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Details of Attack Emerge as Copenhagen Synagogue Security Guard Dan Uzan Hailed as Hero

February 15, 2015 1:28 pm 20 comments

Dan Uzan, who was killed in the attack on the Copenhagen synagogue, was hailed as a hero by members of the Jewish community. Photo: Twitter.

The synagogue security guard who was killed in the terror attack early Sunday morning in Copenhagen, Denmark has been hailed as a hero by friends, family and members of the local Jewish community, as details of the attack began to emerge late in the day.

Dan Uzan, a volunteer, who was on duty as some 8o people celebrated at a bat-mitzva party inside the community center, “prevented a massacre from occurring” the head of Copenhagen’s Jewish community, Dan Rosenberg Asmussen told Danish media outlets.”He and his family paid a very high price.” Authorities said that Uzan was talking to police outside the house of worship when he was shot from close range by the assailant.

In both physical appearance, and in personality, those that knew Uzan, who stood over 6.5 feet tall, described him as a giant. A former elite basketball player, Uzan held a degree in economics and was said to be a hard worker.

On social media, Uzan was honored for his dedication to the Jewish community, with some even comparing him to the legendary Jewish hero of the Warsaw Ghetto, Mordechai Anielewicz.

“My hero,” wrote one woman on Facebook, who had attended the bat-mitzva inside the synagogue, “you sacrificed your life to look after me, my family and friends. Rest in peace dearest friend.”

Flemming Voetmann, Uzan’s cousin, told Danish news agency Ritzau that Uzan cared deeply about his community and always volunteered to help. “It was very symptomatic of Dan that he had offered to help out last night,” said Voetmann. “He was the warmest person I knew.”

One of his oldest and closest friends, Daniel, who said he has known Uzan from the age of three – they attended the same Jewish school in Copenhagen –  told The Algemeiner that Uzan was always known among his friends as “Dan the Man.”

“I’ve known Dan since we were three years old,” he said, “He was the sweetest guy in the world. He would always offer his help to everyone, never refuse a request for assistance… He was a rock to all who knew him, and was known by everyone in the Jewish community. In the Jewish football club, Hakoah, he was known as ‘the big goalie.’ Among the voluntary guards, he was known as ‘the big rock.’ The man who, when you gave him a hug, you simply disappeared in his giant arms.

“Dan served the community as a guard for twenty years! Since he was 17 years old… Rain or shine, whether it was freezing or blazing hot, Dan would be there and he stood there like a rock,” Daniel, who asked The Algemeiner not to publish his last name, said of his friend. “As a friend, you could always call him, no matter what the time of day. He would always show up. Always.”

An elderly Jewish couple, fragile and visibly shaken by Uzan’s death, were interviewed by Danish television outside the synagogue, where people had gathered to lay flowers and offer prayers. “We are shocked,” they said, barely able to talk, “he was such a fine human being. Always happy, always smiling and always ready to help. Nothing was too heavy for Dan Uzan, nothing too difficult.”

Uzan’s friends at his Danish basketball club, the Hoersholm 79ers, said they were horrified and heartbroken by the cruel murder, Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet reported. “Dan was extremely liked by all,” Peter Dam, a member of the club’s board, said, “Involved and happy. He played with Muslims, Arabs and all nationalities; it is so unreal that he had to die in this way.”

“He also helped organise several parties for the young kids of the club, where he made sure that they were safe,” Dam added. Uzan played for the basketball club for several years, and served a stint as the team captain. The club has scheduled a memorial tribute for him at their next game on Monday night.


  • What a tragic loss to his family, friends, community and country.

  • Dan Uzan paid too high a price for standing for what is right! My God blesses You!

  • It lists a different and height of 6’9”

  • Standing Guard is a Traget….. Not a Defense…It is a police-military Nonsense and even for a 6 feet 5 inches guy, half a dozen of 7,65 heavy load bullits make decision…..
    The only way to Guard, is to be hidden and sniping the surroundings and be informed by civil agents also mostly hidden and surveying these surroundings.
    So Jews have to take charge themselves of their survey and defense, and don’t wait for a Police Authorization?????
    French Soldiers recently ridiculized by one guy with a knife, made the Govt avow that Vigi-Pirate was efficient only when no Pirate was on duty!!!!!

  • A gentleman was murdered because his presence was required by a family and friends celebrating a young woman’s bat mitzvah. Why ? Because they were European Jews under attack, yet again. The scum that was responsible for this crime will be eternally excoriated and be interred in an unmarked grave and that will be the end of him. But, what about the Euros that have blood on their hands ? For example, Roger Waters, George Galloway,Jean Marie Le Pen, Greta Berlin, the BDS movement, the EU Islamists, the EU politicians and intelligence services. While they share in the responsibility for this outrage and that of Paris, will they pay the ultimate price for their complicity ?

  • There is never any accounting for the dreadful things that happen to good people. Warm memories of this fine man may sustain his family in their time of grief. We are all indebted to his courage.

  • Goodby Dan may the lord bless you for your courage and sacrifice.

  • sacrifice of a hero



  • Liam L'Heureux

    Fine human being.
    Nothing says more. If only I – all of us -could live and die with other people’s memories of us containing those words. I would be humbled and satisfied. My family too would be proud.

  • Frederica Barlaz

    What a tragedy that such a fine person died. Why didn’t the Danish government provide more protection? May his neshama have an aliyah.

  • Je suis ‘Random Folks.”

  • Surely Dan was one of the Lamed-vovniks. May his soul be gathered with his forebears in Gan Eden.

  • I am appalled at the tragic death of Dan Uzan. Radical Islam has no place in the free world, actually anywhere.
    I hope that our governments adjust their immigration policies to reflect that.
    May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.

    Norman Simon per Canadians for Coexistence

  • Our prayers go out to you Dan and all of your family……May you rest in peace you brave Jewish warrior……

  • What a hero, may there be many more like him that live and return deadly fire to the gang members.

  • Where will they have freedom of speech in Europe? On military bases and nuclear subs. Oh they will have strong military’s but Islam is going to rule the citizens and take the country’s apart to establish sharia law…along with killing all the Jews. That’s a fact…get out while you still can.

  • what an opposite to the bitter, hate-filled aggrievance culture of the islamists, which contributes nothing to the world.

    may he rest in peace, and may his family and friends be comforted among the mourners of zion and jerusalem.

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