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January 21, 2015 11:21 am

Stop Telling Jews to ‘Check Their Privilege’

avatar by Seth Frantzman

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Ethiopian children waiting to make aliyah to Israel. Photo: Judith Friedman Rosen.

“On Martin Luther King Day, Jews must acknowledge their privilege,” wrote Maital Friedman on January 14 at the JTA.

Jews have become the latest group targeted in the “check your privilege” crusade aimed at encouraging “white” people to admit that their existence is a form of racialized privilege over African-Americans. “We have to be deeply aware of racial inequality and of the daily privileges we enjoy that others cannot,” Friedman writes. While understandably there is debate about racism and privilege in the U.S., that an author would ignorantly lump all Jewish people together is offensive and reveals ingrained stereotypes about “white Jews” that must be confronted.

Let’s start with the obvious. Why are black Jewish people harangued to “have a conversation about their privilege”? When people bash Jews for their “white privilege,” they make a racist assumption that all Jews are white. However, there are hundreds of thousands of black Jews and Jews of color in the U.S. and Israel.

When Martin Luther King was fighting for civil rights in the 1960s, Jews in Ethiopia were on the brink of starvation and suffering discrimination. In the 1980s, almost one third of the Ethiopian Jews who sought to get to Israel died along the way in refugee camps in Sudan. Let’s talk about their “privilege.”

What about the many mixed black-Jewish families in the U.S. – some consisting of African-Americans who converted to Judaism or who married Jews. Why are they attacked and told to examine their “privilege”? They suffer racism alongside black people but are made to feel that being Jewish makes them “privileged”? Benjy Cannon, National Student Board President of J Street U, in a 2014 article in Haaretz claimed “Jews are among the most privileged groups in the United States.” Have the Cannons and Friedmans simply never met Jews of color?

Let’s acknowledge another type of “privilege” associated with being Jewish in the 20th century: the Holocaust. When a Jewish person sits down with an African-American to discuss race, why is it that the Auschwitz victim has to acknowledge “white privilege” but the African-American shouldn’t acknowledge his very own privilege of having not been targeted for extermination.

It’s also convenient to ignore the fact that from 1950 through today, Jews in Islamic countries have suffered untold horrors, including the total ethnic-cleansing of their people in dozens of countries. When we talk about privilege, let’s recall the Yemenite Jews, who died in the thousands on the way to Israel, who left everything behind. The Iraqi Jewish community, with a proud history of 2,000 years, was destroyed in a short decade; scattered to the winds, much of its treasures and property confiscated. There are many Iraqi Jews in the U.S. Let’s talk about privilege with them. Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria; Jews had to flee all these countries, and many Iraqi, Syrian, and Persian Jews immigrated to the U.S. to build new lives. Not only did they suffer anti-Semitism, but they had to start their lives over from nothing; not exactly the embodiment of “white privilege.”

There are networks of privilege and elites. Some of those are among Jews, just as some of them are also among African-Americans; but to say that all Jews “must” acknowledge privilege requires we first begin acknowledging other types of privilege as well, and show respect and concern for the Jewish suffering that has taken place even in recent memory. Lumping all Jews together as “the most privileged” is a racist insult to Jewish diversity and throws salt on the memory of what Jewish people went through in the 20th century.

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  • No. Deal With It.

    Check your privilege, Seth Frantzman

  • Jon

    Jewish sociopolitical organizations and Jewish activists are amongst the most unabashed promoters of the concept of “privilege” against what are referred to as “whites”. Being “white”, as it is used, is merely a demarcation of a social group. Thus, the “privilege” concept is a criticism of a social group. Thus, ANY social group, whether attached via race or any other exclusionary means, is equally valid for “privilege” criticism. Not the Holocaust nor any other historical occurrence excuses any group from this criticism in the modern day. What does it matter is a group sees itself in racial or religious terms when the end result is exclusion and privilege? It doesn’t matter one iota, logically and morally speaking. The Jewish people enjoy higher average incomes, more political and social groups that are socially acceptable, and a great variety of other indulgences and signs of privilege that make them one of the most viable substrates in which to explore the concept. This is especially true given their greater group investment in promoting the concept.

    • This is correct in pointing out the wrong of insisting that Jews apologize for being white. But this is a subset of the broader class of all who are told to apologize for being white. It’s sad that only on a few sites do I read this idea of “white privilege” readily described as wrong. This is one site, and the only one with simple, clear comments that follow.

  • John Purvis

    Suddenly white Jews want to embrace Ethiopian Jews when they are called to task for their own privilege. Go to Israel and see how horribly Ethiopian Jews are treated, they even segregate them in schools. Jews were only expelled from Iraq in retaliation for the Jews expelling Arabs from Palestine. There was no killing of Jews during this period. In Yemen there was a backlash against Yemeni Jews after Israel killed and expelled Arabs. 82 Yemeni Jews were killed in riots, but no one died waiting to be airlifted to Israel, and Yemen did not expel any Jews.

    Those events happened over 60 years ago. In the ensuring period Jews have come by incredible privileged, in part by continuing to play the victim card.

    Israel gets away with more than any other nation on earth. Israel has stolen Canadian passports and used them illegal to conduct assassinations in foreign countries. They have stolen nuclear secrets and materials to make nuclear bombs, yet they are not subject to IAEA inspections or sanctions. They shoot children in Gaza with impunity with money given to them by the American government.

    Check your Jewish privilege, it is quite real.

    • JonathanUSA

      Apparently there was no killing of Jews during this period, only some Jews that were killed in Yemen during this period. Putting aside your self-contradicting claims, deadly rioting and other violence against Jews was not confined to Yemen, but actually took place in every Arab country, killing thousands in total, and the violence in Yemen was not particularly exceptional. Your attempt to confine this phenomenon to Yemen seems to be a disingenuous rhetorical trick aimed at playing down the magnitude of the wider problem.

      In a troubling development for your argument, many of these riots took place *before* the establishment of the State of Israel and *before* the Nakba. The Farhud in Baghdad in 1942 is the most obvious example, and certainly far from the only one to occur before the beginning of Israel’s War of Independence. One of the later events that prompted a lot of the anti-Jewish violence was the UN partition – so, not the expulsion of Palestinians, but the legitimization of Jews.

      Since it evidently did not occur to you, it might be helpful to at least read the Wikipedia article:


      Whether Jews were expelled by the law or by the mob makes little difference; governments gave them no realistic choice but emigration by deliberately fanning the flames of anti-Semitic violence.

  • David
    • Jonas

      A story that has been shown to be false, or, at best, incomplete.

  • Mark.

    The perhaps misunderstood premise of this piece is that success and privilege are the same thing. Clearly they are not.

    Privilege is getting more than one properly deserves based on one’s own achievements. Sometimes success derives from privilege, but it is more likely to be the result of hard work and/or luck. People who have succeeded after working hard usually discount the role of luck, but anyone whose eyes are open knowns full well that lots of successes can’t be attributed to anything else.

    The record is pretty clear that Jews succeed disproportionately — just look at the list of Nobel laureates. This disproportion appears to be a root cause of anti-Semitism.

    Are Jews privileged? I don’t think so. We were the victims of discrimination directed at keeping us down, until we became the victims of discrimination directed at helping someone else move up.

    Do Jews have more luck than other peoples? If so, then either “luck” isn’t truly random, or something is biasing the rules of probability in our favor. What might that be?

    Maybe Jews work harder than others — displaying what was once best known as the “Protestant work ethic”. If so, why are calls for “under-privileged” groups to work harder considered racist?

    I’d love to hear answers to the questions I pose.

  • Jeffrey Justin

    Jews are not white or a subset of “White” we are a people who couldnt live in restricted areas of New York till the early 70’s ,let alone the rest of the world

    • Jon R.

      But you are a people who imagines itself to be “chosen” and who codified the ideology of racial difference in your scripture.

      Check your privilege

      • Phil

        Your post shows your ignorance and bigotry because you have no idea what the term “chosen people” means. the Jews were chosen to spread the 10 c0mmandments and G-d’s word. It has nothing to do with racial superiority.

      • LS

        Jon R:

        There is hardly a people/culture on this earth whose mythology doesn’t describe them as special or “chosen”. The Hopi Indians believe that the sun will not come up every day without Hopi prayers, and the Chinese name for China means “Center of the Earth”.

        The Bible says zero about “racial difference”, as Judaism, ancient and modern, welcomes converts from any race, creed, or color, and Judaism, unlike Christianity and Islam, teaches that righteous non-Jews have a place in heaven.

        Check your Jew-hatred.

        • Jon R.

          “The Bible says zero about “racial difference”, ”

          It does not say it explicitly but it implies it on page after page. Marriage restrictions, the winnowing of the un-chosen–Isaac vs Ishmael, Jacob vs Esau–the sustained hatred of Amalek to include Haman, somehow an Amalek descendent who ends up as Persian prime minister are all instances of what are, in effect, racial categorizations with Israelites/Jews at the apex.

          Yes, tribal self-worship is common throughout humanity, but only Judaism (and perhaps Shinto) turns this disgusting inclination into a modern ideology. After all, who are those who refer to themselves, in semi-jest, as “the tribe?”

          You are in denial.

      • Jake

        Jon, no offense, but you are an ignoramus. I blame anti-semitic internet talkbacks and hate-blogs, not you.

        The Jewish people believe they were “chosen” to follow the laws of God. Nothing more, nothing less. Our success as a people comes from good education, good work ethic, and familial closeness. Our status as the “chosen people” is a purely spiritual belief, and Christians, Muslims, (others) hold basically the same beliefs about their own religions.

        • Jon R.

          “I blame anti-semitic internet talkbacks and hate-blogs, not you.”

          Gee, that makes me feel much better.

          The Jewish people have created an ideology of entitlement that is an offense to the rest of the human race.

          The difference between Judaism on the one hand, and Christianity and Islam on the other is that Judaism is has a tribal ethos that is lacking from the universalist creeds of the other two. Jewry imagines itself to be a chosen people, or, in secular terms, a vanguard people carrying out a mission of “Tikkun Olam.” In reality this ideology is concocted to meet the warped psychological needs of a group of people who desperately need to imagine themselves as the collective savior of humanity. Jew’s imagines themselves as a collective Christ.

          It’s quite disgusting, really.

      • Jon R.,

        You are either Trolling or lack any education about Judaism. The PC “Privilege” accusation and insulting demand that someone must “check” theirs has no theoretical relationship to the religous dogma shared by Orthodox and Reform Judaism. Try to refrain from throwing that “check” demand around in polite society, please.

  • Mark

    ‘author would ignorantly lump all Jewish people together is offensive and reveals ingrained stereotypes about “white Jews” that must be confronted.’

    How is the different from lumping all Europeans together.

  • Jack

    I am a christian, but the sense of entitlement surrounding race issues,(probably stemming from the fact race is visible), when the purest hate is expressed at those without visible differences, is in itself the most spiritually debased hate.
    When both sides suffer such severe discrimination to raise race as an issue is a form of racism.
    The fact that it is impossible to avoid with those of ill intent requires the utmost discipline and responsibility.

    • Jon R.

      “to raise race as an issue is a form of racism.”

      Jack, I hear they are hiring at the Ministry of Truth. You seem to have the requisite Orwellian qualifications.

  • pxfragonard

    This is the monolog of communists, sorry, “progressives” or “liberals” who think it’s Louis XVI’s time and we are on the verge of the revolution. “Privilege” means “wealth” and “disenfranchised” means “propertyless” and therefore without political power.

    The situation is not at all like that today. Wealth is no longer to do with access to the throne. Liberalism, the free market, ended that. Now 90% of inherited wealth is blown by the 3rd generation. Most wealthy people earn their own by providing goods and services people need. Nor, since universal suffrage, are poor people “disenfranchised.”

    So it’s not just about Jews. The whole “privileged” and “disenfranchised” monolog is BS and has to be challenged at that root.

    • Cynthia

      pxfragonard: You had it right in the first sentence. I would like to see people stop calling them Liberals, because they are not generous, and stop calling them progressive because they live in a dyastopic past. Those are politically corrected terms: They are communists, socialists and fascists so call them what they are. I agree with your statements.

    • Jon R.

      I agree with your skepticism about “check your privilege.” The main point in connection with all the whining at this website is what you said in your penultimate sentence: “So it’s not just about the Jews.”

      But as a matter of interest, what is the source of your assertion that “90% of inherited wealth is ‘blown’ by the 3rd generation?”


    The problem in discussing Jewish “privilege” is of course that Jews themselves have always been the victims of discrimination. For decades they were discriminated against in college and university admissions, a quota or numerus clausus was enforced against the Jews for the simple reason that Jews were not considered to be “white”. Then came affirmative action where Jews were once again discriminated against in admissions based on academic achievements because they were now “white”. Today they are being harassed on campuses by Jew hating anti Jewish state groups spreading their libelous calumnies. Discrimination has always been the “privilege” of the Jew.

  • The word privileged is a code word for ” well to do ” for left leaning socialist.and for pathetic moral failures .

  • I am not sure what ‘privilege’ is supposed to mean in this context. The word privilege comes from the latin phrase ‘privy lex,’ meaning a private (as opposed to p public) law made especially for one person, one family or one clan. Like the Bush family in the U.S. for example. They even had the power to subvert the U.S. Supreme Court and the Constitution so that Georgie W. could be president. Which in and of itself is illegal, since the law must apply equally to every person in a commonwealth. Any person. Any Law. Any commonwealth.
    It would be so refreshing if people who feel compelled to write comments knew what they are talking about. Really.

  • Excuse my ignorance, but this is the first I have heard of “check your privilege” thing…From what I read and hear, mixed blacks are claiming to be the real Jews.. My question is, if that’s so, how is it, that during the Holocaust, we only see white Jewish people being murdered? Has a DNA been done on the Ethiopian blacks to see if they’re really Jews or converts to Judaism? and from what tribe? Could someone please enlighten me in this area? I would appreciate it.

    • PAK

      Let’s start with what the heck is a mixed black and how does that relate to being Jewish? Having gotten that out of the way, I can’t believe you would ask the questions you do. Well duh, in the 1940s Europeans had (and still do have) “white” or “olive skin. Yes, DNA testing has been performed on Ethiopians and it appears that while they are inter-related genetically, the population arose from conversion rather than from extensive intermarriage to Jews from other areas. Finally, all Jews are “real Jews” whether born of Jewish parents or first generation converts.

    • Charity Dell

      Just a few thoughts concerning your comments:

      1. It would appear that the term “Jew”* or “Jewish” is sometimes linked to a slippery slope of “whiteness”, by whomever happens to assign that category to persons of Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish descent. The “whiteness” designation is usually a matter of some outsider’s perception of the ethnic group–based upon “European looks”–as opposed to Jewish self-perception or intra-group perception.

      2. In today’s tense climate–as in history–the “whiteness” designation can and is removed/revoked at will (or by law) by whomever is in power, for whatever reasons the powerful decide to revoke the “white” status.

      3. All African-Americans and Afro-Caribbean Americans are “mixed”, as are all Euro-, Asian, Native and Jewish Americans. These ethnic intermixtures are the genetic heritages that extend into antiquity, millenia before there was a nation called the “United States of America.” We African-Americans were “mixed” for centuries before the trans-Atlantic slave trade commenced during the late 1400’s. All Jews are “mixed”, having diverse ethnic and genetic origins as an amalgam of Afro-Asiatic groups that left Egypt during the Exodus. Subsequent journeys, dispersals
      and settlement in various countries–plus intermarriage
      with the inhabitants of those countries–guaranteed extremely diverse gene pools in these Jewish populations.

      Since genes/chromosomes have always linked Hebrew/
      Israelite/Jewish populations across time and throughout various countries and ethnic populations,
      it is inaccurate to designate any of these groups as
      “false Jews” vs. “true Jews”. *(If your DNA descends from the original Afro-Asiatic Hebrews who trace
      descent to Avraham, you are “Jewish”, regardless of
      which faith you do/don’t observe; whose halakhah you
      do/don’t adhere to; ethnic characteristics shared
      with other groups, etc.)

      4. African-Americans and Afro-Caribbeans are, for the most part, descendants of African Jews. The first recorded group of African Jews were sold to the Portuguese in 1492 (bad year for everyone!) by the Muslim ruler of Mali, Muhammad Askia, after banning
      all Jews from his empire. From that time on, both African and Arab Muslims began to systematically target certain populations for “ethnic cleansing”–these populations were then sold to the
      British, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish slave traders to fulfill the labor needs of New World plantations. The Europeans ordered their slaves by
      skill-set; for example, many groups from the Senegambia
      region were sold into areas that needed rice cultivation. However, most of the identification/
      targeting/raiding/kidnapping was accomplished by
      those Muslim slavers (African and Arab) bent on
      de-populating certain African Hebrew groups from the continent. This targeting actually lasted over 400 years, well in to the late 1880’s.

      African Jewish populations had existed in Africa for millenia–you can find more documentation at the VirtualJewishLibrary.org and HebrewHistory.info
      websites. African slaves came from the entire continent of Africa, including North, Northwest, East,
      Central, West and Southern Africa. Many of these
      populations were and are descendants of the ancient
      Afro-Mesopotamian ethnic groups that formed the nucleus
      of Jewish peoples mentioned in biblical texts.

      5. During the Holocaust, there were millions of Rom
      murdered, along with millions of Jews and any other
      humans that did not comply with the Nazi regime.

      6. Some DNA studies have been done on Ethiopian Jews,
      and the results vary, depending upon which tests were used and which groups of subjects were tested.

      7. The only tribe that can be identified genetically
      (so far) are those males that test positive for the genetic cluster known as the “Cohen Modal Haplotype”. This marker is exclusively linked to the Y chromosome
      and identifies those males as descendants of Aharon
      (Aaron) and thus “Levi” by tribe. The CMH was found in the people known as “Lemba”, and concentrated in a particular clan (Buba)of this ethnic group.

      Unfortunately, genetic test banks have not yet developed enough database samples to sort and codify
      Jewish test subjects by tribe–except for those males
      who test positive for the CMH. The one genetic testing service that does this is: FamilyTreeDna.com.

      8. If you are Jewish and have your autosomal DNA
      (the mixture of the 23 father’s and 23 mother’s chromosomes) tested by such services as DNATribes.com, you will have a mixture of groups, including North
      African and/or sub-Saharan African DNA, in addition
      to Western Asian/Levantine strains and European DNA.
      You also have the possibility of various Asiatic
      clusters of DNA, depending upon your family’s
      particular genetic histories. Your mitochondrial DNA (from your X chromosome, passed down from mother-to-daughter) will reveal ancient heritage on your matrilineal line. Only your brothers or male relatives (father, uncle, etc.) could test for what’s on that
      Y chromosome; but the autosomal DNA will give you an
      idea of how really mixed your family lines are.

  • art

    Jews MUST STOP apologizing for breathing. We are entitled to enjoy our lives and prosper. We must get over our guilt feelings Israel is a nation among nations and should be judged as others are judged. We are humans and while we should try harder no one has the right to judge us differently than they judge themselves

  • steven L

    So according to Friedman, white are guilty at birth and Jews are guilty at birth too and white Jews are therefore twice guilty.
    Cannon and Friedman are blissful ignorant and antisemites.

  • Leo Toystory

    It isn’t necessary to go through all the different types of Jewish people to prove that there are Jews who are not privileged. Plenty of Jews do exceedingly well, and Jews oughtn’t be ashamed to admit it, especially to the faces of these useful idiots of the left. But the privileges Jews enjoy of success at their careers and prosperity are EARNED. They are earned by hard work going through school and university and in their chosen profession. This is, to some extent, the legacy of the hard work and devotion to study of their ancestors, not a legacy of an unearned financial inheritance. The black community has no such legacy of devotion to learning and they do not realize the amount of dedication and hard work in school and in one’s profession which is required to be successful, therefore they wrongly assume successful people have simply had things handed to them. This situation has been exacerbated by affirmative action, racial quotas in hiring, and by endless entitlement programs. Other minority groups who’ve been subjected to socialist/racialist propaganda and loser left wingers also carry these insidious beliefs.

  • Phil Cohen

    This argument here strikes me as silly.

    To begin with, the claim about Jewish privilege compared to the African American community has been around for decades. I recall first hearing it sometime in the 1990’s.

    Second, all right, the author point out that not all Jews are white, and, further, not all Jews are middle class or higher. Let’s grant that.

    But all the rest of the author’s arguments are non-starters. The point, that has, as I say, been on the table for a long time, is simple: In America Jews have found relative comfort and prosperity, relatively high degrees of power, and, in America (not Nazi occupied Europe, not Ethiopia, not Israel) Jews have encountered no levels of prejudice that come anything near to the history of slavery and racism that Blacks confront. In virtually every measure I can think of, Jews have had it better in America than African Americans. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called privilege. What it means in beyond that is another kettle of fish altogether.

    • Jake

      So because Jews didn’t suffer discrimination on the level of institutionalized slavery, they are “privileged”?

    • Cathy

      So, do you care about the Barbary slave trade where Africans kidnapped whites and put them into slavery? Should we feel privileged for that? The white men were chained to the oars in ships and that is where they worked, ate, defecated, slept, died, and then thrown over board. But, that doesn’t matter to the self pitying blacks who have had those rotten evil whites thrown down their throats for decades. Hey, I demand reparations for blacks kidnapping my ancestors and putting them into slavery. That is why I am poor. That is why I didn’t finish college, those blacks kidnapped my great grandma.

  • Glad to see someone else pointing out the insanity of Critical Race Theory as applied to Jews. Thus is especially disturbing when it penetrates our public schools. Check out my blog article on the topic: http://seligman4schools.blogspot.com/2014/08/public-schools-encouraging-anti-semitism.html .

  • anon

    Many, many Jews arrived here penniless, not speaking English. Some of my forebears never learned to read or write (in any language!) but here we are – privileged.

    • Jake

      Exactly. Most American Jews started with nothing. They worked hard, educated future generations, and looked out for one another. That is how Jews grew successful in America.

    • Cathy

      MOST of our ancestors arrived here penniless, NOT just the Jews. Get over yourselves, already. Some of my ancestors were Irish indentured servants. Again, get over the pity party you blacks, jews, and whoever else whine incessantly. Whites had hell upon arrival to this land. Get over yourselves.

  • mike schuman

    In the 60’s, I was told multiply when looking for jobs that they (employers) don’t hire Jews and to go elsewhere. That is my “white priviledge”, according to most current academics.

  • kern

    Jews are at or near the top of the list of the world’s most persecuted people. However, I have no interest in being concerned about or seeking benefits for this history. Neither will I accept any punishment or shame for the prosperity and success that some so-called “white” Jews have attained despite discrimination and persecution against us.

    You seem to be saying (unintentionally) that the twisted logic of Friedman would make sense if all Jews were “white” Jews. It’s a shame to even have to respond to the ravings of leftist lunatics who think that arbitrarily slanting the playing field to hamper the progress of any particular group would help anyone anywhere.

  • macky

    When it comes to Jewish schmucks Maital Friedman is without equal.

  • William Hausman

    I thought I’d check out my privilege and I came up with one: my birth was a rare event and it’s a privilege to be conscious. Sorry, Mr. Friedman, I couldn’t find any sense of superiority or having had un-warranted opportunity. On the other hand, I wish I had in my early years the privilege of preferential opportunity for college admission with no expenses to shoulder. And I would have appreciated the privilege to be offered a job instead of being told, “Sorry, Bill, we needed a black.” I have two words for Mr. Friedman, but of course I’ll refrain.

  • American citizenship is a privilege not taken lightly by Jews. And all American lives matter.

  • Rivka

    The author mentions persecuted Jews from Muslim countries and he mentions the Holocaust, but fails to connect the dots and state that the same Ashkenazi Jews who are now accused of “white privilege” are the descendants of European Jews who came to America following centuries of persecution in Europe (thereby escaping the Holocaust) and within as little as one generation worked their way to professional success.

    Don’t just talk to Iraqi Jews about privilege, talk to my great-grandfather who came to the US as a young man not knowing English, got into Tufts medical school at a time when there were quotas on Jewish attendance, and went on to a long career as a gastroenterologist. It’s not enough to say “accusing Jews of privilege is wrong because not all Jews are white”. Accusing anyone of privilege is wrong because the idea that success depends on your background or skin color is demonstrably false and inherently racist.

  • talk about your ignorance. wow. there goes any credibility she may have had.

  • rachel robinson

    Check their privilege? If you called being killed by the millions, being harassed, being hated a “privilege” then of course the Jews are “privileged”.

    • Cathy

      It amazes me how the entire WW2 has became noting but a footnote to the Jew “holocaust.” Noting about the other 50 million or so who died, just cry about the Jews.

  • Russell Fig

    It is assumed that all Jews are wealthy and successful professionaly. It seems that if you are Jewish and don’t fit that image that the Jewish Community doesn’t want to accept you openly they give token assistance but expect you to fend for yourself and yet they are the first to help out non Jews.

    Why when you are down on your luck does the Jewish Community treat fellow Jews like charity cases? I can speak from experience. I am a 60 year old White Jewish Male from South Africa who lives over here in America.My father is a retired Dentist`after having delared bankrupsty once he sold the practice to two Iranian Dentists? How can the Jewish Community explain that someone who had been making a hundred thousand a year ends up bankrupt in his eithies?

    I have a BS in Social Sciences and a partial completion on an MA in Counseling Psychology and am in desperate need of paid professional employment and am willing to live anywhere and work for any salary no matter how low it is. I woud like to work at the BA/BS level in the Social Sciences or education and am willing to live or relocate anywhere so if anyone can help me in this regard feel free to call me on 617 – 383 – 1242 or email me on russellfig@yahho.com

    Non Jews tell me that we Jews are well connected so why is it not a single one of my so called brouther Jews has stepped for ward to help me? Acording to Jewdaism Iam my brouthers keeper. Are there any Jews that see this who feel guilty? I hope you do. It is shameful how you treat those who are less lucky then you and are ready to extend a hand to non Jews.

    I have been to Chabad in Kenmore Squaire in Boston and Rabbi Posner has made me feel unwelcome and even bared me from coming. How can it be justified baring a fellow Jew? Shame on the Jewish Community.

    From 2008 I had literaly been homeless even went as far as sleeping on chairs at Logan Airport in Boston. My lot chaged in 2011 when I met a girl from Liberia who I got involved with and she bought me clothing and provided other things I never left her house and she told me that she didn’t want to live with a boyfriend for ever for Religious Reasons unless she is married. No she is not Jewish she has agreed to convert so we got married on March 21 2014. Once she converts I have told her that we will have a proper Jewish wedding. It is shameful that the Jewish community has done abosultly nothing to help beyond token gestires. I also developed physicical problems from 2008 through 20011. Since my present wife took me in my physical Health has improved a lot I no longer have the same physical problems.

    I have also seen how the Jewish Community treats those who are Jewish who don’t fit the mold. For thoise of you living in the Boston area I am referring to people like Ariel Sokolofsky and Stuart Levine. Shame shame shame on those of you in the Jewish Community who do verey little to help out fellow Jews.

    As I metioned I am willing to take any professional opportunity preferably in Social Sciences or education but am open to other possibilities. Although I have been diagnosed with ADD,a math disorder,Depression,and a non verbal learning disability I graduated with a BS in Social Sciences and got a scholarship from the Maryland State Deprtment of Education to go for a MA. I have completed some of my course work towards my MA in Counseling Psychology. Once I complete this degree I want to go for two more MA’s one in Marriage and Family Therapy and another one in School Psychology.

    I am currently working for the Ethiopian Ameeican Community Association in Cambridge Massachusetts as a Corrdinator/Assistant Director. This is a nonprofit association and it is trying to get funded one it is funded those of us involved with it will start getting salaries right now one of us working there receive a salary. The website of the Ethiopian American Community Association is http://www.eacaboston.org. The Executive Director likes Jewish people. Once again for those of you who are truly interested in helping me feel free to call me on 617 – 383 – 1242 or email me on russellfig@yahoo.com.

  • doubleblack4

    The uncivilized race baiters and self haters should look in the mirror a scream real loud.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The question is why do we have our share of Maital Friedman’s who become leftist idealogues? The progressive message is often “Feel guilt, feel shame” as they wag their condemnatory fingers. Nuance is lost on them. They are morally superior, simple as that. I empathize with black people in ways they might find hard to understand and which I usually don’t talk about. It has to do with my family’s Jewish experience, which was certainly not privileged. There are probably many Jews who can relate.

  • Dani Renan


    Basically god article. But the math is a little off. The Iraqi (and Syrian and Turkish) Jewish communities were established at the latest in 722 BC, after the defeat of the Kingdom of Israel (Shomron). However the provinces of the Galil, Gilad, and Dor, were conquered years before (by Tigrat Pileser III)and probably the Aristocratic class of Jews that were there were shipped off to Assyria(per the Assyrian policy). No they did not disappear. They were simply reinforced by the Judeans that were exiled to the same areas and further south (in Babel) 150 years later. Also there might have been small communities before that. There was trade and a lot of contacts, as evidenced by Jonah. 10,000 Assyrians are not going to turn out to hear someone talk about something that they never heard of.

    As far as the question of privilege, I tend to ignore it or laugh. When discussing the subject with Black Americans (they are not African by any stretch of the imagination). I claim that I am more African then them, since my great grandmother came from Alexandria, Egypt. The response that I have received are very telling – “Egypt, that’s not part of Africa”

    As to slavery and reparations. Today the American Blacks are 150 years (averaging 5-7 generations) removed from slavery. Of course there is the repercussions of that, with the continued racism. But stigma? I tell them that my family were slaves. They say that was 3000 years ago. I say no, my aunts and uncles, people that I personally knew (and lived with). In 1941 when the Germans came into Bukovina *which was then part of Roumania, my uncle created a band which he offered to the local commander. They were truck around playing for German soldiers for dinner. And they were allowed to eat the scraps that were left. Yes, they were slaves. No pay, no freedom. And they were the lucky ones. And this was only 70 years ago.

    • Jake

      It’s true that anyone with an African parent (myself included, mother born in Egypt) is more “African-American” than Black Americans. However, just as the term “anti-semite” refers to haters of Jews (not all semites), the term “African-American” for whatever PC reason, means Black American.

  • David Pinto

    The author says: However, there are hundreds of thousands of black Jews and Jews of color in the U.S. and Israel.
    NOT TRUE! There is a sizeable number of Ethiopian Jews …
    and that’s it. Jews of color in the U.S. … yes, Jews of mixed white/nonwhite marriages, but it is absurd to speak
    of thousands of such Jews.

  • harri

    who is Maital Friedman’s paymaster? bilderberger? Davos? council foreign relations. what privilege? our relatives experienced 300 years of slavery, 2,000 years of burning, torture, rape, thievery often at the hands of “the Church” and only experienced any degree of no harrassment in the US over the last 200 years. so Maital, where do you get off??? let’s go toe to toe over who has been more abused and who has literally risen from the ashes. this looks like nothing more than the UN Agenda 21 attempt to “redistribute” wealth to buy welfare votes. woe unto collaborators like these

    • Cathy

      I love these who has had it the worst pity party, blacks or Jews. Whites were endured servants for hundreds of years. Blacks sold us into slavery during the Barbary Slave trade. Today blacks murder over 4000 whites every single year in the USA. Today ZOG has a stranglehold on most of the white countries. Whine whine whine. Whatever you cry babies. You Jews and blacks act as if only YOU and YOUR people ever suffered. Give me a break and read world history, not just YOUR history. Later, I am done with reading this cry baby BS.

  • BuckDePublick

    Who is this MORON Maital Friedman? Sounds like a self-hater. I’m not apologizing for being Jewish, and I’m not apologizing for being white!

  • This is all a bunch of nonsense. Black Jews, White Jews, Oriental Jews, are all Jews believing in the same God and worshipping in the same way.

  • Golum

    They need to earn their privilege just as we have over and over……

  • Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker

    Mr. Lilo got it right!

  • Mr Lilo

    The “check your privilege” group should “check the chip on their shoulder” sorry “both shoulders”

    • noellsq

      dont understand your comment