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Donald Trump on Jewish Daughter Ivanka: ‘This Wasn’t in the Plan But I’m Very Glad it Happened’ (VIDEO)

February 6, 2015 4:02 pm 108 comments

Donald Trump at The Algemeiner's 'Jewish 100' Gala. Photo: Sarah Rogers.

While Donald Trump did not plan on having a Jewish daughter, he is glad he did so, the business tycoon said Tuesday night upon accepting the Liberty Award at The Algemeiner’s ‘Jewish 100′ Gala in New York City.

“I want to thank my Jewish daughter. I have a Jewish daughter,” he said at the event, which drew a star-studded crowd of 500 to the Capitale on Bowery. “This wasn’t in the plan but I’m very glad it happened.”

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, converted to Judaism in 2009 before marrying real estate developer Jared Kushner, whom Donald described on stage as a “spectacular guy.” In presenting the award to her father, Ivanka described him as someone who has firm convictions and “a man who uses his platform and uses his voice to effectuate change.”

“He is fundamentally somebody who believes that it’s his civic duty to speak his mind and often say what’s not popular and what others are afraid to,” she added. “He has used his voice often and loudly in support of Israel and in support of developments within Israel, in support of security for Israel and in support of the idea of Israeli democracy.”

On stage, Trump concluded his acceptance speech by asserting his strong support for the Jewish state. He told the audience, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.”

Other honorees at the event included philanthropists Joseph and Deborah Aronow, late entertainer Joan Rivers and speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein.

Watch Donald Trump’s speech in the video below:


  • px fragonard

    I’m curious to know how long the conversion took. Does anyone know?

  • She renounced Jesus Christmas as her lord and savior. To her, Jesus did not die for our sins. Sad that she renounced Jesus Christ.

    • 1st of all Jesus came to earth through the Jews so on earth the earthly vessel was Jewish. He did observe the Jews traditions and the LAW. as a result we are very grateful for the Jews and the Jews. I love them. Because I was born in Egypt from European parents (christians of course) I love the Arab muslimstoo and would love for both to live in peace. One day this will happen as it was prophesied in the Holy Bible. Re the daughter adopting the Jewish religion, I am disappointed of course, but I am also thinking she did not go too far. It could have been somethin else. I am hoping that one day the daughter and the other people in the Jewish Religion will see that Jesus is the fulfillment of the messianic promises given by God the Almighty. Let us pray for this because Israel has a special place in God’s merciful heart.

      • Your comments are full of swearwords and racist does not command high culture and refined behaviour. It does show something not to be respected and

        • this answer is in response to a comment made below insulting mexicans and other religious and ethnic groups. the system here messed up and the programmers need to address this

        • Stephen Garramone

          God has no favorites. In my life I have met just as many Jewish jerks as non-Jews. Also, Christians and Jews have no monopoly on how to worship God. So quit feeling so sorry that she is not worshipping in the Christian manner. That is insulting and condescending and would get your jaw broken if said to the wrong person. She’ll get to heaven probably quicker than your condescending self as that is one thing God hates – hypocrites.

      • px fragonard

        He didn’t observe the law, which is why he was criticized for eating and drinking with publicans and sinners. That was breaking the law. He claimed he WAS the law in human form.

  • Stacy Fugleberg

    I was encouraged by H. Davies below and want to add, only out of love, that Christianity is a seamless transition from Judaism because Jesus did fulfill the prophecies and does not save our souls from our sinful nature by coming as a warrior. He defeats Satan and is victorious in his sacrifice for our souls. Giving us the ability to spend our eternity with God. Believe me. I am not a Bible Thumper nor anywhere near being a good Christian, nor person for that matter. My grandfather was actually Jewish, my mother, Christian but half Jew and I, a cultured Christian. I stay Christian with growing love for Jesus because, intellectually, God’s plan of atonement through the old and new testaments make sense. There is absolutely Zero that we can do to be able to tell God that we are worthy of his Kingdom. Shalom and Peace be with you.

  • Anyone that raises his hand to Hitler, supports the KKK, and does not know or follow the Golden Rule is not and will never be a Jewish father. Ivanka should disown her father before anyone accepts her attempt at Judaism. Ivanka should be ashamed to try to peddle off her conversion (which would have never happened had she not married a Jewish person). If she truly wanted to be Jewish she should have made that decision before marrying a jew.

  • First of all, you can not be converted to Judaism. Jews have permitted it for years laughing behind the so-called converts’ backs. YOU ARE NOT JEWISH UNLESS YOUR MOTHER IS JEWISH !!!
    Now, PERIOD !
    Jewish fathers can not make Jews without a Jewish wife. That is the way it is. AND there is no such thing as a half-Jew. Jewish Mom or no baby Jew…..Got it ???? !!!

    • Utter rubbish. Of course any one can convert to become Jewish provided they go through an appropriate process to learn and illustrate genuine commitment.

      I think he refers to Jews by birth, which require a Jewish mother. But that does not preclude a genuine convert, joining the ranks.

    • There’s plenty to be thankful for here on Trump’s connection with Judaism, yet you choose to still criticize. We need all the friends we can find and alienating people is not the way to do it!

    • Whitney Aronson

      To the person who claims that one cannot convert to Judaism and that Jews caught at “so-called converts” behind their back… You are COMPLETELY WRONG. People, if you are reading THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!

      Jews do not seek to convert people, and we make people go through a very thorough educational process in order to convert. It is a multi-step commitment and can take years. But once a Jew-by-choice has completed the conversion process, THEY ARE JEWS, and they are welcomed by the community.

      RUTH converted, and she is one of the most revered figures in Judaism.

      So, I don’t know what this person is talking about, or if he had bad experiences with ignorant people, but he is JUST PLAIN WRONG.

    • PamelaScharaga

      Jews used to proselytise before the Romans made it so dangerous. Ruth was not born Jewish. So according to Adam Swanstein King David ,Solomon and the Mashiach were and will not be Jewish. In fact once a person converts to Judaism their soul is considered to have been at Sinai. It is considered the height of ill manners to ask someone if they are a convert. Adam Swanstein needs to go back to Judaism 101.

    • Helena Sorenson

      When one converts by a reputable rabbi and go to the mikveh, it is as though they were born Jewish. Read the story of Ruth and Naomi…

    • You can convert to Judaism, but the Jews won’t accept you unless your mom is Jewish. You cannot migrate to Israel if you are a converted Jew.

      • Getald Fnord

        Utter nonsense.

      • This forum is full of people who need to learn before showing how ignorant they are

        • px fragonard

          How does the saying go? Better to keep your peace, lest someone think you’re a fool rather than to speak and remove all doubt?

      • Change that to ‘some Jews won’t accept you’. That’s their problem.

      • This is a total falsehood. In 1972, the Law of Return was amended. Those with a single Jewish Grandparent, those who are married to a Jew and converts are all accepted under this law.

      • px fragonard

        BS: I accept my cousin and her kids as Jewish and, unlike you, I’m Jewish, so I ought to know better than you, since I know if from actual experience, whereas your “knowledge” is strictly rumor-mill manufacture.

    • You know nothing about Judaism; it is clear that one can convert to Judaism.
      The truth is that true conversion can only be performed by Orthodox rabbis (and most of the great rabbis say that only if done in Israel), and the only reason must be because you discovered that Judaism is the truth.
      Conversions motivated for any other reason is not accepted by orthodox community, and the reason is simple: if you want to convert to Judaism, you should practice Judaism: eat kosher, respect the laws of Shabbat and Jewish holidays, etc.
      And what we see is that most who “wants to be converted” does to marry a Jew. So those type of “convertion” is just accepted by reform judaism.

      • Gina Avendano

        Totally True! Plus you forgot to mention that Orthodox jews woman have to cover their hair and use modest clothing (skirt under knees, etc) and I haven’t seen Ivanka with either of it. So like you mentioned: it was probably reform judaism.

    • hmmm….

      Ruth (Rus) , Onkelos, Rabbi Akiva from Converts.

      Adam go learn.

    • The real Jews are black!

      • the real Jews are neither white nor blacks. They were similar to the Phoenicians. Because of the prolonged persecutions, the Jewish people assimilated some other cultures.

    • Well, ignoramus, Ruth wasn’t Jewish born yet she became the great grandmother of King David.
      I also seem to recall Zipporah, Moses’ wife wasn’t born Jewish either!
      Neither was Joseph’s wife born Jewish, who became the ancestress of Manasseh and Ephraim.

    • px fragonard

      Untrue. Jews did very well in the conversion business but the backlash convinced the Rabbis to stop the practice. Now, people have to approach. No more proselytization. BTW: The Idumeans were converted by the sword.

  • בס”ד

    We are called by our ancient prophets to be men and women of peace, justice, and mercy. I do not understand how Orthodox Jewish men and women can believe the ethics of Isaiah, Amos, Habakkuk et al. and support this kind of political views.

    שלום וברכה

  • Let the Christians keep this showy, shallow woman!!!

    • Takes a shallow Orthodox Rabbi to be bought off by Trump to allow this conversion-not a single person know would be allowed to covert to orthodox judaism dressed like her in the present time-shows the corruption goes beyond thr Trumps. Funny how no one looks into this.

    • Jewish women are among some of the most well dressed people in the world. God looks on the heart. Jews are well known for their exquisite diamonds and I am not sure why you would think God would support attacking someone’s motive in faith.

  • Well , well , well, The old Donald turned out to be a racist bigot and Islam-aphobe.I wonder if he taught his Jewish daughter those values.Maybe he also taught her to hate those lazy , thieving Mexicans who are on drugs.

    What the hell is this hateful self absorbed incorrigible doing running for the highest office in the land.

    What the hell is America coming to.

    • Just because Mr Trump doesn’t approve of illegals (disobeying the law) doesn’t mean he hates Mexicans. What have illegals cost us in jobs and welfare? How has that affected our budget and employment? Have you also not considered how many millions have been leaving our country for many years, to send money back to Mexico, India, African nations, Asian nations, each month? It must be a staggering figure. I don’t know how we’ve managed to survive this long.

      • Oh, he approves of illegals, alright – just look how many he’s employed over the years. He also knows that _saying_ he disapproves is enough to fool people like you. Deeds, not words, matter, and very few of the Donald’s actions line up with what he’s been saying. You should be very, very careful of what you’re buying here.

    • yeah you got the Kushners are jew criminals.And this trump guy.Geez we all may as well put out heads between are knees and kiss out ass’s good by

      • Well good onya Mike baker, you like to tell it like it is! The problem, as I see it, is that you had better have proof before stating in print, that Ivanka Kushner’s husband is, in fact, a criminal. I am not sure why being a Jew makes him a criminal in your eyes, but there is no doubt that as a professional hater (and probably one who seethes with jealousy for his success), appears to infuriate you. That’s really sad, because without Mr. kushner’s faith, you would probably not be here today. After all, I am assuming that you are either a Christian or an athiest. If a Christian, perhaps you should be aware that Jesus was born, circumcized and died as a Jew and according to the Roman Empire, he was a “jew criminal” too, because of his anti-Roman activities.

        So maybe you shoud re-think your terminology, especially at this time of year.

        • Genevieve Banda

          Norman Ross, Please don’t assume that Baker could be a Christian. You have two clues that he isn’t. Christians don’t use vulgarities, and especially in print. Christians don’t disparage Jews, ever. Every, (born again; not cultural Christian who never goes to church or who never reads the bible), Christian absolutely knows that Jesus was/is a Jew. Every Christian respects Jews, ( Genesis 12: 1-3). Every Christian supports Israel politically and financially.

          • janice henderson

            Amen sister…. Our Lord Jesus Christ is a Jew…

          • There are Jews that are good people, and there are Jews that are bad people. Christians are not supposed to “worship” Jews. That is what JUDAISM, not Christianity, teaches. Also, Jews mostly all HATE Christianity and Christians. Jews’ most holy book the Talmud teaches that “Christ is in hell boiling in a pot of his own excrement” and “Mother Mary was a whore who slept with carpenters.” Truth.

          • Ms Banda:

            I wish your response was OK. As a Jew, I’ve been a strong supporter of Pastor Hagee and CUFI for several years. They are wonderful people who have made historic success in friendship between Christians/Israel/Global Jewry. Sadly,not all Evangelical Christians support Hagee’s views on Jews & Conversion and there are problems between “mainstream” protestant groups, who support the Palestinians and boycotting/divesting Israel. The new Pope, just last week, made increased efforts in friendship W Iran. Most Jews consider mainstream Christian groups like the Methodists and Presbyterians to be Christian as well as Catholics. In recent history, Pres. Jimmy Carter, a man who has always thought of himself as a strong Christian, made huge increases in anti-Semitism universal. His dislike of Israel, comparing it to colonial apartheid S. Africa & accusing us of being “occupiers” in re to Palestine. Many Christian Americans think of Carter as a great humanitarian, his views of Jews have made it once again, OK, to hate Jews. (please don’t bother telling me it’s all about Israel’s govt and not hating Jews).
            I thank you for your support of Israel, and wish everybody else agreed with you, but they do not.

          • No, we DO NOT.

          • You should of worried about Christ being a Jew when they choose Barabas over CHRIST…

          • Sorry, but every Christian who knows his/her Bible knows Jesus was not a Jew. We know the present-day Jew is actually a Khazar and not a descendant of Abraham. We know our New Testament does not support a restored Israel, a millennium for Jews or a return of Jesus from Glory to this present earth. Millions of so-called Christians in U.S.A.Have been duped by the following: Most totally mis-read and mis-understand Romans chapters 9-11. We cannot return to the O.T. to delve into God’s programme for the period from Christ onwards. He finished His dealings with those O.T. nations before Christ was born and indeed Jesus said that all the prophets prophesied ‘until John Baptist’. That era was finished in essence and in actuality A.D.70 with the fall of Jerusalem and around A.D. 300 with the fall of the Roman Empire, these two latter being in fulfiment of Daniel 9:24-27. To follow the idea of the modern churches who are continuing on from the falsities of two Jewish Jesuits is to pursue error. The two are:Emanuel de Lacunza, (Rabbi Juan Josaphat Ben Ezra), book published 1812 “The Coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty’ and Francisco Ribera, 16th cent. who followed an interpretation of the O.T. prophecies as being restricted to the end of the world. Both books are heresies, doctrines of demons and Jewish myths. Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic and Fundamentalist Churches and Colleges/Seminaries follow these two heresies as then produced in a book by John Nelson Darby, 1828.

          • Explain Jimmy Carter then?

          • Getald Fnord

            I think you’re indulging in a True Scotsman argument. When we say ‘Christian’, we can’t restrict the definition solely to those professing Christians who agree with you entirely in all significant matters.

        • Good reply to Mike. Could not have said it better myself.

          • Does Irina even know what a Khazar is? It is well documented that the majority of Jews are not of this background. The Khazars were of a kingdom where the king chose to convert to Judaism, but they later converted to Christianity. There are minimal numbers of Jews today who are descended from this group.
            Ignorance is what creates hate and bigotry.

      • Mike baker, before you call people names, make accusations, and come up with vulgar images, go back to school and learn how to write proper English. All you have done is shown us that you are as intolerant as “this trump guy.”

      • Genevieve Banda

        Why are you so vulgar?

    • Genevieve Banda

      Why the vulgarity; hell? Trump never said Mexicans were druggies or thieves. He also never said he was against Islam. Where do you get this stuff? He did say these things about SOME Mexicans and SOME Islamists. Any intelligent mind knows those are not blanket statements. For whatever it’s worth, Trump is not my first choice or second, but fair is fair.

      • Getald Fnord

        First he made strong and definite statements about the ‘people Mexico sends’, without reference to their immigration status, saying ‘they’re rapists’ and ‘the worst people’, then he made a vague and half-hearted step back. How would you take ‘Jews are cheats and blood-drinkers…and I assume some of them are good people.’?

        (And he’s just saying whatever he thinks the mob will snap-up, he doesn’ t care about veracity. He’s throwing them meat—someday that meat wil be you.)

    • David Richards, MD

      Larry White, the actual racist bigot. What part of “illegal” don’t you understand Larry? Illegal=criminal=jail.

      You, sir, aren’t intelligent enough to comment on much of anything. You and emma should go back to mommy’s basement.

      America is going to hell because of morons like you Larry, not because of other people. One of these days we are going to run out of other people’s money and then you’ll have to do whatever it is you do just to eat.

    • Your comments are full of swearwords and racist does not command high culture and refined behaviour. It does show something not to be respected and

  • wiliestregwizd

    A father will always favor his first born child. And especially pine and grieve for that child if they are estranged. The antidote is to restore the relationship as to what is just and right.

  • WELCOME TO THE TRIBE!!!! God Bless the USA, Israel and the Jewish people.

  • First of all I’d like to thank everyone’s support over here, not that I need any support, it’s still nice to see that there are still some smart people left in this world.
    Second of all, my daughter is fully Jewish all the way I didn’t even know there were rumors saying otherwise. See we can’t even keep up with all the lies that people say.
    Third of all, to the woman who had questions about healthcare, please direct your questions to my campaign office they will be able to answer all your questions much better than just shouting out your problems for the whole world to see.
    Thank you, and see ya in the white house 2016!

    • With Respect and honor, Hope you do well in the elections and hope you stay frosty throughout the term, never bending moral values and common sense, may you make G-d’s name great in the land of the jewdeo-christion founders of the Constitution, and may you restore faith and trust in the hearts of the humble ones. please see this website and if it’s message finds favor in your eyes, help make known the seven laws of Noah for all mankind written in the bible for every single human being without exception. G-d’s truly, Joseph (yossi) edery. 23 years old, Israel The Holy Land.

    • Robert Pentangelo

      You are glad your daughter converted to Judaism?

      I mean no disrespect to her or you but perhaps she should some day consider these words especially if she had been a baptized Christian:

      Every one therefore that shall confess me before men, I will also confess him before my Father who is in heaven. 33But he that shall deny me before men, I will also deny him before my Father who is in heaven.

      St. Matthew 10:32.

      Merry Christmas.

    • American citizen

      We are all for TRUMP! We are to make America great again!

      • Sandra Holmes

        Wow, what a coward racist you are- you don´tto the point you don´t even use your name (…most likely not a real one if you did). Shame on you.

        Are you a pure American Indian? That´s the only way to really “recover America” then; for your information they were the first inhabitants of this country, you pathetic fool.

      • Sandra Holmes

        Wow, what a coward racist you are- to the point you don´t even use your name (…most likely not a real one if you did). Shame on you.

        Are you a pure American Indian? That´s the only way to really “recover America” then; for your information they were the first inhabitants of this country, what a pathetic intolerant fool…

    • Genevieve Banda

      In my opinion, you are a lot like the character, Howard Roark, in the Fountainhead. You are to be admired.

  • Further evidence that Donald Trump is not saved. His own daughter rejects Jesus as the Christ.

    To the Jews…if Jesus is not your Messiah, then who is?!? Jews today don’t even know which tribe they are from!…so finding a direct descendant to King David is near impossible. Furthermore, Jews today are not doing animal sacrifices for repentance of sins…so you are violating your own laws. The truth is you can not enter into God’s presence through your works!! The only way to be with the LORD is by His grace through His Son, Jesus. If you want to be with the LORD forever, you need to BELIEVE that Jesus (God the Son) died for your sins on the cross, was buried, and was raised on the third day, according to Scripture.

    • @superman
      you are 100% uneducated. Jews know what tribes they are from. Judah and Levi. The other 10 were lost in the diaspora. And we will not accept anyone claiming to be messiah until he fulfills ALL that the prophets said he will. Forgiveness for sins is accomplished through prayer, as your own bible tells you if you read it ALL and not the few parts your preachers tell you for the sake of indoctrination.

    • Superman see for who we think moshiach is… How about it… Don’t tell me what my Bible says, g-d gave it to us for a reason, I’ll tell YOU who moshiach is:he is the rebbe king moshiach shlita of chabad Lubavitsh which wrote many articles in this newspaper and had a bigger effect on the jewish people then your friend…

    • Get over hit. Live in modern times. Times change and so do tradtion.

    • I’m a 100% practicing Christian and I don’t expect Jews to convert to Christianity. God made a covenant with the Jews. He said He’d put His law in their inward parts and write it on their hearts. Jeremiah 31:31-34. So Jews have a different covenant than Christians. They are not converting to Yeshua but seeking their Messiah, per Rabbi Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice Ministries.

      Regarding Ivanka, only she and God knows what is in her heart. I believe she was taught about Jesus since she was raised by Christian parents. Just because she embraces Judaism doesn’t mean she rejects Jesus. Only God knows what is in her heart. She can practice the Jewish faith and be Christian. I embrace Judaism and respect it greatly. So much of Christian study comes from the Old Testament.

      • Stacy Fugleberg

        H. Thank you for this encouraging post. I just did early voting for Trump because our country needs the way his God-given mind works. He will be surrounded by plenty of advisors for some of his choices as President. However, I did wake up this morning thinking about lovely Ivanka, almost in distress, how it can be possible to accept and believe that Jesus is God and the fulfillment of the prophecies then become Jewish to proclaim the opposite, that he was some Jewish guy that just got himself in trouble and strung up. I’ve heard some Jews say he was a prophet but not divine which surely cannot be true amongst the Jewish ranks because that’s like saying he was sent by God if he is deemed to be a prophet, therefore, if he was sent by God, his words, all his words, should be adhered to. A prophet is not srnt by God to partially execute God’s message. No Jew will do that nor cross the line of “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” as they cannot understand the Trinity nor recognize that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are 3 persons (job duties) in one True, Holy and Everlasting God. It would be impossible to Worship Jesus. I don’t even know if they plan on their messiah being divine and worthy of worship. They are under their own covenant, chosen because of their ability to adhere to the law which proved our understanding and acceptance that we cannot be perfect, that we have to be perfect to be in God’s presence and our inevitable need for the Grace Christ’s death and resurrection provided so God will see us as cleansed and perfect. Jesus was the Christ, the final blood of the lamb that God recognizes for the forgiveness of our sinful condition. The Jews are to be loved and protected but I fear for the soul who knows that truth and then rejects it. I rejoice in the soul, especially a Messianic Jew, like so many Jews before, who accept Jesus as Messiah God and know we must just let the Holy Spirit do his job as only God knows a person’s heart and who his children are.

    • You are called superman by the fact that you are super stupid. That’s too bad for you.

    • px fragonard

      I am from the tribe of Levi.

  • If she would have converted to ISLAM, would that make any difference in his campaign?.

  • The All Knowing Owl

    Shut up- all of you. You are so jealous… No one can say they even know the Donald , let alone that he is family

  • So, the baby will be a gentile. ‘Oy, Get.’
    Good job on the whole ‘ sell out Hillary, scare us with Jeb but bring in trump to tell us he’s going to save us from all the problems you’ve created, right on the eve of the financial implosion you’ve been waiting seven years to push the button on. Bloody brilliant. These things meet up with your prophecy because you make them to. Not by coincidence. And if it is ‘chance,’ then it’s the chance induced by Satan.
    I can think of nothing worse than being a Jewish person in a Zionist world. Good people love you and do not hold you accountable for the unthinkable atrocities of ‘the syanaqoue of satan’ (as they are referred to in Revelations).

    For those who have no idea what I’m talking about,,sorry. It’s complicated and they call you names if you talk about it.

    • ‘the syanaqoue of satan’ (as they are referred to in Revelations’

      Well, your misspelling does justice to the wretched concept of the synagogue of satan
      that defines and defines what IS WRONG with the christian belief that depends on such a notion and utter falsehood.
      Of course, you’ll use the equivalent argument that boils down to ‘you beat your wife’
      which of course has no refutation :^))

  • The Jews have the 100% control of the US government, the Banks, the News media, etc… Not even the government but every corner of our society. John F. Kennedy said that in 1962.
    “A Ruthless Monolithic Evil Empire who have hijacked every corner of our government institutions, also the Educational system, the banks, the news media etc…”.

    • Restore the Republic

      Where’s your source?

    • God approves of the Jew so that behooves us to do so as well. Let me quote Genesis 12:3. God is speaking to the Jews and says, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” So Jews are here to bless the world. Live by your own standards but they aren’t God’s.

    • See he still has not provided a citation which is what one
      can expect from someone whose favorite book is Mein Kampf.

    • Isaac: Where in H did U get that!? President Kennedy’s father Joseph had issues with Jews, but our late President? May he rest in peace, and I assure you, to most Jews, the memory of John and Bobby Kennedy will always be for a blessing. Shame on you!

    • Ha,ha,ha. Stupid you. You make statements that you cannot prove. Man, that is stupid.

  • tom hollingsworth

    Let’s see how much of an attack Trump launches on political correctness when some of his would be supporters begin to cry out that the jews have too much influence upon U.S. domestic politics foreign policy. We will see Trump suddenly exhibiting politically correct speech on a scale we have never heard before. I can’t wait.

  • Brendan Dunphy

    Trump has zero integrity and zero accountability. He allows his companies to file bankruptcy (at least four times at last count), but only after first pulling his enormous salaries, essentially at the expense of his creditors. Not the ideal candidate for pulling the USA out of debt. If you support Trump, you clearly have that same level of integrity and accountability.

  • Donald Trump is awesome! And he raised his kids very well.

  • If you become president how will you handle my problem of not being able to get safe medical care or diagnosed.

    • Carol, I am glad you’ve asked. First I would get rid of Obamacare except only catastrophic care. Then I would promote a concierge plan. What that means is that doctors would open clinics that had all the basic services. These services would be so inexpensive because their would be no insurance company to pay. The doctors would be given tax credits to treat the indigent and poor. 2 days a week would be to treat the poor, and doctors would love to because they make a lot of money and need the tax credits. Then the catastrophic insurance would be all that is needed and that is already supplied to all Medicaid recipients as it stands, even undocumented aliens.

      • Yaakov, are you kidding? I suffered a traumatic brain injury and am on disability. I also suffer from severe depression due to the injury I sustained. I worked very hard and had assistance from the disability department at my university so I could finish my bachelors’ degree. I have difficulty keeping jobs because I am now also learning-disabled and am a slow learner. I try harder than most people at work to NOT make mistakes, but since I appear high-functioning, no one believes me. I am barely surviving financially on a part-time job in a store and disability. I want to find a better, FULL-TIME job and get off my disability, but no one will hire me because I have an invisible disability. Employers get tax credits if they hire someone with a disability. They don’t want to deal with someone who needs additional help, even if that means my job coach will accompany me to the job site and help me learn the job at NO EXPENSE to them. I have been trying for several years and am getting nowhere. After the interview, employers tell me they “found someone else” for the job as soon as I tell them I have a disability. I get Medicare, but I work part-time at a store so I can pay for medical assistance to pay for my prescriptions. I grew up in a very well-to-do family and never had to worry about food, whether I would have a roof over my head or a JOB. If you really think that doctors are just going to provide medical care for free for the sake of tax credits, you are sorely mistaken. I can’t even afford a dental visit for a teeth cleaning because Medicare/Medicaid doesn’t provide that under the plan. Until you have walked in my shoes, you cannot have empathy. You cannot truly SEE how the other half, the underprivileged, live. And, yes, I am a caucasian-American citizen who was born in the U.S. 50 years ago to parents who were also born and raised in the U.S. I am also Jewish.

  • Congratulations.. What is this award. What is algemeiner.. Is it related to Judaism.

  • victoria brandeis




    • James Johnson

      Your statement is particularly evil, hurtful and cruel. If someone supports Judaism and Israel and wants to call themselves a Jew then who are you to judge?

    • Offensive comment, Victoria, and wrong to boot. She converted Frum and is shomer Shabbat and shomer Kashrut.

    • If you don’t care then why are you commenting?

    • Yep, too bad the kid will be a gentile. Hopefully he will learn to love all people and find trust in his Father. As we all know, a gentile mother cannot have a Jewish baby because the true father of every child is the Father of the gentiles, and we are his chosen people. It is a true message and miracle when a baby is saved in this way. May we honor the Lord, Jesus Christ for this beautiful gift.

    • Hopefully the beautiful, Christian baby (because it cannot be a jew, for the moyher is not)love all people and find trust in his Father. As we all know, a gentile mother cannot have a Jewish baby because the true father of every child is the Father of the gentiles, and we are his chosen people. It is a true message and miracle when a baby is saved in this way. May we honor the Lord, Jesus Christ for this beautiful gift.

      • The Torah treats the Proselyte as a Jew. Her children are all 100% Jewish since she converted properly. I know your sad Teddy, but since that is the case Teddy, your soul is saved. Otherwise your blessing for the child to be Xtian would of sent many curses your way from Hashem.

    • Who are you to judge? You are disgusting. She did not steal a Jewish soul and if she did a proper conversion, it was Hashem’s doing.

  • Markus E Brajtman

    If only Donald Trump would be POTUS. Imagine what a different world this would be.
    Is there no way that he could be persuaded to stand for President?

    America needs a man like Donald Trump.

  • Robert Weintraub

    Good for you Donald

  • Very cool that such an important man received this award from his Jewish daughter, another outstanding entrepreneur
    and supporter of Israel.

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