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April 14, 2015 10:34 pm

Iran Says China Will Now Join Russia in Constructing New Nuclear Power Plants in Country

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China will soon join Russian in helping Iran build nuclear power plants. PHOTO: Harvard Law Blog.

China has promised to partner with Iran to construct nuclear power plants in the country, according to Behrouz Kamalvandi, the spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI).

At a meeting dubbed “An Analysis of the Lausanne Statement,” Kamalvandi noted that Iran “plans to produce at least 190,000 SWUs (Separate Work Units) of nuclear fuel at the industrial scale,” and that they were even contemplating increasing that number to 1,000,000 SWUs, “which will be needed to fuel 5 power plants like Bushehr.”

In order to realize this goal, Kamalvandi noted that, “this is the reason why we have inked an agreement with the Russians to construct two nuclear power plants for the generation of electricity, while the Chinese will also enter this arena soon.”

He also said that Iran was planning to build small nuclear power plants around the rims of the Persian Gulf, for the purpose of desalinating water, according to semi-official state news agency Fars, saying that “construction of such power plants are on the agenda and will be materialized in the next few years.”

Kamalvandi’s comments come just days after Iran and world powers announced a framework agreement aimed at curbing the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program.

Last December, Kamalvandi announced that the AEOI had started building two new nuclear power plants in Bushehr, in cooperation with the Russians. “We have entered the executive phase of the construction of these two nuclear power plants based on the contract signed between Tehran and Moscow in March [2014] to construct the plants,” he said.

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  • To trump that move Israel and India build massive bases

    To trump that move

    Israel and India build massive bases in Myanmar, Thailand, Philipines, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia.

  • anon

    Cut Iran off at the knees. Up sanctions, the Saudis need to step up and sell China all the oil they need at prices that will kill Iran. Iran is not superhuman – the laws of economics apply to them. If they have no money they will not be building nuclear anything.

  • This is total emergency. Iran plans to become not only a nuclear actor, they are going for more, they want to become an international nuclear power. the US is empowering that despite the fact that a stronger Iran would only benefit Russia and China.

    • Joyce

      I totally agree … and Pray that the world will survive this!

  • Jerusalem Observer

    The Israeli government still walks around with its eyes closed. Whilst China will help Iran to build nuclear plants, the Israeli goverment has allowed China’s state company Bright Foods, to acquire total control of the dairy foods production company Tnuva. It is using a Chinese company to build a new private port on the coast and another Chinese state company to construct the railway extension to Eilat.

    Clealy, Bibi has fooled the people of Israel again! It is time to stop this now. Start boycotting Tnuva products

  • Reform School

    Political Correctness kills when ugly ideas are censored.
    “Has Washington or Tehran the biggest liars,” you ask?
    Where only the fittest survive, thinking outside the box is essential. In emergencies, drinking urine has saved lives, but don’t look for it on your favorite restaurant menu. Soviet-era S-300 InterContinental Ballistic Missiles aren’t nuclear power plants with nose cones. The reality is their only ‘pieceful’ purpose in Persia [where ‘PEACE’ is defined as ‘Submission to Allah’) is to turn Americans into so many atom-sized pieces they can never be eaten as ShWARma. Like Rachel Corey’s parents and their Socialist allies, Jewish Liberals have so long believed wishing for LaLaLand brings it so, they would eat dog poop on pita if you called it hummous.

  • michael burack

    Where is the American petition/outcry to stop these activities? Why don’t the Republicans stop calling out Hillary and get in front of this issue with the American people and bring our European allies along; they are more in danger than we are. The Mullahs are rabid world-domination- seeking fanatics……Who is listening to these arguments and doing something about their prevention? Does anyone really doubt that bombs follow plant construction or vice versa.

  • art

    Was Obamas’ father sunnie or shia?

  • art

    Ah yes those sanctions will automatically snap back if iran violates the “agreement” . The Russians, Chinese, Europeans et al will jump right in to make their profits any restrictions be damned Obama will indeed create a new middle east

  • shloime

    to produce electricity, which their antiquated power grid cannot handle. (and no sign of any contracts to upgrade the transmission system, either.) it kinda makes the whole “peaceful nuclear energy” thing harder to swallow.