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February 23, 2015 10:05 pm

Columbia Leads List of America’s Top 10 Colleges ‘With Worst Antisemitic Activity’

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Columbia University tops a list of the 10 US campuses with the most antisemitic activity. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

New York’s Columbia University is home to the worst antisemitic activity in the United States, according to a list compiled by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative think-tank based in California.

The Center unveiled its first list of the 10 US campuses with the worst antisemitic activity in 2014 as part of a new campaign entitled “Jew Hatred on Campus,” aimed at bringing awareness to antisemitism at colleges and universities throughout the nation. The group also says it seeks to encourage university administrators to withdraw privileges from the groups that spread hate on the campuses.

According to the Center, Columbia University is listed first because it is home to the “most well-known antisemitic professors in the nation such as Rashid Khalidi and Joseph Massad, who has been accused of harassing Jewish students on multiple occasions. In addition, it is home to a highly active SJP chapter that has recently brought BDS founder Omar Barghouti and disgraced antisemitic professor Steven Salaita to campus.”

The Center also cited a number of offending events held at Columbia University in 2014, such as Israeli Apartheid Week and a protest with signs that read “Call to Action: Stand with Gaza.”

Cornell University came in second place followed by George Mason University, Loyola University Chicago, Portland State University, San Diego State University and San Francisco State University. Rounding off the list was Temple University, University of California Los Angeles and Vassar College.

Jew Hatred on Campus founder David Horowitz said the campaign was created to “expose” antisemitic student groups who support or are associated with terrorist organizations that call for the destruction of Israel, such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

“These activities against Jewish and pro-Israel students would not be tolerated by university administrators if they were committed against students from any other ethnic group,” he said. “But because Jews are the target, they have been largely ignored. It is an obligation of university administrators to recognize and condemn acts of antisemitism by campus hate groups and to withdraw campus privileges and university support from them.”

According to the Center, universities included in the top 10 list “played host to numerous incidents of anti-Jewish acts” that took place on university property and were often supported by university funds, despite the fact that such behavior is forbidden under campus codes of conduct. The advocacy group said it plans to contact each of the institutions on the list to discuss its findings and to help correct the situation. The group said it will update its analysis and publish a report naming the worst offenders every year.

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  • Moshe Pipik

    My people need to turn over Israel to the Palestineans and find a new home. Maybe they would be allowed to go to United States or maybe they can give them land at the North Pole.

  • D Manson

    Seems a bit strange that the Top Ten list just happens to be in perfect alphabetical order. Questioning the credibility of the list.

    • Barbara

      What occurs to me is that these colleges are all in liberal states. A lot of lists that come out list the subjects in alphabetical order. It also seems to me that you are trying to deny the obvious.

    • david mccance


      David McCance from Scotland

    • jeff andrews

      Honorable peoples ;I too am .and apply my abilities in the field of complex competition .myself sponsored from the best as best in the world have an obsevation of the most grave consecunces for all to apply your selves ..First hand knowing the extreme state of control and corruptions of thought embeded due to methods used ased heavily invested in by covert agencirs and religious trojan horses now used to trigger terrorists chemicaly as attempted on me

  • Michelle

    This is a ridiculous finding. Professor Khalidi is also a fantastic professor.

    • len

      michelle whats ridiculous about it,are you suggesting that this is all made up?professor khalidi might be a fantastic professor but wagner was a fantastic composer,pound was a fantastic poet,heidegger was a fantastic philosopher,hitler was a fantastic speaker,lindbergh was a fantastic flier,etc.etc.

      • Steve Wenick

        Well said.

      • Eva deutsch Costabel

        Very good post

  • American

    Free Palestine 🙂

    • How do you propose to free Palestine from the evil and corrupt PA led by Abbas ?

    • mike

      Its already been “free” (or at least independent) for a long time. Its called Jordan.

    • Barbara

      Palestine could have been freed when it was originally given most of the land that is now Israel. But they don’t need to be freed from Israel they need to be freed from Hamas who are the ones who are really keeping them from freedom.

      If the Palestinians really want peace then they would put down their guns like the Israeli Arabs who are living peacefully in Israel. Who have jobs and are living side by side with the Israelies and who are in their Parliament. What those who accuse Israel as the agressors need to do is learn some history and stop blaming the peaceful country and do something about the real agressors Hamas.

  • Having been at Columbia both as an undergraduate and graduate students,I must say that this report is true if it is talking about anti-Israel bias, but not of anti-semitism. I witness first hand the difference between the 70’s when I was an undergraduate and the 80’s when I was a graduate student, the school became much more anti Israel, I indeed paid a price for some of my actions. But to conflate that with anti-semitism is just wrong, and I say that as an Israeli. When I was an undergraduate Jews with Kippot were the largest minority on the campus. While anti- Israel actions can often be bases on anti-semitism and sometimes become one and the same I do not believe that was the case at Columbia

    • Irene Martin

      As every Arabic country heads to it’s own destruction
      caused by it’s own culture , of course the Jews
      will be blamed.
      And then they will continue by blaming
      America for what they did do , and then for
      what they didn’t do.
      Then a short time later they will attack each
      other for being true to the cause and
      not being true to the cause.

    • Naftali

      Marc, if you believe that, your school years were wasted, you learned nothing.

      • Steve Wenick

        Well put.

        • mason ricardi

          “Well put” how? Naftali offers no argument or justification for his claims. In a debate, in person or online, no one who posts such an absurd and meaningless comment is deserving of commendation.

    • Bob From Virginia

      That’s right. And a lot of Jew haters are really pro-Israel, don’t forget that.
      People need to hate and the Jews don’t hit back. There is that plain enough for you?

  • Bob

    Only about 40 of the 71 comments are visible.

  • Rick

    I am sure the Palastinians feel Columbia is the number one school against them too.

  • Rick

    Columbia has one of the largest Jewish student, staff, and professor populations in the world. Just because they also have professors from the Arab world does not in the least make Columbia antiemetic. Israel has Arab professors too, does that make them antisemetic? Why is hearing only one side of a debate good? Columbia is a global university, where the world’s students and cultures come together to discuss, learn, and debate, far beyond the scope of most US schools. I am thrilled to hear that exchange of knowledge goes on there.

  • Leonard F Levine

    Unbalanced Report from Conservative Knee Jerk. I am delighted to be a Columbia University graduate several times over and support its many Jewish activities including the Chabad House, the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, Hillel including Kosher Cafe, the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS degrees are Columbia University degrees), the Institute for Israeli and Jewish Studies, and on & on…

    • Leonard F Levine

      I’m glad to say that this is an Unbalanced Report from Conservative Knee Jerk. I am delighted to be a Columbia University graduate several times over and support its many Jewish activities including the Chabad House, the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life, Hillel including Kosher Cafe, the Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS degrees are Columbia University degrees), the Institute for Israeli and Jewish Studies, and on & on…

    • Zvi Wolff

      A number of comments miss the point. Columbia deserves this dubious honor not because it suppresses one side of the story (there is indeed an active Jewish presence on campus, as well as all the antisemitic activity) but because its faculty is allowed to preach anti-Jewish and anti-Israel venom in their classrooms, and are documented as having harassed Jewish students who attend their classes. (The infamous “how many Palestinians have you killed?” aimed at an innocent Israeli student comes to mind.) Antisemitism at Columbia, therefore, is officially sanctioned by the university.
      Leonard F. Levine, by the way, is inaccurate when he says JTS degrees are Columbia degrees. JTS and Columbia do have a “Combined Program” (I’m a graduate) but they lead to two separate bachelor’s degrees — one from JTS and one from Columbia School of General Studies.

  • Robert Resnikoff

    I am Jewish and worked at Columbia for more than 43 years (I retired in early 2014). A large number of my colleagues are also Jewish, and this is true of the student body as well. In all my years at Columbia, I’ve not heard of a single instance of Jew hatred or anti-semitism directed at any specific individual.

    If the David Horowitz Freedom Center is conflating criticism of Israel with Jew hatred (as it seems to be doing), then their view of Columbia is marginally understandable. However, hating Jews and criticizing Israeli policies are in no way the same thing, and every fair-minded thinking person knows that.

    The DHFC appears to be engaged in spreading malicious and false propaganda whose purpose is to frighten American Jews; and probably more specifically, to frighten the many Jewish alumni of Columbia who make sizable financial gifts to their alma mater. I would guess that the final purpose of this campaign is to pressure the university to remove those members of the faculty the who are critical of Israeli domestic and foreign policy.

    The only conclusion to be reached from this report is that the David Horowitz Freedom Center is a dishonest and malicious organization, and that their publications and conclusions should be ignored.

    • len

      dear Mr Resnikoff- so you haven’t experienced any anti-Semitism on campus in 43 years ,good for you and your colleagues, but why do you dismiss out of hand the DHFC findings and try to belittle them? have you been everywhere on the campus at all times? maybe you need to do further investigations before coming to your conclusions. i have seen anti-Semitism on other campuses in regards to anti-Israel demonstrations on video and in person, it is often not hidden but quite open so it does exist and exposing it is important even though it might make you nervous or uncomfortable or you have another agenda that may be contrary to what the DHFC is exposing, whatever.! and those professors mentioned go way further than criticizing Israel, their solutions to Israel,s problems in a nutshell is to get rid of the jewish state.when they argue about israel’s legitimacy or its right to exist.anyone who argues that is anti-Semitic whether they like it or not or you like it or not. jews need a homeland and they need to be in a jewish homeland as a majority. if you haven’t learned that by now after 43 years at Columbia your views are quite lacking and your conclusions are irrelevant.

      • Robert Resnikoff


        If after 43 years I’ve not heard of a single case of personal anti-semitism (or jew-hatred as the report terms it), how can Columbia lead the list as the most anti-semitic American university? Since I have first-hand knowledge in this case, I can only conclude that the DFHC is making the stuff up for its own purposes.

        I think you need to visit Columbia and see for yourself.

  • michael schuman

    They must report this information immediately to the Southern Poverty Law Center so they can take legal action against these hate groups and institutions.

  • Lynda Pizer

    If this information is correct, it saddens me to hear that intolerance is being taught at Columbia University, my alma mater.

    • American

      It is just blow back from all the Israeli crimes. More will come, I am pretty sure. FREE PALESTINE!!! 🙂

  • If I’m not mistaken Loyola is Roman Catholic. In their case it is not surprising. I’m a Messianic Jew and have been for almost 32 yrs. I’m college educated and also went to Seminary, studied the Bavli for 4 yrs along with Tosefta and Mishna and know a little bit about history. I DO NOT say this to try to be impressive. The more I learn the more ignorant and unlearned I find myself to be. The Roman Catholic “church” has shown itself to be anything but Christian. It murdered true Messianic believers, Protestants, any and everyone who tried or did translate the scriptures into the language of the common people (England’s monarchy through the middle ages being a perfect example), and of course Jews (Spain also Roman Catholic) expelled us Jews during the same Middle Ages) and their economy collapsed.At one point during this same time period there were two Popes, one in France and one in Rome so they murdered each other! All of which leads me to NOT be surprised that Loyola is anti-Semitic. And this is why France has been and always will be guilty of the same heinous anti-Semitic attitude it displays today. I didn’t intend to go down so many “rabbit trails” but could not help it when I read Loyola’s name among the list.

    • Bob Policy

      There is an assumption that the anti Semitism at a “Catholic” university is rooted in its catholicism.

      This assumption is belied by the fact that Catholic universities are anything but Catholic these days.

    • mike

      Anti-semitic murderous violence in France today is perpetrated and supported by Muslims, not Catholics.

  • Noreen

    Where does UC-Davis rank on this list of infamy?

    • Jane S. Gabin

      it should definitely be there, according to what I’ve read about their campus activities!

  • Eric Fanwick

    I’m surprised Brandeis did not make the list base on some of the things happening there now

  • art frank

    Why do Jews send their children to these Jew hating schools?

    • Bob Policy

      For prestige.

    • Hank

      I am a Columbia grad. Columbia was and still is the most Jewish Ivy and has a very active Hillel. However, many of the faculty and adminstration are self loathing Jews who allow the antisemitic activy to flourish. They allowed Edward Said and his Palestinian cronies to run wild and take over the English department. And that was long ago in the 70s and 80s.

      There is also a huge Orthodox student body at Barnard because it is the last women’s Ivy College.

      Columbia’s endowments are from many Jewish philanthropists. Once they stop giving (I did) maybe things will change.

      The blame for such abhorrent behavior at Columbia falls firmly at the feet of Jews.

      • bear jew

        Didnt Columbia host holocaust denier, Jew Hating President Mahmood Ahmadinejad? enough said i dont care how many of you liberal jews went to columbia. Its despicable.

        • bear jew

          Didnt Columbia host holocaust denier, Jew Hating President Mahmood Ahmadinejad? enough said i dont care how many of you liberal jews went to columbia. Its despicable.

    • TheAZCowBoy


  • Martin Bookspan

    Every Jewish alumnus of those 10 should immediately cease giving those “institutions” even 1 cent of financial support—and should write to the Presidents of each of them telling why this support is being withdrawn.

  • Att:Parents:Stop sending your children to these rotten universities, you are funding hatred!

  • Jane S. Gabin

    And here I thought that UC-Davis and UC-Irvine were at the top! If you are looking at Canadian universities as well, York University would probably top the list.

  • Mark Bernadiner

    Jews, stop winning; take weapons in your hands and defend yourselves. OFFEND IS THE BEST DEFEND.

    • Andrew Gluck


    • Dear Mark Bernadiner, I assume you meant to advise your fellow Jews to stop “whining,”not “winning.”
      You suggest that to counter “antisemitism” on college campuses Jews should take weapons in their hands and “defend themselves.”
      That sounds extreme to me, Mark. The antisemitism on campuses consists of meetings, speeches, arguments, written words.
      And you think you need to defend yourselves from those things with GUNS! It seems to me, a mere Gentile, that if Jews are as smart as they claim to be they could defend themselves against meetings with meetings,
      against speeches with speeches, etc…. Perhaps not, in that the charges launched against Israel and the Jewish worldwide power structure are TRUE! Perhaps shooting someone who criticizes you IS the best thing to do…..
      One more thing: unless I missed it, I, a Gentile am the only one who called you, Mark, on your really scary post. Is there even one Jew out there who will reply to me and Mark, agree with me and disassociate yourself from Mark? (Just noticed that Andrew Gluck agrees with you.)

      • len

        mr overall-what is your opnion about guns for jews in europe with the recent incidents occuring there?it is quite evident that europe cannot properly defend its jewish citizens in its lands.we have seen on the internet that jews and non jew reporters wearing skullcaps etc. were dangerously harrased while walking the streets of their is the responsibility of the individual in my opinion to be able to defend himself when the state is unable to do long will it be before something like the incidents in paris occur in new york?let me remind you that jews are very good when it comes to meetings,speeches and arguments one way or the other there was a lot of that in the warsaw could even get a PHD in the underground universities there.unfortunately they probably should have concentrated on getting more guns,they would have gotten a bigger bang for their buck so to speak,rather then concentrate on all the intellectual the way something tells me you are more than just a “mere Gentile” your humility is quite touching.

        • Answering Len, I am surprised and touched to receive a compliment from you. It is about the first kind word to be directed my way in this war of words. Could you be more specific and tell me in what way I am more than a “mere Gentile.” I like my compliments easy to understand…..I also like replies to my posts to address the point I was making: namely, Jews don’t need guns to defend themselves against the kind of “antisemitism” they are encountering at Columbia and other places of learning. Speaking of learning, I think any rising antagonism to Jews in those places is because students are “learning” about what bad things Jews do to countries they inhabit….You immediately hijacked our discussion over to events in Europe. Perhaps that was another one of your indirect, imprecise compliments. Was it your way of admitting that you could not answer my point?

          • len

            mr” more than a mere Gentile’I can assure you that no compliment was intended sorry you were touched the wrong mentioned “columbia and other places of learning”dont they have other places of learning in europe?even in the U.S.there have been violent threats against jewish students and speakers not to speak of other places of learning in seems that you yourself didnt address the question i asked you about jews wether as students or citizens have a right to defend themselves in this hostile environment on and off campus.i guess the idea of jews defending themselves kind of makes you nervous.reading your comments on this article your the kind of guy who feels more comfortable when jews are naked and defenseless waiting on line to find out if they should go to the right or the left.

  • brenrod

    the answer is lawfare. Sue the colleges, the orgs and the individuals Cite campus negligence in preventing harassment and safety, campus funding links it as intentional, any obstruction to a person pursuing his business or happiness is a constitutional violation. Harass the individuals with lawsuits.
    Also, use legal dirty tricks to attack the individuals.

  • A.Franklin

    “Political anti-semitism” is simple displacement of dislike of smart Jewish students and avoiding bashing the books.

  • Probably the UN anti-Israel position caused this surging atmosphere of anti-Semitism ?

    • TheAZCowBoy

      Forget the UN Jose….

      ‘Gaza massacres, Gaza massacres, Gaza massacres!
      Get it, schmuck!

      Now repeat after me…. We Jews are toast! We Jews are toast! We Jews are toast!

      Now say: We Jews ‘Reap what we sow! (100 times)

      Aaaaah, you’ll feel better and we will feel vindicated!

      • Dear TheAZCowBoy,It’s good to read your post. I have been posting here saying the same thing you said more forcefully:Jews don’t understand that their actions have consequences. Joseph Sobran wrote this about the “dual loyalty” Jews are accused of:
        “Dual loyalty nothing! Dual loyalty would be an improvement.” In case someone reading this “doesn’t get it,” Sobran is saying:”Most American Jews are not guilty of “dual loyalty.” They are only loyal to Israel. ‘Dual loyalty’ would be a step in the right direction.

  • nakjii

    A misleading article, sad to say. Incidents of anti-semitism starts off with the misnomer that “jews are semites”. Are they? Or, are they Khazarians? Do jews have ownership of Palestine guaranteed by history to antiquity? Why do jews fail to rush to the defense of the Palestinians when they clearly see what happens in Gaza? I’m an old jew and I know that fairness is paramount to the survival of the human race. When I fail to see this fairness, what am I to conclude? We will have less anti-semitism when we adjust to the facts of our origins and our performance here on earth and let’s stop the hypocrisy, please. Were we not successful, we might have a leg to stand on. But, we have prospered and must realize we have sinned against mankind and mankind has a long memory. I find the article repugnant, incomplete, and hypocritical to the max. A sad testimony and a reason why there is anti-semitism in this world.

    • Jonathan Weinberg

      The Khazarian hypothesis of the origins of Ashkenazi Jews has been disproven by repeated modern genetic studies. Here’s a link:

      As for the rest of the bizarre comment, Jews, like everyone else, have an obligation to protect and defend themselves, first and foremost. It’s sad what has happened to Gaza. Perhaps one day the Palestinians will throw off their leaders and choose to live alongside Israel in peace. Until then, it is hard to imagine Gaza prospering.

    • Mark

      Anti-Semitism has only one meaning in the English language, i.e. Jew-hatred. Look it up in the dictionary. The word was coined in the 19th century as a genteel substitute for the German word Judenhass. I’m astonished that someone who claims to be Jewish attributes Jew-hatred to the Jews or repeats the bigoted trope of Jew-haters who claims that Jews are not really Jews but Khazars. There’s not a shred of scientific or historical evidence to support that and even if it were true, it would not justify the murderous bigotry of these haters. As a graduate of Columbia, I doubt that there is as much anti-Semitism at Columbia as claimed but obviously, there are small groups of left-wing activists who focus their attention on Israel and are probably ignored by the vast majority of students who are trying to get an education. I bet the grand total would 100 to 200 students and professors out of total of 20,000 or more.

    • Zionist and Proud

      No, you’re obviously a Muslim making a poor attempt at pretending to be a Jew. No true Jew would call themself a “Khazar,” an anti-Semitic Muslim propaganda word.

    • Carl

      Such self-loathing is sad to see. How can you accuse Jews of sinning against the world for the “offense” of daring to survive terrorists who wish to exterminate them? There are far worse actual crimes against humanity being perpetrated every day that warrant your indignation.

    • Jay M.

      Dude if you believe that Jews are responsible for antisemitism then you are clueless. The palestinians are not a real people, they are arabs and mostly Muslim. There is no such thing as Palestinian Arabs. This was a lie created in 1964 and the world has now accepted this farce as true. The land has always belonged to the Jews period. You are probably part of the extreme left which is comprised of so many Self hating Jews. Wake the f k up A hole. You are supporting terrorists and jew haters. Very sad situation.

    • Marc Schneider

      Sir, do you really think that the only reason that anti-Semitism exists is because Jews have “sinned against mankind?” That’s the reason for the Inquisition, the Holocaust, etc? You may be an “old Jew” but you know nothing about history. What you are saying could easily fit into “Mein Kampf.”

    • Toby

      There never was an independent Palestinian state. Israel was reborn through the efforts of Zionists (beginning in the late 1800’s) who bought and reclaimed land, built communities, roads, hospitals, and schools, and lobbied the ruling powers. The British agreed to establish a Jewish homeland in the territory under their League of Nations mandate because it was thought to be the only way to protect the Jews from the predation of local Arabs (many from families that had entered the area only after Zionist activity had improved the local economy.

      Even while Israeli population centers are being hit by missiles from Gaza, Israel supplies Gaza with food, medicine, and fuel. Restrictions on imports of certain materials were imposed only after attacks from Gaza began. The validity of Israel’s concerns was proven by Hamas’ diverting Israeli-supplied cement from the building of homes and schools to the construction of tunnels to facilitate raids on Israeli territory. If Gaza’s rulers would turn their efforts from attempting to destroy Israel to the establishment of a state willing to live peacefully beside the nation-state of the Jews, the people of Gaza could have wonderful, prosperous lives.

  • yussie

    If jewish students withdrew from these so called institutions of higher learning their academic reputations would likely suffer..

  • yussie

    Why are those teachers still employed?and why are the presidents of these.schools not dismissed? Freedom of speech only far.overt hate does not come under that umbrella

  • Robert Davis

    The only way to correct the situation is to sue the universities systematically and claim for huge damages.

  • Efram

    Actually, some students at one of these attempted to get the AG to file charges, but were essentially belittled by Holder’s Antisemites. It is like watching the events in Germany in the 1930s. Don’t say it cannot happen again, it can and, unless something is done about these Nazis, it will, G-d forbid.

  • You tribesmen use “antisemitism” as a hateful catchword to
    quell ALL criticism of Israel and ALL Jewish actions. That is becoming more and more evident. If you are saying that Jews and Israel have never and will never do anything worthy of criticism you are being foolish.
    Am I antisemitic if I resent and criticize Israel for knowingly attacking the U.S.S. Liberty? Am I antisemitic if I resent and criticize Israel for the admitted Jewish terror attacks on American institutions in Egypt…..Not only admitted but celebrated by Israel. They pinned MEDALS on the Jewish perpetrators. But if I point out these crimes you drag out the tired old shibboleth “Antisemite!” It’s getting pitiful. PLEASE keep it up!!!!!

    • Andrew Gluck

      How about this, yes you are antisemitic, plus a lot of other things I am to polite to say. Go read Al Jazeera where you belong.

      • To Andrew Gluck,You didn’t answer my argument, Just insulted me. That is not very polite or intelligent.
        I asked: “Am I antisemitic if I resent and criticize Israel for knowingly attacking the U.S.S. Liberty? Am I antisemitic if I resent and criticize Israel for the admitted Jewish terror attacks on American institutions in Egypt.” Perhaps if Andrew wants to avoid answering that perhaps someone else will.
        Come on, try something besides ad hominem venom.
        Jews are alleged to be smart.

    • Jonathan Weinberg

      The USS Liberty? That’s the best you can do? Whatever happened there, that was 40 years ago, man.

    • Mark

      Ist das du? Ich habe gedenken das du ist vor 70 Jahren gestorben.

    • Bob Policy

      It would be an interesting question were it not for the large number of much worse countries that completely escape criticism by those invest so much energy to criticize Israel.

      This is more obvious now that anti Christian genocide is riding high in the Middle East.

    • Avrumeleh

      It is possible that you aren’t an anti-semite, but it’s interesting that you focus on the USS Liberty matter and you aren’t pointing out, for example, how the US is keeping Jonathan Pollard in prison beyond any humane standards. Be very careful before you come out holier-than-thou. Israel isn’t perfect, but neither is the USA, Canada, etc. The notion that anyone would call you an anti-semite because you remember the USS Liberty (even though the circumstances that surround that are still far from conclusive) is simply silly, but the idea that you’re peculiarly even mentioning it is a bit strange.

      • Avrumeleh, by you it is “strange” and “peculiar” that I, an American citizen, would be angry at a murderous, knowing attack on an American ship by a supposed”ally.”
        I, an Anerican citizen, am angry that Americans were killed in an American ship by a supposed “ally,” Israel.I find it strange and peculiar that you would find that strange and peculiar…..Do me a favor, let me decide what I put in my posts. I will allow you the same freedom……..Regarding Pollard, his treason led to the deaths of many intelligence agents and assets of the U.S. He should have been sentenced to death or imprisonment without possibility of parole.A., You would like him freed so he could live the life of a hero in Israel. I hear there are places there named after him. You would probably enjoy meeting him there and
        applauding him.

    • Marc Schneider

      By saying “you tribesmen” you have shown that your problem is not just Israel but Jews in general. There are plenty of Jews who are critical of Israel but attacks on Jews as individuals goes beyond criticism of Israel.

      What do you mean by “Jewish actions?” What Jewish actions are you referring to? Are you saying that, as a Jew, I am responsible for Israeli policy?

      You are correct that being anti-Israel is not the same as being anti-Semitic, but your letter reeks of being anti-Jewish.

      • Dear Marc Schneider,You wrote: “By saying “you tribesmen” you have shown that your problem is not just Israel but Jews in general.” (Zan in reply)If Jews call themselves a tribe why can’t I say the same. Don’t you know that the Los Angeles based “Jewish Journal publishes a popular slick magazine called simply “Tribe.”………….
        Perhaps they are anti-Jewish by your standards.
        You also wrote:”What do you mean by “Jewish actions?” What Jewish actions are you referring to? Are you saying that, as a Jew, I am responsible for Israeli policy?” I also wrote;”Am I antisemitic if I resent and criticize Israel for the admitted Jewish terror attacks on American institutions in Egypt…..Not only admitted but celebrated by Israel. They pinned MEDALS on the Jewish perpetrators.”
        I should have mentioned that those Jewish terrorist actions are known as “the Lavon affair” but I couldn’t bring it to mind. If you were aware of the Lavon Affair you should have realized what i was referring to. May I ask you: were you aware of it?
        Most people who read Jewish media are not just as almost all American Boobi Americani are not aware of the USS Liberty attack by Israel.I will finish replying to your intelligent post. It is late.
        BTW yours is the most discerning post yet from the other side of the wall.Replying to the rest of the posts resembles depriving a baby of some candy.

  • Didn’t Columbia invite Iran’s Ahmadinejad who spoke of wiping Israel off the map? Something about free speech, even if it’s incitement to genocide, and that pre-WW2 they would have invited a leading N*zi?

    • Joseph, Ahmadinejad did not say that. Everyone who has looked into that knows that is a mistranslation or
      misquote. He said he looked forward to when the “regime”
      in Jeruaalem passed from the pages of history. It was the
      “regime” not the country. And you people are still referring to that lie! Shameful!

      • Avrumeleh

        Are you serious? Are you really even suggesting that there’s a distinction between the “regime” as that pig might have used the word and the State of Israel, itself. How can you…someone who can obviously read and write…be so disingenuous? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

        • Dear Avrumeleh, you wrote in defense of Joseph Field: “Are you really even suggesting that there’s a distinction between the “regime” as that pig might have used the word and the State of Israel itself.” (Zan in reply)Of course there is! The U.S. can have a regime change every four years but that does not wipe out the country! (With our
          tweedle dum and tweedle dee parties it barely affects it.)
          Dear Avrumeleh, you wrote: “as that pig might have used the word” What!!! The gentleman used
          the word “regime.” That is in the public record, not a matter for debate… Avrumeleh, Joseph Field wrote: “Ahmadinejad who spoke of wiping Israel off the map?” Are you serious, Avrumeleh? Are you really even suggesting that there is NOT a distinction between a regime change and a country being wiped off the map? (I’m glad I am not in the position of having to answer that one.”) What kind of regime change did Ahmadinejad have in mind? Perhaps a change where the “regime” in Palestine/Israel was one where Palestinians and Jews had equal power. What would you say to
          “One man, one vote? I can sense you shuddering.
          (I have so many angry “replies” to answer! I thought I would start with an easy one.)

    • Hank

      That was a moronic decision by Lee Bollinger. Well before any of the current anti-Israeli sentiment. I stopped giving to A!ma Mater as did a large percentage of other Jews. No I only give to the awesome Kraft Hillel.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    President of Columbia University Lee Bollinger, a Jew himself, must be very proud.

    • Hank

      He’s the epitome of the Self loathing Jew. Made me ashamed.

  • Golum

    How Long Has This Been Going On???
    Aren’t there laws against this sort of thing particularly in public schools???

    • Gohum, face it! The goyim are waking up. We see Jews abusing people, dropping white phosphorus on children in Gaza, attacking the USS Liberty, Larry Silverstein and his buddy Bibi bringing down the buildings in NY, running that fraud the Federal Reserve and we’re getting tired of it. You have to hope for a law that will shut us up.
      The truth hurts, Gohum.

      • len

        mr overall you need an Overhall,everything you have mentioned are famous “talking points” of the crazies of the far right-left alliance and conspiracy shows that a true anti-semite cannot control him or herself long and has to let the insanity spew out sooner or later.thank you for exposing yourself.anybody who engages with you further is participating in the theater of the absurd and deserves what he are a good argument for forcing repliers to articles to pay a small fee for their opinions which in this case would go to an excellent website and allow them to continue to report on the truth which probably would not go your way,or it might just discourage you from participating in this forum because your not only crazy but cheap or you wouldnt want to help further the truth and which is also a good thing.your such a great historian with your knowledge of the “lavon affair” and the “liberty ship affair” wasnt it DR GOEBBELS who said tell a lie long enough and it will be believed?you follow in your mentors footsteps very well.shalom!

        • Dear Len, By you I an ‘crazy,” but at least I don’t write, “run on” sentences. YOur post was one long run on sentence.

          • len

            mr ovehall you deserve nothing but run-on sentences,gobs and gobs of run-on sentences,run-on sentences should invade your dreams,come after you when you least expect it in your home,on the street,during your meals,when you say your prayers,in your toilet,everywhere,everywhere until you finally realize that even a run-on sentence has a right to exist and can and does contribute to society,the english language,the letter, the essay,the response to ridiculous comments on articles and the very fabric of civilization.!!!!!!

  • Al Talena

    This is the result of the left/islamo fascist alliance.

    Proof that the enemy is here & is highly organized

  • Columbia alum

    This is crazy stuff. Columbia has one of the largest jewish student populations in the country. Barnard, right across the street, is an especially popular choice for girls from orthodox families in the tri-state area for providing a single sex living environment with world class academics. I’m not jewish myself, but can’t even count the number of Seders and Shabbat dinners I went to with my friends over the course of four years. Jewish culture is an integral part of what makes Columbia columbia, in keeping with its current makeup, alumni base, and uws location.

    A few professors with radically different views on middle eastern politics from your own doesn’t make a school anti-Semitic. And yes, there’s a spirited debate on Israel and Palestine on campus — both sides are well represented. Frankly, I’m proud that Columbia hosts speakers of every stripe for campus events – it also gives its students the tools to analyze their narratives incisively and rebut them, if they choose, convincingly.

    I hope people don’t take these kinds of reductionist ‘surveys’ seriously, and sites like this should think carefully about whether circulating them serves anyone’s interest.

    • Bob Policy

      Do large numbers of handy Jewish targets correlate with high levels of subsidized anti Semitism, especially if the Jewish population is Liberal ?

    • Marc Schneider

      I think you are largely right; however, there have been incidents on these campuses that are anti-Jewish, not just anti-Israel.

    • Columbia prof

      I’m a Jewish, pro-Israel professor, and I completely agree with you! I laughed when I read this. Columbia has an incredibly active and vibrant Jewish community. The presence of a few professors and student groups who are anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, or both — and I’m not arguing about the specific ones listed, there’s a very broad range of professors and groups which people will label as they please — has nothing to do with what the experience is like for Jewish students there. Jewish students and professors feel perfectly safe on campus and have an incredibly strong presence. I’d much rather be at Columbia where people on both sides are allowed to stand and yell at each other than be at a college where anti-Semitism is rampant but the Jewish students and professors don’t dare speak up about it.

  • manley kiefer

    Must be the season for the anti-Semites to come out of the closet.

  • There are many others that almost certainly match or exceed Columbia in the competition for “Most Antisemitic,” beginning with UC-Berkeley. Why not call out the top 100?

  • Barry Panensky

    Withhold govement funding and level a fine on these college’s. Freedom of speech = antisemitism. If only the read a book between drinking and partying. Barry

  • Columbia is spelled HAMAS.

  • Ruth Stern

    Poor proof-reading: you omitted the 7th – San Francisco State.

    • yussie

      Is that thes best comment u can make? “Shashtil” didnt work in germany and wont work here..

  • Y. Weber

    (This is not a “Letter to the Editor” for publication; it’s something that may just need to be corrected in the article.)

    I may be reading this wrong, but it looks like only nine colleges and universities were named in this article, when it’s supposed to be about the “Top Ten”:
    Columbia University
    Cornell University
    George Mason University
    Loyola University Chicago
    Portland State University
    San Diego State University
    Temple University
    University of California Los Angeles
    Vassar College

    This totals only nine institutions. It looks like a tenth (somewhere in the order) is missing?

    • Rafael Manory

      You omitted San Francisco Uni

  • Howard Kahan

    Do you have statistics on the Muslum population on these campuses? Do we know what their population was 5 years ago? It would be interesting to know.

  • Robert B Geller

    Better yet, Jewish parents should stop sending their children to these schools, Jewish faculty members at these schools should demand changes, and Jewish alumni should stop giving money until things change at these schools. College administrators do not care until alumni money stops flowing and paying parents send their children elsewhere.

  • tovlogos

    Amazed to hear that about Columbia; glad to hear NYU is not on the list.

  • Dr. Belman

    It is very unfortunate that the USA selected in the top universites an anti-Semitic approach. I came a long time ago from the former USSR and my top Russian professors were internationalists. I blame a very low intellectual and intelligent levels of many, even elite universities in America.
    I blame the Jewish professors and academicians who could not struggle effectively with it , as A-A professors struggle for their A-A students rites.

  • DocReality

    I only counted nine.

    • Rafael Manory

      Count again

  • Paul Cerar

    Why has no one sued the university, or laid hate crime charges?

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

    • Elliott

      U of T and Concordia would have to top the list in Canada.

      • Paul Cerar

        I remember in February 2008, a city block of Jewish-owned shops and apartments, at Queen and Bathurst, was burned. It was quite a coincidence that the fire broke out during Jew-hatred Week.

    • Hating Jews is not a hate crime. It is now an acceptable activity by most people. If you doubt me, just read the Koran.

      • David

        Exactly and “you know whos'” are footing the bill to promote the Anti-Israel agenda, the islamo-socialist alliance. The islamos get their people from the streets and the nonprofit islamo groups, as do the socialists with help from the “Jimmy cartars” of the world…

        “They” don’t want us to Unite…Or Rebuild the Temple!! A good plan is lawsuits and actively promote Israel on campus, the military and technological achievements of Israel. The economic help of Israel to the African peoples. There are many pro-Israel Arabs and Muslims these days.

      • Paul Cerar

        Most members of the Jew-hatred movement are “Generic Fascists,” persons who are by nature fascist, and given the opportunity would engage in fascism against anyone, on behalf of any cause. They are using the Palestine War as an excuse to engage in fascism in Canada, against Canadians.