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February 13, 2015 11:31 am

What Would Winston Churchill Say to Barack Obama?

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If Winston Churchill were alive today, this is probably the letter that he would send to President Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

As the leader of the free world, I am deeply perturbed by your constant haranguing of the only true ally the West has in the Middle East: Israel.

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While I might admit that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s personality might leave some with a discernable dislike for him, I’d certainly choose to have him at my dinner table (the one you didn’t invite him to in March 2010) than the leaders that you parade around as friends and potential friends, such as Iranian President Rouhani, the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and President Erdogan of Turkey.

These people are not and will never be your friends, mainly because they do not share the core values that make America great. Do not be fooled; they want only to destroy everything we cherish and take for granted in the West.

Mr. Obama, you were elected to office in 2008 with great hope. You were awarded the Noble Prize for Peace only 37 weeks into your first term, based on nothing you did, but on what you said you would do. I’m certain that if the committee were to meet today, six years into your Presidency, not only would you not receive this honor – you probably wouldn’t even be nominated.

Mr. President, you are nothing if not a bully when it comes to dealing with Israel. You believe like my predecessor, Mr. Chamberlain, that appeasement of our enemies is better than support of our real friends like Israel. Fortunately, Israel has a very principled leader in Mr. Netanyahu who has done everything possible to protect his people. He might lack the grace and warmth of a false friend like the leaders of Iran and Turkey, but there is only one man that I would want standing by me in a time of crisis.

Mr. Obama, you refuse to listen to Mr. Netanyahu about Iran. You refuse to hear his warning of the real threats to freedom and security for the West and your people. Mr. President, the world did not listen to me until it was too late about the threat of Hitler – and tens of millions paid with their lives.

There is a book, the title of which is “Munich 1938,” by David Faber. You must read this book. I believe that President Rouhani of Iran has read it, and has learned the lessons of how Hitler fooled the West into believing that he was a partner for peace. Mr. Rouhani is obviously a good student, because he has applied Hitler’s tactics when dealing with you and the West.

Don’t be fooled by false friends bearing false gifts of peace. I beg you to swallow your pride and embrace Mr. Netanyahu. Please listen to him and believe him. He is a true friend of the West and of America

Mr. President, by attacking our friend and true ally Israel, and appeasing our real enemies like Iran, you’ve brought neither peace nor honor to America and the West. Unfortunately, you’ve brought dishonor and possibly war.

Sincerely yours,

Winston Churchill

P.S. By the way, why did you remove the bust of me from your office?

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