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February 25, 2015 7:02 pm

2015’s First Resolution Calling for More Investment in Israel Passed by University of Georgia Students

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University of Georgia's Students Supporting Israel called upon the school to expand study abroad options to Israel. Photo: Students Supporting Israel.

The Student Government Association (SGA) of the University of Georgia on Tuesday passed the first college resolution this year calling for the school to invest more in its relations with Israel. The resolution was sponsored and composed by the local chapter of activist group Students Supporting Israel and is the third such resolution ever to be passed.

In the resolution, the SGA, which represents over 35,000 students in Georgia, supports the expansion of study abroad opportunities in Israel for both undergraduate and graduate students across all fields of study. The text asserts that “academic freedom and collaboration are crucial to the pursuit of knowledge,” but that the university currently offers “very limited options” for study abroad in the Middle East.

The resolution calls Israel “one of the most stable countries in the Middle East, and the country with the highest ratings in freedom, human rights, and democracy in the region.” It also argues that the Jewish state is a “global leader” in science and technology research, agricultural development and practices in sustainability.

Students Supporting Israel was founded at the University of Minnesota in March 2012 and the international movement now has 30 chapters across the United States and Canada. Ilan Sinelnikov, founder and president of the group, told The Algemeiner that Tuesday’s resolution is part of a pro-active effort to increase ties between the US and Israel while providing a counterweight to the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which has made its way across university campuses.

“We are not here to defend ourselves from the BDS movement, we are here to be pro-active and push our own legislation. However, when you hear about the BDS movement and what they do, so here is the other side,” he said. “In the past two weeks, four university student bodies have divested from Israel. We’re not trying to compete with the BDS movement, our goal is to be pro-active on our campuses and invest in relations between American universities and Israeli campuses.”

“We decided that by really pushing for the increase of student opportunities in Israel, and increasing the cooperation between American and Israeli universities, it’s gonna be a huge win for us on the campuses,” he added. “If we’re not divesting, we’re starting to invest in fighting for these relations on our campuses, between Israeli and American universities.”

Sinelnikov believes that studying abroad in Israel is the best way for University of Georgia students to learn about the Jewish state. He told The Algemeiner that the majority of the student body merely hear about Israel and most of them have never traveled outside of the country, let alone visited the Jewish state.

“So the more we have study abroad options in Israel, in the Jewish state, students can go and see firsthand how Israel is built, the structure, the people,” he said. “They can really kind of taste Israel for the first time and there is no better way to learn about Israel than being there.”

Students Supporting Israel says it is the fastest growing student organization in the United States.

The pro-Israel resolution can be read in full below:

2015's first university resolution calling for more investment in Israel.

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  • David Goren

    Never prouder to be a UGA alum.


    this is a great achievement by the students at UGA. courage is leadership and you have shown both with your great expressions. I am very proud of you

    and the University. World class act! GO DAWGS ALAN B WEINSTEIN DDS.’63

  • Rick

    Finallyngreat news outnof a US university!

  • Lee

    A fantastic illustration of young people keeping up with current events,and their thoughtful expression of this country’s greatest treasure: Freedom of Speech.

  • Lee

    Freedom of speech is our treasure.These young students epitomize what is best about this great, beautiful, exceptional country,THE USA.

  • I hope USC is hearing this and other Universities across the US. With Anti-Israel apartheid week upon us its time people woke up and learned about the only multi-cultural Jewish country in the world.

  • We are hearing the real Voice of America, replying to the loony Left who support Hamas and other terrorists

  • Zvi


  • Josh Corey

    Bravo! Yes! 🙂

  • J. Brooks

    As a mother of a Jewish UGA grad and aunt to several other grads I just want to say we are so proud of all the students who helped put this through. There are not a lot of Jewish students at the Universiy of Ga.compared to the student population. They are proud of their heritage and stand up for Israel as noted. So please allow me to say in my best Southern Drawl- GO DAWGS

  • To the Student Body, you young men and women make me so proud to be a Bulldog. I was in the class of 68 and president of Phi Ep Pi, the first house on River Rd. You will love attending classes in Israel. When people ask me to describe Israel, I say it is a cross between South Beach,Hong Kong, and NYC. It is just a beautiful and magnificent Country.. Please have someone contact me as I would like to help raise money for the students going to Israel. Again, you’ll make me proud to be a Georgia Bulldog.

    Jeff Vantosh Class of 68

  • Haym
  • Sam

    They didn’t publicize this in order to prevent those who stand for Palestinian libstation from debating and shutting down this resolution. This will be opposed by people of conscious. This violates the BDS call made by Palestinian civil society against the illegal colonization and occupation of Palestine. This is disgusting.

  • Judith Silber

    Congratulations to the 35,000 members of of The University of Georgia whose important and most timely SGA resolution will surely encourage many other American Universities to follow your lead!

  • Larry Andrews


  • David Michalowski


  • Neelie Kent

    So how do we contribute to this organization. Either the national or Georgia’s chapter, or both?

  • Lynne T

    Nice work. Kudos to these students.

  • Janis

    kol ha Kavod!

  • Michal

    At last! Common sense prevails!

  • Scott

    A breath of fresh air!….

  • Brian Shapiro


  • Elisheva

    Such wonderful news. I hope more students stand with this group.

  • Kris kristian

    I hope this will make other universities wake up to reality and facts.
    Not what the Muslims have lied about Israel. As the students have said. Visit Israel to learn the truth

    If other universities copied this university and sent students to Israel, there would be a sharp drop of the BDS which is anti Semitic.
    Those who support BDS have never been to Israel. Visit and you will be surprised You will return to your home as ambassadors of the Jewish state.
    Israel is the ONLY country in the entire Middle East where there is FULL FREEDOM OF RELIGION, Freedom of speech, THERE IS NO APARTHEID
    The only countries in the entire Middle East where there is apartheid is in the Arab Muslim states.

    Those who visit will find that, unlike the South African apartheid system, visit a university, you will fid a mix of Jewish and Muslim students, Muslim professors. Visit a hospital, you will likely be treated by a Muslim doctor or nurse who graduated in Israel Heads of departments are Muslim.
    Sit in a bus, restaurant, and you will be sitting next to a Muslim.
    There are Muslim/Arab judges.
    find one Arab Muslim country, where there is freedom for Jews. Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech.
    You will not find one.

    There are Muslim generals in the IDF>

    Be surprised. VISIT ISRAEL.

  • Alan Bernson

    You make us proud.

    Yasha ko’ach !

    Alan & Jane Bernson
    Boston, MA

    • Lynne Marton

      From your lips!!!! I am a Canadian-Israeli – I know it’s like that, so do many others – but it’s not enough. And if all it took was to share this article over and over again, it would be wonderful.

      Getting people – students over there to study is a great idea – they would really see what’s going. But then we’d be preaching to the choir. It’s the ones that DON’T believe that need this!!!

      I hate – really hate to put a damper on this idea, but it will take a lot more re-education of the masses – this whole destroy Israel and annihilate the Jews banner that the BDS and terrorists are waving and screaming out. There are those who will never want to believe it.

      And, unfortunately, there are also self-hating Jews – who are on the opposite side – and criticize Israel every chance they get – and THOSE are the ones that are held up as examples such as “See! He’s Jew and he thinks this and that about Israel” We are, sadly, our own worst enemies.

      So, even though we can persuade many of the students to go, it’s the ones that won’t go that are the ones that need it the most. Until we can change their mindset, the ones that will go are the ones that already love Israel! And Thank G_d for them!!!!

  • The SGA of the Univ of Georgia has obviously understood the wisdom and prescience of Dr Martin Luther King Jr who said in March 1968: ” When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism”.

  • Lynn Michalski

    So proud of the UGA students, my alma mater! The universities of the USA have been infested with claims against the democratic State of Israel through the BDS movement and other more threatening tactics on campuses against the Jewish student population. The truth: the BDS movement really hurts the ones, on the ground, that it is meant to help. So therefore it is just hate propaganda.
    So I want to thank the brave students at the University of Georgia, the oldest chartered university in the nation, for standing and demanding justice and truth.

  • Congratulations to the student body of the University of Georgia!!
    You have the wisdom of looking at things as they really are rather than how the frequently corrupt and spineless media wish to represent things. Good for you. I wish all the students lots of luck and happy traveling to Israel.
    You will LOVE it! The country is interesting, varied and beautiful and the people friendly, helpful and vibrant.
    Best of luck! Shalom!

  • Herb Glatter

    Fantastic! Working in support of Israel rather than against SJP. Brilliant

  • Brian Freed

    Finally a University teaching its students How to think as opposed to what to think.

    Brian Freed

  • Brian Freed

    Finally a University teaching its students How to thing as opposed to what to think.

    Brian Freed

  • Liz Crawford

    Am University of Georgia Chai!

  • racy


  • RonCo215

    Great, but me thinks it is like a drop in the bucket!!

  • steven L

    Nothing better than build together for a better future. Just the opposite of BDS and the antisemitic academia.

  • Jill M Goldberger


  • Jill M Goldberger

    Go dawgs!! I’m proud of y’all!! I spent my gap year in Israel before attending UGA and it made a huge difference in my life. To this day, I feel safer in Israel than I do in the US. The media would have you believe that Israel is a dangerous place, but there are more crazies here and the folks in Israel now how to be alert.

  • Barbara

    If I had a son or daughter at UCLA they would be transferring to
    the University of Georgia! Now I know where my donation dollars are going!

  • CGG

    Some sanity – at last!

  • NCS

    This is a wonderful thing.

  • Karen Davis

    As someone whose family is from Georgia, I am thrilled by your efforts to promote Israel’s cause. It to me, personifies the best of a democracy’s values. I am disturbed by the negative and senseless demonization of Israel. I am glad you are trying to show people the truth about an amazing society

  • brenrod

    bravo, a good idea. Exposing the academic virtues of Israel is the best way to go. Only fools and anti semites would not want to study in Israel.

  • BH in Iowa

    Go Dawgs!

  • 1