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January 22, 2015 6:49 pm

Yarmulke-Clad Swedish Gentile Reporter Attacked in Malmo (VIDEO)

avatar by Dave Bender

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The synagogue in Malmo, Sweden. Photo: WikiCommons.

A synagogue in Malmo, Sweden. Photo: WikiCommons.

Eighteen months after an intrepid gentile journalist strolled the streets of Malmo, Sweden wearing a yarmulke, in order to get a sense of how residents of the city view Jews, a new video suggests that the situation has only worsened, Israel’s NRG News reported Thursday.

In October, 2013, Patrick Reily, a journalist for The Local English-language newspaper, spent a day in the city of Malmö wearing the traditional kippah headcovering in order to see how passersby might react.

After an uncomfortable few hours walking the streets, and becoming the object of stares and insults, Reilly concluded: “As an Irish person abroad I’ve never felt remotely threatened, but wearing the kippah for a few hours was enough to instill feelings of fear. Even when I didn’t feel afraid I was made to feel different and unwelcome.”

This time it was Peter Lindgren’s turn to don a kippah and Star of David chain around his neck and head into town. The result: “He received direct threats as he walked through the city,” according to

Lindgren, walking with a hidden camera and microphone alongside, recorded every step. The report showed the reporter enduring verbal abuse by a man who called him a “Jewish s***” and told him to “leave.” Another person hit him and shouted “Satan Jew,” at him.

As they approached the the city’s neighborhoods with higher Muslim populations, the threats only increased. Some 20 percent of the 300,000 residents of Sweden’s third-largest city are Muslim, according to statistics.

“Then a whole gang came along to threaten the ‘Jewish’ reporter,” while occupants of neighboring homes shouted abuse at him. The broadcast caused a public storm in Sweden, with reactions by public figures, local Jewish organizations and international groups.

The clip, which was broadcast on Sweden’s national television, examined the degree of threats Malmo’s Jews face. The city is infamous for having the largest number of anti-Semitic incidents in the country, many of them perpetrated by members of the Muslim community.

According to the report, “many of [Malmo’s remaining Jews] are afraid to leave their homes; many want to leave the city and do not want their children to grow up there.”

There are only about 600 Jews remaining; many have left for Stockholm and other cities because they can’t take the hatred.

During the first six months of 2013, Malmo police reported 35 attacks on Jews – triple the previous year, according to an official who spoke with The Jerusalem Post.

In the wake of the recent terror attacks in Paris against the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly and the Hyper Cacher supermarket, Swedish-Jewish leader Lena Posner Körösi told The Local that her organization “received emails and letters from Islamists containing threats. The police and security services have raised the threat level accordingly.

“What we don’t know is whether these threats are from people linked to groups like al-Qaeda or ISIS or if they are copycats,” Körösi admitted, but told AFP that threats against Jews had “at least doubled” in Sweden.

The full report is here (Swedish only):

Watch a clip from the report:

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  • Its All Over Folks

    Jews, Muslims, all Semites, working to wipe out Western Culture. Seems to be working. Goodbye Sweden you are being destroyed, thousands of years of Culture down the drain.

    All those pretty blonde women are going to be wearing a burlap sap over their head for generations. What progress!

    • PermReader

      All stories of guests in kippah in Europe show that the European hostility inspire local Muslims to aggressive actions.

  • Shema Israel

  • art frank

    So, the savages are doing their thing in Malmo. This is the future for Sweden: savages who refuse to assimilate, spew their ignorant hatred, breed like rats and demand that the Swedes accommodate them in free housing, welfare, sharia, etc. Congratulations Sweden you’ve hit the jackpot with these lowlifes.

  • Sobieski

    The is an antisemitism in the swedish non- muslim population. I know this due to different factors. Firstly, myself growing up in Sweden I know that making jokes about jews was something regularly occuring among people. Secondly Sweden was a collaborator to the Nazis in WW II and has not repented since then. More, Sweden as a former lutheran country has inherited luthers and christian Jew- hatred and teaching of contempt This still perseveres although people having consciously disconnected from christianity. More, Swedens leftist-orientatio and pro- palestinism is another clear influence which can NOT leave swedes in an objective state of mind.

    • Sandi

      Thank you for speaking the truth on so many levels, Sobieski, especially the disgrace of (supposedly neutral) Swedish collaboration with the Germans during World War II. Great fortunes were made during this time, but apparently no one in Sweden is brave enough to investigate or write about the truth of this period.

    • art frank

      I agree with you. So why do the Jews still live there and not make aliyah to Israel?

    • Taylor Vickers

      Take responsibility and don’t blame your bigotry on Lutheranism. American Lutherans are some of the strongest supporters of the Jewish people in OUR country. In our Lutheran church in rural Texas, we even experience Jewish traditions, like Passover, to foster understanding. You have something ELSE going on that feeds your problem. Figure it out.

  • victoria brandeis









  • Abbushuki

    Shades of the brown shirts. Yes, it is happening again.
    Does the Government of Sweden even care? If not, time to BDS Sweden.

    • Eve

      What are they importing, other than slow thinking?

  • Quite clearly, being a Jew in Malmo with so many Muslims around is a hard cross to bear!

    Joking aside, Tsedek Iirdof – not just a name (if indeed it is one at all) but Hebrew words for “Justice shalt thou follow” – is wrong to associate Swedish antisemitism, or Muslim anti-semitism, with Jews re-settling Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

    The roots of Jew-hatred are FAR deeper than this. To believe otherwise is naive.

    The non-Jewish reporters who donned a kipah (head-covering) are greatly to be commended on their initiative and their bravery. They have pioneered something new, something for other reporters to do.

  • Dany Toren

    My very wise garden Guru warned me Never introduce Weeds into a Rose Garden….The weeds will take over….

  • Dany Toren

    And to think that these people are the Descendants of the Vikings…..The Jews in Sweden have a choice they can either move to Israel or stay in Sweden as an abused minority….
    As for the Swedes,they too have a choice…. Submit or Die….

  • VictorMc

    We are not taking about the genuine Swedish people- we are are talking about the sewer rat Muslims who have invaded their once quite decent country (by European standards.) The foolish governments over the years have allowed this to happen but what goes around comes around, like France they will lose their educated civilised Jews and be left the garbage and sniveling poor of the world. Goodbye Sweden.

  • Raoul Wallenberg ‘s legacy is seriously damaged by the contemporary Sweds .In my fathers opinion he was the most descent, righteous human being,A Sweadish diplomat he ,saved the lives of 400,000 Jews of Budapest in 1944. SHAME ON THE SWED’s Of the 21st CENTURY.

    • “Amen” on RW and the present Swedes.

  • We also need ti remember how the danish saved most of its Jews by ferrying them to Malmo Sweden. I myself took the same boat ride when I was visiting Copenhagen. It was the people of Malmo who first took them in as they fled the leaked Nazi plan to capture them on Yom Kippur when they were all likely to be in Danish shuls and take them to their deaths.

    Sadly and wrongly the growing anti semitism in Europe will gtow as long as Isael’s occupation policies of the West Bank, Yehuda v’Shomron contiues. We will be killing the Palestinians and they will kill us. And the anti semites in Europe wil have a hay day as more and more normally good willing people see the evil in the current Israeli policies. Only peace with the Palestinians centered in Ramallah will have any hope of ending it.

    I truly believe that under the right conditions Palestinian official in Ramalah will help s fend off Hamas ans Hezbolah as the will then have more to lose if they don;t and much to gain if they do.

    May hashem bring greater nevona to Israeli politicians and the settlers that they are ringing harm n am Yisrael just like mered Bar Kochba Revolt. I prefer hakol kol yaakov and the arm are yedai essav. We need to substitute our voices for reconciliation with our cousins Bnei Ishmael. We may not have been the first to start the armed struggle but we are feeding it. Vayishman Yeshurum Vayivat.

    • To: TZEDEK TIRDOFE I truly believe,your wrong, the Palesinian authority will collapse as soon as Israel pulled out.
      Do you wish a blood thirsty Islamist state,hell bent on Israel ‘s destruction,on its doorstep?
      What has that to do with European antisemitism? Not all Jews support Israel, Israel is a multi cultural country, 20 % of it’s population is Islamic,many Christian, Bahays,Druze & others.

    • Elliott

      Complete crap. Sorry mate that bollox about settlements and occupation being responsible a) for a lack of peace and b) Jewhate in Europe is the drivel served up by morons. These jihadist Islamist don’t give a monkeys about occupation. They hate JEWS plain and simple and by promulgating your claptrap your just as guilty. Wise up Kapo. The Pals demand all Israel the HAMAS lot wish to eradicate all JEWS and youre complete misreading of the situation will get u beheaded

    • theo

      One who calls himself Tzedek is as naïve as they come If you really believe that ” Palestinian official(s) in Ramallah” will fend off Hamas ,you are a fool
      The Palestinians will never renounce their wish to destroy Israel Anyone who stands in their way will be eliminated They say openly that Israel must and will be destroyed Radical Islam does not tolerate opposition
      They have infected their youth from the age of five years with this same poison : hate and kill!
      The time for Hakol,kol Ya’acov will surely be fully realised in its time but for now Israel ,with Hashem’s has to strive for its existence But even now it is a light to the nations If only those with eyes to see it, will do so

    • Norman Shapiro

      Your comments are truly sad to read. It is bad enough that people who have no idea of what it means to live in Israel and how the Palistinians and the entire Arab/Muslim world have only one goal – to obliterate Israel, say what you have said. But it is truly mind boggling to read these words from someone who seems to have a better perpective. Israel has tried to foment peace. The list of concessions is endless. It is the Palestinians who are afraid of it. Name one significant concession they have made – let alone the demand that Israel allow 4 million of them the “right of return”, which, in and of itself, would mean the end of Israel as we know it. With this in minds your comments only act as fodder for the anti-Semites who would be more than happy to see the Arab/Muslim world acheive its goal.

    • Andrew

      Wow, you are totally clueless.

    • Andrew

      Wow, you are clueless, it was also the cartoonists fault they were murdered in your mind I gather.

    • Bernard Ross

      rubbish, the anti semitism in europe will grow because that is the normal behavior of 2000 years and not the hiatus of a few decades. The Euros not only libel Israel and the jews, just as you do, but they also fund and support organizationally NGO’s which fund Jew killing arab orgs. I am sorry for the foolish Jews of europe who similarly to pre shoah could not see what was in front of their face. Rabbis told them then also to stay in europe and were respnsible for the slaughter of millions of Jews.
      Your statement blaming euro muslim leftist anti semitism in europe on the actions of Jews in Israel makes you a spitting image of the anti semite. do you dance also with the jew killers like the naturei karta?

    • sifter

      U must have missed todays report THAT the P A has been arming Hamas with ISRAELI supplied weapons for ovef 15 years! Peace with Ramallah? What r u smoking?

    • Baht Harim

      Really? Israel is the excuse? What was the excuse 75 years ago?

    • Tzedek (whose name means “truth”) is wrong if he thinks that the Palestinians and their Muslim supporters – who have been unwilling to absorb or assist any so-called Palestinian refugees – want a two-state solution for the Holy Land.

      • bloomiegirl

        @rkief – “truth” in Hebrew is “emet”

    • History tells us that the Danes did not ferry the Jews to Sweden out of the goodness of their hearts. They exacted a terrible toll in terms of cash and jewels from the fleeing Jews. These “good Christians” were just one step below their co religionist Lutherans in Germany and in Sweden. Please do not believe in the garbage about how good the Danes were, likewise the Swedes traded with Nazi Germany right to the end of the war.

    • Eve


    • jeffBerkman

      Tzedek Perhaps you are a well intended individual. Your concept of antisemitism somehow evaporating if Israel simply vacates the West Bank is incredibly naive and without evidence. it may be your wish that Jews be evicted from portions of Jerusalem and its suburbs,but this will not happen. Jews and Christians and Muslims all must have a secured right to live in any neighborhood of Jerusalem. Isn’t that the true test of peace, respect and reconciliation.It is truly regrettable that the Palestinian nationalist movement has rejected offers for compromise time and time again.

  • steven L

    Why in the world do Jews still stay in Sweden when what happens to them is the FULL responsibility of the Swedish people and government. They are waiting to be kicked out physically or killed!!! For those with children it is nearly criminal to expose them to these fanatics and Swedish cowards.
    R. Wallenberg was one of a kind, the exception to the rule.

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    in my youth, Sweden was considered as the country of liberties. It was a long time ago

  • David Levy

    I feel so sad for Sweden. It has completely lost the plot.

  • Jonesy

    Malmo’s lost. I was there 28 years ago and it was the most charming jewel in the Scandanavian crown. The Swede’s really messed up this time.

  • US Jew

    I think the idea of an economic boycott is perfect. There’s nothing made in Sweden or by a Swedish company I have to have.

  • ted weiss

    what do you expect from a country whose leadership is so antisemitic under the “discuize” of humanetarizm became the first western country to recognize the state of so called Palestine . Sweden along with most of western Europe is islamicized

  • Leo Toystory

    Every time a Swedish woman is raped by a gang of muslim imports they can reflect upon the moral superiority of their nation over Israel. All these European and Scandinavian countries DESERVE precisely what is in store for them.

  • anon

    Why are their faces hidden? Why protect them?

  • Roz Shorenstein

    Keep in mind that Sweden was neutral in World War II; they did not fight against the Nazis.

    • Mickey Oberman

      They assisted them.

      • kerstin larsson

        Sverige var och är fega, naiva och dumdristiga alltså politikerna.Ett kommunistland som ska lära vuxna människor att tänka (uppfostra dem). Kunde inte hålla med dig mer.

    • JayKay

      Keep in mind that you have no idea what you’re talking about.
      First, sweden wasn’t neutral in WW2, just cowardly in order to avoid war.
      Second, the threat towards jews in Sweden, as reported in this clip is the muslim immigrants.
      Swedes in general aren’t even religious and couldn’t care less which made-up character people want to believe in.

      As always, there exists a handful of people who believe in somekind of a jewish conspiracy, but they aren’t worth meantioning more than I just did.

      • Bernard Ross

        they support the libels against israel and the jewish people with funds and moral support. The same libels always preceded pogroms; it is the same as attempted genocide.

  • David

    The only way to deal with Sweden is to: prevent its pension funds and citizens from investing in N.America, boycott its products and impose a safe harbor surcharge on the country to assist every Jew that wants to leave. Sweden and Norway are two countries that must be boycotted and isolated from N. America. The treatment meted out to Jews and Israel by these two scoundrel nations with an absolutely odious record of Jew hatred must now be visited upon these Viking idiots as soon as possible.

  • Elliott

    The proof is in the pudding. Anti-Semitism is alive and well, and thriving in Sweden. What else can one expect from a country with a Lutheran heritage, Luther himself having been a rabid anti-Semite? Has Europe really thrown off the chains of its medieval past? Apparently not. It’s in the cultural genes.

  • Brian Shapiro

    Thank you for reporting.

    • Elle

      I agree with above commenter, Brian Shapiro. Thank you for reporting this.

  • dante

    the absurdity of sweden’s posture of superiority toward Israel is made evident in the report. sweden was a clandestine ally of the germans during the war and, now, it is indifferent (despite the all the talk) to the welfare of its own Jewish population and it demands of Israel a surreal delicacy toward and solicitude for Israel’s mortal enemies, a delicacy that sweden NEVER displayed toward its own mortal enemies. let that be remembered: sweden is so busy lecturing everyone, most especially the Jews, about sweden’s notional nobility and decency, that it suffers the most remarkable but unremarked amnesia about its own history. and, at the same time, sweden eagerly, generously and unqualifiedly supports Israel’s jihadist enemies, enemies who proudly proclaim their genocidal programme.

  • Fred

    A Jew in Sweden to day feels like a Jew in Hitler’s Germany. Has to contend with Islamic NAZI’s of Sweden.

  • jbwillikers

    With 600 Jews in Malmo, who don’t spend much time walking the streets, there are 35 attacks. The Swedes should take some responsibility, but the politically correct bs is so strong there they cannot think clearly.

    • Joel Keller

      Oh, I believe the Swedes are thinking very clearly. They are thinking like the anti-Semites they have been for the past 85 or so years.

  • Sweden become the largest muslim country and poorer state in Europe. Jews of Sweden, please leave that country to Israel.
    God help Jews from the monster of Islam.