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March 19, 2015 8:31 pm

AIPAC Admonishes Obama Administration for ‘Rebuffing’ Netanyahu Efforts to Improve US-Israel Ties

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the 2015 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference on March 2. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

Pro-Israel lobby the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) urged the Obama Administration late Thursday to recommit to improving the US-Israel relationship. In a statement to reporters, AIPAC further urged the administration to accept the sincerity of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s commitment to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The strong public statement, a rarity for the lobby,  follows mounting hostility from the White House towards Netanyahu who won a landslide electoral victory earlier this week.

Before the Israeli election, Prime Minister Netanyahu said he was opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state. In response, the Obama Administration indicated that it was considering reversing decades old US policy, and supporting a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a two-state solution.

Today, Netanyahu relaxed his opposition to a Palestinian state. The White House, however, did not relax its opposition to Netanyahu.

According to The New York Times, the White House rejected Netanyahu’s olive branch, and is holding Netanyahu to his pre-election statements. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that Netanyahu was “no longer committed to a two-state solution,” which “means that the United States is in a position to re-evaluate our thinking.”

AIPAC issued a quick response, admonishing the  White House for its rejection of Netanyahu’s commitment to a two-state solution.

“Unfortunately, administration spokespersons rebuffed the prime minister’s efforts to improve the understandings between Israel and the US,” AIPAC said in its statement. “In contrast to their comments, we urge the administration to further strengthen ties with America’s most reliable and only truly democratic ally in the Middle East.”

AIPAC asked the White House to accept the sincerity of Netanyahu’s commitment to a two-state solution, saying in a written statement “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly and clearly reaffirmed his commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Later on Thursday, President Obama called Netanyahu to belatedly congratulate him on his electoral victory.

According to a read-out of the call, “The President and the Prime Minister agreed to continue consultations on a range of regional issues, including the difficult path forward to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

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  • JIm

    What are your comments on this?
    Netanyahu apologises to Israeli-Arabs over election remarks. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he “regrets” warning “the Arabs are voting in droves” during last week’s elections.

    He said he had not meant to offend Israeli Arab voters.

    In a Facebook message directed at supporters on election day, he warned that “right-wing rule is in danger” as left-wing organisations were bringing Arabs to vote “in buses”.

    The Joint List alliance of Arab-dominated parties rejected the apology.

    The prime minister had feared his voters would stay at home, but won against expectations.

    Mr Netanyahu now says he hopes to form a new governing coalition within two or three weeks.

    Apologising for his comments he said: “I know the things I said a few days ago hurt some Israeli citizens.

    “My actions as prime minister, including massive investment in minority sectors, prove the exact opposite.

    “I think, similarly, that no element outside the state of Israel should intervene in our democratic processes.”

    Is Bibi chickening out of his past comments. Maybe he just wants to provoke the Arabs into starting another attack on Israel. How many more misrepresentations is he going to admit to?

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    IT is time for the Jews of America to come together to vote for the Republicans. The Democrats have shown themselves to be lap dogs of Obama.

  • HaroldT

    Why is there such a deafening silence about Abbas’s glorification of terrorists that murdered Israeli civilians, the PA maps showing “Palestine from the Med. to the Jordan, the PA TV programmes that have children glorifying the murder of Jews, etc. etc. ?

  • Obama is like an hysterical child throwing a tantrum that no amount of cajoling would placate. This would happen if you take a favorite toy away or snatch a candy from a child. Incredulously Obama’s behavior is showing that the Fakestinians are extremely his most favorite thing to the point that he would risk jeopardizing decades of relationship with the US closest ally Israel. I mean really why are the Fakestinians placed in such a position that it is almost as if it would be a life and death situation for the US if Netanyahu decided not to co-operate with them during the 4 years of his tenure? Obama’s actions seem over-hyped and out of context.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    The President of the United States is petty, peevish and puerile. He reminds me of the one protesting with the
    words”I made up my mind, don’t confuse me with the facts.”

  • JIm

    It should be obvious to the most avid Israeli Jew, that the recent actions by the AIPAC and comments made about the President, are doing more harm the American/Israeli relations than good. Regardless of what they say, Obama is still the President of the United States, a position held in high esteem by Americans. Just has many Jews don’t like Netanyahu being criticised, Americans feel the same about their elected leader.
    It is a credit to the editor of this newspaper, that allows both sides of an argument to be published.

  • I am by no means a supporter of President Obama but I do take issue with bigoted foreign leader who shows their comments are not worth the paper they are printed on as they change from one top the next (literally); people like this should never be trusted. Netanyahu’s comments are so two faced you need to know they are only professed to get votes.

    The US provide $3 billion of military aide each year to Israel; that is over 5% of the US defense budget. WE have issues with our own country that could desperately use that money but we give it to a country that feels we owe them something. Additionally the US has for decades covered the Israelis internationally no matter how far over the line they go. Now after all this the largest pro Israel group in the US (AIPAC) feels our President needs to make amends to Netanyahu?!?!

    Its time to rethink our relationship with Israel.

    I have always been and remain a strong supporter of Israel (the country) but when they elect bigoted leaders like this and treat our president with such disrespect (I am defending the office not the person) we need to take a step back and ask who is the junior partner in this relationship and who needs who the most?

    Enough is enough; show some respect for the US and act like an ally that needs are help not the other way around!

  • Steven Webb

    The more I reasearch and read about Israel the more I do not like our involvment the United States of America with them. I don’t care how much money they have or how many of them are in Congress I want them out and I will continue to contact my president and representatives to let them know that I don’t agree with the UD protection of Israel. These religious wars need to stop.

  • Larry Andrews

    Overwhelmingly, there are many excellent comments. I don’t know why a blatantly anti-Semitic comment from John WV got published. That is unacceptable.

    Name one foreign policy success of the Obama administration during its entire time in office?

    Now, President Obama is bullying Israel and this administration wants to reevaluate its policies to Israel. The only policy Obama has towards Israel is antagonistic. How come the President of Egypt who gave an
    extremely powerful speech on the crisis in Islam has not been invited to the White House? Oh, that’s because President Obama knows more about Islam than he does.

    Unfortunately, for Americans the Obama administration has been disastrous for America’s allies and the world.
    It’s not just Israel, which is why EVERY Arab government
    agreed with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. The Democrats need to choose between President Obama and the future if the United States of America.
    The Republicans have already chosen!!

  • Willy

    I for one am thrilled that Netanyahu has officially endorsed a one-state solution, where all territories under Israeli control will be absorbed into Greater Israel and all the people currently living there will be afforded full, equal rights as promised by the Basic Law. A civil rights movement in Greater Israel has just been born!


  • The Jewish voters who voted for the most anti semitic President in US History must have felt relief that Mr. Obama called Mr. Netanyahu. Now these same Jews can go about their seemingly daily business of demonizing the State of Israel.

    Nothing really has changed within the Jewish Democratic Party.

    • Bonnie Loranger

      You are right.

    • Otto Schiff

      Jewish Democratic party? That is ridiculous!

    • The facts are that President Obama is one of the best US Presidents, he is currently rated at eighteenth with the New York Times predicting that he will be seventeenth over all.


      It is ludicrous to call President Obama “antisemitic” as he has done more for the state of Israel than any other US President.

      AIPAC should be registered as an agency for a foreign government. It’s time to put the affairs of average Americans above the state of Israel. Now that people are learning that there are millions of Palestinians being deprieved of their own territory by illegal settlers, change is not long on the horizon.

      We Americans have had a sense of fair play about Israel and Palestine since President Truman recognized the new state in 1948. President Truman wrote David Ben-Gurion on May 27th, 1949:

      “In the interests of a just and equitable solution of territorial questions to the US Govt, in the UN and as a member of the PCC, has supported the position that Israel should be expected to offer territorial compensation for any territorial acquisition which it expects to effect beyond the boundaries set forth in the resolution of the GA of November 29, 1947. The Govt of Israel has been well aware of this position and of the view of the US Govt that it is based on the principles of fairness and equity…”

      President Obama is simply carrying out US policy that has been in effect since Israel was first born. And the documents prove that Israel’s official borders by their own authority are those of UNGA 181.

      Israel should have taken the 1967 borders offered by the Palestinians. They actually have a legal right under international law and UN resolutions to much more.

    • Cody, you nailed it. The well known Jews who bend their knee to Obama are what I call Obama Court Jews, all of whom should be ashamed of themselves.

      They include Dershowitz, Axelrod, the Emmanuel family to name a few.

      Obama detests Israel. He is a proven demonstrated serial liar to both the American public and the Israeli public.

      Three years ago Obama reiterated his commitment that Iran would not get nuclear bomb capability.

      However, under the imminent agreement, even if Iran adheres to it (which would be a first) they will be permitted to attain bomb capability in a mere ten years. During those ten years, they can continue to build thousands of ICBM missiles and perfect nuclear warheads.

      The irony is that Obama’s transparent disdain for the Israeli people and their country helped drive them to vote for Bibi.

      Obama cannot be trusted. He has betrayed the American public and Israel with this Chamberlain-like agreement. No doubt when it is signed, he will wave it over his head and talk about peace just like pathetic Neville did in 1938.

      Obama is a disgrace as are the Court Jews who helped get him elected.



    • I am getting ready to go to GOP……

  • Robert Weintraub

    It’s time for AIPAC to go full bore against the Obama administration. A good place to start would be an all out fight to override the nuclear deal currently being negotiated with Iran. The override has almost unanimous
    support from Republicans and substantial support from Democrats. Defeat on the override would demonstrate Obama’s lack of support on a major foreign policy issue.

    • Pearl Belkowitz

      and Obama cares….?

  • Wm. J. Levy

    History will record that Barak Obama was the worst president of all the presidents including Jimmy Carter. It will also record he was the most anti-Jewish and anti-Israel and most pro-Muslim president we ever had. And the American Jews are responsible for getting him elected not once, but twice.

    Most American Jewish liberals blame Israel for the problems in the ME, not the Arabs who call themselves today Palestinians or the crumbling Arab nations and the ones soon to be crumbling like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, The Emirates, tunisia and Algeria and Morroco.

    Jews are soon going to see a nuclear armed Iran and Jews will do nothing because that’s what they do.

    Please stop saying “Never Again”. I say “Why Not?”

    • Pearl Belkowitz

      “Oh, yea of little faith…” to quote a famous scripture. don’t you worry your little head. Hashem is on the job!
      We’ve got a solar eclipse AND a blood moon..need I say more?

    • Dr.Joji Cherian

      History will record Barak Obama as the greatest president for the simple reason that he stood up to the traitors, but failed.He failed because the the elcted representatives over whom he had no control were bought for thirty pieces of silver by traitors like Adelson, Kristols, Sabans,Schumers etc.

  • Kumoi

    President Obama has demonstrated his true, pro-Muslim, anti-Israel stance ever since no longer had to worry about being reelected.

    While our President seems so smugly expecting to hold Netanyahu to his “promises,” whatever happened to Obama’s promise not to allow Iran to have ANY nuclear weapons capability?

    Obama is a disaster on foreign policy and the increasing disrespect for American opinion is the effect. This is the most ineffective, feckless and woefully unprepared President in memory.

    • Donna Grogg

      You said it just right I totally agree. He has displayed more concern for Muslims than he ever has Americans, Christians and Jews and now that he knows he is almost finished with his term he could careless what Amricans think and he will continue to do as much damage as he possibly can. The whole world, especially ISIS knows he will do nothing allowing them to gain much lead meanwhile those barbarians are being murdered in the cruelest sickeningly evil ways and believe me he will answer to God every single one of them will bow down to Gof and answer for their actions. Obama’s actions proves he could careless about those people over there getting slaughtered. All they do in congress is play games. It’s not about helping anyone or improving anything it’s all about money and power.

  • Pat Cohen

    As an AIPAC member and activist, I am so grateful to have read this statement to the Obama Administration this morning. Thank you AIPAC for doing the right thing!

  • Abraham

    Israel has nothing to fear regarding the UN Security Council. What can the UN do? Israel controls the ground and any attempt by the UN to send forces will be met with resistance.

    • jeff

      This is a short sited view… The UN is in a position to impose harsh economic sanctions against Israel with Obama standing by,withholding America”s veto and abstaining to the global mob.

    • Donna Grogg

      You are right Abraham and not only that they have God on their side. What Muslims don’t realize is Israel is the apple of God’s eye. He will deliver them once again

  • A real Friend and a real Allie will side with you through thick and thin, through good and bad times, without threatening you!
    The majority of the Americans are just that, unfortunately the present head of the US Family never was nor is a REAL friend as he just demonstrated this week by removing IRAN (the biggest Terrorist) and Hezbollah from the Terrorists list. Next thing you know he will declare ISIS to be angels as well. It is high time that the US people and the Senate impeach and dethrone OBAMA.

    • noellsq

      Yes his actions in a lot of cases are against the law. Lets rehash history what POTUS before him locked up all his records of school. What person would spend millions to hide this? What POTUS would tell congress that he is going it alone without them. My belief is that the party that he belongs to and supports has problems. Pelosi,Reid and Schultz with Holder will do whatever the POTUS says. They all should be called criminals. Affordable care act a major piece of law no one read before passing a controlled congress of democrats. If he was white he would have been out along time ago.

  • JohnWV

    Of today’s American millionaires, 50% are Jews. As in Weimar Germany, they are organized and cunningly extract enormous amounts of money from our economy without contributing value. Wall Street has become a Jewish run casino serving itself and Jewry. Our news media is mostly Jewish owned and blatantly Israel/Jew biased. Our electoral process has been corrupted by AIPAC, the Jewish Conference of Presidents and more enormous amounts of Jewish money. Israel has occupied not just Palestine, but America too. The Wall Street felons remaining unpunished, AIPAC actually writing congressional legislation, and lack of treason indictments attest to the depth of the occupation. The Jewish state instigated 9/11, all our Mideast wars, and benefited from all. None were in American interests, yet we did the dying and suffered the Great Recession. Our diminished America is now being quietly overthrown from within and transformed into a world dominating racist ultrapower, the JEWISH STATE OF AMERICA.

    • David M

      And, John WV, don’t forget that it was the Jews who invented Communism, Capitalism and Naziism and Fascism as well.
      In their 3,000 years of existance they have mangaged to create all the problems that mankind must deal with!

      John, you owe the Jews nd apology for short- changing them of all the Evils they have actually created through all history.

      Oh,,nand don’t forget the CRUSADES fomented by the Jews to show thier control over the Papacy!!

    • Eres patetico,una mente tan desgastada,que no te queda nada de objetividad,póntu cuello en oriente medio, para que te lo afeiten tus amigos musulmanes

    • Sarah Olsen

      Did you run away from the mad house? Go back. That’s where you belong.

    • yussi

      I am speechless at the ignorance and fantasy of your comment. WoW! Have we done all that!?? I guess we also cause hurricanes,global warming and floods.By the way we also now build houses with extra wide chimmneys and reinforced roofs so santa can land his sled and shimmy up and down the chimmney. Anything else,you antisemitic boor?

    • Bill Channon

      Ummm, JohnWV,

      On what planet are you currently residing?

    • Ivan Gur-Arie

      You sir are an ignorant kook

  • I am rendered speechless at the gyrations of the Obama
    Organization….. (a deliberately chosen noun, more appropriate than “Administration” ).

  • Dear Sirs: There is no apology that will cover what is happening between our country and Israel. If it were only recognized that whatever an individual or we as a nation curse Israel with will come back on him/us. If G-d’s Israel or Jerusalem is forced to be divided, then we should expect the same to happen here. I hope and pray that someone will wake up or be removed to prevent further escalation of this matter. We need you and we could be such an asset for you. Father G-d, help us all.

  • Lema Charles

    Prime Minister Netanyahu is a true Jew who loves his people and offers real security for the State of Israel and all her citizens.Any body who cares for Israel need to consider the Prime Minister’s concerns for the benefit of Israel and Middle East in general. Congratulations dear Netanyahu.

  • If Netanyahu’s pledge that there will be no Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria on his watch helped him get a mandate, does not that show that the majority of the Israeli people do not want two states within Israel? The Palestinians, for their part have shown time and again that they do not want two states; Arafat walked away without so much as a counteroffer from Ehud Barak’s most generous offer; they just want the destruction of Israel. Whence does Obama derive authority to speak for these two peoples? Neither has shown any respect or affection for him. He has no clue, no backbone. Would he negotiate with terrorists for the United States? He would and he does. Isn’t that exactly what he is doing with Iran? And unless the Congress stops this insanity, the American people will pay a hefty price for having an Islamist in the White House.

  • “It’s Time to Stand Up for Israel”
    Desert Cattle to the Rescue, Texas Longhorn
    This started as Agricultural project and then because an internal security project as well. Israeli Ranches are being attacked, their land being stolen and their passive European cattle are being mutilated and killed by local Arabs and by natural predators, wolves and jackals.
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    The Israel Longhorn Project will be using 22nd century cattle handle methods called, Stockmanship and ecological grazing techniques called Strategic Grazing. Both will be taught to Ranchers. This will decrease meat from being damaged turning into dark meat.
    Project supports: The Israeli Border Police, the New Shomerim, Israel’s Agriculture Department and the Prime Minister’s office.
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    Respectfully yours,

    Israel Longhorn Project
    Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc.
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    Redwood City, CA 94063

  • Joshua Arendt

    For a sitting U.S. President to behave in such a petulant and obstructive manner towards a U.S. ally, while conversely befriending Iran the largest sponsor of terror in the world, is unconscionable.

    Obama’s treatment of Netantahu is unbecoming of a U.S. President and lacks true statesmanship. It’s contemptible.

    Obama’s speed-dating with Iran doesn’t require Iran to stop military aggression towards Israel or Sunni states, or inhibit a path to a nuclear weapon. It further threatens our long-term allies and global peace in the long run.

    Perhaps Obama has come to the realization that he received a Nobel Prize without contributing to global peace. But I digress, only Israel should not be allowed to defend itself.

    • joyce sacks

      I enjoyed and appreciated Mr. Arendt’s intelligent
      and thoughtful comments regarding BHO’s treatment
      of Netanyahu since his landslide win.
      well done Mr. Arendt, you said exactly what I
      would have if I were as articulate as you!
      Mr. Obama’s vicious, disrespectful treatment of a
      newly re elected ally is a an embarrassment but NOT
      to Netanyahu but rather to the BHO Administration
      who advises him and agrees with his words and perhaps,
      whatever devious plans he has for Israel.

      joyce sacks

  • The arrogance and disrespect Obama has shown Israel throughout his tenure as President has been ongoing. But, it has gotten even worse and will remain so until he is out of office. It’s not Netanyahu who should be making efforts to improve relations, he did nothing wrong. Obama is the one who should be doing something. I was never much of a Obama fan to start with. But, everyday my disdain for Obama increases. The bipartisan subcommittee investigating the funneling of money from the state department to the interest group, vote now, in an effort to defeat Netanyahu should not be forgotten and the administration should face impeachment and other penalties. Netanyahu should have as little contact with Obama as possible for the next two years. Obama is a real disgrace.

    • Obama pagara caro su arrogancia es cuestion de tiempo

  • JIm

    After the way the Israeli Prime Minster spoke to the U.S. Congress is it any wonder Obama has given him the cold shoulder. Can the Prime Minister be trusted? AIPAC did not condemn his actions in appearing before the U.S. Senate. Looks like Netanyahu has put his foot in it. Before the Israeli election, Prime Minister Netanyahu said he was opposed to the establishment of a Palestinian state. He also said he would continue to build housing in disputed territories. Both actions he knows well that the U.S. have condemned. The Republican Senate have no authority over Obama’s actions, unlike the threats they made about him making agreements with other countries.

    • Sarah Olsen

      Why AIPAC had to condemn Bibi? Is it because he stood for Israel? Is it because he fights for the survival of only one Jewish state? Get you facts strait.

      • JIm

        His actions will bring more attacks against Jews throughout America and Europe, people who deserve better. He is safe behind the “Berlin” wall he has built surrounding Israel. Who will protect the Jews who don’t live there?

  • Gary

    Beware the snake will come back to bite you.

  • steven L

    This President behaves like a brat!

  • defiantjewess

    The problem is the Arabs don’t want peace, not at any cost. In fact they are paid to go to war. They are a war industry They will fight their low grade war of attrition, bleeding Jews to death slowly and deceptively. Bleeding us slowly is the Arab way. Some rockets here, some bludgenings there. Here a nick, there a nick everywhere a nick nick.

    I am a Kahane advocate, and I sincerely believe that the best peace the Jews can opt for is to remove the troublesome PA and Hamas. They can take their clans and form a nice caravan to Jordan, or Egypt for all I care

    AS for Obama, he is a wannabe dictator. And transparent as can be in his desires. He so wants to be cool, so sad he is

    • Doug Graves

      Defiant Jewess:

      It is refreshing to see an open advocate of
      what Rabbi Kahane espoused.


    • yussi

      Good comment.Rabbi Kahane had it right 40 yrs ago but no one listened.

  • Paul James

    Netanyahu victory is a victory for the Israeli democratic process. Many political agencies against Israel must remember that many have tried over 2000 years to destroy Israel without success. When you are up against the power of The Word there is no answer except to read and appreciate the final solution of the chosen people, who will survive any challenge unlawful.

  • Avi

    As Charles Krauthammer said: The administration is “choosing” to believe Bibi’s
    ant-state pre electoral message rather than the post electoral statement. Americans of good faith must ask themselves: why is the Obama administration manufacturing this needless conflict? To attract attention away from the terrible Iran deal? And what about Obama speaking directly to the Iranian people today? Orwellian. The most important thing: Write and call your Senators to support the Menendez-Coker bill which would require Congress to vote on the Iran deal. My understanding is it is only 2 votes away from a veto proof majority. Those 2 votes are desperately needed. See for details. ה״ עוז לעמו יתן. ה״ יברך את עמו בשלום.

  • Efram

    What do you expect from a totally Antisemitic administration?

  • Cheryl

    AIPAC ‘s honest & constructive public statement is welcome especially in light of
    the Administration’s unreasonable response to Netanyahu’s comments in a campaign interview.
    Correction in the Administration course towards Israel is long overdue and is in the interest of both the US and Israel.

  • Barrack Hussein Obama face it – Israel is Jewish territory and it is not negotiable.

    The Arabs already have 46,000 sq. miles of Jewish land (5 times the size of Israel) that they confiscated from the million Jews they expelled from Arab countries in the past 90 years.

    I think you do not have your facts straight – Israel belongs to the Jews.
    The Quran states it clearly.
    Israel is a Jewish State its territories are non-negotiable. It has been a Jewish country for over 4,000 years.
    The Arab-Palestinians are the occupiers. All they want is to destroy the Jews. They educated their children and the masses to commit terror and violence against Israel. The dance in the streets when the twin towers in 9-11 collapsed and 3,000 Americans died.
    It is amazing how you and many others choose to ignore that the Arab countries have expelled over a million Jews from their countries in the last 90 years. Jews who lived there for over 2,000 years. The Arabs confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and real estate 5-6 times the size of Israel – 120,000 sq. km. or 46,000 sq. miles which is valued in the trillions of dollars.
    Any Arab who is not happy to live under the Israeli government can move there.
    Study your history; Mouhamed in 627 about 1,500 years ago beheaded 700 Jews in Medina which was a Jewish town in Saudi Arabia, he killed all the men took the women as slaves and raped their daughters. This is just the tip of history.
    Do you want more study the complete unbiased history objectively.
    YJ Draiman

  • Ruth Beaton

    A 2-state solution ? I’m confused …Are we talking about the Ukraine and Crimea ; the Quebec Sovereignty Movement ; Mexicans in Texas ; Kurds in Syria ? I remember when Arafat made up the PLO – it was rediculous then and now -over 50% of the so- called Palestinians have come from outside of Israel. The Jews living in Israel have as much right to be called Palestinians as the Arabs …
    I think AIPAC is placating – “ oh please believe Netanyahu- he really DOES want a 2-state solution!” We have allowed the left to move the ball so far down the field , we’re promising the opposition’s 1 yard line. I don’t want a 2 State solution – it’s wrong on many counts …and we don’t need to use the excuse that if only the people who call themselves Palestinians would play nice. So what if they are suddenly taking lessons from CAIR in the US and try to prove we’re all one happy family? I don’t care if they’re Mother Teresa – just being nice doesn’t mean you can take Israel’s land – the land they won in 1948, 1967 and 1973 – maybe Jordan will attack them and they can have back the rest of their land …..

    • Sarah Olsen

      Thank you Ruth for giving the facts strait.
      I hope the Jews Democrats one day will get them too.

  • Ruth Beaton

    A 2-state solution ? I’m confused …Are we talking about the Ukraine and Crimea ; the Quebec Sovereignty Movement ; Mexicans in Texas ; Kurds in Syria ? I remember when Arafat made up the PLO – it was rediculous then and now -over 50% of the so- called Palestinians have come from outside of Israel. The Jews living in Israel have as much right to be called Palestinians as the Arabs …
    I think AIPAC is placating – “ oh please believe Netanyahu- he really DOES want a 2-state solution!” We have allowed the left to move the ball so far down the field , we’re promising the opposition’s 1 yard line. I don’t want a 2 State solution – it’s wrong on many counts …and we don’t need to use the excuse that if only the people who call themselves Palestinians would play nice. So what if they are suddenly taking lessons from CAIR in the US and try to prove we’re all one happy family? I don’t care if they’re Mother Teresa – just being nice doesn’t mean you can take Israel’s land – the land they won in 1948, 1967 and 1973 – maybe Jordan will attack them and they can have back the rest of their land –

  • Jay

    Don’t expect any changes from this administration.

  • Ruth Beaton

    I gave the wrong address for my last comment-

  • Ruth Beaton

    A 2-state solution ? I’m confused …Are we talking about the Ukraine and Crimea ; the Quebec Sovereignty Movement ; Mexicans in Texas ; Kurds in Syria ? I remember when Arafat made up the PLO – it was rediculous then and now -over 50% of the so- called Palestinians have come from outside of Israel. The Jews living in Israel have as much right to be called Palestinians as the Arabs …
    I think AIPAC is placating – ” oh please believe Netanyahu- he really DOES want a 2-state solution!” We have allowed the left to move the ball so far down the field , we’re promising the opposition’s 1 yard line. I don’t want a 2 State solution – it’s wrong on many counts …and we don’t need to use the excuse that if only the people who call themselves Palestinians would play nice. So what if they are suddenly taking lessons from CAIR in the US and try to prove we’re all one happy family? I don’t care if they’re Mother Teresa – just being nice doesn’t mean you can take Israel’s land – the land they won in 1948, 1967 and 1973 – maybe Jordan will attack them and they can have back the rest of their land –

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Mark Levin had it exactly right: we need to have a “national conversation” about the stench of anti-Semitism coming from this White House.

  • Robert B Geller

    The reality is that the Obama administration will use this one comment, which was made immediately prior to an election in an attempt to strengthen Netanyahu’s base, instead of all of his other comments (including those comments today) to do what it has always wanted to do – which is to totally isolate Israel, Israelis, and Netanyahu in the UN. Based upon Obama’s actions over the last 6 years this should be absolutely no surprise. The only surprise is that there continues to be a significant number of American liberal Jews who support this petty narcissistic President despite his obvious hatred towards Israel, and any leader who has the guts to oppose him.

    Watching Josh Earnest today and Jen Psaki defend Obama’s nastiness would have been funny, if it was not so pathetic.

  • Stella schindler

    It is time for a republican president.

    • Kerry M. Berger

      You’ve got to be kidding. We are in the mess we are due to GWB. We need Hillary Clinton as the next POTUS.

  • Dov

    Why are our Democratic US Senators quite and why is Schumer not knocking on Obama’s door telling him that democrats want a good relationship?

    • Kerry M. Berger

      It has to start with Bibi not stepping on people’s feet in Washington. His thumbing his nose at Obama doesn’t help matters. Neither does his comments about no Palestinian State on his watch. Sorry, Israel does not have the clout or prestige or reputation to talk that way to the POTUS. As long as we are providing both military and other foreign aid to Israel, Israel must show some respect to the President.

  • Shalom-Hillel

    I have renewed respect for AIPAC. They have come through at the right time with the right message to Obama. He is no friend of Israel. That should now be clear.

  • Mike

    It’s probably time for the media to admit to Americans what a total disaster Barack Obama has been as president. His foreign policy is causing crises to multiply like cockroaches and has already succeeded in getting more civilians killed, in six years, than George Bush did in eight. Domestically, the economy remains in the dumps, labor force participation is at its lowest in a generation, and investment in our future is being sacrificed to buying votes for Obama.

    If the media were repsonsible, they would have thought more clearly about what an Obama preidency might mean and helped us realize that Obama has no business being president.

    The question posed by Obama is whether the United States will survive to 2017. 1-20-17, end of an error.

  • defiantjewess

    Obama is a riven Jew hater

    • defiantjewess

      Obama is a driven Jewhater

      • Kerry M. Berger

        What rubbish. No, Obama represents the interests of the United States of America, and I don’t object to that at all. He cannot be seen as overly-pro-Israeli or overly pro-Arab/Palestinian. Our nation’s interests come first. This has nothing to do with our religion or what he thinks about it. Politics and religion must be considered separately.

    • Kerry M. Berger

      The drivel of a raving lunatic.

  • Yaacov

    The problem with peace negotiations is that they are always being framed within the constraints of a Two-State-Solution, including the Gaza Strip. But realities on the ground dictate that negotiations should actually be for a Three-State-Solution. It is extremely naive and unrealistic to expect Hamas to accede to any land to belong to the “Zionist regime”. The Gaza Strip was is and should remain The Gaza Strip. And the West Bank should be negotiated, realistically, according to viable security needs of Israel.

  • Gone are the days when U.S. Foreign Policy was shaped by statesmen instead of politicians. Unfortunately, Israel will have to wait for President Obama’s successor to have any meaningful dialog concerning the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

  • Hill

    Most likely the guys in the administration have their retirement plan covered by their muslim pals so why support Israel the only democracy in the region. Self interest above all, always. A good motto for the modern world, well advanced everywhere. What, 14-18mil Jews as against 1.8bn muslims, on a dollar for dollar comparison its a no brainer.

  • Kerry M. Berger

    AIPAC should watch its tone when criticizing the US President and the Administration. It is bad enough that American-Jews who criticize Israeli policies are met with harsh rebukes and bogus charges of anti Semitism, but folks in AIPAC should be careful that their interference in US domestic affairs does not end up coming back to cause problems for American-Jews. There is enough backlash against European Jews in Europe. We are not Israelis, nor are we bound to tow the line that the Israeli Government wants us to promote, when, in fact such policies are against our moral standards and violate our identities as U.S. Citizens. PM Netanyahu has done sufficient damage to Israel’s international reputation with his asinine remarks stating he is against a Palestinian State, only to revise his comments when he was rebuffed by the White House and State Department. I fully support downgrading relations with Israel and going as far as reducing foreign and military aid and support in the coming months to both Israel and the Palestinian Authority for their inability to act as genuine statesmen, instead of local politicians. The time has come for both sides to put up and make peace or face being marginalized and viewed as irrelevant. Israelis need to know that they cannot continue to thumb their nose at the U.S.A. and expect Americans not to react negatively. The ball is in Israel’s hands now.

  • Ira

    Hamas is now an integral part of the Palestinian cause. Hamas is bent on the destruction of Israel. Plain & simple; how can Israel accept a two state solution based on Hamas’s track record and being a terrorist entity.

  • spktruth200

    If John Kennedy had lived AIPAC would have been forced to register as an alien group. AIPAC does not control this country or our citizens. AIPAC, ADL have shown they are willing to undermine the government of the US, a sitting US president by a rogue, big mouthed liar who has nuclear weapons undeclared. ISRAEL and US have NO treaties…zip, nada, none. Blame Bibi for what comes next.

    • yussi

      back under your rock please.

  • art

    Obama has decried Netanyahu’s call to get the voters out. Well someone should remind him how he used the “new black panthers” in Phillie to intimidate whites and to get his vote out. Eric Holder gave it his okay dokey

  • martin kessler

    Mr. Obama should never have called Mr. Netanyahu 48 hours after the election. That was pitiful. Another insult. To me the most valiant act Mr. Netanyahu should have done would be to have hung up.

  • AipAC got in bed with the anti Semite Chuck Hagel. When you dance with the Devil, you get burned. No sympathy for AIPAC here.

  • art

    Obama is pissed..Unlike Clinton he was unable to unseat Netanyahu.Obama sent Jeremy Bird to destabilize the elections and has been training ARab groups from Israel in the US to organize their anti Netanyahu vote. Remember that contrary to prior denials and promises Obama appointed Robert Malley to be the NS man on the Mideast. That was a pre election shot across the bows. Obama has long wanted to impose the Saudi plan thru the UN. Obama did all he could to interfere with the Israeli election. The same Obama who kept silent when the mullahs unleashed their private army against demonstrators so as to “not interfere”. Obama is just plain anti Israel. Look at his advisers, malley, jimmy apartheid carter,powers, rashid kahili, etc ALL anti Israel.

  • Ivan

    Obama’s overarching goal is to transfer power and wealth from the majority to the minorities in the US. This transfer can only occur when the US majority is confused and the US is in a crisis. Obama’s support of anti-US elements throughout the world inches the world towards an international and consequently a domestic crisis. A strong Israel is an impediment to a full blown WW III thus Obama’s animosity to Netanyahu.

  • 10