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January 22, 2015 11:57 am

French Philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy Denounces ‘Delirium of Anti-Zionism’ Before UN General Assembly

avatar by Ben Cohen

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Bernard-Henri Levy addresses the UN General Assembly meeting devoted to antisemitism. Photo: The Algemeiner

The first ever meeting of the UN General Assembly devoted solely to the question of antisemitism was the occasion for a powerful keynote address from Bernard-Henri Levy, arguably France’s leading intellectual, in which he denounced the “delirium of anti-Zionism.”

In his speech to today’s meeting, convened by UNGA President Sam Kutesa after 37 countries signed onto an October 1 letter decrying the “alarming outbreak of antisemitism worldwide,” Levy lamented “the renewed advance of this radical inhumanity that is antisemitism.”

Levy argued that antisemitism could not be regarded as simply a variety of racism. “One cannot fight what one does not understand,” he declared, as he launched into a wide-ranging analysis of the character of antisemitism in the twenty-first century.

Levy pointed to a number of myths that confuse attempts to get to the heart of today’s problem, among them the idea that antisemitism would lessen or even disappear if the Palestinians were to achieve an independent state.

“Even if the Palestinians had a state, as is their right – even then, alas, this enigmatic and old hatred would not dissipate one iota,” Levy said.

There were, Levy continued, three key aspects to today’s antisemitism: the demonization of Israel as an illegitimate state, the denial of the Holocaust, and what he described as “the modern scourge of competitive victimhood,” whereby Jewish efforts to commemorate the Holocaust are scorned as an attempt to belittle the sufferings of other nations.

“The Jews are detestable because they are supposed to support an evil illegitimate state – this is the anti-Zionist delirium of the merciless adversaries of the reestablishment of the Jews in their historical fatherland,” Levy asserted.

When anti-Zionism is combined with Holocaust denial and the accusation that Holocaust commemoration “stifles and overshadows” commemoration of persecutions elsewhere, Levy said, “we can be pretty sure of facing an explosion in which all Jews everywhere will be designated targets.” He also forcefully emphasized his view that those who “understand the Holocaust” are far better equipped to grasp and respond to more recent genocides, such as those in Bosnia and Rwanda.

Today’s session was opened with a video message from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, who told delegates that a “UN that wants to be true to its founding aims and ideas has a duty to speak out against antisemitism.”

At the same time, the significant gaps in the UN’s own understanding of modern antisemitism was laid bare in a short passage in Ban’s remarks. “Grievances about Israeli actions must never be used as an excuse to attack Jews,” he said, before quickly adding, “criticism of Israeli actions should not be summarily dismissed as antisemitism.”

At the UN, however, what passes for criticism of Israel is frequently antisemitic in substance and tone, as Ron Prosor, Israel’s Ambassador to the world body, pointed out in his remarks.

“Antisemitism can even be found in the halls of UN, disguised as humanitarian concern,” Prosor declared.  “After the [summer 2014] conflict in Gaza, a handful of delegates stood at this podium and accused Israel of carrying out a Holocaust – this is not legitimate criticism of Israel.”

Indeed, Prosor’s argument was unintentionally underlined by a representative from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), who told the gathering, “Occupation itself is an antisemitic act, because it threatens humankind and human rights…The persecution of  the Palestinian people and the denial of their human rights – this is also an example of antisemitism.”

Samantha Power, the American Ambassador to the UN, said that the antisemitism was not confined to Europe, but was a “global problem.”

“We cannot forget that particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, Holocaust denial is commonplace and accusations of blood libel appear in the official press,” Power stated.

Power ended her speech with a call to “everyone in this room to return to their capitals with the determination and energy this monstrous global problem demands.”

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  • Within our own Prophets the trials of the Diaspora were foretold as was the Rdemption and the rebirth of the Jewish nation in the Land of Israel. This created problems for many churches who taught that the Jews are cursed and will not return to Israel until they acceptthe Christian Saviour. Then just as Christians believed they had replaced the ‘fossil’ Jewish Covenant, the Muslims came along and said Mohamet had superceded Jesus as the final Prophet. The Christian and Muslim worlds had no problem accepting the Holocaust as proof the Jews had been rejected. BUT they could not reconcile the new Jewish State, its victory over many combined Arab armies and they could not reconcile the ‘giloi haShechina'[Revelation of Divine Providence]of the Six Day War or Saddam Hussein’s 39 Scud missiles that destroyed 1,500 Jewish homes in 1991 but barely touched any Israeli Jews. One root of anti-Semitism is that we have proven their theology to be wrong. This also explains the Arab obsession with keeping Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, trying to hold off the final Redemption which will come from Heaven.

  • Otto Schiff

    To sum it all up, The Jews are not the problem,
    The blooming Anti Semites are.

  • Isaac

    Look at the picture. Nobody is listening! Nobody is there! If it were an anti Israel session, it would be SRO!

  • Julian Clovelley

    Rid yourself of one delusion – that you can eradicate antisemitism and retain religion. You can’t because the cult of antisemitism is as firmly rooted in religion as the Maria Cult is rooted in Roman Catholicism

    To move away from antisemitism, Christianity would have to be prepared to confront the reality that much of its “history” is propagandist mythology. Christianity contains many contradictions. On the one hand the Paulists of the First Century recognised “there is neither Gentile nor Jew” – on the other hand they created a fable in which these same non existent Jews bullied the Roman Governor (not known for being pushed around) into executing Jesus. The purpose of the propaganda was. of course., to exculpate the Romans from guilt for what was either a genuine or a fictitious execution. Around that time it is quite likely that the probably fictitious figure of the traitor Judas Iscariot was created – again to fill out the image of the anti-Christian Jew

    In reality it is almost certain that Christianity found its origins within Judaism, was celebrated in Jewish communities and places of worship – and radically altered when a split developed between mainstream Judaism and Christianity. This resulted in Christianity and Judaism becoming separate competing religions – which had never been Jesus’s intention in myth or reality. Christianity probably made the transition from being a Judaic religion to becoming a religion targeted at the Roman State in Asia Minor. Much of this transition is attributed to one person “Paul” who may or may not actually have existed

    Antisemitism became a central theme in Christianity that was strengthened by the result of the War in Judea around 70AD. This made disapproval of the Jews attractive to any religion seeking Roman approval. As the religion developed the core antisemitic theme remained within it, driving much of the subsequent scapegoating and social division. Even the recognition that Jesus died “under the Romans” in the creeds did not remove the stain. And so the cult of treating Jews as “perfidious” remained. A Good Friday Catholic prayer was used to refer to them as perfidious right up to the second half of the twentieth century – I understand it still surfaces from time to time.

    During much of the time of the Roman Empire, competing religions existed side by side. The Romans as administrators were far more interested in territorial and political stability than in questions of religion. If anything it was Christianity with its cult of antisemitism and screams of heresy that was the intolerant one. Indeed its eventual establishment as the State religion of the Empire came about through Civil War and the victory of Constantine. The subsequent dichotomy of religion and state institutionalised antisemitism in European political culture

    But to unwind the mess is very difficult because of the stubbornness with which religions defend often ridiculous mythology. Creationism, the Maria Cult and the Biblical account of the Exodus are all examples, and there are many many more. As a result we are unable to develop a true concept of our actual common origins – and the “racisms” continue – including the lunatic and dysfunctionally inaccurate concept of “race” and concepts of the “elect” and of “Chosen” people with a special covenant.

    Antisemitism in its modern form has been more dangerous because it has crossed the boundary from religion to the non religious. In this disaster the activities of Zionism have played a major role, emphasising an ancient distinction that is really only ancient myth, dating in its known earliest form from around the sixth century BC. It is Zionism that clings to the cult of separateness that is so divisive

    To me it is all delusion. Antisemitism is a feature of the world’s ideological insanity – a feature of underdevelopment. The message of antisemitism to me is that we are still only one step ahead of the early Iron Age, and two steps ahead of the Stone Age. The dross of the past dominates modern lives. We have vicious conflicts that take the lives of millions of people, and destroy the lives of millions more. The vast majority of people are disinherited by elitist and classist structures rooted in the past. Billions live in poverty and around fifty million are displaced, or live as refugees

    So what do we do? – Do we sit down and try to restrain conflict? Do we sit down and discuss and negotiate a better world? Do we seek to create an administration that is both representative and environmentally sustainable? Do our religions accept the findings of scholarship, educate their congregations in that knowledge and seek to create a more credible approach to spirituality, morals, righteousness and transcendence?

    Not at all – Instead we have a Fundamentalist clinging to a past that had(sic) even in its own time precious little to offer. What is the cause of all this? – including antisemitism – It is insanity. The world is largely insane. It is riddled with the post traumatic stress and disorder of thousands of years of hate, imagined difference, and actual violence. And so madness feeds on other madness, insecurity creates greater insecurity, and that final factor – the territorial and material selfishness of obsessive possession – fills the spiritual vacuum.

    There will be no end to antisemitism until both victim and perpetrator reach out for sanity. Until then, until people work together to escape the real past, and the mythological ones(sic), there can be no change.

    The slagging off of the United Nations that is the real origin of the State of Israel, the attacks on the International Criminal Court, the attacks on the application of Red Cross Geneva Conventions, the slagging off of international charities, the Zionist settlement movements, the fifty year Occupation, the slagging off of media such as the Guardian, the slagging off of the “left”, the attempts to push the Jewish community into ultra conservative hands (where it nearly died last time) – the refusal to contain the excesses of Orthodox extremism – the attempt to create a monocultural Jewish State that the world views as “Apartheid” – all these and more make it enormously difficult for those who understand and sympathise with Jewish people and try to defend them against antisemitic attack. It would also help if you abandoned the antiquated dress and haircuts and the peculiar rite of circumcision – it’s the twenty first century – not the time of Alexandra the Great and earlier. Get over it! Sexual mutilation, both female and male has to go. We all have to grow up, victims and perpetrators.

    You could, my friends, make our job a lot easier. Help us seek universal reconciliation and peace Start by recognising that not only is there neither Gentile nor Jew there is also neither Jew nor Arab . We are all Jews, we are all Gentiles – we are all Arabs – and in this realisation we are none of them too. There is but one humanity , one mankind and one people. All racism is an imagining of difference where non exists – there are no races. We likely all came out of Africa in the geologically recent past. We are 99% identical – that is a scientific reality – and the 1% is superficial – largely appearance.

    Shalom.. Salaam … Peace!

    • Kirk

      Thank you for your very informative post.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    Blah Blah Blah Imagine talking to an organization whose different organizations such as UNWRA are anti semitic. Why noot speak to the tides at the ocean’s edge.

  • Antisemitism is going viral today because of the social networks, internet, and other instantaneous electronic media. However, antisemitism, surfaced every 20 to 50 years in some form or another since Jacob confronted his twin brother Eisav, as exposed in the Torah and Midrashic sourcces. I do not have enough space to explain antisemitism in this blog. I do encourage you however to visit a website where the issue of antisemitism is discussed by presenters more knowledgeable than myself.


  • Please refer to the archived webinar on antisemitism via the following site:


  • Michael Fox

    And of those 37 out of 150 members, how many of them were doing the “politically correct” thing? Not impressed/

  • Robert Davis

    Evidently bhl does NOT understand the problem and still less PMOLITICAL PSYCHOLOGY! Unfortunately for him THIS IS WHAT HE IS DEALING WITH. Israel is not blamed for an evil it is blamed for its…SIZE. The facgt it is too small to represent a real State in the mnds of antizyonists. Therefore when he says “palestinians are entitled to a State” which is wrong and stupid he INCREASES THE PROBLEM. ANTIZYONISM WILL END WHEN AQRABS ARE EXPELLED TOJORDAN AND ISRAEL BECOMES STRONGER IN PARTICULAR GEOPOLITICALLY. Since he does not understand the political problem his philosophy is a lame duck!

  • I wish to address the statement “the myth that antisemitism would lessen or even disappear if the Palestinians were to achieve an independent state.” The Palestinians are the only people to the best of my knowledge who need TWO states, Jordan is a Palestinians state, and then they want another one in the midst of Eretz israel. Please
    realize that the ‘Arab lands’ from Morocco to Iraq consist of 5million360thousand sq miles. No one is going to make me believe that it is the 10,000 sq miles that comprise Israel is going to diminish or eliminate anti-semitism, if the Palestinians could carve out another 4000 sq miles for a second Palestinian state.
    Anti-semitism is as old as the Jewish people. The mainspring of it is that the Jews have practiced monotheism from time immemorial, and followed unique laws that distinguished them from others. The Jews would not bow to a Caligula as if he were a God or any Egyptian or Greek godheads. Together with the Jews’ belief to be the ‘chosen people’ who have a special covenant with God, that made other people mad. And since most people need a scape goat, that is what the Jews became; the scape-goat of the world. As such, they were used by politicians throughout history to unify disparate parties. That’s what Nasser tried, for instance. The Arabs seem to be people who do not get along even among themselves; there are the Sunnis, and the Shiites and the Wahabbis and they will go on fighting each other indefinitely and have done so since Mohammed’s death around 700 A.D. The only way to unite them is preaching to hate the Jews. Not very constructive, but psychologically satisfying. If you are unable to take pride in positive achievements, becoming a jihadist is, I guess, the next best thing to make you feel macho.
    Absolutely nothing to do with a Palestinian state. Nothing to do with settlements, refugees, occupation, walls or checkpoints. Remember none of these self-inflicted ‘offenses’ existed when the Arabs attacked the Jews in the 1920s, ’30s, and 40’s in Palestine and elsewhere in the world. Antisemitism is the pathological expression of a huge inferiority complex.

    • Uriel

      Right on! You hit the nail on the head!

    • Gary Katz

      Good points. I would add that, if Israel weren’t Jewish in character – if this were a conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, for instance, it would get one-millionth the attention in the media, the UN, on campuses, etc.

    • Chiam

      KOL ha Kavod
      One of the reasons to be sure but big Yashir Koach non the less

  • We are talking about what happend know in 2015. I’m sad to hear that After All these years , 70 years After the holocast NOTHING really has happend. Have we learnd anything really???

    • ASK

      Have THEY learned anything is the proper and rightful question to be asked!

      • Dante

        Whom do yoy mean by THEY!

    • Please refer to the already archived webinar on antisemitism in:


  • steven L

    French “eloquence” for “panache” is of little use for an audience of antisemites and people with little or no ethics.

    • Robert Davis

      Ethics,shmilticks! this is NOT a problem of ethics,when will jews understand POLITICS???

      • Charlotte

        I think you are the one asking the wrong question. Historically LONG before there even was an Israel or a Zionist movement Jews were slaughtered everywhere. YES they united to take responsibility for the Jews at large.
        Only an Anti-Semitic mind would object to that.

  • I agree with every word IRA KASPER wrote, the sad part of this conference is, that the representative from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation dose not understand the word “ANTISEMITISM ” no dose Ban- Ki Moon,he at least admits to it.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    agreeing with BHL, but I think we sould or could replace “antisemitism” by judeophobism”, as does philosopher Pierre-André Taguieff

    • Robert Davis

      Sure great difference. You can also replace 6 by half a dozen…big deal! problem is you don’t understand the word politics and you cannot replace it with anything. OK try schmilticks,that will make a great difference!

    • Charlotte

      I agree with you, and there are so many words they play with to pretend that they have no issue with Jews at all only with the Zionist. They say things like not all Jews are Zionist, and not all Zionists are Jews. That Zionism is a terror org.
      SURE SURE SURE there was no Zionism when so many Jews were slaughtered for generations.
      There was n Israel when so many Jews were slaughtered on that land and other lands too.
      ANTISEMIC PEOPLE excised from the beginning of time, and in my opinion it was seeded in envy. Zionist came in to give the Jewish voice and life rights. Rights they desperately needed.
      Anti-Semitism will not go away if Palestinians have a home too.
      Because Anti-Semitism did not begin with a land called Israel.
      ARAFAT – showed us that making peace does not result in peace.
      GAZA – did show us that a 2 state solution is not safe bet for any Jew.

  • Bullfrog Europe

    Anti semitism was around well before 1948 ..

  • Alex R-

    Any idea which are the 37 signatory states?

    • Robert Davis

      Count from 1 to 37. Or count the number of holes on mars…

  • Leo Toystory

    If the UN were to disappear tomorrow everybody but the muslims would be better off.

    • Miri


    • Robert Davis

      I don’t think so because the probem is not in antisemits’ minds but in Jewish minds who are still in the ghettos. Now we are grown ups did you notice? We are in politics not the same as that of Jews in christian nations,one in a Jewish nation whose leaders are not sure where they are. I must admit however the challenge is not a small one.

  • Job

    This person is in great error even if he means well. The only thing that is a result of anti-antisemitism cannot be right and allowed to continue. Calling Muslims as Palestinians is not just a historical falsehood – it is a genocide aspiration. So is the notion of calling a 3-state as a 2-state in the same land and accepting Israel’s 3,000 year Hebrew names changed, illegally, to West Bank. A spade is a black dish with a wooden handle.

    • Robert Davis

      Job :I agree with you : bhl is a more or less left wing philosopher who does not dare come out of the ghetto and say these things straight for fear of an outcry and instead goes around them and then says he does not understand! Of course when some elements are blurred one cannot read them!

  • Antisemite and Jew

    Question: Where has Bernie been these past many years in France, as things have plummeted for Jews there? An occasional slouch over the podium at some fancy, high-donor buffet brunch (pass the caviar, pls), does not constitute raising one’s voice meaningfully as a public intellectual. That’s group-thing among an elite group.

    This has been the pattern among many Jewish intellectuals, and people like J. Sachs (Rabbi), B. Levy and others who could make a difference if they felt like it. If Levy could extract himself form the crest of French society for just one second, and instead jump in the trenches to get that perennially-white shirt messy, then perhaps France might be different.

    But, no. It’ll hit here like it’s engulfed Eurabia.

    Generally, nobody speaks out in the mainstream public about Antisemitism. We get Izlamophoobia in the eardrum everyday, and not a blink for murdered Jews. Not until recently, and frankly; it’s too late to change the status quo.

    BS platitudes at the UN, while the US has methodically dropped the ball on Malmo, Caracas, Paris and London. Basically, anywhere Antisemitism festers most seriously now as a violent disorder. The present admin and State do not care about global Antisemitism, and this is evidenced by the fact that State’s current ‘Global Reports’ on Antisemitism are a joke!

    Noting: This was NOT the case under Hon. G. Rickman @ State, Hon. Pres. GWB and Hon. VP Cheney — all of whom wrote significant pieces on Antisemitism, and produced fairly comprehensive data sets to edify the language beyond rhetoric.

    Anyway. I recall Sartre saying that Antisemitism represented something akin to a ‘mechanical solidarity in the heart of society…’ and that this self-transcendent form of hatred (not my words) remains a deeply embedded psychosocial pathology. Or, collective psychosis, particularly given its hyper-irrational designs on the human brain.

    Listen carefully to Sartre to see where Bernard draws his inspiration. To date, in my opinion, nobody has better encapsulated the cadaverous mental underpinings of organized and individualized Jew-hatred than Nietzsche and Sartre (See Golob/Wistrich on FN, and Sartres ‘Etiology’ as examples)

    Wistrich has cataloged it historically, and some would say, prophetically (Lethal Obsession)

    Cotler defined it’s myriad forms and derivations in ‘Global Assault on Human Rights- PDF)

    DEFINED: Cultural, political, academic, and eliminationist Jew-hatreds. Read: Charles Small addressing and uncovering
    ‘Antisemitisms’, as a plural.

    Theses two philosophers, who quite fearlessly dug into the pit of the racist soul, inorder to reveal the truest essesces of Antisemitism, arrived at remarkably similar conclusions.

    That Antisemitism is comprised of either:

    1. ENVY


    3. FEAR

    Or, a burdensome cognitive goulash containing all three of the aforementioned. Plus, an added steaming handful animal feces, simply for the sake of authenticity…

    Xcuse typos

    • Robert Davis

      Antisemite and Jew : envy and fear yes self loathing is a by product of fear,the third one is cowardice which is fact is also a by product of fear. ENVY AND FEAR is the concentrate and still more concentrate one could sum it up with “ghetto mind”. ISRAEL WILL CHASE OFF all that and it has already started and the reason why antisemites hate Israel. But no fear ISRAEL WILL PREVAIL it only takes a little time. So let us leave sartre bhl and others rake their brains,maybe they find something of interest but so far it is only BLABBER and a show of cowardice that brings us nothing.

    • Dante

      AFAIK, Nietsche was not an antisemite, although antisemiteslater engrossed him.

  • barry panensky

    The u n on antisemitismare you kidding.

  • Ban Ki Moon´s statement about antisemitism sounds like an unwanted weight he is obligated to carry on his weak bones despite the fact he doesn´t like to do so.

    • Antisemite and Jew

      As we way in Hebrew, ‘Ooom Shmoom!’

      It took me a second to get that first time around 🙂

    • Ron Grant

      Zionist Israel owes its very existance to the UN.How ungrateful!
      Or maybe just the worm turning,eh?

      • Robert Davis

        Ron : Israel owes its existenced to the un? are you kidding? the un is just a…ROOM! Do you really think anyone owes anthing to a room or chairs or tables? Some nations voted for others against. Thats is the usual thing with un. At most you could say Israel owes somthing like all other nations to the nations who voted for it but even that is stupid because it is the men who voted and who are no more who did it. Some like the US are still standing on 2 feet others like france have become animals,quadrupeds but no one owes anything to a room,chairs or tables!

        • If Israel owes its existence to the UN, it also owes most of its problems to the UN as well, for like a negligent parent, the UN – which helped give Israel life – has kowtowed to those (mostly Muslim states) who would destroy it.

          Most anti-Semites, I think, mistakenly believe that the Palestinians are the little guys, being picked on by the big Israeli bullies, when the degree of their support proves the opposite. Who else, besides the United States (and perhaps one or two other nations) has continued to support the UN’s original mandate? Even that support, I’m afraid, is diminished by the Obama administration.

      • Israel does not “owe” it’s existence to the United Nations. Nor to the “League of Nations” that preceeded it. Israel was a reality in the making for decades and centuries before these organizations were even dreamed of. All they did was recognize a defacto reality. I exist because I exist, whether my government agrees to register my existence or not.

      • Dante

        Even if so, the 1948 UN was quite different from the today UN, a fresher, less corrupt one, a UN which declared the human rights without making rotten compromises to satisfy totalitary ideologies like Stalinism (although Stalin was in power at that time) or political Islam.

  • Dr Martin Luther King Jr in March 1968 with great prescience summarized this issue in two sentences: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism”.

    • Ron Grant

      By definition,the two,Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism,are not one and the same.They are not synonyms.It should be clear to any unbiased,reasonable and reasoning person who understands the above definitions and is respectful of another unbiased,reasonable and reasoning person who holds an Anti-Zionist position that an Anti-Zionist may indeed not be guilty of Antisemitism.It would appear that MLK was speaking to the wrong people,and made the common error of prejudging all Anti-Zionists.
      There is an arguable case to be made that the Anti-Zionist when compared to the Zionist holds the ethical/moral highground.

      • Robert Davis

        MLK is only doing POLITICS. That is a word Jews do not understand. Forget it.

      • Dante

        MLJ was perfectly right for at least two reasons:
        – Since Zionism is the</em Jewish freedom movement and, of course, also the desire for having one Jewish state on a territory of roughly size of the of the German state Hesse, anti-Zionism actually means being both against Jewish self-determination and grundging the Jews a state where they are able to defend themselves against their enemies, instead of being extradited to them.
        Additionally, anti-Zionists use to harshly critizize Israel for actions which are harmless compared to what other states/nations do – and they believe lies like in the case of Tuvia Grossman, a then young Jewish American who was beaten up by an Arab mob and mistaken as a Palestinian beaten up by an Israeli Policeman who was actually protecting him.
        There are also so-called anti-Zionists who really mean Jews but are too coward to dpeak it out expressively.

  • As time passes, this issue of antisemtism or anti Zionism becomes more widespread in the world. – Envy is a motive that sparks antisemtism, because there are people that envy knowledge. Scientific knowledge. Business knowledge and so on.
    This Iranian clown “Amihdenayad” started the denial of the Holocaust, and it was quickly caught on by the antismism crowd around the world specially theArab world as apretext toheckle the Jewish Community at large worldwide.
    The communist in Venezuela, which are a herd of atheists to begin with,also took up that flag of antisemiotism, heckling the “Escuela Hebraica” ( The Hebrew School) in Caracas about 7 years ago. Then they profanated the Caracas Synagogue with graffitti and thrashing the place of prayer. Again this was more an act of “envy” than a political motive or a religious one perpetrated by ignorant individuals.
    This antisemtism hurts society as whole, since it makes coexistence difficult among ourselves, who want to work and live in peace.

    • Elle

      You are exactly correct. Thanks for your insightful comment.

      • Alison Weston

        Couldn’t agree more and the sooner the naysayers wake up the better

    • Ron Grant

      At the very least,I condemn Antisemitism out of self interest.That kind of irrational hatred could just as well victimize me and mine,them and theirs,as well as you and yours.J’suis Juif.

    • Robert Davis

      Still if the detonator ie “palestinians” were taken care of FOR EVER not just pushed under the carpet as dust which is useless and will not stop detonate the explosive, envy or no envy antisemitism will vanish.

    • You are absolutely right Juan Jose. Envy is only part of the story, it is a vehicle by which antisemitism is manifested. However, there is more to it than envy. I encourage you to visit the following site for more explanation:


  • Ian Bersten

    “Occupation itself is an antisemitic act, because it threatens humankind and human rights…The persecution of the Palestinian people and the denial of their human rights – this is also an example of antisemitism.”

    How do supposedly intelligent people write such rubbish?
    The internal inconsistencies in the statement render it meaningless. I cannot even imagine the tortuous logic needed to create such a statement.

    • Ron Grant

      I think you are being too dismissive,here.Or maybe I am giving someone the benefit of the doubt.Regardless,the point seems to be that the Jewish People have suffered over time and place,the most horrific being the Holocaust,and that within living memory,in “civilized and civil” Germany.The Palestinians have suffered,too,at the hands of the Jewish People.Two Peoples who have suffered,one at the hands of others and both at the hands of each other.So,the suffering of one part of Humanity cannot be readily separated from the suffering of Humanity itself.The Jews suffered their Holocaust,the Palestinians their Nakba.There is a connection.

      • theo

        Ron Grant please note that the Palestinians suffer due to self inflicted actions not because of Israel
        Israel in 1947 accepted the UN resolution to create the State The Arabs rejected it and since then have sworn to destroy the state
        If the destruction of Israel is their only aim ,what must Israel do ? Why expect Israel to accept this evil intent No other nation would
        Yet despite this Israel’s defence force ,in the words of Britain’s Colonel Kemp ,is the most moral army in the world
        Any natural disaster – anywhere in the world – sees Israel giving medical and other assistance ,way beyond what other states of comparable size do
        Why should Israel treat a thousand Syrian wounded in its hospitals ,if not because they are human beings
        With your closed mind ,you must somewhere have heard it said ” if the Arabs lay down their arms there will be peace : if Israel lays down its arms ,there will be no Israel !

      • Elliot

        Complete racist NUFASCISTS garbage. U equate the massacre of SIX MILLION with a war STARTED AND LOST BY THE ARABS UNDER THE NAZI Al Husseini. You are a delusional sociopath Pally. Wise up and educate yourself. Your twisted hate is beyond reason. Oh and BTW care to comment on the near MILLION Jews ethnically cleansed all across the ME and N Africa post 1948. WHAT ABOUT THEIR NAKBA

      • Dante

        There is utterly no comparison between these both situations! Arab-Palestinians suffer, yes, but at least as much from their Arab ‘brothers’ including their own corrupt leaders than from Israel’s policy. And, in contrast to the European Jews during the Nazi era, they also make suffer. Not all, of course, but enough of them to force Israel to make strict security politics.
        Did Jewish Germans ever kill ‘Aryan’ ones just for being so? No. Palestinians and other Arabs do murder Jews, including children, and they are celebrated as ‘heroes’ and ‘martyrs’ for it.

    • racy

      Dr. M. L. King was a supporter of Israel, a powerful friend to the Jews. More Rabbis and Jewish high school and college students supported Dr. King’s cause than any other group. Today much of Black America support the Arab causes and their rhetoric especially on college campuses is antisemetic and Anti Israel.
      They should revisit Dr. King’s speeches. If Dr. King were alive, he would be outraged because his message
      for a strong Jewish state was loud and clear.

    • Robert Davis

      ian : STPOP that rubbish : there is no “occupation” which you evidently do not even know what it means, there is no “palestinians” and not a single sin you lefters invent to explain antisemitism! arabs are to be transferred to Jordan and the whole rubbish people like you invented,will get their big mouth SHUT. Go and try to make a living instead of living on welfare paid by our taxeds while you keep ranting on politics of which YOU UNDERSTAND NOTHING. You just waste our time and our money. Go to work instead of shunning work to spread hate!

  • Dan

    are you kidding me? As IF this meeting will result in anything of any positive significance? All this does is allow countries to say we did something about anti-antisemitism and not have to feel guilty.

  • The UN is a tough audience for anyone denouncing “anti-Zionism” for the term is sometimes interpreted to connote blood and soil racism. That is why I prefer to explain the Arab-Israeli conflict as about modernity, not possession of a small strip of land. See http://clarespark.com/2015/01/15/antisemitism-vs-anti-zionism-is-there-a-difference/.

    • Dante

      There is a difference between non-Zionism and antisemitism but real anti-Zionism is a kind of the latter since the issue of Zionism is Jewish self-determunation and a state which is the only one to guarantee that it will never persecute you for being Jewish.
      So, being anti-Zionist means being against Jewish self-determination and self-protection from anti-Jewish violence and welcoming the idea of a judenrein Palestine (whereas, in contrast, Israel is home of both Jews and Arabs who have full civil rights.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The only thing I disagree with him about is that the “Palestinians” deserve a state. There have been too many bombings, shootings, knifings, and mayhem by these Muslims against Jews because they are Jews, and of Jewish children for the crime of being Jews. Everyone knows that they want to continue their genocidal agenda of destroying the Jewish State from the land that Israel is supposed to give them. There was never an Arab state called Palestine and these people who name public squares after killers of children have no moral basis for a state. A state for them is a non-starter. Not happening.

    • Michael Fox

      How bout giving the Palestinians Yemen for their state? The Palestinians could come in controlled numbers to Israel to visit their holy sites once properly vetted but they would have to leave their knives at home. A three day pass sounds reasonable.

      Will someone pass this plausible idea on to the UM.

  • rd

    “”The Jews are detestable because they are supposed to support an evil illegitimate state – this is the anti-Zionist delirium of the merciless adversaries of the reestablishment of the Jews in their historical fatherland,” Levy asserted.” yup. that about says it.

  • Ira Kasper

    “The PLO was dreamt up by the KGB, which had a penchant for ‘liberation’ organizations. In 1964 the first PLO council, consisting of 422 Palestinian representat…ives handpicked by the KGB, approved the Palestinian National Charter–a document that had been drafted in Moscow.”

    – Ion Pacepa, acting chief of Romanian foreign intelligence.

    “Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel.”

    – Yasser Arafat, former PLO leader and Nobel Peace Price recipient, September 13, 1993.

    We should demand that the world accept treaties they already signed on to, like the 1922 Partition, 1923 Anglo American Treaty, 1920 San Remos & the 1917 Balfour document. all are upheld under international law that defines Israel’s borders as a Jewish State

    • Ivan Cohen

      I’ll reply to both of your comments.
      My compliments on 2 contributions that introduced a breath of fresh air into the discussion.

  • Ira Kasper

    Anti Semitism
    Anti Semitism comes from the simple fact that prior to Judaism princes and kings were absolute monarchs. Judaism brought ethics morality and the concept of monotheism. It brought a Right and Wrong that went beyond your station in life. The kings were no longer absolute monarchs because there were rules. The kings and princes (and politicians) hate this and looked for and still look for any and every reason to accuse Jews and Judaism of any crime possible and to stir up the ignorant (and some times educated) against us. This needs to be remembered so as not to listen to the false accusations without understanding the truth.

    • nine 0’clock

      You are right, good vs evil

  • Ira Kasper

    What’s in a name
    November 5, 2014 at 5:42pm
    Yesterday’s antisemites called Jews ‘Palestinians’ for the purpose of expelling them from europe:
    “The Palestinians living among us have, for the most part, earned a not unfounded reputation for being cheaters, because of their spirit of usury since their exile. Certainly, it seems strange to conceive of a nation of cheaters; but it is just as odd to think of a nation of merchants, the great majority of whom, bound by an ancient superstition that is recognized by the State they live in, seek no civil dignity and try to make up for this loss by the advantage of duping the people among whom they find refuge, and even one another. ”
    -Immanuel Kant, 1798
    Today’s antisemites, call Jews european colonialists for the purpose of expelling them from Eretz Yisrael:
    “We must end colonization of Palestine” [ Read: Zionists (Jews) are cheating the Arabs and controlling the media (hint hint duping the people among them) ]
    -Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), 2014
    My, my, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

    • Roz Shorenstein

      I could never understand Kant anyway!

      • Efram

        I Kant either.

      • He was a salesman of shape-shiftiness theory, Roz.

    • Ron Grant

      There is an arguable case to be made in characterizing the occupation of the Palestinian Homeland as the “colonization of Palestine”,by Zionists and the Diaspora.Just sayin’.

  • Elise Ronan

    What is sad is that in an international body like the UN, with over 150 members, only 37 states signed on to fight antisemitism. That speaks louder than anything else and tells us where the real antisemitism lies.

    • Roz Shorenstein

      Good point!

    • emile harari

      This an UN gigantic travesty! .They devote a session for the question of anti semitism.What a Joke.Most of the anti semites don’t even know WHY they are anti-jews.The UN
      should rather convene an emergency session to decry
      the turmoil around the world due solely to Muslim perpetrators.
      How long will the entire world remain victim to this growing cancer that is rapidly devouring our societies. The passive judeo christian attitude dealing with this problem will only end in an unavoidable clash that will cause more victims that the past world wars combined.
      Enough is Enough
      Enough being politically correct
      Enough reacting piecemeal to every occurring incident
      Enough considering short sighted interests when our own existence is at stake
      Enough of the wishful thinking that there are moderate muslim.If there are some THEY should be the first ones to condemn in unisson such terrorist acts
      Enough dismissing the goals of these muslims who will never live in peace until they have completely DESTROYED our societies Enough, Enough,Enough
      Therefore instead of convening to discuss antisemitism the UN woould better address ways to combat this cancer Otherwise it’s only a matter of time before the western societies submit