopelessness for all the radical islamic jihadists, who think a destiny of killing & being killed…and laying in a pool of blood…is better than mercy, love…peace and family…work and service. We must remember the tradgedy of Germany…that their land us cursed to this day…because those chose to follow one agenda…which was clearly the antithesis to love and peace…
    Therefore…love & forgiveness in a world gone mad…is our only hope….and, quick retaliation for all terrorists…and those who do not love life.
    He has shown you, O man, what is good…do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God!

  • Fred

    France has to answer a lot for its inherent anti Semitism that seem an encouragement for Islamist.

  • Ira

    The Jewish world is watching the next 30 days in France.

    • Charles Fishman

      Yes, and everywhere else, too.

    • JanSuzanne Krasner

      Hollande and the French government are unable to protect their French Jews. That is why they ought to leave France and Netanyahu is reaffirming why Israel exists.

      • No!!!! Israel exists because of what We allowed Hitler and his Nazi’s to achieve. The Jew in Israel is under attack! The Jew in the World is under attack. It is for the World to protect those Jews who live amongst them. We share a common bond. Our humanity. I make no apology for continued mention of The Holocaust. That is my resolve Always to Remember, Never to Forget. We look back at what was achieved knowing, what we allowed to happen. Can we stand back and allow Intolerance to strike a Jew when we know our Neighbour is a Jew? I wont! Ich bin ein Juden! Je suis Charlie! In fact I am neither but in face of this threat, I am Charlie, a Jew!

    • theo

      Those who deny the Jewish nation their home in the land from which they gave civilization its greatest asset ,the moral and ethical precepts of the sanctity of man , deserve to be ostracised and not encouraged
      Those who vote against Israel in the forums of the world strengthen and encourage anarchy and violence
      To stand with Israel – even when it is overwhelmed by forces of evil – is an imperative The failure to stand and be counted has led to crisis we now face

      • Perhaps that is why there is this antagonism for Israel. We do not look well reminded that we stole their God and borrowed their Religious ideal!

    • Alison Weston

      Why do we not see the 23 comments? Same thing yesterday.

    • Pangasian Sinambela

      I wonder if it is a good idea to invite Jews from France to immigrate to Israel. Those immigrants from the middle East will come to replace Jews in French. The radical Islam will soon influence UE especially French.


    Why can’t I read any comments?

  • cora roth

    We stand with the people of France. All Americans are shamed by the disgraceful absence of our President at today’s march. The Statue of Liberty weeps bitter tears for this cowardice.

  • WakeUp Call

    One problem is, does a Jew want to move to Israel, spend his life savings buying an over priced home & land(provided there is any available due to the BB govt building freezes against Jews)just to have the govt destroy that home and evict them from their own land if any Arab or leftist makes an unsubstantiated claim on it? All that without any due process of law or reimbursement and still be liable for any outstanding loans on the property. Don’t take my word. Ask any of the more than 15 thousand Jewish victims of Mr. Nuttenyahoo & his treasonist,corrupt, idol worshipping band of criminals known as Israel’s minority elite leftists. BB has had plenty of time & resources to stop the daily terrorism in Israel committed by the illegal Arab occupier. But instead of fighting against it, he supports the terrorists in every way possible with Israeli tax payer money. He provides them with weapons, food, building supplies, water, land, electricity and all things necessary for them to wage war against Israel. The snake talks a good game, but look at his actions, not the false propaganda & lies that spew from the hole under it’s nose.

  • Historian

    Why is Abbas the leader of the Palestinians (a terrorist group) who tells his people to “go kill Jews”
    He and the Turkey PM also support Hamas. Parisians reject their false hands of alligence.

  • Words……….words……….words……

    Let’s see what they mean – if anything.

    On British radio, we have heard Muslim after Muslim ‘condemning’ the massacres. Almost all added a ‘but’. The ‘but’ was that they found satire of ‘the Prophet’ offensive and unacceptable.
    If satirical magazines continue to include Islam within their
    purview, then they shall be preserving Western values and the Western way of life. If they do not – for WHATEVER reason – deference to their Muslim ‘brethren’, or just plain fear, then we will have lost and we will have taken the first step to totalitarianism.
    If the Jews and the Christians can take it – so must the Muslims. Remember the Life of Brian: “He not the Messiah; he’s just a naughty boy!”

  • Bernard Ross

    the french marched for charlie, not for the Jews. jews who want to stay in france are in denial and more will die.

    • Jews in Israel will die because of a fundamental hatred for them clocked up by 2,000 years of antisemitism! Judaism has to find a new way to stave off hatred! Israel needs to stay strong to protect its Citizenry. But the World needs to protect its People, regardless of Nationality, Religious persuasion, Creed, Colour or Ethnicity!

  • We always said if we had a strong Israel during the Holocaust it might not have happened. . NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE ISREALI MILITARY TO ACT. AMERICA, WHERE ARE YOU. This is world war 111. Annihilate the enemy once and for all. Obama , where are you.?

    • If, from 11,293,300 Jews mentioned at The Wannsee Conference, barely 6,000,000 had been left in Europe, The Holocaust of 6,000,000 Jews would still have happened. Israel can no more be the policeman of the World than Israel could have stopped Hitler when the World failed so miserably to do so!

  • Eric R.

    Too bad that Bibi didn’t rip that Jew-hater Hollande a new one during his speech.