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February 1, 2015 7:23 pm

Report: Hezbollah-Iranian Rocket Strike Against IDF Was Part of Bigger Coming Attack

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Two IDF soldiers were killed and seven others wounded jeep in a Hezbollah rocket attack on a jeep on the Lebanon border. Photo: Ch.2 screenshot.

Two IDF soldiers were killed and seven others wounded in a Hezbollah rocket attack on a jeep on the Lebanon border. Photo: Ch.2 screenshot.

lethal anti-tank rocket attack on IDF forces last Wednesday on the Lebanon border by Hezbollah was originally intended to be the opening salvo of a far-larger operation against Israel in February and March, and was not “merely” a revenge attack for an earlier Israeli strike which killed over 10 Hezbollah and Iranian military officials on Jan. 18th in Syria, Israel’s NRG News reported Sunday.

In conversation with an unnamed “European businessman,” said to hold close ties to both Hezbollah and Iranian officials, the article averred that the use of at least five highly advanced Kornet missiles by Hezbollah terrorists to hit a single patrol vehicle didn’t make sense tactically, and indicated that their presence in the area, in fact, meant a more serious operation against Israel was in the offing.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel would exact a heavy price for Hezbollah’s attack which took place in the Mt. Dov area and killed two soldiers and wounded seven others. In his comments on the attack near the nexus of the Israeli, Lebanese, and Syrian borders, Netanyahu warned that “Israel was prepared to operate on all fronts.”

The morning of the Hezbollah attack, the European said he called friends at Hezbollah’s headquarters in southern Beirut’s Dahiyeh quarter, but the phone rang unanswered. Later, he caught them by cellphone and was briefly told by “Ali,”  that “We were asked to leave the offices yesterday. We were told to keep our calls short because the Israeli army was listening.”

From Ali’s tone, the European concluded that Hezbollah felt they were “on the verge of war,” a feeling which “came as no surprise to any party,” the businessman noted.

“Last week, after the assassination of Jihad Mughniyeh, I spoke to Iranian friends in Beirut. They are well connected – both in Beirut and in Tehran. They felt Israel knew very well who was in the convoy, and that Israel was aware of the growing trickle of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Quds Forces on the Golan, and realized that something was brewing. From the Iranian perspective, Israel’s air strike on the convoy was intended to ‘mark a line in the sand.'”

The Guards’ commander said after Israel’s strike that they should expect “ruinous thunderbolts” in response to the attack, which killed Gen. Mohammed Ali Allah Dadi, along with noted Hezbollah operative, Jihad Mughniyeh, and some 10 others.

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  • Historian

    Israel needs to take back Gaza away from HAMAS. They are training their kids to be terrorists..Over 15,000 young teens went through a week long terrorist program specifically to learn to capture soldiers use the now being reconstructed tunnels into Israel. No book learning of any kind. Hamas trains killers only. Serious action is needed NOW!!

  • Lauren Goldman

    The next attack on Israel should be responded to totally, mercilessly and no prisoners taken. Picking up a weapon to fight against Israel should be a death sentence. Terrorists can only be rehabilitated with a rope or gun. Any land gained as a result of hostilities must remain part of Israel and no part returned.

  • ken brownsher

    Israel will have to tell the UN to stick-it during the next war with Hezzie! it must be a war of attrition with the use of all weapons on the table.I hope Obama does not cost Israeli lives! It must be Shock and a lot of Awe so Iran gets the message.

  • Steven Geller

    If those Kornet missiles are as lethal as I am led to believe, then the Israeli army is aware and preparing countermeasures. Other than weapons that can directly combat the Kornet missile, then the next best measure would be to launch the most devastating counter-attack possible and hopefully cooler heads in the Arab world will intervene against Hezbollah and Iran, politically, if not militarily.

  • Jerry Rosenberg

    War is hell. If the muslins talk war continually , they must expect their words to bring hell to them . They
    believe they can threaten with impunity. The Iranians use
    proxies to do their evil dirty work. Whatever they get in the near future is on their heads. What you sew. so
    shall you reap. The Iranians(the Mullahs that is) have a
    lot to account for. Maybe a few of their centerfuses
    will blow up in their faces.

  • RobiMac

    Yeah, and it’s that “bigger coming attack” when Yeshua is gonna slaughter y’all.

    Ezekiel 38-39

  • Wm. J.Levy

    Obviously the best tanks in the world are no match for these new Iranian missiles.

    Israel better figure out a defense against them.

    I recall in 1973 Russian Sagger missiles destroyed our tanks in Sinai and we almost lost the Yom Kippur War if not for Ariel Sharon.

    To not have countermeasures is unacceptable and the best time for them to attack is when Bibi will be in Washington.

    Destroy them first.

  • Michael

    Deif is dead and the Mossad is watching Nasrallah.

  • Hezbollah is leaving Isreal little choice. Hezbollah will find that Israel will not fight the comming battle the same way she did the last time. This time all be moe decisive.