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February 13, 2015 2:31 pm

Argentine President and Foreign Minister Charged Over Cover-Up of Iran’s Role in AMIA Atrocity

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Alberto Nisman's investigation into the charge that President Fernández de Kirchner covered up Iran's involvement in the AMIA bombing is being pursued by a new prosecutor. Photo: TwitterPhoto: Twitter.

The Argentine Federal Prosecutor appointed to examine the accusation that the Argentine government attempted to cover up Iran’s role in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires has announced that he will be pursuing the country’s top leadership over the charge, in a major endorsement of the claims advanced by Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman on the eve of his death last month in suspicious circumstances.

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman are the most prominent names in Gerardo Pollicita’s complaint, described by the Buenos Aires Herald as giving “a green light” to the charges originally made by Nisman before he died. As The Algemeiner reported earlier today, there is a growing conviction in both Argentina and Israel that Iran was also behind Nisman’s death, which the Argentine government is officially treating as a suicide.

In addition to Fernández de Kirchner and Timerman, Pollicita also charged several of their main political allies, including Luis D’Elia, a former member of the cabinet of Néstor Kirchner (Fernández de Kirchner’s late husband and predecessor in office) Andrés Larroque, a parliamentarian, former prosecutor Héctor Yrimia and Allan Bogado, a suspected member of Argentina’s state intelligence service.

The Argentine government immediately scorned Pollicita’s announcement. Anibal Fernandez, a spokesman for Fernández de Kirchner, said that moving the case forward was a “clear maneuver to destabilize democracy” but that ultimately “it has no legal value. It does not matter.”

Pollicita’s complaint charged that the Iran cover-up was “orchestrated and operated by the highest authorities of the Argentine government,” Argentine newspaper Clarin reported.

Eamonn MacDonagh, a political analyst based in Buenos Aires who has written widely on the AMIA atrocity, told The Algemeiner that Pollicita’s decision underlined the credibility of Nisman’s original accusations.

“Compared to Nisman, Pollicita is a relative unknown,” MacDonagh said. “Nobody would have been surprised if he had sat on Nisman’s complaint for a few months, before quietly junking it. The fact that he didn’t, despite the government’s best efforts to dismiss Nisman outright, strongly suggests that there is a case to pursue here.”

MacDonagh added that it would be very difficult for Fernández de Kirchner and her allies to portray Pollicita as an agent beholden to foreign powers. The president had attempted to do precisely this with Nisman, asserting without evidence that the Special Prosecutor had traveled to Europe to receive instructions on how to proceed with the case against her.

“Pollicita has no international profile, so accusing him of working for the CIA or the Mossad will look frankly absurd,” MacDonagh said.

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  • DanyToren

    The fish starts to stink from the head…….Argentina is run by a system called “Propina” Baksheesh….Political corruption is rife.I know I lived there….


    Great reporting!

  • Dale

    Gerardo Pollicita – a brave and righteous man.

  • steven L

    More people are going to die!!! The Jihadi Republic of Iran has a long, long arm.

  • Kerry M Berger

    Wow, what a turn of events. Another two bite the dust. Now, it will be interesting if she is ever brought to trial and convicted and imprisoned. That would be a real test for Argentina’s democracy. Fabulous news.

  • Fred

    And an intricate web is woven & suspicion is sown. Kirchner continuously & strenuously trying to shake these accusation off . Her implication is sinking in, in spite of her strident protestations. She obviously does not care about the victims but the benefits from Iran.

  • Barry Panensky

    Follow the money. Barry

  • Graciela

    Hopefully the grotesque “presidenta” of Argentina will not order her shady intelligence service to also murder…sorry, to “suicide” this honest and courageous Judge.

  • “We have flown the air like birds and swum the sea like fishes, but have yet to learn the simple act of walking the earth like brothers”

    Any leaders of any country who sponsor terrorism or obstruct an investigation, hides evidence or does not disclose information. Is guilty of obstructing justice and deserves the most extreme punishment.
    The crime that the Prime Minister of Argentina and others in the government committed is the same as treason, They advocated and or condoned terror and violence against its own citizens.

    Argentina is not the only one. The are many more government officials in the world doing the same crimes. They must be caught and brought to justice.

    Weather Jews worldwide like to admit it or not; Israel is a defender of Israelis and Jews worldwide. When Jews on Air-France flight were high-jacked to Entebbe, who rescued them, the Israelis military. During this rescue Bibi Netanyahu brother was killed. Bibi’s father was instrumental in working with the U.S. government in 1947-48 to help re-establish the Jewish State of Israel.

    I am not in the Israeli government. But I think, Israel should have taken action against Iran years ago.
    The longer they wait the harder it gets,
    Menachem Begin as PM made the decision to bomb the nuclear dev. in Iraq. It was the right decision under tough circumstances.
    The world most times will not agree with Israel’s defensive actions. It seems as time passes they realize that Israel saved their butts.
    As history shows. The Jews and Israel have always been criticized, no matter what.
    You might as well do the right thing and defend Israel and its people. Dam the world opinion.
    The world did nothing when 6 million Jews were exterminated during WW2 and they did nothing when the Arab countries expelled a million Jewish people and confiscated all their assets.
    There is a famous Jewish saying “If I am not for myself who is for me”.
    YJ Draiman

  • Linda Rivera

    Courageous Gerardo Pollicita, the Argentine Federal Prosecutor needs God’s Guardian Angels to protect him from murder attempts by Iran and Argentina’s top leaders.

    Despicable President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman are cursing Argentina with their wicked collaboration with Iranian God-haters.

  • She ordered Nismans murder.

  • This is not surprising as the Argentine government has for la long time been known for it’s anti-Jewish sentiments including providing sanctuary for Eichmann and, according to some reports, for Hitler.

  • This is not surprising as the Argentine government has long been known for anti-Jewish policies dating back to their providing sanctuary for prominent Nazis like Eichmann &, according to some reports, possibly even Hitler.

  • DockyWocky

    I wonder when Barack Obama will authorize bumping off anyone who seems to be getting close to defrocking him?

    It is a common pattern in rulers who see themselves as saviors of the common man and all the illegal aliens that can manage to slip across our borders. Obama simply wants everyone to be happy sharing everyone else’s wealth – except his and hundreds of top dog liberal Democrats who enabled this narcissistic SOB.

  • Denise

    Fabulous news.

  • Arthur Roth

    It’s tough to stand up to evil. Go Pollicita!

  • Tony Rice

    It has long since amused me when de Kirchner accuses the Falklanders as not being ” local” and consequently not eligible for Falklands habitation. I suggest she tries to explain her own name, which certainly ain’t of local origin!. And she and her ilk lord it over the true indigenous folk. Hypocrite.

  • Tony Rice

    Should take her mind off Las Malvinas for a while!

  • Eichmann’s last words were ” Long Live Argentina “. That tells you everything you need to know.

  • Michael Fox

    Perhaps it is time for there to be an independent federal investigation of President Obama, his cabinet and the entire present executive branch of the US government.
    Decisions have been made involving foreign and domestic policy that many believe are illegal and undermine our constitution. A case could be made that certain individuals are guilty of treachery.

  • Finally Justice maybe!!!!

  • Lynne T

    Nobody who has been following this matter should be slightly surprised about the connievance of the Argentine government.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Wow it sounds like dozens of officials are going to suddenly commit suicide